STEP BY STEP The Revenge of Cody!!

Chapter 1

It was 6am on a Saturday morning and Cody was already up.
He had to get everything ready for the weekend fun and games he
had planned. Uncle Frank was taking the boys on a camping trip.
They would leave soon and wouldn't be back until late Sunday


The trap would soon be set.

On the surface Cody appeared to be a likable, slightly goofy,
"surfer dude" of good moral character. At 24, he was still a virgin
and had even boasted of the fact. But suppressing that sexual
energy for all these years, combined with living in close quarters
with four great-looking babes had finally taken it's toll on his
psyche. In short, he was now slightly, and hopefully temporarily;
insane. He hadn't even considered the consequences; all thought
about at this point was sex. He had to have sex......NOW! And a
lot of it. That's why he conceived this plan rather than simply
getting a date. By the end of this weekend he intended to
completely exhaust himself sexually....

He went over his equipment: rope, duct tape, rubber sponge-
balls, four pairs of hand-cuffs and a couple of special leather
strap-gags he had purchased through the mail. Part of him wished
he didn't need this stuff. Oh, he enjoyed seeing attractive women
bound and gagged, (Who didn't?) but deep down he would have
preferred the girls to submit willingly.

That wasn't going to happen however. Carol was happily
married to Frank. Al was technically too young. Karen was a
professional cock-tease and Dana was, well; Dana. She disliked
most everything and Cody was at the top of her list. So he had
resigned himself to the idea that any sex with the girls would have
to be forced. At least at first.

Cody shook himself out of his deep thought (Deep for him,
anyway) at the sound of Frank's truck starting. He walked outside
to see the other guys off. "Cody, are you sure you don't want to
come along? We're gonna have some great fun!" Frank said.

"Yeah Code-man," yelled J.T. "Hop on!"

"Naahh, dude. I need to stick around. I've got reaaallly
important stuff to do." Cody said.

"O.K. Cody, it's your choice. Just keep an eye on the girls
while we're gone." Frank said as he started to back out of the

"You can count on it dude," thought Cody as he waved good-

Cody then walked back inside the house. Carol was in the
kitchen, having fixed the men an early breakfast. Dana and Karen
were walking down the stairs, still wearing their pajamas and
house coats. Al was still asleep.

"Too many to grab right now." Cody thought. Besides, they're
all dressed so.....frumpy right now. He decided to wait for a better

"So, Aunt Carol, what's your plans for today?" Asked Cody.

"Karen and I are going shopping at the mall. We should be
back around four." Carol said.

"What about you Dana-burger?"

" I've got a NOW meeting to go to. We're going to picket that
new restaurant downtown. They're forcing the waitresses to dress
in little skimpy costumes. It's degrading and we're going to put a
stop to it!"

"Of course, you wouldn't understand anything about that
Cody," sneered Dana. "You're just another sexist pig-male!"

"Dana, please!" Carol said. "You are so mean to Cody!"

"He'll get over it," Dana said with a evil grin. "I'll be back
around six."

"Your turns coming soon" Cody thought as he grinned back at

Cody's mind was racing. Carol and Karen. Gone till four.
Dana......not back until six. He would soon have the house all to

With Al.


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