This story contains nonconsensual sex, B&D, teen sex and a minimum of
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Step By Step: The Haunted House (mf,inc,NC,teen,b&d)
by Yenoc

Part 1

There were four of them - three teen girls and a single guy who decided
Halloween was the perfect time to explore the "haunted mansion". What
awaited them was the unexpected.

The mansion had remained empty for nearly forty years after the deaths of
old Joseph Klench and his family, wife Mildred and son John. A second son,
Ivan, then in his teens, had disappeared shortly after discovering of the
murders of his family. It was said he found them tortured and beheaded, but
the records of their deaths had been sealed and the house was never placed
on the market. For all of this time, it remained vacant and the playground
of imagination.

According to the folklore, about twenty years before, two teens had entered
the building on Halloween and were never seen again, but there was no proof
and the police refused to comment on the report, other than to say the story
was a hoax. Yet, two teens did disappear at the time and were considered
runaways. Since that time, teens often snuck into the mansion to play
'haunting' games, to hold seances and to try to scare each other. They always
returned, but many said they could feel someone watching them.

Al Lambert was the youngest. At 15, she had large breasts and her slender
frame was becoming rounded in all the right places. Her light brown hair
hung long over her shoulders and was cut to frame her face of which the most
outstanding feature was her hazel eyes. Karen Foster was just slightly older
than Al, she was 16. Her body was what the boys at school called stacked,
full round breasts, a slender waist and flared rounded hips. When the
raven-haired beauty stalked down the hall, any normal male stopped and looked
and she knew they looked. But her secret was the part few would believe.
Despite being sensual and openly challenging, she was still a virgin in all
matters of sex.

Dana Foster was the brainy member of the group. She was attractive, but she
didn't play it up. Her bleached hair was cut short and she preferred to wear
jeans and a loose top, just as she was tonight. Most men wouldn't stared at
her, but when she passed, she wasn't ignored either.

Joining the girls was JT Lambert, their brother. JT wasn't the smartest
person, but notthe dumbest either. He was one of those few boys who had a
weak ethical belief system which said that he could not wait until he had
sex. Because he had grown up with three of the girls, they trusted him. But
they all knew that he was a pervert. It was his idea they sneak into the
haunted house.

The door at the rear of the house unexpectedly creaked open as JT pushed.
He had expected to have to break a window to get in, but Al prevailed on him
to try the door. He looked back at the girls and smiled.

"I guess someone musta beat us to it," he chuckled to relax the other
nervous teens. He pushed again and the door swung wide enough for them to
pass through the entry and into a back hall. It was dark, obviously, but the
group had come prepared. Dana pulled out four candles and lit them, handing
one to each of her siblings. The hallway lit up as the candles cast their
light and cobwebs could be seen hanging from the ceiling and in all the
corners. The place looked completely undisturbed.

Gathering their strength and courage, the group began to edge forward further
into the mansion. The first room they entered was a large dining room. The
chairs and table were covered with old, yellowed cloth and more cloth covered
frames hanging from the walls. Cautiously, Karen pulled at the edge of one of
the covered frames and the cloth dropped away to reveal a picture of a severe
looking old man in late 1800s garb.

"Gawd, no wonder no one wants to buy this place. Look at the former owner,"
Al said with a shudder. "Could you imagine looking like that?"

"No way," Karen nervously smiled at the joke as Dana uncovered another
picture. This one was strange, almost surreal. A picture of goatmen cavorting
with nymphs.

Behind them, a door closed and they never heard more than a click.

"Did you hear something?" Al looked around.

"C'mon, lets see whats in the next room," JT whispered, almost as if he were
scared to continue.

JT once again led the way and they entered another hall. At the end of the
hall was a heavy wooden door. The group moved slowly down the hall and JT
tried the door. It was locked.

Almost at the same time as the discovery, the door behind slammed shut and a
click could be heard. Dana ran back to the door and tried to open it, but it
too was locked. She screamed.

From a vent above the teens, a rush of air could be heard and suddenly, the
candles they were holding blew out leaving them in total darkness.

"Oh my god!" someone cried out, then there was silence.

Part 2

Ivan smiled to himself. He knew if he came back to his home, someday there
would be more victims for his pleasure. He carried each of the unconscious
teens downward, deep beneath the mansion and into his hidden chambers. He
never expected to find four teens at one time, three beatiful girls and a
special boy to play with. Ivan didn't care, male or female, it was all the
same to him - more to humiliate, more to play with.

He dragged the girls into the room and then cuffed them to the ceiling in
the center of his gameroom, their feet just touching enough to keep them
from dangling in the air. The boy he placed in a chair, then he waited for
them to awaken.

It wasn't long before the first of them stirred, Dana. She woke slowly, then
as awareness dawned, she realized she was chained and she let out a scream.
This woke the others, who also began to struggle. JT tried to jump out of the
chair, but the cold steel of a gun pointed at him stopped him short.

"Thats right boy, just relax." Ivan said quietly. "Sit back down and relax."
JT sat.

Then Ivan turned his attention on the girls, each of whom had become aware of
the old man. They all began crying and babbling at once as he turned to them.

"Please mister, what are you doing... why are we..."

"SHUT-UP" Ivan shouted and the sound stopped immediately. He walked over to
Dana and pulled out some duct tape. He tore off a piece and covered her
mouth with it. He repeated the action with all of the girls as he told them
what he had in store for them.

"This is my game room and I have all sorts of toys I like to play with. I'm
going to play with each one of you and you're going to like it. In fact, by
the time I'm done, you're going to just love me in ways you didn't know you
could love someone. You see there is no way out of here and no one can hear
anything I do to you. I'm safe, but you're not. Tell, have any of you ever
been fucked before."

Ivan turned to watch the girls faces as he asked his final question. It was
obvious by their reactions, they were all innocent. He could not believe his
good fortune.

Turning to JT, he spoke softly. "Take off all of your clothes."

JT was stunned by the order. He looked up at the old man and realized he
wasn't joking.

"I said take off your fucking clothes!"

JT stood, trembling and pulled his shirt off over his head. His chest was
better developed than one would think looking at him. His pectoral muscle
rippled as he dropped the shirt to the ground. His stomach was flat and his
abs were tight. Ivan gestured with the gun and JT undid his pants. With a
deep sigh, he pushed them down over his underwear and dropped the jeans to
the floor to step out of them. Another gesture from Ivan and JT knew what
was next. He bowed his head in embarrassment and pushed the flimsey jockey
shorts off. His flaccid cock hung between his legs and he knew he had nothing
to be embarrassed about, but a redness crept across his face as he blushed.
He had never shown his manhood to any girls before.

The old man literally cackled as the teen stripped. He knew what was instore
to humiliate the boy and then the girls and he could barely contain himself.
He pealed his shirt off and revealed a sunken chest chest covered with wisps
of grey hair. His belly bulged below his chest, not fat, but like that of a
starved child, tight and hard.

"Okay boy, make yourself hard, I want these innocent virgins to see a hard
cock... one thats going to be fucked and sucked before this night is over."
Ivan said. "Go on, beat yer meat, boy"

JT was not stupid, he knew what he was to do and in fact had often done the
same in his private room. But to do it infront of all these people, the
girls... was humiliating. However, Ivan's angry look and the gun pointed in
his direction, convinced JT he better try. He reached down and took his cock
in his hand and slowly slid the fingers up to the head. Then he drew them
back down to the base, performing the time honored ritual of horney teen
males. He continued to do this until the brain in his cock realized it was
being summoned and then the expected reaction began. His cock started to
harden and to grow.

Ivan walked behind the boy and put the gun next to his ear. "Keep playing
with yourself boy!" He pressed his body up tight against the teen's back. The
old man forced the teen to pump harder. Then he stepped back from the boy and
dropped his own pants. Ivan's cock was already getting hard. A thin, but long
spear, it stood out from his body and caused the girls to gasp through their

Ivan walked in front of JT and debated whether or not to start with the boy,
then decided to have some more fun first.

"Okay boy, you done good. Now strip that girl!" Ivan pointed to Karen whose
eyes widened at the order. She began moaning through the gag, but little
could be heard. JT walked over to the girl and looked into her eyes sadly as
an apology. He unbuttoned her blouse first and parted the material as best
he could, revealing a light brassiere covering her breasts. Next he undid
her jeans and slid the zipper down. His hands returned to her hips and he
pushed the material over her hips and down, dropping to her knees and then
to her feet. Tears welled out of the teens eyes as her body was stripped of
all protection. Next he pulled down her panties and revealed the dark haired
pussy mound. He pealed the panties over her well formed asscheeks and then
drew them down her slender legs and off. Karen twisted a turned, trying to
escape his hands, but to no avail.

Ivan warned the boy as he handed him a pair of scissors to finish the job.
JT moved back to where Karen hanged and quickly cut through the material at
her shoulders. The shirt finally dropped off leaving only her bra. That
lasted briefly and the teen hung naked to their view. JT didn't want to admit
it to himself, but he found stripping the girl to be a turn on. His cock had
actually gotten harder as he removed the girl's clothing and now that she was
hanging there naked, he got even a little harder. As he stared at Karen's
lovely, brown tipped breasts, he reached down and began stroking himself

Ivan didn't wait. He walked behind the girl and slid his hands up over her
tits and played with the nipples as Karen struggled and twisted to escape. He
cackled as his fingers slipped between her legs to test her fear and arousal
and she moaned in fear and shame.

Warning: This story contains rape, incest, and other sexual material. It is
to be read by adults only. If this is not to your taste, then read no


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