This story contains nonconsensual sex, B&D, teen sex and a minimum of
violence. It is your choice to read further.

Step By Step: The Haunted House 2 (mf,inc,NC,teen,b&d)
by Yenoc

Ivan warned the boy as he handed him a pair of scissors to finish the job.
JT moved back to where Karen hanged and quickly cut through the material
at her shoulders. The shirt finally dropped off leaving only her bra. That
lasted briefly and the teen hung naked to their view. JT didn't want to
admit it to himself, but he found stripping the girl to be a turn on. His
cock had actually gotten harder as he removed the girl's clothing and now
that she was hanging there naked, he found himself even a little harder. As
he stared at her lovely, brown tipped breasts, he reached down and
began stroking himself again.

Ivan didn't wait. He walked behind the girl and slid his hands up over her
tits and played with the nipples as karen struggled and twisted to escape.
He cackled as his fingers slipped between her legs to test her fear and
arousal and she moaned in fear and shame.

"Noooooo please don't do this to meeeee.... " Karen stammered through her
trembling lips. Tears dripped from her eyes, over her cheeks and fell
silently to the floor as the old man fondled her innocent body, touching
each of her most sensitive places and causing her body to react.

Ivan's joy caused him to moan as he explored the tiny, soft body of the
teenager. But he realized he had more plans than just this and stepped back
from the girl and then around to her front.

"Okay boy, " he turned his attention back to JT. "Now release the next one.
I want her to take off all her own clothes and then I have a special plan for
both of you."

JT stepped next to his sister Al who was watching everything in complete
horror. He reached up and unhooked the ropes which bound her wrists from the
hook above her head. Al dropped to the floor and lay there sobbing, her
knees drawn up to her chest. Ivan motioned for JT to force her to her feet.
He tried to lift her under her arms, but she lay limp, not helping, yet not

"Well, well, well ... isn't this just sweet," the old man rasped. "We got
ourselves a little bitch who ain't gonna cooperate. I like that. It makes
me excited just to think of the things I'm gonna do to her sweet little
body if she doesn't obey me."

Ivan leaned down next to the teen's head and whispered in her ear, "Ever
been fucked by a Doberman, sweetie."

Al was so shocked by the statement, she actually looked at Ivan and he stared
right back in her eyes. "If'n ya don't do what I tell ya, I'm gonna get my
dog and he's gonna fuck you in every hole he can find, then yer gonna suck my
dog's cock. Ya like that idea little girl."

Ivan could see by the look in her eyes, she was now going to be a much more
willing participant. "Now stand up, ya little bitch, before I bring in

Al Lambert climbed to her feet, her terrified mind barely able to refuse his
instructions. "Strip!" he yelled.

Al stared at the floor and stood absolutely still, unable to move. Ivan
became incensed and screamed at the teen, "If you don't get outta those
clothes, I'm gonna get the dog!"

For the first time, JT and the other two girls realized what he had said to
Al to get her to stand up. None of them understood what it meant, but each
was sure it wasn't going to be safe.

In anger, Ivan slapped the teen, knocking her to the floor, then went to a
door at the back of the room and left. Looking around, JT ran over to Al and
tried to comfort the terrified girl. "Al, if you don't do what he says, he
might kill us. Please, just try to relax. I know it's terrible, but you've
gotta try."

Ivan opened the door and this time he had a huge Doberman pincher with him.
The dog was held by a chain, but it looked viscious.

"Boy, get back over there," Ivan demanded and JT rose to his feet after
touching Al lightly in reassurance and then moved quickly to another part of
the room.

Ivan moved over to the terrified girl and held the dog just a few feet away
from her. "Now, either you take off your clothes like I said, or Heinzie here
will get a chance to play with you after I remove them."

The dog growled and made a whining sound deep in its throat as it tried to
sniff at the girl. Ivan let the dog get within inches of Al and she tried to
back away, but the wall was behind her and there was nowhere to go. The dog
stuck it's nose near her groin and rubbed her as it growled. Al was so scared
she couldn't even scream.

"So are you going to do as I told ya?"

"Ye... yes... please take that dog away from me... please."

Ivan smiled, but did as she asked. He took the dog and attached the chain to
a hook nearby. Heinzie whined in frustration, but Ivan ignored the dog.
"Okay, get 'em off."

Al undid the buttons of her blouse one at a time, starting at the bottom and
working her way upward. As each button was released, a bit more of her smooth
skin was revealed until she reached her bra. At that point, she stopped
momentarily, took a deep breath and then slipped the button through the slit.
With only one more button to go, a soft sob escaped the teen's throat, then
she pushed the final button through and the blouse was fully undone.

Briefly holding it together in front, she knew she had no choice and Al
hunched her shoulders forward as she pulled the material off her shoulder and
it slid down her arms and parted. Finally, it was in position and she had no
choice but to let it drop to the floor. She immediately crossed her arms in
front of her large breasts to hide them from view.

"Let's go sweetie, I ain't got all day to wait for you to get naked. Get
fucking moving."

Scared to refuse, Al reached down, undid the snap to her jeans and unzipped
them, creating a V just below her waist, where Ivan could see her simple
white panties and just above them, her sweet naval. She pushed the jeans
down, over her hips and down her thighs until they were loose enough to drop
to the floor on their own. Her body was half naked and Ivan admired the view
of this small, but well built young teen, her tight stomach rose to her full
bra-encased breast. Below her waist, slender hips flared at just the right
place to create an hourglass shape. "Okay, let's see the tits, honey."

JT didn't like the feelings coursing through him at this point, but he was
also aroused by his sister's nudity. Not knowing what to do, he
unconsciously began stroking himself as his breath became a little harsher
and a little faster.

Al looked at the floor as she reached behind herself and undid the hooks of
her bra. Holding the cups in place, she reached up and slid the straps off
her shoulders, the material only being held in place by her hand. Slowly, she
allowed the material to drop off her breasts and finally to the floor. Al
immediately covered her tits with both hands and tears ran from her eyes.

"Put your hands by your sides or I'll release the dog!" Ivan ordered the girl
as he moved closer to Heinzie. Al was terrified by the threat and immediately
she dropped her hands to her sides and revealed her breasts to everyone's
view. Her melon-shaped breasts were full and tipped with medium-sized pink
nipples which were hardened by the touch of cool air. "Nice boobs, eh boy...
don'tcha think. Wouldn't ya like to suck on them for awhile?"

JT absently nodded at the old man's statement before he realized what he was
asked, then he hung his head in shame as he realized this girl was a friend.
"Ya got one more article of clothing girl... let's get 'em off and let's
take a look at your pussy!"

The final humiliation was almost too much for Al, but one glance at the dog
was all she needed and she slipped her fingers beneath the waistband of her
panties and hooked the material. Taking a deep breath, she pushed the
material down and off her hips, revealing her delicately hair covered pussy
and then off as the panties dropped to the ground. She stepped out of the
material and stood naked before the old man.

"Well now, ain't you just something special," the old man cackled. "Hey
boy, get over here."

JT moved quickly across the room at the old man's orders and stood next to
Al. The two naked teens were side-by-side as the old man looked them up and

"Are you a virgin, girl?" he asked. When she didn't answer, he went on.
"If you don't answer my questions, then I will get very angry and who knows
what I'll do!"

"Y.. y..yyeesss," Al answered.
What did you say, I couldn't hear you!"

"Yes... I am a virgin." Al squeaked out.

Ivan smiled, he was pleased. He stepped up close to Al and whispered in her
ear. "I think you should kiss the boy's booboo, don't you. I think you should
make him feel better."

Al looked at her brother who was holding his cock as tears of pain ran down
his cheeks. At that point she realized the old man meant for her to kiss
JT's cock. "Oh god no... I couldn't do that. That's awful! He's my BROTHER!"
Al exclaimed.

"I think you'd better, or I'll have to do something to... YOU!" Ivan told
her. "Now get down on your knees and kiss his cock." Ivan grabbed her by the
shoulders and forced her down next to the teenage boy. Wrapping his fingers
in her hair, Ivan pushed Al's head downward until her face was just inches
from JT's cock. Al was now on her knees with her ass up in the air and her
head down with Ivan partially behind her and her brother underneath her.
"Kiss it!" he ordered.

Al closed her mind to what she was about to do, let go of her emotions and
accepted her humiliation. She pursed her lips and quickly touched them to his
hard cock, then took them away as fast as she could. "Not good enough, bitch!
Now you gotta lick it."

Al was finally resigned to her fate. She knew she could no longer resist
without being hurt and tortured. Her acceptance of the situation allowed her
to follow the commands of the old man. Once again she lowered her head and
this time she slid her tongue out between her lips. It touched the head of
JT's dick and she slowly licked down the length of his cock.

JT could hardly believe what was happening. The pain had lessened
considerably since he had let go of his cock. Now, Al was licking his dick
and he could feel it growing hard again. His own sister was sucking his

"Ya like that boy," Ivan queried?

All JT could do was nod his head as the heat of her mouth caused waves of
sexual arousal through his body. He knew what a blow job was, but had never
figured to have one, at least not until he had a new girlfriend. Now he was
just about to get his first.

"Take his cock in your mouth sweetheart," the old man ordered Al as he let up
the pressure on her head to see what she would do.

JT's cock was hard by this time and it lay on his stomach, pointing towards
his naval. Al had licked up the length of it when she heard the old man's
latest order. Swallowing hard, she reached out with one hand and took the
hard organ in her hand. JT moaned at the touch. Licking her lips to make a
barrier between her mouth and his penis, Al sighed, opened her mouth and
dipped her head. Her lips covered the head of his cock and she turned her
eyes toward JT's face in time to see him relax in sexual ecstasy.

"All the way, little girl, take his cock all the way into your mouth!" Al
parted her teeth around the hard meat and allowed the cock to slide over her
tongue and deep into her mouth. "That's the idea... now mouth fuck him until
he cums!"

Al really had no idea what Ivan meant, but she figured she had to slide her
lips up and down the shaft of JT's cock. Al slid her lips back up the length
of the organ, then settled back down. She repeated this movement while JT
moaned and was obviously enjoying the feelings. As she continued to suck on
his penis, she could also feel herself beginning to respond.

Al had no idea what it meant, but she was beginning to have feelings of
heaviness in her breasts and her lower body was getting warmer and warmer.
She was beginning to breathe in deeper and a little harder each time her
lips traveled up and down her brother's dick. Then she heard the old man's
voice... "You don't fuckin' move, no matter what you feel girl, or I'll cut
off your tits!"

The sound of the threat scared her to no end. Al had no idea what was about
to happen when suddenly she felt Ivan shift his position and move behind
her. For the first time, she felt hands on her body as he slid his fingers
up her slender sides, then underneath, over her flat stomach and finally
cover her breasts. His thumbs crossed her nipples and caused her to jump at
the sharp sensation which changed into a tingle. As the old man roughly
molded her breasts in his hands, Al felt a dampness begin between her legs.
She reacted to the sensations coursing through her body with alarm, but also
with confusion. How could something so demeaning feel so good.

At this point, Ivan knew he had her. He watched the teen suck even more of
the boy's cock into her mouth without realizing how much she was enjoying
it. Ivan released her breasts and slid his hands back down her body, then
over her hips and onto her upraised ass cheeks. He forced the globes apart
so he could see her little rectum and slid a finger down the crack and over
the sensitive outer rim. Al tried to pull her hips away at the sudden
touch of such a private place, but Ivan would have none of it. He grabbed
her hips and held her in place. "Don't fuckin' move, bitch!"

Al immediately stop twisting the moment she heard his voice. Then she felt
his hand slide between her legs, searching out her most private area, her
pussy. A finger slipped between the lips of her cunt and slid inside - the
first time anyone had ever done that to her. The finger twisted and stretched
her vaginal entrance and caused a release of her own lubricants.

A second finger joined the first, forcing her pussy to stretch even wider.
Then he began an in and out movement causing a mix of pain and pleasure.
Al was unable to stop her body from reacting, the cock in her mouth and
the fingers in her pussy were simply too stimulating. She moaned huskily.

Ivan knew he had her where he wanted her and he slipped a third finger inside
her pussy and twisted as he thrust his hand forward bringing an even more
sensuous moan from the teenage girl. Then he pulled his hand out of the
girl's pussy and stepped back.

Al felt an emptiness when Ivan removed his fingers from her pussy and she
lifted her head to look behind her. Ivan was standing there smiling as he
played with his cock.

As Al looked back at the old man, he stepped forward and grabbed her by the
hair, pulling her upright, still on her knees. JT felt her release his cock
and he opened his eyes to see the old man reach around the girl and played
with her tits with one hand as he held her hair in the other. "Okay bitch,
now it's time to get fucked, but I want you to do all the work!"

Ivan forced Al to move around until she was facing JT. He pushed her flat on
the boy, her breasts resting on his chest. She could feel his hard cock on
her belly. Ivan still had his fingers wrapped in her hair, but with his other
hand he reached down and forced the girl's legs apart, making her straddle
her brother. "Kiss him," Ivan ordered.

Al lowered her head without Ivan forcing her, demonstrating her complete
capitulation to the situation. She parted her lips and then touched them to
JT's. JT, ashamed at his response, but turned on by the whole situation,
didn't hesitate at all. He reached up and took Al's head in his hands and
held her tightly as his lips explored hers. Tentatively, the girl explored
JT's lips, then parted her teeth to allow his tongue to slip inside her
mouth. Her breathing quickened and her tongue pressed back against his.

Ivan released her hair as it became obvious he no longer had to physically
control the teen. He watched as JT lowered his hands from her head and
she continued to suck at the boy's tongue, completely turned on. JT's hands
slid down her sides and over her hips to grasp her asscheeks as his sister
began to grind her hips slowly against him.

Al couldn't believe her own response. Her body was reacting against her
mind. She could feel, JT's hands exploring her body, but she was too turned
on to resist at all. Her hips were moving of their own accord and she knew
her belly was rubbing JT's cock into greater hardness and she knew what that
was going to mean!

"Sit up and put it inside your pussy, sweetie!" Ivan whispered in her ear.
Al reluctantly took her mouth away from JT's, and pushed herself up until she
was in a sitting-kneeling position over the boy. His hands slid up her torso
and covered her breasts, playing with the nipples and it caused her to moan
loudly. "Ohhh god, that feels so good." Al moaned.

Finally, steeling herself, Al reached down and found his cock. She lifted
herself up and positioned him underneath her virgin pussy. Then she slowly
settled down and moved his hard meat until it was at the entrance to her
vagina. Both scared and yet very hot, she settled herself downward and felt
the large head enter her and inch. Because of Ivan's ministrations with
his fingers, it didn't hurt, so Al lowered herself a little further, taking
more of the cock inside her. Then she hit a barrier - her virginity.

Ivan knew exactly where she was as he watched the cock sink into the teen.
He reached over and placed his hands on her shoulders and as she rose up a
little, he forced her back down as hard as he could.

A short burst of pain caused Al to scream, then she felt the cock sink deep
inside her, spreading her no-longer virginal tissues wide apart. Her own
brother had just taken her virginity!

JT couldn't believe his fortune. Sweet little sis was sitting on his cock
and he was getting fucked. Unable to control himself any longer, he reached
out and grabbed her hips and began thrusting in and out of her pussy. After
several thrusts, he felt her begin to move her hips in time with his. She
was really beginning to fuck back. They were committing incest but it was
too good to care about it or stop.

Little mewing sounds began to escape from Al's throat as the sensations
overpowered her mind. She could feel her body building towards and explosion
and she wanted it to happen. She didn't care anymore that this was rape and
her sisters were watching. Al only knew she wanted to cum and JT was making
it happen.

A huge grin spread across Ivan's face as he watched the siblings fuck in the
center of his room. He knew both were now totally in his control.

Then he turned back and looked at the two girls still hanging fully dressed
from the ceiling and the one already nude. "Okay... who's next!"

More to come.


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