Saved By The Bell: Bayside Nights (mf, mff, ncon)
by Halo

2:26 Bayside High

Another long boring school day was coming to a close but tonight would be
different. Tonight was Zack's game.

This was all that Jesse could think about as she watched her eighth period
teacher scribbling notes on the board.

She'd wanted to fuck her blond best-friend ever since he first walked into
her life. She's seen his cock plenty of times while playing truth or dare
with the gang but she wanted it inside her. All she wanted was to fuck Zack
Morris yet she was dating the human gorrilla, A.C. Slater. Well, tonight
she had a plan. This was going to be one night none of the gang would ever

4:30 Jesse's Room

Jesse awoke from her afterschool nap feeling very hot. She sat up in bed and
slid a hand down her stomach to her crotch where the heat seemed to be coming
from. Sure enough she was oozing her juices all over the bed. She had been
dreaming about Zack again.

Suddenly, she looked at the clock. "Holy Shit!", She gasped. Slater will be
here any minute!

Slater always came to her house after practice. He would always fuck his
girlfriend the hardest after having wrestled. Rolling on a mat with a
bunch of sweaty men in tight outfits seemed to turn him on. Jesse couldn't
complain. Her cunt was always hungry but that was something that most of
the Bayside students did not know.

She jumped out of bed and put on her signature tight jeans. She took one
quick look in the mirror to make sure her ass looked as good as it always did
and quickly fixed her hair. As she put the brush down, almost on cue, she
heard a knock on her door.

"Come in.", she said in her sweetest sounding voice.

In walked A.C. Slater. He was wearing a tight white shirt that Jesse loved
because it showed off all of his muscles. He also had on a pair of sweat
pants and right in the middle of them there was already a noticable bump.

"Hey Momma, practice was hell and I could use a little taste of heaven right
about now."

Jesse was about to answer with some remark about him being a cheuvenist pig
when he slid his hand between her legs and lifted her into the air. Then he
flicked his wrist and threw her clear across the room and unto the bed.

"I don't have time for games tonight, I was your pussy." With that he tore
into her jeans and ripped her panties in half. He noticed that she was
already soaking wet and figured that she'd been thinking about him.

Jesse just laid back and let him do what he wanted. He was never any good at
turning her on. It didn't matter, she just fantasized about Zack while
Slater's huge dick filled her hole. She had to bite her tongue to keep from
screaming out Zack's name while Slater fucked her.

A few minutes later, it was over. Slater had no staying power. Kelly always
bragged about how Zack could last forever and here she was with this
overgrown child who was out in a minute. Oh well, tonight she'd finally be

7:30 Bayside Gymnasium

There was Kelly in her short cheerleading skirt. That slut loved to high kick
towards the basketball team and they loved to whistle at her. She'd already
slept with half of them but the prize that Jesse wanted was her boyfriend.
Jesse knew that after one night with her, no man would ever go back.

The game started and she took her seat as far away from the court and the
fans as possible. She had brought her bookbag and draped it over her lap. She
didn't want anyone to see what she always did while watching the games. She
slid her hand out of view and popped the button on her jeans. She slowly slid
down the zipper and began to rub herself up through her panties. This was her
favorite way to masterbate. The fabric felt so good against her clit, she
rubbed it into herself and felt the friction that they caused. This drove her

As she watched Zack run she's pick up the pace with him and when he scored a
point she would slide a finger up her cunt while pulling the panties in with
her. She kept herself from cumming. She wanted him to get her full arousal
this night.

9:30 Bayside Parking Lot

Jesse crouched behind her car. Kelly was across the lot with Zack. He had
his hands down that damn skirt and Jesse was so jealous she thought she'd
start crying. This just wouldn't do...

She worked her way across the nearly deserted lot and towards the couple
silently. She stayed in the shadows but there was no way Kelly or Zack would
have noticed her at this point. Kelly had her skirt up around her stomach and
Zack was eating her out on the hood of his car.

Jesse finally reached his car and squatted behind the pair. She pulled out
the two tranquilizer-tipped needles that she had prepared. Being the
smartest girl in her class was an advantage. She had prepared this special
tranquilizer carefully. The formula was hidden in one of her science teachers
textbooks. Once she saw it she knew that it could be put to great use in her
quest for Zack's dick.

She stood up and jabbed on needle into Zack's neck and the other directly
into Kelly's pussy. The brunette was about to scream but the serum worked
perfectly. Before she could cry out, she was unconscious. Jesse slid Zack's
car keys out of his pocket and shoved both of the now-unconscious victims
into the car. She had to drive them both out to her secret spot before they

11:22 An Abandoned Night-Club Outside of Bayside

Jesse had found this place about two years ago when she had her first sexual
encounter. Now, it was closed and the perfect place for her fantasies to come

It had taken weeks to set this up and it wasn't too difiicult to get her
captives into their desired positions on time. Zack lay on a makeshift bed
in the room with her while Kelly was still asleep in the next room. She had
gotten a double-dose of the toxins on her needle.

She could wait. Her fun would come later. She'd pay for having what Jesse

In the meantime, Zack was just coming around. She was waiting next to him
when he opened his eyes.

"What the fuck happened? Jesse?"

"Yeah, it's me, Zack. You are about to be the happiest that you've ever been
in your entire life."

"Wha, where's Kelly?"

"You'll see her soon enough."

Just then, Zack noticed the ropes that bound him down unto the bed. He tugged
at each of them but he couldn't move.

"Jesse, what the hell is all of this about? What do you think you're doing?"

"Shut up, Zack. Now here are the rules. You will do ANYTHING that I tell you
to do without hesitation. You will not use my real name unless I tell you to.
Your body will be mine for as long as I want it to be. You have no rights.
You are simply a cock that will be here to service my cunt whenever I desire.
Is that understood?"

"What the fuck is wrong with you? Kelly is my girlfriend. Why are you doing

With that, Jesse slapped him hard across his face. "Do NOT ask ANY questions.
You are only a cock to me, I will not hesitate to hurt you. Now, shut the
fuck up."

Zack was shocked by the slap and her words but he was actually beginning to
enjoy this. He had often fantasized about the tall, sexy dancer but nothing
like this had entered his mind.

Jesse lay down on top of him. She began to kiss him deeply and passionately.
She slid a hand down between them and undid his jeans and then hers. Then she
slid a pocketknife out of the back pocket of her jeans. She cut his shirt off
of him and then did the same to her own.

Zack's eyes were widening with her every move. She was wearing only a lacy
white bra and he could see her nipples pressing against the fabric. He could
see the sweat gleaming from her stomach and chest even in the dim moonlight.
His cock was getting harder and she was beginning to notice.

Jesse felt the bulge building in his pants. She felt his pants rubbing up
against hers. She lifted herself off of him and grabbed his cock right
through his pants. She squeezed his balls and licked his chest. She could
feel his cock getting even harder. The strain against the pants just turned
him on even more. Jesse got off of him and slid her jeans all the way down.
She stood before him in the bra and thong white cotton panties. Zack's jaw
almost fell off. Jesse climbed on top of his chest and slid her panties aside
revealing her glistening wet cunt. She peeled her lips apart and slid one of
her long fingers deep inside herself. Zack could feel the heat coming from
her pussy and his dick was only getting harder. She added another finger and
then a third. She thought of him scoring and the crowd going wild, the fans
jumping to their feet and the cheerleaders showing off their tits and asses
in those sexy clothes. She worked her fingers to the knuckles. She added her
last two fingers as she came. Spasms coursed through her body like an
electric current. A river of cum flooded Zack's chest. He tried to lick it
up but his tongue wasn't long enough. Her pussy was only inches away and he
couldn't reach it... Jesse watched Zack's tongue as it was reaching for her
pussy. She smiled at him.

"Do you want to eat my cunt, dearie?"

"Y-yeah, Jess"

"What did you call me? Just for that I'm going to suffucate you."

Jesse picked herself up and placed her thoroughly soaked pussy directly over
his face. Zack immediately started lapping at it like a dehydrated dog. Jesse
lifted herself up and then impaled herself on his tongue. She was rubbing her
crotch into his face. Zack was flooded by her musty smell and her juices. He
couldn't breathe very often, only for a few seconds when Jesse wanted to slam
herself down on his tongue. He didn't care. He was tasting his best-friend's
pussy and loving it. He swam his tongue through her cunt, reaching as far
back as he could. He could feel the pressing of her vaginal muscles against
him and he wanted more. He started to lick Jesse's clit which drove her wild.
He sucked on it hard, drawing the tiny bulb into his mouth. Jesse was
screaming her lungs out as he bit her love button. The biggest orgasm of her
life surged through her. It went on for 5 minutes because Zack never let up
eating her out. His tongue met her stroke for stroke even as she spasmed into
ecstacy. Completely spent, Jesse collapsed on top of him. Zack still hadn't
been satisfied. His cock was harder than Chinese arithmatic. He began sucking
on her tits while she lay on top of him. He could feel her nipples growing
even harder as he milked her. He kissed his way up and down her chest,
wriggling on the bed to move her up and down his body.

Jesse came back down to earth hornier than ever. She knew her best friend was
sucking her tits off and she loved it.

"Do you remember that cheerleader slut that you go out with, Zack? I have her
too. Would you rather fuck her or me?"

"You," he said between licks.

"Well, she's going to watch you fuck me and she's going to love it."

She got up and walked over to the door in the room. She was so spent that her
legs could hardly hold her. She hadn't expected to cum so hard so early on in
the night. Oh well, she was a big girl, she could deal with it.

She opened the door to reveal Kelly who was still out cold tied to a chair.
Her clothes had been removed except for her panties and her bra. Jesse
dragged her over to the foot of the bed. Then she took another needle from
her bookbag and again jammed it into Kelly's cunt. Kelly let out a moan. The
antidote was working. Jesse tossed the needle away and slapped Kelly hard
across the face.

"Listen up, Bitch," she said "I just had your man eat me out."

Jesse sat on the edge of the bed and spread her cunt lips apart so that Kelly
could see her juices flooding down onto the bed.

"Zack Morris was here, baby. Whether you like it or not. I own your man now
and if you want even a little piece of him from now on, you're going to have
to cooperate. Do you understand?"

Kelly began to cry. She didn't understand what was going on. Jesse again
slapped her. Then she dropped to her knees and started fingering Kelly
through her silk panites. Kelly muffled a scream as Jesse's long, thin
fingers probed her. The fabric was chaffing her pussy. She began to squeeze
the blonde's fingers though. She was beginning to like this...

Jesse inserted another finger inside her brunette friend. "Beg me to fuck
you, bitch", she ordered.

"Oh GOD, please fuck me, Jesse!", screamed Kelly as an orgasm hit her. She
came all over the chair. Jesse began licking her juices off. Kelly was hot
and horny after that fingering. She wanted anything she could get inside her
but she was still tied up.

Jesse got up and got the pocketknife and cut Kelly free. Next, she untied
Zack and grabbed Kelly and threw her onto the floor.

"This is what will happen next. You will put on this strap-on, two-sided
dildo, Kelly. Then you will start to fuck my ass while I have your precious
boyfriend fuck my cunt. Any questions?"

Zack was having the time of his life. He'd never had two women this hot
before at once. He was ready. Jesse climbed on top of him and jumped onto
his rock hard dick. Zack immediately started pumping her for all he was
worth. Kelly jammed the dildo into herself and finished strapping it onto
herself. She rubbed the tip of it into Jesse's cunt to lubricate it and
stabbed Jesse's asshole.

Jesse let out an ear-piercing scream. She's been fucked up the ass before but
that dildo was 14 inches long. Even Slater's cock wasn't that big. And never
had she been fucked up the ass and in her pussy simultaneously. She rocked
her body back and forth, thrusting into both of the dicks that were raping
her. Zack was the first to cum, gushing into Jesse. She pulled his cock out
of her and made him spray the rest onto her tits and made him lick it up.
Kelly came next as her end of the cock went deeper inside her than anyone had
ever been before. She screamed and passed out on top of Jesse while Jesse
kept fucking her. Jesse then exploded. Her juices completely covered Zack.
She went totally rigid and she dug her nails into his ass as she nearly
doubled over backwards. Her tits stood straight up as she screamed her
victory and passed out on top of her friends. This had been a good night in


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