Saved By The Bell: Bangin' At Bayside Part 5 (ff,mm,f-best,orgy,inter)
by CuzinTiny

Lisa was absent from school the next day due to a family emergency. After gym
class the girls were taking their showers. Kelly and Jesse were the last ones
to finish; when the other girls had left Jesse walked over to Kelly and
squeezed one of her breasts. This surprised Kelly and she said "Jesse, what
are you doing?"

"It's all right Kelly I know what you, Zack and Nikki did yesterday and I
also know about you and Lisa. I just want in on the fun too." Jesse said
leaning down and kissing Kelly on the lips. Kelly moaned and slid her tongue
into Jesse's mouth. They kissed for a few minutes their hands exploring each
others bodies until they heard a noise in the locker room. They quickly
separated and finished their showers. As they were getting dressed Jesse
told Kelly everything that had happened the day before.

"I guess since we are telling secrets I should tell you that Zack and I
followed you and Slater to the wrestling room Saturday night and watched you

"I can't believe you did that! You violated our privacy!" Jesse said standing
there topless with her hands on her hips.

"Well you did the same thing in the basement." Kelly snapped back. "And
besides it was so hot watching you two while I sucked Zack's cock and he
licked my pussy. I came so hard watching Slater eat you."

"I guess you're right it was hot watching you." They hugged and kissed each
other lightly then finished dressing. Jesse said "We had better get to our
next classes but I want to talk more later. Meet me at the Max after school."
Kelly nodded and they both ran to their next class.

After school they were sitting at the Max in their usual booth Slater was at
wrestling practice and Zack was in Mr. Belding's office. They were sitting
next to each other drinking a coke when Kelly put her hand on Jesse's crotch
and rubbed her pussy. "I really want to finish what you started in the
showers." Kelly said rubbing Jesse's pussy harder. Jesse moaned and spread
her legs wider. "So do I, it's too bad Lisa's out of town I would really like
to 'study' with both of you."

"She's going to be gone all week. We need to plan something for Friday night
for you, me, Zack and Slater. Maybe we could go to the wrestling room."

"You mean you want all four of us to have, like an orgy?"

"Yeah, doesn't that sound like fun? We can watch each other get our brains
fucked out, and then we can slip our tongues into each others juicy pussy."
Kelly whispered rubbing Jesse's pussy faster. "Then we can watch Zack and
Slater suck each others hard cocks."

Jesse was shocked by what Kelly said but the thought of seeing two guys suck
each other off excited her and she bit her lower lip as she felt a small
orgasm rock her body. "That sounds great, but what makes you think the guys
would suck cock? I mean I'd love to see it but I don't think they will do

"Zack and I have already talked about it and he really wants to suck Slater's
cock and swallow his cum. He loves the taste of his own and he wants to drink
it straight from the source."

Jesse put her hand under Kelly's mini skirt and pulled the crotch of her
panties aside and slid first one then two fingers up her soaking wet pussy.
Kelly closed her eyes and laid her head back while Jesse finger fucked her
under the table. She couldn't believe they were doing this here but the
thought of getting caught just turned her on more. She spread her legs as
wide as she could and humped her pussy on Jesse's fingers. She groaned softly
and her body went stiff as she came on Jesse's fingers. Jesse put her fingers
in her mouth and licked them clean and said. "You taste delicious. I can
hardly wait till Friday night. Maybe you can sleepover at my house Friday
night since my curfew is 1:00 AM and yours is only 11:00."

"That would be great we could have fun with the guys and maybe more fun when
we get to your house."

As they left they had no idea Screech had been watching them. He was fixing
the juke box for Max and had a clear view under the table. He couldn't
believe he had seen Jesse slide two fingers up Kelly's pussy and fuck her
till she came. His cock was hard as steel and throbbed begging for attention,
"Why do my parents have to be out of town tonight? I have to stay at Zack's
and I won't be able to jerk off sleeping in the same bed with him." Screech
thought as he tried to get his mind back on repairing the juke box.

Kelly walked into her house and said "I'm home." There was no answer and she
walked into the kitchen and saw a note on the refrigerator that read "Kelly,
we have gone to Nikki's softball game. We should be home about 7 pm we will
bring pizza home for dinner." "Damn I wish I had known they wouldn't be home
Jesse could have came over and we could have licked each other silly." Kelly
said as she walked to her bedroom. She quickly stripped and flopped on her
bed and began rubbing her pussy. "Oh well at least I don't have be quiet as
I get myself off." She said sliding two fingers up her pussy.

Kelly was sliding her fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy thinking of
Jesse and how great it would be to lick her pussy and make her scream as she
covered Kelly's face with her sweet pussy juice. She was getting closer to a
monstrous orgasm and was pumping her fingers faster when suddenly she felt
something cold and wet on her pussy. She immediately moved her hand and
looked down to see what it was. She was shocked to see her German Shepard
Freddie. He had his nose buried in her pussy and was inhaling the sweet scent
of her young pussy. "Oh Freddie, why did you have to come in here now? I was
so close to cumming and it was going to be a big one. Go away and I'll play
with you later." She said trying to push him away. Suddenly Freddie started
licking her pussy making her gasp as she felt his long tongue lick from her
asshole all the way up to her clit. "Oh shit Freddie quit. I can't let you do
this. It's so wrong. What if anybody found out? Oh Freddie please stop." She
said as he kept licking her pussy. She had her hands on his head trying to
push him away when she realized she was pulling him closer as she humped her
pussy against his nose.

"Oh my gawd I can't believe I'm doing this. I'm letting my dog eat my pussy
and it feels FUCKING GREAT!" She pulled her pussy lips apart so he could get
his tongue deeper in her pussy. She moaned as she felt him dig his tongue
into her pussy. His long tongue was touching spots nobody else had ever

as she felt a mighty orgasm rock her body. Freddie licked as fast as he
could, trying to swallow all the delicious juices flowing from Kelly's pussy.
As her orgasm subsided Freddie kept licking. She pushed him away saying
"Freddie stop I can't take anymore."

While she lay there trying to catch her breath she looked at Freddie and saw
his hard cock sticking out under his stomach. She was shocked by how big it
was. It was at least an inch longer than Zack's and it looked thicker too.
She wondered how it would feel sliding into her pussy.

"I must be sick thinking about a dog fucking me." She said as she started
petting him. "Of course it's not fair to Freddie to leave him with a big hard
cock and no way to take care of it." She said sliding her hand down his side
and wrapping her fingers around his cock. Freddie jerked and whimpered when
he felt her hand slide along his shaft. He started humping her hand. The
thought of a dog fucking her disgusted and excited her. The more she thought
about it the hornier she got. She began rubbing her clit while she stroked
his cock finally she was so horny she had to feel his big dog cock fucking
her senseless.

"I guess you are horny aren't you? How would you like to slide your big cock
up my pussy?" She asked as she got on her hands and knees in front of him. "I
can't believe I'm actually going to do it, I'm going to let my dog fuck me."
She could feel her pussy getting wetter just from thinking about doing
something so dirty.

Freddie started licking her pussy but she reached back and pulled on his
collar as she scooted her ass back against him. "Come on Freddie hop up here
and fuck me." He jumped on her back and started humping trying to find the
hole. Kelly reached back and guided his cock to her pussy. He humped forward
slamming all of his cock into her cunt. "YES FREDDIE FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG
DOG COCK!" She screamed feeling his cock fill her completely. Freddie humped
her hard and fast causing her to moan. She had never been fucked like this
before. He hammered her pussy fast as he gripped her with his front legs. His
tongue was hanging out of his mouth and she could feel his spit dripping on
her back. Normally this would gross her out but now it added to her
excitement knowing there was no pretense of love this was just pure fucking

She could feel her orgasm building as he kept humping. Then she felt his cock
start to swell stretching her pussy. "THAT FEELS SO GOOD! FUCK ME FREDDIE!
MAKE ME CUM ON YOUR BIG COCK!" Freddie humped one last time and howled as he
shot a massive load up her juicy cunt. Kelly felt his cum shoot into her
pussy and screamed as she had the biggest orgasm of her life. "OH FUCK MY DOG

Kelly collapsed on the floor pulling her pussy off his cock with a loud pop.
He laid on the floor and licked himself clean before falling asleep. She
rolled over and saw him asleep and said "typical male," and she laughed as
she headed to the bathroom.

* * *

Later that night at Zack's Screech was lying in Zack's bed thinking about
what he had seen at the Max. Zack was in the shower and Screech felt his cock
harden. He began stroking it fast trying to get himself off before Zack got
back. He was thinking "I wish I could fuck Kelly or Jesse. Hell, I wish I
could fuck anybody." His hand was a blur on his dick as he remembered Jesse
finger fucking Kelly.

Zack came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He
walked to his room and he thought he heard slapping sounds coming from his
room. He quietly opened his door just a crack and peeked in. He couldn't
believe his eyes. There was Screech lying on his bed stroking a massive
hardon. It looked huge sticking out from Screech's skinny body. Zack guessed
it must be 10 inches long and about as thick as his own. His dick got hard
and his mouth watered at the thought of sucking his best friend's dick. He
backed away from his room and made some noise so Screech would know he was

He walked into his room and noticed Screech had covered up and had his
right hand under the sheet. Zack guessed he was holding his cock down so he
wouldn't see he had a hardon. Zack dropped his towel and put his underwear
on making sure Screech got a good look at his smooth ass. He crawled into bed
next to Screech and they started talking about school. Finally the subject
turned to girls and Zack was telling Screech about him and Kelly.

"What does it feel like to have sex?"

"It's really hard to explain. Do you ever play with yourself?" Zack asked
knowing the answer.

"Yeah I do. Sometimes I get so horny I just have to. I guess you don't since
you and Kelly are fucking."

"Well you're wrong. I jackoff at least once a day usually at night."

"Me too. It's really bad tonight because of what I saw at the Max today."
Screech paused then said. "Oops I probably shouldn't have said that."

"What did you see?" Zack asked sitting up. "Come on Screech tell me."

"I saw Kelly and Jesse making out."

"Really, what exactly did you see?"

"I saw Kelly rub Jesse's crotch. Then I saw Jesse finger fuck Kelly and then
lick her fingers."

Zack felt his dick get hard and noticed Screech's hand moving under the
sheet. "How did you keep from cumming while you watched them? Just the
thought of it has my dick about to burst."

Screech was shocked when Zack pulled his cock out and started stroking it.
"Do you want me to leave while you do that?"

"No, why don't you join me?" Zack looked at Screech then said. "Come on I
saw you earlier."

Screech blushed then pushed the sheet down and revealed his long cock. Zack
watched Screech stroking his long dick and said, "I can't believe how big
yours is. If the girls knew they'd be lined up to feel it inside them."

"Do you really think so?"

"Hell yes they would and probably some of the guys too." Zack said reaching
over and grabbing Screech's cock.

"Zack, what are you doing? We shouldn't do this."

"I'm sorry Screech but I just can't help myself." Zack said sliding his hand
up and down Screech's cock. "Besides doesn't it feel better when somebody
else does it?"

"Yes it does. Oh Zack rub my cock it feels so good." He said taking Zack's
hard cock into his hand.

They lay there jerking each other off for about five minutes. Then Zack
leaned over and looked at Screech's cock then stuck his tongue out licking
the head. Screech moaned and looked down in time to see Zack open his mouth
and take his cock into his mouth. Zack began sliding his mouth up and down
Screech's shaft. He loved the way it felt sliding between his lips and over
his tongue. He loved the taste, especially the precum that was oozing from
the head. He tried to take it all but there was no way, He gagged every time
it hit the back of his throat.

Screech loved it too, he was getting his first blowjob and he was getting it
from his best friend. He moaned as Zack sucked his cock and said. "Oh Zack
that feels great don't stop." He was humping his hips trying to get more of
his big cock into Zack's mouth. "If you don't stop I'm gonna cum in your

Zack took his cock out of his mouth and looked up at Screech and said. "Cum
in my mouth Screech, I want to feel it shoot, I want to taste it. Come on
buddy shoot your load." He slid his mouth back down Screech's cock and bobbed
his head faster. He rubbed Screech's balls coaxing the sperm, which he so
desperately wanted to taste, from them.

Screech humped his dick into Zack's mouth and said. "Here it comes! Eat my
cum Zack! Swallow it all!" Zack felt the first shot hit his tongue. The taste
was better than he expected. He held it in his mouth as squirt after squirt
filled his mouth he finally had to swallow it or let it leak out. He gulped
and felt Screech's cum slide down his throat. Screech kept cumming and filled
his mouth again. Zack had never seen such a large load but he savored and
swallowed every drop. Screech was in ecstasy feeling his cum shoot into his
best friend's mouth.

Zack didn't quit sucking until he was sure he had every drop. He pulled his
mouth off of Screech's cock with a pop and said as he lay down next to him.
"Thanks for the nice big load. I've wanted to try that for a while now and
it was all I hoped it would be. I hope we can do it some more sometime."

Screech looked at Zack and said. "That was awesome. I loved every minute of
it. Now if you don't mind I'd like to sample you." He bent over taking Zack's
cock in his mouth, licking the head as he slid it in and out of his mouth.

"Oh Screech that feels great." Zack noticed Screech's cock was still hard
and he slid around into a sixty-nine and sucked his cock back into his mouth.
Screech loved the way Zack's cock felt and tasted and it seemed totally
natural to suck his buddy's cock. Screech was rubbing Zack's balls like Zack
had done to him and Zack was moaning Knowing he wouldn't last very long. He
sucked harder and faster trying to make Screech cum again. Zack felt his
orgasm coming and he groaned as he humped his dick into Screech's mouth and
fired load after load into his mouth. Screech felt Zack's cock throb and fill
his mouth with cum and it triggered his second orgasm filling Zack's mouth
again. They each swallowed the loads then they curled up in each other's arms
and fell asleep dreaming of all the fun they would have.

* * *

Zack and Kelly were talking at the Max at lunch time. "Jesse and I want all
of us to get together this Friday night for some fun and games." Kelly said
as she rubbed his crotch under the table.

"Do you mean the four of us?" He said putting his hand on hers. "And you
should be careful what you do under the table. You never know who might see."

"I was thinking us four and Lisa and nobody can see under the table."

"What about Screech? He's staying at my house while his parents are out of
town and he saw you and Jesse playing around here yesterday."

Kelly almost choked on her coke when he said that. She looked at Zack with a
shocked look and said. "What did he see? And how did he? I didn't even see
him here yesterday."

"He was working on the jukebox and had a clear view under the table and he
saw everything including Jesse licking your pussy juice off her fingers. So
unless you want him spreading that around I think we'd better include him.
Besides you may be pleasantly surprised by his equipment." He said holding
his hands about ten inches apart.

"You're kidding aren't you? Is it really that big?" Kelly asked as she
imagined getting fucked by such a big cock. "Hey wait a minute. How do you
know how big it is?"

He laughed and said. "I saw it last night, up close and personal."

Kelly almost creamed her pants when Zack said that. "You sucked it didn't
you? You nasty boy, I wanted to see you suck your first cock."

"It just happened, after he told me what he saw I couldn't help my self. It
was great, it seemed like he shot a gallon of cum and I swallowed every
drop." He said cupping her pussy through her shorts.

"You've got me so horny, let's go to the basement. I've got to feel your cock
in me right now!" She grabbed his hand and pulled him from the booth and out
the door heading for their secret room for a quick fuck.

* * *

Friday night came Zack, Kelly Lisa, Jesse and Slater were in the wrestling
room. They knew Lisa would have a fit if Screech was there so they hid him in
the locker room. Jesse pulled out a joint she had taken from her mom's stash
and lit it. Everybody stared as she took a toke. "Damn Jesse, when did you
start smoking pot?" Zack asked.

"Since last summer at dance camp, it really relaxes you." Jesse said as she
hand it to Zack.

He took a puff and coughed as he passed it around. Everybody was feeling the
effects of the pot as they finished the joint. Kelly leaned over and kissed
Lisa sliding her tongue into her mouth. As they kissed Slater, Jesse and Zack
stripped. Slater kissed Jesse while Zack sucked her nipple into his mouth and
slid a finger into her already wet pussy. Kelly looked at them and said. "I
don't think they're waiting for us Lisa." They laughed and quickly stripped.

Kelly got on her knees and took Slater's cock in her mouth and started
sucking. She bobbed her head up and down taking more of his cock with every
stroke. Finally she felt his pubic hair on her nose and she knew she had it
all. Slater couldn't believe Kelly was deep throating him and he was loving

Lisa had crawled between Jesse's legs and had her tongue buried in her pussy.
Jesse moaned as Lisa licked her pussy. Zack crawled behind Lisa, took her ass
in his hands spreading her cheeks then licked along her crack sliding his
tongue into her ass. She moaned when she felt it and licked Jesse's pussy
faster. Jesse collapsed onto the mat holding Lisa's face tight against her
pussy. Zack kept eating Lisa's ass and pussy driving her closer to orgasm.

"OH FUCK, EAT ME LISA! MAKE ME CUM!" Jesse screamed as she felt herself
cumming on Lisa's face. Lisa rolled onto her back and lay there panting as
Zack kept licking her swollen clit. She could feel her orgasm approaching
and she grabbed his head and humped her pussy into his face and screamed as
she covered his face with her juice. "OH ZACK THAT FEELS GREAT! TASTE MY

They lay there watching Kelly suck Slater's cock. He was lying on his back
and had his hands on Kelly's head pumping his cock in and out of her mouth.
Zack got behind her and slid his cock in her hot wet pussy. She moaned as
she felt it slide in. Zack grabbed her hips and started fucking her hard.
Slater saw Zack fucking Kelly and said. "That's it Preppie, fuck her good."
Slater moaned and he knew he wouldn't last much longer. He humped up into
Kelly's mouth and shot his cum. "OH KELLY I'M CUMMING! SWALLOW IT! EAT MY
CUM!" Zack heard Slater cumming and it caused him to loose control and he
shot his load deep in Kelly's pussy. Kelly felt Zack's hot cum filling her
and she had her first orgasm of the night.

They all laid there panting trying to catch their breath when Lisa said.
"I'm so horny I think I'm going to die. I don't care who fucks me but I want
some dick RIGHT NOW!"

She looked up and saw Screech standing there with a massive hard on. "Here
I am my pet." He said stroking his cock.

"I'm not your pet." She said, "But get down here and put that big cock in me
and fuck my brains out."

Screech couldn't believe he was going to fuck his dream girl. He crawled
between her legs and was having a hard time putting his cock in her because
his hands were shaking. Zack saw this and reached over and lined his cock up
with Lisa's pussy. "Ok buddy push." He said and Screech started sliding his
big cock into Lisa's tight pussy. Everybody sat and watched as Screech fucked
Lisa with long slow strokes. She loved the way it stretched and filled her
pussy completely.

Zack started going down on Kelly sucking his cum from her freshly fucked
pussy. Slater said, "Hey Preppie you're eating your own cum."

"I know, you should try it its really good." Zack said grinning at Slater
wiping a string of his cum from his chin and licking it off his finger.

"I don't think I could do that." Slater said shaking his head.

Zack finished cleaning Kelly's pussy and he reached out and put his hand on
Slater's cock and started stroking it. "Come on Slater I bet you'll like it."

"Come on Bubba, go with the flow. Give it a try it'd really turn me on."
Jesse said squeezing Kelly's small breast.

"What the hell," Slater said as he grabbed Zack's cock and gave it a squeeze.

Zack moaned when he felt Slater's hand and he leaned over and took Slater's
cock in his mouth. Slater moaned as Zack sucked his dick and he slid into a
69 and started sucking Zack's cock for all he was worth. Jesse and Kelly
rubbed each others pussy while they watched.

Screech was fucking Lisa harder and she was meeting every stroke. "Come on
Screech fuck me hard. Give me all of your big cock." Screech could feel his
cum rising in his balls and he slammed his cock into her harder and faster.
"I'm going to cum Lisa."

CUMMING!" She screamed as she felt his hot load hit the walls of her pussy.

Zack felt his cum churning in his balls as he sucked Slater's cock and rubbed
his balls. He felt Slater's cock twitch then hot cum filled his mouth and he
swallowed fast so he wouldn't lose any. Zack groaned as he drank Slater's cum
then his cock jerked as he shot his cum into Slater's mouth. Slater gagged
from the force that Zack's cum hit his throat but he swallowed and realized
this wasn't too bad. He liked sucking cock and eating cum.

Kelly and Jesse watched the boys get each other off then they began to 69.
Kelly saw Screech was still hard and she called him over. She took his cock
in her mouth and sucked Lisa's pussy juice off of it then she lined it up
with Jesse's pussy and said. "Fuck her Screech. Fuck her good."

Jesse screamed when she felt Screech's big cock slide into her but nobody
heard because Kelly had her pussy pushed against her mouth. "EAT ME YOU
BITCH! MAKE ME CUM ALL OVER YOUR FACE!" Kelly screamed as she flooded
Jesse's mouth. Kelly collapsed falling off of Jesse as her orgasm subsided.

Screech kept fucking Jesse taking long hard stokes making sure she felt every
inch of his cock. Jesse was enjoying every second of this great fuck. She had
never been so full of cock and she knew she would want his cock more than
this one time. She felt her orgasm building and she screamed. "FUCK ME

Screech didn't cum and his cock stood straight up as he lay on his back
exhausted. Kelly saw it and she wanted it in her pussy. She crawled on top
of him and slid her pussy down over his cock. She moaned as she felt it
touching places nothing else had ever touched. Zack licked her asshole
sliding his tongue inside. Then lick down to her pussy and licked her pussy
and Screech's cock. Kelly and Screech moaned as they felt Zack's tongue. He
licked lower and took one of Screech's balls in his mouth and gently sucked
it. Then he slid a finger in Kelly's ass she loved the feel of Screech's
cock in her pussy and Zack's finger in her ass.

Jesse grabbed Zack and threw him on his back and she quickly slammed her
pussy onto his cock. She rode him hard and fast. "Oh Zack your cock feels
so good in me." She said as she humped her ass as fast as she could.

"Come on Slater, come here and fuck me." Lisa said as she got on her hands
and knees. Slater crawled in behind Lisa and buried his face in her sloppy
pussy and he sucked all of Screech's cum from her pussy. Lisa moaned as
Slater finished licking her pussy then he lined his dick up with her pussy
and slid it in. He began fucking her with hard strokes, scooting her across
the mat.

Everybody was fucking and having a great time when suddenly the door opened
and they heard Mr. Belding say. "Hey, hey, hey, what is going on here!"


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