Saved By The Bell: Good Moaning Miss Bliss (MF,ff,Fff,oral,hp,inter)
by JustMe

The kids in Miss Bliss's eighth grade homeroom came to her wanting to have an
eighth grade dance. There hadn't been a dance at JFK middle school since two
boys had gotten in a fight and the parents had sued the school. Carrie Bliss
was a thirty-five year old widow, her husband had died two years earlier,
with natural blonde hair and she still had a nice figure, many boys in her
class had dreamed of her as they stroked their young cocks. She had also
thought of some of her students as she lay in bed at night, she had even
helped a select few on their way to manhood and womanhood.

"I don't know kids; Mr. Belding is pretty firm on this no dance policy."
Miss Bliss said.

"Please Miss Bliss, we haven't done anything wrong, we should have a chance
to have a dance." Nikki, the cute dark haired thirteen year old tomboy
sitting in the front row, pleaded.

"Yea it's like we're being punished for what someone else did." Lisa added.
Lisa was the daughter of two very well to do doctors and they gave her
practically every thing she wanted. She was also one of the few black kids
in school.

"And besides it would really be fun to watch all the girls shaking it on the
dance floor." Zack Morris added as he and his friends Mikey and Screech high
fived each other. Zack was an extremely cute boy with a sexy slim body and
wavy blonde hair, all the girls thought he was hot and he had had his hands
on many middle school tits and even had his fingers in a few tight pussies.
Mikey was dark haired and not as cute or as smooth with the girls as Zack but
he had managed to feel a girl up last summer at camp. Screech was a totally
different animal, he was skinny and geeky and he had never even gotten a girl
to look at him twice but he was a true friend.

"Alright Zack, that'll be enough of that." Miss Bliss said with a smile as
she thought of the boys with their hard cocks straining against their pants
as they watched the sweet young asses shaking on the dance floor. "I'll talk
to Mr. Belding and see if I can convince him."

Miss Bliss found Mr. Belding in his office, he had just come back from
watching the girls swim team and he was hoping for some time alone to relieve
the pressure that had built up in his balls while watching the girls, and he
wasn't in a very good mood. "I'm sorry Miss Bliss but we're not going through
that again. All the lawyers and depositions, it was enough to drive me out of
my mind."

"But Mr. Belding, these kids haven't done anything and they are very good

"I'm sorry, the answer is no." He said as he started to stand up before he
remembered his hard cock.

Miss Bliss noticed the bulge in his pants, leaned over, gave it a squeeze and
smiled as she said. "Oh come on Mr. Belding; just think about watching all
those sweet young things shaking their tight butts. I'm sure you'd love to
see that."

"Well Carrie we might be able to compromise." He said with a wicked grin as
he pulled her hand tight against his crotch. "How bad would you like them to
have the dance? Of course you'll have to chaperone and maybe some other

Carrie knew what he wanted and the idea of fooling around with him had
crossed her mind. He wasn't a bad looking guy about forty with a receding
hairline and he kept himself in fairly good shape. She slowly unbuckled his
belt then unfastened his pants sliding them and his boxers down his legs. She
got on her knees in front of him licked his hairy balls and up along his
eight inch shaft then looked up and asked. "Would a nice blowjob make you
change your mind?"

"I think that would do nicely Carrie." He answered pushing her mouth onto his
hard cock. He would rather have one of the young girls from the swim team but
Miss Bliss would do nicely.

She moved forward taking him in her mouth then took a deep breath pressed
forward till she felt the head of his cock slip into her throat. Her husband
had been blessed with a thick ten inch cock andhe had taught her to swallow
it so Mr. Belding's was no problem. She was a little out of practice though
and she had to pull off it and catch her breath before letting him fuck her

"Wow Carrie, that's amazing. I had no idea you could suck cock like this." He
said as he grabbed the back of her head holding her while he worked his hips
back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of her velvet throat.

She looked up at him and winked as she pushed him back into his chair then
pulled her mouth from him with a pop and said. "You'd be surprised what I can

She moved down and took first one then the other of his hairy balls in her
mouth, sucking them while her tongue danced over them. Her hand was sliding
up and down his spit slicked cock while she worked his balls. She slid her
tongue back up the shaft then circled the sensitive area just beneath the
head, sending a shiver through his body. Her lips parted and she swallowed
his shaft again and began bobbing her head while her hand massaged his cum
filled balls. She felt his balls tighten and his thick cock swell as she
pulled back keeping just the head locked in her lips applying just enough
suction while her tongue worked his head.

groaned as the first huge shot of cum hit the back of her throat. It was
followed quickly by four more shots, each one a little weaker than the
first. Carrie kept sucking till his cock wilted and she had swallowed
every drop of his semen. She licked her lips wanting more, she had
forgotten how good cum tasted and how good it felt filling her mouth.

She stood up and said. "So the kids can have their dance?"

"Oh yes, by all means they can shake their cute little butts." He answered
moving her to his desk so she was sitting in front of him.

Just as he was pulling her panties down her thighs a voice came over the
intercom. "Mr. Belding, you're needed in the cafeteria, either we have bugs
or the salisbury steak has legs."

"Ewwww, that's sure a mood killer." Miss Bliss said pulling her panties up
and smoothing her dress before leaving his office.

The kids cheered when Miss Bliss gave them the good news, Lisa and Nikki
started talking about which boy they wanted to ask them to the dance while
Zack's cock hardened as he thought of all the sexy asses that would be
gyrating on the dance floor. Poor Mikey was suddenly scared, now he'd have
to ask a girl to the dance. Which one would he ask and what if she said no?
Goofy Screech only had eyes for Lisa but she couldn't stand him. How would
he convince her to go with him?

After class Mikey bumped into his dream girl, Shaina, in the hall. Shaina was
a totally hot thirteen year old with perky young breasts, a `to die for' ass
and fiery red hair. She also had just the right amount of freckles on her
face, and he wondered if she had them other places too, bright green eyes and
a perfect smile. Every time he saw her his heart would race, his throat got
dry and he'd have to hide the lump in his pants.

"Oh hi Mikey." Shaina said as she waved then walked up to him at his locker.

"H-H-Hi Shaina. How's it going?" He said and he cringed as soon as he said
it, thinking how stupid he sounded.

"Not good, I have a big math test coming up and if I don't ace it I'm gonna
flunk. Then my dad will kill me and probably even ground me." She said moving
closer to him. "I was wondering if you'd help me study."

"U-U- Uh I'd be glad too. But why don't you ask Steve to help you? Won't he
get mad if you're spending time with someone else?" Mikey answered, he didn't
want her boyfriend upset at him especially since he was a freshman and a star
on the football team.

"Oh we broke up." Shania answered. "He was just such a jealous jerk and then
he started sniffing around Shelly the head cheerleader. So I dumped him."

"Oh really?" He said obviously excited. He composed himself and added. "I
mean really, that's too bad. Of course I'll help you study."

She thanked him, running her hand up his arm, and she left after agreeing to
meet later at her house. Mikey dragged Zack to the bathroom, blocking the
door when they were alone, and said. "Zack, how do I ask a girl to the dance?
I mean, you're so smooth and you always know what to say."

Zack laughed at Mikey's nervousness and said as he looked at himself in the
mirror. "It's easy, just tell her if she plays her cards right she can go to
the dance with you."

"And that works?"

"Every time." Zack answered leaving the bathroom.

That night Mikey kept trying to ask Shaina to the dance but he just couldn't
get the words out. Meanwhile at Lisa's house Nikki was there and they were
discussing the dance. "So who are you going with?" Nikki asked.

"I don't know yet." Lisa answered brushing her shiny black hair.

"Hasn't anybody asked you?"

"Oh yea, four or five guys."

"And you didn't say yes?"

"Well no, you don't say yes to the first boy to ask you out."

"But what if he's who you really want to go with?"

"That's different." Lisa said thinking for a moment. "But don't confuse the
issue. Who are you going with?"

"I don't know." Nikki said looking down at the floor. "Nobody has asked me

Lisa looked at Nikki realizing what was wrong. Nikki was the star pitcher on
the baseball team and such a tomboy; she never wore any make up or even
dressed so the boys could see her figure. She lifted Nikki's face with her
hand and said. "Maybe we need to show off some of your assets so the boys
will notice you."

"What do you mean?" Nikki sobbed.

"Well first we need to put a little make up on you, just enough to bring out
your sexy eyes and you cute smile. Then we have to find you something to
where so they can see some of your sweet curves." Lisa said smiling at her
friend. She sat Nikki at her make up table and put a little blush, mascara
and lipstick on her. The difference was astounding and Lisa started to notice
just how pretty her friend was. Then she went to her closet and found a
strapless blue dress handed it to Nikki and said. "Try this on."

Nikki took the dress and started for the bathroom. Lisa laughed and said.
"Where are you going?"

"I was going to the bathroom to change." Nikki answered her hand on the

"Why? We're both girls, I mean it's not like you have anything I haven't seen

"I guess your right." Nikki said as she lifted her baggy t shirt over her
head and then slid her jeans down her legs leaving her standing there in her
white bra and cotton panties. Lisa watched as she pulled the dress up her
body and then zipped it for her friend. Nikki stared in disbelief at the sexy
image in the mirror. "Wow I can't believe that's me." She said running her
hands up her sides.

"Oh it's you, but we have to get rid of these." Lisa said running her fingers
under Nikki's bra straps. The touch sent a shiver through Nikki's body; she'd
noticed she sometimes got a funny feeling when she saw the girls naked in the
locker room and now the touch of her pretty black friend was sending that
same feeling racing through her crotch.

"But I don't have a strapless bra."

"Maybe one of mine will fit. Take off the dress and your bra and you can try
mine on." Lisa said digging in her drawer for a bra.

"I feel kind of strange standing here topless." Nikki said dropping her bra
on the bed, her hands coming up to cover her tiny hard nipples.

"Oh don't be silly, if it'll make you feel better I'll take my top and bra
off too." Lisa said dropping her bra on the bed.

Nikki stared at her friend's smooth brown skin, she was flawless. She noticed
her firm breasts standing proud from her chest; such a light chocolate color
topped with slightly darker tiny nipples that were just as hard as her own.
She also noticed Lisa's boobs were bigger than hers, she was not quite a full
A cup and Lisa had to be pushing a B, there was no way one of her bras would

"Wow Lisa, you are really beautiful. But I don't think one of your bras will
fit me. I mean your boobs are much bigger and fuller than mine."

"I don't know, but let's try this one it's a little small for me." Lisa said
as she moved in front of Nikki and put the bra around her and moved her hands
so she could hook it, not only was it strapless it was a front hook. She
pulled it tight around Nikki and as she hooked it she could feel Nikki's
breasts rubbing her hand sending a shock through her straight to her pussy.
Nikki felt it too and even though she tried she couldn't control herself and
a slight moan escaped her lips as her breathing became fast and more labored.
Lisa heard the moan and looked at Nikki's face, her eyes were closed and she
was biting her bottom lip. Lisa didn't know why but she had the urge to kiss
her so following her instincts she leaned forward and pressed her lips to
Nikki's. Nikki's eyes flew open and she pulled away then seeing the loving
look on Lisa's face she leaned forward and returned the kiss.

They kissed for several minutes, just pressing their lips together, and then
Lisa, who had kissed a few guys before, opened her mouth and coaxed Nikki's
mouth open slipping her tongue in and over Nikki's tongue. Nikki moaned
enjoying this new sensation and she let her tongue wrestle with Lisa's. As
their tongues dueled back and forth their hands each found the other's
breasts and began squeezing and rubbing feeling the hard nipples poking their
palms. They were suddenly shocked back to reality when Lisa's mom knocked on
the door and said. "It's almost Nine, time for you to go home Nikki."

The girls pulled away from each other not knowing what to think about what
had happened and quickly dressed. Lisa walked Nikki to the door, ran her hand
up Nikki's arm and said. "I'll see you tomorrow." As Nikki walked down the
street Lisa went back to her room, closing the door behind her. She leaned
against the wall, her hands rubbing her firm breasts and a dreamy look on her
face as she whispered. "Wow that was amazing."

* * *

The next morning in class Miss Bliss noticed Lisa and Nikki couldn't keep
their eyes off each other and she felt her pussy twitch as the image of the
two young girls loving each other danced in her head. As the bell rang she
said. "Nikki, would you and Lisa please come see me at lunch time?"

They looked at each other then said in unison. "Ok Miss Bliss."

In the hall Zack ran into Shaina and she said. "Hi Zack, are you excited
about the dance?"

"Oh yeah, it should be a lot of fun." He answered, his eyes wandering over
her sweet body.

"I'm looking forward to it too. My parents said I don't have to be home till

"But the dance is over at 10:00."

"I know." She said with a sexy smile.

He swallowed hard and he felt his cock jerk then he said. "Uh-uh would you
like to go to the dance with me?"

"I'd love to." She answered her hand reaching out for his.

They parted quickly and ran to their next classes as the bell rang. Zack
sat in his desk adjusting the lump in his jeans as he thought about the fun
waiting for him Friday night. Shaina was smiling too as she thought of
fooling around with Zack. Unlike most of the girls at JFK she wasn't a
virgin; Steve had showed her the joy of fucking and had taught her how to
suck cock. Now she wanted to see if Zack had as nice of a cock as she hoped.

It was lunch time and Miss Bliss was sitting at her desk when Nikki and Lisa
walked in. "You wanted to see us Miss Bliss?" Lisa asked.

"Yes Lisa I do. Please sit down." Miss Bliss answered as she walked to the
door and locked it. "I want to have a talk with you and I don't want anyone
interrupting us."

The girls sat in the front row and Nikki asked. "Did we do something wrong?"

"Oh no, I just noticed you two kept looking at each other and I wondered is
there something going on with you?"

They both looked at each other, their eyes wide with shock and Lisa said.
"Uh no, I mean what do you mean?"

"Yeah, why would you think there's something going on? I mean we're both
girls. What could be going on?" Nikki added.

"Well it's perfectly normal for girls to have feelings for other girls." Miss
Bliss said smiling. "Especially two girls as pretty and sexy as you."

Nikki blushed and said. "Miss Bliss, Lisa is beautiful and sexy but I'm not."

"Oh yes you are." Lisa quickly said.

"I think you're both sexy and I think something has happened. You know you
can confide in me so tell me what's going on."

"Well last night at my house I had Nikki try on a dress and then a strapless
bra and she looked so hot standing there. Well I kissed herand it was
amazing." Lisa said her eyes closing as she remembered the kiss.

Nikki blushed then added. "Yea it was great but it was even hotter when we
rubbed each other's boobs."

Miss Bliss felt her pussy contract and she shifted in her chair as she
listened. She slipped her hand to her crotch giving it a quick squeeze then
said. "Is that all that happened?"

Lisa looked at her and said. "Yes that's all, but I can't stop thinking about

Miss Bliss looked at the girls and said. "Would you like for more to happen?"
They both nodded so she continued. "I'd like to help you girls learn how to
please each other. Would you like that?" Again they nodded. "Meet me here
after school and we'll go to my house where we'll be more comfortable."

As they got up to leave Miss Bliss took each girl by the hand and pulled
them together. They stood there looking in each other's eyes then both leaned
forward and their lips met then opened so their tongues could slip into the
other's mouth. As they kissed their hands tentatively slid up to their young
breasts and squeezed causing a moan to escape from each girl. Miss Bliss's
pussy was twitching as she watched the two thirteen year olds making out. She
slid a hand down each girl's back and gently squeezed their adolescent asses.
Finally she pulled them apart and said. "That's enough for now. Meet me here
after the final bell." She gave each girl a small peck on the lips and a pat
on the ass then sent them to their next class. Neither Miss Bliss nor the
girls could concentrate all afternoon.

* * *

Later that afternoon Mikey ran into Shaina in the hall and she hugged him
saying. "Thanks for helping me study Mikey, I got an A."

"Wow that's great. Now your dad is sure to let you go to the dance." He said
looking down at the floor. "Uh Shaina, would you uh go to the dance with me?"

"I'd love to, but I'm going with Zack Morris. If you'd have only asked me
sooner." She said then ran down the hall after her friends heading out the
door and home for the day.

Mikey was pissed, Zack was his best friend and he had stabbed him in the
back. He looked for Zack but it was no use Zack's dad had picked him up and
they wouldn't be home till late. He mumbled to himself as he slammed his
locker door. "I'll get that back stabbing bastard tomorrow."

* * *

Lisa and Nikki walked into Miss Bliss's room to find her standing by her desk
ready to go. They walked to the parking lot and all three climbed into the
front seat. As Miss Bliss drove she noticed Lisa and Nikki were holding hands
and her pussy twitched as she thought of what was to come.

They walked into Miss Bliss's house, she wasn't rich but her husband's
insurance had left her comfortable. She looked at the girls and said. "Before
we get started, I want you to call your parents and tell them you are here
and I'm helping you study."

"Ok Miss Bliss." They said almost in unison. While they were making their
calls Miss Bliss changed from her school clothes to nothing but a thin silk
robe. Lisa was the last to call and when she hung up the phone and turned to
see Miss Bliss standing there, wearing just a robe with her hard nipples
poking against the thin fabric, she swallowed hard and said. "Wow Miss Bliss,
you look beautiful."

"Thank you Lisa. Now I want you two to get more comfortable."

Both girls looked at each other, they weren't sure what she meant so they
walked to the couch and sat down. Miss Bliss laughed and said. "No, I want
you to take your clothes off." As they started removing their clothes she
said. "Or better yet, take each others clothes off."

Nikki's hands were shaking as she lifted Lisa's blouse over her head. Then
Lisa lifted Nikki's t-shirt up and off too. Miss Bliss sat in the chair
across from the couch; her hand slipped inside her robe and pinched then
rolled each of her hard nipples. Lisa reached behind Nikki unhooked her bra
then pulled it away from her body letting it drop to the floor, her hands
slid over Nikki's tinny boobs squeezing them as the hard nipples rubbed her
palms. Nikki pressed her chest against Lisa's hands as she leaned forward
pressing her lips to her friends in a passionate kiss. After a minute Miss
Bliss said. "Ok girls, that's enough kissing for now. We'll have plenty of
time for that when you get your clothes off."

They broke their kiss and Nikki's hands opened the front of Lisa's bra then
slipped over her hard nipples as she slid it off her. Lisa was wearing a
short black skirt and Nikki slid the zipper down and slid it down Lisa's firm
black thighs. Her throat was dry as she looked at Lisa standing in front of
her wearing only a pair of white bikini panties. She thought how sexy her
friend looked and how the white contrasted with her dark skin. Miss Bliss was
thinking the same thing and was fighting the urge to bury her fingers in her
dripping pussy.

Lisa dropped to her knees and carefully unbuttoned Nikki's jeans and pulled
them down leaving Nikki wearing only some pink Minnie Mouse panties. Lisa and
Miss Bliss both smiled as they saw the little girl panties Nikki was wearing.
Then Lisa hooked her fingers in the elastic and slid them down exposing
Nikki's almost bald pussy, there wasn't more than fifteen brown hairs just
above her puffy lips. Miss Bliss licked her lips as she stared at Nikki; she
loved kids, that was why she had become a teacher. Lisa stood up, looked into
Nikki's eyes and whispered. "Oh Nikki, you're so beautiful."

Nikki blushed, partly because of what Lisa had said and partly because she
was the only one naked. She dropped to her knees and slid Lisa's panties down
her dark legs. She almost gasped out loud when she saw Lisa's much thicker
bush, although it still was sparse compared to adults. She didn't know why
but she kissed Lisa's flat stomach sending a shiver up Lisa's spine.

Miss Bliss stood removing her robe letting the girls eyes feast on her firm
body from her 35B breasts down over her flat stomach to the thick patch of
blonde hair that covered her wet pussy. She looked at the girls and as she
ran a finger through her blonde bush then over her throbbing clit, she said.
"Ok girls, sit on the couch, kiss each other and do what you did last night."

They sat on the couch and Miss Bliss was shocked to see Nikki being the
aggressor. She pushed Lisa against the couch as their tongues danced and
their hands groped the other's firm boobs. Miss Bliss sat beside them and
said. "Now Nikki, kiss down Lisa's neck to her boob then lick and suck her
hard nipple."

Lisa's body shook as Nikki's tongue slid down her neck and over her nipple.
Her hand pulled Nikki's mouth tight against her chest and she moaned. "Oh yea
Nikki, lick my nipple. Oh God that feels so good."

Lisa's pussy was throbbing as Nikki's tongue danced over her hard nipple and
her hand gently squeezed her breast. Lisa's fingers slipped through Nikki's
dark hair then slid down her back and over her smooth ass, causing Nikki to
moan. Miss Bliss took Nikki's hand and moved it down Lisa's flat stomach to
her sweet wet pussy. Lisa moaned and spread her legs as Miss Bliss directed
Nikki's fingers sliding them along her slit and up to the hard nub of her
clit. "Wow Miss Bliss, She's so wet." Nikki said as she slipped her finger
back along her slit and slipping into Lisa's throbbing pussy.

"Women get wet when they are excited. I'm sure your sweet little pussy is wet
as well, I know mine is soaked." Miss Bliss said slipping two fingers up her
own excited pussy.

"Oh Nikki that's so good." Lisa moaned moving her hand between Nikki's thighs
and running her finger along the slit just like Nikki was doing. "Oh wow
you're right Miss Bliss, she's really wet."

Nikki moaned and her hips began rocking back and forth as Lisa's fingers
danced on her clit. Her body stiffened when she felt Lisa's lips on her tiny
nipple. Miss Bliss's body trembled as she felt a small orgasm sweep over her
and loud moans came from her causing the girls to look just as she pulled
her fingers from her pussy and moved them to her mouth sucking them clean.
"EEEEEWWWW Miss Bliss, you just licked your fingers after they had been
inside you." Nikki said her body shaking.

"Yes Nikki I did and it tasted fabulous." Miss Bliss answered. "Why don't you
try your fingers and see how Lisa's pussy tastes? You to Lisa, lick Nikki's
juice off your fingers."

Both girls slowly moved their hands to their lips and tentatively licked
along a finger. A smile came on both faces as they slipped the fingers in
their mouths and sucked them clean. "Oh Miss Bliss Lisa tastes so good."
Nikki said slipping her finger back into Lisa's pussy and back to her mouth.

"Yea, Nikki tastes amazing too. I've never tasted anything like it." Lisa
added scooping more of Nikki's juices with her fingers and licking them

"Ok girls, I want you to both lean back on the couch and spread your legs,
I'm going to show you how to make each other very happy." Miss Bliss said as
she moved to the floor between Lisa's legs. "I want you to pay attention to
what I do then you can do it to each other." Both girls nodded and Nikki
leaned forward watching as Miss Bliss gently spread Lisa's puffy lips
exposing the bright pink of her pussy. Lisa shivered as she felt Miss Bliss's
breath on her most private area, then her body shook and an electric shock
ran through her as she felt Miss Bliss's tongue slide along her slit and
circle her clit.

Lisa squealed as Miss Bliss worked her tongue over her clit and scooped sweet
nectar from Lisa's virgin pussy. The sweet flavor of the thirteen year old
pussy caused Miss Bliss's pussy to contract begging for attention but she
concentrated on Lisa, running her tongue over her tiny clit bringing her
closer to her first orgasm. As she licked her hands slid up Lisa's dark body
cupping her small breasts and rolling her nipples between her fingers.

Lisa's hips were jerking and she could feel a weird sensation coursing
through her but she had no clue what it was. Her fingers were tangled in
Miss Bliss's hair pulling her face tight against her crotch. "OH MISS BLISS
She screamed as she lifted her hips and hot girl cum rushed from her flowing
into Miss Bliss's mouth, who happily swallowed every drop.

As Lisa lay there enjoying the afterglow of her first orgasm, Miss Bliss
moved between Nikki's thighs kissing along her left thigh sending a shiver
down her spine. She looked up into Nikki's eyes and asked. "Are you ready to
feel better than you ever have?"

"Oh yes Miss Bliss, make me feel good too. I want to feel your tongue in my
pussy too." Nikki answered, her words shocking her and Miss Bliss. Her hands
pulled Miss Bliss's face to her pussy and she moaned as she felt a tongue
slide over her clit for the first time. "OH YES, LICK MY PUSSY MISS BLISS!!!!
EAT ME!!!"

Miss Bliss couldn't believe her ears. Sweet innocent Nikki was telling her to
eat her and she had every intention of doing as she was told. She slid her
tongue deep in her tiny vagina then circling her throbbing clit. She knew
Nikki wouldn't last any longer than Lisa had and she wanted her first orgasm
to be just as memorable. She pushed Nikki's legs up and ran her tongue down
her sweet crack and licked her puckered little rosebud causing Nikki to jerk
and shiver as Miss Bliss's tongue gently pushed inside her ass.

Lisa sat up watching Miss Bliss working to make her friend experience what
she had and she decided to help. She leaned over Nikki and took her left
nipple in her mouth licking it and nursing like a baby. Nikki's mind was
about to explode and she thought her body was too. She held Miss Bliss's
face tight against her pussy as her hips jerked and her thighs clamped
tight against her head. `OH GOD!!!OH GOD!!! OH YEEEESSSS!!
AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!" She squealed as her first orgasm
rocked her body and bright lights flashed in her brain.

Miss Bliss sat back wiping her face and licking the last of Nikki's sweet
fluid from her hand. Lisa saw her, moved to the floor with her and pressed
her lips to her teacher's sliding her tongue into her mouth tasting Nikki on
her tongue. Miss Bliss moaned as Lisa ran her hand down her chest over her
breast squeezing the hard nipple between her fingers. Her breathing was fast
and labored as Lisa kissed down her neck and then took her nipple in her
mouth while her hand slid down her stomach, through the thick blonde hair
and into her sopping slit. Nikki had regained her composure and saw her
friend sliding two fingers in and out of Miss Bliss's hairy pussy. She moved
to the other side of Miss Bliss and began sucking her other nipple as she
slipped two of her fingers into Miss Bliss along side her friend's. "OH MY
GOD!!!" Miss Bliss moaned. "That feels amazing girls!! Oh yes slide your
fingers in and out!! Oh fuck me!!!"

Nikki moved between Miss Bliss's thighs getting her first close look at a
pussy then leaned forward sliding her tongue over her swollen lips then
slipped deep causing Miss Bliss to shudder. Lisa moved her face down with
her friend and they both were licking along Miss Bliss's slit and up to her
large swollen clit. Miss Bliss was panting and moaning knowing a major
orgasm was fast approaching and the fact it was two of her thirteen year
old students causing it just made it better. "Yes girls lick my pussy!! Oh
fuck, you're going to make me cum so hard!!"

As she spoke Lisa sucked hard on her clit and, to her surprise, she felt
Nikki's tongue sliding over her puckered asshole. That was all she needed
and she pinched her nipples hard and screamed as her cum flooded from her
and over the girls' faces. "YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!! I'M

The girls lay beside Miss Bliss as she savored the best orgasm she had had
in a long time. She pulled the girls to her and kissed each of them then all
three kissed, their tongues dancing with each other. She knew this was just
the first of many more times they would spend together and she hoped she'd
be able to keep her hands off them at school. It was almost six o'clock and
she knew the girls would have to leave soon but before they left she moved
them into a 69 and shoved a ten inch vibrator up herself while she watched
Nikki and Lisa enjoy another cum.

They got dressed and she drove them home enjoying a quick kiss as each got
out. As she drove home she had know idea how wild things would be at school
in the morning.
_ _ _

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