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Saved By The Bell: Good Moaning Miss Bliss Part 2 (mmFf,m-mast,slash)
by JustMe

Zack woke up like most eighth grade boys; his cock was standing proud and
throbbing as he thought about his date with Shaina. He pushed the sheet off
him and slid his pajama bottoms down then looked at the hard five and a half
inch cock standing above the thin patch of light brown hair. His right hand
gripped it and began slowly sliding up and down causing him to moan and his
toes to curl. In his mind he could see Shaina pulling her top and bra off
exposing her milky white boobs topped by pale pink hard nipples. His hand
moved faster as she slipped her jeans and then her panties down showing the
triangle of bright red hair just above her puffy lips. He groaned and his
balls tightened as his cock jerked and hot cum shot from it landing on his
smooth hairless chest.

"Oh Shaina, yes!!!" He moaned as his cock jerked again and again covering his
hand and stomach with sticky cum. As his orgasm subsided he lifted his hand
to his mouth and his tongue licked the cum from his fingers. He scooped as
much as he could from his stomach and chest lifting his hand back to his
mouth. He loved the taste of his cum, last year he had accidentally gotten a
taste of it when some landed on his lips and he had been licking it up ever

* * *

Two blocks away Mikey was having a very sexy dream about Shaina. She was
lying on her back, her legs spread and her hand slowly rubbing her wet pussy.
With her other hand she motioned for him to crawl between her legs. Just as
he was moving between her legs he was pushed out of the way and Zack slid his
cock into her instead. Mikey just stood and watched as Zack fucked his dream
girl, strangely his cock was throbbing and his hand was sliding up and down
it as he heard Shaina moaning and begging. "Oh Zack, fuck me hard!!"

As Zack slammed into her and groaned. "I'm cumming!!!" Shaina's hips lifted
and she squeezed him with her thighs, Mikey felt his cock jerk and his cum
shoot all over her and Zack. Mikey sat up in bed suddenly waking from his
dream then feeling the sticky wetness in his shorts where he had shot a huge
load while sleeping. He fell back against his pillow then threw the sheet
from his body and headed to the bathroom to shower, he was even more pissed
now that he had dreamed of Zack fucking Shaina and it had made him cum in
his shorts.

* * *

The bell rang and the kids rushed to their desks. Lisa and Nikki could barely
take their eyes off the other and when they looked at Miss Bliss and saw her
smiling they both felt their pussies twitch. Zack was confused, he had been
late getting to school barely making it to class on time and when he tried to
speak to Mikey all he got was a go to hell stare. Miss Bliss noticed the
tension between them but she knew no more than Zack.

After class Lisa and Nikki stopped at Miss Bliss's desk and Lisa said.
"Thanks for helping us last night Miss Bliss. It was wonderful."

"Yea, I don't know when I've had so much fun." Nikki added running her hand
over Lisa's ass and giving it a little squeeze.

"Well I'm glad you enjoyed it." Miss Bliss said moving around her desk then
moving Nikki's hand. "But you have to be careful what you do in public. We
don't want anyone learning our little secret."

Suddenly they heard a commotion in the hall and as they ran to see what was
happening they saw Mr. Belding moving in between Zack and Mikey as he yelled.

"I don't know Mr. Belding." Zack said. "I was just getting my books from my
locker." Even though Mikey had slammed Zack against his locker he wasn't
going to tell.

"Well, how about you?" Belding asked looking at Mikey.

"I just slipped." Mikey said staring at Zack.

"I'm sure it's nothing Mr. Belding." Miss Bliss said.

"Well ok this time." Belding said walking away. "But I'm gonna be watching
you two."

Miss Bliss grabbed Zack and Mikey by the arms and said. "In my room, NOW!"
They walked in and she sat on the edge of her desk staring at the boys then
she said. "Ok, somebody tell me what's going on."

Zack shrugged his shoulders and said. "I really don't know what's wrong."

"Yea right." Mikey snarled. "You know what you did."

"No Mikey I really don't."

"You just had to ask her to the dance. You knew I wanted to take her but you
always have to get everything." Mikey said moving towards Zack.

"Who are you talking about." Zack said moving away.

"Shaina you idiot! You knew I wanted to ask her."

Miss Bliss smiled when she heard this. Now that she knew what was wrong she
was sure she could fix it. She could understand why they would fight over
Shaina, she was in one of her classes and she often thought of sliding her
tongue over her red haired pussy. "Now boys, I know Shaina is a very pretty
and sexy girl but she's not worth ruining your friendship over. As handsome
as you both are girls will come and go all through your lives but friends
last forever. Now shake hands and get to your next class."

Zack stuck his hand out but Mikey just walked away. Zack looked at Miss Bliss
and said. "I really didn't know he wanted to take Shaina. I wouldn't have
asked her except, oops I better not say."

"Say what Zack? You know you can tell me anything, I'm always here for my
kids." She said reaching out and rubbing his shoulder.

"Well I really don't know if I should say this but she told me she didn't
have to be home till 11:30 and well it just excited me." He said looking down
at the floor and feeling his cock jerk at the thought and from the feel of
her hand on his shoulder.

"But the dance is over at 10:00. What could you do for an hour and a half?"
She said. Then she gasped and put her hand over her mouth as she figured out
what Shaina had in mind. "Oh my, now I understand. You think Shaina wants to
have some fun afterwards."

"Oh I hope so." Zack said trying to adjust his cock without Miss Bliss
seeing. "She's really hot."

She could feel her pussy getting wetter as she pictured Zack driving his cock
into sexy Shaina. Her hand moved from his shoulder down his back, moving in
small circles. She was snapped back to reality when she heard Zack moan. She
quickly pulled her hand away and said. "You'd better get to class and try to
stay away from Mikey." As Zack left she sat in her chair, pulled her skirt up
and slipped her fingers under her panties sliding two fingers into her wet
slit. She was so glad she had a free period now, she really needed to cum.

Shaina was in Miss Bliss's final class of the day and as the bell rang Miss
Bliss said. "Shaina, would you please stay for a moment? I need to speak with

"Sure Miss Bliss, I don't have to be anywhere right now." Shaina replied.

"I hear you're going to the dance with Zack."

"Yea, he's so hot."

"Well did you know that's causing problems between him and Mikey?"

"I had no idea. I'd never want to cause any problems. I like them both but
Zack asked me first."

"So you like Mikey as much as Zack? I mean do you think he's hot too?"

"Wow Miss Bliss these are funny questions. But yes I think Mikey's hot too."

"I know this'll sound strange but I think they are hot too and I can see why
they would fight over you. You're a beautiful and very sexy girl."

Shaina blushed when she heard Miss Bliss call her sexy and her pussy tingled
as she said. "Wow Miss Bliss, do you really think I'm sexy?"

"Oh my yes, you're extremely sexy. Any boy and a lot of girls would love to
be with you."

"Girls? I've never thought of that." Shaina lied as her mind pictured some of
the girls she'd like to be with. "Does that include you?"

"Yes Shaina, I'd love to be with you but my main concern now is keeping Zack
and Mikey from fighting."

Shaina walked up to Miss Bliss and put her hand on her shoulder. As she
gently rubbed it back and forth she looked into her teacher's eyes and said.
"I'll do whatever I can to help. Just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do

Miss Bliss's knees buckled as her mind filled with images of Shaina and the
boys. She pulled herself back to reality and said. "The dance is tomorrow
night and I've heard you don't have to be home till 11:30. I have an idea
that I think everyone will enjoy. So you come to the dance with Zack and
we'll see what happens."

"Ok Miss Bliss, whatever you say." Shaina said then leaned forward pressing
her lips against her teacher's causing her to moan as their tongues met.
This was Shaina's first time kissing a woman and her hand covered Miss
Bliss's left breast. She could feel the nipple poking her palm as she gently
squeezed. Just as things were heating up they heard a knock on the door. They
quickly straightened themselves up and as Tina Palladrino, another teacher
and friend of Miss Bliss, walked into the room Shaina walked to the door and
smiled as she said. "I can hardly wait till the dance tomorrow night."

* * *

It was a restless night for Miss Bliss. Every time she closed her eyes she
saw young naked bodies writhing in passion. She saw Zack with Shaina, Mikey
with Shaina, Lisa with Nikki, and Shaina grinding her pussy against her
mouth. But the most shocking image that danced in her head was Zack and Mikey
in a hot 69. The more she thought about it the hornier she got and she rubbed
her swollen clit till she experienced a mind shattering orgasm.

* * *

The next day at school nothing major happened as Zack stayed away from Mikey.
At 7 o'clock Zack and Shaina walked into the dance. Lisa and Nikki were there
with their dates but they were both thinking about after the dance when Lisa
would spend the night at Nikki's and they would spend their first full night
in each other's arms. At 7:30 everybody held their breath as Mikey walked in
and went straight to Zack. He grabbed Zack by the shirt and said. "Ok Zack,
this is it."

Mr. Belding was standing next to Miss Bliss and he said. "I'm putting a stop
to this right now."

"Wait Mr. Belding, let's see what happens. They're going to fight whether
we're here or not so isn't it better if they do it here."

Zack looked at Mikey and said. "Go ahead Mikey. If it'll make you feel better
hit me. I just don't want to lose you as a friend."

Shaina stepped closer and said. "You two don't have to fight. We can all have
fun together." As she spoke she looked at Miss Bliss and smiled. Zack and
Mikey were both confused by what Shaina said and when she kissed them both on
the cheek that didn't help a lot either. She smiled at them and added. "I
don't want to ruin your friendship and I think you're both hot."

It was finally sinking in what she meant and suddenly Mikey released his grip
on Zack and shook his hand. Shaina and her two guys walked up to Miss Bliss
and Shaina said. "How do you like my dates for tonight?"

"You're a very lucky girl to have two handsome, sexy escorts." Miss Bliss
smiled. "I'd love to have two strong men like that."

"Oh Really? I'll share them with you." Shaina quipped. Zack and Mikey
couldn't believe their ears and they both choked on the punch they were

"I'd be honored. What do you men think about that?" Miss Bliss said rubbing
each of their shoulders.

"Are you kidding?" Zack asked wide eyed.

"No, we're completely serious." Shaina smiled.

All Mikey could say was. "WOW!" As his cock grew and throbbed in his pants.

"But how can we? I mean where can we go?" Zack said getting more excited by
the second.

"You kids say you're going for a pizza and I'll pick you up. Then we can go
back to my house for fun and excitement." Miss Bliss said.

The kids piled in Miss Bliss's car and she raced for home. Her pussy was
throbbing in anticipation as she looked in her rear view mirror to see Mikey
and Shaina kissing passionately as Zack's hand slid under her top and
squeezed her small firm breast. As she pulled into the garage she noticed
Shaina had a hand in each boy's crotch rubbing gently causing them to moan.
"Ok kids, we're here. Now let's go inside where we have plenty of room." Miss
Bliss said opening the car door.

In the living room both boys were trying to kiss Shaina, they were getting
frustrated so Miss Bliss pulled Zack to her and pressed her lips to his,
sliding her tongue between his lips. He responded quickly as his hands found
her full breasts she lifted his shirt up, breaking their kiss just long
enough to slide it over his head. She was thrilled by his smooth body and she
ran her hands over his flat stomach and down to his crotch. `Wow' She thought
as she felt a bigger bulge than she had expected. Her hands unbuttoned his
jeans then pushed them and his underwear down his thighs revealing a nice
hard six inch cock, standing proud and throbbing. It jerked as her hand
gripped it and slid slowly up and down. Zack moaned and his hands unbuttoned
her dress and he pushed it off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor.
His eyes were wide as he saw his teacher standing there in a shear black lace
bra, her hard nipples plainly visible, matching shear panties that showed her
blonde bush, and a black garter belt and stockings. They had almost forgotten
about Mikey and Shaina till they heard Mikey whistle and Shaina say. "WOW
Miss Bliss, you look so sexy."

Miss Bliss and Zack looked over to see that Mikey had Shaina's top off and he
was just unhooking her white satin bra. They held their breathe as he slid it
over her shoulders exposing her firm, pale white tits dotted with just enough
freckles. Since she was only thirteen they were firm and they stood proud,
each topped with a small pink nipple that just begged to be sucked. Both boys
stared as Miss Bliss leaned down and slowly ran her tongue around Shaina's
hard pink nipple, causing the young girl to moan and her body tremble. As her
tongue danced over Shaina's hard nipple, Miss Bliss slid her hand under the
hem of her black mini skirt causing the girl to moan louder as she ran her
fingers along her panty covered lips. The boys couldn't believe their eyes
when Miss Bliss dropped to her knees, pulled Shaina's skirt and panties down,
then buried her face in the red haired pussy they both wanted so bad.

"Oh wow Miss Bliss, your tongue feels so good." Shaina moaned as her hands
pulled her teacher's face tighter against her crotch. "Oh yes, eat me!"

Zack moved behind Miss Bliss and unhooked her bra letting her full boobs with
their large nipples fall free. He reached around her filling both his hands
and squeezing the nipples between his fingers. He kissed the back of her neck
sending a shiver down her spine straight to her throbbing clit. His right
hand slid down her stomach then under the waist band of her panties and they
both shivered when his fingers slipped through the soft blonde hair and into
her warm wet pussy.

Mikey couldn't stand it anymore, he was the only one that was still dressed
so he quickly stripped and began licking Shaina's hard nipples. She reached
down and gripped his hard four inch cock and smiled as she looked at it, she
had never seen a boy with no pubic hair and she thought it was so cute.

Miss Bliss saw Shaina stroking Mikey's hard cock and quickly slid her mouth
over the head then took the entire length in her mouth. Mikey moaned as her
tongue danced over and around the head and his knees trembled as he humped
her face. He had never felt anything like this before and he could feel the
cum churning in his balls. Zack and Shaina watched as Miss Bliss's head moved
quickly up and down Mikey's stiff shaft, Shaina's hand was rubbing her clit
and Zack moved close to get a good view. Zack's mind raced, he not only
wondered what it felt like to have his cock sucked but also how it felt to
suck one. Miss Bliss saw him staring; licking his lips, so she pulled her
mouth from Mikey's cock then moved Zack so his face was directly in front of
Mikey's twitching cock. "Go ahead Zack; suck your best friend's cock." She
said as she gently pushed him forward.

Shaina stared, her mouth agape. She had never thought of a boy sucking a cock
but suddenly the thought excited her. "Yeah Zack suck Mikey's cock." She
said, her hand moving faster over her clit.

Mikey was still humping wanting to feel the warm wet pleasure again. He
grabbed Zack's head pulling him to his crotch and said. "I don't care who
does it but somebody suck my cock."

Zack opened his mouth and moaned as Mikey's cock filled his mouth. He began
sucking and circling the head with his tongue. He loved the taste and the
feel of Mikey's cock sliding in and out of his mouth, sliding over his
tongue. Then the feel of Mikey's balls hitting his chin as the head of his
cock just touched the back of his throat.

Shaina's knees were shaking and she knelt next to Miss Bliss and kissed her
as they watched Zack make love to Mikey's cock. This was better than Miss
Bliss had dreamed and she slipped three fingers into her waiting pussy while
Zack's head moved faster and faster and his hand gently squeezed and rubbed
Mikey's balls. He could feel the cock in his mouth jerking and he knew Mikey
was close to cumming, he was finally going to taste another guy's cum. Mikey
held Zack's head tight as he slammed into his mouth and screamed. "OH SHIT!!

Zack felt the first shot of hot thick cum hit his throat and he pulled his
head back so the next spurts would land on his tongue. His own cock was
jerking and he thought he would cum too as he savored the taste and the
texture of his first, but definitely not his last, mouthful of cum. Mikey
felt like his balls were coming through his cock, he had never cum so hard
before. As the last of his cum dribbled from his cock he had to push Zack
away, the feelings were just too intense. "Wow Zack, that was awesome." He
said as he collapsed on the floor.

Shaina kissed Zack, sliding her tongue into his mouth and tasting Mikey's
cum on his tongue. She pushed him onto his back then kissed down his chest
letting her tongue dance over each nipple. Then she smiled at him and said.
"Now it's your turn."

Zack groaned when he felt her tongue lick along the under side of his cock
then circle just under the head before her lips slid over the head and down
the shaft. Her tongue danced over the head and shaft as she took more and
more of it in her mouth. She pulled it from her mouth with a pop then kissed
down the shaft to his hairless balls, taking each of them in her mouth and
sucking before sliding his cock back into her mouth. His cock wasn't quite
as long as, her ex, Steve's had been, but it was thick.

Mikey was stroking his, now hard again, cock while he watched Shaina sucking
Zack. Miss Bliss smiled at him then moved him behind Shaina. She gave his
cock a quick suck then positioned it at the opening of Shaina's red haired,
thirteen year old pussy. Mikey and Shaina both moaned when he pushed his cock
into her. He was trembling as his hands gripped her hips and began sliding in
and out of his dream girl's wet pussy. He couldn't believe how good this
felt; as good as Zack's blowjob had been this was even better.

Miss Bliss was feeling left out. She slipped out of her panties, leaving her
nude except for her black garter and stockings, then straddled Zack's face
and pressed her blonde pussy to his lips. He grabbed her ass and pulled her
tighter to his mouth as his tongue slipped inside her waiting pussy scooping
up his first taste of pussy. He savored the endless supply of tangy fluid
that leaked from her and ran down his face. She was moaning and grinding
against his mouth trying to direct his tongue. Then her body stiffened and
started shaking as his tongue found her swollen clit. "OH YES. RIGHT THERE!!"
She groaned.

Zack felt his balls tightening and he knew he was about to fill Shaina's
mouth with his hot cum but he was trying hard to make Miss Bliss explode too.
His tongue worked quickly back and forth over her clit bringing her closer to
her peak. Shaina's mouth was moving fast on his cock wanting to feel it erupt
while Mikey kept slamming into her young pussy. It was a race to see who
would be the first domino to fall. Zack groaned and lifted his hips as the
first of several shots of cum filled Shaina's mouth; the feeling caused him
to bite down on Miss Bliss's clit sending her into a gasping, shivering
orgasm. The cum shooting into Shaina's mouth triggered her own orgasm and
she squealed and swallowed as her pussy contracted and squeezed Mikey's
second orgasm from his cock.

They collapsed on the floor laughing and trying to catch their breath. Shaina
pulled Mikey to her and kissed him sliding her cum covered tongue into his
mouth. That surprised him but he discovered he liked the taste and wouldn't
mind returning the blowjob Zack had given him, but that would have to wait
for another time because the grandfather clock was striking ten and he had to
be home by 10:30 unlike Zack and Shaina. He dressed and gave first Miss Bliss
then Shaina a passionate kiss good night. As he started to leave as a joke
Zack said. "What about me? Don't I get a kiss?"

Mikey surprised him by pulling him close and sliding his tongue into his
mouth. They moaned as their tongues wrestled and Mikey began stroking Zack's
cock bringing it back to life. Mikey broke the kiss, looked down and said.
"Too bad I won't be able to help you with that." He brought his hand to his
mouth licking his palm then added. "Maybe next time." Then he left.

Zack saw Shaina sitting on the couch and noticed Mikey's cum starting to
ooze from her slit. He dropped to his knees and buried his face in her
crotch licking and sucking her pussy clean. Miss Bliss left the room and
when she returned Zack had his cock buried in Shaina and was fucking her
hard. Shaina's eyes got wide when she saw what Miss Bliss was wearing,
there was a black leather strap around her waist and sticking out from
her crotch was a seven inch black dildo. She stared as Miss Bliss poured
oil on her hand then rubbed it up and down her `cock'. She wasn't sure
what was going to happen but it was an extremely sexy sight.

Miss Bliss moved behind Zack and ran her oily finger up and down his ass.
He jumped every time it touched his tiny puckered hole. He stopped fucking
Shaina and held his breath as Miss Bliss slipped a finger in him then slowly
slid it in and out, fucking his ass with her finger. He moaned as it started
feeling better, then he groaned when she slipped in a second finger. Shaina
could feel his cock jerking as Miss Bliss loosened his ass. Miss Bliss kissed
his neck as she added a third finger then whispered in his ear. "Are you
ready for me to fuck your sweet tight ass?"

"Oh yes Miss Bliss, please fuck my ass." He moaned as her fingers slipped
from his twitching hole.

Shaina was stunned, this was the most perverse thing she had ever seen or
even heard of, and she couldn't wait to see Miss Bliss fuck Zack.

Miss Bliss positioned her cock against his puckered hole then, gripping his
hips, she pushed sliding half her cock up his virgin ass. Zack tried to pull
away but that just drove his cock deeper into Shaina's gripping pussy. "Ow
Miss Bliss, that hurts." He groaned as she held him still.

"Relax Zack, it will feel better in a moment. Just remember how good my
fingers felt and think about Shaina's sweet pussy wrapped around your cock."

She felt him start to move so she pulled back then pushed forward again, this
time burying her cock deep in his ass. He moaned and his cock jerked sending
a shiver down Shaina's spine. It took a little work but they finally got the
rhythm down. As Zack pushed into Shaina, Miss Bliss was sliding out of him
and when he pulled back from Shaina, Miss Bliss was slamming into him. It was
amazing; he had never dreamed anything could feel this good. Shaina's hips
were lifting up to meet his every stroke while her hand rubbed her swollen

Zack didn't know about his prostate but he shivered as the cock rubbed it as
it slid in and out. He felt his balls tighten and he tried to hold it back
but it was no use. He slammed into Shaina and screamed. "I'M CUMMING!!! OH

Shaina felt the hot cum pumping into her and she twisted her clit and
squealed as a massive orgasm swept over her. "OH YES!! SHOOT YOUR CUM IN

Miss Bliss moved away from Zack and he collapsed, exhausted from the most
intense orgasm he had ever had. Shaina lay on the couch panting; her legs
spread lewdly the lips of her well fucked pussy were just as red as the hair
just above them. Miss Bliss noticed a trickle of Zack's cum running down her
lips so without hesitation she licked Shaina clean. They heard the clock
strike eleven and they knew the fun was over, but just for tonight. They
dressed and miss Bliss drove them home, even though Zack was having a little
trouble sitting still.


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