Saved By The Bell: Bangin' At Bayside Part 6
(ff,Mm,mmf,mff,inter,voy,1st anal,dp)
by CuzinTiny

Everybody froze when Mr. Belding walked in the room. He couldn't believe what
he saw, there was the head cheerleader riding dorky Screech's cock, on one
side of them was the star wrestler fucking little rich girl Lisa's black
pussy for all he was worth and on the other side was the class president
sliding her wet cunt up and down the cock of his arch nemesis Zack Morris.

"You kids are in so much trouble." Mr. Belding said.

Slater and Jesse jumped to their feet each trying to cover themselves. Lisa
was so horny and close to cumming she slid three fingers into her sopping
pussy and began fucking herself. Zack just laid there he knew there wasn't
any need to worry, they were caught and whatever was going to happen would
happen. He did notice Belding staring at his cock and he thought he saw him
lick his lips. Kelly pulled herself off Screech's big cock noticing Mr.
Belding gasp slightly when he saw it. She laughed slightly walked over to
him and said. "Come on Mr. Belding, there must be some way we can work this
out." She slipped a finger into her wet pussy then licked it clean and
whispered. "Surely you see something here that interests you."

Mr. Belding's cock had hardened as soon as he had seen these sexy freshmen
fucking their brains out and he had always wondered how it would be to fuck
one of them, he had been fucking Muffin Sangria since the beginning of the
school year to keep her grades up. He knew he should just do what's right
and call their parents but his cock throbbing in his pants was winning the
argument with his common sense. He reached out and squeezed Kelly's small
boob and said. "Well maybe we can work something out. But you all have to do
whatever I say."

"That sounds good to us." Kelly said her hand squeezing the rather large lump
in Mr. Belding's crotch.

"FUCK ME I'M CUMMING!!!!" Lisa screamed. Everybody's attention had been on
Mr. Belding they had forgotten Lisa had been fucking herself and as they
watched her writhing on the floor enjoying another orgasm suddenly they all
started laughing as the tension had been broken.

Everybody watched as Mr. Belding slipped out of his clothes. First he removed
his shirt, revealing his hairy chest and for a forty year old he was in
pretty good shape, then he slid his pants down leaving him standing there
wearing only blue boxers and black socks. He slid the boxers down and a smile
came on Kelly's face when she saw his eight inch cock standing proudly from
the thick patch of dark hair. His cock wasn't as long as Screech's but it was
thicker and she knew it would feel wonderful stretching her pussy.

As Belding stood slowly stroking his thick cock and eyeing the sweet young
meat in front of him Zack started laughing then said as he pointed. "Uh Mr.
Belding, I think you should take your socks off too. They make you look like
a bad actor in some sleazy comedy."

They all laughed, including Belding as he pulled one then the other sock from
his feet. "Ok now that I'm as nude, and I think excited, as the rest you,
let's have some fun. Slater first I want you to go get some of the baby oil
you jocks use when you get rub downs."

"Ok Mr. B. whatever you say." Slater said as he ran to the equipment room.

"Now Jesse I want to see you get that tongue of yours, which is always
wagging, busy in Lisa's sweet black pussy. In fact why don't you lie on your
back so she can rub her pussy on your face and lick you too? That way you'll
look like a hot fudge sundae, a real hot sundae."

"Sure Mr. Belding, it'd be my pleasure to lick Lisa's sweet pussy the way
only a woman can." Jesse answered in her usual feminist way.

Slater ran back in the room handed the bottle to Belding and said. "Here you
go Mr. B. now what?"

"Slater I want you to lie on your back and Kelly slide your gorgeous pussy
onto his hard cock."

"Sure thing Mr. Belding, I love having a cock in my pussy." Kelly said as she
lowered her wet pussy onto Slater and began slowly rocking her hips.

"Now Screech come here." Belding said motioning behind Kelly. He poured some
oil on Kelly's shapely ass sliding his finger down the crack and into her
puckered little hole. When Screech moved behind Kelly Belding poured some oil
in his hand and slowly stroked it up and down Screech's hard ten inch cock.
Screech shivered as Belding oiled his cock. "Now hold still Kelly while
Screech slides this monster up your pretty cheerleader ass."

Kelly's mind raced she had never taken two cocks at once and she wasn't sure
she could take Screech's monster up her ass. But the more she thought about
it the hotter she got. She couldn't believe just a couple of weeks ago she
had been a sweet innocent cheerleader and now she was about to be sandwiched
between a jock and a nerd, Damn she loved it. "Oh yea Mr. Belding, have
Screech shove that big fucker up my ass." She moaned as her pussy gripped
Slater's cock.

Mr. Belding pulled Kelly's cheeks apart and watched as Screech placed the
head of his cock against her puckered hole and pushed. Slater, Kelly and
Screech all moaned as his cock slid up Kelly's ass. Kelly loved the feel of
two cocks in her and Slater was amazed how he could feel Screech's cock
rubbing against his with only a thin membrane separating them. Screech
pushed till half of his cock was in her ass then pulled back leaving just
the head in. He held it there and asked. "You want my cock in your ass


Screech grabbed her hips and with one huge thrust he buried all ten inches in
Kelly's ass. "OOOOOOHHHHH FUUUUUCK YYYYEEEEESSSS!!!!!" Kelly screamed, bright
lights flashing in her brain her body convulsing and fluid gushing from her
pussy around Slater's cock as a huge orgasm raced through her. If she had cum
this hard just from him sliding that monster into her what would happen when
he actually started fucking her. This was just one of several thoughts that
were racing through her mind.

Across the room Jesse and Lisa had heard Kelly scream and they watched in awe
as Screech slid his hard cock in and out of their friend's ass. Neither Jesse
nor Lisa had ever been fucked in the ass but they both loved a tongue and
finger in there and both wanted to feel a hard cock sliding in and out. They
went back to licking the other's pussy and each slipped a finger up the
other's ass.

Zack was getting extremely horny watching all his friends enjoying various
forms of sexual pleasure. He stroked his hard cock cleared his throat and
said, "What about me Mr. Belding? I'd like to have some fun too."

Belding looked at Zack smiled and said. "Ok Zack, come over here and service
me. I want to feel your lips wrapped around my hard cock."

Zack moved to Belding reached out taking his thick cock in his hand he
started slowly stroking it. He could feel it throbbing in his hand as he
leaned over and licked the head. Belding shivered as Zack's tongue licked
over the head then around the rim just under it. "Oh yea Zack lick my cock.
Make me feel good to make up for all the headaches you've given me."

As Zack licked the head then down the thick shaft he felt his own cock
jerking with pleasure from the taste and feel of his principal's cock on his
tongue. He moved back to the head, opened his mouth and moved forward taking
about three inches in his mouth before moving back to the head letting his
tongue circle it again. Belding moaned and put his hands on Zack's head, his
fingers running through the blonde hair, and pushed his head down forcing
five inches of his cock into Zack's mouth before he gagged. Zack coughed as
he pulled his mouth from Belding's cock, long strings of spit stretched from
his lips to the head.

"Damn, what are you trying to do kill me?" Zack sputtered between coughs.

"No I'm not trying to kill you. But if you want me to forget what you and
your friends were doing here, you had better learn to breathe through your
nose as my cock slides down your throat." Belding said with an evil look on
his face. He finally had the upper hand on Zack and he was damn sure gonna
enjoy it.

They heard loud moans coming from Jesse and Lisa so they watched as the two
girls got each other off. Jesse's long legs were squeezing Lisa's head while
her hips lifted from the floor trying to get Lisa's tongue deeper into her
pussy. At the same time Lisa's black ass was jerking as Jesse sucked her clit
and fluid gushed from her bright pink pussy coating her thighs and making
them shine in the light.

Kelly, Slater and Screech had developed a rhythm; Kelly would rock forward as
Screech moved back. She had been experiencing one orgasm after another since
they had started and now Slater and Screech could feel the cum rising from
their balls. Slater and Kelly's mouths were pressed tightly together as their
tongues went back and forth from one mouth to the other. Screech was moving
faster, hammering Kelly's ass, driving his cock into her. She could feel his
cock getting bigger then he buried himself deep in her and shouted as cum
shot from his cock like a fire hose. "OOOHH SHIIITT, I'M CUMMING!!!!"

Kelly answered another orgasm shaking her body. Her pussy gripped Slater's
cock tight and his cum erupted in her cunt like a volcano.

joining his two friends. The three of them collapsed and all five lay there
watching as Zack moved his mouth back over Belding's cock.

Zack was trying to breathe through his nose and relax but every time
Belding's cock hit the back of his throat he gagged. Kelly saw he was having
trouble so she moved beside him and whispered in his ear while her hand
slowly stroked his throbbing cock. "Just relax Zack; I know you can do it.
Just tilt your head back a little and swallow when you feel it hit your
throat. It will make me so hot to see you swallow his cock."

Zack moaned as her fingers gripped his shaft and if there was one thing in
the world he wanted to do it was turn Kelly on. He moved forward on Belding's
cock tilting his head like Kelly said and swallowing when it hit his throat,
to his surprise the head slipped into his throat and he pushed forward before
pulling back to catch a quick breath. The next stroke was easier and he felt
Belding's cock sliding farther down his throat till his nose was buried in
Belding's thick bush. He'd done it! He'd swallowed all eight inches of
Belding's throbbing cock!

Kelly took Belding's large hairy balls in her mouth sucking them while Zack
sucked his cock. Her hand was rubbing her wet pussy and she could feel
Screech's cum running from her ass and mixing with Slater's on her fingers.
She moved her fingers to Belding's cock rubbing the mixture on it for Zack
to savor, and then brought them to her own lips for a quick taste.

Belding moaned when he saw Zack and Kelly both enjoy the cum mixture and he
felt his balls tighten as cum shot from his cock filling Zack's waiting
swallowed as four huge shots of gooey cum filled his mouth, damn he loved
it. He sucked till there was no more coming from Belding then he kissed
Kelly hard slipping a small drop of Belding's cum onto her tongue.

The rest of the gang lay there nearly exhausted wondering what else Belding
had planned for them. Actually each of the girls was hoping to feel his long
thick cock stretching their pussies. They all stared at it as it stood
proudly from his crotch, shining in the light from Zack's spit and jerking
slightly. Belding wanted to fuck them all as well but knew he was only good
for one more time tonight and besides there would be plenty of chances to
fuck them. Tonight though was for revenge.

"Ok Zack, get on your hands and knees. Kelly and Lisa take the oil and get
him ready." He said with an evil smile. "Zack you've been a pain in my ass
for a long time, now I'm gonna return the favor."

Zack's eyes shot open when he heard that. He had enjoyed his and Kelly's
fingers and even her tongue in his ass but he wasn't sure he wanted Belding
getting his anal cherry. "Uh Mr. Belding, can't we talk about this. I've
never been fucked before." He pleaded. Then he moaned when he felt Kelly's
oil slicked fingers slip up his ass.

"I know you've never been fucked but that will change soon. My advice to you
is relax and enjoy it, I know I will."

Kelly had two oily fingers sliding in and out of his tight hole and she
whispered to him. "Relax Zack, you'll love it."

He moaned louder as Lisa slid two fingers in with Kelly's. He couldn't
believe he had four fingers in his ass and he was starting to really like it.
Belding poured some oil in Kelly's other hand and she moved it up and down
his thick cock making it slick and ready. He moved behind Zack and motioned
for the girls to move their fingers. Before Zack's sphincter could close
Belding had the head of his cock lodged in it and slowly moved forward
sliding three inches up Zack's ass. "How does it feel Zack?"


Kelly slid under Zack in a 69, she thought she could make it better by
sucking his cock. Surprisingly his cock had shrunk when Belding's cock
entered him but it was quickly coming back to life in Kelly's mouth.
Belding pulled back then slid another two inches in. Zack groaned and
buried his face in Kelly's sloppy pussy licking the mixture of cum from
it. Belding grabbed Zack's hips as he pulled back again; this time when
he pushed he buried himself deep in Zack's clinging ass.

screamed a small tear running down his cheek as the burning pain shot
through his ass.

Kelly pulled her mouth from his cock and said. "Just relax sweetie, it'll
get better."

The rest of the gang watched, their eyes wide with amazement as Belding held
Zack's ass tight against him, letting Zack relax and get used to having a
thick cock up his ass. Jesse was stroking Slater's cock trying to get a rise
out of it but it just laid there. She saw Lisa's hand gripping Screech's long
cock and her tongue licking the head, she left Slater and joined Lisa licking
Screech's long cock.

Zack was beginning to enjoy having Belding's cock in his ass and Kelly's
sweet mouth sucking his cock, he moaned as he moved forward. Belding felt
Zack moving and slowly slid his thick cock half way out before sliding it
back in. Zack's ass was gripping Belding's cock and his own cock was
throbbing in Kelly's mouth.

"Oh yeah Mr. Belding, fuck me!! Fuck my ass with your big cock!!! Make me
love it!!" Zack moaned before burying his face back in Kelly's cunt.

Jesse crawled over Screech's cock, sliding it between her pussy lips, and
then groaned as she lowered herself completely on it. Lisa pressed her pussy
against his lips and said. "Eat me Screech, eat my wet cunt."

As Slater watched his cock finally came back to life and he grabbed the
bottle of oil, covered his cock completely, and then slipped it into Lisa's
tight black ass. She flinched slightly, biting down on Jesse's nipple that
she had been sucking, and then pushed back against Slater taking his thin six
inch cock to the hilt. Jesse saw Slater fucking Lisa's ass and as her own
hips jerked, working her pussy on Screech's monster, she said. "That's it
Bubba, fuck her black ass."

Belding smiled as he watched the four teenagers fucking and he thought how
good it would feel when he got his chance to feel their young pussies
gripping his man sized cock, but right now he was fucking Zack's tight ass
and not only was he loving it, Zack was loving it too. Zack was rocking his
hips in rhythm with Belding's thrusts while his tongue danced over Kelly's
clit and his fingers slipped into her juicy pussy. Every time Zack moved
forward his cock slid down Kelly's throat till his balls lay on her nose.
She was close to cumming and her hips were jerking trying to get his fingers
deeper in her. Belding gripped Zack's hips and slammed his cock in and out
of his ass, fucking him with long fast strokes, making sure Zack felt all
eight inches filling his ass over and over.

Slater couldn't believe how tight Lisa's ass was and that he was about to
cum again. He felt Screech's tongue on his balls and he pumped her fast then
slammed into her one last time and groaned as the last cum left in his balls
filled Lisa's ass. "FUCK YEAH, I'M CUMMING AGAIN!!"

Lisa felt Slater's cock jerk and a small shot of cum coat the walls of her
rectum, the combination of that, Screech's tongue on her clit and Jesse's
hands on her tits was enough to send her over the edge again. "OH GOD YES,
orgasm shook her body and she almost drowned poor Screech.

Slater and Lisa fell onto the mat exhausted, there was no way either of them
could move at the moment, they lay there panting and watching the hot action
before them. Belding was hammering Zack's ass and every time his cock slid
over Zack's prostate his cock jerked in Kelly's mouth. Belding moaned. "OH

Zack felt Belding's cock swell then spurt after spurt of molten hot cum
filled his ass. His ass convulsed gripping Belding's cock, actually milking
the cum from him, and then his own cock jerked filling Kelly's mouth with
another huge load of her favorite snack. She swallowed quickly, not wanting
to waste a drop as her pussy spasmed on Zack's tongue and fingers. Belding
didn't want to pull out and he stayed still, keeping his cock buried in
Zack's ass, till it finally softened and slipped from his ass with a slight
plop. Zack's cock had also went down and Kelly slid back moving her mouth to
his ass so she could gather all of Belding's cum. She laughed as she slipped
her tongue up his ass and thought. `Waste not. Want not.'

Jesse was fast approaching her own orgasm and she wanted to feel Screech's
hot cum shooting in her. As her ass moved up and down she reached behind her
and gently squeezed his balls. That was all he needed and he lifted his ass
from the floor, driving his cock deep into her and screeched as cum shot from
his throbbing cock. "OH JESSE, I'M CUMMING!!!"

yelled, her whole body shaking and trembling as their fluids mixed together.

Belding looked at the mess and all the nude bodies lying on the wrestling
mats and said. "Ok, get this place cleaned up and go home. I'll talk to you
more on Monday." Then he quickly dressed and left the kids to clean up.
_ _ _

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