Saved By The Bell (mfff)
by Storytrade ([email protected])

The school year had just started and Bayside was very busy. The freshman
class was excited, yet nervous about entering into Bayside high school. Zack
Morris, a short, skinny 14 yr old blonde haired boy was hoping to make a
name for himself right away. He also hoped that this year he could get his
dream girl Kelly, who was also a freshman. Unfortunately, Zack had run into
a muscular jock on the first day of school named Slater, who was about six
feet tall and very muscular and Slater was also interested in Kelly. Zack
was determined to figure out a way to get Kelly alone.

He decided to call Screech, the geeky kid who would do anything for Zack.
Screech would probably give Zack a blow job if he asked. Zack was nice to
Screech, because he new Screech would do anything he asked. Screech liked
Zack because he could help his popularity and because he figured that Zack
could help him get the girl of his dreams. Since Zack was friends with
Kelly and Jessie Spano, a taller brunette who was some what of a bitch and
both of them were friends with Screech's dream girl Lisa Turtle, it would
help him get to her.

Zack and Screech were talking for several hours, before either of them could
come up with a way to get their dream girls alone. Then it hit Zack. They
could have a party at his house or maybe just an intimate get together. Then
they could play truth or dare or 7 minutes in heaven or spin the bottle. Any
of those games would work. Zack also figured that since no one really liked
Screech, all the girls, including Kelly would be interested in him. Zack told
Screech his plan and asked Screech to call everyone.

At 8:00 everyone began to arrive at Zack's house. First Jessie arrived with
Lisa. Then Screech arrived, and shortly after he arrived, Kelly arrived. As
they were about to get started, the muscular Jock that Zack hated, A.C.
Slater arrived. Zack asked Screech what Slater was doing there, and he said
"I invited him Zack, just like you said." Zack was pissed, since he told
Screech whatever he did, do not invite Slater. But there was nothing Zack
could do at this point. So he decided to make the best of it.

They started off playing Truth or Dare. The rules were simple. If everyone
thought you were lying about a truth, then you could be forced to do 2 dares.
The game started slowly. Screech asked Jessie if she had ever kissed a guy,
she said she had. Then Jessie got to ask Zack if he was a virgin.
Unfortunately Zack was and he had to admit it, since he knew that Jesse knew
he was a virgin. Next it was Zack's turn to ask Slater a question so he asked
him if he ever had sex. Slater said yep, he had sex with 2 girls. Since he
was new to the school no one knew if he was telling the truth or not. (Well
Slater did have sex with two girls, both were hookers, but he didn't tell
anyone that) It was now Slater's turn to ask Lisa a question. She choose
truth also, and he asked her if she ever masturbated. She just smiled and
nodded. Then Lisa asked Kelly if she ever considered kissing a girl. Kelly
said that she had considered it but never did it. As the game went on, the
questions were still relatively boring. Then when Kelly had her second turn,
she took a dare, and was dared to kiss Lisa. Kelly gently kissed Lisa. Then
A.C. said, wow you are making me hard. And Jessie said "Ew, don't be so
gross" With that Slater grabbed his crotch.

Then Lisa said, let's see the goods. And Slater said "I'm game if you are."
Then Lisa goes, lets make it a contest, biggest guy gets to spend time with
me in the bedroom. Kelly and Jessie said that they would do it also. The guys
all looked nervous, but then A.C. said, what happens to the other two guys?
Lisa said "they get to play with their small things, we are looking for a
real man tonight. So here is the deal, you guys will come into the bedroom
one at a time and we will measure you, then announce the winner.

Lisa then asked them who wants to go first. Slater seemed more then willing
to go first. Slater went into the bedroom with the 3 girls and stripped. As
he removed his boxers, Lisa, Kelly, and Jesse were surprised to see that
Slater, was not that well hung. Lisa went over to his dick and measured
it-5.5 inches. A little below average, but not tiny.

Next up was Zack Morris. Zack was so excited and nervous. He had never been
so hard before. This time it was Kelly's turn to measure. As Zack removed his
cloths the girls noticed that he was not built like Slater, but he did have
a nice body, although he had very little hair, much like a 11-12 yr old. When
he removed his boxers the girls were shocked. While Slater was 5.5 inches,
Zack Morris measured a mere 4 inches, actually it was just under 4 inches
hard, but Kelly decided to give him the extra bit. The girls couldn't believe
it, Zack Morris was tiny. They figured that Slater would be the one, cause
they knew that skinny geeky Screech had to be small.

Screech came in next, and removed his clothes. He looked so skinny and his
body was not attractive at all. But when he removed his boxers, the girls
gasped. Screech may have only been about 5'5 but his dick was nearly a foot
long. It looked like a farm animals, not a skinny geeky boy's. The girls
couldn't believe that the geek was hung like a Greek god. As Screech left,
yhe girls chatted, and decided while Screech may be a geek he was huge and
they had to have him.

The guys were told to stay in their boxers, while the girls went over their
sizes. Then the girls came out and told the guys that they had a winner. Lisa
then said "A.C. Slater, you finished in second place with 5.5 inches. Zack
then screamed yes-not realizing that his dick was smaller then 5.5 inches,
since he was bad at math and had no clue as to how big his was. Kelly then
walked over to Zack and said, "Zacky, you finished in 3rd place, your dick
was a little 4 incher, well not even 4 inches. Everyone look at it, with
that she pulled down his boxers, showing everyone Zack's little boy dick. She
went on to say that her little 10 yr old brother was better hung and that she
wouldn't let him fuck her if he was the last guy on earth. Then she gave his
little dick a tug and Zack began to cum. How humiliating.

Then Screech goes "Does that mean I won?"

Jessie responded by saying "Screech you may be a dork, but you are hung like
a freaking horse. She us that dick of yours again."

Slater and Zack couldn't' believe it, Screech was bigger then both of them
put together, and a lot thicker too. Then Screech walked into the bedroom
with Jessie, Kelly, and Lisa. They told him that he could fuck them each
once, anywhere he wanted. So he said that he wanted to fuck Jessie in the
mouth, Kelly in the pussy and Lisa in the ass, since he thought that Lisa's
ass was great.

So he first got a BJ from Jessie. Jessie slowly got down on her knees and
began to take the first couple inches of Screech's cock in her mouth. She
wasn't going fast enough for Screech so he started shoving his dick in and
out, before finally cumming. Screech came so much, Jessie could barely
handle it, but he made sure she swallowed every bit. Unlike most guys,
Screech did not go soft after cumming. So he promptly went over to Kelly's
virgin pussy and decided to fuck her doggie style. Kelly was in so much
pain at first, as Screech's huge tool broke through her cherry and
continued to stretch her virgin pussy. Kelly soon realized that she would
never be able to take a small guy like Zack or Slater, after having all of
Screech inside of her. Lisa was last, while she hated Screech, she couldn't
say not to his cock. While Lisa was a virgin, she didn't expect her first
dick to be Screech's and she also didn't expect it to be in her ass.
Screech carefully placed his dick into her ass, slowly taking away Lisa's
virginity. They fucked for over an hour, before Screech finally shot his
load off in her ass.

After that night, Screech regularly go to fuck the 3 girls, while Slater
and Zack were regularly left to take care of their hardons by themselves.
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