STEP BY STEP: The Revenge of Cody!!

Chapter 2

The sound of everyone leaving had woke Al up. Yawning, she
stretched, causing her young, 14 year-old breasts to jut out. And
jut out they did; like twin torpedoes. The same girl who just a
couple of years ago was a smallish tom-boy with a mouthful of
braces was now a legitimate knockout. The same boys she
regularly beat at sports now yearned to wrestle with her in a much
more personal manner.

Climbing out of bed she looked at herself in the mirror. The
braces were gone, leaving her with a beautiful smile to match her
cute face. She was still on the short side but her figure had really
blossomed lately. She's developed a great ass but it was her tits
that got her the most notice. They were large, cone-shaped, with
perfect little nipples to top them off. They had no sag in them at
all. When she first started to develop, she didn't like her new
"puppies". They got in the way and drew too much attention to
her. But as she got older, she began to like the attention. Al
realized she liked boys a lot. She was still a virgin, but how long
that would last was anyone's guess. Al was one horny young girl,
and unlike Karen, she hated to tease.

Her plan for the day was to call her friend Janie and cruise the
mall looking for guys. For that little adventure she chose her
tightest shorts first. Slipping on a bra (Mom would kill her if she
was caught without one.) she pulled a cut-off shirt that barely
reached her ribcage. Like most of her shirts, this one was way too
small now due to her boobs, but that was O.K. for what she had

As Al bounded down the stairs she saw that Cody was
standing there looking at her.

"Hey Cody. What's up?" Al asked.

"Just waiting. You're dressed to kill. Big plans today?" Cody
asked with a strange gleam in his eye.

"Not really. I thought I'd call Janie and go to the mall."

"Before you call, lets play a game"

"Game? What do you mean?"

"It's a surprise...but it'll be a lot of fun."

Al noticed the strange look in Cody's eyes, but Cody was
always a little weird, so she really didn't think anything of it.

"I'll pass on the games today," Al said as she began walking
passed Cody towards the kitchen. "Maybe some other time."

"The time is now!" yelled Cody as he grabbed Al from behind.
With one hand holding her around the waist, he clasped his other
hand over her mouth and threw Al to the floor with such force as
to knock the wind out of her. Quickly, he handcuffed her hands
behind her back. These weren't ordinary cuffs. These had all the
chain links taken out so that the wrists were almost touching. Far
more secure that way.

Cody worked on the ankles next. Thin cord attached Al's
ankles and then her knees tightly together.

By this time Al's breath had returned and she was angry.
Whatever this game was she didn't like it one bit. Her wrists and
ankles were already hurting.


"This is the game Al sweetie. Just be calm and everything will
be all right."


Reaching around, Cody began inserting the rubber ball he'd
purchased. Immediately, he saw that he'd over-estimated the size
of Al's mouth. The ball was a little too big. Oh well. Carpenters
creed: if it won't fit, force it. Flipping Al over he began to slowly
work the huge ball past her lips and teeth.

"Al baby. I know this is rough but just don't fight it. We gotta
get this ball in your mouth one way or the other. Relax." Cody

Relax? Instead of relaxing Al was fighting the ball with all
her might. She DID NOT want that thing in her mouth!


Al put a good struggle but Cody was far stronger than she
was. Slowly but surely the ball worked it's way past her teeth until
finally it "popped" into place. Al's jaws were stretched to their
limit. The struggling girl's tongue was trapped under and behind
the invading ball.

Mmmmmmph! Nummphrrrph! Mawwummphh!

What had been anger before now turned to fear. Al had played
"Cowboys and Indians" before. She'd been loosely tied to a tree a
few times and once even allowed a handkerchief to be bound over
her mouth as a gag; but this was far different.

The worst was yet to come, however. It was highly doubtful Al
could have gotten the ball-gag out of her mouth without the use of
her hands but Cody was taking no chances. Grabbing a roll of
wide duct-tape, he began wrapping it around Al's head, making
sure to go under her hair and over her mouth.

Al was beginning to cry a bit. That wouldn't do because she
couldn't afford to have a stuffed up nose.

"Al, you can't cry! I have to gag you for now. Period. You'll
need to breathe through your nose because this tape will stop up
your mouth. Do you understand?"

Al shook her head....NO! MMMHPH! UMMMPPH!

"It's either that or don't breathe. Your choice."

The look in Cody's eyes convinced Al she had better go along
for now. She slowly shook her head.....yes.

"Good choice."

Wrapping the tape tightly around Al's head a few times Cody
finished Al's gag. Not bad if I do say so myself Cody thought.

Sitting Al up he said, "Let me tell you what's going on. You
and I are going to have sex. Lots of sex. Later on, I'm going to
screw your mother, Karen and last but not least, Dana."

Mmmmmmnnph! Cody's gone crazy Al thought!

"There's no use fighting it. I've got it all planned out. I'm sorry
I have to be so rough, but I can't have you yelling for the
neighbors so you'll have to pretty much stay tied up and gagged
until I leave. Now, I need to go out to my van for a couple of
minutes. I'm going to tie your hands to your feet for awhile until I
get back. That's called a "hog-tie" in case you wanted to know.
Just relax and everything will be O.K.."

Taking out some more thin cord, Cody bound Al as he had
described. He cinched the tie fairly tight causing Al to complain.
He then reached under her and tweaked her nipple causing her to
fuss some more. Mmmmmph!

"I can't wait to taste those babies." Cody said as he left.

Al had a lot of emotions running through her mind at the
moment. She was scared, angry, and embarrassed all at the same
time. This sort of thing just didn't happen to tough cookies like
herself. Karen maybe, but not her. She was no classic "damsel in
distress!" She had never waited for a guy to help her do anything,
but now here she was.......helpless. Bound. Gagged.

Raped? Unless Cody came to his senses, that was likely the
next step. She began to struggle; turning on her side in the
process. As she did, she looked down and saw her chest. Her
nipples were hard. Was she aroused by all of this? She wished
now she had worn a loose shirt. Bound as she was, her young tits
stood out like beacons and there was no doubt Cody would be
drawn to them like a moth to a flame. Al's struggles accomplished
very little other than causing her more discomfort...if that were
possible. Her arms and legs were sore but her poor mouth was in
the worst predicament. Damned gag! She hated it! Her jaws ached
terribly and there was nothing she could do about it.

Cody returned with a handful of strange items and lust in his
eyes. He took out a pair of sharp scissors and began cutting Al's
clothes off.




Cody paid no attention to her struggles or her sounds. He was
concentrating on the task at hand. The shirt came first. Then the

As her breasts came free Cody and Al gasped at the same. Al
was shocked at being so nude and Cody was impressed to say the

"Wow! got awesome tits! I figured they'd
be nice, but........DUDE!"

Mmmmph! Al tried to roll over but Cody easily held her on
her stomach.

"Let's see if the rest is as nice!" Cody said as he began cutting
off her shorts. In seconds all that was left on the poor girl was a
pair of thin cotton panties.

"Here we go!"

With one yank, Cody ripped off Al's panties.

MMMRPH!! Al was totally naked. Ready to be taken.

Cody stood up. Without taking his eyes off of Al's gorgeous
little bod, he began to take off his pants. He was already hard.
Real hard. 24 years of pent-up sexual frustration was about to be

Al was somewhat sexually aroused, but at this point, mostly
terrified. Cody was huge! Nine inches of steel-hard dick was about
to assault her!


She bucked and kicked as much as possible as Cody
descended upon her virgin body; going after her young breasts
first. Sucking and licking on one small but hard nipple, then the
other, Cody found they tasted as good as they looked. Al moaned
into her gag as Cody mouthed her firm tits. As uncomfortable as
she was being so tightly bound and gagged, she was definitely
getting turned on by his attention.

"Oh man....this is sooooo good!" Cody growled. He moved
down Al's stomach, rubbing her smooth skin and feeling her
quivering muscles underneath. Reaching around, he grasped her
ass-cheeks and pulled her towards him. Taking out his knife, he
sliced the ropes holding her legs together. This act drew a squeal
from Al but Cody ignored it. He was in a sexual red-haze.
Nothing else mattered at this moment.

"You'll like this Al babe." Cody said as he spread her legs. Al
strained to keep them together, but that was wasted energy against
Cody's strength.

There's not much in life that's as beautiful as a young virgin's
pussy, and Cody was in complete agreement with that as he gazed
at Al's. It was simply.......spectacular. Wasting no time, he began
to lick and suckle her slit, making sure to focus on her budding

This act caused Al to begin bucking and yelling into her gag
anew; first out of terror at what was happening and then out of
sexual energy. Cody might be a virgin himself, but he sure knew
how to eat pussy! Waves of pleasure surged through her young
body as her clit was licked and sucked. She moaned into her gag
and began moving her hips in a rhythmic manner. This caused
Cody to redouble his efforts and in no time Al was in the throes of
her first orgasm.

all the sound Al could make but inside she was on fire! She had
never felt anything like this! It was magical.

Cody sensed what had happened and as Al came down from
her cloud he prepared to enter her. His dick was so hard he felt he
could literally drive nails with it! With a slow but steady pressure
Cody slid his pole into Al's cunt. Al's eyes grew wide as she
realized what was happening. Luckily, her hymen had been torn
some time earlier due to her athletic activities, so there was
virtually no blood and the pain was minimal. There was some
pain, but that soon diminished as Cody began pumping his nine
inches in and out of Al's sweet hole.

Al felt another orgasm building and that was good because
Cody was close to cumming himself. The combination of looking
at Al's bound and gagged form moaning and wiggling around and
her tight virgin hole was too much to bear. Just as Al reached her
second peak, Cody reached his first. With a low guttural growl,
Cody's dick blasted stream after stream of cum into Al's pussy.

Spent, Cody slid out of Al and rolled over. They both laid
there for some time collecting themselves. Al spoke first, although
what she said amounted to "mmmummphg".

Sitting up, Cody said "Was that great or what?"



"Oh, you want to talk?"


I'll take the gag off for a minute, but I want you to swear you
won't scream. If you do...." Cody warned.

Al got the message and nodded her head affirmatively.

"Let me get the scissors."

The tape came off painfully and slowly with a lot of muted
complaints from Al's ball-gagged mouth. Finally, all the tape was
clear. "Now for the ball."

That took some time. Al's mouth and jaw were numb so she
wasn't much help. Using his fingers to dig in around the ball,
Cody managed to get a grip and work it out. Al sat there naked
with her hands still cuffed behind her back and took deep breaths
while slowly working her jaw around.


"Yes. Can I have some water?"

"Sure. Get up and come with me."

"What? Why?"

"I can't leave you in here alone unless I gag you again and I
don't think you want me to do that yet do you?"


"Then come on."

Al got up. She felt weird being led around her home butt
naked and with her hands cuffed behind her back. The vibrations
of her twin orgasms were still rumbling around inside also,
causing her some distraction.

Once she had some water, Al spoke: "So now what?"

"What do you mean?"

"Will you let me go now?"

"I can't yet, Al-babe." Cody said. "I've still got lots to do."

"You mean you're gonna do this stuff to my mother and
sisters?" Al asked.

"You bet. I've still got lot's of sex power built up!"

Al simply sighed. She was confused. She had been raped, but
she couldn't deny she enjoyed it. Would the others enjoy it as
well? Looking at the clock, she knew she would find out soon.
Cody released Al long enough to clean up and get a bite to
eat.(Under his heavy guard.) By this time it was almost 3pm.
Time to get ready.

"Al, it's time." Cody said as he gathered up his bondage

"Cody, please don't tie me up again! It hurts! I'll be quiet, I
promise!" Al cried.

"Sorry. No can do. Besides, you look fantastic tied up! Now
put your hands behind your back and don't fight me on this."

Seeing she had no choice, Al complied. Cody replaced the
cuffs and bound her legs and knees together with thin cord. seeing
him reach for the hated rubber ball, Al cried "Cody! Please no!
That balls too big, I can't breathe! You don't have to gag me."

"Sweetheart, I have to. I know it fits because it fit before. I
need to make sure you don't warn your sisters and Aunt Carol
before I get them down. I'll take it out as soon as possible."

It took a few minutes, but Cody soon had Al ball and tape-
gagged again. After hog-tying her, he took her upstairs and put
her in her room's closet.

"Don't make any noise and I'll be in to get you soon. we'll play
some more."

Smiling, he bent over and kissed her lovingly on her nipple,
sucking on it gently for a few seconds. He stopped, because the
action was causing him to get hard and he wanted top save
himself for Carol and Karen.

As he closed the door, Cody heard a car-door slam shut.......


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