Kelly Kapowski-- Tiffini amber Thiesen
Jessie Spano-- Elizabeth Berkley
Lisa Turtle -- Lark Voorhies

Tony had been in California for over a month now and he was annoyed.
His new stepsister Jessie wouldn't give him the time of day. Her two
stuck up bitch friends, Lisa and Kelly were even worse, and since
they were so on the outs with them their friends Zack and Slater
were almost hostile to him. The only friend he'd made in the last
month was screech and that was only because he was treated so badly
by the rest of them. He heard from screech that the girls had gotten
much more stuck up since they had started modeling a couple of
months earlier. He heard Zack and Slater had complained they hadn't
gotten anywhere with the girls since their modeling careers had
That piece of information started Tony to thinking. What had
happened when the girls had started modeling to turn them off of
sex? It could be just that the local boys didn't interest them
anymore but curious he started to snoop around. He first went
through Jessie's room. He found an old diary of hers it ended before
her first trip to Paris. There were some indications that something
of a sexual nature had occurred at the photo studio especially
involving Kelly.
With screech's help he found the photographers computer on-line and
broke into it. With screech's help he broke into some heavily
protected files. After screech had left he went looking through the
files. When he did the pictures in them nearly popped his eyes out
of his head. The file was filled with pictures of Jessie, Kelly and
Lisa in a variety of sexual poses. Sometimes together, usually
separately and sometimes they were with men he didn't recognize.
There were even some very hot pictures of the three girls having all
their holes stuffed by what appeared to be a dozen men.
After finding the pictures, he took another look around Jessie 's
room and found her next diary which described her escapades at the
photographers studio. He sat down on Jessie's bed and started really
reading her diary the sexual escapades really got him horny. He lost
all track of time. Suddenly he looked up and saw Jessie's standing
angrily before him.
"What the hell are you doing in here" Jessie demanded angrily. She
pulled the diary out of his hands.
Tony was stunned for a moment. Then he decided to use the knowledge
he had acquired. "Just finding some cooberation for these pictures."
He pulled out a shot he had kept on him of Jessie getting fucked by
some man.
"Where did you get that?" Jessie's demanded.
"That's not important, what is important is what I do with it."
Jessie had never thought of that. "What do you mean?" She asked a
bit of nervousness creeping into her voice.
"Well, I could show it around school." He looked over the picture.
"This shot is rather tame but some of the others are incredible. I
could sell it to a magazine, I'm sure they'd pay well for something
this hot."
"You wouldn't?" Jessie couldn't believe this. If he sold the
pictures her life was over. She'd never live down the humiliation.
"Maybe we could work out some kind of deal." Tony smiled looking
over Jessie fantastic body.
"What kind of deal?" Jessie responded angrily. She already had an
idea what he wanted but she still hoped to get out of it.
"OH I just want what the men in the photos already have had."
"But I'm you're sister."
"Stepsister," Tony shot back. "We've only known each other for a
month and in that time you've shown little sisterly love for me, so
we'll try a different kind of love."
"Okay, I'll do it. Then you give me the pictures okay?" Jessie
"I don't think so." Tony grinned enjoying having his stuck up sister
over a barrel. "What will happen is this. You're planning to live
her for the next three or four months in that time you'll do
anything I want and I do mean anything. After those four months when
you leave for college I will give you the pictures and you're
diary." He took the book out of her hands. "Or else I think I'll
just sell the pictures anonymously take the money and run as you try
to explain yourself." He saw her face fall in defeat. "Don't worry
if these pictures get out you're career in modeling would be over
but a career in porno movies would be wide open." He laughed
thinking of stuck up Jessie in a porn movie. "Now do you agree to my
proposal or not?"
"I don't have much choice in the matter, do I." Jessie responded
"I guess you don't," Tony grinned. "Now seeing you're pictures has
made me really horny and I'm ready to see it in person so lets go."
He watched as Jessie stripped off her shirt revealing a nice set of
tits in her bra. She reached for the belt in her jeans. "No take off
the bra first," Tony ordered. She reached behind her and unclasped
her bra, then pulled it off. "Magnificent," he spoke up as the bra
came off. "Now the rest of it." He watched as she kicked off her
shoes then removed her belt she started to take off her jeans.
"Slower," he ordered her, he wanted this to last.
Jessie slowed down and sensuously took off her jeans. She followed
this by taking off her panties. Tony seemed to be enjoying the show,
she gave him a turn as he ogled her ass. She was getting a bit
excited at this. Her feminist instincts were outraged but deep
inside she had realized she liked being dominated. "Enjoying
yourself." She sneered at him. "What now?"
Tony stood up and ran his hands over Jessie's fantastic body. He
stuck a finger in her pussy, he was surprised at how wet she was.
"You like this don't you bitch." He commented but she just sneered
back. "Tell me you like it." He pulled his finger out of her cunt
and shoved it up her asshole.
"Yes, I like it." The finger penetrating her ass had shocked her
"I want you to beg for it." He opened his belt and lowered his pants
exposing his cock to Jessie.
"Please, I want you." Jessie responded.
He sat on the bed "suck me off." He ordered. Jessie knelt before him
and took his prick into her mouth. "Good, you're good kid." She took
the whole thing into her mouth on the first stroke. Then he felt her
start to use her tongue on him. "Yes like that, I'm gonna cum, and
you're gonna swallow it like a good girl, right Jessie." He held her
head onto his cock as he heard her mumble something but he didn't
really care as his orgasm hit and he shot his load right into her
mouth. He held her down as he felt his cum drain. She continued to
suck him off his cock staying hard inside of her mouth. "Alright,
I'm ready for the good stuff." He pulled her up by her hair.
"What do you mean?" Jessie asked as she tried to catch her breath.
"I want some pussy, get on the bed and spread you're legs." Tony
watched as Jessie climbed onto the bed and spread her legs.
"This what you want?" Jessie's asked. tried to sound uninterested.
"Good enough!" He climbed up on top of her spending some time
playing with her heavy tits. He positioned his cock at the entrance
to her cunt. "I want you to beg for me to fuck you." He could feel
the wetness of her cunt. "Lets here it."
"Fuck me." Jessie responded meekly but Tony got an angry look in his
face and squeezed one of her nipples very hard. "OWWW," she cried
out. "Alright, fuck me, fuck me hard." She tried to sound into it
and she was a bit. "Put you're big meat stick into my pussy do it to
Tony grinned at Jessie's slutty words and rammed his prick into her.

Jessie's gasped as the full length penetrated her pussy, it wasn't
very big but he had entered her very roughly. "Yes fuck me!" Her
body started to respond to Tony's hard screwing.
After a half dozen strokes in Jessie's tight honey pot, he felt a
stirring in his loins. "I'm cumming again." He groaned as he pulled
out of her. He moved up to a position over Jessie's heavy tits with
his hands he pushed them together and forced his prick between her
large mounds. As it penetrated her tits, he felt himself cumming
spewing his load over her face. He stood as she started to wipe her
face off. "Not bad for a first time Jessie, I'm gonna enjoy the next
couple of months." With that he strode happily out of her room.

When preparing for school the next day he made some special
preparations. He printed out some photos of Kelly and Lisa. He only
took two of each girl. One of them naked and another of them
performing some sexual act on a man. For Kelly he took a picture of
a man getting a blow job, while of Lisa he took one of her being
fucked by a guy with a huge tool. He waited until lunchtime when he
happened to run across Kelly near a room that he knew to be empty.
"Kelly, can I speak to you for a minute?"
"Alright." Kelly gave him her best annoyed voice. As they walked
into the empty room she turned on him. "What do you want?"
Tony pulled out the picture of Kelly giving a blow job. "Well I just
want something like this." He handed her the picture.
"Where did you get this?" She groaned as she ripped up the picture.
"That's not important. What is that I have many more pictures of you
in compromising positions some with you're bitch friends Jessie and
Lisa. I'm sure you wouldn't want those to get out and I just want a
little something for keeping the secret."
"How much do you want?" Kelly reached for her wallet.
"Not money. I want you to pay with that body of yours, anytime and
anything I want."

"For how long?" Kelly responded.
"I don't want to be greedy about this." He tried to look like he was
thinking but he had already planned this out. "Lets just say till
the end of the summer by the time I go away to college I think I'd
be bored with you."
"And then you'll give me the pictures?" Kelly asked.
"Of course," Tony responded.
"How do I know you'll keep you're word?"
"Well for one thing you have my word, for a second if I keep this
going to long, you girls will probably kill me."
"Us girls? " Kelly asked.
"Yes Jessie has already agreed to my terms and I'll talk to Lisa
later today. I'm sure she'll go for it if you do. Now do we have a
"Do I have a choice."
"I hope not."
"Alright, I agree to you're terms."
"Well lets seal the deal with a blow job." Tony pulled open his
pants. "Well get on with it. " He ordered as his dick came into
Kelly realized she had little choice at the moment. She knelt down,
pushing her long black hair out of the way, she started to lick at
his cock. It wasn't the biggest she'd ever handled so she didn't
think it would be too bad.
"Open up." Tony wasn't getting enough pleasure from Kelly tongue
action, so he shoved his prick into Kelly's mouth. He forced it all
the way in and she took him in easily. He grabbed her by the hair
and started to fuck her mouth. She just stayed right with him taking
all he could dish out, but the warmth of her mouth was driving him
crazy. "I'm cumming," he moaned as he shot his load down Kelly's
throat. "That was great babe." He zipped up. "Maybe next time we can
really have some fun." As she stood up he fondled her tits, then
walked out of the room.
Now for the last piece of the puzzle, Tony thought. He didn't see
Lisa alone until the end of school. It was after cheerleading
practice and she was in her cute little cheerleader uniform that
showed off her ass and tits.
Lisa met Tony over behind the gym. "Okay what do you want? I've
heard from Jessie and Kelly, I know about the pictures."
"I just want what the guy in the photo is getting." Tony handed over
a picture of Lisa being taken from behind.
"Well I guess I have little choice. When and where?"
"Here and now."
"Out here?" Lisa was shocked anyone could walk by.
"Yeah, don't worry I'll be quick and you only have to lower those
cute little panties."
"Well okay but be quick about it." She pulled her panties down so
they were bunched at her knees.
Tony moved in behind Lisa and in one swift stroke he entered her
pussy. She was tight and not too wet so the friction was incredible.
He fondled her breasts as he pounded away but knew after watching
cheerleader practice that he wouldn't last long. He drove into her
again and shot his load up her pussy. He withdrew as Lisa started to
pull up her panties. "Next time, we'll spend time and really enjoy
it, see you then." He smiled as she ran off to the locker room.
After going home from school Tony took screech to his house. His
parents were out working for the afternoon. He had screech work on
reentering the photographers database hoping for some more sexy
pictures, but he didn't have any luck. After awhile he heard Jessie
come in and then he heard her in the shower. "Hey Screech, you want
to have some real fun?" He asked.

"Sure." Screech replied.

"Then follow me and just play along with anything I say." He guided
Screech into Jessie bedroom. Then they both lay down on Jessie's bed
and waited for her to come in.
Jessie's walked out of the shower wrapped in just a towel. She went
into her room and was shocked when she saw that her stepbrother and
Screech were laying on her bed watching TV. She grabbed her towel
making sure it would stay up. She couldn't believe she only had on a
towel over her body and one covering her hair. She had almost taken
off her body towel when she noticed the two boys. "What are you
doing here? GET OUT!" Jessie shouted.
Tony leaned back on the bed. He didn't much like his stuck up
stepsister now it was time for a bit more fun. "I don't think so
Jessie. We're like family here you can get comfortable."
"Yeah cousin Jessie, get comfortable." Screech spoke up.
Jessie started to gather up her clothes careful to hold up her
towel. "Go to hell Screech!" She turned and started to walk out.
"Wait a minute, Jessie." Tony stopped her, as she turned he
continued. "I thought we had a deal and you were going to be a good
little girl."
"But,but" she stuttered out. Jessie knew Tony had her. She could
never let her diary or the pictures he had of her get out. If they
did her life would be over. "But Screech is here?"
"That will just make it all the more fun. Why don't you drop that
towel." Tony kept his voice calm for the moment.
"You can't mean?" Jessie began again.
"Yes I do. Now drop that towel or else more people then Screech will
see you're tits. Now do it!" Tony left no doubt in his voice that he
meant it.
Jessie knew that she had to obey. She loosened the towel around her
chest and let it drop to the floor. Even humiliated like this she
appreciated the looks Screech and Tony were giving her. "You
satisfied?" Jessie asked angrily.
"Well, satisfied is hardly the word I'd use," Tony responded. "But
we should be satisfied in a little bit." He turned to Screech. "What
do you think Screech?"
"Amazing, simply amazing," Screech responded. He was stunned at the
sight of Jessie's huge tits and long legs. Water glistened off her
"You little worm," Jessie's responded.
"Now Jessie be nice. Take off that other towel." He saw her do as he
commanded. Her normally curly blonde hair was dark and flat against
her face. "Now since you were so mean to poor Screech, I think you
should do something nice for him. Suck his cock Jessie."
"What?" Jessie exclaimed.
"You heard me. Get over there and do it. You want her to suck you
off Screech?"
"Definitely," Screech responded as he started to work on his belt.
Jessie gasped as Screech's prick came into view. As it grew to its
full height she guessed it was almost a foot long and very thick
around. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen. "My god," she
Tony looked over and saw Screech's huge prick. "Well looks like
you've got a real tool to work with." He started stripping as Jessie
moved up Screech's legs. He sat back down as Jessie licked on
Screech's prick like it was a lollipop. "I think he's ready for some
real deep throating, right Screech."
"Yes take it Jessie." Screech never knew he could feel this good. He
didn't want this to ever end.
"I can't?" Jessie protested.
"Yes you can. I've got the pictures to prove it. Now lets see you do
it." He ordered.
Jessie knowing she was beaten took Screech's tool into her mouth.
She took it about halfway in her mouth but Tony was holding the back
of her head while Screech was pushing up trying to get more of his
prick into her.
"How's that feel Screech?" Tony asked.
"Incredible! I think I'm gonna cum." Screech moaned.
"Cum in her mouth. Jessie really likes that." Tony leaned over
closer to Jessie. "Don't you Jessie?" She mumbled an affirmative.
"Keep sucking, we wouldn't want him to get soft, he's got other
places to go."
Jessie felt Screech push up into her, she felt his prick hit the
back of her throat and she felt his sticky fluid erupt down her
throat. She tried to move away but Tony held her head. She almost
gagged but somehow managed to swallow Screech's load. She continued
to suck him, as she had been ordered.
Tony moved around behind Jessie. As she continued to suck on
Screech's knob, he shoved his four inch prick into Jessie's hot
pussy. He felt her wetness as he started to fuck her. "You like this
don't you Jessie?" He commented as he felt her pussy dripping with
her juices. "Well Screech you up for some fucking?" He asked.
Screech had never had a woman before so his erection had only lost a
little the first time he'd cum. Now it was back to its full length.
"All set."
"You heard the man Jessie, slide up." He held onto Jessie's heavy
tits. He pulled her up to where her crotch was over Screech's prick.
"Okay take him Jessie."
Jessie felt Screech's huge prick start to penetrate her pussy. She
took about half of him in on the first downstroke. Tony was hanging
onto her tits causing her a bit of pain. She rammed down some more
on Screech's prick. It was going deeper then anyone else had ever
gone. She moaned as the pleasure of his huge rod overcame her.
"You can do better then that Jessie." Tony pushed her down until she
had taken all of Screech's prick into her pussy. "Get ready for a
real treat." He moved in behind Jessie and pulled apart her ass
cheeks. Her tight asshole stared back at him. "Go ahead and fuck her
Screech. I'm gonna use her ass myself."
Jessie felt Screech start to push up and into her. "I can't, its too
much." Jessie moaned as she felt Tony's prick at the entrance to her
ass. The only response she got was when Tony's prick penetrated her
ass. She groaned as he shoved his four inches all the way into her
asshole. "God, YES!" She cried out as she felt overcome with an
orgasm. She couldn't control herself, she always loved having a
double penetration.
Tony felt her tight ass pushing at his prick. "God, I'm gonna cum."
He shouted as he rammed into her ass. He shot his load into her ass.
As he withdrew he saw Screech was still going hot and heavy. "Feel
free to cum in that fantastic pussy. Jessie doesn't mind. Do you
Jessie was beyond caring, she had cum like a geyser. Screech's prick
was incredible and he was shorter then she was, so his face was in
her tits and he had been suckling on them first one then the other.
"YES, cum in my pussy." She moaned as Screech hit all her buttons
again bringing her to another orgasm.
"YES," Screech moaned as he shot his load into Jessie's tight pussy.
"Thanks Jessie!"
Jessie stood, cum dribbling from her cunt and ass. She could feel
semen running down her legs. "I guess I better go take another
shower." Jessie gathered up her towel and headed out of the room.
Tony smiled as she left. "What say tomorrow we get Lisa and Kelly
for some more fun." He could see a smile cross Screech's face.
As Jessie prepared for school the next day. She thought about a way
to get out of this. Finally it hit her, Slater, he'd do anything for
her. If she hinted that she'd screw him, afterwards. Not that she
would, but he'd make a hell of an attack dog to sick on her
stepbrother Tony.
Jessie didn't know it, but Kelly had come up with a similar
solution. Although she went a step further, talking to both Zack and
Slater. Throwing in a few tears and a subtle promise of sex, {not
that she'd actually sleep with them}. They both seemed eager to put
a hurting on Tony, she smiled at the thought.
At lunch Zack and Slater got together, and decided to team up to get
Tony. At the end of the day they caught up with Tony. They didn't
really have anything against him personally, but since Jessie and
Kelly let it be known they wouldn't be seen with a friend of Tony's
they had avoided him. Now they were going to pound him. Slater
grabbed Tony from behind and threw him up against a wall. "Jessie
says you've been bothering her and I'm here to stop it."
"And Kelly too." Zack added trying to sound intimidating.
"Jesus, those girls have you pussy whipped." Tony responded.
"What are you talking about?" Zack asked.
"Well I'm betting that the girls cried a bit, made some subtle
promises of sex, if you would take care of me." Tony had considered
this happening almost from the very beginning.
"What's it to you?" Slater responded.
"You don't have a clue, do you Slater. Jessie has no intention of
ever sleeping with you, and you can forget about Kelly, Zack .She's
just giving you a case of blue balls and laughing at you behind
you're back. They both are."
"So they're good girls. They're just waiting for the time to be
right." Slater responded angrily, he had been waiting for over a
year to take Jessie's cherry, he knew Zack had been chasing Kelly
for much longer.
Tony laughed at the two boys naivete. "You've got to be kidding.
Those two good girls, let me show you something." He reached into
his pocket and pulled out some pictures of the girls performing sex
"My god." Slater was stunned at the pictures of Jessie taking cock
in every imaginable way. He was excited at seeing her naked body
writhing in pleasure. He saw it was having a similar affect on Zack.
"Where'd you get these? Who are these men?"
"I got them from the photographer they started out with. I don't
know who the men are but from Jessie's diary, they are men who
helped their modeling careers get started."
"And this is the blackmail you have on them?" Zack asked.
"Yes, I've nailed Jessie a couple of times and Kelly gave me a hell
of a blow job. I promised them I wouldn't tell anyone about this,
but since they talked to you first, I guess its okay if i bring you
in for a little fun. You interested?"
Slater thought a moment blackmail was wrong but Jessie had been
teasing him for so long. He wanted her bad. "Alright, I'm in."
Zack considered for even less time. He always wanted Kelly now he
was going to get all three women that had been giving him raging
hard ons for some time. "I'm in. What should we do?"
Tony considered his options and then knew what he was going to do.
"Well Jessie won't get home from cheerleader practice until almost
five. My father and stepmother won't be home till eight. Lets say
you guys get to my house before five and we'll have some fun with
"What about Kelly?" Zack responded horny at the thought of nailing
Kelly and maybe Jessie too.
"Well I think we should insist that Jessie call her best friend
over. What do you guys think, you up for it?"
"Definitely!" They both answered in unison.
"By the way, Screech got me these photos but I don't think he knows
I'm blackmailing the girls. So lets keep it a secret from him,
"You mean you're not gonna let him have any?" Zack responded.
"Yeah the little guy deserves something." Slater responded.
"Well he already got a blow job and fuck from Jessie, and little guy
doesn't quite fit if you know what I mean." He made some motions
with his hands and the boys laughed. "But I guess I really should do
something special for him."
"Well," Zack thought a moment. "Screech's parents are going to be
out of town this weekend and he's always had a thing for Lisa."
"You mean send her over to seduce him." Tony grinned. "That's evil,
I like it. I'll do it. Now I'll see you at my place before five, and
I wouldn't tell the girls about our little plan. We want Jessie to
have a big surprise." He saw the two guys smile. "See you there."

Jessie walked into her house supremely confident. Slater had hinted
to her that he had taken care of her little problem with Tony. She
was finally happy. "Jessie can you come in here?" She heard Tony
call from the living room probably to apologize she thought but was
shocked as she walked into the room. There was Tony showing Slater
and Zack pictures and as she heard Slater and Zack ohhing and ahhing
over them she guessed they were the ones Tony was using to blackmail

"I thought we agreed you wouldn't show those to anyone?" Jessie
managed to speak after a minute or two.
"Well you were the one who tried to bring in Slater and pretty Kelly
brought in Zack. I only thought it right they should see all the
evidence before they beat the hell out of me, as you intended. What
do you think guys, you want to beat me up or you want the girls?"
Slater laughed. "I want the girls and this one has been very bad.
Now that I've seen her naked in pictures, I'm wondering if it looks
better in person?"
"OHH, it does," Tony responded. "Show him Jessie."
"What?" Jessie's exclaimed.
"You know, strip for my friends here." Tony ordered. "Come on babe
or we'll do it for you."
Jessie knew she was stuck. She started with her blouse stripping it
of as the three men watched. Then her jeans came off her hips
leaving her in just her panties and she slowly pushed them down her
long legs leaving her blonde pussy exposed. "Good enough?" She asked
"Very nice." Slater responded standing and walking over to Jessie.
He ran his hands over her heavy tits.
"Now I think you're gonna make a call." Zack stood up. "Right guys?"
They both looked at him, he guessed they had almost forgotten about
Kelly. "I think Jessie here should call over her friend Kelly.
Unless you guys don't think that's a good idea?"
"No, I think its great. Unless Jessie here wants to try to satisfy
all three of us." Slater noticed Jessie shake her head no, so he
continued. "Well get on that phone girl and don't tell her what's
going on. Lets make it a surprise."
They had Jessie sit on the couch. She called Kelly, she tried to
talk Kelly into coming over. The guys kept playing with her body, it
was hard to keep her voice level as her vagina was penetrated by
their fingers or they would twist her nipples. Finally Kelly agreed
to come right over. "Alright she's coming." She hoped they would
wait quietly now.
"Well we'll make due with you're slutty ass for now." Slater
"What should we do?" Zack had a few ideas.
"Well she was bad, trying to get me in trouble. I think we should
punish her." Tony offered.
"Punish me?" Jessie felt fear now.
"I think a bad girl deserves a spanking." Slater grabbed Jessie and
threw her across his lap. "What do you think guys?"
"Hell of an idea, go right ahead." Zack responded looking right at
Jessie's tight ass.
Slater let his hand wander over Jessie's very nice ass, rubbing the
cheeks and letting one finger trace the crack of her ass down to her
pussy. He pulled back his hand and brought it down on Jessie's ass.
She screamed as he hit her then hit her again. After a few strokes
he realized he was enjoying this. As she cried he stopped long
enough to stick a couple of fingers into her pussy. He used her
juices to slip a finger into her ass. "Like that baby?" Slater
"NO, you bastard!" Jessie shot back.
"Well then back to something else." Slater pulled his finger out of
Jessie's ass and started to spank her again. "Are you gonna be a
good girl now?"
Jessie fought back the tears, her ass was on fire. "Yes, I'll be
"Alright then suck my cock." Slater pushed her off of his lap onto
the floor. He opened up his pants revealing his six inches of rock
hard cock. "Lets go baby." He got a kick seeing Jessie pull herself
up and take his cock into her mouth.
"Way to go." Zack commented as he watched Jessie suck Slater off. He
saw Slater shove his cock into her mouth and groan. He then saw a
bit of cum dribbling out her chin. "Mind if I take a turn?"
"No problem." Slater saw the cum going down her chin. "Swallow it
all Jessie or else." He held up his hand and Jessie used her tongue
to grab the drop on her chin.
Jessie turned and saw Zack had pulled out his cock, it was so small
she handled it easily. After only a few sucks he shot his load into
her mouth. She turned to Tony figured he'd want to go next. As she
approached his cock he grabbed her hair.
"Not that way bitch. I want you to fuck it, climb up here." Tony
ordered. Jessie dutifully climbed onto the couch her knees on either
side of Tony positioning her cunt over his cock. "Okay, do it baby."

Jessie hated it when they called her baby but she had little choice.
She reached down and opened up her pussy then lowered herself onto
his cock. She started to fuck him as he had requested, driving up
and down on his shaft. "How am I doing?"

Tony pulled his head out from between Jessie's tits. "Just great
Slater had become rock hard watching Jessie fuck Tony. "That looks
great, I'm next."
Tony heard Slater's comments. "Why wait? She's got two holes take
her guy."
"You mean her ass. I never thought about doing her there, but now
that you mention it does look good. That okay with you Jessie?"
Slater asked.
"Tell him its okay Jessie." Tony responded, "in fact beg him and
lets hear some dirty talk. You've been kind a quite."
Jessie figured the sooner she did it, the sooner it would be over
with. In her sexiest voice she called to Slater. "Fuck me in the
ass. Slater shove that hard dick into my shit hole, oh god screw me

That was all the encouragement Slater needed. He moved in behind
Jessie and forced his cock into Jessie's ass. "Take it baby." He
rammed his length into her.
Jessie felt herself getting excited as she was double penetrated.
She felt herself cumming as the boys pounded at her holes. "Yeah
fuck me guys, make me feel it."
Zack heard the doorbell as Jessie's was being dp'ed. He grabbed up
his clothes and got dressed. He opened the door and Kelly was
standing there in one of those tight blouse and short skirts she
always wore, it never failed to give him a hard on. "Come on in
"What's going on Zack. I got this weird call from Jessie." She
walked in and Zack guided her towards the living room. Kelly's jaw
dropped as she saw Jessie being fucked by Slater and Tony. "My god.
What's going on?" She tried to turn but Zack had grabbed her from
behind and held her tight.
"We know all about you're little arrangement with Tony, and he was
so glad me and Slater didn't beat him up for you girls he decided to
cut us in."
"What do you mean?" Kelly asked scared.
"You know," Zack took his hands away from her sides and started to
fondle her breasts through her blouse, her lack of resistance made
him confident she understood. "We're going to take you anyway we
want." He let one hand slide down and under her skirt. As he reached
her pussy, he was surprised that she was wet. "Yes, you're ready for
this,but you seem a bit overdressed." He fondled her young body as
she started to remove her clothing. Once she was finally naked Zack
was rock hard he pulled out his dick. "Suck it Kelly." How he longed
to say those words and now she dropped down to her knees and
engulfed his cock into her mouth. He ran his hands through her long
black hair as she sucked him off.
Slater shot his load into Jessie's ass and was quickly followed by
Tony cumming in her cunt. Tony looked over and saw Zack fucking
Kelly's face. He heard him groan and could tell Kelly was swallowing
a load. "Well I'm done for the moment. How about you guys?"
"Yeah, I'll need a few minutes to recharge. Jessie get me something
to drink." Slater ordered, when he saw her stooping for her clothes.
"NO, I think you can leave those there for now."
"Get enough for all of us, Kelly help her." Tony ordered once they
left the room. "Well guys we've got another hour any ideas?"
"One or two." Zack was going over the pictures and he found one of
Kelly eating out Jessie. "I'd like to see this."
"Not bad Zack. You guys want to watch a 69." Just then the two girls
walked back in. "Well girls, you heard what we want to see. Now get
to it."
"What how, I can't?" Jessie's sputtered.
"Yes you can Jessie. Now lay on the floor and Kelly get on top and I
want to see you really working those pussies." Tony watched as the
two girls obeyed his commands. They started to make slurping noises
as they went at each others cunts. Tony found himself getting hard
after watching this for a few minutes and walked over to the girls.
He slipped his cock into Kelly's pussy as Jessie continued her oral
ministrations on Kelly's clit.
Zack was enjoying the show, so he decided to get some too. He moved
to the girls and positioned himself at Jessie's cunt. He rammed his
way inside and pounded into her, after a few strokes he pulled out
and rammed it into Kelly's mouth.
Tony switched holes and rammed into Jessie's mouth. He then
positioned his cock at Kelly's asshole. He heard her moan around
Zack's prick as he shoved his length into her ass. He pumped her for
a few strokes then felt like he was going to cum so, he pulled out
of her ass and shoved his prick into Jessie's mouth and shot his
load down her throat.
As Tony fell away from the girls, Slater moved in pushing his cock
into Kelly's ass, then cunt and then pushing into Jessie's mouth. He
unloaded his sperm into her mouth. She swallowed it easily as he
pulled out, Jessie went back to work on Kelly's slit.
Zack was enjoying the feel of going back and forth between Jessie's
cunt and Kelly's mouth but he was going to cum soon. He rammed back
into Kelly's mouth and shot his load down her throat.
as Zack pulled away the two girls continued their 69 until they both
orgasmed. Tony saw that it was getting late and none of the boys
could get it up, so he decided to end this. "Okay girls, I think
we're done for today. Why don't you go grab a shower." He watched as
they collected their clothes and headed for the bathroom.
"Successful first time ehh guys?"
"No complaints." Slater responded.
"We are going to do this again aren't we?" Zack asked.
"OH yes, we've got a couple of months of this according to my deal."
Tony responded.

Lisa arrived at Screech's house at noon on Saturday. Tony was
blackmailing her to seduce Screech. Apparently Tony owed Screech
some sort of favor and she was to repay him . 'Oh well' she thought
it shouldn't be too much of a problem seducing the little worm. She
arrived and Screech quickly left her to go to his room to shut off
his computer. She decided to follow. She looked through the door and
was a bit surprised to find that his computer screen was covered
with naked pictures of herself, Jessie and Kelly. "My what an
interesting desktop." Lisa walked in the room as Screech tried to
cover the screen. "Its okay Screech. Did Tony give you those
"No, ahh." Screech was trying to cover up his raging hard on. "I
actually got them for Tony, from some photographer. I decided to
keep some for myself."
Lisa found this fascinating, maybe here was a way for her to get out
from under Tony's thumb. "You mean you got these pictures for Tony,
how exciting. How many other copies are there?"
"Just mine and Tony's. He doesn't even know I have them."
"You sure he hasn't made any more copies?" Lisa asked.
"He can print them out, but he can't make computer copies. I didn't
want him to do anything wrong with them."
'Yes' Lisa thought here was her chance. "Well I hate to say it but
Tony has done something wrong with those pictures. Something I know
you wouldn't do."
"What?" Screech asked.
"Tony is blackmailing me, Jessie and Kelly into having sex with him.
If we don't do as he says he says he's going to publish these
pictures. I don't know what to do?" She sat down on the bed and
pretended to cry. "Please help me. I'd be so grateful, so would
Jessie and Kelly. Please help us."
This news infuriated Screech, that Tony had lied to him and even
worse hadn't included him in the sex. He thought Tony had been his
friend but he was just using his abilities and nothing angered him
more. He went and put an arm around Lisa. "Its okay, I'll help you
"Thank you." She turned toward Screech. She saw his face so close to
hers, his being so nice and earnest, she kissed him. She let her
hand slide down to his crotch. She was amazed at the size of his
prick. "I think I want to thank you properly." She pulled open his
pants and gasped at the size of his cock. "Very nice," she bent over
and took his prick into her mouth.
The sensation for Screech was incredible. The object of his desires
was taking his cock into her mouth. He watched in awe as her mouth
went about halfway down his prick then came up and then started to
go down again. "YES," he moaned as he shot his load right into her
mouth. He was shocked that she swallowed all of his seed.
"Good to the last drop." She slurped the last of it into her mouth.

"I'm sorry Lisa." Screech mumbled and started to walk away.
Embarrassed he didn't last longer.
"Hey don't go anywhere, we're just getting started." Lisa stood and
pulled her shirt over her head. She then started to work on pulling
off her jeans.
Screech was amazed her was Lisa Turtle in his room and stripping. He
could still wee she a bit of his cum on her cheek and as her neatly
trimmed black bush came into view his hard on returned. He started
to remove his clothes then he went over to Lisa. They fell together
onto the bed. Screech let his hands roam over Lisa's black body
finding it as spectacular as he had dreamed. She maneuvered over him
till her cunt was at his cock and to his surprise Lisa rammed down
onto his prick. The warmth and wetness of her cunt felt incredible.
"OH Lisa," he moaned.
Lisa drove down onto his huge cock enjoying it more then she ever
thought she would. Screech was a gentle and considerate lover,
stroking her nipples just right, playing with her ass just so. She
was going to cum all over his monster prick. "Screech, you're
incredible!" She screamed as her orgasm ripped through her body.
"Cum inside me." She moaned as she continued to slide up and down on
his prick.
Screech tried to hold out as long as possible but the sight of
Lisa's black body riding up and down on his large white cock was too
much. He pounded back at her driving his cock deep inside her pussy
and shot his load. "Thank you Lisa." He moaned as his cock slipped
out of her cunt.
"I think I'm gonna be thanking you soon." Lisa was thinking ahead.
"Do you really think you can help me and the girls out from under
Tony's blackmail?"
"I think so? I may need some help."
"I'll do anything I can, and so will Jessie and Kelly." Lisa
"Well maybe you should call them over here. We are going to need to
do some serious planning." Screech flipped on his computer trying to
figure what he was going to do.

Lisa came back into the room a few minutes later, still naked. "The
girls are on their way. What are we going to do? Aside from some
more fucking that is." She giggled.
"Well Tony has two things over you. The computer records and any
printouts. We have to get rid of both of them fairly quickly and get
something on Tony as well." Screech pondered the situation. "Well
the first two seem difficult enough but I have no idea what to do
about getting something on Tony."
Lisa sighed "Neither do I, maybe Jessie and Kelly can come up with
Jessie and Kelly arrived a bit later. Screech filled them in and
they quickly tried to think of some way to get something
incriminating on Tony.
"Well he did blackmail us. Couldn't we use that?" Kelly offered.
"We'd have to show the police the pictures, they'd probably become
public. We don't want that, besides it will be his word against
ours." Jessie shot back. "We need something devastating, that if it
got out would destroy him and not hurt us."
"I've got it!" Lisa stood up.
"What?" The others asked.
"You may not like it, but here it is. We tell the guys one of us has
a fantasy of being raped in her room by three guys. We then get them
to carry out that fantasy, a charge of rape would probably make them
back off."
"But we'd need proof." Screech commented thinking Lisa might have
the beginnings of a plan.
"We could set up a video recorder in the room?" Kelly offered.
"That would look like a set up." Jessie shot the idea down The whole
idea of the rape bothered her more then she cared to admit, maybe
because it was a fantasy of hers. Just talking about it was getting
her hot.
"Perhaps if we tricked them," Kelly thought aloud, "maybe have one
of us go with the boys taping the whole rape. The break in and
everything, really get them."
"That could work." Screech liked the idea, "and whoever is taping
can make sure to get the boys faces and blur the girls face. Sounds
like a plan. I'll leave the details of that to you ladies. Now for
the other part how do we get to the computer and the printouts?"
Jessie spoke up. "Well I live with Tony I guess I could do it.
Screech can give me the instructions to clear the computer and
getting the printouts should be easy enough but I'll need a
distraction. Can you two handle that?" Jessie looked over at Kelly
and Lisa and they both grinned. "Then I guess that solves all our
problems but we have to make sure that we do everything they ask
until we're ready to act, otherwise they might get wise."
"Everything?" Lisa asked nervously
"Yes everything. Is that a problem?" Jessie responded.

"Well," Lisa thought a moment. "When they ordered me here, Tony
specifically told me that i was to take Screech in my ass. I don't
see how I can do that?"
"What's the matter?" Kelly responded. "You've done it before."
" I can't do it, he's too big. I'll just say I did, they'll never
know the difference."
Jessie laughed. "Are you kidding? With his equipment of course they
are gonna know. If you don't do it they might suspect something.
Come on we'll help." Jessie offered remembering the size of
Screech's prick and not minding the idea of having it again. "Okay?"
"Alright I guess." Lisa responded. She stood and Jessie came around
to her and pulled the robe she was wearing open. Jessie rubbed
Lisa's tits from behind, then slid a hand down her stomach and into
her cunt. Jessie was soon pistoning one finger inside of Lisa's
"Kelly, would you get Screech nice and hard?" Jessie asked
Kelly thought to object but then decided what the hell. Screech
deserved something for what he was doing for them. Kelly moved over
in front of Screech and kneeled, she pulled his pants down and
gasped. "My god its so big." She exclaimed. "I might enjoy this more
then I thought" Kelly knew she would want this cock often. She
started using her hands on his flesh stick gradually starting to use
her tongue and mouth on his prick.
Jessie pushed Lisa down on the floor. She grabbed some Vaseline from
the nightstand and got behind Lisa. "Okay on your hands and knees."
Jessie positioned her on the floor. She took a glob of jelly on her
finger and moved it between Lisa's ass cheeks. Jessie heard Lisa
moan at her touch. "Okay here we go." Jessie used a finger to push
the jelly into Lisa's asshole, then slipped a second finger into
Lisa then a third getting her well lubed up. "Well she's ready.
How's screech doing?"
Kelly came off Screech's prick "All set."
Jessie got Screech positioned behind Lisa. She stroked his hard cock
coating it in Vaseline. "Alright lets give it a go." Jessie guided
screech's cock to the entrance to Lisa's asshole. She helped him
slip the head of his prick into her ass.
"God it so big." Lisa moaned as she felt the huge head penetrate
her. She wasn't an anal virgin but this was the largest cock she had
ever taken. "Alright give me some more." She felt it start to
penetrate her ass, driving deeper and deeper. She wanted it to stop
but knew she needed to take it all. "YES give it to me." She moaned
as her arms collapsed. Screech continued to pound into her pushing
her face and tits into the floor.
"That's all of it." Jessie commented as Screech hit bottom. She
noticed Lisa was only capable of some incoherent moaning at this
point. "Well I guess you better fuck her Screech." She watched as
Screech brought his cock halfway out then drove it all the way in.
Jessie watched as Lisa's body shuddered in orgasm, Screech continued
to pound her ass. Lisa seemed to be like a rag doll completely limp
but cumming almost continuously. Finally she saw Screech give one
last convulsive push. Then she helped him slide his now softening
cock out of her asshole. Lisa collapsed on the floor. "Why don't you
go take a shower Screech?"
As soon as screech had left the room Kelly turned to Jessie. "Wasn't
that hot? I couldn't believe Lisa took it all. I'm really turned on
seeing a prick that big."
"I know, I've got to have it right now." Jessie stood and started to
remove her clothes.

"I think that sounds like fun." Kelly started to pull off her
clothes. The two girls laid down together on Screech's bed. They
started to play with one anothers bodies. They looked up as Screech
returned from the shower. "You up for a bit more fun Screech?" Kelly
asked, she giggled as his towel fell to the floor.

Screech climbed on top of Kelly sucking on her pert nipples as he
positioned his prick at the entrance to her cunt. "You ready for
Kelly wrapped her legs around Screech's waist trying to pull him
into her. "Yes please fuck me." She moaned as Jessie started to suck
at her breast. Screech responded to her cries by burying his bone in
her pussy. She moaned as she felt him start to pound in and out. He
was going deeper then most men ever did, hitting all her sensitive
spots. "Do it to me." She begged as he continued to fuck her. Kelly
felt an orgasm wash over her body.
Jessie watched as Kelly had an orgasm. She looked down and saw
Screech's tool was still hard. "My turn." She jumped up on her hands
and knees and positioned herself over Kelly. Screech quickly
penetrated her doggy style, making her tits bounce as he pounded
into her. Below her Kelly was quick to go for Jessie's heavy tits
and started to maul them. Screech pounded away at her cunt. "Yeah
cum in me, let me feel it." She could feel his prick grow just
before it released his warm seed into her belly. Her own orgasm
followed quickly she collapsed down onto Kelly letting their bodies
brush against each other for a moment. "That was incredible." Jessie
slowly climbed off the bed followed by Kelly leaving Screech laying
in a heap, "You mind if we get going?" She asked. Screech mumbled an
incoherent reply. "I think that's a yes." She dressed quickly and
they left Screech totally wiped out. They split up hoping the other
boys wouldn't want them for a little while.
The girls were lucky the boys didn't want them until the following
Saturday. The guys told them to show up at Slater's house, after
cheerleading practice and to be in their uniforms. The three girls
arrived at the appointed time and the guys had them make certain
adjustments to the uniform. First to go was their red panties and
then they had to take off their bras. Once they were done the guys
stood back to admire their work. They rubbed the girls tits so that
their nipples showed through the thin red material of their tops.
Their pussies and asses were revealed anytime they moved. the guys
had the girls serve them drinks as they watched their football game.
Jessie was startled when she heard the doorbell ring. She started to
move toward the kitchen to hide but Slater blocked the way. "Don't
worry Jessie, we're expecting company. Why don't you go answer the
door." Slater pushed her towards the door.
"But, but I'm practically naked, they can see everything." Jessie
objected. She noticed her two friends Kelly and Lisa were staying
out of the way.
"Well then you better hope I only ask you to open the door. We might
just want you to go out on the front lawn and do you're cheerleading
routines. I'm sure the neighbors would love it." The bell rang
again, "now hurry up or you'll be exposing yourself to the whole
neighborhood." Slater guided her roughly to the door.
Jessie tried to regain her composure as she grabbed the door handle,
she took a deep breath and pulled it open. "Mr. Belding! What are
you doing here?" Jessie tried to cover herself as her principle got
an eyeful of her body.
"Zack told me to show up here, he said he had something to show me.
I see he wasn't kidding." Belding leered at Jessie's big tits.
"Come in Mr. Belding." Zack came up behind Jessie. "I'm sure we can
work out our little problem." The boys were in trouble with Belding
over a prank they pulled. "Maybe you could forget all about what
"Why would I do that Zack?" Belding had come in the room and saw
Kelly and Lisa off in a corner dressed as provocatively as Jessie.
"I'll tell you what I'm gonna do," Zack began. "You forget about our
little stunt the other day and you can have the girls."
"Zack!" Kelly cried out. "We had a deal," she complained.
Zack turned angrily to Kelly. "Well I'm changing it, you better hope
I don't change it any more." He turned back to Belding. "What do you
say? I'll let you do anything you want to these cheerleaders. All
you have to do is forget about the other day. What do you say?"
Belding ran the idea over in his mind. The three girls had been in
more then one fantasy of his. Now he was being offered the chance to
screw them. How could he pass it up. "Alright Zack I'll do it if
they'll do it."
Zack turned to the three girls. "Alright ladies, you heard the man.
I want you to do anything Mr. Belding says or else." Zack thought a
moment, "and make sure he enjoys himself. I want you to beg for it.
" He looked over at the girls. "Who do you want first?"
Belding indicated Jessie, Zack turned to her. "Okay Jessie lets hear
you beg for it."
Jessie stood out in front of the other girls and looked into Mr.
Belding's eyes. "I want you to use and abuse me. I want you're cock
in all my holes. Please fuck me any way you want."

Mr Belding couldn't believe it, here was Jessie Spano renowned
feminist, who had caused him problems on more then one occasion,
begging him to screw her. He had to admit he was very turned on.
"Well I think you should beg on you're knees." Mr. Belding was
shocked as Jessie followed his command and got down on her knees and
started begging him again. "I like you're plan Zack, but do you have
someplace a bit more private."
"Sure thing Mr B." Slater broke in. "There's a bedroom upstairs, you
can use, second door on the right."
"Thanks Slater." Mr. Belding thought a moment. "Mind if I take Kelly
up too?"
"No problem. We'll have fun with Lisa while the girls entertain
you." Tony responded.

"Sounds good." Mr. Belding looked down at Jessie's still kneeling
form. "Alright girls you heard him lets go." He saw Jessie start to
stand, he pushed her back down. "Not that way Jessie. I want you to
crawl, after all you are a bitch in heat aren't you?"
Jessie was humiliated but had little choice but to obey. "Yes. I'm
just a bitch in heat." She started to crawl for the stairs.

Mr. Belding thought as she crawled to the stairs enjoying the sight
of her tight butt under her miniskirt. "Jessie, I want to hear what
you are and what you want me to do to you. Every stair you pass I
want you to tell me what a slut you are and Kelly every time she
passes a stair I want you to slap her ass."
Jessie started up the stairs. "I'm a slut." Kelly hit her ass. "I
want you to fuck my pussy." Smack, her ass was struck again. "I want
you to stick you're cock in my mouth," smack. "I want you to fuck my
ass,"smack. "I want you to fuck my tits,"spank. "I'm a tramp," smack
She passed over a dozen stairs as she crawled to the room. She
opened the door and crawled in followed by Kelly and Mr Belding..
Her ass was sore but her pussy was wet and her nipples were hard.
She was ready for a good fucking.
Mr. Belding thought of all the things he wanted to do too these
girls. He stood behind Jessie and pulled off his pants exposing his
ten inch prick, that was now hard as a rock. "Turn around Jessie,"
he was satisfied as she gasped at the size of his prick, "on you're
knees bitch." Her face was quickly level with his cock. He moved in
closer. "You're a little slut aren't you Jessie?" He slapped her
face with his dick "You're a slut aren't you?"
"I'm a slut." Belding rubbed his cock over her face, she stuck her
tongue out and he slapped her with his cock.
"Beg for it Jessie" he commanded.
"Please I want to suck you're cock." Jessie begged.
Belding pushed his hard cock between Jessie's lips. "You're a good
little cock sucker aren't you Jessie. Probably have a lot of
experience, a slut like you. Let me see you're tits, don't stop
sucking. You too Kelly I want to see you're tits." He enjoyed the
sight as both young beauties raised their tops exposing their tits
to his view.
He enjoyed the sensations of his cock in Jessie's mouth but didn't
want to blow his load just yet.."Alright Jessie up on the bed." He
ordered. "Kelly get up there next to her." He positioned them right
next to each other. "Spread you're legs, very nice." He climbed up
on the bed, first going to Jessie. "I'm gonna fuck you nice and hard
Jessie." He slipped his cock into her cunt. "Not very tight, you
must fuck everything that moves." He mocked her, as he slid his cock
deep into her cunt. "You like that Jessie?"
Jessie was enjoying Belding large cock sawing in and out of her
cunt. "Yes, I love it, fuck me harder and deeper." He forced it
deeper into her cunt. "Yes fuck my slutty cunt." She called out but
then felt him withdraw she looked up and saw him repositioning
outside of Kelly's pussy. "No me," Jessie begged.
"Soon enough bitch." Belding promised as he drove his cock into
Kelly Kaposki's cunt. "What a good bitch Kelly. Head cheerleader bet
you give head all the time don't you slut?"
"Yes anything, just fuck me give me it all." Kelly saw him pull out
and start to climb her body rubbing his cock against her body. He
pushed it between her tits and shoved them together. "Yes fuck my
tits, cum on my face." She reached up and licked the tip of his cock
as it came between her tits.
"Get over her Jessie," Belding commanded, "lick it." He pushed her
face till it was just over Kelly's tits. He felt her running her
tongue over the top of his prick and Kelly's nipples. "God, I'm
gonna cum." He pushed Jessie down so that her face was next to
Kelly's and shot his load over their faces. "Yes that's good," he
sat back. "Why don't you lick that up, clean each other up." He sat
back and watched his prick in his hands. Kelly and Jessie licked at
each others faces. "Alright now do you're cunts." He watched as the
girls got into a sexy sixty nine.
As he watched the two girls get into sucking each other off, he felt
his hardon growing. As it regained his hardness he moved behind
Kelly his balls right over Jessie's face. He moved Jessie out of the
way and shoved his dick all the way into Kelly's tight cunt. "Suck
my balls Jessie." He ordered and felt her start to suck on his
balls. He fucked Kelly hard and fast. He reached forward and put her
head down and into Jessie's pussy. He pushed so hard Kelly started
sliding forward. He felt Jessie's tongue sliding back under his
cock, which gave him an idea. "Use you're tongue on my ass." He felt
her start to comply. He pushed down giving her better access. "Get
it in there." He felt her tongue penetrate his asshole, it felt
incredible. He pushed a finger into Kelly's tight ass.
Belding pulled out of Kelly's pussy and in one quick motion jammed
his cock into Kelly's ass. He heard her groan and he shot his load
deep into her ass. As he started to shrink he continued to let
Jessie lick his asshole. "Enough," he got off her." Look I'm all
messy." He sat down and got comfortable.
The two girls knew what he wanted and went to work licking at his
cock. First Kelly then Jessie would take it into their mouth while
the other sucked on his balls. Soon enough he was getting another
hard on from this treatment. They continued to suck on his cock
until he shot another load into their faces. They then licked all
his spunk up.
While Belding had Jessie and Kelly, the guys decided to have their
fun with Lisa. As soon as the three of them disappeared upstairs
Zack ordered Lisa to give him a blow job. He blew his load into her
throat forcing her to swallow it all. Slater was next then Tony they
each shot their load down Lisa's throat, making sure she didn't miss
a drop.
Then Zack pushed Lisa down onto the coffee table and raised her
skirt exposing her black ass to the three of them. He fingered her
pussy then pushed his finger up her ass. "Seems kind of loose" He
joked. "I think Screech has been in there." The three of them
laughed. He pushed his dick against the entrance to her ass. "Still
tight thought." He started to saw his cock back and forth into her
tight asshole, with one last push he shot his load into her ass.
Tony didn't even let Lisa stand up but pressed his prick right into
her ass, Zack's cum smoothing the way. He pounded her hard and fast,
bringing on his own orgasm.
Lisa barely noticed as Slater shoved his prick into her now well
lubed asshole. She felt him pump deep inside her and shoot off
adding his load to the others. As he came off her she stood up.
"How's it feel to be raped up the ass bitch?" Tony laughed.
Lisa stood with difficulty. "Jeez. its Jessie who has the rape
fantasies, not me." She tried to seem like she had said something
she didn't want to. "Please guys, forget I said that."
Zack's mind was working overtime. "So Jessie has rape fantasies, I
guess we could make them come true for the poor girl. What do you
say guys?"
"No, you can't." Lisa responded trying to sound upset.
"Shut up bitch." Slater slapped Lisa's face. "I think we should come
up with a plan guys." They sent Lisa out of the room to get them
some snacks. Lisa came out of the kitchen as Belding was leaving.
She heard them making plans for another get together.
Tony then went and got Jessie and Kelly, telling them they were
going to satisfy one of Jessie's rape fantasies. They talked for
awhile, coming up with a plan. Jessie would wait at home next
Saturday night. Her window would be open, she would pretend to be
asleep. As the guys came in the window. Kelly would follow them with
a camera to film the whole thing. Lisa was glad to be out of it.
Jessie Spano was waiting in her bedroom. Her parents had left for
the weekend and in order to get out from under blackmail. She had
agreed to be 'raped' by Tony,Slater and Zack. They were to break in
and abuse her, while Kelly Kaposki was with them in order to tape
the whole thing for evidence.
Jessie was in the dark wearing only a tee shirt and panties. She
held the blanket up to her chin as she strained to hear. She heard a
noise at the window she had left open for the guys. She heard them
break in. She worried for a moment that it might be someone else but
was almost relieved when she realized it was them. She closed her
eyes and pretended to sleep. She swore she could almost feel the
camera panning over her body.
The blanket was ripped off of her. One of the men grabbed her and
turned her over. Her hands were pulled behind her back, she felt
handcuffs being put on she hadn't been expecting that. She felt fear
at being so helpless, she sucked in her breath in order to scream
she felt something metal at her throat.

"Quiet bitch!" Tony put the dull knife against her throat, as they
had previously agreed. "You're gonna satisfy all of us and you
better be good or we're gonna cut up that pretty face of yours."
"Please, don't hurt me." Jessie squeaked trying to sound as cowed as
possible for the tape. One of the men pulled on her shirt and ripped
it right down the front exposing her tits. She heard several
comments on their large size as someone grabbed her nipples and
pinched them painfully. She could hear zippers being opened as hands
slid her panties down her legs leaving her naked.
"We're gonna fuck you good, bitch." Tony kept the knife at her
throat, "and you're gonna enjoy it aren't you cunt."

"No please, I'm a virgin." Jessie lied,deciding to try and make the
tape as hot as possible.
"Suck it bitch!" Zack shoved his cock into Jessie's face.
"But I've never." Jessie tried to sound reluctant, as she saw his
cock inches from her face.

"Shut up and open that mouth up." Zack slapped his dick across her
face. As she opened her mouth he slid his dick past her lips. "Yes,
baby take it all, use that tongue." He started sliding in and out of
Jessie's face, enjoying the feel of her tongue on his dick.

"Here I come baby." Slater positioned himself on top of Jessie's and
stuck his dick into her cunt. "Oh yeah, you're so tight!" Slater
pistoned in and out of her cunt, he was surprised how dry it was but
as he pounded away he felt more lubrication coming out. "Here it
comes baby." He shoved his prick into her cunt and shot load after
load into her tight twat. "Next," Slater laughed.

"Oh yeah, take all of my cock." Zack felt Jessie's nose right at the
base of his prick. "I'm gonna shoot right down your throat." He felt
a load leave his prick heading for the back of her throat. "You
better swallow it all, bitch!" as he pulled his dick out of her
mouth he took her chin into his hands and held her mouth closed.
"Get a good shot of this." He turned to Kelly. "I want a picture of
her swallowing my spunk." Zack pulled Jessie's chin up allowing
Kelly to get a good shot of her throat. "Come on, swallow bitch." He
grabbed her nose closing off her air. He watched as she strained,
then saw her swallow. "Yeah baby, tell me how much you love it." He
let her breath.

"What!! " Zack made like he was going to hit her, Jessie decided she
had agreed to this and would have to go along. "Oh yes, I love the
taste of you're seed."
Tony grabbed her and threw her over onto her chest. "You ever been
taken up the ass? Bitch."
"No please, I've never done that." Jessie's begged lying for the
camera. She felt Tony's prick at the entrance to her anus.
"Here it comes!" Tony slammed into her, pushing the full length into
her ass. "Yeah baby, you are so tight, but you won't be for long!"
He started pounding away at her.
Jessie screamed in pain, making it seem worse then it was. She
barely hurt at all. She had been taken in the ass so much lately, it
barely bothered her. Jessie looked off to the side and saw that
Slater was coming back into the room. She wondered where he had

"We've got a surprise for you, bitch!" Slater opened the door wide.
Tony grabbed Jessie's hair and turned her face towards the door.
"Oh my god!" slipped out as Jessie's saw many large muscular walk
into the room. They were all naked with massive hard ons. "You
can't?" She begged for real this time, they hadn't discussed this.
"Don't worry baby. Just a few friends of mine from the football
team. I told them you'd have no problem accommodating them."
"I can't!" Jessie felt Tony shoot his load into her ass. Her mind
was racing, trying to think of a way out of this. Before she could
think of anything one of the men pulled her face off the bed and
pushed her to her knees. Positioning her head over his cock, he
pushed on the back of her head forcing his cock down her throat.
Jessie felt someone's hands on her ass and felt a cock penetrating
her pussy. She felt him pound away at her cunt. She couldn't stop
taking the cock in her throat it just went deeper until she felt his
pubic hair tickling her nose.

"Oh yeah, nothing better then white pussy!" One of the men commented
loudly, with a grunt he shot his load onto her back. "Next!" He
laughed as he got off the bed. Another man quickly replaced him,
filling Jessie's cunt with another hard black cock She moaned around
the one in her mouth as he pushed a finger into her ass. The man in
front pulled her up off his cock, by her hair. As the cock came out
of her mouth he sprayed his cum over her face.
"Oh baby, I messed up you're pretty face." He got up and let
Jessie's fall back onto the bed the man in her pussy reached around
and pinched her nipples. "Beg for it up the ass baby."
"I can't!!" Jessie's begged for the camera. The man started to twist
her nipples. "ohhh" Jessie moaned in pain, she could barely get her
throat to work it felt so abused, she swallowed once or twice. "Fuck
my virgin ass, take my anal cherry with you're hard black cock!"
Jessie moaned as the man pulled his cock out of her pussy and
positioned it at her ass. She felt it slip past her anus as the man
pushed his entire length up her ass. Jessie yelled out in pain as he
started to pound away at her.
Jessie's was pulled up, another man positioned his cock under her
face. He pushed her face down until she was sucking on his hard
prick. She now had one cock in her ass, another shoved deep into her
mouth. With her hands cuffed behind her back Jessie could do nothing
about her continuing violations. As soon as one man finished another
took his place, occasionally one would give her ass a break and fuck
her pussy. Usually they'd use both holes.
Kelly continued to film Jessie 's degradation. Kelly couldn't
believe Tony had brought so many guys over to fuck her. There must
have been ten football players in the room. They stroked their cocks
as they waited their turn at Jessie.
A couple of the football players came up to Kelly and started
fondling her body through her clothes. "Hey, this is the head
cheerleader. Time for her to give some head!" The man laughed at his
joke. Someone took the camera away from Kelly and her clothes were
quickly pulled off of her body.
Kelly soon found herself naked on the floor, surrounded by pricks.
One prick was shoved into her mouth, she swallowed it another was
shoved up her pussy. She groaned at the penetration. He shot off in
her pussy and was replaced by another, who shoved his cock up her
For over an hour the girls were penetrated in every way possible.
They were finally so tired and sore, they were barely aware of their
surrounding. They barely noticed as the cocks stopped penetrating
them. A couple of guys grabbed Kelly and lifted her onto the bed.
Kelly was positioned next to Jessie. They were handcuffed together
in a sixty nine position. they used the sheets to bind the girls
together face to cunt.
Tony grabbed Kelly's face and held it close to his. "You just lay
there for awhile, and enjoy you're friend. . I'll drop the keys to
the cuffs off with Lisa. She'll be by in a couple of hours." He
laughed and left the camera pointed at them still recording.
They lay together for over an hour before Lisa came and got them
out. They then spent a long time bathing. After that they watched
the tape they took it to school and edited it, making sure the guys
faces were visible but not the girls. They then found out when Tony
would be out, snuck into his room and got Jessie's diary and all the
hard copies of their pictures. Screech fed a virus into Tony's
computer destroying those copies.
When Tony came home, the girls met him and showed him their rape
tape. They told him they would give the tape to the police if he
didn't stop bothering them. He agreed. Only a month later Jessie,
Kelly and Lisa moved to New York and never saw the guys again .
Except for screech who's visits were more then welcome.
the end


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