STEP BY STEP: The Revenge of Cody!!

Chapter 4

Dana slammed the car door shut and headed towards the back
door of the house in a foul mood. Men! She and her sisters in
NOW had picketed and threatened all day with little to show for
it. The girls working at the restaurant weren't much help because
even though most would have preferred not to dress in skimpy
costumes and high heels with their breasts and butts hanging out,
they did like the money they were making; which was far and
above what they could make anywhere else as regular waitresses.
But the girls were just victims. It was men who put them there by
not letting women fairly compete for real jobs. Well, Dana
thought, that won't happen to her. She would never, ever allow a
man to subjugate and degrade her like that!

Dana was smart by anyone's standards. She breezed through
school, and now at 18, she was in the process of conquering
college. When that was done, she fully anticipated rising fast in
the business world, despite the men who would try and hold her

She had to make the world better for all women, including her
sisters; both of whom had disappointed her to no end. Al had
shown early promise, being athletically inclined, fiercely
competitive, and independent, but lately she'd gone boy crazy.
Karen was an air-head. She counted on her looks to get her
through life's difficulties.

Dana was no lesbian.(At least she didn't think she was.)
Sexually, she liked men's bodies, she just didn't like men. That,
her air of superiority, and her extreme "femi-nazi"[Rush fan.]
agenda had given her a well-deserved reputation for being a
world-class bitch. Because of that, she often had trouble
maintaining a relationship for any length of time.

Getting dates wasn't a problem. Despite the fact that most
would rate sisters as better looking, Dana was still an extremely
cute girl. Short, small-boned, and thin, she might be described as
"mousy." But that didn't take into account her fine features, a nice
set of small but firm breasts and a seriously fine ass.

As Dana walked in the kitchen door, she saw Cody sitting on
the dining table looking at her with a strange smile on his face.
She wondered if Cody was going to hit on her again. When he had
first moved here Cody had driven her insane with his constant
attention. He was good-looking enough, but intelligence-wise,
Cody was from another dimension and Dana had high standards
regarding the men she would allow to date her. To drive him
away, Dana had done everything short of spitting in his face and it
seemed to have worked. He'd left her alone lately.

"What are you looking at monkey-boy?" Dana asked as she
walked in.

"Oh, just looking at you Dana." Cody answered with a smile.
"Sometimes I forget just how hot you make me."

"Hot?" Dana asked, looking at how she was dressed. Nothing
special here she thought. Just jeans and a shirt. OK, the jeans did
show off her butt and the shirt was snug-fitting, but she didn't
have big tits like the other Lambert women, so a tight shirt on her
didn't mean much.

"You need to go take a cold shower Beavis if this turns you
on. Maybe you can go down to the zoo and get some poor chimp
to blow you." Dana said, smiling at the zinger she'd fired off.

"Nahhhh.......I think I'll get you to blow me instead, Dana-

With that, Cody leaped up and tackled Dana to the ground.
She had no idea what was happening but instinctively she fought
back. Unfortunately, Cody had about a 100 pounds on her and he
was incredibly strong.

Flipping Dana over on her stomach, Cody bound her wrists
tightly together, then cinched her elbows. Taking one more piece,
he tied her wrists to her waist.

Dana was enraged! Instead of screaming for help, she spewed
obscenities at Cody.



Cody had heard enough. Turning her back over, he began
applying the most brutal gag he could think of that wouldn't cause
any real damage.

This gag consisted of a huge cotton cloth which he had folded
into a large, arrow-shaped wad. Timing it so that her mouth was
wide open, he jammed the cloth in as deeply as possible, almost
touching the back of Dana's throat. That got a good part of the rag
in, but to complete the task he began to poke and push the rest
into every available space in her mouth.

Dana was a small girl, but she had a big mouth. Cody actually
thought the cloth would be too big, but with force and
perseverance, he worked all of into her cheeks.



Dana was fighting the cloth plug with all she had. Twisting
and bucking, she tried to turn her head away long enough to spit
out the rag, but she had little success. Steadily, her mouth cavity
was filled with cotton.

Now, a little fear was beginning to mix in with her anger.
God, he's trying to kill me! Dana thought as the plug went ever
deeper into her throat.

Just as she was beginning to choke, the pushing stopped. The
gag was all in. Her mouth was jacked open to it's limit, and every
corner was stuffed.

Dana's torment wasn't over by a long shot. Cody pulled
another long cloth out of his pocket; this one with a huge knot in
the middle.

"Almost done Dana! wide!" Cody laughed as he
crammed the knot onto Dana's open mouth. He then tied the two
ends together tightly behind her head forcing the knot in deep and
driving the cloth plug down Dana's throat.

Dana went wild! She started retching and coughing into the
gag as Cody got up off of her. Twisting on the floor she got to her
knees, and by holding her head down, she managed to work the
gag ever so slightly out of her throat and thus stop choking.
Taking deep breaths through her nose, she slowly calmed down.

Cody was glad. Had she kept choking, he would have had to
loosen the gag and that was something he did not want to do.

Picking her up, he forced Dana into the living room where she
was presented with a bizarre sight; her sisters and mother were
captive also!

What was happening? Why was Cody doing this? Was this
some sort of weird joke carried too far? Looking at the others, she
had to doubt that it was a joke. Karen and Al were naked except
for some sort of odd leather device they wore around their waists
and between their legs; mother was almost as nude, wearing only
her special teddy. She also had on the same leather device
and......shit.....they had bells on their nipples!

"As you can see Dana we had to start the party without you
but don't fret, you haven't missed the main show." Cody said,
forcing Dana to the floor.

Dana's eyes were wide with fear, anger, and confusion as
Cody sat on top of her and said, "Let me catch you up on what's
going on. All of you are my sex-slaves. For most of the day I've
been enjoying your sister's sweet charms. Aunt Carol is next.
Now, I could force you to submit like I did them Dana, but I'm not
going to. Because you've been such a bitch towards me for so long,
I want you to ask me to fuck you! Hell, I want you to beg for it!"

Dana looked at Cody with fierce defiance in her eyes and
shook her head.......NO!


"No fucking way!" was what she tried to say but the gag
turned it into garbled mush and almost started her to retching

Cody was crazy if he thought she of all people would beg him
to rape her. It would be a cold day in hell before that happened
she thought.

Cody smiled. He'd fully expected this. It was all part of his
plan in trying to pull this off without going to jail. The way he
saw it, sometime tomorrow afternoon Uncle Frank would come
home with the boys. When they got here, one of two things would
happen. The worst case scenario would have him walk in to a
room full of raped women in bondage who would then have every
lawman in the country looking for his ass. A profile on "America's
Most Wanted" would follow and he'd either be on the run for the
rest of his life or in jail until he was seventy. Neither prospect
thrilled him.

But maybe, just maybe, something else would happen. What
if, by the time the guys got home, he'd broken the girls? Got them
to like what he'd done? Had them wanting more? It was possible,
albeit not likely. He had to was his only real choice.

Karen would be the easiest. She was a natural submissive who
only needed to be taught the pleasures of sex. A boy-toy waiting to
happen. Al was independent, but she was also horny and very
young. She could be molded. Carol would be tough, but she was
open to new sexual experiences and she liked it rough. Cody
thought that would get her on his side at the end.

That was the main reason why he'd bound them so tight. Kept
them stripped. Assaulted them with nipple clips and vibrators. To
break them to his will. To make them come back asking for more.

The catch, of course, was Dana. She was a hundred pounds of
hell-cat, and breaking her would be an all-day sucker. The
problem was he only had until noon or so tomorrow and he
refused to actually hurt her. He might make her uncomfortable as
hell, but he would do nothing to permanently injure her or the

Of course, they didn't know that, Cody thought with a smile.
As far as the girls knew, he would just as soon slit their throats as
look at them, and that gave him a big psychological advantage as
long as he acted like a lunatic.

"I thought you'd say that!" Cody said as he began cutting off
Dana's clothes. "You might not beg me now, but you will. You

Slicing away the last remnants of her outer clothing, Cody
ripped Dana's panties and bra off with a roar.

"Wow! You got some reeaally fine nipples Dana! And what an
ass!" Cody exclaimed as he flipped Dana over on her stomach. His
dick was rock-hard again, but he held himself in check. Now was
not the time.

Dana was kicking and fighting as hard as she could but Cody
was too strong and the gag in her mouth kept her air supply low.
She saw his cock bulging through his pants and thought she
would be raped any second.

That thought seemed to......excite her? How could that be? She
was a staunch feminist and the idea of a man bending her forcibly
to his will under any circumstances was anathema to her. Wasn't
it? If so, why was she getting turned on? Probably just a normal
reaction to the adrenaline pumping through her veins, she

She couldn't let this happen! Fight!

Dana fought on, but Cody managed to get her legs spread
wide. But instead of raping her, Cody produced a broom handle
cut to about three feet in length with a small notch cut towards
each end. Using cord, he bound each ankle to each end of the
pole, trapping Dana's legs apart. He now had full access to her

Retrieving Dana's set of four-inch heels, Cody put them on her
feet. He then showed her the last of his leather panties with the
dual vibrators attached.

"Last chance, Dana-burger. I think you can guess where these
vibrators are going to go, so what'll it be? Will you beg me to fuck
you now?" Cody asked.

Dana was frightened at the prospect of those things inside of
her, but there was no way she'd beg. She shook her head slowly
and with purpose. No.

"Tsk tsk. You are so stubborn." Cody said as he reached for
Dana's sweet hole. "Well, well. You're so wet, I really don't even
need to oil these plugs up! Gettin' horny yum-yum?"

Cody used some lotion anyway since Dana was probably a

Dana wasn't a virgin, however.(As Cody soon realized.) A
couple of years ago, to her shame, she'd allowed her emotions to
get the better of her and had sex with a college freshman. What a
disappointment that turned out to be! The guy had been wound up
so tight that after 30 seconds in her twat he came. She was
completely disgusted and told him so. Oh, he had offered the
excuse that she was "soooo tight he couldn't help himself" but that
hardly made her feel any better. Upset that she'd given up her
virginity for such an idiot, she vowed to wait until a real man
came along that met all of her criteria before having sex again.
The only thing that made her feel any better at all was that she'd
made him wear a rubber.

Virgin or not, two huge plugs going up inside of her was
awful! Dana squirmed about and mewled into her constricting gag
as Cody slowly worked them in. When he was done, he strapped
the plugs in tightly.

Dana felt like someone had jammed baseball bats up her
vagina and ass! It wasn't so much painful as incredibly

Cody wasn't finished. He whipped out a pair of small clips.
These had wires attached instead of bells.

"You being so special to me Dana, I made these little cuties up
myself." Cody said.

Dana looked on in horror as Cody attached them to her perky
nipples. Dana's breasts were quite small, but her nipples were

Dana could only whine and buck as the clips locked on. They
hurt a lot at first, but the pain quieted down to a low throb. She
wondered what the wires were for.

Cody got up and went to his bag of goodies. Pulling out a roll
of medium-thick rope, he stood on a chair and reached up to the
ceiling where sometime before he'd installed a small but strong
hook for this occasion. Taking the rope he looped it through the
hook. When he got down he pulled Dana to he feet and carried
her over until she was standing under the hook. Cody bound the
rope to Dana's wrists and pulled. This caused her to have to bend
over and her arms to be pulled into the air.

Dana didn't like this at all, but the surprises weren't over.
Cody switched on the vibrators, causing Dana to fuss into her gag
some more even as her pelvis began to sway.

"Got anything to say to me?" Cody asked.

UMMMPH! Dana said as she shook her head no. NEVER.

Stubborn little shit, Cody thought as he pulled out a small box.
Setting it down under Dana so that she could see it he said, "See
this? I made it myself. It sends out little electrical pulses that I can
control the intensity of with this knob."

Cody hooked the wires attached to Dana's nipple clips to the
box. With a smile, he turned the box on to "low." That sent pulses
of energy into Dana's sensitive nipples which in turn caused her to
scream. Big mistake. Dana's gag was so deep into her throat that
any real attempt to make noise resulted in coughing and retching.
She had to concentrate to stop the choking and to breathe slowly.
She calmed back down and gave Cody a dirty look.

"You are one tough cookie, but you aren't as tough as you
think Dana. Eventually, you will come around." Cody said.

Dana acted tough, but she wondered how long she could last.
Her arms were already numb and the vibrators were beginning to
work. She took a slow, deep breath and told herself to hang on.
Frank would be back tomorrow afternoon and they would all be
rescued from this mad fool.

If he didn't go completely psycho and hurt them bad.

If she and the others could fight him off.

As her nipples jumped and the vibrators buzzed on she was
thinking that tomorrow evening was a long way away......

Cody went in and got himself something to eat and drink. He
was suddenly very tired. He'd been on the go all day and had
reached his limit. He needed to get everyone ready for bed first

Taking first Al then Karen and finally Carol, he released the
girls one at a time to let them go to the bathroom and have some
water. He didn't let them eat yet as part of his plan.

He doubted they would have wanted to eat anyway. All three
were wobbly-legged due to the tight bondage and the multiple
orgasms they'd had.

Taking Al and Karen, Cody lay them on the floor face to face.
They were cuffed and their wrists were tied to their waists with a
cord running between their legs. He replaced the plugs but left the
vibrators off. The bell-clips stayed on to warn him if they moved
around a lot while he was sleeping. He tied their knees and ankles
and bound the girls together at the waist so that their bodies were

Naturally, he replaced their gags.

He felt like both girls were on the verge of breaking and a full
night like this would likely finish the job.

Despite their predicament, the girls were so worn out they
soon fell asleep.

Cody took Carol, bound her as he had the girls, and lay her
beside himself as he slept on the floor with a nice sleeping bag.
Carol wasn't quite there yet. When he had removed her gag to let
her have some water, she first begged him to let them all go, then
when that didn't work, she offered to do anything he wanted if he
would leave the girls alone. When he calmly informed her that she
would do anything he wanted regardless, she got pissed and began
to curse until he replaced her gag.

Dana stayed where she was.

Cody tried to sleep but having an attractive woman bound and
gagged at his side was distracting him. He was horny again. Time
for a blow-job.

"Time to pay the piper Aunt Carol." Cody whispered as he
removed her gag and worked her head down to his hard cock.

Carol started to fight but realized it was futile. Cody's dick
was going in her mouth whether she wanted it there or not. She
decided to just get it over with as soon as possible.

Carol was a pro at sucking cock. She had such full, luscious
lips that every guy she'd ever dated had wanted her to go down on
him. Frank was no exception.

Cody pulled out his cock and pushed it towards Carol's face.
He was even bigger than Frank! Carol thought as she began to
lick his head. Cody groaned in pleasure as Carol went to work. He
began to pump his dick in, driving deeper with each push. Carol
was taking it all in with little difficulty. She knew the trick of
doing it without gagging.

Carol began to moan softly as she sucked hard. She knew
what turned a guy on and was doing her best on Cody. He could
tell. Every time he thrust deep, Carol took all of his nine inches in
and when he pulled out she would trap his sensitive head in a
whirlwind of tongue and soft lips.

No man could take that for long and with teeth clenched he
busted his nut, shooting cum into Carol's mouth. She took every
drop and sucked on until there was nothing left.

"Damnation. Whoooooaa.......that was intense." Cody said in
barely a whisper.

"Glad you liked it." Carol said with a slight grin. Even
thought she was a captive, Carol was still feeling the effects of
the multiple orgasms she'd had earlier, and Cody was a good-
looking guy with a nice big dick. She normally liked sucking cock
and prided herself on being so good at it.

Cody noticed her change in demeanor even as he replaced her
gag. He felt confident that by morning it would be three down
with one to go......

Cody woke up a couple of times during the night to check on
the girls to make sure they were OK. All were sleeping well
except for Dana, who time and again refused to yield.

By morning, Dana was putting on a good front more than
anything else. She had reached orgasm a couple of times by
masturbating in the past but those weren't nearly as intense as the
four orgasms she'd had during the night. She hated the idea that
she liked what was being done to her, but the results were

She would never admit it to Cody however. The very idea that
such a moron could best her in a match of wits and will-power
was unthinkable.

In a small gesture of pity, Cody turned off the vibrators and
electric current to her nipples even though he left the plugs and
clips on. He also loosened the ropes holding her arms up so that
she could sit down on the floor.

Small comfort. All that helped (Especially letting he sit down.
Her legs were like rubber from the orgasms.) but she would have
rather he remove the awful gag in her mouth. Her mouth was dry
as sand and her jaw was completely numb. Worse, the plug in her
throat had soaked up all her saliva and was slippery. It constantly
threatened to go down her throat even more, thus causing her to
wretch and gag. It was horrible.

Cody was refreshed. He had slept well, as had everyone except
Dana. He looked at the clock. Time was now a serious factor.

Time to step up the plan.

"I'm starved! Who's up for breakfast?" He asked.

None of the girls had eaten since yesterday. They were
starving. All four indicated with grunts and shakes that they were
hungry also.

"Great! I'll start fixing something right away." Cody said as he
walked into the kitchen.

As he prepared eggs, bacon, biscuits, and fresh fruit, Cody
would peek through the door every few minutes to see how the
girls were doing.

Carol, Karen, and Al all sat calmly, not fighting their bondage
at all other than fidgeting to get more comfortable. Dana was still
struggling, but not as much as he would have thought.

As the aroma of the food reached the girls they realized just
how hungry they were. Cody walked back in and announced the
food was ready. It smelled wonderful.

"All those who want to eat say so now or forever hold you
piece!" Cody said smiling. Obviously the girls couldn't say
anything other than MMMMPPHH! but that didn't stop them from
trying. With a laugh, he cut loose their feet and knees.

All except Dana.

"For you Dana, it's simple. Before you get to eat, you have to
get with the program. Beg."

No. (Head shaking.)

"Beg me Dana. We'll have wonderful sex and then you can


"Fine. Stay here then. Let's go ladies."

As Cody started to lead them into the kitchen, all three began
shaking their heads at Dana and making sounds through their
gags indicating they wanted her to go along.

Dana was stunned. Were they really serious? Are they all on
Cody's side now? Still, she wouldn't give in.

Cody got angry. Everything was going great except for Dana.
How could anyone be so damned stubborn? He decided to speed
things up. With the others looking on, he again tied Dana as she
had been last night and fired up her vibrators and clips. Dana
pitched a fit as he did so, but he didn't care.

Taking the girls, he went into the kitchen and let them loose
to eat. All were so tired and hungry they didn't try to escape or
scream; they just stuffed down the food.

As they ate, Carol spoke. "Cody, don't be so hard on Dana.
She's always been hard-headed. You're not going to hurt her.....or
us are you?"

"I don't want to. I never wanted to. I guess I just went a little
crazy living around you gorgeous women and being a virgin and
all. I umm, suppose it's asking too much for you guys to forgive
me huh?" Cody said.

"Why should we forgive you? Al asked. "You tied us up."

"Yeah! And raped us!" Karen added.

"Weeelllllllll yeah, I guess I did. Technically. But tell the
truth, didn't you all begin to enjoy it?" Cody asked.

All three girls looked at each other and paused.

Then they all smiled.

And Cody smiled back.

"I knew it! I knew you guys would like this stuff if you gave it
a chance!" Cody said laughing. But he needed to be sure.

"Ummm....what about the "rape" stuff and Uncle Frank?"
Cody asked quietly.

Carol answered. "As far as rape goes, it's only rape if the
woman says it's rape. And we say it wasn't. Right girls?"

Both nodded in agreement.

"And as for Frank, well....what he doesn't know won't hurt
him." Carol added with a wink.

"That's great Aunt Carol. But what about Dana?"

"Cody, you do as you like, but if you're asking me for my
suggestion, I'd say go out there and ask her one more time. I
suspect she's about ready to give in. Then my big nephew, you
should give her the best fucking she'll ever have. I mean really lay
the wood to her. If that doesn't do it, nothing will!" Carol smiled
as she rubbed Cody's dick.

It felt great.

Rock-hard and filled with determination and sexual energy he
stormed out to the living room. The girls followed. They all
wanted to watch.

Dana was done. The vibrators had her near another orgasm
when Cody lifted her head and looked her right in the eye.

"Do you want me to fuck you Dana?" Cody asked in a slow,
clear voice.

And finally, Dana shook her head.


Please yes. Her eyes pleaded.

She didn't have to ask again. Cody had been dreaming about
this for a long time. He quickly cut off the vibrators and removed
the plugs. Taking off his pants, he slid his pole into Dana's wet

It was tight. Real tight. With Dana still tied as she was, Cody
had easy access to her pussy and began to slowly pump away.
Cody was even bigger than the plug that had been up inside her
and Dana soon realized that fact as he drove up into her as far as
he could. Dana moaned into her gag in pleasure as he began to
pump faster.

Dana began to move her hips in unison. Cody's cock felt
marvelous inside of her and she wanted him to pump even harder!

Cody did just that. Sweat poured out of him as he built up the
pace to a fever pitch. Dana's ass cheeks bounced off his hard
stomach muscles with each thrust. She has a great ass Cody

At such a pace, neither was destined to last long. Neither did.
Dana's moans began getting louder through her gag and Cody
could tell she was close.

Dana came, letting out a howl Cody didn't think was possible
gagged as she was. He came next. Hot cum shot into Dana's cunt
as she pumped him for every drop.

Spent, Cody dropped to the floor. Dana hung in her ropes.

"Cody, can we let her go now?" Carol asked.

Cody nodded yes, and the girls all started to loosen Dana's
ropes. Soon they had her all free except for the gag. Carol looked
at Cody for permission to remove it.

"Do it." He said. This would be it.

It took a few minutes. Dana had been gagged as few women
ever had. Even when the last cloth was removed, she said nothing,
but only coughed and indicated she wanted something to drink.

Dana gulped down a full glass of water.

She looked at her mother. Then at her sisters.

Then at Cody.


And Cody knew it would be a good day.

The end.


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