Saved By The Bell: Jessie Spano Gets Hers (mmf,anal,BDSM,ncon,drugs)
by The Referee

Jessie Spano the tall big busted (34C), AKA Slater's momma, has been running around the halls of Bayside for the past 2 years in her skin tight jeans and halter tops which barely covered her enormous boobs. A.C. Slater has been trying to get his hands on those lovely melons for a long time with no success. It seems every time he would get close to copping a feel Jessie would suddenly stop and pull away leaving the poor boy with a massive hard on and no way to relieve it. More than once he ended up going home and beating himself off just to relieve the pressure. He vowed to himself that one day soon he would get a piece of that special ass.

Slater was talking to Zach Morris one day in the halls and explaining his frustration with his lack of success in scoring with Jessie. It seems that Zach had a similar problem with Kelly Kapuski until he came up with a fool proof plan and finally conquered the hot cheerleader. Slater was all ears and couldn't wait for preppy to share his plan.

Zach told Slater he would share his idea only if he got a piece of the action as well. It seems that Zach has had the hots for Jessie since they were in grammar school, but never had the nerve to approach her or even attempt to fuck her. Slater grudgingly agreed but only if he got her first. The 2 of them then began to hatch their master plan to fuck the daylights out of Jessie Spano.

The plan was really quite simply, Slater would simply invite Jessie over to his house to help him "study" for an exam. Jessie being the smartest girl in school could not refuse such a request. He was sure she would jump at the chance to again show him just how dumb he really was. So it all set, Jessie would arrive at Slater's house around 7PM and they would begin studying.

The fatal night finally arrived and Slater was so fucking nervous he took 2 showers while he was waiting. Finally, the doorbell rang and when he opened the door, there stood the tall goddess in her skin tight shorts and a clinging halter top. Slater almost attack Jessie as soon as she walked in but backed off and stuck to the plan.

Slater brought out some chips and dip and has they were nibbling on them A.C. casually brought the subject of bondage to see what reaction Jessie had to it. She admitted that she had thought about it more than once, but didn't think it was too "cool". Slater went into the kitchen and brought out a couple of diet sodas. However, Jessie's had a little GHB in it and as the drank them Jessie became more and more relaxed.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Slater made his move. He walked up to Jessie with a pair of handcuffs and quickly had her hands in them.

Jessie mildly protested but the drug had dulled her senses and she really didn't fight it. Slater said, "Now momma your gonna get what you been asking for, for a long time."

He carried her to the basement where he had set everything up before her arrival. He removed her handcuffs and quickly tied her arms to the chains hanging from the ceiling.

Jessie in a weakened voice asked Slater, "Just what the fuck do you think your doing?"

"I told you giving you what you been asking for."

Out of the corner Jessie noticed a figure walking toward her, it was her best friend Zach, certainly he would get her out of this mess. "Oh Zach, thank god you're here get me out of these things, Slater has gone mad."

Zach merely looked at her and went over to talk to A.C. A.C. went into the drawer and pulled out a pair of scissors. Jessie immediately started to panic, what is going to do with them. She found out quickly, A.C. walked up to her and cut her top up one side and then the other side, leaving the material barely covering her. He then cut proceeded to cut the top completely off leaving her hanging there with just her bra and shorts. The shorts were the next to be cut to ribbons and poor Jessie was now sweating uncontrollably.

"Please don't hurt me," she cried, as Slater cut one bra strap then the other leaving the poor bra hopelessly hanging on, he quickly cut it in the middle and Jessie beautiful tits were now completely exposed. Next came the panties and her shaved bush was now exposed to the boys glare.

Zach walked behind Jessie and grabbed an ankle an attached it to an eyelet in the floor and did the same with the other one.

Jessie was screaming at the top of her lungs, to let her go, but they ignored her and proceeded. Jessie froze when she saw Slater approach her with the longest and nastiest bullwhip she had ever seen. "Now momma I'm gonna warm you up for the rest of the party".

With that he stepped back and let the whip fly, CRACK it landed right on her nipples and Jessie screamed in pain, CRACK it struck again this time squarely on the tits themselves. And so it went for 25 strokes until her front was a bloody mess. She looked at her beautiful tits and saw cruel marks and blood dripping from them.

"Now for the rest of the party". Zach positioned himself behind the frightened girl and dropped his 8" pole right in Jessie asshole without any warning.

"Take it out your killing me", but as she spoke A.C. planted his 7" dick in her pulsating cunt and the 2 of them fucked Jessie brains out.

After they had finished she was lowered to the ground and was told to clean both of their tools or she would again taste the whip. Without hesitation, Jessie took A.C. first then Zach and cleaned them both, Zach however, had recovered and dropped his load down her throat. Once she was finished they told her she could leave, but if she said anything to anyone about this they would show her video to everyone in school.

"But I have no clothes to wear."

"You'll just have to sneak home so your not noticed.

As Jessie was leaving totally humiliated she turned to A.C. and Zach and said, "Same time next week?"


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