This story is a mix of a flim and a game; Sky Captain and the World of
Tomorrow and the FASA game Crimson Skies. My wartoy Fara just loves CS so
I've used it to give Sky Captain a background.

1. France killed the Kaiser early in WWI and his daughter took over.
2. The flu that killed 20 million people in 1910 hit the Allies harder than
3. HG Welles "War Of The Worlds" really happened and Earth counter attacked
capturng Mars.
4. Germany won WWI.

Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow:
Sky Captain And The Flight Of The Valkyrie - Franky's Price Part 1 (MF,oral)
by She-Wolf Of Tel Aviv

Commander Francesca (Franky) Cook of the Royal Navy sat in her office looking
out the window. Totenkopf's Base was in flames below her and Sky Captain and
Polly had already left for New York.

Dexter Dearborn Jr sat in front of Her desk watching her. Sky Captain and
Franky knew of his crush on her and while Sky Captain found it funny, Franky
did not. Dex was the only man, who wanted Franky for herself, not Commander
Cook of the Royal Navy or the Duchess Francesca Cook 8th in line for the
Crown. No, this funny unworldly genuis didn't give a rat's ass about Franky's
power or wealth. Hell, this skybase he created for her was a gift from his
heart. When the Kaiseress won WWI and England laid helpless before her German
legions Dex drew up these plans to aid England in the attack that thank the
gods never came.

Franky stood up. Her family and the King were making noises about her
marrying for Heirs. But most of the blue bloods throtted out would demand
that she resign her comission in favor of becoming a baby factory. But Dex,
her nation owned it's renewed power and future to him and Franky owned him
personally her life several times over.

"Dex," she said in her cool upper class English tone, "I have a problem."

"Anything I can do?" Dex asked with a puppy-like desire to please.

"Maybe," she said walking around to the desk toward him. "It's lonely in
command even more for a woman. If I was a man I could have a mistress and
I'll be thought of as one hell of a guy. But since I'm a woman and if I did
the same thing."

"You'll be thought of as a mindless slut." Dex finshed for her.

"Right," Franky placed her hands on the arms of his chair and leaned over
Dex, her face only inches from his. Her scent was overpowering him and sweat
began to break out on his forehead. "So, I'm going to have to find a man that
won't shag me then climb to the roof of his house and shout out to the world
that's he's bonking me while beating his bare chest." Then she moved foward
to kiss Him.

Dex was shocked as he felt his lust rising. "Frank..Frank..Franky are you
sure?" Dex asked.

She took his hand and guided it inside her unform blouse to her bare breast.
As his hand automaticly squeezed the braless mound, he felt it harden under
his grip. "Can you get yours as hard?" she panted unzipping him.

Dexc ouldn't belive what was happening to him. All his secret dreams were
coming true. "Franky..Franky..I'm I'm a a.." Dex stammered.

"A virgin. I know. Don't worry, I'll be gentle," she joked.

She slid down Dex's front til she was kneeling in front of him. She fished
out his cock, that was already growing. "Well, I see that your state of Texas
isn't the only thing big in the States," Franky grinned and gave the tip a
playful lick.

Dex gasped as his body stiffened. His hips shot foward ramming his dick fully
into Franky's mouth. While unexpected she wasn't surprised and curled her
tongue around his staff like a vine. From her many adventers around the world
she had learned many sexual tricks from the top courtesans of the world. She
now used all she learned on this brilliant, but simple, boy from the

Dex felt his cock being licked, nipped, and kissed. All thinging fled his
mind to center on his groin. "Ahhhhh.. Yessss..GGGGoooddd!!!" Dex screamed.

Franky's head was pounding up and down like a pump. She was enjoying the
blowjob more than Dex. She wondered what would have been if she hadn't been
born a blue blood. Most likely a dockside whore and loving every second of
it. Franky's cool English manners hide the fact that she loved sex, lived
for sex, was sex. Ever time she was captured her captors soon found that it
was impossible to rape Franky. For she welcomed any type of sex, gangbang,
lesbian, animals she didn't care. She craved every sick depraved act known
to man and some to non-human.

Inside her mouth she felt the trobbing jerks that warned her of what was to
come. Then it happened. Her mouth filled with shot after shot of sweet cum.
She drank as fast as she could and only with her skill, not one drop escaped.

She let him slip out and began cleaning his shaft with light loving licks.
Her eye widened as she saw that in split second of the load he just shot Dex
was just as hard as before. "Oh I'm really going to have to marry this lovey
boy," Franky told herself as she pulled his pants the rest of the way off.

She stood up and took Dex's shirt from his unmoving body, "Not bad. There's
no hard, heavy weight that would threated to crush me at each fucking, but
firm and limber to be taught new and interesting prositions." she thought.
"Dex, love, would you do me a small favor?" she purred.

"Your wish, is my command," he grinned back.

Franky leaned back, looking Dex right in the eye. "When I was captured by the
Valkyrie." She started.

The Name of Valkyire sent a shot of fear throught Dex. She was the top Agent
for Imperical Germany and had the ear of the Kaiseress herself. She was the
only person that had beaten Sky Captain himself sevenral times.

"When I was her prisoner she ripped my uniform off to have her evil way with
me. I found that I like having my chothing torn off me. Could you tear all my
outfit off me and hump me til I can't close my legs for a week?"

Dex didn't answer or hesitate. He gripped thr front of her shirt and in one
powerful move yanked it apart sending her buttons flying all over the room.
She was so large, full, and warm as his hands cupped and squeezed the two
firm mounds that popped out at him.

Franky purried and slowly climbed onto Dex's lap shoving her firm tits into
his face. She reached behind his head and guided His mouth to Her nipple.
"GGGGGGooooodddddd!!!" Franky screamed dropping her head backwards.

He sucked and nipped like a puppy getting it's first meal from it's mother.
Dex worked first one tit, then the other, all the time feeling her up.

"Ohhhh YYYYeeeeessss Dexxxxxx YYoooouuuuuurrrrrrrr ssssoooooooo ggoooodddd!"
Franky wailed rocking her head from side to side.

Her hands were trying to force all of her boob deep into his hungry mouth.
Lust was shorting out her brain but one thought remained. "Oh yes, Dex, is a
real treasure. With a little work, I can see him and me dragging the Manor's
country maidens to our bed back at my manor."

Her legs had worked up and she rose slighty.

"Myyy PPaaaannnnnnttttttttssss ripppp them..them..themmm..!"
she panted.

Dex hands crept down to her waist and in a surprising show of power he ripped
her pants and panties off leaving her naked save for her knee high boots.

To Be Conitued...


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