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Productions. This story is not-for-profit, but I own it.

Date: 10/30/2007

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Graphic violence, strong language, drug use, voyurism,
female/female sex, female solo sex

Category: Slash

Pairing: Jessie/Tori

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Summary: After she storms out of Kelly's Halloween party due to Slater's
roaming eye, an understanding Tori invites poor Jessie to spend the night
her place.

Other Notes: This AU story is based on a picture entitled '1st Kiss' by an
artist named Jingo.

Dedication: Happy Halloween to all of my family and friends! -- ATK 2007

Saved By The Bell: Your First Step
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It had all began on the evening of the very last day of October, which is
also the holiday known as Halloween and which was also when a group of
teenage students from Bayside High School had gathered together for a costume
party at Kelly Kapowski's Pacific Palisades, California home in order to get
themselves away from trying to behave themselves in front of the school's
principal, Mister Richard Belding and have themselves a really great time.

But actually, that was before a clumsy nerd known as Screech Powers -- who
was in a Spider-Man costume -- had started chasing Lisa Turtle, the one girl
at Bayside High who had shown up dressed as Halle Berry and that he was
unable to get to fall in love with him as usual and the transplanted U.S.
Army brat known as A.C. Slater in a Superman costume had continued turning
his roaming eye towards every hot-looking babe that has allowed herself to
attend the party.

That had caused his suppossed-to-be true love whose name happens to be Jessie
Spano -- who was dressed-up as Annie Oakley -- to take a toy gun out of its
holster and use it to smack A.C. on the back of her head, causing him to
place both of his hands on the spot that Jessie had hit and let out a scream
of pain.

And after he had turned his confused eyes toward his angry girlfriend and
asked, "What did I do?", Jessie had placed the tip of her finger on the 'S'
shield on A.C.'s chest and answered, "I'll tell you exactly what you had
done, Supershit!You were looking at every other girl around here and treating
me like I was nothing more than just some flat-out ugly bitch!That's it, A.C.
Slater! I'm through with you! I'm going home!"

And as soon as she had turned around and stormed herself out of Kelly's house
and over to one of the parked cars, a very upset Jessie had slammed her fists
on the roof of the car, lowered her head, closed her eyes and began to cry
just before some mysterious stranger had placed one of her gentle hands on
Jessie's shoulder.

That had caused her to turn her head towards the right and discovered that it
was one of her Bayside High classmates known as Tori Scott, who had came to
the party dressed in blue jeans, a leather jacket and a black tee-shirt with
the words 'Go To Hell' in big red letters.

And after a concerned Tori had asked a saddened Jessie what was wrong and her
tearry-eyed classmate had told her about what A.C. was doing with his roaming
eyes, she had became so understanding that she had placed her gentle hand on
Jessie's cheek and said, "Look, Jessie. What do you expect? All men are like
that. They're nothing more than just snorting piles of pig-shit. "

And then, after that had caused the two Bayside High-School buddies to look
and smile at each other and share a small giggle between them, Tori had
invited Jessie to spend the night at her place of residence instead of
letting her good friend go to her own home, sit in her room and feel sorry
for herself.

And after she had given that idea some thought and realized that her
understanding buddy has a point, both Tori and Jessie had gotten themselves
on Tori's motorcycle and rode themselves over to her home, where Jessie had
plopped herself on the living-room sofa and began to wonder what she might
do with the rest of her life without A.C. and Tori had gone into the kitchen
and took out two cans of beer.

Then, after she had placed the two cans of beer on the coffee table and
pulled on the tabs to open them, Tori had handed one of the cans of beer to
Jessie and said, "Okay, Jessie. Here's your first step towards independance.
Just drink this whole can of beer down like me."

And after she had seen Tori gulp down her can of beer, a reluctant Jessie had
looked at her can, took a deep breath, pinched her nose and took a large sip
of the lager inside of it, which had caused Jessie to start coughing and
spill the rest of her beer all over her costume and Tori to place the two
beer cans back on the coffee table and say, "Well, Jessie. It looks to me
like you're ready for your next step."

And as soon as she had helped her good friend get herself off the sofa and
into the bathroom, Tori had turned on the water, stripped off all of her
clothes, helped Jessie take off all of her clothes, placed herself and
Jessie into the shower and started rubbing soap all over their bare-ass
naked bodies.

But then, as soon as she had gotten a good look at her high-school friend's
wonderfully-built body, Tori had placed the bar of soap back on the soapdish,
gave Jessie a passionate kiss on the lips and started licking all over her
nude body -- all the way down to her exposed cunt and carressing her wet tits
with one of her hands.

And after Tori had started pumping two of her fingers in and out of her hot,
wet pussy, Jessie had placed her hands on her Bayside High-School friend's
bare shoulders and said, "Aaaahhhh! What are you doing, Tori? Please don't do
that! I don't want it! Stop! Oooohhhh! Please, Tori! Don't stop! Yeeeessss!
That's it! Do it, Tori! Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry!

And then, after they had lowered themselves down to the floor of the shower
and Tori had turned herself around and allowed her good friend to start
licking on her hot, moist snatch, Jessie had suddenly realized that she was
able to experience the one thing that she had never experienced with any of
her fellow Bayside High students before, for she was experiencing pure and
untamed erotica... and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then, after they had finished taking their shower together and moved
themselves out of the bathroom and into Tori's bedroom, the two newfound
lesbian lovers had laid themselves on the bed just in time for Tori to place
herself in fornt of Jessie and start rubbing their pussies against each

And after Jessie has placed one of her hands on Tori's silky-smooth naked
thigh and the other hand on her own firm breasts, a sexually-energized Tori
has placed her hands on Jessie's bare arms and yelled at the top of her

And then, after they had started moving themselves harder and faster and
their lovemaking has finally made it for the first class at Bayside High,
both Tori and Jessie had came and collapsed due to exhaustion and fell
asleep with their naked arms in a lover's embrace.

That was before the very next day, which was when Jessie had walked herself
into school with the other teenage students and over to her locker in order
to get the text-books for her first class just in time for a curious Zach
Morris to walk himself over to Jessie, clear his throat and ask, "Say,
Jessie? Both Kelly and I want to know... well... are there something wrong
between you and Slater?Because if there is and...!"

But just as he was about to say another word, a small-smiling Jessie had
placed the tips of her fingers on Zach's lips and said, "Look, Zach. I really
do appreciate that fact that you and Kelly are still able to care about me.
But there's no need for you guys to worry about what happened between me and
A.C., because I had finally gotten over him. All I had to do is take the
first step."



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