Saved By The Bell: Cheerleader's Initiation
by [email protected]

Jessie Spano entered her friend Lisa Turtles house. She and her other best
friend Kelly Kapowski had invited her by after her first day of being a
Bayside cheerleader. Lisa went into the kitchen and got them all some sodas.
"Thanks Lisa," she spoke as Lisa handed her a soda. She sat heavily into one
of the overstuffed chairs of theirliving room, she groaned without realizing

"A little sore after the first day of tryouts?" Kelly gently mocked Jessie.
Jessie had always tended to downplay cheerleaders now she was getting a
chance to see how hard she and the other cheerleaders worked.

"Its not so bad, I'm in good shape." Jessie responded but she was sore. She
could only admit it to herself but she had pain where yesterday she didn't
know she had muscles.

"Come on admit it you're sore girl." Lisa sat in her chair opposite Jessie
and Kelly.

"All right I'm a bit sore." Jessie responded and started rubbing a leg muscle
that was especially sore.

"We thought you would be. In fact that's the reason we invited you over
today." Lisa spoke up. "You see we have a little tradition for new

"What kind of tradition?" Jessie asked with a note of trepidation in her

"Well, you see the first time cheerleaders get a massage from the captain of
the cheerleaders." Lisa continued.

"And that's me." Kelly broke in, "and her handpicked assistant that's Lisa."

"I don't know guys." Jessie was a bit nervous about having her friends rub
her body but she was so sore right now the thought kind of appealed to her.

"Come on girl," Lisa broke in. "If you don't have a massage today you won't
be able to move tomorrow and will be out of cheerleading for at least a week
if not more."

"And that would lose you the spot on the team, and you'd have it taken off
your transcript." Kelly knew Jessie only joined the cheerleaders because it
looked good on college applications. She also knew she had sent out her
applications saying she was a cheerleader if it wasn't on her transcript it
would look very bad for her.

"You've done this before?" Jessie asked.

Kelly thought a moment. "I've done it ten times and Lisa's done it at least
three or four, right Lisa?"

"About that yeah," Lisa responded. "What do you say Jessie are you on the
team or not?"

"All right, what do I do?" Jessie responded.

Lisa walked over and pulled out a massage table, Kelly started to help her
set it up. Kelly grabbed a towel and threw it at Jessie.

"Go in there," Lisa pointed to another room, "take off you're clothes and
wrap yourself in the towel."

"Take of my clothes?" Jessie sounded a bit shocked.

"Of course," Kelly tried to calm her. "We can't get anything done through
you're clothes besides we have some oils her that will help to relax you're
muscles and they stain clothes really badly."

"I get it. What about you guys and you're clothes?" Jessie asked.

"Don't worry about it." Kelly pulled out a small white robe, "we come
prepared," she showed Jessie the very heavily stained robe. Jessie looked at
it and seemed satisfied, Kelly was relived Jessie hadn't looked to closely
at the robes she might have seen the cum stains from the second part of the

After finishing setting up the table, Lisa and Kelly went and changed into
their little robes, they took off all their clothes in preparation of the
next part of the tradition.

"You ready?" Jessie called out.

"Come on in," Kelly called back. She guided Jessie's now towel clad body over
to the table. As Jessie climbed up onto the table, Kelly was surprised how
shy Jessie was. She kept herself carefully covered even though the three of
them had been in the showers together less then an hour earlier.

As Jessie laid down on the table, she noticed the other girls outfits. The
robes were so short that if they stretched at all Jessie could see their
asses and bushes. She was surprised that they had taken off their panties and
she could tell they weren't wearing bras from the opening at the front of the
robes. She was a bit shocked that the girls took off their underwear but then
realized she had been naked with them recently. So she didn't mind too much,
she tried to get comfortable.

Kelly took out some oils and started working on Jessie's arms and shoulders.
She looked down and saw Lisa had started massaging Jessie's long legs. As she
continued to work on Jessie's shoulders, she felt her start to relax more and
more. Kelly started to move down Jessie's back, she started work on her
shoulder blades and then opened the towel over her back. Kelly laughed as she
saw that Jessie was still wearing her panties. "Aren't you the modest one,"
Kelly commented.

"We can't have that," Lisa responded as she put her hands at the top of
Jessie's panties.

"Lisa, what are you doing?" Jessie pulled at the panties holding them up.

"Come on girl, we're all friends here. I've seen you a million times besides
we need to give you an all over massage admit it you're butt cheeks are very

Jessie had to admit it her ass was sore from the workout today. "You're
right, I'm just being silly." She bent at the waist a bit, allowing Lisa to
pull off her panties leaving her naked before the two girls. She looked over
at Kelly and saw that her robe had slipped open and she was naked before
Jessie's gaze. Jessie got a good look at Kelly's snatch, she was surprised it
looked the tiniest bit wet, she must get off on this Jessie thought, feeling
some of the same emotions crossing her own mind as she felt Lisa starting to
work on her ass cheeks and upper thighs. "God, this feels great."

"OH we're just getting warmed up." Lisa commented. "If you roll over we'll
give you a real treatment."

"What?" Jessie sounded shocked.

"Come on, trust us." Kelly commented. "Go ahead, roll over."

Jessie did as she was told but kept the towel in front of her breasts.

"Come on trust us." Kelly pulled the towel away from Jessie revealing her
magnificent tits.

"Well, okay?" Jessie was unsure but their hands were making her feel
wonderful. She had never felt so relaxed, her whole body was tingling with

"Will this make you more comfortable?" Lisa pulled off her robe, Kelly
quickly following. As the two robes hit the floor Jessie seemed to tense up
a bit then relax. Lisa thought they had her now, she could see a bit of
wetness at the entrance to her pussy. The blonde hairs of her bush were
almost glistening with moisture.

She moved in and started to massage Jessie's upper thighs, while Kelly worked
on Jessie's shoulders. She could see Kelly was standing at the head of the
table and leaning over Jessie's head to get at her shoulders, leaving her
breasts hanging down right into Jessie's face.

Kelly heard Jessie start to moan as she worked on her shoulders. She moved
down a bit and started to rub the top of her tits. Jessie had closed her eyes
so she moved around next to Jessie, she cupped Jessie's heavy tits into her
hands and started to massage them. She could see Lisa was working Jessie's
uppermost thighs. It seemed the time was right she bent over and sucked on
one of Jessie's hard nipples.

A wave of pleasure swept through Jessie. She looked up and saw Kelly had one
of her tits in her mouth. "What are you doing?" She felt Lisa's hot breath at
her cunt and she felt a finger pushing at her clit.

"Don't tell us you want us to stop." Kelly saw Jessie start to protest. "Come
on its great and all the cheerleaders have done it. Come on what do you say?"

As Kelly went through her little speech, Jessie felt Lisa's mouth at the
entrance to her pussy. Kelly continued to fondle her tits as Lisa's tongue
licked the outside of her pussy, all her objections started to fade away.
"All right lets do it." As soon as she said it, she felt Lisa penetrate her
pussy and Kelly bent down over her and gave her a deep kiss.

Kelly's lips left Jessie's, she trailed a line of kisses down her body
spending time on her heavy tits. As she moved between her legs Lisa started
to kiss her way up to Jessie's face. Jessie felt herself cumming, as Kelly
played with her snatch and Lisa gave her a deep kiss. "OH God that's great!"
She was coming down from her orgasm as her two friends walked across the

"Thanks guys."

"Its not over yet." They each grabbed a vibrator and turned back to Jessie.
"We've still got a lot of fun to go." Kelly offered as she walked back to
Jessie. She ran the vibrator over her own slit, even slipping it into her
sopping wet pussy. She then put it on Jessie's face.

"What are you doing?" Jessie asked as she felt the wet metal on her cheek. As
she spoke Kelly slipped the vibrator into her mouth. It was such a turn on
tasting Kelly's juices, she felt Lisa penetrate her with the other vibrator.
As she continued to suck on the vibrator in her mouth she felt herself being
fucked by the other one. She saw Lisa and Kelly exchange positions and Kelly
really started to ram the vibrator into Jessie's hot cunt.

"I think she's gonna cum again." Kelly commented as she bent and tasted
Jessie's pussy juices. She signaled Lisa to withdraw her vibrator, as she
renewed the intensity of her assault.

"YES, YES!" Jessie screamed as another orgasm washed over her. Kelly withdrew
the vibrator as her body started to come down off her orgasm. "I guess I'm
really a cheerleader now."

Kelly turned and gave her a smile. "Well, there is one more part of the
initiation." She walked over to a closet door. She pulled it aside and three
naked boys jumped out. "We decided to let Zack, Screech and Slater have their
shot at you."

"MY GOD!" Jessie sat up stunned and tried to cover her body with her hands.
"I don't believe this."

"Don't worry Jessie." Kelly walked up beside Lisa. "They've been watching you
this whole time, see," she pointed out that all three boys had erections. As
she looked she was surprised that Screech was the biggest at almost a foot
long, Slater was average about six inches or so while Zack was kind of small
at only four inches.

"They just want to have some more fun with you, now lie back." She pushed
Jessie back down into a prone position and started to stroke her tits.

Slater positioned himself at the bottom of the table. He grabbed both of
Jessie's legs and pulled her down towards his hard on. He entered Jessie's
tight cunt in one swift stroke, it fit like a glove. He pushed her legs onto
his shoulders as he pounded into her, the feelings were even better then
he'd ever hoped for. Screech first made for Lisa but she grabbed Zack and
gave him a blowjob. Then he saw Kelly and her tight ass bent over Jessie. He
walked over and slid his huge dong between Kelly's legs, rubbing against the
outside of her cunt. Kelly couldn't believe the size of the tool between her
legs, had she known she would have invited Screech to one of these
initiations a lot sooner. "Yes, put it in me Screech." She bent over farther
allowing Screech easier access. she felt him put the tip into her, the size
made her shiver in anticipation. "Yes, do it," she pushed back against him
taking half of his length into her. "Yes, oh yes," she moaned as Screech
stretched her pussy walls. Kelly took as much as she could, but only managed
to fit three quarters of it into her.

"Just hold it there a minute."

"OH God it feels so good," Screech moaned. He held his cock inside of
cheerleader Kelly, her long black hair hanging over Jessie's massive tits,
her face laying on Jessie's chest. He couldn't believe what was happening,
Jessie was being fucked by Slater and Lisa was giving Zack a blowjob.

Kelly was getting comfortable, so she started to pull off of Screech's cock.
Then when it was almost out of her pussy she pushed back down taking all that
she could, after a few strokes Screech started to meet her thrusts. "Jessie
you gotta try this." The pleasure ran through her body with each stroke,
before she even knew it Screech was all the way inside of her. "Yes, Screech,
Fuck me hard!"

"I'm gonna cum!" Slater moaned as he pulled out of Jessie and shot his load
onto Jessie's stomach and tits, one little spurt hit Kelly's face. "That was
great!" Kelly felt herself cum around Screech's cock but he was still rock
hard. "Why don't you give Jessie a chance at that thing." She pulled off of
Screech's cock turned around and gave him a hug. She pushed him over towards
Jessie's head.

Jessie rolled over onto her side, as Kelly pushed Screech's cock towards her
mouth. She opened up as his log passed her lips. Jessie could feel her legs
being spread again as Zack started to eat at her muff. She continued to take
more and more of Screech's prick into her mouth, she felt it tickle the back
of her throat. She relaxed and allowed his cock to penetrate her throat, she
had trouble breathing but wanted to show the girls what a good cocksucker she

Zack repositioned himself at the entrance to Jessie's cunt. He rammed his
cock inside of her lose slit. He started fucking her, after only a few
strokes he felt his balls boiling so he pulled out and shot his load on
Jessie's stomach and tits. Screech was enjoying the sensations of Jessie's
throat around his cock but he was too afraid of hurting her to really move
his prick.

He just stood there and let Jessie take as much as she could, it was
frustrating if pleasurable but he really wanted to cum on Jessie's face.
Kelly saw Screech's dilemma and quickly came up with a solution. She slide
up next to Screech and whispered in his ear. "Why don't you fuck her tits?
I'll bet you're cocks long enough to go through her tits and still get in
her mouth."

"That's a great idea Kelly." He carefully removed his cock from Jessie's
throat and then pulled it completely out of Jessie's mouth.. She gasped for
air as his dick came out. It took a minute for Jessie to catch her breath,
she was glad for the breather. She had heard Kelly and was more then ready
for Screech to get out of her throat. "Yes, Screech stick that huge dong
between my huge tits." She gave a little dig to Kelly and Lisa, knowing her
tits were much larger then her friends.

Screech quickly scrambled up onto the massage table and grabbed handfuls of
Jessie's tits and pushed them together. Kelly helped as much as possible.
Screech pushed his dick between her tits, it slid easily between her mounds,
it was well greased with massage oils, Jessie's sweat and Zack and Slater's

Jessie watched as Screech fucked her tits. As his dick popped out over her
face she stretched her tongue out licking the tip of his penis, his prick
slowly passed her lips. As Screech pulled back and rammed his cock between
her tits, the tip went right into her mouth."Yes Screech fuck my tits!" She
moaned as she felt someone playing with her clit.

"OH Yeah this feels incredible!" Screech pushed his prick through her tits
and shot a load of sperm right into her face. "Oh yeah," he moaned as he
unloaded what felt like gallons of sperm onto Jessie.

Jessie closed her eyes as Screech unloaded onto her face, she wiped her eyes
when she guessed he had finished. She opened her eyes and looked around, the
three men were sitting down and fondling the other two girls as they played
with the boys now limp pricks. "I guess I passed my initiation." Jessie
commented as she rolled onto her side.

"Well, not quite, there is one more test for you to pass." Lisa responded.

"What kind of test?" Jessie responded.

"Its called the watertight test." Kelly grinned.

"What's the watertight test?" Jessie asked.

"Its when all you're holes are plugged."

"What?" Jessie asked surprised and intrigued.

"You know," Lisa broke in. "A cock in your mouth, pussy and one in your ass."

"I couldn't do that." Jessie responded, her voice made it clear she was
considering the idea.

"Come on Jessie, it'll be fun." Kelly spoke up. "We'll even let you pick who
goes where."

"Well, if you girls have done it, I guess I can. I get to pick who goes

"Of course, now who do you want where?"

Jessie thought for a moment. "I'll take screech in my pussy," she wanted to
feel that monster where it was meant to be. "Slater can have my ass," he had
been dating her so long she figured he deserved to take her ass cherry. "That
leaves Zack in my mouth. How do we do this?"

Kelly had been through this several times so she stood and decided on
placement. "First Screech lay down on the floor face up." She gave his cock
a good rub as he got into position. She was glad they had put down the tarp
earlier to collect the oils otherwise the rug would have been ruined. "Okay
Jessie lets see you mount that thing."

Jessie walked over and stood over Screech. She slowly lowered herself until
she felt the tip of his prick at the entrance to her cunt. "Now or never,"
she felt the head of his cock press into her, as she lowered herself. It was
so big she couldn't believe it, she continued to lower herself felling her
cunt expand around his cock.

"Yes," she moaned as an orgasmed ripped through her body, she still hadn't
fit it all in. With the flowing of her juices she was working more into her.
"AHH," she moaned as she looked down and saw the last of Screech's massive
cock slip inside of her.

"That's one," Kelly called out. "Now for number two, Slater."

She called Slater over and gave his cock a quick throating before she helped
him position his cock at the entrance to Jessie's ass. She couldn't believe
how tight it was, she slipped a finger that was covered in oil up her ass, as
Jessie moaned in pleasure. She greased her up putting plenty of lube on her
ass. "All right, Slater you're turn." She held Jessie's asscheeks open
allowing Slater easy access.

"God yes!" Jessie screamed as Slater's prick penetrated her anus, "its so big
I can't believe I'm doing this."

"For it to count its got to go all the way in." Lisa commented watching from
across the room. She was enjoying Jessie's predicament, Kelly had invited
three big football players for her initiation. She was glad that none had
been as big as Screech and only one matched even Slater's girth and she had
thought that was huge in her cunt. She could only imagine what Jessie was

"You heard the girl Slater, get on with it." Kelly opened Jessie up even
wider. "Slide it in there."

Slater pushed harder fitting his cock into Jessie's ass. Her grunts just
urged him on, although he wasn't sure if she was grunting in pleasure or
pain. Finally he hit bottom, he could practically feel Screech's monster cock
throbbing in her cunt. "I'm in," Lisa gave an ironic cheer.

"Time for three." Kelly pushed Zack over to Jessie's face. She engulfed his
small prick in one easy mouthful. "Okay she's watertight." Kelly proclaimed
and heard Lisa give another little cheer. "Begin fucking," she let them go.
Jessie couldn't believe it when Slater had slid his cock up her ass it felt
like the worst pain in the world. Although she wouldn't give Kelly and Lisa
the satisfaction of seeing her complaining. As she took Zack into her mouth
she heard Kelly give the okay for them to start fucking her. She felt Slater
slide his cock out of her ass just as it almost left her he rammed it back
in, as Slater pulled out she was pulled off of Screech's prick when he pushed
back in she was forced back down onto Screech's prick. She couldn't believe
the sensations, she was cumming again. She would have screamed in pleasure
but Zack was fucking her face.

"Fill her up boys." Kelly and Lisa both started to laugh. Jessie felt Zack
ram his cock back into her mouth so hard it hurt her nose and he shot a load
of cum down her throat. She thought he'd pull out but he held her head on his
cock and pumped his load into her mouth. She had to swallow it, she had never
tasted cum before. She didn't much care for the taste but she swallowed his
whole load.

Jessie was glad when Zack withdrew leaving her free to concentrate on Slater
and Screech. She tried to squeeze her anus around Slater's hard cock but
Screech kept distracting her by playing with her tits. Finally Slater rammed
his cock into her ass and shot his load of cum up her ass.

"That was incredible babe." Slater commented as he pulled out, with one hand
he spanked her bare ass. "We'll have to do it again sometime."

Jessie was a bit miffed at Slater's comments but she couldn't concentrate as
she pounded onto Screech's prick. "Yes, fuck me Screech." She was taking his
entire length into her pussy, she would pull almost off then drive back down
to the base. She felt herself cumming yet again as she felt Screech shoot his
load into her pussy.

Jessie continued to fuck him as he pumped her pussy full of his seed. "Yes,
it feels so warm." She moaned after what seemed like forever. She felt
Screech's sperm stop and his cock start to deflate. She stood up. "That was
incredible Screech, I guess I'm really a cheerleader now."

"Definitely, you've proved yourself capable of handling you're cheerleading
duties." Kelly laughed. "You can hit the showers, its right through there."
She watched as Jessie walked out of the room into the showers. She threw
towels at the other five they tried to clean up as best they could, then they
started to pick up the room and got the tarp up. Jessie came back got dressed
and left, Lisa then went into the showers. After her Screech and Slater each
had their turn. After all of them had left Kelly and Zack took their shower

As Zack got ready to go Kelly gave him a hug and whispered in his ear.
"Cheerleader party next weekend, you up for it?"

"Anytime Kelly," Zack responded.

"And make sure to bring Screech." She smiled as she pushed Zack out the door
with a stunned look on his face.

The End.


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