Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains graphic descriptions
of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does
not work this way. If you feel like trying this, seek help.

One of the most requested shows ever and I'm finally getting around to it.
Sorry it took so long. All comments and suggestions/scenarios welcomed.

Saved By The Bell: Hypno TV (mf,ff,mc)
by MAW

"Why me?" The man seemed in his fifties, with distinguished
white hair and a business suit. He was speaking to the image on
his computer screen, the image of a white-haired woman who was
wearing a robe. "Why not Cursters? Or Manrid?"

The woman shook her head. "You volunteered for this, Jaired,
remember? You wanted to be among the first expedition teams to
this world?"

"But why this assignment? I thought I'd get something a
little more--mature."

"Now, Jaired, we know you're the best at your job. We need
your skill with this particular assignment. The sexuality of the
Earthlings is divided into adults and those just on the cusp of
adulthood. Teenagers, to use the Human term. We decided you
should handle the latter."

"Cursed by my own competence," Jaired sighed. "All right,
where and who?"

"We've chosen a high school called Bayside, in the American
state of California. The info on the subjects should be coming on
your screen. Good luck, Jaired." The image of the woman winked
off and in its place came the images of six young people, three
male, three female. Jaired sighed and began his work.


While I was not crazy about this assignment, I nonetheless
went into it with the same care that I have taken with different
assignments. True, the orders were unusual, but I learned a long
time not to bother complaining. No one ever listens anyway.

The six teenagers I was assigned to were as follows:

Zach Morris: Blond, handsome, the "surfer type" to borrow from
the Human veniachular. Troublemaker, mischievous, but with a good
heart. Has enjoyed a long on-again-off-again relationship with
following subject, one that I intend on exploiting.

Kelly Kapowski (At least I hope that's how her name is spelled. I
think if we could figure out why Humans take two names, we'd
understand them much better): Brown hair, cheerleader, popular
girl. Shy, good of heart, not very manipulative. A submissive
position would probably be better for her in this experiment.

A.C. Slater: Mexican-origin, star athlete, curly black hair,
what the young females of this planet would call "a hunk." Has
had a long relationship with following subject whose refusal to
consummate but secret eagerness to may prove useful.

Jessie Spano: Curly reddish-brown hair, tall for her sex, smart,
outspoken. Early research indicates a possible curiosity towards
same sex encounters, something I intend to push.

Samuel Powers: Nicknamed "Screech." Smart but extremely
eccentric, a "nerd" to use yet another human term. His intellect
is key to my overall plan. Not the most impressive human frame,
but not quite ugly either. His infatuation with below subject is
the catalyst to my plan.

Lisa Turtle: Nubian skin color, black hair. Gossiper, popular but
outspoken, somewhat vain. Tolerates Screech despite his incessant
attempts to get her to fall in love with him. Perhaps I can
change that.

The implantations went easier than I expected. Low-level
sleep ray was used to sedate subjects at their homes while I
inserted the microscopic receptors. I could now send thoughts
into their subconscious to initiate actions, lower resistance and
monitor body chemistry as well as all movements. It was now time
to begin the experiment in earnest.


"Eureka!" Yes, Screech really did say that as he
straightened up from his lab table. He was in his basement, the
one room of his house where he could insure he wouldn't be
disturbed. He had finally completed the project that would make
all of his dreams come true.

The idea had struck Screech in his sleep a few nights ago.
He'd labored on and off, borrowing various electronics from
around the house and a few hardware stores. It had been easier to
construct than he thought, as if somehow someone was telling him
exactly what to do. Whatever, Screech wasn't arguing with the
results. He stopped and stared at his masterpiece.

It was a long tube, like a flashlight, with a green bulb at
the top of it. This bulb contained a specialized pulse light that
had taken Screech several hours to finally perfect. He couldn't
wait until Monday. He needed to use this now. He knew Lisa would
be at the mall. It was Saturday, after all. Screech ran upstairs,
grabbed his bike and took off downtown.

* * *

Lisa had actually stuck to a sparse shopping trip this week.
She only carried three bags as she walked down the mall's main
strip. She was wearing an expensive dress, her hair perfectly
done as she walked down the halls, her high heels clopping
against the hard tile floor. She was in a good mood. Shopping
usually did that for her. Besides it gave her a chance to get
away from--

"Lisa, my love!" Lisa moaned and rolled her eyes before
turning around to see Screech walking up to her. As usual, he
wore a wild pattern shirt and shorts that made him look even
geekier than normal. "Screech, what a surprise," Lisa said
through gritted teeth. "What brings you here?"

"The wings of love, my sweet," he said, batting his eyes at
her. Lisa considered slugging him but held her temper. "Screech,
I'm busy, so let me explain this quick. I've got a date tonight.
So, I don't need you following me around. I need to get ready.
Bug off. Understood?"

"Are you telling me you don't want me around?" For a man so
smart, Screech could be incredibly dense at times. Lisa tried to
walk away but Screech followed her, finally cornering her in a
quiet hall near the supply closet. "Lisa, after I show you this,
you won't have any more worries about me," Screech said.

Lisa decided to get this out of the way. "Fine, what is it?"

Screech held up his device. He pointed it so the bulb was
aimed right at Lisa's face. Screech hit the button and a thin
beam of green light shot out right into Lisa's eyes. She blinked,
the light's brightness blinding her. Then, a wave of dullness
washed over her brain. Her face slackened and the bags fell out
of her limp hands as Screech's device brainwashed her almost

Screech could feel a hard-on just seeing Lisa's free will
melt away. He turned off the light and stared at her. "Lisa, how
do you feel?"

"Fine," she said in a perfect monotone, staring vacantly
before her.

"Lisa, will you do anything I tell you to?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Screech."

"Do you love me now, Lisa?"

"Yes, Screech my love."

"Good, good. Did you drive your car here, Lisa?"

"Yes, Screech my love."

"Good. Let's go. We can drive back to my house. Then you can
have sex with me. You want that, don't you?"

"Yes, Screech my love."

* * *

The ride to Screech's house was fifteen minutes of wild
torture as far as he was concerned. Lisa drove, Screech telling
her to drive just as she normally would. He would glance over and
stroke at his groin at the sight of the girl of his dreams
finally under his power. Screech did feel a twinge of guilt over
this, but it was quickly washed aside as he thought of having
Lisa all to himself.

When they got to his house, Screech took his bike, locked in
Lisa's trunk, and threw it in the garage. He took Lisa up to his
room, thankful that his were out. They stepped into his room,
surprisingly clean with the bed folded and ready. Screech tore
off his clothes in a hurry and fell on the bed. It was then he
remembered Lisa had no free will of her own. "Lisa, do you want
to make love to me?"

"Yes, Screech my love."

"Undress then for me, honey. Just take off all your clothes
and we can get this done."

Lisa obediently stripped, her dress falling around her,
followed by her bra and panties. Screech paused to look at her.
She was even better than he had imagined, her full and firm
breasts as inviting as the black patch between her legs. She
swayed slightly, naked, ready for her next command, her mind a
total blank. "Come over to me, Lisa," Screech commanded. "Come on
over and let's do it."

Finally putting his lips against Lisa's almost made Screech
come right there, but he managed to hold it. He tongue-wrestled
her for long minutes, rolling around the bed with her. He buried
her head in that magnificent cleavage of hers and spent ten long,
wonderful minutes playing with her beautiful tits. He massaged
them with his hands, pinching the chocolate nipples, loving the
moans he got in response as he kissed the smooth curves.

He knew that, even in her mesmerized state, Lisa was excited
over the breastplay. Time to move to the main event. Screech took
a deep breath and pushed himself into her. He began slowly,
pushing his cock in and out of her pussy. He began to get into
it, his cock thrusting in and out of her with more feeling. Lisa
moaned as she began to feel the joy Screech was giving her. She
shifted her pelvis to meet him, trying to push him to
ejaculation. They kissed, this time with more passion as Screech
shot his load into her, eliciting a gasp from Lisa.

They lay together for long minutes before Screech realized
his parents could be home any minute. He hated to let Lisa go,
but he would have his opportunity again. He had her dress and
drive home. She would wake up as she drove, with no memory of her
encounter with Screech. But, whenever Screech called her just
right, she would once more be at his mercy. Life was good.

* * *

The first stage went well. Of course, if it weren't for my
suggestions and modifications, Screech's device would never had
worked as well as it did. Time to reverse things, give the next
couple a chance to enact on the suggestions I gave them. Let's
see how the other half does.


"I'm still surprised you came," Slater said. "Usually, I
can't drag you to my practices."

"Well, I thought I should finally see how you and your
barbarian cousins carry out your games," Jessie replied. She and
Slater were walking away from the school football field. Slater
had just finished a hard practice and was amazed to find Jessie
there. Slater wore a sweatsuit with his gym bag over his
shoulder. Jessie wore a pair of slacks and a brown vest over a
white buttoned shirt. "I thought you were going to a 'Save the
Tundra' rally or something."

For a couple, the two couldn't agree on much. Slater thought
Jessie was too committed to the environment. Jessie thought
Slater was a macho chauvinistic pig. Still, they definitely liked
kissing each other. Only one of them was ready to take it beyond

They sat under a tree in a secluded part of the school,
quiet even on busy days. On a Saturday, it was deserted. "Here,"
Jessie said. She handed Slater a bottle with a yellow liquid in
it. "I decided to make some special juice for you. Get your
strength up."

"You didn't make this out of herbs, did you?" Slater asked.
He sipped cautiously before taking a large gulp. "Hey, not bad."

"Family secret," Jessie said. They talked for a few minutes,
trying to avoid an argument. Even though they knew the other
wasn't really interested, they discussed their separate hobbies
and likes and dislikes. Slater was really enjoying the drink
Jessie had made. He sat against the tree and Jessie sat before
him. He soon began to notice a strange buzzing in his head and a
wave of fatigue coming over him, probably a wind-down from the
practice. He looked up at Jessie and was met by her startling
eyes. Funny, he'd never really noticed how attractive they were.
Jessie was talking, but Slater couldn't really hear her clearly.
All he could do was look at her eyes. Her nice, warm, deep eyes.

"Deeper, Slater," Jessie was saying in a quiet tone. "Just
keep looking, nice and deep. My eyes are so deep, Slater. So
enticing. You can't look away from them. You don't want to look
away from them. You just want to keep looking into my eyes, deep
into my eyes, deeper and deeper. Just relax, Slater. Relax and
keep looking deeper and deeper into my eyes."

Slater's world had collapsed into just one thing: Jessie's
entrancing eyes. Those gorgeous orbs held Slater in their grip
and he felt himself falling. Deeper and deeper, a wave of
tiredness coming over him. He felt sleepy, suddenly. Really
sleepy. He wanted to keep his eyes open, to keep staring at those
gorgeous eyes, but his lids were so heavy. He couldn't keep his
own eyes open. He tried, but as soon as Jessie's eyes filled his,
he felt himself drifting off into sleep.

"That's right, baby. Sleep. Sleep. You can't keep your eyes
open any longer. You have to sleep now. Sleep. Just sleep and let
yourself go. It's okay, baby, you know you want to. Just sleep.
Sleep." Slater's eyes closed and he slumped against the tree.
Jessie smiled as she continued to deepen the induction. She knew
the drugged drink would help lower his resistance and make this
easier. Now that Slater was deeply hypnotized, she could finally
get this done.

Jessie wanted Slater, that was no secret. She wanted him
even more than he wanted her. But the feminist in her hated the
idea that he might brag about it afterwards. So, she'd come up
with a compromise. A way to get lucky that Slater wouldn't
remember. She leaned forward hovering over Slater. "Slater, can
you hear me?"

"Yeah.." he muttered. Jessie ran her hands down and cupped
his groin in her palm. "Listen to me, baby. You want to listen to
me. You want to do everything I say. Don't you?"

"Yeah.." She could feel Slater harden in her hand. She could
make him strip naked there and ride him until sunset but she
wanted this done on her terms. Her way. "Just relax, baby," she
whispered. "Just relax. Let yourself go. Just sleep and I'll take
care of you. I'll take care of you right here. Sleep and trust
me. Always trust me."

She lay Slater down on the ground and took a quick glance
around to make sure no one was looking. She slowly unzipped the
fly on his pants, taking her time. She pulled it down until
Slater's cock was exposed. It shot out like a pistol, straight
and hard, larger than Jessie had imagined. She caressed it, her
fingers running over the hard penis. She jabbed it lightly with
her tongue, gauging Slater's response. He groaned and shifted on
the ground, no doubt believing he was having an erotic dream.

Jessie took his large cock in her mouth and began to suck
it. Her fingers squeezed and pinched at the penis and balls as
her tongue licked at the very tip. She moved her mouth up and
down the rock-hard member, taking it as far down her throat as
she could. She could hear Slater groan as she sucked at him,
running her lips up and down his dick with grace. She was
enjoying herself more than she thought she would, her female
instincts overpowering her feminist beliefs. She sucked at him
with more feeling, loving the taste of him in her mouth, hoping
he would come. She got her wish as he shot off without warning,
filling her mouth with cum. She swallowed it as it came, licking
at his dick to get it all.

Jessie sat up, feeling a wetness between her legs. Well,
this had been good for a first run. Maybe next time, they could
go father. Of course, she still had a little training left. She
began to pull back up Slater's pants, telling him how he would
wake up with no memory of being hypnotized. Just as she was about
to wake him up, she was struck with an idea for a way to use her
talent. An idea that was too good to pass up.

* * *

Interesting how this self-made macho man is turned into a
mindless slave. An nice reversal of what he was thinking. Well,
on to the penultimate part of my experiment. Helping one teen to
consummate a relationship with another.


Kelly sighed as she walked out of the Max. Weekends were
pretty hard waitressing at the lunch spot. Still, it paid good
and the money went to help out her family. It also got her mind
off school and, partly, Zach. Not that she wanted to forget Zach
altogether, but it was tough to get a feeling on their
relationship. She liked him, really. Okay, she may actually love
him. But sometimes he could be unbelievably dense and act like a
total jerk. Then again, he'd helped her out through some tough
times and he seemed to love her as well.

The sun was beginning to set as she made it home. She was
surprised to see Zach waiting at her doorstep, wearing a jean
shirt and a pair of jeans. "Hey, Kelly! I knocked but no one's

"No, I've got it to myself tonight," Kelly said. "What are
you doing here?"

"I wanted to talk," Zach said in a defensive tone.

Kelly sighed inwardly and decided to let him in. Why not, it
might do some good for both of them. "All right."

* * *

Twenty minutes later, they were sitting in Kelly's family
room, sharing a coke and laughing about one of Zach's crazy
schemes in the past. "How long did it take Belding to get the
stain out, anyway?" Kelly asked.

"Three weeks and fifty bucks. I know, he sent me the bill."
Zach smiled. "Look, Kelly, I've been thinking about us. Thinking
about if we should make any steps with our relationship."

"Zach, you know I don't like talking about this."

"Well, when? We have to talk about it soon. We're graduating
next year, Kelly, we need to decide some things. Here, I brought
something over to show you." He reached into his pocket and
pulled out a golden chain. At the end of it was a brilliant gold
disk. "Whoah," Kelly said. "Where'd you get it?"

"It belonged to my grandmother," Zach answered.

"What'd you do to her, Zach?"

"Nothing! I just thought you might want to wear it

"I don't know, Zach."

"Come on, Kelly. Look at it. Just look." Zach gently swung
the gold disk in front of her eyes. "Look at the way it shines
when the light hits it. Come on, look at it swinging there, left
to right, left to right. The way it swings and catches the light.
Left to right and it just shines. Your eyes follow it left to
right and it keeps shining and shining and the shining is in your
eyes and it's so relaxing to watch the shining coin, left to
right, left to right, so relaxing to watch it swing and shine,
swing and shine, left to right, left to right. It's so beautiful.
Very beautiful. Just as beautiful as you, Kelly."

Kelly's eyes were drooping slightly, fixed to the shining
disks motions. Zach couldn't believe it was working so well.
Those books on hypnosis really did help him out. "Just keep
watching it shine, Kelly. Watch it shine as it swings, shine as
it swings, left to right. It's so relaxing to watch this
beautiful disk swing left to right, left to right. So relaxing.
Are you feeling relaxed, Kelly?"

"..Yes.." Kelly whispered. She still wore her red Max t-
shirt and black skirt.

"Yes, Kelly, you feel so relaxed watching it swing and
shine, swing and shine. So relaxed and so at ease and everything
you hear is relaxing, ever word I say is relaxing, Kelly. So
relaxing." Zach stopped the disc's swinging motions and held it
stationary to Kelly's limp eyes. "Kelly, are you totally relaxed


"Good. Now, Kelly, listen very carefully to what I'm about
to say. Very carefully. Kelly, do you love me?"

Kelly paused, her face crinkling in thought before replying.
"Yes. I do."

Zach let out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding in.
That made this a lot easier. "Kelly, you love me. And I love you.
And you want to act on these feelings of love now. Don't be
nervous. Don't be shy. You want to do this. You want to. You have
to. When I snap my fingers, you'll wake up. You won't remember
being asleep but you will want to act on these feelings right
now." With that, Zach snapped his fingers.

Kelly blinked her eyes and stared at him for a long moment.
In that moment, everything clarified for her. She had to have
him. Now. "Let's go to my bedroom," she said.

"Are you sure?"

She leaned forward and kissed him harder than she'd ever
kissed him before. He pulled her to him and almost carried her up
the stairs to her room. They stood in front of each other and
began undressing. Zach's blond-haired cock was already hard.
Kelly could feel a slight dampness between her legs. They kissed
again, embracing and falling onto her bed, rolling around until
Kelly came on top. She thrust her pert breasts into his face and
allowed him to suck on nipple.

Kelly pushed herself up and took Zach's hard cock in one
hand. She maneuvered herself in and sat down on his member. They
kissed once more, then Kelly sat herself up and began slowly
pushing herself forward. Zach soon began matching her rythym,
pushing himself into her. Kelly rocked herself back and forth on
Zach, her dark hair falling around her, several hairs reaching
down and almost covering one breast. Zach ran his hands up and
down her smooth hips as he pushed into her, feeling himself
building up. Kelly arched back as they orgasmed together, both
crying out as the passion they'd long held was finally released.

* * *

They made love for about an hour more. It was touching, in a
way. Well, the last stage of the study took place that evening.
As you can see, it became the most interesting part of this
entire experiment.


The slumber party was in full swing, the hour growing close
to midnight. At Jessie's house, Lisa, Jessie and Kelly were
dressed in pajamas, exchanging gossip and enjoying themselves.
Kelly had kept quiet about what had happened between her and
Zach. They weren't ready to make it public just yet. Lisa had had
a weird feeling all day, but couldn't quite place it. Jessie,
meanwhile, was formulating plans as she looked at her two
attractive friends.

"This juice is good, Jessie," Kelly said as she took a long
sip. "Thanks."

"My pleasure," Kelly said. And it would be soon. "Guys, you
have to see this. I just got it and it is so cool." She walked
over to the light switch. "Get on the bed. Come on, both of you.
Trust me." Humoring her, Lisa and Kelly got onto the large bed,
looking up at the ceiling. Kelly hit two switches on the wall.
One turned off the lights in the room. The other turned on a
pinwheel set in the ceiling. It was multicolored with glow-in-
the-dark patterns set on it. It soon began spinning in earnest,
the patterns forming a spiral that instantly drew the two girl's
attention. It was relaxing to watch the spiral. The nice spiral.
The pretty spiral. So pretty. You had to watch it. You couldn't
look away. You had to keep watching the spiral and letting it
draw in your eyes. Let your eyes be drawn deeper and deeper into
the spiral. So deep and so relaxing.

Jessie waited ten minutes before turning on the light next
to the bed. Lisa and Kelly lay there, staring up at the spiral,
their faces totally relaxed. Jessie knew they were hypnotized and
decided to press the advantage. "Kelly, Lisa, can you hear me?"

"Yes.." they replied.

"Good. Now, you two are asleep. Asleep and having a dream.
An erotic dream. You've had them before, you can let yourself go.
Just let yourself go. This dream makes you feel so good and so
relaxed. Just do everything I say and you'll feel so good and
you'll want this dream to continue. Now, Kelly, Lisa, you're both
feeling so hot. Very hot. Inside and out. Your skin feels hot and
you're feeling a desire within you both. A desire you want
released. Take off your clothes and you feel even more relaxed.
It's so hot, you have to take them off. Take them off and you'll
feel very relaxed and aroused. So aroused. Go ahead."

Slowly, the two girls stripped. Within minutes they lay next
to each other, nude. Kelly had stripped as well and she crawled
onto the bed, running a hand over each nubile nude form next to
her. She caressed the breasts, Lisa's large ones and Kelly's
pointed. She leaned down and kissed Lisa, fleetingly. She kissed
Kelly with more feeling, surprised to feel her returning in kind.
The kiss seemed to trigger something and soon the three were
withering together on the bed in a tangle of limbs.

Jessie pushed Kelly on her back and let her friend suck on
her breasts. Kelly's mouth formed an o around the nipple as she
suckled on it like a newborn babe. Lisa moved forward and kissed
Jessie with more feeling. She sat herself on Kelly's face, her
dark pussy just over Kelly's pale lips. Kelly began to lick,
pushing her tongue inside Lisa's clit. Kelly was moving her
tongue faster than Jessie would have thought, lapping at Lisa.
Meanwhile, Jessie moved down and began to lick at Kelly's pussy.
She leaned forward, her face filled with Kelly's sweet smell. As
she licked, Jessie could feel Lisa's hands running over her
smooth ass, the fingers lightly brushing against Jessie's lips.
Lisa grabbed Jessie's buttocks and held on as she came on Kelly's
face. Jessie herself soon tasted the wet juices her friend had
been secreting.

They pushed themselves around, Lisa on her back this time.
Kelly moved onto her so she and Lisa were in a 69 position and
went back to work, eating at her friend's pussy. Lisa was only
too happy to return the wonderful feeling Kelly was giving her,
taking long, slow licks with her tongue up into Kelly's twat. Her
tongue often met Jessie's, who was lying on her stomach, trying
to get in and Kelly as well. With the double tongue-lashing,
Kelly soon came to orgasm faster than before. Jessie and Lisa's
tongues wrestled trying to lick as much juices as Lisa's cum
began spilling onto Kelly's face.

Jessie lay back, on her back, her pussy inviting. "Eat me
out, girls," she whispered. Her two hypnotized friends eagerly
answered. Kelly licked at Jessie's lower entrance with fast licks
and lashes. Lisa took it more slowly, pushing her lips onto
Jessie, sucking as much as licking. Jessie moaned as she felt
four hands running up and down her smooth thighs. When she came,
she did so with the utmost pleasure, a look of utter contentment
on her face as she felt her friends' lips on her own.

* * *

I plan to keep this up for about a month before I leave. Of
course, I will wipe their memories of the incident and remove all
physical evidence. I hope this report is satisfactory. I was
operating under severe time constraints so I apoligze for any
rushness in it. I hope it meets your criteria.


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