STEP BY STEP: The Revenge of Cody!!

Chapter 3

Cody rushed downstairs as fast as he could. He was pretending
to make a sandwich just as Carol and Karen walked in through
the back kitchen door with an arm full of packages.

"Hi Cody," said Carol. "Here alone?"

"Yeah. Al's at a friend's house and Dana's still at that NOW
thing." Cody said.

"O.K. Say, that sandwich looks good. I'm starved. Karen, do
you want anything?" Carol asked.

"Mother, you know I'm on a diet."

"Karen, you're always on a diet!" Carol mused.

Karen did indeed diet a lot, thought Cody. But the results were
excellent. Despite having a propensity to be on the slightly chubby
side, Karen was a 16 year old stone fox. The tallest of the girls,
Karen had long, dark hair and a stunning face. Especially nice
was a smallish, cute mouth tailor-made for cock-sucking. Cody
intended to take advantage of that mouth very soon. The rest of
her was pretty nice also. Large breasts and curvy, full hips made
Karen the lust of every guy at high school. Unlike Al's much
firmer athletic frame, Karen's body could best be described as
"soft," and that was just fine with Cody. Variety is the spice of
life, after all.

Karen was dressed in a very nice but simplistic two-piece
outfit that really didn't show off her figure, but Cody would soon
change that.

"Oh mother!" exclaimed Karen. "I'm going to take these new
outfits upstairs while you eat."

Sensing an opportunity, Cody offered to help carry the
packages upstairs. It was a chance to get one of them alone.

Walking behind Karen into the girl's room, Cody laid his arm
full of packages on the bed while Karen went to make room in
girl's closet. Opening the closet door, Karen was stunned by the
sight of her little sister bound, gagged, and completely naked.

Cody was ready. Under his loose shirt he had hidden his rolls
of thin cord, and a another of the "special" toys he had purchased.
It was a leather strap gag with a large rubber plug shaped like a
penis. He had been waiting to use this on Karen.

Karen was standing there still unbelieving at what she was
seeing. Al was looking back trying to warn her sister of the danger
behind her but nothing got past her gag except a few grunts.

It was perfect. Karen's mouth was already open in amazement
when he simply walked up behind her and jammed the penis in.

MMMMMMPPPHHH!!! was all that came out of Karen's
mouth as Cody quickly strapped the gag very tightly behind her
neck. Taking an extra few seconds, he added a small padlock to
the strap, making it impossible for the gag to be removed without
the key.

Karen didn't understand what was going on but she did know
that she didn't like it at all. Twisting in Cody's arms, she
attempted to get away, but Cody simply picked her up and threw
her on the bed. Sitting up, she saw Cody looking at her with a
cruel grin on his face and his arms crossed. Worse, he was
between her and the door.

"What now, sunshine?" Cody asked.

Karen did what was natural for a woman: she screamed for all
she was worth. Unfortunately, all that came out was
MMMMUAAARRRMMMPPHHH!! The sound barely carried out
of the room, much less downstairs.

"That gag works good, doesn't it?" Cody asked, chuckling.

The gag! She had to get this horrible thing out of her mouth
and off her face!

Cody watched in amusement as Karen yanked, tugged, and
pulled at the tightly bound leather strap. Reaching around her
neck, she tried to undo the clasps, but the padlock prevented it.
Frustrated, she tried yelling again, and again all that came out

"That was a nice show, sunshine, but I've got things to and
people to see so let's finish wrapping you up." Cody said as he
casually walked towards Karen taking the cord and cuffs out of his

Karen mewled, struggled and kicked, but all for naught as she
was soon cuffed and hog-tied on the bed.

During the struggle Karen's shirt had come open revealing a
large pair of jiggling tits barely held in check by a thin bra. Cody
began to massage them with his hands.

"Oooooh.....Karen! These are some whoppers! I don't have
time to finish up right now, but I'll get back to you real soon.
Meanwhile, lay on the floor here besides Al and get used to the
feel of a big cock in your mouth. It won't be long before you'll
have the real thing!"

Cody lay Karen on the floor and pulled Al out of the closet.
The two pretty young girls looked at each other in fear and

"Now don't you two ladies go and talk about me behind my
back while I'm gone, y'hear?" Cody said while laughing.

Al and Karen didn't think that was funny at all and tried to let
Cody know about it.



"I'll be back with mom in just a second. Be good!!"

With that, Cody blew them a kiss and bounded down the stairs
in search of new prey.

Carol had just finished her sandwich and was washing dishes
when Cody came through the kitchen door. Looking at her Cody
had to admit that for a woman in her forties Carol Lambert was a
hot babe. The birth of three children had given her wide hips and
big tits but hours and hours of exercise had kept her hourglass
figure in fine shape and given her a truly great set of legs. Carol
enjoyed showing off that figure too as she often wore a variation
of what she was wearing now: Three inch high heels, a tight skirt
that ended several inches above the knee and a clinging, tight
sweater that accentuated her huge chest.

Yes, Carol definitely could still turn heads and put lust in any
man's heart.

Right now, Cody's lust was a raging nine-incher as he
anticipated his next conquest. Carol paid no attention to Cody as
he stalked up behind her. In her mind, Cody was a harmless goof-
ball long on athletic ability (He was an accomplished martial
artist.) and a little short on brains. She prided herself on her
intelligence, despite the stereotype associated with big-tittied
blondes. Cody assumed that's what she thought of him and deep
down he resented her for it.

So she was unconcerned.

Big mistake.

For Carol, Cody had a different type of gag waiting. This one
consisted of two parts. One was a hard rubber ball, a little smaller
than the one currently residing in Al's sweet mouth, with a leather
strap/buckle arrangement. The second part was a wide leather
strap like Karen wore.

Plans change, however. As Cody walked up behind Carol, she
reached her hands behind her back to untie her apron strings. This
was too good to pass up. Instead of gagging her first he decided to
go with the cuffs.

Click! Quick as that Carol's hands were trapped behind her

"Wha? WHAT'S HAPPENING?" Carol screamed loudly.

A little too loudly for Cody's taste. He reached to jam the ball-
gag in but Carol was fighting back. Hard! Instinctively, she
jammed her heel into Cody's foot drawing a howl of pain from
him. Cody grabbed for his foot while holding on to Carol with the
other but she pulled away causing Cody to fall.

Things were getting bad. If Carol managed to get away she
could scream bloody murder!

That was her plan as she took off for the living room; hands
still tightly trapped behind her back.

With a last second desperate lunge Cody managed to clip
Carol's ankle causing her to fall forward on her stomach. Like Al's
fall, this had the effect of knocking the wind out of Carol, which
gave Cody the opportunity he needed to jam the hard rubber ball
into her gasping mouth.


COTHE....LETH MA GAAATH!! (Translation: Cody.....let
me go!)

Cody was more than a little pissed at the fight Carol was
putting up and took it out on her by buckling the ball super-tight
into her mouth. Carol's eyes and cheeks bulged out as the ball
sunk deeply into her mouth, trapping her tongue and immediately
she began to drool as saliva built up.

Cody was about to buckle and padlock the wide leather strap
over her mouth when Carol began bucking and painfully kicking
backwards(He was straddling her back.) into his back. He decide
to take care of her legs first and rolled off of Carol to bind her
ankles and knees. That was the break Carol needed! Rolling on
her back she assaulted Cody for the third time with her strong legs
and 3 inch heels. This time however, she took the time to aim at
his groin.

Bullseye! Cody went down with a loud groan while Carol
scrambled to her feet.(Not an easy task in high heels and with
your hands cuffed behind your back!)

Cody was down but not out, and he was in the way of her
escaping out the back door, so she headed towards the living room
and the front door.

Locked with the dead-bolt! Damn Frank and his new locks!

Out of options, Carol opted to get upstairs. Maybe there she
could get herself free or..or.....Oh God! Karen!

Where was Karen?

High heels are great for kicking but not good for running. Too
bad. Carol's shoes were the type that had a strap across the top
and this prevented her from kicking them off. So bound, gagged,
and wearing high heels, (Great picture, ain't it?) Carol ran up the
stairs and into the hall. Breathing heavily, she wondered where
Karen was. Cody wouldn't be down for long.

Hearing a sound, she turned towards the girls room. There,
lying side by side on the floor were Karen and Al! Both were
squirming around and making muffled sounds through their gags,
but neither was any nearer to getting loose.

Carol realized she had to get free! Pulling on her cuffs, she
tried to bend down to reach the awful ball in her mouth but the
chainless cuffs kept her wrists too close together. Turning towards
the bathroom, she ran in hoping to locate something to free her.
The sight staring back at her in the large bathroom mirror was
startling. Her hair was a mess and the ball in her mouth was
causing her to drool heavily all over her large, heaving, breasts.
The tight ball-gag also made her mouth curl back into somewhat
of a grin and her cheeks to puff out. Hanging down on the side
was the wide strap that hadn't been wrapped around her face yet.
As uncomfortable as the ball-gag and belt was to her mouth, she
realized that once the wide strap was buckled up, her ability to
make any noise at all would be severely limited.

What to do?

Looking out the small bathroom window she saw a ray of
hope! Old Mr. Conners was working in his backyard! She had to
attract his attention somehow. Even though she was gagged, if he
saw her, that would definitely get his notice!

Stepping back, she once again put her legs and heels into play.
Kicking up and smashing the window! But kicking so high with
no arms to use as balance caused her to fall down. In the next yard
old Mr. Conners did indeed hear the glass break. He looked up
and saw the broken pane.

Carol had to get up! She got to her knees and was just about to
raise her head to the window when a strong hand pushed her


"I'll take care of you in a minute!" He growled.

Using his foot to hold Carol down he stuck his head out of the
broken window.

"Hey Mr. Conners! Looks like I broke the window! Oops!"
Cody yelled as he waved.

"You all right boy?" Conners asked.

"I'm fine! Thanks for asking! You have a good day!

Conners waved back and returned back to his yard work.

Carol was trying to make as much noise as possible but Cody's
foot was crushing her chest. She could barely breath.

Cody was livid!

"Damn you and your kicking! You-will-pay-dearly for
that.....Aunt Carol!"

Cody wasted no time. He cinched Carol's ankles and knees
together, then tied her elbows together tightly. The wide leather
strap was cruelly bound and padlocked around Carols head. He
then hog-tied her.

As he was finishing, the phone rang!

"Now what?"


"Cody" This is Dana. Is mom home?"

"Nope. Nobody but the Code-man. You on your way home?"

"That's why I was calling. Tell mom I'm going to be a couple
of hours late."

Cody looked at his watch. Just after 5.

"So, you won't be home until eight?"

"That's it, butt-head. Be sure to tell mom."

Butt-head. That was funny. Another bone to pick with Dana.

"I'll tell her."

That didn't take much because Carol was just a few feet away
trying without success to make some noise.

"That was Dana. She's going to be a little late, so that gives us
some extra time to play."

"Do you like to play Aunt Carol?" Cody asked with an evil
grin on his face....

Taking all three girls downstairs, Cody went out to his van to
get some more toys. Meanwhile, the girls attempted to
communicate and get free.




About all they could do was look at each other with gagged,
pained, expressions and wonder about the future....

Cody walked back in carrying a canvas tote-bag brimming
with stuff.

"O.K. ladies. Let's get dressed up for Code-man!" Cody yelled.
Turning to Carol he said, "You first."

Cody cut loose Carol's hog-tie and began to slice off her
clothes with scissors and his knife. In a couple of minutes, she
was completely nude. He even removed her shoes.

"I found these goodies upstairs in your closet, Aunt Carol,"
Cody said holding up a pair of white, five-inch spike high
heels with ankle straps, a pair of sheer white stockings and a
white satin and lace "teddisette" that was crotchless and had holes
for breasts. I always knew you and Uncle Frank were a little
kinky, and I thought it would be nice if you wore these for me. I'm
going to release your arms and hands and I want you to put this
teddy thing on. Then we'll get to your stockings and shoes. If you
give me any problems this time, I promise you, you and your
daughters will regret it." Cody warned.

Carol did as she was told and in a few minutes she was a
vision of loveliness all in white. Her breasts, helped some by the
garment's underwire, stood out like ripe melons. Carol had
enormous nipples that to her shame were now in a high state of
arousal. They reminded Cody of large pencil erasers.

"Lookin' good, Aunt C! Reeeaal good! Seems like all of this
attention is turning you on!" Cody said laughing.

"Now, you might notice that you're not wearing any panties.
There is a reason for that. See what I have for you to wear?"

Cody held up a leather device that had two long, shiny, metal
tubes shaped like penis's attached; one a little longer than the
other. There were knobs attached to both.

"This is a "special" pair of leather panties. As you can see,
there's a couple of....ummmm......insertion rods that are designed
to give a lady hours and hours of fun!"

It didn't look like fun to Carol. Those rods were huge! There
was no way she was going to let him put those in her vagina and

Carol shook her head.......NO!


Cody gritted his teeth. everything had gone smooth except for
Carol who had become a real pain in the ass; or more correctly, a
pain in the nuts Cody thought as he rubbed his sore groin.
Realizing he had no choice, Cody grabbed Carol roughly and bent
her over a chair. With Carol squealing and complaining into her
gag, Cody tightly bound her to the chair back so that her ass was
fully exposed and her legs were tied apart.

Reaching down, he was somewhat surprised to find that she
was wet. Hmm......maybe Aunt Carol likes it a little rough, he
thought as he began to insert the prods.

Carol might well have "liked it rough" deep down, but right
now she was having a fit as Cody worked the prods into vagina
and ass.



Carol felt the pussy prod first as it slid into place without a lot
of difficulty, but the ass prod was another story. Carol had never
liked her butt fucked and so she hadn't allowed it to happen but a
couple of times in her life; the most recent being a few years ago
when she and Frank were on their honeymoon. She gripped her
ass-cheeks together as tightly as she could in defiance.

That didn't stop Cody for long. He greased the butt-plug up
with some baby-oil he had brought along for just this occasion and
worked it on in. Getting both plugs deeply seated in place, he
quickly buckled the straps so that they would stay in until he
decided differently.

"There, that wasn't so bad now was it?"

Bad? Carol's poor ass felt like it was going to split in two! She
wiggled and bucked furiously trying to work the plugs out with no

Cody had another surprise or two in store. Releasing Carol
from the chair, he bound her wrists and elbows tightly behind her
back with cord, then bound her ankles in the same manner.

Not finished, he dragged her over to the kitchen door. First he
bound her hands to the door-knob. Then he brought out a leather
collar and put it around her neck. Cody then attached a cord line
to the collar and, looping it over the door, tied it to the door-knob
on the opposite side. He then closed the door. Now Carol was
trapped in a situation where she had to stand on her feet wearing
very uncomfortable five inch spike heels with her feet bound
together tightly. Not only that, but she was in a position to where
Cody could see her all the time and she could only look into the
living room.

Still not finished, Cody produced a pair of metal clips with
little bells attached.

"You like to run around so much that I need something to
keep track of you," Cody said with a wink. "These will do the trick
I think!"

Carol's eyes grew wide and she shook her head...NO!
Cody attached the clips. "Thanks for having your nipples hard, it
makes this a lot easier!"

Carol looked down and saw that her nipples were indeed hard.
Did she actually like this? Why was she getting so turned on?

Reality came back as the wicked clips snapped on. Sharp stabs
of pain made Carol pitch and buck as much as possible. That just
caused more pain as the bells tinkled and pulled at her huge nips.
She stopped moving and in a few seconds the pain was down to a
dull throb.

Reaching down between Carol's legs, Cody clicked on the two
vibrators. Carol's cunt and ass immediately felt the buzzing prods!
This was too much! Carol screamed in anger at Cody with all she



Cody just chuckled and said, "Aunt Carol! I never heard you
use such language before!


"There's three reasons why you're in this condition. One, you
look sexy as hell. Two, to pay you back for kicking me; and three,
to get you in the mood for fucking; which is what we're gonna be
doing reeeaaal soon. First, I gotta go upstairs and take a piss.
Then Karen and I are going to get busy!"

Karen, who had been watching all of this squirmed and shook
her head no, but Cody just blew her a kiss as he went upstairs.

Carol moaned and stared at her bound and gagged daughters
in disbelief and frustration. Just a few hours ago she was a normal
woman with a happy life and now she was in stringent bondage
about to see her daughter assaulted by a crazy man. What was it
that made men want to have women tied up? There was no
question they did, even those who wouldn't admit it openly. She'd
seen enough TV and movies to realize that the "damsel in
distress" scene was a staple that wasn't going to go away. Rarely
would the guy get bound and gagged, but sooner or later, most
actress's would wind up in bondage. Although a few managed to
avoid the ropes, most didn't.

The vibrators were doing their job as Carol began to
rhythmically sway to the pulses. As she did, the little bells on her
nipples tinkled in unison. It was an odd combination. She was in a
great deal of discomfort. The thin cord cut into her wrists and
ankles making them numb. The elbow cords caused her shoulders
to hurt and thrust her big breasts out to their limit. Her nipples
were throbbing and her feet were sore. Carol was used to high
heels, but not the five inch "fuck-me" spikes she had on now. She
normally only wore these for short periods of time for Frank when
she felt he deserved a "special night." But even though her body
was very uncomfortable, her sexual energy was building at a
steady pace. She felt like she would reach orgasm soon.

Poor little Al was naked and lay there unmoving with a vacant
look in her eyes. The bottom of her face was covered in duct-tape
and Carol could only guess at what was inside making her cheeks
bulge out. Cody had probably raped Al before she and Karen had
gotten home. Now it was Karen's turn.

Karen lay there whimpering and struggling. She was scared.
She's seen Cody's huge cock bulging and the thought of her mouth or her twat frightened her. She knew
how boys(And men) lusted after her body and had dedicated her
life towards using that lust as a means of getting her way. She
hadn't planned on having sex until she was married. Until then,
she knew the boys she dated were so horny that all she had to do
was give them the slightest hope of having her and they would do
anything she wanted. The closest she's come to sex was letting
Dave(Cutest boy in school) Branson touch her breasts while she
gave him a hand job, and she vowed never to allow that again.
That silly boy had shot his cum all over her new outfit! Yuck!

Cody came back down the stairs with some items in his hands.
Walking over to Al and Karen he began to free Al's legs.

"Aunt Carol looks so good, I thought I'd let you girls in on the
fun. I found these high heels in your closet, let's see how they fit!"

Cody held two pairs of four inch pumps in his hands. The
girls had all sneaked out one day and secretly purchased them to
wear on dates. Placing a pair on Al's feet, he then got another set
of butt and vagina plugs similar to what Carol was wearing.
Oiling the prods up he worked them slowly into place. The
constricting gag Al was wearing had made her quite docile for a
while but this new terror brought her back to life with a
vengeance. She mewled, bucked, and kicked as much as she could
but Cody simply held her down and pushed the plugs in to their

"That's it baby....take 'em in." Cody cooed.

MMMMMUMMMMUNNPHHH!! Al cried as she shook her
head wildly.

Cody tightly buckled the plugs into place, then stood her up.
Al's firm tits thrust out, so he then attached another set of nipple
clips with bells to her tiny but hard nipples. Al was near tears.
Cody decided to help her out some. He removed her monstrous
gag, warning her not to scream as he worked the huge ball out of
her mouth.

"Thank you" Al managed to say between retching and

Getting her some water, Cody said, "Don't thank me too
much. You still have to be gagged. I'm just going to use this
instead. It'll allow you to breathe easier."

Cody held up a regular ball-gag with a leather strap running
through it. The ball was a little smaller than the one she had been
chewing on but that didn't make her feel a whole lot better under
the circumstances.

"Cody please, get these things out of me! They're too big! And
take these bells off, they hurt!" Al begged as she twisted around
causing them to jingle.

"That's what I get for ungagging a girl. As soon as their
mouth isn't plugged they go to bitching!"

"Cody....No!......NOT THE

Al's pretty mouth was pulled back into a ugly grin as the ball
sank deep behind her teeth. She began to drool.

"There, that's better. Nice and quiet!" Cody remarked as he
led a struggling Al to a chair.

Her hands still tightly cuffed and her elbows tied with cord,
Cody bent Al over the back of a chair like he had done to Carol.
Binding her ankles and legs to the chair legs, he switched on the
vibrating plugs. Like Carol, Al was forced to stand in her heels
while the vibrations did there job in stimulating her cunt and ass.
And also like Carol, she was trapped in a conflicting state of
agony and ecstasy.

"Oh Kaaaarrren! Time to Plaaaayyyyy!!" Cody yelled with a

First, Cody placed a set of four inch heels on Karen's feet.
Then he began to slice off her clothes.

"We all know you like to cock-tease little lady. Well, the time
for that has passed!" Cody said as he finished disrobing Karen by
ripping off her panties.

Karen was scared to death. So scared that she didn't fight at
all.........until Cody took his pants off. Nine inches of throbbing
dick waved in her face. She screamed in terror into her gag,
chewing on the big rubber dildo jammed between her teeth.

"You will suck my dick, but first we're gonna find out if you're
really still a virgin!"

Throwing Karen's leg's open, Cody moved in slow but steady.
Taking a handful of her big, luscious breasts, he began to lick and
suck on her nipples even has his rod burrowed in. Unlike Al,
Karen still had her hymen, but not for long. With a strong thrust,
Cody ripped through the wall and began to pump vigorously.

Karen wailed again into her gag. The pain! That was soon
fading however as Cody's thrusting and nipple sucking had her
feeling something she had never felt before. What began as
writhing in pain and anger turned to rhythmic motions as Karen
pumped her ass in concert with Cody's thrusts.

Carol writhed and bucked in helpless frustration as she was
forced to watch her daughter get raped. The combination of that
sight plus the vibrating plugs inside of her was too much to bear!
Carol moaned as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her in a
powerful orgasm.

Karen was reaching that herself! God, what had she been
missing? She wondered as Cody hammered away. Suddenly, her
sexual energy reached it's peak and Karen was riding the intense
wave of her first orgasm.

!!! Karen moaned into the gag as she came down from her cloud.

Cody himself was ready to burst, but with a supreme effort he
held back. He wanted to cum in Karen's mouth.

Carol was in trouble. Her orgasm had left her weak-kneed, but
the cord attached to her collar wouldn't allow her to sit down.
With effort, she forced herself to focus on keeping her balance, but
that was difficult enough without being bound as she was wearing
such high heels. The horrid gag she wore didn't help either. It
completely shut off any mouth-breathing, so that all she could do
was breathe through her nose. She prayed her nostrils stayed free
of mucus. As if all that weren't enough, the huge plugs in her ass
and cunt continued to buzz away, bringing her ever closer to yet
another orgasm.

Cody pulled out of Karen's wonderful pussy and began to undo
her gag.

"Did you like that Karen? I sure did! That's some serious
pussy you got there Sunshine! Now lets see how much you've
learned sucking on that dildo!" Cody announced.

Karen was wondering if she liked it or not. Part of her hated
that she had been raped, but the feelings it gave her

She had something else to worry about however. Cody was
removing the awful gag she'd been forced to wear, but she feared
what he would put in her little mouth next. The fear was all to
real as nine inches of cock moved straight for her lips!

"Please Cody......NO! NOT YOUR THI...UMMPH!!

Cody slid his rod between Karen's sweet lips. Forced to take it
in Karen jumped and fought as the pole began to slide in and out,
driving a little deeper with each thrust.



Karen gagged and retched as the pole hit the back of her
throat. Some of the other girls who had given blow-jobs before
had told her that boys would inevitably stick their dicks too far
into a girls mouth, choking them. She then remembered them
saying to help prevent that, a girl should relax her throat muscles
and try not to fight it.

Taking the advice, Karen did just that. Instinctively, she also
began to suck and move her tongue around the shaft; especially
the head.

Meanwhile, Cody was in heaven. He was so hot, and Karen's
mouth felt so good that he couldn't hold back. With a groan, he

Karen heard Cody groan and felt his penis jerk and spasm.
Realizing what had happened she tried to pull her head away but
Cody had it firmly in place. The slippery head suddenly jammed
down her throat as Cody came and streams of cum began to flow
into Karen's mouth. She had to swallow to keep from choking. As
Cody finished cumming, he slowed the pumping down until
finally he was still.

"Lick me off." He said.

Karen did as she was told. Gently licking and sucking until
his dick was sparkling clean.

"Lord, Karen. That was great! Every guy in the world should
have one of those at least once a week!" Cody said as he fell back,

His head had barely hit the floor when he heard a muffled
choking noise. Looking up he saw that Carol was having trouble
standing up and her collar was choking her. Not wanting anything
too bad to happen to Aunt Carol, Cody jumped up and quickly cut
her loose from the door.

Carol fell down and breathed heavily through her nose. Her
second orgasm had weakened her legs to the point she could no
longer stand.

"What's the matter with you? Can't you stand up?" Cody asked
laughing when he saw she was going to be all right.

Carol shook her head and struggled in her bonds.


LET ME GO! Carol tried to articulate. This whole thing had
gone on long enough and she was furious! She tried rubbing her
gag against the floor in a futile attempt to work it off.

Cody laughed again. "Are you serious? That gag is locked on
Carol. No way it comes off until I decide it does. And if you think
I'm going to give all this pussy up before I have to, you're crazy!"

Carol rolled her eyes in frustration even as the insidious
vibrators buzzed on.

"Besides, Dana's not here yet and she's the guest of honor!"
Cody said as he flicked the bells on Carol's nipples, irritating her
even more.

Karen meanwhile, had been spitting and coughing trying to
get the taste of Cody's cum out of her mouth. It didn't taste really
awful, but it sure wasn't something that she would enjoy tasting
again anytime soon. My makeup must be a mess she thought as
she suddenly realized that Cody was several feet away and she
wasn't gagged.

Should she take a chance and scream? Would someone hear
her? If it worked, great; but if it didn't.....Cody would be pissed.
Still, as she looked at Al strictly bound and gagged; wriggling
about as the plugs churned away inside of her, she had to assume
she would soon be in the same predicament.

I've got to take the chance, she thought as she took a deep

Just as Karen was sucking in air for the mother of all screams,
Cody realized what he had done. One of his babes wasn't gagged!
Irritated at himself he jumped up to rectify the problem when he
saw Karen's mouth fly open.

Sometimes, it's better to be lucky than good. As Karen started
to yell, old Mr. Conners started up his noisy leaf blower to clear
off his drive. Karen screamed with everything she had. It was
almost enough to shatter glass, but all for naught. Conners blower
drowned out the scream long enough for Cody to pounce. He
quickly strapped on Karen's dildo gag tightly.

"That'll be enough of that!" He growled.

Walking to the door, Cody checked to see if anyone heard.

All clear. Whew, he thought.

Walking back to Karen's prone form with a mean look in his
eye Cody said, "Let's get you fixed up Sunshine. It's almost time
for Dana to get home."

Within minutes, Karen was plugged and nipple clipped like
the others. Instead of tying her over a chair, he bound each ankle
back to her thighs and cinched both elbows together.

Sitting down, Cody surveyed his work. Al, bent over a chair.
Carol, hog-tied on the floor. And Karen, flopping about like a
turtle. All tightly gagged. All with huge vibrators buzzing away in
their asses and cunts. All with tight little clips on their wonderful
tits jingling as they struggled, moaned, and orgasmed over and

Cody heard a car pull up.

Dana. At last............Dana.


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