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Step-By-Step Al Lambert

Steve Makay was your average 17 year old gear-head. He had little
time for anything but working on his 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS. He had
an occasional girlfriend, but they soon got tired of competing with
that damnned car, and he didn't much care one way or the other.
He'd saved his money from summer jobs, and had finally been able to
buy a LS7 454 Cubic Inch motor. It was one of the best looking and
running cars around in his town, but it also had a small problem.

Too much compression and performance for the low grade fuel
available. Trying various octane boosters and other modifications,
he'd heard about using a Nitrous Oxide Injection System. Checking
into the costs,he decided that this would be his best choice. It
would also be a choice that would change his interests drastically
on many subjects.

Late Saturday evening found Steve working alone on installing his
NOS(Nitrous Oxide System) onto his Chevy. He was just finishing the
installation of the brackets used to hold the NOS Cylinder in the
trunk of the car, when his 13 year old sister Gina came in with her
girlfriend Al Lambert. "Whatcha doin Stevie?" Al asked in her usual
screechy tone.Hitting his head on the trunk lid, Steve was
surprised, and now pissed.

"What the fuck Gina! Can't ya see I'm busy here?" he nearly
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare ya, but I was wondering if you
could take Al home when you're done fixin this thing" she asked
in her best"suck up" voice. Now Al was not your average looking
15 year old. She had long brown hair, big brown eyes, and the
cutest little ass and tits he'd ever seen. She was also a tomboy.

Being a warm
summer night, she was dressed in a tube top and a pair of cut-off
shorts. Steve peered over the trunk lid and just looked at her cute
little tits and legs. "Ahhhhhh, shit, I don't know when I'm gonna
be done with this thing, it'll probably take me at least another
hour before I'm ready to take it out for a test run, and besides
that, why doesn't she just stay overnight like she usually does?"
he said as he went back to work on the car, and shook off the
thoughts in his mind. Gina, who also was no slouch when it came to
looks, having short blond hair, blue eyes, and an angelic face,
replied with a whine, "Awwww please Stevie.
I have to go to Debbie'shouse with Mom in a few minutes cause Deb's Mom
us are
gonna go shopping early in the morning, and I'm gonna stay
overnight there. Besides, we told her Mom that you said you'd take
her home already."

"You WHAT?!!? Steve yelled as he came out from
under the trunk. "What the fuck did you tell her that for?I ain't
got time to be a goddamnned taxi ya know." Al hadn't said a word
yet the whole time they were in the garage, but now she grabbed
Gina by the arm and said disgustedly "Aw forget it Gina, he's bein
a real pain" and began to tug Gina away. "Wait", Gina said and
pulled away, "I never told Mom about you and your buddies drinkin
beer in here last week Stevie, so you OWE me a favor. This is my
favor, and then we're even" she said with smug assuredness. Steve
knew she'd tell on him, so he had no choice but to agree. "Allright
you little shit, but this is it. We're even after this. Right?" he
said with angry resignation. "Yep, even Steven." she said with a
giggle, and trotted off to go with her Mom to her other girlfriends
house. A minute or two later,he heard them get into his Mom's car
and drive off.

Looking over the trunk, he fairly snarled at Al "Sit down over
there, and don't touch anything. I'll get you home just as soon as
I finish this." as he pointed to a chair. Next to the chair was the
bright blue NOS cylinder. Al sat down with a bored "hmmph" sound
and just stared outside. Steve continued working on the hoses and
valves for the NOS system, and then he heard music."Who told you
you could turn on the radio?" he asked. "I'm bored" she replied and
walked back over to the chair and sat down. "Tough shit. Just sit
thereand I'll be done in a few minutes" he replied and went back to
work. Al stuck her tongue out at him as his head disappeared
under the lid, and her fingers found the valve on the NOS Cylinder.

Turning it slightly, she heard a faint whooshing sound, but no
smell. With the music on, Steve did not hear any of this. Crinkling
her nose, Al opened the valve some more. She bent over to smell
the escaping gas, but there wasn't any discernable odor. She
sniffed it for a few seconds, and sat back upright. All of a
sudden, she started to giggle. She hadn't turned the valve off, and
the gas kept wafting upwards towards her. Her giggling turned into
loud laughing, and Steve heardit. He walked over towards her and
heard the gas coming out of the bottle.

"What the fuck are you doin!" he screamed at her and turned the
valve off.
Al was laughing and her head began to weave and bob. Steve
grabbed herby the shoulders and picked her up from the chair. She
immediately went limpin his hands and he almost dropped her on the
floor. He dragged her deadweight body over to a mat he used to lay
on when he worked under the car.He was scared what was wrong with
her. He lowered her down to the mat, and as he did, her tube top
caught on his arms as she slid through. There she lay on the mat,
with her cute big tits just staring up at him. "CHRIST" hesaid
to himself and pulled the tube top from around her neck and tried
to place it back on her young firm tits. He looked at her face, and
saw Al was totally unconscious. As he was trying to put the top
back on, his fingers couldn't help but brush against her firm
mounds, and his dick unconsciously got hard.

Then it hit him. "The Nitrous!" he thought to himself, "Shit,
that's LaughingGas, just like what they use at the Hospitals. No
wonder she's out cold" Anevil thought crossed his mind. "I wonder
just how "out" she is?" Carefully watching her face, his fear turned
to lecherous thoughts. Putting his hand at her crotch, he pushed
slightly down on her pubic mound. No reaction showedon Al's
face. Getting bolder, he pushed a finger under the leg of her shorts
and probed near her pussy. He felt the legband of her panties,
and wormed his finger past it, and felt her soft hair on his finger.
Still noreaction on her face, and he decided to go further.

Unsnapping the waist on her cut-offs, he unzipped them, and pulled
them down past her thighs. As he pulled, he panties came off with
the pants, and he had a clear view of her sparse haired pussy. He
just couldn't help himself, and he pushed her legs upwards and then
spread her legs so he could see her pussy wide open. He lowered his
head and put his nose right up to her pretty pink hole, andtook a
deep sniff. It had almost a powdery smell. Real clean and sweet.

He wet his finger, and put it at the opening. Sliding it up and
down,he found the hole and slid his wet finger into her. It felt so
warm and tight, that he almost came in his pants right there. He
wasn't quitebrave enough to attempt fucking her, at least not yet.

He pulled his fingerout and tasted it. It tasted as good as she
smelled. He licked it again, andput it up to her tiny little
puckered pink asshole. He'd never played withany of his
girlfriend's assholes becuse they wouldn't let him, but he
always wanted to try it once. He pushed the finger slightly against
the crinkled hole, and finally it gave way. Up it went into her tiny
ass. He begancorkscrewing his finger around as he pushed deeper
into Al's bowels. The sight of his finger against her cute little ass
cheeks made him shiver. He just had to try it. He pulled his finger
out of her ass and looked at her face.

Still no expressions or changes, so he pulled his pants down and
was going to put some spit on his cockhead, but found that it was
covered with lubrication already. Smearing it around the head, he
pushed her legs back again, and put the head up to her pussy.
Rubbing it up and down, he felt theopening and pushed his hips
forward slightly. He watched as the head slowlydisappeared into
Al's young, tight pussy. He pushed a little farther and felt her
hymen blocking his way from entering her any further.

Al's pussy
was so tight and felt so good, and the sight of his dick stuck into
this almosthairless pussy alomost made him lose control, but he
didn't want to try to push through her cherry. He reluctantly pulled
out of her pussy, and was going to pull his pants back on, then
decided to try her asshole. "No cherry there to break" he thought,
and since his dick was so slick now, it might slide right in.

He put
some saliva on her asshole anyway, just for the hell of it, and
put his swollen cockhead up to her tiny anus. The head of his dick
was much bigger than her little hole, but he'd heard of others doing
this, so he decided he would try it. Pushing harder and harder
against the tight hole, it finally gave way and allowed his prick to
sink deep into Al's rectum. The tightness of her ass was
unbelievable, and almost before it started, it was over. Steve had
to pull out almost immediately and came all over his own legs. He
grabbed a rag and wiped himself off, then wiped off Al's entire
crotch area.

He pulled her panties and cut-off's back on, and sat watching her.
Finally,after about 5 minutes, she slowly regained consciousness.
It was a total ofabout 30 minutes that she had been out, and she
seemed no worse for the wear.

"Ohhhhh, what happened?" Alsaid groggily as she sat upright and
looked around. Thinking quickly, Steve answered "You fell off the
god damned chair you jerk! I thought ya killed yourself." "I what?
I don't remember doing that.

Did I hit my head?" she asked in a confused tone. "Beats the hell
outta me. I saw ya laying there and moved ya over to the mat. I was
gonna call your Mom or someone if you didn't straighten out real
soon." Steve said with a convincing tone of aggravation and and
concern. "Geeez, don't say nothin to anyone aboutit. They'll think
I'm on drugs or somethin. Just take me home ok?" Al said as she
got up carefully. Once standing, she rubbed her ass, "I think I
fell on my butt real hard. It's kinda sore" she said with a mild

"I don't know what the hell ya did, but let's get your ass home and
outta myway" Steve said shaking his head, and feeling a new sense
of glee. He thought to himself as he started the car, "Man, this is
the best investment I ever made in my life. I can't wait to try this
out on a few of those stuck-up bitches at school." He drove off with
Al and dropped her off at home, watching as she walked up the
stairs of her house with a gingerness in her step. "We'll hafta do
this again" he smiled to himself and drove off with many plans
inhis head about who was next to discover his new found way with

When Steve returned home after dropping Al off, he went back
into the garageand cracked the valve on the NOS cylinder open
slightly. "No odor" he thoughtto himself. After a few brief whiffs,
he began to giggle and laugh. Quickly,while he still had the
presence of mind, he closed the valve. "Boy, that stuff isn't called
Laughing Gas for nothin" he said to himself. He began to thinkabout
how he could use this to get some of the real "stuck-up" bitches at
school right where he wanted them. He'd need some help, a partner
in crimeso to speak. His best friend Del Hawkins would be perfect!
Del was a big guy, weighing almost 225 pounds, standing almost 6'3"
tall. Even though he wasn't a bad looking guy, he didn't have much
luck with the girls.

"Yeah,Del will get a bang outta this.
Literally" Steve chuckled to himself. But before he did anything
else, he had to make sure that this stuff worked like it did with
Al. He had to be sure that any girl he tried it on would react
the same way. He decided he would try it on his sister Gina.
"Little bitch is always spying on me and gettin me into some
trouble anyway. Maybe I can turn the tables on her now." he thought
with an evil grin. He finished up installing the NOS system in his
car and took it out for a test drive. It worked flawlessly. "Two
uses for one device. What a great deal!" he smiled as he pulled the
car into his driveway, and then
went in to bed.

All the next week Steve tried to find the right opportunity to try
the NOSon his sister Gina. Al Lambert came over during the week, and
seemed fine. She was walking around ok, and even talked with him,
and thanked him for taking her home and not saying anything about
her falling down. Steve was feeling great with this new power he'd
found, and the perfect chance came on Friday night when his sister's
friend Al was going to stay overnight at their house. Steve's
Mom stopped him outside as she was going out shopping "Steve,Gina
and Al are going to have a little slumber party, and your Dad
and Iare going out to dinner and a show tonight. Could you please
make sure youget home early, like about 10 PM so we don't have to
worry about them?" sheasked. "Yeah, ok Mom. I didn't have much goin
on tonight anyway, so I'll watchthe little darlins." Steve replied
offhandedly so as not to seem too eager."Thanks dear" she said,
gave him a kiss, and went on her way.

All evening Steve waited anxiously for the right time to try his
new device.He'd attached a valve and a hose to the NOS tank and
thought that he could simply push the hose under Gina's bedroom
door, then wait for the stuff to work. As it happened, things could
not have worked out better. Al had smuggled some beers in for
them to drink, and they were holed up in Gina'sroom guzzling them
down. Every so often one of them would sneak out to check on what
Steve was doing, then dart back into the bedroom. Steve
pretended not to notice, and went on watching TV, giving all
indications that he was too preoccupied with whatever was on to give
a shit what they were doing.

A few minutes later, Gina came out of the room and announced that
they were going to bed. "Who cares." Steve replied and gazed back at
the TV. He waited a few minutes, and then cautiously crept up to
Gina's bedroom door. He could hear them popping the beer can tabs,
and giggling away. "This is better thanI could have ever wished
for," he thought to himself "not only do I get to try this out, but
I'll most likely be able to get some blackmail pics too!"He crept
out to get his NOS tank, and slid the hose under the door. With the
giggling and noise they were making, they never heard the silent
hissing of the gas. While the gas was flooding the room, Steve
thought to get his racing stopwatch so that he could get an accurate
time of how long they would be out. When he returned to the door,
he could hear them laughing hard.He turned off the gas, and
returned the cylinder to the garage. Cautiously, he cracked open
the bedroom door and saw them both laying on the bed. Taking a
breath of fresh air, he went into the room and opened her window.
He then started the stopwatch, and went over to the girls.

Al was the athletic sort of girl who loved gymnastics, running,
and volleyball. He'd always thought that she must be a virgin.
. Both girls
were wearing simplePJ tops and shorts. "First things first" he
thought, and yelled fairly loud "What the hell are you guys doing?"
If they were the slightest awake,they'd have jumped, but, they lay
there silent. He bent over and lifted the tops of Al's PJ's. She
had big tits, but they were still nice.

The nipples were a very dark rose color, and large. He grabbed one
nippleand tweaked it a bit. No reaction at all. He then decided to
get his"insurance policy" first, before he had his own fun. He went
to his room and got the Polaroid camera his parents gave him for his
birthday last year.Once back in the room, he checked the stopwatch.
5 minutes had elapsed since he started it. He pulled Al's shorts
off, and pulled her top back down to cover her tits. He then spread
her legs slightly, and put one of them off the edge of the bed. He
licked his lips at the sight of her snatch. The hair was straight as
an arrow, and dark brown, that is what hair there was.

Next, he pulled his sister Gina over towards Al's crotch and
pulled her top off. "Not a bad set of tits Sis" he grinned and
placed her head inches away from Al's pussy. He grabbed a few
beer cans and positioned them so that they would show up in the
pictures. FLASH! Whrrrrr. FLASH! Whrrrr. Again and again he snapped
shots from every angle. He decided it would be better to take all of
their clothes off, and then take some more. After doing so,
he looked at the blond trimmed snatch on Gina. He hesitated for a
moment, but then he lowered his face to her pussy. He pulled her
legs apart and pushed his tongue up into his little sister's pussy.

It smelled and tasted different than Al's did, but it was still
great. He pulled back a bit and looked at her exposed crotch. Her
pussy lips were more red than pink, and her asshole had almost no
color to it at all. He wet a finger and pushed her legs back
against her chest, then he slipped his finger into her asshole. It
slid in quite easily he thought. "Nice bod Sis" he grinned, and
pulled his finger out. He then laid her back down, and went over to

When Steve pulled Al's legs up, he could see the dark color of
her snatch matched that of her nipples. Pulling her to the edge of
the bed, he knelt down and let her legs drape over his shoulders. He
licked her entire pussy and ass until it was very wet, and he was
very hard. He tried to push a finger into her ass, but found it so
tight, that he was afraid to push any harder. He took her legs from
his shoulders and spread them wide. He pulled out his dick, and
rubbed it against her wet pussy. Finding the hole, he pushed slowly
in. It went deeper and deeper into her vise-like snatch, and
finally he felt his balls rest against her little asscheeks. He
flexed his cock inside of her, and then pulled slowly back outwards.
He paused a moment with just the head firmlystuck into her, and
then let it plow back in. He began to pump in and out of her, each
time feeling the tight walls of her pussy caress his cock. Al's hymen
tore apart and Steve took her virginity.

Every time he would hit bottom, he could hear his balls slapping her
ass, and it made him want to go faster and deeper. Gripping her
asscheeks, he spread them wide and pumped into her savagely. He felt
his balls hit her asshole each time,and his belly slapped against
hers with a smack. He felt his balls swell, and pulled out of her
little pussy, spraying cum all over Al'sbelly. In a few moments,
after he caught his breath, he went to get a wet towel to wipe
her clean. On his way back it occurred to him that she didn't have
a cherry.

"I wonder who she's been fuckin?" he thought as he wiped his cum
from her belly and chest, "I wonder if Sis is doin anybody". He
pulled Debbie's top down again, and layed her exactly like she was
in the pictures. He went over to Gina, and spread her legs. He wet
his finger and pushed it into her blond snatch. He probed around,
but didn't feel anything blocking his way.

Bitch is screwing around too! Probably that dork Larry." He put
Gina in the position she was in when he took the pictures, and
checked the stopwatch. It was just over 25 minutes. Steve got an
idea how to even make this better. He picked his Sister up, and
carried her to the bathroom. He pulled her shorts off and propped
her up in the shower, then turned the water on. As soon as it hit
her body, Gina awoke with a screech. "What the fuck! What, where?"
she hollered. She looked to find Steve standing right outside the
shower. "You stupid little bitches! Gettin all fucked up on booze
huh?" he said menacingly.

Gina realized that she was naked and tried to cover herself. "Don't
Steve said "You two were havin a real good time and making all
sorts of noise when I came in. Then you were fallin all over the
place, so I put you in here."
"Wha what are you talkin about?" Gina said as she huddled in the
corner of the shower. "Get dried off and I'll show you" Steve said
and walked out of the bathroom.

He quickly gathered his stuff from her room, and found that Al
was just starting to stir. He put the camera and watch in his room
and met Gina in the hallway with the pictures. "See these?" He said
showing her the shots. "Om my God!" Gina cried and lurched to grab
them from him. "No way you little bitch. You two are gonna do
whatver I say, whenever I say it, or I am gonna leave these
somewhere that Mom and Dad can find them. Then your
little asses will be in deep shit." Steve said as he held her at

"Why are you doin this Stevie?" she whined. "I'm tired of you
always usin some shit to get me to do what you want, so now it's my
turn." Steve said with an evil grin "Now get back in your room and
clean that shitpile up.

You better tell Al the facts too, and after your done gettin
all that crap cleaned up, I wanna see you both in MY room." Gina
started sobbing and walked away. Steve went to his room and hid the
pictures. After awhile, he heard a soft knock at his door. "Come in"
he said and sat back on his bed.

Gina and Al walked in with their heads down. "What do you
want?" Gina asked in a beaten tone of voice. "Well lots of things,
but we'll discuss that later. First though, do you both understand
and agree that you will do whatever
I tell you to do?" Al and Gina looked at each other and nodded.
"I didn'thear your answer. What did you say?" Steve said loudly.

A soft "Yes" came from each girl and he sat back smiling. "Good.
Since I missed the most of your little show, I've decided that I
wanna see what you two look like. Take off your PJ's and lie on the
bed." Hesitantly, the two girls began to take off their pajamas.

Steve watched as they did what he told them, and sat back with a
grin. After they were totally naked, he stood up in front of them.
"OK, now get dressed again. Then go back to your room. That's all
for tonight, but we'll talk again soon." The girls grabbed their PJs
and left his room quickly. Steve sat back down and thought of
different ways he could use these two to get more girls for his
desires. He decided to let Del in on his secret tomorrow, and
fell asleep with a very satisfied grin.


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