this is an adult story featuring characters of the sitcom step by
step mostly M+/F and some F/F to start off it should only be read by
those over 18 who enjoy sexually explicit stories.
Al Lambert {Christine Lakin} stepsister to Karen and Dana Foster and
brother to JT Lambert.
JT Lambert stepbrother to Karen and Dana Foster cousin of Cody
Dana(Staci Keanen} and Karen{Angela Watson} Foster, sisters and
stepsisters to Al and JT Lambert.
Rich:friend of JT's no relation to Fosters or Lambert's.
the orgy
by [email protected]
AL Lambert was completely frustrated. She had just turned 18 and was
blossoming into a beautiful woman. She knew she had nice breasts and
short but shapely legs and blonde hair that flowed down to her
shoulders that framed her attractive face. She had just finished a
date with a guy. It was only 3 PM on a Saturday, the date had been
to last until about 8 PM but the guy couldn't keep his hands to
himself and she had gotten tired of fighting him off, not that she
didn't want that to happen but she was a good girl but god was she
ever horny.
Dana and Karen came in to see their stepsister Al obviously upset..
"What's wrong squirt?" Dana asked. She knew Al had been supposed to
be out for quite a bit longer.
"Its nothing." Al responded, uncomfortable around her older more
experienced stepsisters.
"OOOHH, I know what's wrong." Karen had figured it out.
"So what is it Karen?" Dana asked.
"Our little stepsister is horny." Karen felt that way almost
constantly, all the boys wanted her and she had succumbed more then
once. With her long black hair, tight butt and small but very nice
breasts she couldn't blame them.
"Well at least she can take care of that." Dana shot back. Then was
shocked when Al looked confused. "You do know how to take care of
that, don't you?"
"What are you talking about?"
"Masturbating! " Karen offered. "Haven't you ever gotten off?"
Al was embarrassed but she needed some kind of relief. "No,"she said
Dana looked over at Karen. Dana had always felt tom boyish around
her sisters, Karen had the model looks and dressed sexy, while Al
had the body of a playmate. She was stuck with hair that was too
short that she had dyed harsher then she intended it was almost
white. Her body was nice but nothing spectacular, Karen's legs were
longer and nicer and Al's chest was bigger. "Should we help the poor
girl Karen?"
"I think we better, otherwise she's going to jump some guys bones,
not that he'd mind. You want some help Al?"
"God yes, I'm so frustrated I could scream." Al responded.
"Okay lets get you out of those clothes." All three girls quickly
striped. "Karen you lay on yours and show her what to do" Dana knew
Karen's exhibitionist streak.

Karen loved to be the center of attention, she liked the other girls
watching her perfectly formed body. She reached done and started
playing with her sensitive nipples, then moved down and started
rubbing on the outside of her cunt. She played with the lips of her
pussy for a little bit. then she jammed one finger into her pussy.
After moving that in and out for a while, she stuck in a second
finger then a third. She found her clit and started playing with it.
She rubbed and pulled and finally she came. "That's the way you do
it." She grabbed a towel and started to wipe off the sweat that had
built up on her body.
"That certainly looked satisfying." Al lay on her bed and started
playing with her nipples, she found them very sensitive. Then she
moved down and started playing with her pussy. She got two fingers
inside and she was moving them in and out, something felt wrong
though there wasn't much pleasure in it. "What am I doing wrong?"
She asked desperate to get off.
"I think we'll have to give our little stepsister some help." Dana
motioned to Karen. Dana took her hand and placed it over Al's hand.
She guided her hand so that her fingers went into Al's snatch. Karen
had taken up rubbing Al's heavy tits. "This isn't any good, I'm
going to really help her out." Dana moved down until her head was
between Al's legs. She moved her head in closer, waiting for a sign
that Al objected. When none came she moved into Al's pussy smelling
her sweat musk. Al was very wet as Dana moved her fingers in and out
finally moving in with her tongue.
"OOOHHH MY GOD." Al screamed. "Don't stop,"
Dana dug her tongue even further finding Al's clit she started to
suck on it, and lick it. She could feel Al starting to squirm under
her ministrations, so she continued. After only a few seconds Al let
go in orgasm. "Karen you've got to try this. She tastes great."
Karen moved down between Al's legs right where Dana had been. She
started sucking on Al's cunt. "You're right this tastes great."
Al was embarrassed having her stepsisters talk about her like this
but as she felt Karen's tongue penetrate her all thoughts but sex
left her mind. "Yes right there , yes, yes" Al screamed in pleasure.
Dana walked over to her dresser. She pulled out her vibrator, it was
about six inches long. She stuck it up her pussy, she was so wet it
fit easily. She watched Karen eat out Al and played with herself,
then she decided to try something else. She walked over to Al's bed,
she worked the vibrator in and out of her pussy. Then pulled it out
and rubbed it on Al's cheek, she rubbed it all over her face.
Al felt something hard cold and wet on her face. She opened her eyes
to see Dana rubbing something on her face. She didn't recognize it,
then it started to hum. and vibrate and she guessed what it was.
Dana moved it into Al's mouth, she didn't open her mouth right away
but as Karen hit her love button her mouth opened and Dana stuck the
vibrators in. She quickly started to suck on it. Dana pulled it out
and handed it to Karen.
Karen took the vibrator and rubbed it outside her cunt playing
around Al's pussy lips as she continued to move her fingers in and
out. She decided Al was ready and stuck the tip of the vibrator into
her pussy, pushing it in farther, Karen was shocked how quickly Al
gobbled up the vibrator, it was inside in seconds and Karen started
fucking her with it.
"Fuck me Karen, don't stop." Al screamed out.
Dana decided she wanted a little bit of pleasure. She leaned over
and whispered to Al "How about trying to eat me out?" Once Al
nodded, Dana moved over her head, she put her legs over Al. Facing
down along Al's body so she could continue to play with Al's hefty
tits. She felt Al's tongue penetrate her cunt, she was inexperienced
but was making up for it in enthusiasm. Dana leaned over farther and
farther until she was next to Karen playing with Al's cunt. Then
Karen moved out of the way and Dana and Al were in a hot 69.
Karen stood up from the bed, she had been in a uncomfortable
position. Now she watched Dana and Al get it on. Suddenly, she
looked over at the window and was shocked to see a face in the
window. She was embarrassed and almost cried out, but for some
reason she stifled it. She liked the fact that a man was watching
her naked body. Then she recognized the three faces fighting for the
view, Rich, JT and Cody were all trying to watch them. Karen really
was horny now, Al and Dana didn't even notice as she walked over to
the window. She signaled the boys to be quiet and then slowly opened
the window.
Rich was hard as a rock. He couldn't believe what he was seeing,
Karen motioned him into the window and he quietly went in followed
by JT and Cody. Karen whispered to him to take off his clothes, all
three of them quickly and quietly stripped.
Karen looked over the boys cocks, JT was kind of small only 4 or 5
inches, Rich was better at 6-7 inches but Cody was about 9 inches
long and thick. She wanted to take them all right there but decided
to give the other girls a real surprise. She fondled the boys cocks
and got them nice and hard. Then had them walk over to where Dana
and Al were in their 69. She tapped Dana on the shoulder, she could
see the shock on Dana's face as she looked up, so Karen whispered to
her. "Lets give Al a real surprise." Dana nodded. "Okay Al close
you're eyes."

Once they were sure Al's eyes were closed, Dana got up off of her.
"Okay Al now we have a real surprise for you, open you're eyes."
"OH my god!" Al had opened her eyes to see three cocks hovering over
her. They were the first cocks she had every seen. "Their so big!"
She was embarrassed but also excited.
"Well since we've taught you to pleasure yourself. I guess we should
teach you to pleasure a man." Dana said as she continued to rub Al's
body with one hand as she reached up and played with Cody's cock
with the other.
"Although you shouldn't do it with you're own brother." Karen
reached around from behind JT. {he was only her stepbrother}She
grabbed his cock rubbing it with her hands. "I'll take care of him,
if Dana doesn't mind showing you the ins and outs of men." She
giggled at her own joke. She pulled JT off to her bed. She was too
hot for foreplay so she lay down on the bed and spread her legs.
"Fuck me JT," she cooed as JT put his prick at the entrance of her
hot hole.
JT entered Karen in one swift stroke, she was so wet he fit in
easily. He started to pound away at his beautiful stepsister. He had
imagined this so many times, but as he sucked on one of her nipples
he realized this was better then his dreams.
Karen was enjoying JT, but was worry ed he wouldn't last long. and
she was right she felt him jam his prick into her and let his load
go inside her. Damn, she thought he was down and she was still
unsatisfied. As they lay together she played with JT's cock while
they watched the others.
Dana had just finished instructing Al on the fine art of
cocksucking, now she was ready to give a demonstration. Dana had
Cody and Rich sit on the bed, she took Cody since he had the bigger
prick leaving Al with Rich's smaller dick. Dana started by licking
it up and down getting it good and moist, then she played with him a
little with her hands. Then Dana started taking the tip in her
mouth, she took more and more of it in until she felt it hit the
back of her throat. She was almost at the base she took the rest of
it down her throat. She reached down and started playing with
herself as she went up and down on Cody's hard cock.
"Duuuude!" Cody cried out as he felt himself about to come. Dana
came off his cock and he shot a load into her face.
Dana grabbed a towel and wiped off Cody's cum. "Okay Al you ready to
give it a try?" Al nodded and started to play with Rich's prick
"Take it easy," Dana instructed. Al had started pulling it a bit
hard and Rich looked like he was in a bit of pain. "Easy does it."
Dana guided Al's hands into a slow steady motion. "Alright now use
you're tongue." She saw Al lower her face down onto Rich's prick.
She started licking it up and down, "now take it all in."

Al couldn't believe she was giving her first blow job. It felt so
good giving Rich this pleasure. She listened to Dana and took the
tip into her mouth, she tried to go down as far as she could but it
was only about halfway down his prick She felt him get larger and
groan suddenly his prick was spewing this slimy fluid she tried to
come off his prick but she got a mouthful and swallowed some of it.
It wasn't too bad but she came up gagging.
"Well how does it feel to deep throat and swallow too?" Dana had
tried to warn her but hadn't been quick enough when rich let go.
"You've got to be careful kid, now I'm a bit horny and in need of a
good fucking. Anyone want to help me out?"
Karen spoke up quickest. "Why don't you take on JT here. I want to
try the code man."
"What about me?" Rich asked hoping Al would say something when she
didn't he waited for a minute or two.
Karen felt bad for Rich, he was getting hard again. "Well if Cody
doesn't mind I think I can find somewhere to put that thing." Cody
didn't object he was too busy running his hands up and down Karen's
now standing form.
Dana walked over to where JT was lying on Karen's bed. She ran her
hand over his hardening prick, it was still slick with Karen's
juices. She put one knee on the bed then swung her other knee over
JT. She lowered her pussy onto his hard prick. She started going up
and down on it, she could feel him start to meet her thrusts. She
felt him start to play with her tits, she leaned forward to give him
better access. "Suck my tits, while I fuck you're brains out." Dana
started pumping him harder trying to grind his prick into her. She
felt him start grow and knew he was about to cum so she pulled all
the way off of him. "No not yet, are you going to be a good boy,
don't cum till I tell you!"
JT wanted Dana to go back on him again. "I'll be good," he
"Alright then," Dana started pumping him again. She really got off
on the power she had over him, and she came "Okay JT, now you can
cum." She road him up and down a few more times before he let his
seed go inside of her, it felt so empowering that she had made him
cum only when she wanted it. "Good boy," she patted him on the head.
Karen got down on her hands and knees on the floor. {three on a bed
wouldn't work well she thought}. "How about eating me out guys?"
Karen shook her ass a little and Cody got down behind her. He stuck
his fingers into her and then followed that with his tongue. Rich
moved under her and started to play with her tits suckling them one
at a time. Karen felt great having these two men to do her bidding.
"God fuck me." She cried out needing to be satisfied.
Cody moved around so that his prick was outside the entrance to her
hot pussy. He ran his fingers over Karen's sexy back and kneaded her
ass cheeks, she had one of the tightest asses he had ever seen. "All
set, here she comes." He moved his prick into Karen's pussy it was a
tight fit. He fit a couple of inches quickly then started to feel
resistance, he started fucking her on his downstroke he'd get a
little more of his prick into her. After a few strokes he could feel
his balls slapping against her ass. He looked up and noticed Rich.
"Rich seems a bit left out."
Karen motioned him to sit down in front of her. Then she took him
into her mouth she started to give him a blow job as Cody kept
fucking her. She noticed the others had begun to watch her
performance, which made her even hotter. She rammed her ass back to
take all of Cody in her, then shot forward to deep throat Rich's
cock and then she repeated the performance.
"Fuck' em Karen, use them boys up." Dana cried out. Karen was doing
one hell of a job on those two boys. She saw Al was enjoying the
show, she had a finger up her pussy. Finally Dana saw Cody pull out
and cum all over Karen's ass, then as Karen came off Rich's cock he
let go a load into her face. "So how was it Karen?"
Karen lay down and rolled over onto her back. "Incredible I've never
done anything like that before. Sure you don't want to have a good
fucking Al?" Karen had seen her enjoy the show.
"Well maybe?" Al was very hot and horny at the moment. "But none of
them seem to be up for it." She joked figuring the guys were all
"I think we can do something about that. What do you think Dana, who
should get the privilege of breaking Al's cherry?"
"Well Rich is the smallest so maybe he'd be best can't start her off
with. What about it Rich you up for it?" She stood up and then had
Rich stand. His cock was semi hard after this talk. "I think we can
help him get it up, right Karen."
"No problem at all." They made Rich lay down on Dana's bed, the only
one that hadn't been used yet. They started by rubbing their hands
all over his dick and then they started with their mouths, Karen
started on the shaft taking him in her mouth while Dana sucked on
his balls and then they changed places. "I think he's as ready as
he'll ever be." Dana announced. "Come on Al, if you don't use him I
Al reluctantly got up and went over between Karen and Dana. They
each gave her a little kiss sticking their tongues into her mouth.
"What do I do?" She asked nervously.
"Here put one leg here, then swing the other over him." Dana guided
Al into position over Rich's cock. "Now to make sure you're ready."
She stuck a finger into Al and felt how wet she was. Dana leaned
over and as Al leaned forward she gave her clit a quick tongue
"Come on Dana. Let the girl have some." Cody called from across the
room his hard on was raging again seeing the three girls fuss over
Rich. He could see JT was in a similar state.
"Alright Al come back slowly." Dana held Rich's cock steady, as Al
slowly started to move backward against him. She used one hand to
position Rich's cock at the entrance to Al's honey pot and used the
other to open Al's pussy up for Rich.
Al could feel the tip of the cock at the entrance to her pussy. She
had to resist the urge to slam right back onto it. She felt Dana's
hands opening her up then she felt the tip of Rich's cock inside her
pussy, a small gasp escaped her lips as she felt him enter her tight
hole. She could feel he was much bigger then the vibrator she had
used before.
"Whenever you're ready Al. Move back slowly." Dana felt Al 's frenzy
as she felt a cock for the first time.
Al slowly took an inch in then another until she felt herself
practically sitting on Rich's legs.
"Okay its all the way in kid, now you can fuck him as hard as you
like." Dana whispered into Al's ear.
Al heard her and started to move up and down, slowly at first it was
still a very tight fit. It felt like her cunt was hanging onto his
prick, she heard him groan as she came almost off of his prick then
started back down again.
Rich was enjoying the feeling of Al's tight cunt running up and down
on his prick. He was glad he had already cum twice, or else he would
have already lost another load but he wanted Al to have a good first
experience. He reached up and started playing with her heavy tits.
Then he put his elbows under him so that he could sit up and suck on
her nipples which were hard as little erasers. He took them in his
mouth and sucked them hard.
Al couldn't believe the sensations just as she was getting used to
Rich's prick inside of her. He started to play with her sensitive
nipples, she had the first orgasm of her young life as she pounded
down on rich's cock but was amazed that he was still hard as a rock.
She started to hump him harder and faster.
"God I'm gonna cum." Rich yelled out not wanting to cum in Al's
pussy especially after cumming in her mouth. Al slid off him and
took him back into her mouth.
Al had loved tasting Rich's cum and she was ready for more. As she
came off him she slid down and took all of him into her mouth. She
quickly felt his load go down her throat. She was embarrassed when
she heard applause and she looked up to see the other four all
watching them. "Great job, incredible, very hot." They all
practically cheered.
Cody thought for a moment. "Well Karen, Dana you gonna let you're
little sister upstage you?" He wanted them both again. "I Want to
try something a bit different, if you think you can handle it?"
"I can handle anything you boys can dish out!" Dana shot back.
"Alright then how about a DP Dana?" JT responded challenging her.
"A what?" Dana had never considered having someone up her ass.
"You know a cock in your pussy and one in that ass of yours. Of
course you'll have to take the stick out of your ass first."
"Very funny, but I don't think so." Dana responded.
"Come on Dana." Karen broke in, she sometimes got annoyed with
Dana's high and mighty attitudes about sex. "Al just got her cherry
broken, now you can have you're ass cherry taken."
Dana was getting hot about the idea and just watching Al have her
first sex wasn't helping any. "Well what about you Karen? I bet you
never let anyone in that tight ass of yours."
"OH there has been one or two, but how about after they do you, I'll
go you one better take all three of them on. One in my ass, one in
my pussy and the third in my mouth. Provided you take on two first."
Dana was stuck and she knew it. She really wanted to see Karen take
on three cocks at once and Karen had known Dana had fantasized about
that. She had always thought about trying a double penetration.
"Alright, but I get to pick who puts what where for both you and me
Karen, agreed?" Karen quickly agreed. Dana couldn't wait to see Cody
put his big prick up her ass. She looked over the guys and noticed
Rich was still too limp for her. "Okay Cody lay on the floor, I'll
take you up my pussy, JT you get my ass hole, remember its my first
time so be gentle." She commented.
Karen whispered into JT's ear. "Fuck her good." She had already
guessed that she would have to take Cody up the ass and wanted Dana
to have at least a little discomfort.
Cody was quickly on the floor Dana kneeled over him putting her
pussy into the proper position. She noticed again how large he was,
she had only had a couple of men and none was as big as Cody. "Well
now or never," she said almost to herself as she started lowering
herself onto Cody's prick The head slipped into her easily she let
out a little moan as it passed into her. She started taking more
into her. She pushed herself down on his cock feeling his prick fill
up her pussy. She finally was all the way down she could feel his
pelvis against hers, she sat for a minute feeling his hardness
inside her.
"Okay JT your turn." Karen had watched Cody fill up Dana, it was so
erotic watching two people have sex now she wanted more. "Go on,"
she egged him on when he hesitated.

JT walked over to where Dana was. He stood over her and let her give
him a blow job. "Get it nice and wet Dana. You know where it's
going." He held his cock inside her mouth until it felt good and wet
with her saliva then moved behind her. He kneeled down behind Dana
and Cody. He reached down and stuck his fingers near Dana cunt and
got some of her juices onto them. "Brace yourself Dana." He used his
fingers to lubricate her ass putting her pussy juice all around her
ass hole. He jammed one finger up her anus.
"My god, " Dana moaned out, "it's so big." She felt him penetrate
her ass then he suddenly pulled out.
"That was just my finger Dana. Get ready for the real thing." He put
his cockhead at the entrance to her asshole, slowly he forced it
"Get it all the way in JT, don't do a half assed job." Karen had
walked over and was watching JT fuck Dana's ass. She watched him
work it all the way in. Dana became stiffer as he entered her.
Finally JT seemed to have it all the way in her ass. "Okay boys
you're all in. I think Dana's ready for some real fucking."
JT pulled partially out forcing Dana partially off Cody's prick. As
JT pushed back in, Dana felt Cody's prick going to new depths of her
pussy. After about JT's third stroke Cody started to lunge up to
meet Dana on the downstrokes. Dana was in heaven, she could
practically feel the two cocks meeting inside her. She had never
felt anything like it;. she came quickly but JT and Cody kept
pounding away at her bringing her to a second then a third orgasm.
She didn't know if they'd ever stop, her ass had stopped hurting
about JT's second stroke now all she felt was pleasure, as the two
boys abused her body. She felt her ass tighten up involuntarily and
JT let out a groan and came in her ass.

Cody was still fucking her as JT slipped out, she decided to get him
off now. "Come in my pussy now. Cody, I want to feel you cum inside
me." She called out in her sexiest voice. That did it, he did he
gave one spasm then came hard into her pussy. She heard him mutter
the word dude and almost laughed as she fell to the floor.
Dana sat up gingerly. "Well Karen, I guess its you're turn, but I
think I've used them all up for the moment. You're going to have to
get them hard again."

"That shouldn't be a problem." Karen moved provocatively around the
room occasionally moving a finger in and out of her pussy. She found
the vibrator Dana had used on Al and took it into her mouth, then
moved it into her pussy getting it nice and wet on her juices. She
noticed Rich was already hard and Cody and JT were getting there
quick. She stuck the vibrator up her ass hole it was so well
lubricated with her juices it fit in easily. "I think the boys are
ready. How should I take them Dana?" She continued to move the
vibrator slowly in and out of her ass hole.
Dana had considered what she wanted. "Alright Rich should go in your
pussy." Rich stood and moved to lay on the floor. "Then for your
ass, I think Cody." She wanted to see her take that big cock up her
ass. "Finally I think JT for your mouth." JT had just been in her
ass now she wanted Karen to suck him off it was so dirty, JT had
cleaned himself off a little but still Dana thought.
"Alright no problem." Karen said nonchalantly but she was a bit
intimidated by Cody's large cock and was hoping JT had cleaned up
well. She moved over to where Rich was laying and lowered herself
onto his prick. She was so lubed up he slipped into her pussy
easily. "Okay Cody, you're turn."
Cody moved over to Karen. He put his cock in her mouth, allowing her
to get it wet. Then moved behind her, he leaned down and pulled
apart her asscheeks. He pulled the vibrator out of her ass and moved
his cock into position. pushing the head against the opening of her
asshole. "Get ready for it Karen." He told her as he started to move
his prick inside her ass.
Karen was stunned, Cody's cock was so big it felt like she was being
ripped apart. It hurt so much she could barely stand it, but she
wouldn't give Dana the satisfaction of seeing her back off. "More
Cody," Karen called out painfully but as more and more of him got
inside her it started to feel better. After he had fucked her a
couple of good strokes she started to enjoy it, and she thought it
was time for three. "Okay JT," she gritted her teeth as Cody rammed
into her again, "get over here."
JT walked over to Karen and offered his prick to her mouth. She took
just the tip inside of her mouth but JT needed relief and jammed all
of it down her throat. He started to fuck her beautiful face. He put
his fingers in her long black hair not letting her move an inch as
he moved in and out of her.

Karen could hardly breath, JT was fucking her mouth so hard. She
could feel all of them pound into her together. They set a rhythm,
where all of them pulled out at the same time then rammed into her
together. It was so hot, she came quickly. Rich was the first of the
men to cum. Karen had almost forgotten about him, what with the
abuse her mouth and ass were taking. She felt his semen enter her
pussy and heard his groan as he slipped out of her.
Cody had heard Rich groan and let go. He increased the pace of his
fucking he could feel Karen's asshole stretching as he pushed into
her. Finally, he felt his orgasm building he tried to hold back but
the sight of JT face fucking Karen put him over the edge. He rammed
his cock into her ass as far as he could go, then let go sending his
spunk up her ass.

JT was enjoying using Karen's cheerleader good looks for his own
pleasure, but it was too good to last. He looked down and saw Karen
looking up at him with her blue eyes. The sight was too much he
rammed his cock into her face and sent his seed down her throat.

Karen had trouble keeping up with JT's sperm, it just kept going
down her throat. She gagged once or twice, but took it all in. She
wondered about the strange taste on JT's cock but wanted to forget
that part of it and remember the pleasure. "How was I guys?" She
asked as the guys could only groan out words like great and

As Karen and the others lay on the floor exhausted, Dana stood up.
She looked out the window and was surprised it was now dark. Then
she saw a truck pull into the driveway. "Everybody get dressed, mom
and Frank just got home." They seemed stunned for a moment. "Quick
guys, I'm not kidding move it." She grabbed up Cody's clothes and
threw them at him.
Karen realized she was covered in cum and mere clothes wouldn't
cover it. She grabbed a robe and towel and ran for the shower. Al
quickly dressed, she had more sex in the last couple of hours then
she had ever dreamed of.

The boys quickly dressed. They finished just as they heard the back
door open. Cody leaned over and gave Dana a quick kiss. "Do this
again sometime?"
"Of course." Dana answered, this had been to good not to do again.

The boys raced down the front steps. As they heard Frank and Carol
in the kitchen, they all took places around the TV. Dana raced down
and sat at the end of the couch trying to look normal. She saw Al
take a place next to her. Dana saw Al had a stupid grin on her face.
Dana nudged her and she lost it.

Frank walked into the living room and saw everyone just sitting
around, "Cody did you and JT finish the gutters, like I asked you
too?" He had seen the ladder and was afraid he already knew the

"No, Frank sorry." Cody answered. "We started, but we ahem got

"Goddamn it, can't you boys finish anything you start!" Frank was

"yes they can!" Dana said too quietly for Frank to hear, but Al
heard and started to grin.
"By the way, where is Karen?" Frank asked.
Al and Dana started to giggle uncontrollably. Frank got more and
more confused and left the kids alone, wondering what they had all
started to giggle at.
the end.


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