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Saved By The Bell Part 1 (mmm/f,ncon)
Roger T Pipe ([email protected])

Slater let go of her hair and Kelly collapsed back onto the steps sobbing.
She was too humiliated and exhausted to even move. So much had happened to
her, that she could not even think. What brought her somewhat out of her
trace was a feeling of someone tugging on her panties. Her instincts were to
struggle, but one hand was still tied to the stairs. Slater had a hold of her
free hand and one of her legs in his strong grip. Screech had grabbed her
other ankle and had resorted to sitting on it to her from kicking him as he
held her down.

Zack tugged her panties down to her knees then to Kelly's shock, he tore
them violently from her body. The three boys now got a nice look at Kelly's
sparsely haired pussy. She had kept herself well trimmed because her
cheerleader panties were rather skimpy. Now, as they gaped at her neatly
groomed pubic triangle, it made her feel dirty somehow, as if she had been
preparing for this ordeal.

"Oh nice Kel." said Zack, unbuttoning his jeans. "Been doing a little
landscaping on the old bush eh?"

"Too bad she didn't shave it all the way." Chimed Screech.

Kelly felt her heart pounding in her chest as Zack positioned himself
between her thighs. His cock was hard and bigger than Slater's. The more she
struggled, the more the other two held her down. "That's it Kel." Teased
Zack. "Put up the good fight. After all I'm about to take your precious
cherry." He sucked on one of his fingers then Kelly felt him stab into her
with the finger. It didn't exactly hurt, but Kelly was so dry and frightened,
it did cause some discomfort. As Zack pulled his finger out, he held it up
the others to see."

"Shit." He said. "Dry as a bone. Not to worry Kel, a few good loads of cum
and you'll be all juiced up and ready for more."

As they laughed at her again, a terrible thought struck Kelly. Swallowing cum
was bad enough, but if Zack was going to unload his sperm inside of her, she
could get pregnant. Having not planned to have sex until she was married,
Kelly had never considered taking any precautions. Her lips quivered. "Please
Zack, no." She whimpered as he lowered himself down onto her.

"Let's get a look at those titties Kel." Zack said, just laying there half
atop Kelly, prolonging the agony of her anticipation. She felt the hard prick
brushing against up against her thighs. It felt much larger than Slater's, a
fact that scared her even more. Something that big was bound to hurt her a
great deal. Tears blurred her vision as Zack pulled her white polo shirt up
over her breasts, exposing the bra covered mounds. Since one hand was tied
and Slater had the other one pinned down, the shirt would not come completely
off. Smiling broadly, Zack grabbed the collar of Kelly's shirt and pulled
with all his strength. The white cotton material tore easily down the front,
exposing Kelly from neck to navel. All three men stopped to stare lustfully
at her breasts. They were forbidden fruit that Kelly had kept well hidden.
Glimpses of cleavage or partially exposed Kapowski tit flesh were the fuel
for numerous masturbatory fantasies for every male, and many females at
Bayside High. Such an unabashed look at them had been the privilege of only
the bravest girls in the locker room. No boy had yet seen them almost
entirely expose. Believing that a little just wasn't enough, Slater reached
down and unhooked the clasp at the front of Kelly's bra, allowing it to fall
open, fully exposing her large perky breasts.

They could see her entire upper body turn pink as Kelly blushed, feeling
newly humiliated by her exposure to the leering eyes of the young men. Her
quarter sized, chocolate colored aureole offset against the pasty white flesh
of her never exposed breasts. In spite of having a full C cup, Kelly's
athletic body held her breasts so well that they stuck up proudly, even in
her prone position. They were capped off by sharp, dark nipples that lay flat
against her chest. A fact that Zack picked up on first. "Oh Kelly," He said
with mock sympathy in his voice. "I see your nipples aren't hard yet. Are you
not enjoying this babe?"

"We can fix that." Said Screech, grabbing one of her breasts in his hand and
squeezing roughly. Slater followed suit, and soon both of Kelly's boobs were
being roughly massaged and groped. They pinched and pulled at her nipples,
which responded to their slightly painful manipulation involuntarily. By the
time they had gotten their fill of her perfect boobs, both of Kelly's nipples
stood up painfully erect. Meanwhile, Zack was caressing her tan, smooth legs.
The feel of her skin make his cock throb between his legs. He knew it was
only about average in length at six inches and in width, but at this moment,
it felt bigger and fatter than ever before.

Now, as Slater and Screech were taking turns sucking on Kelly's erect
nipples, Zack felt her pussy lips. They had moistened a little bit as in
response to the stimulation of her breasts, but he still needed more
lubrication. He was just about to spit into his hands when he looked up into
Kelly's face. She was still crying. Zack reached up gently and lovingly
stroked her beautiful face. "Poor Kelly, what have we done? We've made you
cry. Here, let me wipe you tears dear sweet Kelly." A flood of hope rushed
through her body as Zack gently wiped the teats and sweat from her face.
Perhaps he had seen the light. He wasn't going to do it after all. All three
young men saw her face light up as she smiled, visibly relieved. Drying off
her face, Zack smiled broadly. "All better sweetheart?" He asked.

Kelly nodded, returning somewhat to her usual cheery self. "Good." Zack said,
his voice changing back to a more menacing tone. "Your tears well make a
great lube." As Kelly struggled to process the meaning of his words, Zack
stroked his cock with his tear and snot covered hand until the shaft shone
with wetness.

Kelly felt Zack's weight shift and the tip of his cock press against her
virgin lips. She tried to scream, but Slater covered her mouth with his hand.
Although she fully expected her first time to hurt, and this physical pain
was not insignificant, the mental torture of being held down and raped by her
friends in a place she would have to walk past every day for the rest of the
school year was much worse. It made her sick to her stomach as Zack's
slippery dick poked slowly into her dry pussy. She had stopped trying to
scream and just shut her eyes tightly and sobbed.

Zack Morris had fucked at least a dozen Bayside hussies in his short life,
but none of those bimbos compared to Kelly. Her pussy was so tight, that he
couldn't believe it. Just the thought of taking her cherry by force made him
want to drop his load as quickly as possible. He wasn't going to let in end
so rapidly, or give the others the chance to ridicule him for an early
climax. Kelly's quivering body felt so smooth and soft under him as he thrust
steadily into her resistant pussy. When he reached her hymen, Zack paused,
waited for Kelly to open her eyes, saw her fear and smiled. "I've dreamed of
this Kel." He said, pushing harder into her.

The pain was sharp as Zack plunged his dick past Kelly's hymen. The cherry
she had worked so hard to keep was now ripped away in one swift stroke. She
sobbed louder, spiraling down into deeper despair and humiliation as the
boys held her down, allowing Zack to pump more steadily into Kelly. Although
the pain had lessened to a dull, overstuffed feeling, she could feel, with
each stroke of Zack's dick, a bit more of her purity and self respect
slipping away. She was being used to please him sexually, and it was making
her sick.

Once her cherry burst, Kelly's virgin pussy gripped Zack's cock like a vice.
Despite her objections, the cheerleader's pussy lubed itself, instinctively
making it a bit easier for him to penetrate her. A few minutes inside this
exquisite honey hole was all Zack's throbbing prick could stand. He knew his
climax was rapidly approaching. More than anything, he wanted to shoot his
spunk inside of her. The idea of the virginal prick tease Kelly Kapowski all
fat and round with a child was so very inciting. However, they had all
agreed to blast their loads all over her so she would have to see her shame.

Seeing Zack close his eyes and moan loudly as his thrusts grew more intense,
Kelly feared he was going to shoot his sperm into her unprotected womb. She
tried to scream, but Screech covered her mouth. "Shhhh, Kelly, can't you see
that Zack is trying to concentrate?"

"Take you hand away you idiot." Yelled Zack as he pulled his cock from
Kelly's pussy and moved swiftly into position over her face just as a blast
of hot cum spurt from his prick, hitting Kelly across the forehead. It stung
her eyes, but before she could turn her head away, Zack held her by the hair
and stuffed his spurting prick into her half open mouth. He was still pumping
his thick semen into her. The gooey fluid shot across her unsuspecting
tongue, causing Kelly to gag. Unable to swallow the rush of cum, Kelly soon
found her mouth filled to overflow, the hot sticky liquid ran around Zack's
cock, over her chin and dripped obscenely onto her tits. Zack held Kelly
steady until the last convulsions of his orgasm subsided, then he stared down
at Kelly's face. Her big eyes red and swollen from the crying, her pretty
mouth stretched wide around his wilting prick, streams of white cum ran down
her face. Precious Kelly Kapowski, Bayside's virgin Queen looked very much
like a cheap slut from a porn video.

He stepped away, his cock popping out of her mouth dripping even more cum
down her chin. "Such a pretty mess." Zack teased. "Thank you Kelly, that was
one of the best fucks I've ever had. Sorry if it wasn't all that you hoped
your first time would be. Oh, who am I kidding? I got what I wanted and you
got taught a lesson you prick teasing little bitch." There was more laugher
as Kelly just lay there, too humiliated to even speak.

"Well," Slater said at last. "Two down, one to go. Guess it's your turn
Screech old buddy."

Kelly's eyes widened in horror at the thought of being forced to give herself
one more time to the biggest geek in the school. Girls like her were supposed
to be with popular guys like Zack, or jocks like Slater, but never with
scrawny little nerds like Screech. She could never hope to live down the
utter degradation of it all. Her life was over.

"I don't know guys." Said Screech, backing away. "Maybe this isn't such a
good idea."

"You can't back out now buddy." Said Zack. "You've waited so long for this,
she's all yours. Go ahead and fuck the little slut."

"I really don't want to get her pregnant guys." Screech whined.

"Come on." Said Slater. "we aren't cumming inside of her stupid."

"Still, some can leak out. I really don't want to be a dad." Replied the
skinny boy.

Kelly began to feel relief wash over her for a moment as Screech stood

Zack broke the silence. "What if I can guarantee you that won't get
pregnant?" He asked.

"Well, then I guess it would be OK." Screech replied. "But how?"

Without a word, Slater and Zack untied Kelly's hand, turned her over onto her
knees in the same spot, then retied her other hand to the railing. Using his
foot, Zack pushed Kelly's skirt up over her ass, exposing the plump, white
cheeks of her round, virgin ass. Easy Screech." Zack said. "Just fuck her in
the ass."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Kelly shrieked in utter terror. She struggled wildly,
but was not being held down by Zack and Slater. Screech meanwhile, seemed to
be all right with Zack's new plan. As Kelly struggled, he shed his clothing
and knelt on a step behind Kelly, stroking his now rigid cock.

"Well, come on Screech." Said Zack, struggling to control one of Kelly's
legs. "Get on with it." For the first time, he looked back at Screech. "Holy
shit." He gasped, causing Slater to turn and see what the other boy was
gawking at.

"Fuck me." Said the bigger boy. "That can't be."

This was the first time the two had ever seen their friend naked and neither
of them could believe their eyes. In Screech's hand, protruding from his
scrawny, pale body, was a prick to put most farm animals to shame. It was at
least a foot long and as big around as his bony forearm. The big, fat, purple
head was the size of a big plumb and glistened with oozing pre cum.

"That's a fucking horse dick." Gasped Zack. "Screech, I had no idea."

"Well, Zack," he replied. "Guess you can't judge a geek by his cover."

All the commotion caused Kelly to stop crying and look back over her shoulder
to see. When her eyes caught sight of Screech's monster pole, they widened
in horror. "Oh God no." She pleaded. "Please, he'll split me in two with
that thing."

"Shut up bitch." Screech growled, slapping Kelly's ass and surprising all of
them with his aggressing posturing. "I've been teased by you for too long,
You and that stuck up bitch Lisa, always putting me down. Well, I'll show you
Kelly. And when you talk to Lisa, be sure to tell her how it felt to have
this cock shoved up your ass." He grabbed the backs of her thighs and
caressed them, loving the feel of her smooth soft skin. "Hold her down." He
mumbled. "I want to rape this bitch right up her fucking ass."

None of them had ever heard Screech talk like this. It was a bit frightening
to Slater and Zack. Kelly, meanwhile, was terrified beyond rational thought.
Anal sex was a humiliating enough prospect without the obvious pain that such
a huge prick would cause her.

Slater got on the lower step, holding Kelly's legs while Zack pinned her arm
under her body. Sitting next to Kelly, he spread her plump ass cheeks,
exposing the puckered little brown hole to Screech.

"She's going to need some lube for that monster buddy." Zack said, cringing
a bit at the thought of Screech using his huge tool on Kelly's dry ass.

"Hold her open." He said coldly. Zack complied, stretching Kelly's cheeks
wide. Screech spat a wad right on her puckered asshole, causing both Kelly
and Zack to flinch in surprise. Surveying his aim, Screech let lose a half
a dozen more mouthsfull of saliva until Kelly's round ass was speckled with
spit, most of which pooled in her deep ass crack, slowing towards her

Satisfied with his work, Screech rubbed the head of his big, fat cock along
Kelly's crack, setting off a fresh round of struggles and cries each time the
head of his prick got close to her back hole. When the twelve inch monster
was good and lubed up from his spit, Screech carefully guided it so that the
head pressed firmly against Kelly's asshole. The dry, hot flesh was firm and

Screech paused a moment, feeling Kelly's body tense as she waited silently,
struggling to clench her cheeks closed to no avail. "Ready Kel?" He said
mockingly. "You're about to get fucked right up your precious poop chute."

Scared beyond works, Kelly simply trembled as she felt her sphincter
stretched wider than she could have thought possible by the huge head of
Screech's cock. The pain was unbelievable. No amount of lube could have eased
the pain Kelly felt from just the head of Screech's prick entering her virgin
asshole. She felt certain her body was being ripped apart as he eased it inch
by inch inside of her.

Screech had masturbated a million times to this very image, however his
experience with girls was zero until now. Kelly was his first. Her untouched
ass was hotter and tighter than any hand job he had ever given himself. For
years he had dreamed of having a girl like Kelly, only to find rejection at
every turn. Since no one would actually date a geek like him, Screech had
resigned himself to knowing that helping Zack and Slater rape Kelly would
most likely be his only shot at sex with a girl during his high school years.
Given that fact, Screech was determined to make the most of it. He had known
for a while that he was blessed with a huge cock and he really wanted to see
if any girl, especially a prick teasing virgin Princess like Kelly, could
take it all.

By now, half of his foot long fuck tool was inside of her. Kelly's sphincter
gripped Screech's cock so tightly he wondered if she could cut him in half
with her ass. Her screams had quieted down now and she simply sobbed steadily
as he inched more and more of his thick shaft into her bowels. Not even is
his filthiest fantasies had Screech dared to imagine such a devilishly
perverse violation of Bayside's Homecoming Queen.

Even thought the pain had dulled, Kelly sobbed heavily in humiliation. Surely
the biggest slut in all of Bayside hadn't ever been anally impaled by such a
huge pole. Word of this would get out and Kelly would be known as the anal
whore of Bayside. This thought hurt her even more than the eight inches of
cock buried in her bowels. It filled her up uncomfortably, making Kelly
wonder if she would ever be able to have a normal bowel movement again.

Both Zack and Slater gad a good view of the action and both stared open
mouthed in awe as the final few inches of Screech's cock worked into Kelly's
ass. His heavy balls now rested in the poor cheerleader's pussy lips. It
seemed beyond human for so much cock to be shoved into so tiny a space. Zack
could see the stretched hole grip Screech's cock tightly as he slowly
withdrew all but the head before beginning the whole process over again.

For Kelly, the time it took for Screech to complete his long strokes was more
unbearable than the pain. A lifetime of purity swept away with each plunge of
his huge pole. Her three close friends had forever changed Kelly's life. She
would have to see them in the halls and they would know that she had sucked
cock, been fucked, swallowed cum and even taken it in her ass, Kelly wanted
to die.

Screech on the other hand, was in sheer ecstasy. The thrill of sodomizing his
tormentor was exquisite, but it had given way to the even greater feel of her
hot tight asshole. Its resistance to his penetration was actually making the
experience more pleasurable as she squeezed him tightly. A few more long slow
strokes and he knew he would blow his load. That would have be lovely, bit he
felt the need to make it just a gag more dramatic.

Rearing back, Screech plunged his twelve inches into her on one violent
thrust, ramming Kelly into the cold concrete steps and bringing a shrill
scram from her throat. Pulling out just as rapidly, Screech began to ass fuck
Kelly like a madman. His balls, heavy and full from all his waiting, slapped
against her swollen pussy lips. To get more leverage, Screech grabbed Kelly's
ponytail and pulled her head back, riding her like he had always dreamed of.

Screech knew that if he kept this up much longer, he would do permanent
damage to Kelly's young body, so he began to let himself go with the waves of
pleasure that were starting deep inside of his balls. How good it would have
been to flood the perfect little cheerleaders bowels with his seed. How
precious it would be to send her home feeling him oozing from her most
private of areas.

That, however, was not the plan. Feeling all his control melt away, Screech
pulled his cock from Kelly's ass. It made a loud pop as it exited, leaving
Kelly with an odd, empty feeling, as if Screech had removed her very essence
along with his cock. They all turned her over, twisting her arm behind her
back impossibly. She moaned in pain as Screech stood over her, his slimy
cock, fresh from her ass, just inches from her beautiful, sweat covered face.
He stroked it a few times, then bumped ita against her lips.

"Lick it slut." He said roughly.

When she refused, Slater shifted his weight, causing her arm to scream with
pain. Zack grabbed her hair and pulled hard. "Screech said open up Kelly. Do
it now." Zack added some pressure to Kelly's jaw so she was forced to finally
open her mouth.

Screech was jerking off madly, desperately trying to get himself off. "Stick
out your tongue slut. Lick my cock and taste your ass." He ordered.

Kelly got a brief taste of her own ass hole as she touched Screech's
throbbing prick with her tongue. Mercifully, he began to cum, flooding her
tastebuds with a new flavor. His first jet of cum shot straight into her
mouth, gagging her slightly as it hit the back of her throat. Kelly tried to
back away, but was held steady by the two boys as Screech kept pumping. His
second shot splashed against Kelly's perfect teeth, sending it dripping down
around his cock and over her chin. Kelly's eyes looked up at Screech who was
staring down at her, memorizing every detail of this moment. The look of fear
and hurt in her eyes, the trembling outstretched tongue, the shooting cum
running down her face, it was all too perfect. He tilted his cock slightly so
that the next two streams shot up into her eyes, stinging them and dripping
cum down her cheeks, mingling with her tears. As his stream diminished,
Screech let his cock rest on Kelly's outstretched tongue so that his sperm
filled her mouth and ran down her face.

"Now suck it while you swallow my cum slut." Screech ordered. Kelly was well
beyond refusal. She wrapped her pretty lips around his shrinking member and
swallowed his bitter semen down. Screech pulled his cock from her mouth and
as a final insult, slapped it across her face, splattering spit and cum on
her one final time. Zack and Slater finally released Kelly and she fell limp
on the steps. She was covered in sweat. Her face soaked with all of their cum
and her tears.

The three boys looked down at the once proud Princess Kelly Kapowski and
smiled. She had finally gotten what she deserved. They stood and left her
lying on the steps. Zack strolled away thinking of how he would smile at her
in class from now on knowing he had deflowered her and how she would blush at
the thought. Slater knew that in their struggles, Kelly had broken her arm.
He smiled knowing how she would lie about how it happened, and how his grin
would remind her of her shame. Screech laughed aloud knowing that no man
would ever fuck Kelly like he just had. All three were already formulating
plans on how to get even with those other two snooty bitches Lisa and Jessie.



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