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MC TV: Saved By The Bell - Perils Of Kelly Part (m/f,mc)
by Jesse Kopelman ([email protected])

Zack was deep in thought. He and Slater were sitting in their usual booth in
The Max and Slater was saying something, but Zack was miles away. Kelly was
no longer his girlfriend, he had accepted that fact. Seeing her every day in
school and remaining friends with her hadn't helped, but he had accepted it
none the less. Hell, he saw her every day after school too, as she was a
waitress at The Max. There were other restaurants in town, some with better
food, but for some reason he felt compelled to return to The Max every day
after school and during lunchtime too. His friends felt the same way. It was
almost as if this were some TV show and The Max was a set.

"Hey, preppy! Are you listening to me?" Slater had noticed that Zack wasn't
paying any attention to A.C.'s dissertation on the relative merits of
wrestling holds. Damn pretty boy, he has no appreciation for sports, thought

Zack paid no attention to Slater's query - he was still lost in thought.
Although he had accepted their separation, Zack just couldn't get Kelly off
his mind. Every ten seconds, an image of Kelly, in her bathing suit, would
pop into his mind. He still remembered the vacation to Hawaii that the gang
took, over summer break, like it was yesterday. It was December, for
Christsake! Actually he didn't remember the vacation - he remembered Kelly
in her bathing suit. Zack was shallow enough to have forgotten the pain of
their breakup - it had been a year ago, after all. On the other hand, he
was man enough to remember the tanned and well toned legs displayed by her
french-cut swimsuit, four months ago. He was surprised that Kelly's modeling
career had petered out - she certainly had the looks.

A french-fry bouncing off his nose interrupted Zack's train of thought. "What
the hell, Slater!"

"Man preppy, you were really zoned out," laughed Slater. "I was getting
worried that you were in a coma, so doctor Slater had to apply the old
'french-fry in the face' test. Looks like it worked. Its just a good thing
for you that I care." Slater was really cracking up, now.

"Oh your a regular comedian aren't you," quipped Zack. "I was thinking,
Slater, but I guess you wouldn't know what that's like." Now, it was Zack's
turn to smile.

Slater decided to let that one go. "So, what were you thinking about?"

Zack wasn't sure if he wanted to share his thoughts. "Oh, nothing
important... You know, just stuff. In fact, I was thinking about college
next year." Zack thought that last one would throw Slater off. Next year
they would both be going to UC, he hoped. Slater was sure to get a wrestling
scholarship and Zack had supplemented his straight C average with a healthy
dose of the Morris charm during his interview.

Slater wasn't buying it. "Since when do you think about school? Besides, I
saw your face. You kept smiling, then frowning, then smiling. It must be
something serious."

Zack decided to level with his friend. He wasn't sure how to ease into the
subject, though. Oh well, might as well try the direct approach. "Slater,
have you and Jessie ever done it?"

Slater started to choke on his soda. Gasping for breath, he replied, "what?!"

"What I mean, is have you and Jessie ever had sex," Zack whispered.

"Yeah, I thought that's what you said. Are you kidding? She would put me in
traction if I even tried to cop a feel."

"But, you've been going out for years," answered Zack, who experienced the
same problem with Kelly. It had taken him a year to convince Kelly to let
him french her.

"I bet you never did it with Kelly," said a defensive Slater. He was pretty
sure about that. In fact he was pretty sure that all his friends were
virgins, like him. He knew Screech was a virgin. That was for sure.

"You're right about that, and that's the problem," Zack replied angrily.

"So you were thinking about having sex with Kelly?"

"Shhh, I don't need the world to know!"

"Sorry," Slater knew he hadn't been talking loudly, but he knew why Zack was
nervous. Nobody ever talked about sex at Bayside.

"Yeah, I was thinking about how much I wanted to get it on with Kelly. Don't
you want to do it with Jessie? Or, do you want to go to college a virgin?"

Those words sent a chill up Slater's spine. He would be laughed off the UC
wrestling team if they found out he was a virgin. "No way," he said, "but
how can we score? You and Kelly broke up last year and Jessie and I have
kind of cooled off lately. Besides, those prudes would never go for it.
Maybe we should get some hookers..."

Just then, Screech who had entered The Max undetected, tripped his way over
to the table. "Hey guys, what are you talking about?" he squealed.

"We were talking about s..." began Slater, only to be interrupted by Zack
kicking him in the shin, "ow!"

"You were talking about sows?" queried the nerd.

"Yeah, that's it," Zack said sarcastically. Looking at his watch, "oh well,
lunch is over, time to go back to school."

* * *

Gym period had just ended and the girls were all in the locker room,
undressing for their showers. Kelly, shy as usual was waiting for the other
girls to get into the shower before she undressed. While she waited, she
watched her friends undress. Kelly wanted to be a physical therapist, and
was fascinated with the human body. She watched as Lisa striped off her
designer sweatsuit. Kelly wished that she was rich like Lisa, able to afford
Cartier sweatsuits, Kelly wore the same sweatsuit she had owned since she
started high school. Her eyes widened as Lisa removed he bra. Lisa was one
of only a few black girls in the school and she was Kelly's only black
friend. Kelly was enthralled by Lisa's cafe au lait skin and dark chocolate
nipples. Lisa had beautiful breasts, she was a full c-cup, Kelly thought
jealously. Sometimes she wished that she had a body like Lisa, sure all the
boys went crazy for her athletic figure, but Lisa was more developed, more
womanly. She turned away before Lisa removed her panties. Pubic hair
embarrassed Kelly, for some reason.

Next Kelly turned her gaze to Jessie. She was already down to her panties.
Jessie was 5'10" and perfectly proportioned. She wasn't as curvy as Lisa,
but her breasts and hips were definitely fuller than Kelly's. When Kelly had
first met her, Jessie was a real bean poll, but she had really filled out
recently. Still, few people noticed as she usually wore conservative
clothing. Over the summer it had been a real surprise to see Jessie putting
a bikini through its paces.

"Hey, aren't you coming?" asked a now betowelled Jessie, on her way to the

This snapped Kelly out of her fugue. Her slight frown was instantly replaced
by her normal chipper expression. "Yeah, I'll be right there," Kelly said to
the retreating back of Jessie. She quickly undressed and wrapped her hard
body in a bath towel. Then, she too was on her way to the showers.

* * *

In the boy's locker room, everyone had hit the showers. Everyone, that is,
except Screech. Once everyone else had gone to the showers, Screech, still
fully clad, quietly snuck out of the locker room. He knew he needed a
shower, but he needed something else more. Quickly, he crossed the hall
and entered the girl's locker room.

Once inside, he immediately made for the bench on which sat a Guichi gym
bag. Only Lisa Turtle brought a Guichi gym bag to school. Screech had spent
months timing this out, but he still had to be careful. Looking to make
sure no one was around, he reached into the open bag and brought out the,
still damp with perspiration, used panties contained within. His dream was
coming true, he finally had Lisa's panties. Lustily, he brought the
undergarment to has face, inhaling deeply. His dick sprang to life
immediately, tenting his gym shorts.

"Oh Lisa," he wailed into the panties, stroking his rod through his shorts.
He just couldn't resist. Pulling down his shorts and underwear, he sat on
the bench and began stroking himself, the panties wrapped around his hand.
The slightly damp cotton felt great against his throbbing manhood. Lisa's
sent lingered on his nose. Realizing time was short, Screech began pumping
with abandon, gazing with pride on his 10" member. If only Lisa could see
this, he thought. She wouldn't think he was such a nerd if she knew he had
such a massive tool. Oh God, he would love to be nailing Lisa and not her
underwear. With that thought, he fired his creamy load into the panties,
his face contorted into a maniacal expression of glee. Quickly, he cleaned
off using the panties and then stuffed them into his pocket. Checking to
make sure the coast was clear, he exited the locker room, crossed the hall,
and reentered the boy's room.

* * *

The water felt great against her naked skin, thought Lisa as she lathered
up. Realizing that she was spending overlong soaping her breasts, she
quickly moved on to more innocuous body parts. Damn, but she was horny. It
wasn't bad enough that almost all the guys in school were white and only
wanted white girls, but that damn Screech scared the rest away. He was
always following her around like a puppy-dog. It was no wonder no guys
ever hit on her, Screech was always in the way. With no guys available,
Lisa had been forced to find other ways to release her tensions. There was
masturbation and then, there was Jessie. Lisa knew she wasn't a lesbian,
she just took what she could get. Jessie on the other hand... Well Lisa
wasn't really sure, she knew that Jessie liked girls at least as much as
guys. Hell, she had gone a lot farther with Lisa than she had with Slater.

With that thought, Lisa turned to see what her lover was doing. Jessie was
casually soaping herself, all the while staring lustfully at the tight
ass of Kelly Kopalski. It was more than the water that was making Jessie's
nipples erect. Jessie noticed that Lisa had seen what she was up to and
the two exchanged a knowing glance. Lisa knew that Jessie had been after
Kelly for a long time, but was uncertain about how to approach her. After
all, Kelly was from a strict Catholic family. Her morales didn't allow for
premarital sex with boys, let alone girls. Lisa decided she wouldn't mind
a piece of that tight ass, either, not that it would ever happen.

* * *

School had ended for the day and the gang was all together at The Max. As
usual, Jessie, Zack, Slater, and Lisa sat together at one table, with
Screech behind Slater and Zack, at another. Kelly had begun her shift as a
waitress. Max, the proprietor had come over to the table. Ostensibly, he
was there to take their order, but in reality he just wanted to check out
the cute girls.

"Hey Max, how's it going," asked Zack.

"Oh, fine, fine," replied a preoccupied Max. Damn, that Jessie is turning
into one hot number, he thought. Not to mention Lisa, her tits just kept
getting bigger. "So, what do you guys want?"

"Oh, you know - the usual," answered Jessie.

"Yeah, that's what I thought," replied Max. Boy these kids were boring,
ordering the same thing every damn day. Still, those girls were hot. "Let's
see if I remember right..." he began, scratching behind his ear. Suddenly
he pulled out an old bill, seemingly from thin air. "Here we are! Five
cokes... Three fries..."

"Wow cool trick," the kids chorused, for some reason impressed. Even though
Max did the same stupid magic tricks time and time again, they never failed
to amaze the teenagers.

Max, in mid bow, developed a quizzical expression on his face. "Hey, what's
that smell?"

Lisa, crinkling her nose in disgust, responded, "ew, I think it's Screech."

Slater sniffed and turned around. "Hey Screech, didn't you take a shower
after gym?"

"Oh, I knew I forgot something," Screech whined, pitifully. "I'm sorry

"Well, go sit down wind or something," quipped Lisa.

Screech was saved from further embarrassment by the arrival of Kelly with
their order. "Hi guys. Hi Zack," she added. Zack seemed to be avoiding her
lately. She wondered if he was mad at her.

"Oh, hi Kelly," Zack replied, unenthusiastically. He was trying to keep
his mind off of Kelly. Every time he talked to her, he was plagued with
libidinous fantasies. Even now, he couldn't help but imagine running his
tongue over Kelly's naked flesh.

Sensing the awkwardness of the moment, Jessie felt she had to break the
silence. "You know, I just realized that next week is winter break!"

"Hey, that's right mama," responded an excited Slater. He got even more
excited when he saw that Lisa's nipples were hard, beneath her blouse.
Slater could swear that he saw Jessie's hand on her thigh, almost at her
crotch. Naw, that couldn't be, could it?

Soon the awkwardness was forgotten and everyone was chatting merrily away
about their plans for break. All the while, Max was standing near the
entrance, staring hungrily at Kelly's ass. By the way he licked his lips,
the casual observer would think that he was in need of some lip balm.

* * *

Kelly's shift had finally come to an end. She was tired after a long
afternoon's work. It was at times like this that she wished her parents
were wealthy like those of her friends. Her family wasn't poor, but with
9 children, money was tight. Because of this, Kelly had to help in any
way she could. Most of the money from her job went to help the family. It
was a good thing she had such generous friends, without them, she would
never get to go to any movies or concerts. It was her friends that paid
for her to go with them on the trip to Hawaii, last summer. Kelly's reverie
was interrupted by a tap on the back. It was Max.

"Boy Kelly, you sure put in a good shift to day."

"Thanks, Max," she replied, blushing. He was always so nice to her. He
acted almost like he was hitting on her sometimes, but Kelly knew this
couldn't be. After all, he was an old man - at least 25. Kelly was too
pure of heart to notice the lascivious looks he constantly gave her.

Max was nervous. He had been scheming ever since Kelly started working for
him. Hell, he had hired her with the eventual goal of getting into her
pants in mind. Now, at long last, he had figured out a way to get her. At
least, he thought he had.

"How would you like to see a new magic trick. I've been working on it for
months," he asked. Max knew the response. For some reason, these kids
couldn't resist his lame tricks.

"Sure Max, that would be great," replied Kelly, her cute face brightening
at the thought. Max is such a good magician, he should be on TV, she

Looking around furtively, to make sure no one remained in the restaurant,
Max pulled a shiny gold watch from his pant pocket. He had read many books
on hypnotism over the years and was convinced it could work. This particular
routine had worked so well on his dog that old Presto would do a summersault
whenever he said 'pizza.' He hoped it would work on humans. Max began to
swing the watch slowly before Kelly's beautiful face. Her eyes widened and
began to follow the shiny objects path.

"Kelly, I want you to listen very carefully," he began in quiet, droning,
voice. "You are becoming very relaxed. This is the most relaxed you've ever
been. Kelly, how do you feel?"

"I... feel... very... relaxed," she answered drowsily.

"You are falling asleep. You are now asleep. Are you asleep, Kelly?"


"Good. Now, you are starting to dream. It's a very pleasant dream. It is
also a very sexy dream. Kelly, you are starting to feel very sexy."

"What... No..." she was starting to blush now. Max could see her nipples
harden under her The Max T-shirt.

"Yes, Kelly. You are feeling very sexual. In fact, this is the horniest
you've ever been. Am I right Kelly?"

"Yes..." her pulse had quickened and she was now licking her lips.

"Kelly, because the dream is so good, you will do anything I tell you.
Everything I say is part of the dream. It can't be bad if it's in a dream,
now can it?"

"No..." she did not look absolutely certain, but Max was sure if he didn't
push her too far, she would do whatever he said. He just had to be patient
and play his cards right.

"Kelly, take off your T-shirt." Slowly she complied, revealing a firm,
tanned stomach and small pert breasts, bound by a white brassiere. "Now,
take of your jeans." Again, dreamily, she complied. She was now in her bra
and panties and Max paused a minute to savour the picture. He saw her
firm, tanned, athletic body in white bra and panties. He gazed with longing
at her beautiful face, framed with dark wavy hair. His dick pressed
painfully against his pants as he savoured her long muscular legs and the
dark patch at the crotch of her panties. "Now, remove your bra." This time,
she hesitated longer, but after a few seconds, the brassiere joined her
other garments on the floor. When Max saw the puffy brown nipples perched
on her perky breasts, he almost lost control, but not quite. "Very good
Kelly. Now take of your panties."

Kelly looked uncertain, her arms were frozen in mid undress, her thumbs
already looped in the panties waistband. Max, realizing her powerful
inhibition, acted fast. " Kelly, remember, this is just a dream. It's a
good dream. Everything you do in the dream is good." Kelly's frown of
uncertainty was replaced with what looked like a wicked grin to Max.
Quickly she shucked her panties and stood, swaying slightly, in front of
Max. Max gasped as her tuft was revealed. He couldn't believe he had
gotten so far. Well, he thought, time to go for the gold. He knew he didn't
dare fuck her, but he figured he'd take what he could. If he were careful,
there might be a next time.

"Kelly, get on the table," he said pointing to a booth. "Now lie down on
your back with your feet flat on the table." The hypnotized teenager
complied, giving Max a Gynecologist's eye view. Again, he almost came in
his pants, but managed to control himself. Quickly, he joined Kelly on the
table. For now, the time for talking was through. It was time for actions.

Max wasted no time. He began to kiss Kelly's well tanned face, relishing
her clean taste. Surprisingly, when he reached her lips, she returned his
kiss passionately. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Max began to
tongue wrestle the entranced girl. As they kissed, he ran his hand up her
flank, stopping when he felt the slight swell of her breast. He began to
fondle the small cone, enjoying the soft base with his finger tips and the
hard nipple with his thumb. Disengaging his tongue, he kissed his way down
her neck and chest until he enclosed the other nipple with his mouth. As
he rubbed one nipple with his thumb and chewed gently on the other, Max
could feel Kelly shiver beneath him. The musky smell of her arousal spurred
him on. Replacing his mouth with his other hand, Max climbed off the table
and dragged Kelly to him.

Kelly's legs now dangled over the edge of the table and the crouching Max
had his face inches from Nirvana. He inhaled her musky scent as he gazed
at the soft pink lips peaking out from thick black pubic hair. Max tore
his hands away from the burning nipples and gently spread Kelly's labia.
As he brought his face into the landing zone, his nose brushed against her
clit and he felt her buck beneath him. A small moan escaped the girl, as
well. This moan was repeated again and again as he explored her with his
tongue. The moans came faster and loader as Max licked feverishly, doing
his best Presto imitation. She tasted even better than he had imagined. As
his jaw tired, he concentrated more and more on her engorged clit, causing
the girl to buck and moan even more. Suddenly, he felt her thighs clamp
around his head as her whole body tensed. Then, with a cry of release, she
went completely limp. Slowly Max withdrew his face, now totally covered
in her sticky fluids, from its former prison. He took a big gulp of air and
stood up, stretching. Now for the grand finale, he thought.

His hand shaking with expectation, Max unzipped his fly a and pushed aside
his underwear. Like a shot from a gun, his dick popped out of his pants.
With his tool at full attention, Max called to Kelly, "Kelly, come here."
Kelly got off the table and walked weak-kneed over to Max. "Kelly, I want
you to suck my dick."

"No... I... can't... " Kelly looked flustered.

"Yes you can, Kelly. In fact, you want to," Max responded, firmly, pointing
to his neglected member. "You want to suck my dick."

Again, that wicked grin came to Kelly's face. Slowly, she crouched before
Max and took him in hand. Then, without hesitation, she placed him in her
mouth. Max groaned at the sensation of her hot, wet mouth engulfing his
dick. Hungrily she began to lick and suck the length of his hardon. Her
tongue explored every fraction of its surface. With her hands, Kelly
reached behind Max and began to knead his but cheeks.

Max was loving every second of it. Kelly showed her inexperience with her
technique, but it mattered little to Max. He hadn't expected any expertise,
anyway. Besides, the erotic look of her innocent face sucking his dick was
worth more than any trained tongue. Because he was so turned on, it didn't
take long for Max to feel the mounting tension of an immanent cum. "Good
job Kelly, very good," he encouraged. Then, without warning he came. Max
expected Kelly to pull away after the first spurt. Instead, she tightened
her grip on his ass and pulled him to her, lustfully devouring his semen.
"Fuuuuuccccckkkkk!!!" Max exclaimed as he came. When he had finished, Kelly
eagerly washed his shrinking tool with her tongue. She seemed almost sad to
see it go. Now there's a natural, thought Max.

His fly once more zipped, Max felt the satisfaction of a job well done. He
decided that to be safe, he'd wait a while before trying anything else.
Right after Christmas break seemed perfect. "Kelly," he said, lovingly,
"get dressed." Still entranced, she complied without a word. "Now Kelly,
when I snap my fingers you will forget everything that happened. All that
you will remember is that you and I had a nice talk about nothing in
particular. Ok? Good." With that, he snapped his fingers.

As Kelly was walking home, she turned see Max waving good bye from The
Max's doorway. Smiling, she returned his wave. His face sure looks shiny,
for some reason, she thought, as she continued to walk home. Glancing at
her watch she realized that she and Max must have talked for longer than
she thought. With that, she decided to hurry home. As she began to jog,
she had no idea that a smiling Max was watching her ass quickly disappear.

I would never say anything inapropriate...


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