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Saved By The Bell Part 1 (mmm/f,ncon)
Roger T Pipe ([email protected])

The halls of Bayside high were silent now. It was a little after seven
o'clock in the evening. The football team had just wrapped up practice and
would be showering in the locker room across campus and the cheerleaders were
all leaving school for an after practice pizza party. All the academic and
social clubs had long adjourned their meetings. A lone figure strode silently
down the hall, still dressed in her Bayside cheerleading outfit.

Kelly Kapowski, the Princess of Bayside High, knew she wasn't supposed to
be in the mail quad area this late, but a bit of eye batting to old Nick,
the janitor had gotten her in. She often used this sort of persuasion to
get what she wanted. Kelly was sometimes surprised at just how easy men were
to manipulate. Kelly used this time alone in the halls to check up on her
friends private affairs, going so far as to print up an anonymous gossip
column and hand it in to the school paper secretly. Getting the dirt on her
fellow classmates was actually quite easy. Zack Morris had stolen everyone's
locker combination from the school's computer and Kelly had in turn stolen
them from Zack. She loved to spy on her fellow cheerleaders and her good
friends Jessie and Lisa. They would just die if they knew that Kelly had
learned all of their secrets from rifling through their lockers.

After a particularly successful gossip finding mission, Kelly turned from the
lockers and headed up the small staircase which led to the main hallway out
of Bayside High. The quad area she strolled through had been her hang out for
almost four years now. She had talked, laughed, cried and teased all boys she
could right here at the center of school. It would be safe to say that these
stairs were eighteen year old Kelly Kapaowski's home away from home.

As her foot touched the second to the last step, the quiet darkness of the
Bayside halls was shattered by blinding light. Kelly closed her eyes against
the invasive light and let out a frightened shriek of shock. As her eyes
fought to adjust to the light, Kelly heard a voice from behind her.

"Well, well, well. I guess we know who the school gossip columnist is now
don't we?" Kelly recognized the voice even before she whirled around to see
who was talking. It was her sometimes boyfriend Zack Morris. He was leaning
against the wall next to the stairs, with one hand on the light switch, the
other on his hip. He had a cocky, mouth open, half smile on his face.

"Oh Zack." Kelly said breathlessly. "It's just you. You scared the heck out
of me."

"Did I?" replied the good looking blond young man, an odd tone in his voice
causing Kelly to shudder.

"Yes," she managed, stalling for time, trying to figure out a way to talk her
way out of the situation. "I just came back to get my science book." She said

"Really?" Zack replied defiantly. "Your science book in Jessie's locker."
Before Kelly could reply he continued. "You know, it took me a while to piece
it all together. The anonymous gossip reports to the paper, those could have
been almost anyone. Then I started to notice that a lot of the items in the
columns came directly from notes I sent or received. I usually keep notes
like that in my locker like anyone else would. Then I started to figure it
out. It had to be someone getting into lockers. I have all the locker combos
and I knew it wasn't me. So, who could it be? That's when I knew it had to be
you Kelly. You must have stolen the locker combos off of my computer when you
were over one day."

He paused long enough for Kelly to answer. Zack was smiling, so she felt
confident enough to tell him the truth. "Yep. One of the times I sent you
down for a glass of iced tea."

Zack chuckled aloud and Kelly joined him, relieved that he didn't seem angry
with her. Soon, they were laughing loudly together. "You won't tell anyone
will you Zack?" She asked, batting her eyes as she had done countless times

"Tell anyone Kel? Is that what you're worried about?" He asked, taking a step
towards her, with a strange look on his handsome face.

"Well, yeah," she replied. "I don't want everyone to know that its been me
telling all of their secrets. They would all hate me if they knew."

"Kelly, I already sent a letter to the school paper and Mr. Belding
explaining who is responsible for the gossip, even admitting how I know. It
will be all over school by tomorrow afternoon." He was still stepping towards
her as he spoke. Kelly felt a chill run up her spine at the thought of all
her classmates knowing about her secret. She knew it would take a lot of
talking and a lot of flirting to get herself out of this mess, but first she
had to see just what Zack was up to.

"So, if not to catch me doing this, then why be here at all Zack." she asked.

"To settle another matter. You see Kel, once I figured out that you were
breaking into lockers, it was easy to figure out that you were doing it after
everyone was gone. So, I just decided I'd wait here for you."

"But why?" Kelly asked, stepping backwards up another step away from Zack who
stood now at the bottom of the stairs.

"To settle something that I have been meaning to take up with you for some
time now." He replied.

"And just what would that be?" Kelly asked, relaxing a little as Zack seemed
to be his normal mischievous but harmless self again.

"Well, Kel, we have been going together on and off for pretty much the last
three years and I've never gotten any further than feeling your tits through
your polo shirt." He replied.

"Zack!" cried Kelly, annoyed at him now. "We have been through this a
thousand times. I am not that type of girl. You know that I am going to wait
until I'm married to fool around. We are not going to have this discussion
right now." She added angrily, determined to get out of there fast and try to
find some way out of the other mess.

"Oh I am afraid we are going to do more than just talk about it this time
Kelly. I'm sick of talking about it. Slater!"

Before Kelly could turn to look, she felt strong hands grabbing her
shoulders, holding her in place.

"Got her." grumbled the familiar voice of A.C. Slater, her friend, and other
sometimes boyfriend. His strong hands dug into her tender arms, hurting Kelly
as she struggled in his grasp.

"You see Kelly, both Slater and I have decided that it is about time to put
you in your place. You have teased every student, teacher and staff member
here at Bayside for too long. I mean A.C. and are best friends and yet we
fight all the time over you. We have made total fools of ourselves over you
and never even got so much as a blow job."

"Or even a hand job." Slater added.

"But I told you both, I am not that type of girl." Kelly protested, still
squirming in vain.

"You will be after tonight Kelly" said Zack coldly.

"What do you mean?" asked the frightened cheerleader.

"Oh dear, sweet, naive Kelly." Teased Zack. "What I mean is that we are going
to violate you in all the ways we have ever dreamed about. Right here, right

Fear flashed across Kelly's face at Zack's words. "Come on guys." She
whimpered. "You're really starting to scare me." When neither Slater nor Zack
said a word, Kelly started to cry out for help.

"Go ahead, scream Kelly. Why do you think I chose to do this now? There is no
one left to hear you. It's just you me and A.C." Zack said.

"Don't forget about little old me." came a squeaky voice from the shadows.
Kelly's spirits lifted upon recognizing Screech's voice.

"Screech." She pleaded. "Help me." Kelly knew that if anyone could talk sense
into the other boys it was him. Screech came bouncing over to the stairs, his
goofy smile on his face.

"Please Screech. Make them let me go." She pleased, batting her eyes at him
the way she had done a thousand times before to get anything she wanted from

Gee Kel." Screech squawked. "I'd really like to help you, but Zack and Slater
have a point. You have done an awful lot of teasing. You teased me on many
occasions and I think they are right. It's time you paid for all of that.
Right guys?" He slapped Zack on the back, almost knocking the blonde over.

"That's right Screech." replied Zack, and all three young men laughed aloud.
Kelly seized the opportunity and tried to make a run for it. She was not
quick enough and before she had taken one step, Slater grabbed her by the
hair and slammed her hard into the metal hand rail along the stairs. The
force knocked the wind from her painfully. Kelly grasped the rail in one hand
as she fell to her knees gasping for air.

Before she even knew what had happened, Zack had looped a silk scarf around
her wrist and was tying it tightly to the hand rail. Kelly wanted to pull
away, but her instinctual quest for air left her paralyzed until it was too
late. Zack was handy with a knot and Kelly found her wrist tightly tied to
the cold metal bar. Kneeling there, on the stairs, where so much of her
teasing had taken place, Kelly trembled with fear. Part of her still held out
in hopes that Zack, A.C. and Screech were just putting a scare into her. The
other idea was just too hideous to imagine. It just couldn't be that after
all of her holding out and saying no, her precious virginity would be taken
by force here at school by three of her best friends. Kelly's mind overloaded
with fear and shame and she began to cry.

"Hey Zack." Slater said, still holding Kelly's shoulder. "Can I be the first
one in her mouth?" Kelly was only vaguely aware of the meaning of his words,
so lost in despair was she.

"Sure Slater," replied Zack, coming close to Kelly. He bent his face next to
hers. "Kelly dear," He said, taking her chin in his hand and forcing her to
look into his eyes. She trembled at the cold stare she saw in Zack's face.
"You need to listen very carefully Kelly. We are going to fuck you in every
way possible. You can scream all you want, but no one will hear you. You can
struggle, but you know we are stronger than you. In fact, if you resist too
much, Slater here might just have to cause you some real pain." To emphasize
this point, the stronger young man twisted the pretty cheerleader's arm
behind her back. She let out a yelp of pain, but nodded her understanding.
Zack continued, "That doesn't mean you can't ask us to stop. Go ahead, cry
away, beg for mercy all you want. I like it. I can't wait to hear you beg me
to stop."

Their laugher began again as Kelly lost her control and sobbed loudly. Slater
kept a hold of her arm and stood on a lower step, positioning his cock level
with Kelly's face. With his free hand, Slater tugged down his sweat pants and
briefs, exposing his semi erect penis. Through teary eyes, Kelly caught her
first glimpse of a male sex organ. This was not the setting she had pictured
for her first peek at a penis. It was not her wedding night, in a candlelit
hotel suite high atop a cliff overlooking the Bay. This was not the man she
was married to. It was the cold hallway of her high school with three young
men who were acting like anything but friends at the moment.

"I don't think she's gonna be much of a cock sucker Slater." Teased Zack.
"She might need some coaxing."

"Shit." Responded the muscular boy. "If I can teach a near dyke like Jessie
to gobble knob and gulp jizz, a pretty little cheerleader like Kelly here
should be no problem."

"Yeah, but Kelly is a good girl." Zack taunted.

"Not for long." Replied Slater, slapping his half hard prick against Kelly's
tear streaked cheek. She let out a frightened cry and turned away, trying to
escape Slater's pulsing rod. He grabbed a handful of Kelly's long brunette
hair in his strong fingers and pulled roughly, turning her head back towards
his dick. "Come here bitch!" he snapped, ignoring Kelly's yelps of protest.
"You open up and suck me good or I'll rip out your fucking hair, then break
your arm."

Kelly turned her wide year filled, doe like, green eyes to Slater and pleaded
one more time. "Please Slater, I'm so sorry I teased you. I'll never do it
again. I won't tell anyone, I promise, just please don't make me...." HE cut
her off by yanking her hair harder.

"Owwww." She cried out.

Using the opportunity given to him by her open mouthed cry, Slater shoved
Kelly's face towards his crotch. His semi hard cock slipped into Kelly's open
mouth. She tried to fight and pull back, but he was too strong. Another wave
of tears flowed from Kelly's eyes as the humiliation sank in. She was getting
her first taste of cock, was in fact, almost choking on it as Slater force
fed her pretty face. "Suck it, you slut." Barked Zack from beside her. "Suck
Slater's cock."

Realizing that she had no choice, Kelly tried to focus on the task at hand.
She had heard some of the other cheerleaders talk about giving head to their
boyfriends. Kelly remembered thinking what a totally gross thing that would
be. She secretly hoped that her future husband would never ask her to do it.
Now Kelly wished she had listened more carefully so that she might have some
idea as to what to do in order to end this ordeal as quickly and painlessly
as possible.

At first Kelly just held her mouth open and sort of ran her tongue along the
underside of Slater's cock head which pulsed in her mouth as he grew harder.
Kelly had no idea what to do, but his reaction seemed to tell her that she
was doing all right. "Suck it." Slater growled, prompting Kelly to do just
that. She sucked on it as if it were a popsicle, feeling the fleshy member
fill her mouth. It seemed to be all the way hard now as it stopped growing.
Only two-thirds of his prick now fit into Kelly's moth as Slater pulled it
out and held it against her lips. The athletic young man enjoyed the sight of
his hard on pressed against Kelly's mouth. He had jerked off a thousand times
to this very image. "Look at my cock slut." Slater said, popping it against
her cheek. Kelly saw that it was indeed hard and throbbing, the shaft covered
with bulging veins and the round, fat head, smooth and slick with her own

"She might have to squint to see it Slater." Joked Zack. "I guess it it's
true what they say about you weight lifter types and your little dicks, huh?"

"Hey, fuck you preppie." Slater snapped back. "It's plenty big enough to
stretch out your little girlfriend's mouth now isn't it Kelly?" He slipped
the tip of his cock back between her lips and began to piston in and out of
her mouth as if her were fucking her. Each time Slater's five inch prick
would hit the back of Kelly's throat, she gagged and choked, bringing more
laugher from the other two.

Kelly gagged as a reflex, but also in utter revulsion of what was happening
to her. She was being forced to suck Slater's cock. Kelly knew from other
girls that men liked to shoot their seed into a girl's mouth. It was
something only the lowest sluts at Bayside would ever do, and yet, Kelly knew
she was helpless to stop Slater from making her do it. Just the thought made
Kelly want to throw up. Slater kept pumping in and out of her mouth for a
long while, ramming to the back of her throat, then pulling out when she
would gag. All of Kelly's choking and gagging left her chin covered with
drool and spit that ran along with her tears onto her white cheerleader's
polo shirt. She looked a mess.

Her jaw was beginning to ache from the abuse Slater was giving it. When he
stopped briefly, Kelly gasped for air, praying that her ordeal was finished.
She was, however, quite mistaken.

"You best do better than that bitch." Slater said, grabbing Kelly by the
side of her head. "Open really wide, I'm gonna fuck your throat Princess."
Without thinking Kelly parted her lips and felt Slater slam his cock into her
mouth. It his the back of her virgin throat, which steadfastly refused him
passage, trying to expel the invader. Not one to five up so easily, Slater
simply held Kelly firmly in place and rammed his cock in harder, this time
forcing his way past her protesting throat muscles. The pain and sudden fear
of choking caused Kelly to fight wildly, but Slater held firmly onto her head
while Zack and Screech grabbed her legs, holding her down. When Slater pulled
out, Kelly gasped wildly for air. "Better learn to breathe through your nose
slut." The tall, dark boy blurted out as he slammed his prick home once
again. Over and over, Slater deep penetrated Kelly's virgin mouth, assaulting
her throat mercilessly. She could feel his heavy balls slap against her chin
repeatedly as he raped her pretty face.

In truth, Kelly wasn't much of a cock sucker. Even if she had been more
willing, Slater thought that she could never have been as good at gobbling
hose as Jessie had become. Still, the whole idea had him pushing the brink
almost from the start. Now, actually seeing Kelly's lips wrapped around his
cock as he fucked her face, was too much for him. Slater could feel the cum
in his balls begin to pump out. Quickly, he pulled his prick from between
Kelly's lips. "Keep your mouth open." He grumbled, his hand rapidly stroking
his cock just inches away from her face. Slater moaned loudly. "Oh yes, baby
her it comes."

Kelly had only the briefest moment to process what was about to happen. He
was about to have an orgasm which would mean shooting his stuff..... She
never got to finish the thought. Slater let loose the first volley of cum
from his cock. It was a perfect shot, directly into Kelly's mouth, causing
her to wince in shock and move slightly. The next stream splashed across her
left cheek, getting into her eye. She turned away to avoid the stinging spray
and got a third shot right across her nose. By now, the taste of Slater's
sperm had registered in Kelly's mind. It was salty and slimy, causing her
to gag. Zack had begun holding her head still so that Slater could finish
splashing Kelly's face with his spurting jizz. Seeing the expression on
Kelly's face and anticipating her next move, Slater barked at her. "Don't you
dare spit it out slut. Swallow my cum like a good homecoming queen whore."
His words hurt her because in a way they were true. Nothing would ever be the
same again. She was now swallowing his cum. New tears fell down Kelly's cum
streaked face for the loss of her total purity. She swallowed the bitter,
sticky fluid as the three young men stood around her, laughing at the
humiliation if the high and mighty Kelly Kapowski. She didn't look so
untouchable tied to the stairs with cum running down her face and globbed in
her hair.



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