Saved By The Bell: Bangin At Bayside Part 7 (Ff,mfF,inc)
by CuzinTiny

It was Saturday afternoon and Kelly was on her way to Zack's house, she knew
his mom would be home so they couldn't mess around but she just wanted to
spend some time with him. Zack's mom answered the door and her mouth started
watering when she saw Kelly standing there in a tight white t-shirt her hard
nipples straining against the fabric, she obviously wasn't wearing a bra, and
cut off jean shorts that barely covered the bottom of her succulent ass

"Hi Mrs. Morris, is Zack here?" Kelly asked with her usual big smile.

"No he's not here right now but please come in." Melanie answered. "He and
Screech left about a half hour ago."

"Oh darn, my mom and dad took Nikki to her softball game and I was hoping
Zack and I could just hang out."

"Why don't you come in and hang out with me for a while. We never get the
chance to talk and I could use some company." Melanie said stepping back from
the door.

"Ok, that sounds fun. Maybe you can tell me all of Zack's secrets from when
he was growing up." Kelly smiled as she walked to the couch. As she sat she
remembered how the wild times had started right on this couch a couple of
weeks ago and she felt her pussy twitch.

"Would you like something to drink?"

"Yes, a coke would be nice."

Melanie sat beside Kelly then handed her a coke as she took a sip of her own.
She couldn't help but stare at Kelly's firm boobs and her nipples poking
against the thin fabric of her t-shirt. Kelly noticed her looking and blushed
as Melanie licked her lips. Kelly couldn't believe Zack's mom was staring at
her boobs and apparently she liked what she saw. Kelly leaned back and
stretched like she was yawning causing her shirt to pull tighter across her
chest. She smiled when she saw Melanie breathing faster. Melanie finally
looked up and saw Kelly smiling at her; she blushed bright red and turned
away then said. "So what do you and Zack have planned for tonight?"

"I don't know, we really didn't plan anything." Kelly answered with a smile.
"But I'm sure something will pop up."

Melanie swallowed hard and she wondered if Kelly meant it the way it sounded.
She was shocked to think Kelly would be so bold. She smiled back at Kelly and
said. "That's the way it is with most guys, something usually pops up."

They both laughed and sat back drinking their cokes, both wondering how and
if they should try to seduce the other. Melanie reached out and touched
Kelly's hand and said. "Kelly, I want you to be honest with me."

"Of course Mrs. Morris, what would you like to know?" Kelly answered, nervous
about what she was going to ask.

"First off call me Melanie. And second are you and Zack having sex?"

Kelly choked on her coke then answered. "Yes we are, but what made you think,
I mean how did you know?"

"A couple of weeks ago I found a pair of your panties here."

"Oh, are you mad? I mean are you gonna stop us from seeing each other?"

"Of course not Kelly, you're a very sweet girl and I think Zack's lucky to
have you as a girlfriend." Melanie said, her own nipples straining against
her bra and top. "In fact anyone would be thrilled to be with you, even me."

Kelly was staring at Melanie's breasts then looked into her eyes and leaned
forward and gently kissed her. After the brief contact Kelly leaned back
smiling as she watched Melanie's chest rising and falling with each rapid
breath. She ran her hand over Melanie's cheek and said. "I see where Zack
gets his good looks from; you're a very beautiful and sexy woman and I'd love
to be with you too."

Melanie pulled Kelly's face to hers smashing their lips together, they moaned
as their tongues met and explored the other's mouth. Melanie's mind was
racing as she savored the new feelings of kissing a girl, a much younger
girl. She marveled at how fresh Kelly's mouth tasted and her heart raced as
her nose was filled with the soft sweet fragrance of Kelly's perfume. She
thought she would faint when Kelly's hand cupped her left breast gently
squeezing then rolling the hard nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She
pulled her mouth from Kelly's and moaned. "Oh Kelly, I know we shouldn't do
this but I can't help myself. I've wanted you since I found your panties and
smelled your sweet pussy on them."

Kelly unbuttoned Melanie's top sliding it over her shoulders and down her
arms. She swallowed hard as she stared at the older woman, her full breasts
being supported by a black lace bra. They kissed again as Kelly's hands
squeezed Melanie's tits before unhooking the bra and sliding it off her
shoulders. Her mouth quickly moved to Melanie's left nipple, her tongue
circling it causing the older woman to moan and pull Kelly's face tighter to
her breast. Kelly let her hand slide down Melanie's stomach then lower over
her jeans and she felt Melanie shiver as she rubbed her crotch. Melanie's
legs parted as Kelly's hand rubbed her denim covered crotch massaging her
hard clit making her pussy wetter and wetter. She lifted her ass as Kelly
unbuttoned her jeans and slid them and her panties down her firm thighs.
Kelly moaned when she saw the thick lips of Melanie's pussy glistening with
moisture and surrounded by a thick patch of brown hair.

"Oh Melanie you're so beautiful." Kelly moaned as she kissed her way down
Melanie's stomach. "Now let's see how you taste."

Melanie thought her mind exploded as Kelly ran her tongue from the base of
her slit up to her clit before drilling it deep into her waiting pussy. Her
fingers were tangled in Kelly's long dark hair pulling her closer as she
lifted her hips grinding her pussy against the cheerleader's beautiful face.
"Oh Kelly, eat me! Lick my wet pussy! That feels so fucking good."

Kelly savored the taste as Melanie's juices flowed over her tongue and down
her throat. The fact that she was licking her boyfriend's mom's pussy was
making her clit throb as her hand rubbed her own crotch. Her tongue circled
Melanie's throbbing clit then dipped deep into her waiting pussy, scooping
more of the sweet nectar into her mouth. She could feel Melanie's legs
shaking on her shoulders and then they were squeezing her head tightly.

Melanie was moaning loudly and her ass was lifting off the couch, grinding
her wet crotch into Kelly's face. She couldn't believe how good it felt
having Kelly's young tongue drilling into her pussy. But what if someone
found out? Her mind raced with the possibilities. She would be disgraced and
Derek would leave her, of course he might like shoving his hard cock up
Kelly's cunt too, and she might even go to jail. All these thoughts left her
mind when Kelly began gently chewing on her clit. She pulled Kelly's face
tighter against her crotch and her ass lifted off the couch as she squealed.

Kelly smiled to herself and she slipped her hands under Melanie's ass pulling
her tighter as she held her engorged clit between her teeth and flicked it
quickly with her tongue. She could feel Melanie's clit throbbing as her
tongue danced over it. She knew Melanie was close to a mind blowing orgasm so
she slid two fingers from her right hand into Melanie's waiting pussy.
Melanie moaned louder and her hips moved faster as Kelly fucked her fast and
hard. Suddenly fireworks exploded in her brain and she screamed. "OH FUCK ME,
BITCH!!" She was shocked at the words coming from her mouth but she couldn't
stop them as her ass lifted off the couch and her legs shook as hot sticky
fluid gushed from her pussy choking Kelly and covering her sweet face.

Kelly wiped her face on her arm as she moved up onto the couch beside
Melanie. Melanie's body jerked as Kelly gently kissed each of her nipples
then kissed her gently on the lips. Melanie returned the kiss and hugged her
tightly. Staring into the younger girl's eyes she felt a tear running down
her cheek as she said. "Thank you Kelly, I've never felt anything like that

"I'm glad you liked it Melanie. I liked it too and I've never seen anyone cum
like that either." Kelly said returning the hug and rubbing her crotch
against Melanie's thigh.

Melanie sat up staring at Kelly's hard nipples straining against her t-shirt.
"You must be about to explode Kelly." She said as her hands lifted Kelly's t-
shirt up her body. "Let's get these clothes off you so I can see the sexy
body I've been dreaming about. Then we'll see if I can make you cum all over
my tongue."

Melanie gasped when she saw Kelly's small firm tits topped by hard little
nipples. She leaned forward taking her left nipple in her mouth, sucking hard
as her tongue circled it. She felt her pussy twitch as she heard a moan
escape Kelly's mouth and she felt the young girl's hands pulling her tighter
against her chest. She slowly moved her hand over Kelly's smooth flat
stomach, then on down to her crotch. She could feel the heat and the wetness
soaking through the denim of Kelly's shorts. Kelly's legs were spread wide as
Melanie's hand moved up and down, pressing the fabric between her swollen
lips. She moaned as Melanie's mouth left her hard nipple and moved lower,
leaving a string of kisses along Kelly's stomach. Melanie slid to the floor
between Kelly's wide spread legs. She unsnapped Kelly's shorts and slid the
zipper down then held her breath as she slid them down her well tanned
thighs. She lifted the young girl's legs and slid the shorts off leaving her
in just a very small pair of red lace bikini panties. She was amazed Kelly's
parents would let her wear panties this sexy. She had to fight to keep her
hand from going to her own pussy as she stared at the beauty in front of her.
She moved her face closer to the panty covered prize that awaited her, her
head spinning as the aroma of Kelly's over excited pussy filled her nose. She
slowly slid the small panties down Kelly's firm tan thighs, her heart beating
loudly as the small patch of dark hair slowly came into view. Her mouth was
watering as she saw the swollen lips of Kelly's beautiful pussy glistening in
the light. She slid a finger along Kelly's slit feeling the slickness envelop
it as Kelly lifted her hips causing it to slip inside her wet waiting pussy.
Kelly grabbed Melanie's hand pulling it tighter against her crotch as she
jerked her hips fucking herself with Melanie's finger. "Oh my god, Kelly you
are so beautiful and sexy."

Kelly pulled Melanie's face to her crotch and groaned. "We can talk later,
right now lick my CUNT!"

Melanie's tongue slid between Kelly's swollen lips and she moaned as she
tasted another girl's pussy for the first time. Her head was spinning as she
savored the flavor and the aroma of Kelly's aroused pussy filled her
nostrils. Kelly's hands were busy squeezing her small tits and rolling her
rock hard nipples between her fingers. Her hips jerked when Melanie's tongue
hit her clit for the first time. Her right hand moved to Melanie's head, her
fingers tangled in her hair, pulling her tight against her crotch as she
moaned. "Oh yes, eat me Melanie. Lick my wet pussy just like Zack does. Make
me cum just like your son."

Hearing Kelly mention Zack made Melanie moan and her hand moved to her crotch
and she slipped first two then three fingers into her waiting pussy. Her
tongue moved faster over Kelly's clit then drove deep inside her waiting
pussy. She could feel the walls of Kelly's pussy squeezing her tongue and she
knew the young girl was about to explode. She took Kelly's hard clit in her
mouth, sucking hard while her tongue danced over it. She moved her hand from
her own pussy up to Kelly's, causing the young girl to groan as she felt two
fingers sliding into her wet pussy. Melanie looked up at Kelly and said. "Cum
for me Kelly. Cum for me like you do for Zack."

Kelly's legs locked behind Melanie's head, lifting her ass off the couch, as
Melanie's tongue worked on Kelly's clit. The squishy sound of Melanie's
finger fucking Kelly filled the room and mixed with Kelly's cries as a giant
orgasm swept over her firm young body. "FUCK ME, I'M CUMMING!!!! OH GOD,

They slid off the couch, lying in each others arms gently kissing, slowly
rubbing each other's slit. Movement caught Kelly's attention and when she
looked toward the kitchen door there stood Zack, his hand stroking his hard
cock. She winked at him and he brought his hand to his mouth and licked a
drop of precum from his fingers then he smiled back at her. "Wow Melanie,
that was wonderful, just like when Zack licks me." Kelly said smiling at the
older woman. "The only thing I like more than Zack eating me is when he puts
his big hard cock in me and fucks me silly."

Melanie's mind was racing with thoughts of Zack's cock and pussy juice was
leaking from her aroused slit. "Wow Kelly, Is Zack really a good fuck?"

"Oh yeah, he's a great fuck. First he fucks me with long slow strokes, and
then he slams it into me really hard." Kelly answered smiling at Zack. "God
I'm getting horny again just thinking about him."

"I know what you mean, I could really go for a good hard fuck." Melanie
moaned, her hand moving faster in Kelly's crotch. "I wish Derek wasn't out of
town this weekend."

"I bet Derek has a big cock." Kelly moaned imagining what it would be like to
ride Zack's dad till he filled her with his hot, sticky cum. "Is he a really
good fuck?"

"Oh Kelly, he's great and he has a nice big thick cock that fills me

"MMM, you've made me so horny again I want to bury my face in your wet cunt
while you eat me. Turn around and straddle my face." Kelly moaned her hands
pulling on Melanie's ass trying to bring her pussy to her waiting mouth.

"Oh yes Kelly. I want us to cum together." Melanie answered pressing her wet
pussy to Kelly's mouth then spreading Kelly's lips before driving her tongue
into her waiting pussy.

Melanie was enjoying the feeling of Kelly's tongue on her clit as her tongue
did the same, it was almost like she was licking herself. She moaned when
Kelly began fucking her with her finger, her hips rocking back and forth
trying to make it go deeper. She groaned when she felt it slide all the way
out. Then she felt her pussy being filled more and she thought Kelly had
added a finger. It felt so good sliding deeper and deeper then back out and
deeper still. `Kelly's fingers aren't that long.' She thought. Then she felt
a pair of hand on her hips pulling her back and pubic hair on her ass. Her
head jerked up and she looked over her shoulder to see Zack smiling down at
her as he slammed his cock deep in her cunt. "OH ZACK NO! WE CAN'T DO THIS!"
She screamed as she tried to pull away.

"Just relax mom and enjoy my hard cock fucking your wet pussy." He said as he
held her tight and slammed into her again.

"Yeah Melanie, doesn't Zack's cock feel good in you?" Kelly asked before
sliding her tongue over Melanie's clit again.

"Oh yes, it feels so good but this is so wrong. I shouldn't be fucking my own
son." Melanie cried. She was trying to convince herself and Zack but she
couldn't deny how good his cock felt and the fact that he was her son only
made it better. "Oh God forgive me." She moaned as her ass pushed back
against him. "Fuck me Zack! Fuck your mom's cunt with your hard cock and make
me cum!"

Her words ignited Zack and he slammed his cock into her harder and faster. He
could feel her pussy gripping him almost like a hand. As he slid out and in
Kelly's tongue was licking his mom's juices off jis cock and then his balls
when he was buried deep. "Wow mom, your pussy feels so good. I've wanted to
fuck you for so long."

"That's it Zack, fuck your mom, let her feel the hard cock I love." Kelly
moaned as she watched mother and son join right in front of her. "Damn, this
is the hottest thing I've ever seen. Fuck her Zack! Fuck her hard!"

"Oh yes Zack, fuck me! I've wanted you to since I found Kelly's panties and
made myself cum thinking about you two."

Between the feel of his mom's pussy and hearing her ask to be fucked, Zack
knew he would explode any minute. His hands gripped her hips as he hammered
her faster and faster. A loud moan escaped his lips when he felt Kelly rub
his puckered ass. Kelly could tell he was going to cum as she pressed her
finger against his ass, it was almost like his ass sucked her finger inside.
She felt him shudder and heard him groan as she said. "That's it Zack fill
your mom's cunt with your hot cum. That's what you want isn't it Melanie? You
want to feel your son's hot cum filling your pussy?"


screamed as she felt Zack's cock erupt inside her triggering her own orgasm.

Zack kept his cock buried deep in his mom as it jerked and shot a huge load.
Kelly was licking his balls and Melanie's clit while they rode the wave of
their orgasms. Zack finally pulled out and collapsed on the floor. He watched
as Kelly sucked and licked his mom till she had cleaned every drop of his cum
from her well fucked pussy. "Hey that's not fair Kelly." He laughed. "You
didn't leave me any."
_ _ _

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