Saved By The Bell-the modeling job

this is an adult story for those over 18, mostly M/F some F/F and
some M+/F
by [email protected]
Kelly Kaposki-- Tiffini amber Thiesen

Matt stone had finished taking pictures of the three girls. He was
amazed at how good they each looked. As he looked over Kelly,Lisa
and Jessie, he thought how much he wanted them. Now he could make a
dream of theirs come true. "Ladies, I've showed you're pictures
around and I now have a job for one of you. Its a modeling job in
Paris." He heard them all squeal in delight. "Now it will take two
weeks, the one who gets it will probably make between five and ten
thousand dollars and have the beginnings of a modeling career. Now
all three of you are up for it, I just have to do a bit more
reviewing of you're pictures to see which one goes." He thought for
a moment. "Now do any of you want to back out, before I do any more
work on this."
"No," Kelly Kaposki quickly spoke up. She couldn't believe the
chance he was offering her. She needed the money so she could go to
a good school, and maybe she could turn this little chance into a
full blown career. She had always thought she was pretty enough,
with her dark skin and long black hair.
"I'm up for it," Lisa turtle spoke up. She thought she could compete
with Kelly and Jessie. She had a tight body and black models were
sometimes in. Although her parents were rich, this chance could get
her into the fashion industry a lifelong dream. God she wanted this,
she thought.
"I don't have a problem with it." Jessie spoke up last trying to
sound disinterested, but her competitive fire was lit. She had
always been a bit intimidated by Lisa and Kelly in the looks
department. Even thought she had filled out she always felt tall and
gawky. She thought she could compete with the two shorter women, and
if she had one failing it was that she didn't like to lose.
"That's great!" Matt commented. "Now, like I said, I have a bit of
work to do." He thought a moment. "Todays monday, so figure I'll
have an answer to you by Saturday. Why don't you show up at here
then and I'll let you know the details. Thanks ladies, see you
Saturday." He watched the three girls as they left enjoying the
sight of their tight asses. High school seniors, he thought looking
at the sheets they had filled out all over eighteen. He'd probably
make a play for whichever one he took to Paris.
As they left, Kelly turned to the other two girls. "Damn, I left my
purse inside." She had done it on purpose, for an excuse. "I'm going
back to go get it, it could take awhile you two go on with out me."
She turned and raced back into the studio.
"I'll see you tomorrow." Jessie turned to Lisa and they started
walking away, but Jessie was wondering if Kelly was sneaking back
into the studio to badmouth her and Lisa or maybe that little slut
was even going to sleep with Matt. They were friends but Jessie knew
Kelly had the morals of an alley cat. She turned a corner and tried
to keep an eye on the studio door, wondering when Kelly would come
Lisa had similar ideas to Jessie's, she got into her car and took up
a position where she could keep an eye on the studio door. She
figured the longer Kelly stayed in, the worse her chances at the
modeling job became. Lisa didn't like losing especially to Jessie
and Kelly.
Kelly walked back into the studio. She could see Matt siting in his
office going over photos. She knew she had a chance to get the job
on her looks alone, but this was her life on the line here. She
rationalized, that she was hardly a virgin having screwed both Zack
and Slater, but she had never seduced a guy as she was planing to do
now. She decided the direct approach was best. She walked into
Matt's office. "Hello, Matt." Kelly tried to sound as seductive as
Matt turned around surprised, he thought everyone had left. "Oh Hi
Kelly, sorry I haven't decided anything yet."
"I know, I just thought I might give you something more to
consider." Kelly moved closer to him

"What do you mean?" Matt was getting aroused by Kelly.
"Well, I was thinking of all the fun we could have in Paris." Kelly
put her hands on his shoulders then maneuvered around until she was
sitting on his lap. "I just wanted to show you how much more fun i
can be, then Jessie or Lisa." She started to grind her ass into
Matt's crotch, she could feel his hard on. "Here let me show you,"
she slid down onto her knees before him. She undid his belt and
lowered his fly.
Matt felt he should stop this, but the sight of eighteen year old
Kelly at his crotch sent that thought out of his mind. He pushed
himself up allowing Kelly to remove his pants. He saw Kelly smile as
his prick popped into view.
Matt's prick almost hit Kelly in the face, it was six inches fully
erect and throbbing. Kelly grabbed it with her hands and then moved
her mouth over it. She gave the tip of it a little lick before
taking it all into her mouth.
Matt couldn't believe what an expert cock sucker little Kelly was.
He ran his hands through her long dark hair. "I'm gonna cum," he
groaned. He expected Kelly to come of off his prick but she kept it
in her mouth. As he started to cum he felt Kelly continue to suck on
his prick. She was incredible swallowing his whole load. After
milking the last drop from his cock, Kelly came off his prick.
"You're good Kelly. How about a bit more?" He stood up.
"What do you mean?" Kelly tried to sound dense.
"Would mind if i took a couple of more photos of you, special sexy
photos. Maybe you could take off you're clothes." He picked up his
"Will anyone else see them?" Kelly asked.
"Just you and me," Matt responded. He watched as Kelly seemed to
make up her mind. She reached for the bottom of her shirt, he
started taking pictures of her. Her top came first followed by her
skirt. He took a few shots of her in her underwear, then she reached
behind her and undid her bra. "Incredible," Matt exclaimed as her
tits came into view, followed quickly by her bush as she pulled down
her panties. He took a few more photos of her naked body before he
was hard again. He put his camera on a stand overlooking the desk.
He set the camera to take photos automatically. "Get over here,

Kelly walked over to him. "I want you to take me, I want you inside
of me." She moaned as Matt pushed her up onto the desk. She spread
her legs for him. She couldn't believe it when he knelt between her
legs and started to eat her out.. She had never had anyone do this
for her before. She felt herself cumming, as he started to suck on
her clit. "God yes, fuck me!" She screamed.
Matt moved his prick into position at the edge of her cunt, he
rubbed it around the outside of her pussy. He couldn't believe how
wet she was. He felt her moving under him, trying to take his prick
into her pussy. "You'll have to beg for it," Matt told her.
"Fuck me," Kelly yelled. She felt him start to enter her. "Deeper,
deeper," she begged as he penetrated her more fully. She grabbed
onto him, pulling him deeper into her. He kept it up longer then
anyone else ever had. "Yes cum in me." She moaned. He increased his
pace, she felt the warm sticky fluid enter and fill her. She was
glad she had taken precautions earlier.
Matt pushed into her . His cock becoming limp, finally falling out
of Kelly's tight pussy. "God you're good Kelly." He slumped back
into the chair.
"Why thanks. Do I get the job?"
"Well you're certainly in the lead. Why don't you come back in a
couple days, say Thursday. We can repeat this little performance one
more time, okay?"
"Okay, but remember I want that job." Kelly responded.
"We'll see," he commented as she dressed. "Maybe we'll do some more
naked pictures, just for us."
"Alright see you then." Kelly went out of the office, then left the
building a self satisfied grin on her face.
Jessie and Lisa watched her leave. They had noticed she stayed in
there over an hour. They both could guess what she had done in
there, Kelly's sexual prowess being well known around the school. In
a moment, they both decided that they would now fight fire with
The next day Jessie screwed up her courage and went down to the
photographers studio. She didn't notice Lisa down the street as she
entered the studio. Lisa quickly went home, planing to go back
tomorrow. Hardly believing Jessie was going to stoop to sex to get
her way.
Jessie got into the studio, she could see Matt was fusing over a
set. She saw that he was working on a bedroom set, quite appropriate
she thought. "Hi Matt," she called.
Matt turned to see Jessie standing before him. She was very
attractive her long legs displayed by a short skirt, her ample chest
was displayed by a white shirt that was just a bit too tight. "
Hello Jessie, sorry I haven't made any decisions yet."
"I know that, but i also know that Kelly came in here yesterday and
tried to convince you to take her and not me."
"Well yes, she was quite convincing." Matt smiled remembering
yesterday with Kelly.
Jessie moved closer to him. "Well I can be convincing too." She
cooed, she held him close and nibbled at his neck. "We can do
anything you want right now, just imagine what we'll do in Paris."
Matt returned her kiss and moved his hands down to fondle her ass.
He liked how tight it felt. He spun her around and laid her down on
the bed. He started to work on opening her shirt . "Very nice," he
commented as her tits came into view. They were much larger then
Kelly's and topped with big half dollar sized nipples. He started to
suck on one tit then the other. He moved a hand down into her skirt.
He found his way into her panties and then into her sopping wet
pussy. He slipped a finger inside of her.
"God that feels so good." Jessie moaned as the finger penetrated
her. She felt his finger start to go in and out. Then he started to
kiss his way down her body. She felt him remove her skirt, then his
tongue penetrated her hot box. "Yes, yes right there," she screamed
as an orgasm ripped through her.
Matt worked on opening up his pants. He couldn't believe how tight
Jessie's pussy was. "Is this you're first time?" He asked as his
prick came into view.
"No, I've done it a couple of times." She looked down and saw his
prick, "but your the biggest, so take it easy."
"Don't worry honey, I'll go real slow." He moved up her body playing
with her tits as he put his dick at the entrance to her cunt. He
rubbed his prick around the entrance of her pussy getting it wet
with her juices. "Are you ready?"
"Yes, stick it in me." Jessie was so ready for it. She couldn't
believe it as he penetrated her pussy. She felt like she was going
to explode in pleasure. "Yes more," she moaned.
"You are tight Jessie." Matt moaned as he forced the last inch into
her hot cunt. "It feels so good." He started to pull out then drive
back in. "You're incredible," he fucked her for a few minutes
pounding in and out, fondling her nipples. When he felt himself
ready to cum he asked "Can I shoot off in you?"
"Cum in my mouth, I want to taste you." Jessie responded knowing it
really turned guys on.
Matt pushed up onto Jessie's body, he pushed his prick between
Jessie's tits. She pushed them together, as he forced his dick in
between her mounds. As it came out the other end Jessie started to
suck on the tip of his cock. It was too much for Matt, he shot his
load into her face. Jessie took the first load into her mouth, the
rest splashed on her chin and neck. "Ohh Yes," he moaned as he felt
his cum unload onto Jessie. He rolled off her, laying next to her on
the bed. "You're incredible kid."
"Better then Kelly?" She responded.
"I don't know, you're both good. Mind if i take a few pictures of
you like this?" He saw her hesitate. "I got some great shots of
"Well, okay." She watched as he stood up and grabbed his camera. She
posed naked on the bed for him. She let him take pictures of her in
various intimate positions. She could see his hard on was starting
to grow, as he continued to take pictures of her. This got her into
it, she considered it a challenge to get him hard just from his
seeing her body. She rolled over showing her tight ass, she spread
her ass cheeks, pussy lips showing him everything.
"God you've got a great ass," Matt commented. "You ever been fucked
up the ass?"

"NO, never." She sounded surprised, but in her mind she was
considering it. The idea was kind of naughty and she liked the idea
of being a bad girl. "Maybe I could give it a whirl. Do you know how
to do it?"
"I've had some experience, are you sure." Matt asked again.
"I want to try. What do we do?" Jessie asked curious.

"Just lay there on you're stomach." He went over to a cabinet, he
pulled out some lube for her. He moved in closer to Jessie sitting
on the bed next to her. "Now this may be a bit uncomfortable at
first, but if you stick with it you might enjoy it. Just tell me if
you want me to stop."
"Alright, go ahead." Jessie was nervous but very horny.
Matt started kneading her ass cheeks. Pulling them open he poured a
bit of the lotion into the crack of her ass. He started to rub the
lotion around her ass hole letting some of the liquid go inside her
ass hole. "Well here goes." He pushed his finger into her ass hole.
"Yes," Jessie moaned. She felt him penetrate her, she had been
prepared for pain but she was enjoying this more and more. "Give me
Matt couldn't believe how tight Jessie's ass was. "How is this?" His
entire finger disappeared up Jessie's ass.
"God, I love it," Jessie moaned. "I want more." She felt him stick a
second finger up her ass then a third, it felt great. "God, fuck my
ass. Stick you're dick in my ass." She cried.
Matt moved over and rubbed the lotion over his hard dick He
positioned his cock at the entrance to Jessie's tight asshole "Here
it comes." Matt pushed the head of his prick into Jessie's ass. "God
its so tight." He forced a bit more of his cock into her tight ass.
Jessie was enjoying having a cock in her ass, but she wanted more.
She started to force herself back onto his cock. "Just stay right
there, I'll meet you." She said as she continued to take more of his
cock into her ass.. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Jessie
felt matts balls slapping against her ass. "Did I get it all in?"
Jessie asked.

"Yes you did honey." He reached around her and started to massage
Jessie's heavy tits. "Can I move now?" He asked.
"Yes fuck me!" She felt him start to pull out, then he rammed it
back into her asshole. "God," she screamed. She felt herself cum as
he pounded into her. "Yes cum in my ass, fill me up."
As soon as Matt heard this he couldn't hold back and shot his load
deep into her bowels. "Yes, yes," he moaned, his rapidly softening
dick slipped out of Jessie's ass. "Incredible kid."
"Thanks, am I in the lead for the trip to Paris?" She asked. Jessie
got out of the bed and started to collect her clothing.
"Definitely," Matt responded,. "but Kelly is coming in here tomorrow
for some more 'pictures'." He laughed thinking about having both
Jessie and Kelly on consecutive days. "She could still pull ahead."
Jessie was starting to get dressed. "In that case I'll just have to
come in on Friday,
and convince you one more time."
"I think I'd like that," matt responded.
"Actually, I really enjoyed myself." Jessie responded, surprised
that she did enjoy this sexual escapade. "I'll see you Friday." She
walked out of the studio and quickly went home.
Kelly walked into the studio on Thursday, Matt was working on some
weird devices. "What are those?" She asked.

"OH, Hi Kelly." Matt put the hammer down as he turned around. "This,
I'm working on this S&M thing for a magazine, you wouldn't believe
what they pay for this stuff."
Kelly walked around the devices they each had various cuffs to hold
the woman in place. "This is kind of interesting, would you like to
see me strapped into one of these things."
"Well...." Matt thought a moment. "Actually, the thought is kind of
sexy. You want to give it a whirl?"
"Sounds like fun." Kelly peeled off her shirt and quickly stripped
off the rest of her clothes. She walked over to a machine that had
two posts about body width apart, each post had a leather cuff
wrapped in fur. "How about something like this?" She put her hand
into one of the soft cuffs and strapped herself in.
"Let me help you." Matt moved over and took her other hand and
cuffed it in. He stood back to enjoy the view. Kelly had her arms
spread displaying her body, he walked around her enjoying the view.
"Mind if I take a few pictures first?"
"Go right ahead." Kelly tried to pose as much as she could and was
enjoying it..
"That's enough of that." Matt had shot off a roll of film. He
stripped down revealing his fully erect cock. "You ready for some
"Yes, get over here." Kelly responded. Matt came around behind her.
She could feel him start to open her legs then he pushed a finger
into her cunt.
Matt couldn't believe how wet Kelly was. "You like this, don't you?"
"God yes." She was excited being helpless before a man. "Fuck me
now." She felt Matt withdraw his finger and replace it with his
cock. She felt him penetrate her with one stroke he buried his cock
all the way into her, she was cumming as he fucked her.
Lisa had snuck into the photo studio, planning to seduce Matt Stone
the photographer. She had watched Jessie and Kelly sneak in there.
Now she was going to even up the playing field. As she walked in she
heard Kelly's voice, 'that bitch' she thought, she was back for
seconds. Lisa crept closer to where she heard Kelly. She finally got
to a position where she could see the two of them. She was shocked
and excited by what she saw. Kelly was tied up as Matt took pictures
of her, then he maneuvered behind her and started to fuck little
Kelly. Lisa watched for a few minutes before she decided to make her
presence known. "So this how you decide who gets the job." Lisa
walked out of the shadows.
"Lisa," Kelly was shocked for her friend to see her this way. She
tried to cover up but with her hands cuffed it was impossible. "This
isn't what it looks like."
"It looks like you're fucking our friend her to get the job." Lisa
walked over and ran her hand over Kelly's exposed tits. "I want to
join in. Any objections?"
"I have none." Matt chimed in from behind Kelly.

"None here," Kelly responded as Lisa began to play with her tits
making her extremely horny.
Lisa kneeled down before Kelly and opened her legs Lisa pushed a
finger into Kelly's snatch as she moved in closer putting her tongue
inside of Kelly.
Kelly felt herself cumming as Lisa's tongue penetrated her pussy.
"Right there, YES," She moaned. Kelly noticed Matt walking around in
front of her. He started taking pictures of the two women. Kelly
looked down and saw that Lisa had stripped off her top. Lisa's
tongue left her clit. "No don't stop," Kelly begged.
"I'm ready for some myself." Lisa unbuckled her pants and slid them
off her legs. "How about it Matt, you ready for some?" She leaned
back on a sawhorse arrangement that had padding on top of it.. "Come
on, take me."
"Of course." Matt walked over to Lisa. He bent down and gave her
clit a quick tongue bath, then moved up playing with her large
nipples. He put his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He could feel
the moist heat emanating from her cunt. "You ready?"
"Yes, stick it in me." Lisa moaned as she felt Matt's hard cock
enter her wet pussy. "God yes, more." She screamed as Matt started
to pound away at her pussy. She felt him put all of his huge dong
into her. It felt incredible, she looked over at Kelly who's legs
were practically twitching as she watched the two of them intently.
"Yes cum in my pussy." She moaned as she felt him force his prick
into her. She could feel the wetness of his semen as it filled her,
"God yes."
"I want some too." Kelly moaned from where she was still tied.
Matt was still laying over Lisa's sweaty form. "What do you say

"I think she should get over here and suck you're sperm out of my
pussy." Lisa responded.
"MMMM yes, sounds good." Kelly responded.
"I think its a hell of an idea." Matt quickly uncuffed Kelly and
watched as Kelly settled between Lisa's black legs.
"Yes right there." Lisa used her hands to force Kelly's face into
her pussy. She leaned back enjoying the sensations. Lisa noticed
Matt was becoming hard again, she motioned him over and took him
into her mouth. After a few strokes, she came off his cock. "Why
don't you fuck Kelly's ass with that thing?" She knew that Kelly
really got off on that.

"God yes." Kelly came up for air. "Fuck my ass."
Matt couldn't pass up an invitation like that. He moved around and
positioned himself behind Kelly. He pushed a finger into her
dripping cunt then used the finger to spread her juices around
Kelly's tight asshole.
Kelly moaned in pleasure as she felt a finger penetrating her
shithole. She redoubled her efforts on Lisa's cunt. She could feel
the juices of Lisa's cunt running down her throat some going down
her chin. She felt Matt position his prick at the entrance to her
ass. "Fuck my ass," she screamed.
Matt couldn't believe what he was seeing and doing. He was fucking
Kelly up the ass while she was eating out Lisa's pussy. He reached
forward and played with Lisa's tits as he felt Lisa and Kelly cum,
he felt a surging in his balls. "OH GOD," Matt groaned as he shoved
his prick up Kelly's tight ass. He shot his load up her ass, his
legs went out from under him. He sat down heavily on the floor.
"That was incredible."
Kelly sat down in a heap, cum leaking out of her ass and cum
dripping from her chin. "Not bad at all, most fun I've ever had."
Lisa started to relax on the sawhorse. She was fully satisfied for
the first time in her life. "The only thing that would make it
better, is if Jessie joined in." Lisa thought aloud playing with her
"She's to straight laced for something like this." Kelly responded.
"She wouldn't even think of fucking Matt for that modeling job."
"You'd be surprised," matt grinned.
"Come on, you fucked her. I want details, did you fuck her ass."
Lisa asked.
"Yes to both, and she's coming back for more tomorrow. She said she
wanted to make sure to beat you Kelly." Matt offered.
"Well Matt, would you mind if we showed up tomorrow, to give Jessie
a bit of a surprise?"
Matts head swam with visions of the three girls together, it didn't
take him long to decide. "I think I can handle that." He then told
them all the details. They decided to show up early and hide, until
matt had Jessie hot and naked. Then they'd pop out and enjoy
Jessie's charms.
Jessie arrived at the studio at the appropriate time. She found matt
was working on a table equipped with straps to tie down someone.
"Kinky, I didn't know you were into this kind of thing."
"Well," matt stood up, "a little bit, but this is for a job. I've
got some models coming in next week for some of the more off the
wall magazines, it pays well."
"These models, do they look as good as me?" Jessie responded.
Usually she was a bit put off by women being degraded, here it was
just a bit of fun.
"Not even close." Matt responded truthfully, looking at Jessie's
stacked six foot frame. "You want to give it a try, I'll take some
pictures it'll be fun?"
Jessie thought about it for a little bit. "Well alright." She pulled
off her shirt and bra, then stripped out of her skirt. She climbed
up on the table, Matt tied her hands above her head. Then he moved
down and tied her legs to either side of the table forming a v with
her pussy at the apex. She watched as he picked up his camera. "How
do I look?"
"Fantastic," Matt responded truthfully. "Are you comfortable?"
"Its not a recliner, but it will do."
"Well then, you ready for a little surprise?" Matt asked.
"What kind of surprise?" Jessie asked very hornynow, she hoped he
was planning to fuck her.
"I've got a special present for you, something to make you cum, you
want it?" He walked over to the closet door where Lisa and Kelly
were hiding.
Jessie was very hot now. She expected Matt to give her a dildo and
screw her with it, she loved the idea. "Yes, I want it." Jessie
tried to sound as sexy as possible.
"Alright then," he opened the closet door and Lisa and Kelly stepped
Jessie gasped as she saw her two friends it, took her a moment to
realize they were both naked as jaybirds. She found the sight of
their tight bodies very exciting. "What are you two doing here?"
Jessie wanted to cover herself but found it impossible.
Kelly ran a hand along Jessie's prostate naked form. Kelly started
at Jessie's feet then moved up until her hand was cupping one of
Jessie's tits. "The three of us were having a whole load of fun
yesterday, and me and Lisa were wishing you could have joined us."
Kelly noticed Lisa had put her hand on Jessie's other tit and was
rubbing her clit with the other hand. "Matt was kind enough to let
us know you'd be here today."
"Why didn't you just tell me?" Jessie asked getting more and more
excited as Lisa and Kelly were working on her tits and pussy. She
felt her self losing control as one of Lisa's fingers slipped into
her cunt. She tried to hump up against it but Lisa held her finger
just barely inside of her.
"We thought about that, but we figured you wouldn't want to do it."
Kelly's hand went down to her own now wet pussy and she worked two
of her fingers in and out of herself. "Do you want us to stop?"

"No please, don't stop." Jessie begged as Lisa stuck her finger
fully into her cunt. Jessie had a massive orgasm. "Yes more," she
Kelly took her now wet fingers out of her pussy and offered them to
Jessie's mouth. Jessie took them into her mouth and started sucking
Kelly's juices off of her fingers. "My God she's a real hot one, I
think she's ready for more." Kelly climbed up on the table and put
her pussy over Jessie's face. As soon as she did Jessie started
sucking on her clit. "Yes right there." Kelly moaned as she ground
her pussy into Jessie's face."This girl is hot."
"I'm gonna taste her myself." Lisa commented as she slipped her
mouth over Jessie's clit. Lisa came up for air and saw Matt was
taking some pictures. "Matt, get over here and fuck me right now."
Lisa went back to sucking on Jessie's cunt, she felt matts dick
penetrate her. As he started to fuck Lisa, it really drove her face
into Jessie's pussy. She almost felt like she was drowning in
Jessie's hot juices, as Matt continued to fuck her.
Jessie couldn't believe the sensations she was feeling. She was
sucking off Kelly Kaposki her juices were like a flood into her
mouth, and Lisa was amazing it felt like she was fucking Jessie's
cunt with her own face.
Kelly was enjoying Jessie's ministrations then she turned around on
Jessie's face so she could watch Matt fuck Lisa. "Me next," she
motioned Matt over to her.

Matt climbed up behind Kelly. Jessie gave his balls a quick lick as
he forced his prick into Kelly's tight pussy. The feeling was
incredible as Jessie licked his cock as it went in and out of
Kelly's cunt. Kelly moan in orgasm, he felt his own building, as he
felt his sperm about to unload he pulled out and shot his load all
over Jessie's face. "God that felt good." He groaned as he climbed
off the table.
"A bit messy thought." Jessie had cum from matt and Kelly all over
her face and with her hands and legs tied she couldn't do anything
about it. "Would somebody mind untying me?"
"I guess its alright now." Lisa responded as she continued to prod
Jessie's pussy with her fingers.
Kelly untied Jessie, then gave her a towel and watched as she wiped
herself off. "I hope you enjoyed our surprise?"
"Definitely, we're going to have to do this again and often." Jessie
stood up off the table. "Well Matt, who you gonna take to Paris with
"Yeah Matt who, I think we've all earned it." Lisa added.
"Yes you owe us." Kelly chimed in.
"Well, I have been working on something," Matt paused considering
his next words. "I've showed some of the pictures I've taken to my
boss. We've talked it over and we would be willing to take all three
of you to Paris, give you contracts etc." They all seemed quite
excited. "There are a couple of conditions, first in Paris we'll
have three rooms one for me, one for my boss and another for you
three girls. We would like one of you to join us in our rooms every
night, don't worry we'll round robin it so you will each have some
free nights in Paris okay?"
"Yes sure," Kelly responded immediately her future was riding on
"Well okay," Lisa responded a bit more doubtfully.
"I'm in," Jessie responded last and most reluctantly. "Is that it?"
"No, there's another condition." Matt continued, "you see my boss
has to have this approved by a half dozen people. He's talked to
them and their willing to sign off on it if you put a show on for
"What kind of show?" Jessie asked.
"The same kind of thing that happened here just now," matt
responded. "Of course, the guys might want to join in after you're
done with each other."
"Let me get this straight," Jessie thought aloud. "You want us naked
in front of six guys?"
"Eight actually, including me and my boss," Matt broke in.
"Then," Jessie continued. "You want us to have sex with each other
in front of these men?"
"Yes, and they have certain requests of how to do that."
"Alright and then you want us to let these six, sorry eight men have
their way with us in any way they want, is that all?" Jessie asked.
"Yes, that's about it. What do you say?"
Jessie stopped the other two from answering. "Exactly how much money
will we make from this modeling contract?"
Matt had discussed all this with his boss. "From this one job ten
thousand apiece. My boss has also told me that if you agree to his
terms. He'll get you at least one more contract for a minimum of
another five grand, plus you can figure both of these jobs will get
you considerable exposure and may lead to other jobs. Now what do
you say?"
Kelly considered for only a moment, she needed the chance this would
give her. "I'm in, just tell me when and where."
Lisa didn't need the money, but this could really be a big chance
for her. She thought being black would really get her some jobs, if
she got this one break. "Alright, I'll do it too."
Jessie didn't need the money her parents had enough to send her to a
good school, but she was having problems at home. This would be the
security she needed, besides she had found that she really enjoyed
being a sexual object and the thought of taking on a group of men
really thrilled her. "I'm in." She saw the other girls were shocked
by her answer and that really turned her on. "When do you want us
"Say tomorrow about noon, I'll handle everything except birth
control, agreed?"
"Agreed!" The three girls chimed in unison. "See you then," they
walked out arm in arm. They split up reluctantly and went their own
ways, dreaming of what was going to happen tomorrow.
The girls arrived early to Matt's studio. He ushered them into a big
dressing room. He handed out some very specific clothes. He gave
Jessie a thin white shirt and short brown wraparound skirt with a
pair of knee high leather boots, the only underwear he allowed her
was a pair of socks. For Kelly he put her in a modified cheerleader
outfit a very tight pair of white shorts with a vest that did not
completely cover her tits {it was usually worn with a top} and a
pair of white leather boots. For little Lisa, he put her in a one
piece black leather outfit that was cut down in the front almost to
her navel if she moved a tit would pop out and the bottom ended at
the bottom of her ass. Again he allowed her no underwear, so her ass
would be visible if she bent over. He completed her outfit with a
pair of thigh high black heels.
Matt went out for a few minutes. When he came back in the three
girls were dressed in their little outfits, they took his breath
away. "Right this way ladies." He ushered the
three girls into the main room. The seven guys in there made
appreciative comments. He led the girls over to a small table it was
rectangular about five feet long and two feet wide. "Lay down
Jessie," he ordered.

Jessie got down on the table, she noticed she was looking up
slightly. She spread her legs on either side of the table. She
noticed some men moving around to get a better view of her pussy.
"Alright what now?" Jessie asked.
"Well, I think Lisa and Kelly should enjoy you." Matt turned to the
other two girls. "Why don't you start by removing her clothes, Kelly
work on the top Lisa take her skirt."
He moved back to watch, as the two girls moved in. Kelly started to
unbutton Jessie's shirt as she did she kissed and rubbed Jessie's
chest paying special attention to her sensitive tits. Lisa meanwhile
worked Jessie's skirt open, Lisa rubbed Jessie's thighs rubbing her
hands all over Jessie's wet pussy. Finally sticking a finger into
Jessie's snatch after finger fucking her for a moment Lisa bent down
and started to eat Jessie's pussy.

Kelly felt Matt move in behind her and pull off her shorts. "Why
don't you let Jessie show you her appreciation?" Kelly quickly
straddled the table putting her pussy right into Jessie's face..
Jessie started to lap at Kelly's pussy, she watched as Matt moved
behind Lisa and pulled off her dress.
"Lisa, Kelly come over here." Matt called the two smaller girls
over. "Here take these." He handed each of them a strap on dildo. He
gave Kelly one that was about six inches long ,while he gave Lisa
one that was almost nine inches long and thick. "Lisa, why don't you
demonstrate Jessie's oral talents?"
Lisa walked over to the table and offered Jessie the dildo. Jessie
opened her mouth Lisa stuck it into her mouth. Lisa started to force
more and more into Jessie, she felt Kelly walk up behind her, the
other dildo swinging between her legs.
Kelly walked up behind Lisa and started rubbing her tits. She used
her fingers to spread Lisa's cunt. She forced her dildo into Lisa's
cunt, after a few strokes in and out she shifted the dildo up to
Lisa's asshole and drove it all in one swift stroke.
Lisa groaned as her pussy was penetrated, but when Kelly ripped into
her ass she screamed and tried to move away. She looked down and
realized she had shoved the huge dildo into Jessie she could see her
throat bulge with the length of it. "OH YES," she moaned as she felt
her cum flowing. Suddenly matt was beside her telling her to fuck
Jessie. She moved around to Jessie's pussy and pushed the strap on
into her cunt. She could see Kelly move to Jessie's face, forcing
the dildo that had been up her ass down Jessie's throat. Lisa fucked
Jessie for a half dozen strokes, before she felt hands pulling her
off of Jessie. She looked around and saw the men had all stripped
naked and where ready to fuck.
Jessie felt the girls move away, she had almost gagged on Lisa huge
dildo. After tasting Lisa on Kelly's prick she felt Lisa fucking
her. Suddenly, her friends were moving away from her. As the girls
moved away she saw that she was surrounded by men with hardons. She
rolled over onto her side and took one of the pricks into her mouth.
She felt the other mens hands roaming her body. Jessie felt fingers
penetrate her pussy and others penetrated her anus. She felt more
and more fingers stuffed into her she felt herself cum. They pushed
one of her legs up, she felt the fingers leave her holes and they
were quickly replaced by two small pricks. As the two intruders
pounded away at her, she increased her mouth work causing that prick
to shoot his load down her throat. As he withdrew it was replaced by
another. Jessie felt the other two shoot off into her, they were
replaced. They pounded away for a bit and after filling her with cum
they were replaced. The day became one of sensations. Jessie
couldn't count the number of loads that she'd taken in her mouth
cunt and ass.
Kelly was pulled away from Jessie and the dildo was pulled from
between her legs. She was quickly bent over a table and a man shoved
his prick up her ass, then alternated thrusts between her pussy and
ass. Two men pushed their cocks into her face she took both of them
in her mouth and they quickly shot their loads down her throat.. As
soon as one man finished with her pussy and ass, another moved in to
take his place. She lost track of the number of times she'd been
Lisa had been pulled away from Jessie, a man pulled her down onto
his prick. As she took him into her pussy, she felt another man come
up behind her and start fucking her ass. She moaned as she felt the
two men screwing her, a third man stuck his prick into her face she
sucked him off. She continued like this for some time, every time
one of the men would shoot off another would take his place at one
of her holes.
As the last of the men finished with the girls and left. The girls
looked up to see Matt standing over them.
Jessie was the first to come out of her sexual stupor. "Did we do
"You girls did great. I hope you'll enjoy Paris as much as we all
enjoyed you three. Now go get cleaned up and I'll see you next
week." He smiled as he watched their sweat and cum covered bodies
walk to the dressing rooms. He knew he was going to enjoy this photo
shoot in Paris very much.
the end.


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