***************************************************************** Screech sat
there thinking if this worked I could finally get Lisa to suck my dick. She
was one sexy babe. Screech was working on a drug that he believed would make
a person a slave to the next person that he or she saw. He had tried it on
many of his animals with great success and now felt it was time to try it on
the woman he had lusted over for many years. Screech's big dilemma was how to
give the drug to Lisa and make sure he was the first person she saw. The drug
would work approximately one minute after the pill was taken and, if Screech
was right, would make the individual a submissive and sexual slave to the
next person he/she saw. The potion would last for about two hours and the
person would not remember the events, but rather would think that it was a
dream. Screech went to bed thinking Next morning Screech put
the pill in a aspirin bottle and slid it in his upper left pocket. He grabbed
a peanut butter and tuna sandwich and headed to school. He had a plan. Wait
till school ended and ask Lisa to help him with his home ec assignment on
fashion in the 1990's. He figured he would then give her a drink and slip the
pill in her drink. Ahh, he could not wait.. At school Screech put the aspirin
bottle in his locker when he is slapped in the back of his head by Slater
"Hey Screech, what's up?", the bottle falls out of his locker and rolls down
the hallway. "Nothin'" replies Screech. "We're gonna be late for class, lets

Jessie was walking to Mr. Beldings office to complain about the sexism of her
History teacher when she saw the aspirin bottle. "What a break, I have a
splitting headache." She opened the bottle and dumped the pill in her mouth
and then thought Jessie walked through Mr. Beldings door and started
complaining. A minute later, she finally stopped as she felt a little dizzy
and sat down. Mr. Belding stands up and begins defending the teacher. Jessie
looks at Mr. Belding and begins thinking that he is a real hunk. She realizes
that she wants him real bad. Belding continues "I do not appreciate you
busting into my office and exploding at me. Mr. Singer is a good teacher and
I think you owe him and me an apology. What do you have to say for yourself?"
Jessie who had her hand on the outside of her jeans at her vagina replies "I
am sorry master--I-I-I mean Mr. Belding" Jessie thinks to herself why the
hell did I say master. He is the principle. Yet, I really have a craving to
suck his wonderful cock. Why am I thinking this way? I have never sucked
anyone's cock, not even Slater's, even though he has often asked for it. We
had sex a couple times, but I really didn't enjoy it. Man I need that cock.
"Jessie stop playing with yourself right now" Jessie quickly moves her hand
from your covered cunt. Mr. Belding thinks to himself, what the hell is going
on here. Here is the president of the student council, a major feminist,
sitting in my office playing with herself and calling me.....master. She is a
good looking girl. "Jessie, stand up" Jessie jumps to her feet, extremely
eager to please. Hmmm, thinks Mr.Belding. "Jessie are you a virgin?" "No
mast...Mr.Belding, me and Slater have had sex twice. Once in my bedroom when
my parents were not home and a second time just last month in the library
after school." "So you are a slut" "No, I have only slept with Slater," says
Jessie very insulted. "Have you ever sucked a cock?" "No," replies Jessie.
Mr. Belding notices she looks down at his cock and licks her lips as she
answers that question. "I think it is time to right a terrible wrong. Come
over here and suck my cock you slut." "I am not a slut you fucking
bast...stud" replies Jesie as she walks over and gets on her knees and undoes
his pants. She takes it into her mouth and starts sucking his cock. As she
takes Mr. Belding's cock into her virgin mouth she thinks to herself why am I
doing this. I am not a slut. I am a respected woman of the 1990's, liberated,
professional. Hmm, but his cock tastes so good, I gotta have it in me, please
tell me what to do, she thinks. Mr. Belding thought what a fucking slut. Not
a great cock sucker, not like Kelly. Kelly had sucked his cock last year
during finals, it was the only way that bitch was going to past history. She
was a dumb bitch. Belding thought it was time to fuck this tramp. "Take off
your clothes you cock-sucking whore." "Y-y-yes sure," replies Jessie both
sexually excited and insulted at the same time. She knew it was wrong, but
also knew she needed his cock real bad. It was a lot bigger than Slater's.
She hesitated as she took off her bra to reveal a beautiful pair of 36C
breasts. She may not be as beautiful as Kelly or as rich as Lisa, but she had
the biggest and most beautiful breasts of the three. friends. "Hurry up tramp
and call me master for now on" "Yes master," replies the now submissive
femminist, as she slips off her silk black panties. "get on my desk and
spread your slut legs," says Belding as he quickly moves in between her and
in one quick thrust slides his cock into her dripping wet pussy. Jessie was
shocked!!! This did not hurt and he was a good inch bigger than Slater. This
actually feels good, "Oh, yeah, fuck me, fuck me hard" Belding picks up the
pace as he shoves his cock deep into this high school slut. "Take my cock you
fucking tramp, you whore. Tell me what you are" "I am-I am-your slut, your
whore, your fuck toy to abuse. Treat me as a cheap whore," screams the
totally cock craving Jessie. As Jessie says this she thinks to herself I am a
slut. I love his cock deep in my pussy, it feels so good. I want to suck him
again. I love his cock. I love being told what to do. "That's it bitch," as
he takes his cock out of her pussy. "Stand up and bend over the desk slave. I
am going to take your virgin ass." "No please not there please...please do as
you please to me, fuck me up my tight butt hole, take my anal cherry you
stud." Oh my good why am I letting him fuck me in the ass, I am a decent
slut..." Belding slides a finger in her cunt and with the moisture from her
dripping slut cunt he rubs it on her tight asshole. "Here you go slut, you
are deanalized" as he slides his cock deep into her asshole. "Ah," screams
Jessie as a mixture of pleasure and pains sends waves through her slut body.
"oh yeah, fuck my tight hole, fuck me like the tramp I am" Belding realizing
he is not gonna last long in this tight sluts butt, pulls out and says "get
on your knees and swallow my hot sperm slave." Jessie quickly falls to her
knees and takes his cock in her mouth. Jessie sucks his cock fast and with
much more technique as she is overwhelmed with the passion of sex. Jessie is
now completely a slave slut. She sucks his cock faster. Her free hand slides
into her cunt as she fucks herself to another orgasm. I am a slut she thinks
to myself, his slut. "Ahhhhhh" grunts Belding as she shoots his load down the
throat of his slave girl. "Swallow every drop you tramp" demands Belding as a
drop of sperm drips down her mouth and hits her breast. Jessie following the
demand of her master, quickly grabs the sperm off her breasts and sucks it in
her mouth. "Hmmm", sighs Jessie. "Get dressed you slut and get to class ASAP"
says Belding as he writes her a late slip. "Yes, master" replies Jessie as
she takes a finger out of her cunt and begins to put on her cloth.

"Shit, where is the bottle?" says Screech as he prepares to go home with
Lisa. After much work, he had convinced her to come over and help him. He
looked everywhere. "Damn it." Lisa walks over and says "Let's go geek, I want
to get this over with." Screech slams his locker as he realizes he is not
gonna get to fuck Lisa today.

That night Screech makes more of the drug, including many back ups, this is
not gonna happen again he sighs to himself. This time he makes it as a potion
so it will more quickly desolve in a drink. Screech couldn't help but wonder
what the hell happened to the first potion. Did somebody get lucky?

Jessie laid in bed at night and was dreaming about Belding. She masturbated to
herself thinking of him fucking her in the ass and treating her like a slut.
Why am I thinking like this. Anal sex is gross and I am not the type of person
who is bossed around. With that in mind she shoves a finger back into her cunt
and continues to fantasizes about sucking Belding's cock and swallowing his

Next day at school Screech kept the potion in a vial in his pocket. During gym
the veil fell out of his pocket and Zack picked up the veil. "Screech, what is
in the vial?"
"uh, just a potion that turns a person into a sex slave...I mean nothing."
"Did you say turns a person into a sex slave?"
"How so?"
"Well I havn't tried it on a person yet but I believe it will turn a person
into the slave of the next person the individual sees after they drink the
potion. The potion takes about a minute to take affect. The person will do
whatever you say for about two hours and never remember the events that took
place. The individual will, though, begin to fantasize about the sexual event
in her dreams and begin to be aroused by the individual for sometime."
"No way. You gotta give me some of that. Actually I am going to keep this one.
I have a date with Kelly tonight. She hasn't even let me see her naked. She is
such a tease."
"No, I want to try it on Lisa"
"Wait, I got an idea. Why don't we make this an experiment. I will take her on
a date, bring her back to your place, since your parents are in Florida, and
you can watch the effects of the potion on Kelly and make notes. That way when
you try it on Lisa you will know for sure it works."
"Ya, ok."
"alright, tonight the great cheerleader becomes the cheap Zackslut."

"That was a great movie Zack. I really had a lot of fun," Kelly tells Zack as
he drives her home. "Oh wait, I just remembered I told Screech I would stop
by for a few minutes," replies Zack with a devilish smile. "Sure, I wouldn't
mind seeing Screech. I hope he was something to drink there, I am thirsty."
Perfect thinks Zack. Zack glimpses at Kelly. She is so beautiful. She is
wearing a black sun dress with black nylons and 3 inch black pumps. Zack had
a raging hard on. Tonight is the night. When they get to Screech's place Zack
is almost to eager to get inside. When inside Kelly gives Screech a hug and
Zack quickly says "I'll grab you a coke ok Kel" "Ya, if that is ok Screech."
"Sure Kelly. How was the movie?' "Really great. I just love Tom Hanks." Zack
returned with the potion filled drink and handed it to Kelly. Kelly quickly
drank the whole drink and said "oh that tasted so good." Screech realizing
the potion would take affect soon said "Ah shit, the care bears is about to
start, I gotta tape it. Be back in a few minutes." Screech runs downstairs
and hides around the corner. Zack and Kelly talk about school as the potion
begins to take affect. Zack waits for what seems to be an eternity , but is
really only about two minutes. Zack decides to try something simple first.
"Kelly come sit on my lap." Kelly smiles and quickly gets off the chair and
comes and sits on Zack's lap. Yes, thinks Zack. Hmmm, before I get some lets
find out a little more about her. "Kelly, have you ever had sex before?" "No,
no, I am a virgin," smiles Kelly eager to answer Zack's inappropriate
questions. "How about head? Have you ever given a guy head?" "Yes, yes I
have," replies Kelly ashamingly. "With who?" "Just Mr. Belding last spring.
The only way he was going to let me pass history. I did not want to do it but
it was the only way to pass the class." That Belding, I never knew he had it
in him thought Zack. "Did he make you shallow?" "No. He pulled about before
he came and shot all over my cheerleading outfit." Kelly was rubbing her ass
on top of Zack's cock as she answered Zack's questions. "Kelly, take off your
dress for me," demanded Zack. Kelly quickly got up to follow the demand of
her master. Unlike Jessie who tried to resist herself, Kelly had a much
weaker will power and was a completely submissive slave. She slid off her
dress to reveal a black bra, black panties and, to Zack's surprise, black
stay-up stockings. Zack was stunned, I can't believe she is wearing
stay-up's. "Take off your shoes Kelly." Kelly quickly takes off her shoes to
reveal sandalfoot stockings with toenails that are painted red. Zack could
hardly contain himself. "Rub your stocking foot on my raging hard on." Kelly
elegantly sat on the floor and lifted her right foot up to his cock. What a
sight thought Zack. The captain of the cheerleading team, the most beautiful
girl in school, laying on the floor with her legs spread and submissively
doing everything I say. "That feels good Kel, now take off your bra and begin
to masturbate yourself for me." "Hmmm," sighs Kelly as she slides off her bra
to reveal a pair of 34B breasts and nipples that are rock hard. She smiles as
she licks her lips and begins to rub her cunt through your black satin
panties. "Hmmm, Zack, hmmmmmm" she sighs as she continues to rub her foot on
Zack's cock. Zack can not handle it anymore and gets up and takes his clothe
off in a rush. "Slave, take my cock in your mouth" Kelly a little taken back
by the term slave looks at Zack briefly before rushing to his cock and
swallowing it whole. She sucked it like a pro. Zack had been sucked by many
of the sluts at school before, but nobody could swallow his ten inch prick.
Kelly continued to masturbate herself as she sucked his cock. "Stop playing
with yourself slut. You are only to do as I say, understand slave." Kelly
quickly moves her hand away from her wet panties and replies "yes Zack."
"What slave?" "Yes master." "Good slut. Now get back to your job slut." Kelly
quickly returns to Zack's cock. Now she is treating his cock more tenderly as
she licks his balls, sucking them into her mouth one at a time. She then
licks his cock from top to bottom, teasing Zack. Zack grabs her by the hair
and shoves his cock deep into her throat and starts fucking her mouth. Zack
realizing he won't last much longer decides to pull out and take a bit of a
break. Zack lies on the floor and says "Bitch, take off your panties, get
over hear and sit on my face" Kelly rushes over and spreads her legs over his
face and sits down. As Zack sucks on her moist pussy, Kelly starts riding his
face like a horse. She screams in pleasure as Zack sucks her to an orgasm.
Screech, who has been watching the whole thing, rubs his cock through his
pants. Man this is hot. After a second orgasm, Zack pushes Kelly off him and
spreads her still silk covered legs wide apart. "Did you dress as a sexy slut
for me slave?" "Yes master, I did it to tease you. I know you love my body,
my tits, my legs and my feet. I know you are turned on my nylons. I love to
make you hard and then leave you high and dry. I go home after and fuck
myself with my vibrator. Everything I do is for you master. I am your sex
slave." Sex slave thinks Zack. I like tnat. Zack kisses the inside of Kelly's
legs and then sucks on her toes through her nylons. Kelly sighs with pleasure
as Zack pleasures her whole body. Finally Zack knows it is time to satisfy
his need to fuck his whore and demands his slut "Beg your master to fuck you
slut." "Please master, fuck my cunt, Treat me as your whore. My fuck hole
needs your thick long cock. Fuck me like the whore I am." Zack completely
aroused by the words of his tramp slides his raging hard-on into Kelly's wet
cunt. "Oh, yeah master. Fuck me. Rape me with your manhood, fuck, fuck oh
yeah," Screech rubbing his pants crazily looks down at his pants and realizes
their is a large wet spot on his pants. Zack pounding Kelly hard, slides out
of Kelly's pleasure mound and demands "Kelly ride my cock." Kelly without
hesitation gets up and in one motion engulfs her masters cock. Zack smiles
with pleasure as he stares at his beautiful slut. Her breasts bouncing up and
down freely and her nylon covered legs rubbing against his legs. Zack new he
was not going to last much longer and told his slave "Tramp, suck my cock.
Swallow my love juice." Kelly gets off Zack's hard-on and takes her masters
cock in her cock sucking mouth. Zack deciding he wanted to taste his slaves
juices again demands "turn around so I can taste your slut hole bitch". Kelly
quickly and happily turns around so her master could please her as she
pleased him. Kelly moaned as Zack slid a tongue into her hole and she began
to buck up and down on his tongue as she sped up the pace on Zack's cock.
Zack slid his pinky finger into Kelly's asshole as he shot his load deep down
the throat of his cock sucking fuck slave. Some of the sperm dripped out of
Kelly's mouth as she moaned with pleasure as Zack fucked Kelly with his
finger. "Oh master, fuck my ass with your finger, ahhhhhh" Zack picked up the
pace until he heard Kelly scream with pleasure as she reached another earth
shattering orgasm. "Good bitch," sighed Zack as he got up and looked at the
captain of the Bayside cheerleading squad. Hmm, now I have slept with
everyone on the squad except Lisa. I will have to change that. "Slut, I see
sperm laying on the floor. Lick it up. "Kelly stopped playing with herself
and licked up the sperm from the floor. "Good slave. Get dressed so I can get
you home slut." Kelly sighed as she grabbed her dress and pulled up her
stocking which had slid down to her knee during her brief anal finger fuck.

Kelly woke up and looked at the clock. 2:47. She sighed as she fingered
herself. She thought about Zack and how she should let him take her cherry. I
love Zack, I should let him fuck me. Hmmm....

Next day Zack and Screech are discussing the previous night. "That was
amazing. She was completely submissive.," said Zack. "I know, the potion
works exactly as I thought it would. Even better. You gotta help me get
Lisa," replies Screech. "Sure. After the basketball game tonight, we will get
Kelly and Lisa to come over to your place for a victory celebration. Then we
can get the potion in motion." "Hey, that rhymed" "Stay focused buddy." "Hey,
what's up guys?" asks Slater. who had just arrived at school. "Just the
coolest thing in the world. Screech has made a potion that turns a woman into
a complete submissive slut slave," replies Zack. "No way. Have you tried it?"
Zack tells the details of last nights escapades to Slater and of tonight's
plans. Slater quickly suggests that Jessie be invited too as he admitted they
have had sex twice, but she was not that willing and just lied there like a
dead fish. The plan was in motion. Tonight an orgy.

Kelly was getting dressed for tonight's game. After putting on her
cheerleading uniform she thought, "hey I wanna dress sexy for Zack tonight".
She grabbed a black satin bar, a garter belt, black silk sandlefoot
stockings(she new he was turned on by nylons and for some reason by her toes
when covered by nylons) and three inch pumps with an open foot so Zack could
see the toes. She loved to tease him. Tonight I just may let Zack fuck me
like the slut I am. Wait, did I think that? Jessie kept thinking about sex.
Maybe I should try a little harder to enjoy sex with Belding--I mean Slater.
Why did I think Belding?

Bayside won the game in overtime 94-93. After the game the gang headed back
for the celebration party. As planned, the potion was put into the drinks of
the three woman. After giving the drinks to the woman, Slater asked Jessie to
go in the kitchen with him to grab some snacks. Zack asked Kelly to go
downstairs with him to choose a movie to watch for the gang. Lisa at there
thinking sure leave me with the geek. Screech sat there thinking take a drink
damn it. Lisa finally took a sip from her drink and continued to complain
about where everybody was. She got up and started to go downstairs to look
for Zack and Kelly. Screech got up to stop her, but tripped and fell
backwards behind the couch. Lisa looked over and could not see Screech. See
shrugged her shoulders and went downstairs. When she reached the basement she
called out for Zack and Kelly. She turned the corner and saw Kelly from
behind with her legs spread and the top of Zack's head between them. Lisa was
in shock. She kept quiet and watched as Kelly moaned and rubbed her pussy
into Zack's face. Lisa was getting horny. She started to rub her breasts
through her skimpy rich dress. She was surprised to notice that Kelly was
wearing garters. That slut! Copying my fashion and then critizing me for
wearing such trampy stuff. Kelly sure was beautiful though, I would love
to... "Take that dress off bitch," demanded Zack. Kelly quickly flipped the
dress off and awaited the next demand. Zack smiled and said "Ok whore, get on
your knees and crawl to my cock." Kelly quickly got on her knees and crawled
over to her master. "Beg to suck my cock tramp." "Master, please let me suck
your cock. Fuck my mouth with your dick. Please I need your cock in my" Zack
did not let Kelly finish the sentence as he shoved his prick into his slave's
lips. Lisa was completely turned on and out of view of the two. Why was Kelly
doing as she was told. What a slut. Lisa was directly behind Kelly and had a
clear view of Kelly's cunt. "Hmmm" moaned Lisa. I would love to service that
beauitful cunt, it looks so tasty.

After grabbing a bag of chips and a bag of tacos Slater looked at Jessie and
said "turn around." Jessie turned around and asked "yes." "Tell me what you
are thinking right now." "Well, I was thinking you look really sexy in those
tight shorts and that muscle top." "Really. Are you horny right now." "Hmm,
yes I am." "Get on your knees." Jessie began to argue, but ended up on her
knees just a couple feet from Slater's cock. "Good girl. Lick your lips."
Jessie slowly slides her tongue from her mouth and smoothly licks her lips in
a very arousing way. "Good girl. Does my little girl want to taste my cock."
Jessie moans yes as she undoes Slater's pants and slides her mouth over his
half hard cock. "You suck cock really good. I should have had you doing this
a long time ago. Go faster bitch. "With that demand she becomes extremely
aroused and follows Slater's demand. "Oh yeah, suck it bitch, take my cock."
Jessie is extremely horny and smiles as she thinks this is easy compared to
sucking Belding's cock. Wait did that really happen? Slater releases a large
load of sperm that hits both the back of her throat and her cheek. "You are
one good cocksucker. Where did you learn your technique tramp?' "I sucked Mr.
Belding's cock the other day." "Excuse me?"

Zack looked up and saw the shadow of someone. "Who is there?" yelled Zack.
Lisa tried to stay still as Zack got up and walked over to find Lisa with her
dress on the ground and her hand in her panties. "Where is Screech?" "I'm not
sure" replies Lisa as she tries to cover herself up." "How long have you been
watching us?" "Ummm, since you were eating out Kelly?" replies a nervous
Lisa. "Wow Lisa, you look amazing. Garter belt-nice touch. You are one hot
bitch. Get on your knees and suck my cock," demands Zack. "Fuck you, Zack. I
am not sure how you got Kelly to do what she is doing, but I am no slut."
"Who did you see first-me or Kelly." "What kind of question is that you
fucker"as Lisa begins to go up the stairs. "Which one Lisa," demands Zack as
he grabs Lisa's arm. "Kelly, I saw Kelly first," screams a scraed, but turned
on Lisa. Zack smiles and looks at Kelly who is on the ground with three
fingers in her dripping wet cunt. "Kelly, get over here." Kelly quickly gets
up and comes to Zack. "Tell Lisa to suck my cock." Kelly, who is completely
controlled by her master, says "Lisa, suck Zack's cock, you know you want
to." Lisa looks at Kelly and after a couple seconds of trying to ponder what
to say she gets on her knees and takes Zack's cock in her mouth.

"Get on the table Jess," demands Slater. Jessie quickly follows the demand.
"You sucked your principle's cock, let him fuck your slut cunt and then take
your virgin ass?" "Yes, yes I did" replied Jessie shamelessly. "Yet, you lied
there dead like when I fucked you?" "Hmm, I don't know why, how" "Look bitch,
tonight you are my slave. I am going to do to you everything that Belding did
and more, understand slut." "Yes, I" "Master, I am master," yelled Slater as
he went to a bag that was full of toys. "Yes master, I am yours to abuse.
Please fuck my slut cunt and shove your huge prick up my tight shithole."
"Good slut" replies Slater as he grabs a eight inch vibrator and throws it to
her. "here, fuck yourself with this, but no dot orgasm."

Zack grabs Lisa's head and forces her to take his whole cock down her throat
and begins fucking her with great speed. Kelly smiled and watches the show in
amazement. Zack looks at Kelly and realizing he had forgotten about her,
tells her to slide her middle finger in her ass. Kelly quickly and eagerly
slides a finger into her ass and fucks herself. Zack smiles. Here he was with
the captain of the cheerleaders fucking her own ass and Lisa, the black rich
bitch, sucking his cock. Zack could no longer contain himself and shot his
white sperm all over the face and chest of the black bitch. Zack, needing a
break, decided to let the girls satisfy themselves. "Kelly you are in control
of Lisa. She is your lesbian dyke slave. She will do anything you say. Won't
you Lisa." "Ya-ya-Yes" Kelly smiles and says "thank you master, over here
slut, eat my cunt." Zack smiled and headed upstairs to find Screech and see
how Slater was doing.

Jessie had the eight inch vibrator deep in her cunt and was continually on
the brink of orgasm when Slater said "Pull it out tramp." Jessie reluctantly
pulled the joy toy out of her moist cunt. "Put on this outfit bitch,"
demanded Slater as he handed her a nurses outfit complete with a hat and
white stay-ups. Jessie put on the uniform. She looked sexy. "OK Jessie, you
are a nurse and I am your patient. You are to seduce me ok." "Hmm, yes
master." "Let's go into the frontroom and use the couch as a bed." Jessie
smiles and follows her master. "Hey Zack, how you doing?" "Good. You seem to
be doing well." "Yes, why don't you watch the show? Where are the others?"
"Screech is behind the couch passed out. Go figure? The girls are downstairs
doing some lesbian love. Somehow, Lisa's first person she saw was Kelly."
"Cool!!!" repled Slater as he laid on the couch and pretended to be asleep.
Jessie walked over and bent over in her uniform to feel Slater's cock. "Hmm,
doesn't seem hard. I better do something about that." She grabbed Slater's
cock and slowly rubbed his cock. Then she licked the bottom of his balls and
gently sucked one of them into her mouth. Slater sighed from the amazing
feeling of his slaves mouth. "Nurse, what are you doing?" "I am making sure
your temperature is still rising," replied nurse Jessie as she swallowed
Slater's cock. Zack, who was completely turned on by this went behind Jessie
and in one quick movement shoved his cock into nurse Jessie's cunt. "Hmmm,
what the hell" squealed Jessie as she was raped from behind. "Slut, anybody
who wants to fuck you can, understand," yelled master Slater. "Yes master,"
she moaned as Zack shoved his cock all the way into Jessie. Jessie moaned
with pleasure as she realized how big Zack was. The pleasure was flowing
through her whole body as she sped up the speed of her cocksucking of her
masters cock. Zack grabbed Jessie's legs and rubbed them to feel the silk
fabric. Slater, who still had not fucked his bitch, grabbed her by the hair
and said "Ride me tramp." Jessie, who was enjoying Zack's ten inch cock, had
no problem getting on top of Slater's cock. Zack watched as the nurse rode
her patient. "Doctor Zack believes nurse Jessie needs a double penetration,"
smiles Zack. "Hmm," moans the white nyloned nurse slut. Zack gets on the
couch and slowly slides his cock into Jessie's awaiting ass. "Nurse Jessie,
beg doctor Zack to shove his cock in your ass." "Hmmmmm, doctor Zack please
shove your huge prick up by slut ass. Please do it now, don't tease me with
that fucking beautiful big thick dick. rape my tight ass and shoot your sperm
in my slut butt." Zack, needing little encouragement, shoved his prick into
her ass. "Ahhhhhh"

"Ok you black bitch, turn around and let me suck your black cunt," demanded
Kelly. Without a word Lisa quit eating Kelly's cunt and turned her black ass
so that Kelly could taste her neglected moist cunt. "say yes mistress Kelly,
when told a demand, dyke." "y-y-y-yes mistress," "Mistress what?" "Mistress
Kelly," moaned Lisa as Kelly put her tongue on Lisa's clit.

Zack was fucking Jessie hard and fast and new he wouldn't last long in such a
tight hole. Zack picked up the pace and screamed "I'm coming n your ass nurse
Jessie." "Yes, cum in my ass doctor Zack!!! Fuck!Fuck!Fucccccccck!" cried
Jessie as her bowels were filled by Zack's sperm. Zack pulls out and grabs
the bag of toys "I'll be downstairs if you need me. Bring the nurse slut when
your done." "Sure thing man," replied Slater as Jessie, who was in sexual
ecstasy, began to ride Slater at a extremely fast pace. "Slow down bitch. I
want a piece of your ass too." Without a word, Jessie eagerly got off, bent
over and shoved her already well fucked ass onto her master. She rode him
like a cowboy rides a horse. Hard and fast. "Yes, slut, ride my cock,"
screams Slater as he is about to come a second load into his nurses slutty

Zack walks downstairs to see the girls in a extremely hot 69. Lisa eagerly
licking the cunt of her mistress and Kelly eating the black sluts cunt and
slowly fingering her ass with one finger. Zack smiled and grabbed the two
headed dildo. "Kelly, here is a toy, I think you know what to do with it."
Kelly grabbed the toy and quickly shoved it into Lisa's dripping slut cunt.
Kelly then grabbed the other end and slid it into her well licked cunt. Kelly
moaned and screamed Lisa "buck your slut hips tramp!" Zack smiled as he watch
the two girls with there legs spread apart, their nyloned feet plastered
together and their hips bucking in unison as they fucked themselves with the
thick dildo. Slater and Jessie walked down the stairs and watched the lesbian
lovers show. Slater smiled and told his slave to join in on the action.
Jessie began to say she was not a lesbian, but then shrugged her shoulders
and joined. Kelly demanded the girls get in a three way chain with Kelly
eating Lisa's pussy, Lisa eating Jessie's and Jessie eating Kelly's. "This is
a beautiful site," Slater said. "Hey let's grab the camera from the bag. take
some pics." "Yeah, good idea. Oh, the two hours is almost up, go get some
more of the potion." Slater runs up the stairs to get more potion. Zack grabs
the camera and throws in one of the three 36 roles they bought earlier in the
day. Click! Click! Click! These are keepers thinks Zack. Now even without the
potion we have blackmail pictures. Slater comes back with the potion and
three filled glasses. "Kelly, get over here and have a drink." Kelly crawls
over and begins sucking on Zack's cock. "Wow, now that is trained," laughs
Slater. "Slut, I mean a drink of water," demands Zack as he too laughs at the
situation. The three girls have their drink and await further instructions.
"Slater who do you want next?" "Good question. I think I want the chance to
fuck the head of the cheerleading squad." "Kelly. You are to do anything that
master Slater asks you, now suck his cock." "Yes master," replies Kelly as
she drops to her knees and takes Slater's smaller cock into her mouth.

Zack smiles and decides that he still had not fucked Lisa. "Lisa are you ready
to get fucked, slut?"
"Yes master, please use me as your joy toy."
"Lisa, get on your hands and knees."
Lisa does not hesitate as she falls to her hands and knees. Zack smiles and
says "Lisa shove a finger in your cunt and play with yourself. Jessie get over
here and suck my cock." Jessie, knowing that Zack is also her master, quickly
comes over and takes his cock in her mouth. She can only take the first seven
inches of Zack's large cock. Zack not content with this, grabs Jessie by the
back of her head and shoves the extra three inches into her throat. Jessie
fighting back the gagging feeling continues to suck Zack's prick.

Slater finally pushes Kelly's loving lips away from his prick as he decides
that he has to fuck the bitch. Slater lays on his back and demands "Slut, get
your slut pussy on my cock."
"Hmmm, yes master Slater," replies Kelly as she gets on her feet and quickly
drops her slut, tramp cunt on his cock. "Hmmm, I love your cock, master."

Zack slips his cock out of the lips of Jessie and lays on the ground. "Jessie,
I want you to masturbate my cock with your lovely stockinged feet." Jessie
quickly slid over and clutched Zack's cock with her feet. She slowly moved her
feet up and down as Zack moaned with the pleasure from the friction from the

Slater grabbed Kelly and flipped her over onto her hands and knees and started
fucking her from behind. "Tell me what you want slut."
"Hmmmm, I want you to fuck my slutty pussy from behind. Fuck me hard. Shove
your cock all the way into my pussy."
"How about your ass, slut."
"Yeah. Grab my ass, spread my cheeks apart and shove your thick prick in my
slutty shit hole. Fuck my tight asshole. Shoot your load deep inside my
bowels." Slater not needing the encouragement slid his dick into Kelly's
asshole and began pumping.
"Oh yeah, you have a tight asshole slave."
"Yes, yes, yes, fuck my asshole."
"I'm cumming!!!!!"
"Cum in my asshole master, fill me up!" screamed Kelly as Slater shot a full
load deep into Kelly's fucked ass.

"Oh yeah you are a good slave, masturbate my cock." cried Zack as he starred
at Jessie's widespread cunt. "That is enough slut, go to the bag and grab a
buttplug and fuck yourself with it tramp." Jessie quickly got up and went to
the bag. Zack got up and took the finger out of Lisa's cunt and slid his cock
into Lisa's tight cunt. "Are you a virgin tramp Lisa?" "Uh, uh, uh, Yes, I
am" moaned Lisa as she screamed with pleasure as she began to buck back on
Zack's cock. "Well, we will change that slut," said Zack as he slid his cock
out of her begging pussy, "Come on slut Lisa, I want to hear you beg for my
cock." Lisa tries to push Zack's cock back into her cunt, but Zack moved
away. Lisa grunted and begged "Please shove your cock into my sloppy cunt,
fuck my tight cunt, pop my cherry with your long dong. Please fuck me hard,
treat me as the whore I am. Shove it in master, please, please" Zack thrilled
with the obvious submission slides his cock back into her waiting pussy.

Kelly, still horny crawls over to Jessie and began to lick her pussy as Jessie
continued to fuck herself with the buttplug. Jessie moaned when the tongue
touched her sensitive clit. "Oh yeah, lick my cunt you cheerleading bimbo, you
cheap slut." Kelly shoves four fingers into Jessie's cunt and begins to fuck
her hard and fast. "Oh yeah, ah, ah, ah, yeeeeeeeeeeah!!! Fuck me you cunt
eating dyke."

"Lisa do you want it up the ass bitch?"
"no, no I...oh please fuck me anyway you want. Use my body for your pleasure,
use any hole you wish, I am yours for the taking, fuck my virgin ass."
Zack rubs his wet cock against Lisa's ass and slowly plunges forward. Slater
enjoying the two sexual scenes going on walks over to Lisa and slides his cock
into her waiting mouth. Zack pushes his cock deep into Lisa's ass and only
Slater's cock deep in Lisa's mouth stopped the screams of Lisa's obvious pain.
Tears run down her eyes as the pain in her ass begins to subdue and the
pleasure begins to submerge. Lisa begins to buck back on his cock to be filled
completely by Zack's 10 inch cock. She moves in perfect motion as she suckes
Slater's cock and buckes back on Zack.

Jessie now sees a chance to be the dominate figure. She grabs Kelly by the
hair and throws her on the ground. "You are my slut, you cheap lesbian dyke,
cunt licking, cock sucking, anally fucked, dildo pounded, whore. Take your
nyloned foot and rub it on my cunt." Kelly totally turned on by the
degradation by her new mistress takes her foot and begins to rub Jessie's
dripping pussy. "Mistress is this what you want." "Good whore, fuck me with
your foot, shove your beautiful, lovely, sexy, slutty, nyloned foot into my
cunt." Kelly follows the instructions and shoves her whole foot into your
mistresses cunt. Jessie moans loudly as Kelly shoves her foot in and out of
Jessie's cunt extremely fast.

Zack and Slater look at each other and Zack screams "I'm gonna come!!!"
"Me too!!!" yelled Slater as both the men shot a load into different ends of
the black, devirgined, whore.

Jessie screams as she reaches another earth shattering orgasm and says "Hmmm,
you slut, you whore, I just came all over your feet. Lisa, get over here and
suck your mistresses come covered nylon foot."
Lisa wipes her mouth to catch the remaining drop of Slater's sperm and crawls
over and opens her mouth and beginsn sucking on Kelly's just fucked foot.
Click. Click. Click. Click. Zack looks over and sees Slater taking pictures.

"Screech wake up," says Zack as he pours water down Screech's face. Screech
jumps up "What happened?" "Somehow you passed out. Here are a few of the pics
we took tonight. As he hands Screech a pic of Lisa sucking Kelly's foot."
Screech moans "where is she?" "Sorry bud, we took the girls to Kelly's house.
But don't worry, tomorrow will be your turn," laughed Zack as he tries to
figure out how Screech managed to not get any. "Where is the rest of the
potion?" "We gave them a second dose at around midnight. We are out." "Shit,
you overdosed them. If my calculations are correct they will now do anything
that anybody tells them to do. They will also remember everything that
happened, but be unable and probably unwilling to do anything about it"
"Really, that explains how the girls became so submissive after the second
drink. They are forever sluts, cool"

"Hmmm, hmmm, hmmmm" moaned Kelly as she awoke to see her hand fingering
herself. She looked to the other bed to see Lisa and Jessie in a deep 69.
Kelly thought about what had happened and remembered the nights events. She
had been fucked by both Slater and zack, had been fucked by a dildo, ate out
by both Jessie and Lisa and had her ass fucked by both guys. She smiled,
grabbed the vibrator from her dresser and began to put it in her cunt. Then
she stopped, smiled and shoved the vibrator up her ass. The end.


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