MC TV: Saved By The Bell - Perils of Kelly Part 3 (m/f,mc)
by Jesse Kopelman ([email protected])

Zack and Slater were at Zack's house, hard at work setting up for a New
Year's Eve party. This would be a small party - only Zack, Slater, Screech,
Lisa, Jessie, and Kelly would be there, but it promised to be special
nontheless. They knew better than to let Screech help, as they wanted the
dip on the table, not on the floor. Anyway, Screech was going to help in a
different fashion.

"Are you sure this is going to work, preppy," asked a skeptical Slater,
"after all, this is a Samuel 'Screech' Powers invention we're dealing with

"Have no fear Slater. With my dad out of town on business, I would have had
a party anyway. As for Screech, he might be a dork, but when it comes to
science he's a genius. Besides, with me running the show, what could go

"That's exactly what I'm afraid of," quipped Slater.

Ten minutes before party time, Screech showed up with an opaque plastic

"Is that the stuff," ask Slater.

"You bet," squeaked Screech.

"Just to be safe, you had better let me take that," said Zack, reaching
for the pitcher. Of course, frantic juggling ensued as Screech fumbled the
hand-off, but in the end, the pitcher was safely stowed in the Morris

At the appointed time, the girls arrived and the party got underway.
Everyone had a good time and eventually midnight rolled around. They all
cheered the ball drop, then Zack made a suggestion, "I think its about
time for Screech's special punch." Slater headed the hapless Screech off
at the pass and retrieved the punch himself. "Ladies first," Zack announced,
as Slater poured a drink for each of the girls.

"Are you sure this stuff is safe to drink," Lisa asked, alternating a wary
look between the green fluid and the grinning Screech.

"Don't worry, it's good stuff," Zack responded, winking at Slater and

The three girls downed their punch and the change was instantaneous. For
a moment their eyes seemed to sparkle and they all seemed slightly dazed.
As they returned to the couch, none of the three noticed that the guys
hadn't had anything to drink.

Light banter continued for the next several minutes. Then, Kelly got up
and asked Zack to come talk to her. He agreed, and they headed upstairs.
A moment later, Jessie stated that she and Slater also needed to talk.
They too headed upstairs. This left Screech and Lisa alone on the couch.
She did not appear thrilled to be left alone with the nerd.

* * *

Slater was getting worried. They had been in the Morris guestroom for
about 10 minutes and nothing had happened. Jessie hadn't said a word, she
just sat on the bed looking at Slater with a weird look in her eyes. Had
Screech's potion worked? If so, why wasn't Jessie begging for some loving.

Suddenly, Jessie spoke up, "A.C., are you a man?"

This question took Slater aback. "Hell yeah momma, I'm a man!"

"If you're a man, why don't you come over here and fuck me?"

Slater didn't know what to say to that, so he said nothing. With an animal
growl, he pounced on Jessie. In seconds, there cloths were scattered all
over the room. They were neither in the mood for foreplay. Slater had
Jessie on her knees and was taking her from behind. As he pistoned in and
out of her pussy he roughly pawed her breasts and bit lightly into her
shoulder. Jessie was screaming in pleasure as she writhed beneath her
lover. She had both hands buried in her sopping pussy as she fingered
herself in tune to Slater's fucking. She came with a scream of pure ecstasy
and Slater followed mere seconds later, bellowing as he filled her with
his hot cum.

Jessie lay on her belly, a contented look on her face. This expression was
replaced with one of lust as she asked a question. "Slater, would you fuck
me up the ass?"

"Uh, I don't know..." he stammered.

"I thought you were a real man," Jessie mock pouted.

This taunt was all the encouragement Slater needed. Grabbing a cheek in
each hand, he spread her firm ass, exposing his brown and puckered target.
He decided to apply the necessary lubrication the old fashioned way, with
his tongue. Jessie moaned in delight as Slater probed her sensitive asshole
with his tongue. As her excitement mounted, Jessie rocked back and forth,
rubbing her nipples against the fabric of the bed spread. At the same time,
she was busy finger-fucking herself. Knowing that she couldn't hold out
much longer, she made Slater aware of her need. With slow and deliberate
pressure, he entered her anus with his swollen member. It was so tight he
knew he could only hold out for a few thrusts, but by her moaning, he would
be surprised if Jessie would wait even that long. His guess was confirmed
as he felt her spasm around him after the first thrust. He continued
pumping, achieving his own orgasm as she reached the height of her climax.

* * *

Zack and Kelly were in Zack's bedroom. Zack was good at reading people. By
the expression on Kelly's face and their current location, he knew he was
about to score. Still he had to play it cool or risk blowing the whole
thing. "So what did you want to talk about Kelly?"

"Zack, do you still like me?"

"Sure I do."

"Well, then come over here and prove it."

Zack took a moment to look at Kelly, a vision of beauty as she sat on the
edge of his bed, her lips pursed and eyes wide with anticipation. For a
second, he considered rejecting her, to get revenge for the pain their
breakup had caused him. One look in her eyes, however, was enough to
convince him of the proper course of action. Without a word, he swept her
into a passionate embrace, kissing her hotly. Slowly, tenderly, they
undressed each other until they stood naked before each other.

"Kelly, you're beautiful."

"So are you Zack."

Zack never could resist a compliment, so he resumed his kissing, now
exploring Kelly's athletic body with his hands. Gently, he pushed her on
to the bed, dropping down to kiss her other lips, his hands lingering on
her breasts. For a second, Kelly felt a flash of deja vu, but quickly lost
herself in what she was currently feeling.

"Zack, I'm ready."

By the dampness of his face, Zack knew Kelly was indeed physically ready
for him. Still, he hesitated before entering her. "Kelly, are you sure you
want to do this?"

"Oh yes, please Zack... fuck me," she begged, overcome with passion.

Zack needed no further encouragement. He began a steady rhythm, at the same
time kissing Kelly and fondling her breasts. Zack was enjoying his first
fuck emensely, as was Kelly. As they achieved simultaneous orgasm, Zack
knew he had found the girl he was going to marry.

* * *

From her vantage on the couch, Lisa could hear the sounds of passion above.
It made her horny and angry at the same time. Turning to Screech she fixed
him with an angry stare. "Screech, do you know why I'm not getting my brains
fucked out, right now?" She didn't give him time to respond, "It's because
of you! It's all you're fault that I can't find a man. You won't let anyone
get near me."

"Gee, I'm sorry Lisa," responded Screech, "but I think I can make it up to
you." With that he stood up.

Lisa was shocked by his calm response. "How?"

Screech's only answer was to unzip his pants and let loose his massive
trouser snake. Looking at the huge organ, now inches from her face, Lisa
felt an emotion for Screech she never would have thought she could feel -
lust. Lisa leapt at the object of her desire, knocking Screech back on to
the couch. She was trying to get as much of it in her mouth as possible.
This was Lisa's first blowjob, what a way to start!

"Lisa, slow down, you might hurt yourself!"

"Mphft... rugh... umphf!"

Lisa turned out to be quite adept in her quick mastery of deep throat. As
she worked Screech to an orgasm that left her face and hair covered in cum,
Lisa felt herself getting more aroused than she had ever been before.
Looking at the organ which was rapidly diminishing to more mundane
proportions, Lisa felt a pang of sadness. She had to feel that thing inside
her! "Samuel, how long will it take for that thing to recover?"

"Not long at all if you allow me to feast upon your beauty, Lisa my sweet."

Taking her que, Lisa undressed for the nerd whose dick she so desperately
needed. As she removed her bra, she took a moment to massage her swollen
nipples. She lingered even longer on her pussy, as her panties were thrown
in Screech's face. Seeing that her curvaceous body had had the desired
effect, Lisa wasted no time in climbing aboard the Powers' express.

As Lisa, slowly lowered herself on to his member, Screech was overcome with
joy. At long last, she was his. Seizing the opportunity, as it were, he
cupped the breasts he had so long desired in his hands. As Lisa began the
lengthy journey up and down his shaft, Screech was hit by a stunning
realization. Before he came over, he had forgotten to add the love potion
to the lime Cool Aid they were going to serve to the girls...



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