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Mr. Belding and Mr. Thomason, the electronics teacher, were meeting in
back hall near the gym. Mr. Thomason had been working on a hidden
that would pick up conversation any where in this area. This was the
place to surpervise in the school. Students could see faculity members
from all directions and no one was ever caught in this off limits area.
Belding new that if he could ease drop in this area, he could catch
several of
the schools trouble makers, especially one Zack Morris.
Tests were completed and Mr. Belding put on his headset to listen in on
system. Days went by and the only students Mr. Belding caught were
hiding out in then area. Then on the fourth day, Mr. Belding caught a
clear conversation between two females.
"Lisa come her." came a whispering but clear voice. "Do you want to
'Parrtyy' or study all week for finals?"
"What do you mean?" came another female voice.
First voice,"I mean, there are some great parties and concerts coming
but we have finals coming up, and I know how we can do both."
"I have a copy of our English and History final exams." the first voice
"How did you get that?" asked the second. With that question Mr.
dropped the headset to head out of his office and catch these two
Just as Mr. Belding rounded the corner of the hallway Kelli Kapowski
Lisa , two cheerleaders passed him and said hello. When he looked to
trouble zone and no one was there, then it hit him. The mentioning of
girl 'Lisa', it must have been the two honor students Kelli and Lisa.
was he going to do? Both girls were leaders in the school, their
parents were
prominent in the community and officiers in the PTA. Maybe they won't
One way to find out, give them a different test.
Finals are over, and the partying can really begin. Friday morning,
everyone goes by their classes and gets their exam grades. A note
appears on
every door informing everyone that if their grade does not appear, they
probably own a fine or fee.
Kelli and Lisa arrive fashionably late to get their grades because
knows they aced everything, when they see a blank beside their names
and a
message to report to room 154.
Kelli quietly states,"Oh what the hell do I owe. I don't have time for
this. I have to get my hair done for tonight and we have got to get
to drink for tonight's party. We don't want to drink beer with the
Lisa speaks up,"But I have to take some grades home to my parents if
going to party tonight."
The girls deceided to go pay what ever they owed.
Rm. 154 was a room the girls were not familiar with. This made the
madder. Who could we possibly owe in this department? It was an office
in the guidence department. They knocked on the door and heard a voice
inside say come in. When they entered they saw Mr. Belding sitting
behind a
desk at the other end of the room.
"Come in ladies." a smiling Mr. Belding. Both girls smiled, let out a
of relief and entered the room. Both girls had worked in the main
office and
felt at ease around Mr. Belding. He must want to do something special
them, that's why they were called here. "Sit down." he pointed to the
chairs in front of his desk."
Mr. Belding pulled out some papers from a folder and placed it in front
the girls. The girls quickly noticed that they were their English and
finals, and they had a big 'F' in red ink on all four exams. Then Mr.
punched a tape recorder and the conversation came on.
Both girls entered a state of shock. Then Lisa bowed her head and began
cry. Kelli responded differently and began to get very mad.
Before either girl lost control Mr. Belding spoke up,"Ladies what
should we
do about this?" Before either one could speak up he responded,"This is
you are going to do. Lisa quit crying and Kelli calm down. You are
going to
retest. You won't even miss one party. I am going to administer the
Lisa wiped her eyes and Kelli calmed down a little.
Mr. Belding said,"Here's the test. You are competing against each other
for the A. The other can make a B or lower. You two are beautiful young
ladies that I have fanticized about ever since you were freshmen. Now I
the upper hand. You do what I say or you fail. Understood?"
Both girls nodded without looking at each other. Mr. Belding then stood
up, walked around the desk and told the two girls to move over to a
away from the window. He pulled one of the chairs that they had been
over in front of the couch.
The girls did as they were told. Mr. Belding looked at each girl
Kelli had on a red tank top and a pair of white knit dress shorts. Lisa
on a light blue button up oxford shirt and a pair of cut off blue
Mr. Belding then said,"Take your tops off please." Both girls looked
at themselves and Kelli pulled her top over her head and Lisa began
unbuttoning her blouse. Kelli and on a sexy white push up bra that
deep cleaveage. Lisa had on a white bra that seemed to lift and
"Now may I see your tits?"
The girls snapped a look at each other when Mr. Belding referred to
breasts that way, but both began reaching behind their backs to unhook
bras. Kelli's tits dropped at the release of the bra. The push up bra
made Kelli look bigger in the breast department than she really was.
Her tits
were beautiful but a little more than a mouthful with very small
When Lisa pulled off her bra just the opposite effect occured. Her tits
huge! Her tits fell together naturally to show more cleavage than Kelli
ever make. The black girl also had the largest nipples Mr. Belding had
seen, and considering he had a two way mirror installed in the girls
lockerroom, that was saying alot.
"Well," said Mr. Belding,"Lisa gets an A in the tit section of the
Kelli I'll give you a C."
"Next, drop down on your knees in front of me and unzip my pants." Both
girls complied and Mr. Belding reached down and began fondling both
girls tits
and pinching their nipples. "Now pull out my penis and kiss it."
As Lisa reached into Mr. Belding's pants and pulled out his cock, Kelli
reacted and said,"Mr. Belding!!!" as Lisa pulled out all 10
never seen one this big!" The girls began kissing and licking the
dick and balls.
"OK, second part of the exam," said Mr. Belding. "Cock sucking. Deepest
penetration gets the A."
Lisa went first and after three slides down the principals pole she
about eight inches. Kelli then put both of her hands on Mr. Belding's
and put her lips over the head of his dick. She spit on the head, slid
about four inches, bobbed up then went all the way down to the base,
her nose right in the dark pubic hair of Mr. Belding, without any
effort. "A
for Kelli," groaned the examiner.
"Now back on the couch. Kelli please stand and pull down your shorts."
Looking Mr. Belding right in the face Kelli stood, put her thumbs under
elastic of her shorts and pushed them down over her lush hips and they
fell to
the floor, leaving her in a pair of white silk bikini panties. Kelli's
were perfect and her stomach was flat as could be. "Now would please
around and bend over." As she did Mr. Belding leaned forward and pulled
Kelli's panties down to her ankles. "Stay there." he ordered. "Now Lisa
same assignment."
Lisa stood, unsnapped her shorts, unzipped them and began pulling them
down. Lisa's pants fit a little tighter than Kelli's and her ass was
quite a
bit bigger also. When they hit the floor Lisa had on a pair of bright
panties that looked very sexy against Lisa's light black skin. Lisa
bent over and Mr. Belding removed her panties as well. "Now please turn
around." as Mr. Belding leaned up to be eye level the girls pussies.
What a
contrast as the two girls turned! Kelli's pussy was pink and shaved
Lisa's mound was covered with black curly pubic hair and her pussy lips
showing under all that hair.
"Lisa please lean back and spread your legs so I can see up your
Kelli put your right leg up on the arm of this chair." Mr. Belding
overed and inserted two fingers in Lisa's pussy and fingered fucked her
several times. He then turned to Kelli, grabbed her by the ass and
eating her cunt. He could feel her tense all over. Her hairless pussy
great and she was as wet as young teenage pussy gets. After licking on
Kelli's clitoris, she just fell on top of Mr. Belding in a shaking
The principal then stated,"You two are great, but now we are going to
determine who's going to get the A and who's going to get the B. Both
of you
bend over the couch. I am going to hump each one of you. While my dick
is in
you, you use those pussy muscles and try to get me to cum. The one that
I cum
in gets the A, understood?" Both girls nodded and bent over.
Mr. Belding had to fuck Kelli first because she was the coed that he
fanticised more about than any other girl in the school. He pushed his
all the way in to where Kelli's hot ass was on his stomach. Her tight
and cunt muscles were pulling his prick for everything he had. He
most of the way out of Kelli then pushed back in. Two pumps were enough
now so he pulled out and stepped over to Lisa. As he was positioning to
enter Lisa he looked back at Kelli and watched as she stayed bent over
began fingering fucking herself to stay hot.
Lisa reached back between her legs, took Mr. Beldings tool and put it
the entrance of her cunt. As he pushed, she let go , raised her head
moaned. Entering Lisa was a little tighter than Kelli and on first pop,
Belding's dick did not go all the way in. On the second surge though,
balls bounced against Lisa's legs. Lisa was tighter than Kelli but she
not work her vaginal muscles like Kelli. Mr. Belding then heard Kelli
something,"How do you like Lisa's snatch Mr. Belding? You know you are
first inside!" Mr. Belding nearly shot his load right there. Fucking a
virgin! No wonder she did not know how to use her muscles.
"Kelli, you nearly lost the contest right there." he said, and both
The principal then moved back to Kelli and pumped her very slowly four
five more times. He felt his orgasism start to build and so did Kelli
and she
worked very hard, but it did not happen yet, so he pulled out and moved
behind Lisa.
As Mr. Belding popped back into Lisa, he put his hands on each side of
hips and pulled her back into his crotch. Lisa reached back this time
both her hands and pulled Mr. Belding's hands to her tits. She must
known that the principal was a tit man. This was his favorite fuck
both hands squeezing tits, and fucking doggy style. This was all Mr.
could stand, squeezing two tits as big as basketballs, fucking and
virgin pussy and watching Kelli Pakowski frigging herself off right
him. Mr. Belding said,"Lisa get ready!" She didn't even hear him as she
experienceing her first dick induced orgasism in her life. When Kelli
the principal say he was coming, she knelt between his legs and started
sucking on his balls. Right when Mr. Belding felt his explosion he
pulled out
to spew on Lisa's ass, but instead, Kelli pulled his cock down and
sucked him
dry. For that extra effort, the examiner felt he had to give both girls
an A.


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