Saved By The Bell: Bangin At Bayside Part 2 (ff,FMm,F-mast,voy)
by CuzinTiny ([email protected])

It was Monday morning after Zack and Kelly's first encounter; they were both
still horny and looking forward to Friday night.

Zack hugged Kelly from behind, squeezing her tits and rubbing his cock on her
ass. "I can hardly wait till Friday night. I want to fuck you so bad; my dick
has been hard as a rock all weekend." He whispered in her ear.

Kelly pulled away from him and said," we can't do this here. I don't want
everybody thinking I'm a slut." She reached down and squeezed his cock as she
walked away. He almost shot his load from this brief touch.

Across the hall Lisa Turtle couldn't believe her eyes, Zack and Kelly groping
each other in school. She had to find out what they had done and how far they
had gone.

Back at Zack's house his mom, Melanie, was cleaning his room and found
Kelly's panties. At first she was shocked but then started to get excited.
She knew they had to be Kelly's and the thought of Zack and Kelly fucking
was driving her wild. She put them up to her nose and the smell made her
pussy wetter. She stripped off her clothes and lay down on Zack's bed. She
started rubbing her pussy with her right hand while squeezing her tits with
her left. She was a good looking woman, 36 years old, slim build, nice ass
and 34C tits. She was thinking of Zack sliding his hard cock up Kelly's
tight pussy and Kelly humping her ass to meet every stroke. She wondered
how big is Zack's cock and how would it feel in her pussy. She wondered how
Kelly's pussy would taste. She had two fingers in her pussy and could feel
her orgasm approaching, she. She fucked herself harder and screamed, "Come
on Zack fuck me hard, fuck your mother." She humped her ass up and shoved a
third finger up her cunt and screamed as her orgasm hit her soaking Zack's

Lisa kept watching Zack and Kelly; every time they were they would grab each
other. She knew they had fooled around and the thought of it was making her
horny. She went to talk to her friend Jesse Spano.

"I know they have messed around, they can't keep their hands off each other."

"Don't be silly Kelly isn't that kind of girl."

"I'm going to keep an eye on them anyway."

Later that day they were in the shower after gym class. Kelly couldn't keep
her eyes off Jesse and Lisa. Jesse was a tall sandy haired girl with 34B tits
and a nice ass. Lisa was a real beauty too, her tits were about the same size
as Jesse's but she was much shorter and her ass was round and firm. As she
soaped herself up Kelly noticed how the white lather accented Lisa's black

Lisa was watching Kelly wash herself and thought she was taking a long time
on her pussy. Then she saw her slip a finger into her cunt. Lisa almost
gasped but caught herself. She couldn't believe Kelly was with herself right
in front of her. As she stood there staring Kelly looked up and their eyes
met. Kelly looked down and saw Lisa was doing the same thing; Lisa had
slipped a finger into her pussy without realizing it. Jesse finished her
shower and left.

Kelly walked over to Lisa squeezed her tit and said, "Feels good doesn't it?"
Then she left.

Lisa couldn't believe Kelly had done that. She had fantasized about Kelly and
Jesse but to have Kelly squeeze her tit was almost too much.

After school they were all at the Max sitting in their usual booth Zack,
Kelly and Lisa on one side and Screech, Jesse and Slater on the other. They
were sipping their cokes and discussing the school day. Zack had his hand
under the table rubbing Kelly's crotch and she was rubbing his. Lisa looked
down and saw what was happening and this made her pussy wetter. Kelly noticed
Lisa squirming and put her other hand on Lisa's crotch and rubbed. This
caused her to jump and Screech said "something wrong my pet?"

She kicked his leg and said "everything is fine and I'M NOT YOUR PET!"

Everybody went home. Lisa went straight to her room stripped and started
rubbing her pussy. She was about to cum when her phone rang, it was Kelly.

"What are you doing?" asked Kelly, "did I make you horny at the Max? Is your
pussy wet? Mine is soaked."

"Kelly what has gotten into you? You've never acted like this before."

"I finally realized how much fun I'd been missing. So are you playing with

"I can't believe this but yes I am. I have the middle finger of my left hand
in my pussy and I'm rubbing my clit with my right."

"I'm playing with myself too. I just took my finger out of my pussy now I'm
licking it off. Oh god it tastes good. Lick your finger Lisa."

Lisa pulls her finger from her pussy and sticks it in her mouth. "MMMMM that
does taste good."

"I wish I was there so I could taste you and you could taste me. I'd love to
crawl between your black thighs and lick you till you scream."

"Oh Kelly that would be awesome I'd love to have you eat me and I would love
to eat you. I've never done it but I've dreamed about it. Have you ever done

"Yes I have."

"With who?"

"I'd rather not say."

"Come on Kelly, we're talking dirty and masturbating you can tell me. I
promise I won't tell anyone."

"Ok, it was Nikki."

"You ate your little sister's pussy? That's the sexiest thing I ever heard.
Oh my god, I'm going to cum." She rubbed her clit faster and shoved her
finger deeper as she began to cum.

Hearing Lisa cum set Kelly off too and she moaned into the phone, "Oh Lisa
I'm cumming too!"

* * *

That night at home Zack thought his mother was checking him out. He caught
her staring at his crotch several times and even licking her lips. He had
never thought of her in a sexual way before but she was really turning him

His dad, Derek, arrived home from work around 8PM and told Zack and Melanie
he would be out of town several days on business. He would leave Wednesday
and return Sunday. This wasn't unusual his job kept him very busy, even when
he was home he was constantly on the phone. This was one reason Melanie was
so horny, their sex life was down to once every couple of weeks. When they
did have sex though it was fantastic, he was just too tired most nights.

Later that night Zack heard his mom moaning so he got up and walked to their
door. It was open a crack so he looked in and saw his mom and dad 69ing. She
had all of his cock in her mouth. She started to slide it out and Zack
couldn't believe how big it was, it must have been at least 10 inches long
and extremely thick. Zack smiled thinking "I hope mine gets that big." He
kept watching as his mom straddled his dad's cock and slid it into her cunt.
"Oh Derek I love your big cock. It fills me completely. "She said as she
started humping faster and faster.

"I can't believe how horny you are tonight Mel. We just screwed a couple of
nights ago."

"I know but I've been really horny all day today."

She was riding him hard making sure she got every inch when she heard a
noise. She looked toward the door and saw Zach watching them. This made her
even hotter and she fucked faster

"Oh god Mel get ready I'm going to cum."

"God yes fill me up with your cream, come on squirt it in me, and let me feel

Zack couldn't believe his luck watching his mom and dad fuck. His hand was a
blur on his cock and he knew he was about to cum too. His dad's hands were
holding his mom's ass and he was humping up into her as she slammed down onto
him. She looked at the door again and saw Zack's hand flying as he jerked off
as fast as he could, that was all it took she slammed down one last time then
screamed as she had the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. Her pussy
squeezed Derek's cock hard and caused him to cum. He held her ass tight as he
shot load after load up her cunt. Zack held his left hand over the head of
his cock to catch his cum so he wouldn't make a mess. He hurried back to his
room and licked his hand clean, man he loved cum.

* * *

The next day at school seemed to last forever. At the Max after school Lisa
said "Kelly, why don't you come over to my house so we can study?"

"That sounds great, let's go."

They got to Lisa's house and went to her room.

"Where are your parents?"

"They won't be home till later. We have the house all to ourselves." Lisa
said with a big smile.

"So what do you want to do?" Kelly asked walking over to Lisa and squeezing
her tits.

"I think you have the same idea as I do." Lisa said as she reached out and
started rubbing Kelly's tits.

They removed each other's clothes. Kelly couldn't get over how sexy her
white hands looked rubbing Lisa's black body. They lay on the bed kissing
passionately their hands exploring each other's bodies. Kelly started sucking
Lisa's right nipple and she ran her hand down Lisa's flat stomach and onto
her pussy. She found Lisa's hole and slid a finger inside, she had no trouble
because Lisa was soaking wet. Lisa moaned as Kelly fingered her and pulled
her head tight against her chest. "Oh Kelly, that feels so good. I love the
way you're finger fucking me."

Kelly took her mouth off Lisa's nipple and said with a grin. "You haven't
felt anything yet; wait till I get my tongue in there. I'm going to lick you
till you think you're going to die."

"That sounds so good. I want you to eat me and I want to eat you."

She reached down and slid a finger into Kelly's cunt, she was soaking wet.
She pulled her finger out and rubbed Kelly's clit. Kelly screamed as she felt a
small orgasm shake her body.

She slid down Lisa's body and in between her thighs. She used two fingers to
open Lisa's pussy lips. "You have the most beautiful pussy I've ever seen.
It's so pink and juicy inside, it looks delicious." She said as she buried
her face in Lisa's crotch, licking as deep as possible.

Lisa screamed "EAT ME! PLEASE DON"T STOP!"

Kelly kept licking then she licked down to Lisa's ass hole. She stuck her
tongue in then started fucking Lisa with her tongue. Lisa was shaking and
screamed "LICK MY ASS YOU BITCH! I'M CUMMING!" Kelly slammed a finger up
Lisa's ass and started pumping it in and out. Lisa humped her ass trying
to get more of Kelly's finger inside her as she pulled Kelly's face hard
against her pussy. Kelly licked her clit and Lisa's body went stiff and
she flooded Kelly's mouth with pussy juice.

"That was awesome." Lisa panted. "Give me a minute to catch my breath then
it's my turn to make you scream. While we're resting tell me how it feels
when Zack fucks you."

"We haven't fucked yet, but it felt great when he ate my pussy, and I loved
sucking his cock. We were going to fuck last Friday night but we ran out of
time. Thanks to my stupid 11 o'clock curfew."

"That must have been frustrating. Did he cum in your mouth? Did you swallow

"Yes he did and it tasted amazing. It was so warm and thick and there was so
much of it some leaked out and ran down my chin."

"God Kelly, you're turning me on again. Lay down and let me eat your cunt."
She buried her face in Kelly's pussy and started licking it from one end to
the other.

"Turn around Lisa I want to eat you too."

Lisa turned around and lowered her pussy onto Kelly's mouth. They licked
each other and Lisa stuck a finger up Kelly's pussy and started fucking her
with it.

"Oh Lisa, fuck me with your finger. That feels so good please don't stop."

Lisa pulled her finger out of Kelly's pussy and slid it up her ass. That was
all it took and Kelly screamed into Lisa's pussy as she started to cum. She
Lisa's clit and that triggered Lisa's second major orgasm in ten minutes.
They lay there resting in each other's arms and Kelly said "I'd better go
home. We'll have to study together again." They both laughed as they got

Zack's mom knew he and Kelly had a date Friday night and she really wanted
to watch them fuck. On Friday morning she told Zack she had to help a sick
friend and she wouldn't be home till Saturday. He couldn't believe his luck.
He could bring Kelly over here and fuck her in his own bed. His dick got
hard just thinking about it. His mom looked at the lump in his crotch and
grinned. She planned to sneak into the house and watch them. She could feel
her pussy spasm and getting wetter.

Zack told Kelly both his parents would be gone all night and they would have
the house all to themselves. She was really excited and she told Lisa about

"Why don't you tell your parents you're staying with me tonight? Then you
can spend all night with Zack."

"That's a great idea, thanks Lisa."

"No problem, I just want to hear all the juicy details."

They both laughed and went about their usual school day routine.


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