MC TV: Saved By The Bell - Perils Of Kelly Part 2 (f/f)
by Jesse Kopelman ([email protected])

Samuel "Screech" Powers sat on his bed, masturbating furiously. He was still
hot from the afternoon's locker-room escapades. As he stroked his huge
member, Screech recalled his old girlfriend, Violet Bickerstaff. She hadn't
been much to look at, but man did she give good head. Although she had made
him swear never to talk about it, he and Violet had sex at least once a day
for the entire time they went out. Unfortunately for Screech, her family had
moved to Beverly Hills at the end of last year, taking his only source of
poontang with them. At least he had his memories. With that thought, he let
loose with a torrent of cum, which he deftly caught in a beaker - it would
come in useful for his current experiment.

As Screech got up and redid his pants, he couldn't help but chuckle. Despite
being the designated nerd in the most popular cliche at Bayside, Screech was
the only one who wasn't still a virgin. It was that knowledge which allowed
him to keep his promise to Violet. Anyway, Screech's past experience made it
all the harder for him to survive the current draught. He knew all too well
that there was more to life than masturbation. For the time being,
masturbation would have to suffice. However, if Screech's plan worked, it
would not have to suffice for long. Soon, he thought, his beloved Lisa would
be satisfying his every need.

Screech left his room and descended the stairs to the basement. He still
carried his freshly obtained ingredients. He had long ago transformed the
basement into a sophisticated laboratory. No one disturbed him as he had no
siblings and his parents could care less what he did, as long as he didn't
bother them. Screech moved directly to a chemistry setup that looked like
something out of an old monster movie. He placed the beaker under a very
convoluted tube that was connected to several flasks of strangely colored
liquids. Turning a valve, he watched as fluid flowed through the tube,
mixing as it went, and began to flow into the beaker. Once he had a few
hundred milliliters of fluid in the beaker, Screech closed the valve. He
looked at the beaker, it was half-filled with a muddy colored, soupy
liquid. Screech took this mix and place it over a Bunsen burner, which he
immediately lighted. Swirling it gently, Screech let the mixture cook for
several minutes. He removed it from the flame and gazed at it appraisingly.
Hi beaker was now about a third filled with bright green translucent fluid.
Screech guessed that it would glow in the dark, but he decided that wasn't
worth testing. Cautiously, he sniffed the fluid. It was almost odorless,
with a slight hint of ammonia.

Now, Screech thought, time for the real test. Grimly he took an eyedropper
and filled it with the fluid. He then advanced to the corner of the basement.
Here was a table with a cage housing two docile looking white mice. One was
male, the other female. There names were Mickey and Minnie. Reaching into
the cage, Screech grabbed Minnie and gently lifted her out.

"Don't worry Minnie, this won't hurt... I hope" he squeaked.

With that he put the eyedropper in the rodent's mouth and squirted a few
drops into her. Then, he returned Minnie to her cage and closed it. Nothing
happened for a few minutes, then, without warning, Minnie rammed into
Mickey. Mickey surprised by this assault made to flee, but Minnie backed
him into a corner and continue to ram him with her rear. Eventually Minnie's
intent dawned on Mickey. He quickly mounted her and began thrusting. As
they fucked, both mice squeaked joyfully. Watching this spectacle, Screech
smiled happily. His experiment was a complete success!

* * *

Kelly, Jessie and Lisa were all in Lisa's room. It was Sunday afternoon,
and the coming week was the last before winter vacation. Unfortunately,
that meant that every teacher would be trying to get in the last test of
the marking period. So, the three girls were hard at work studying. At
least, that's what they were supposed to be doing. Instead, they were hard
at work gossiping.

"I hear Zack and what's-her-name just broke up," mentioned Jessie.

"Laura?" suggested Lisa.

"Yeah, I think that was it. Isn't that the third one this month?" answered
a grinning Jessie. "Hey Kelly, you've sure been quite. Is something the

Kelly hadn't been at all thrilled when the conversation shifted to the
topic of her promiscuous ex-boyfriend. She wasn't completely sure that she
was over him, but, if his dating was any indication, he was well over her.
He even seemed to be avoiding her lately. Did Zack hate her for breaking up
with him? "Do you think Zack is mad at me, guys?"

"Why would you think that," asked Lisa.

"Well, he seems to be avoiding me lately. He won't even look at me when I
take his order at The Max."

Jessie broke in with, "I think he's just mad because he's not getting any."

Kelly and Lisa were stunned by this outburst. "What?"

Unnoticed by the other two, Jessie had moved to a position directly behind
Kelly, on Lisa's bed. "You know what boys are like. All they care about is
sex and I know for a fact that Zack hasn't been getting any. That's why he
goes through girls quicker than hair gel, he's looking for someone who will

"Zack isn't like that," argued Kelly.

"Oh really," asked Lisa, eyebrows raised. "Didn't he ever try and do
anything with you?"

"Yeah," added Jessie, "did he ever cop a feel?" As she made her query,
the taller girl reached around and cupped Kelly's firm tits through her
tee-shirt, giving a slight squeeze for punctuation.

"Uh-huh," murmured Kelly, dazed by her friend's actions.

The smiling Jessie was emboldened by the lack of resistance she had thus
far encountered. "Did you go further," she asked, tugging Kelly's top over
her head and removing it completely. Kelly put up no struggle, only nodding
the affirmative to the question. "Did he ever see you without this,"
Jessie continued, removing the dazed girl's bra. This time, the answer
was negative. "That's too bad," Jessie responded, caressing Kelly's pert
breasts. Out of questions for the moment, Jessie began to nibble on the
topless girl's ear, as she continued her manipulation of the sensitive
breasts that barely filled her hands.

With this added stimulation, something snapped in Kelly's mind. A barrier,
so carefully erected by society and her upbringing, collapsed with a roaring
in her ears. No longer content with being a passive participant, she turned
around, twisting out of Jessie's grip. Now, she began an assault of her own
on the taller girl. Grasping the mens' shirt, that Jessie habitually wore,
with both hands, she tore it open with much popping of buttons. At the same
time, she lunged forward into a passionate kiss. Instantly the two girls
were engaged in a tongue wrestling competition worthy of being a medal event
at the Olympics.

Before she knew what was happening, Jessie found herself naked and
completely in, the just as naked, Kelly's power. Kelly was making up for
her inexperience with sheer exuberance. To her surprised Jessie reached
orgasm merely from the passionate kissing and Kelly'sstimulation of her
breasts. For some reason, Kelly had thus far steered clear of her pussy.
Well, she thought bucking under the smaller girl, as she came, she would
change that. The best strategy, to her analytic mind, was to lead by
example. Flipping Kelly off of her and higher up the bed, she began an
assault of her own on the dark haired girl's pussy.

After a few minutes work, Jessie was satisfied that she had Kelly well on
the way to orgasm. Pausing her labors, she looked up from the soaked pussy
before her to find Lisa enjoying the scene immensely as she masturbated in
a nearby chair. "Stop fucking yourself and get over here," Jessie ordered.
Now I can finally try some really advanced positions, she thought. In a
matter of seconds, Lisa's bed was awash with three moaning, writhing, naked
girls. In a brief moment of coherence, Kelly relized that both Lisa and
Jessie had shaved pubes. With a sigh of relief, she plunged back into the
fray, determined to redouble her efforts.

* * *

Zack, Slater, and Screech were all assembled in Screech's bedroom. The
astute observer would notice a vial of glowing green fluid and a cage
containing two exhausted white mice resting on his desk.

"So, what's this all about," asked Zack, impatient with what he feared
would be more of Screech's usual dorkiness.

Zack and Slater were quite surprised by the nerd's response. In a voice
unusually deep and even, Screech simply said, "sex."

I would never say anything inapropriate . . .


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