Step by Step - The Frat House

this is an adult story, it should not be read by anyone under 18
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Step by Step
the frat party by [email protected]
Al's story
Al Lambert was excited, she was at her first college frat party. She
couldn't believe how adult the guys looked compared to the boys she
knew in high school. She was enjoying the attention she was getting,
even though her step sister Karen Foster was trying everything to be
the center of attention, playing with her long black hair displaying
her long lean body. Al knew part of the reason she could compete
with Karen was her large chest and she had chosen an outfit that
showed off her legs and tits. As she looked over the scene she saw
her other stepsister Dana Foster was off in a corner talking to some
Someone handed Al a drink and even though at 18 she was technically
underage she started to sip at it. As she finished it she enjoyed a
warm sensation throughout her body. she was given another drink and
quickly swallowed it down. She found herself talking to a very
attractive man. As they talked she was getting hotter and hotter she
needed this man.
He invited Al up to his room, she knew she shouldn't do it but she
didn't seem to have any control. She was in his room in a flash she
sat seductively on his bed. He sat down beside her and they started
kissing. Al couldn't believe it as their tongues intertwined, she
wasn't even sure of this guys name but she wanted him. Before she
knew what was happening she felt his hand sliding up her leg as it
got under her skirt. She knew she should stop him but felt unable
too. As his hand ran over her crotch she felt the wetness between
her legs. Al fell back on the bed as one of his hands made its way
under her sweater.
As a hand started to rub her left tit and another rubbing her
crotch. Al really started to lose control she knew she needed sex
now. She reached down between the mans legs and felt his raging hard
on through his pants. He pulled his hand from her crotch and opened
up his pants. Al reached into his underwear and started stroking an
impressive slab of meat. She allowed him to slide her skirt and
panties down her muscular legs. He repositioned himself between her
legs. She spread her legs allowing him easier access. His mouth was
at her clit before she knew it. She had never felt such sensations
before as his tongue hit all her pleasure points.
Al Lambert moaned in pleasure as an orgasm overcame her young body.
The man started to kiss and fondly his way up her body spending a
lot of time sucking on her heavy tits. She felt his cock scrape
against her thigh on its way to her pussy, she felt it positioned at
the entrance to her pussy. She wrapped her legs around the mans
waist, she reached her hand down and gripped his cock. "Its so big,
'I've never had one this big." She exclaimed.
"Don't worry it'll fit." The man responded as the head of his prick
slipped into her cunt.
"Yes fuck me!" Al moaned and tried to pull him inside of her pussy
but he held firm with just the head of his prick inside her. "Please
more, do me now," Al begged. With one stroke he drove his cock into
her tight pussy. She screamed in pleasure as his cock stretched her
pussy walls. An orgasm overcame her as the man pounded into her.
"Yes it feels so good!"
"So do you babe, I'm gonna cum." He groaned.
Al thought for a moment, she wasn't on anything. "Don't cum inside
me!!" She begged.
"Alright," He pushed her legs down and slid up her body his hard
dick out ahead of him. He pushed her tits together and slide his
hard cock between her warm breasts. "Yeah baby."
Al wasn't enjoying the tit fucking very much. He was really
squeezing her sensitive tits. She wanted him to cum so he would
release her tits, she saw his cockhead protruding from between her
breast she reached up and took the tip into her mouth rubbing the
underside with her tongue. He released her tits and pushed half his
cock into her mouth with a groan. She felt his cock start too spew
into her mouth she swallowed as more of the sticky fluid filled her
mouth. Finally it finished and his cock started to shrink she
couldn't believe what she'd done, as the man stood up she couldn't
believe she was still incredibly horny, she started to play with
As Al lay there trying to get off she saw the guy was sliding
between her legs ready for another round. As he slid up she felt his
cock slide easily into her pussy. As he started to fuck her she
realized this dick was much smaller then the last one. She opened
her eyes and saw to her shock and horror that she was now fucking a
different guy. She knew she should tell him to stop but she felt
another orgasm approaching. "Yes fuck yes!" She moaned out as he
pleasured her.
As he pulled out and shot his load over her chest, another man
replaced him quickly fucking her over and over until he shot his
load into her face. In quick succession two more men came in and
pushed their cocks into her waiting pussy. Neither man lasted very
long but both shot their loads over her body. As the last man ca me
Al was left alone. She quickly grabbed for her clothes and raced out
of the room . As she raced out of the frat house she realized she
didn't even know who had screwed her. She was so embarrassed, she
headed home.
Karen's story.
Karen Foster had seen her stepsister Al Lambert head up to a room.
She was going to stop her but she finished another drink and felt
all warm and fuzzy. Two of the men were paying attention to her and
she was enjoying it. She decided to let her sister Dana take care of
little AL. The men invited her down into the game room. The room was
dominated by a large pool table.
They spent about an hour teaching Karen how to play the game of
pool. Karen enjoyed the attention of the two men, both held her
often showing her how to use the pool cue and where to shoot and how
to shoot. Karen found she played fairly well.
"How about we make a friendly wager?" One of the men asked.
"I couldn't do that, I just learned how to play. I don't want to
lose any money."
"I wasn't thinking about money. We could play strip pool."
"No chance!" Karen thought she would have no chance even though
these guys didn't seem that good.
"Come on we'll give you a heavy advantage."
"What kind of advantage." Karen asked.
"Lets see, if you sink one ball you win the game but if we can sink
all of them then we win."
"That sounds fair. Who would go first?"
"First me then Jeff then you. Whoever loses has to remove one type
of clothing, shoes socks etc. What do you say Karen you up for it?"
Karen grinned, she was very horny she took another drink. She
normally didn't drink like this but this time it felt so good this
time. She thought about Mike's idea and kind of ran it over in her
mind, she realized she wanted to do it. "Alright I'm game. Go ahead
you break."
"Sounds good." Mike set up the table and quickly broke the table. He
sank two balls and continued until he cleared the table.
Karen groaned he was much better then he had let on. "Alright I lose
my shoes." She slipped out of her red pumps. She quickly took stock
of her situation she was wearing her red dress, a bra, a pair of
panties and her pantyhose. She didn't have much to lose. "My turn
"Actually I think its Jeff's turn, lets see if he can clear the
Karen watched as Jeff started to run the table. She bent over to get
a better look and saw that he missed, Karen quickly sunk a ball.
"Alright guys lets go." She was disappointed when they took of their
shoes. "My turn," they racked up the balls and Karen broke failing
to sink a single ball. Then Mike went and cleared the table.
"You're turn Karen." Karen quickly decided what to take off, she
slid off her pantyhose being careful not to show them anything. Jeff
then racked the balls and started to run the table but he only
managed about halfway before he missed. Karen then sunk a ball and
the guys took off their socks. They racked the table again and Mike
sunk a few balls then Jeff went and finished clearing the table.
Karen slipped out of her bra and pulled it out from under her dress
with some difficulty. Karen then broke and sunk a ball and the guys
pulled off their shirts. The guys cleared another table and Karen
slipped her panties out from under her dress. She broke again and
missed, then the guys cleared the table.
"You're turn again Karen." Jeff and Mike grinned.
Karen had lost and always believed in paying off her debts. She
reached behind her and unzipped her dress. She slowly lowered it
down her body she enjoyed the guys fixed stares as they watched her
body become visible. "You like?"
"Very much." They both responded coming closer. "You've got a
tremendous body on you Karen." First Mike then Jeff cupped her tits.
"You're very kind, but I really shouldn't." One of the men was
behind her running his hands over her tits and down and around her
body till they on her bare ass. "Oh god," she moaned as their hands
roamed her body. Jeff kneeled before her and started kissing and
licking at her thighs. Karen let her legs open and he quickly moved
his hands to her pussy opening her up. His tongue quickly found her
clit and he started to suck on it as mike held and massaged her
tits. It all felt so incredible Karen couldn't believe it. "Don't
stop," she became weak in the knees but Mike held her up as Jeff
brought her to orgasm. As she slowly came down she felt the men
moving her towards the pool table. "That was incredible." The two
men lifted her up onto the table. She sat and watched as they undid
their belts and opened up their pants. "Oh my," she blurted out as
she saw their cocks.
Mike and Jeff took position on either side of Karen as they slid the
last of their clothes off..They pulled Karen's legs apart running
their hands over her hot and wet cunt. Karen put a hand on each of
their pricks and started to run her hands up and down their shafts.
As she continued to stroke them the boys started to suck on Karen's
tits. Jeff moved between Karen's legs.
Karen saw Jeff's prick at the entrance to her pussy. "I really
shouldn't," but she continued to stroke their cocks in a smooth
steady rhythm. Jeff's prick pushed against the outside of Karen's
pussy. Karen leaned back a little and felt the head of his cock
penetrate her tight pussy walls. He pushed in gently at first then
more forcefully. "Yes, it feels so good." Karen fell back laying on
the table as Jeff humped into her. She was laying on the edge of the
table and saw Mike with his huge prick standing right next to her.
She stroked his prick as Jeff fucked her.
Mike pulled Karen's hand away from his prick and moved it towards
Karen's pretty face. pushing it against her lips and cheeks trying
to get her to open up. "Come on Karen, you'll like it trust me."
Karen opened her mouth slightly and Mike slid the head of his cock
into Karen's mouth. "God she's good." He pushed a bit more into her
mouth and Karen swallowed his whole length. He felt the back of her
throat as she ran her tongue along the underside of his prick. "You
can't believe how good this feels."
"Well this aint' so bad. Want to switch?" Jeff offered and Mike
quickly accepted.
Karen took the moment of their switching to catch her breath before
she knew it Mike was pushing his large prick into her tight pussy.
Jeff then presented his cock to her face Karen opened her mouth
willingly tasting her own juices on his stiff rod. She felt an
orgasm rip through her body as the men started to pinch her nipples.
She felt Jeff's cock grow and then shoot off into her mouth, she
felt the slimy liquid flowing down her throat for some reason she
felt eager to swallow it all and she did. Jeff let his now limp
prick slide out of her mouth as he rubbed it over her lips. "That
tasted so good." Karen moaned as Mike continued to fuck her pussy.
"God, I'm gonna cum. Where do you want it Karen?" Mike groaned.
Karen thought a moment. "In my mouth, please let me taste you." Mike
quickly presented his cock to Karen's face. He shot a big wad onto
her face then it slipped between her lips. She swallowed all of his
seed easily "You are incredible Karen."
Karen checked her watch. "I better get going." She quickly jumped
off the table and collected her dress. She couldn't find her bra and
panties and didn't want to spend too much time looking worried the
boys would want another go round. As she made it upstairs she saw
that the party was over. She was surprised her sisters had left
without her and decided to walk home.
Dana's story
Dana was enjoying the party. For once the boy she was talking to
were clever and actually seemed interested in her. She continued to
drink as they talked and she felt a warm tingling throughout her
body. When the man she was talking to asked her up to his room. She
thought about refusing but then decided she wanted this conversation
to continue and maybe she wanted something a bit more.
As they spent time in his room the talking turned to kissing and
then Dana felt George's hands under her sweater. As his hands roamed
over her bra Dana felt herself getting more and more excited. When
he unhooked her bra, Dana thought about getting up and leaving but
his hands rubbing her hard nipples convinced her otherwise.
George started to kiss his way down Dana's body sucking each of her
sensitive nipples. He moved his head down her body running his
tongue down her hard stomach. He reached around and opened up her
skirt and continued to kiss as he started to pull her skirt and
pantyhose down her legs. As they reached her knees George pulled her
legs apart and started kissing the inside of her thighs. Moving up
to her pussy, he slid first one finger inside of her soaking pussy,
then moved his tongue up and into her.
Dana couldn't believe the sensations as George started to eat her
out, no man had ever done this to her before. "God yes, that feels
so good, right there yes." She moaned as he started to wrap his
tongue around her clit giving very intense sensations an orgasm
rolled through her body. As she started to come down she felt George
get up. "We're not done yet are we?" She asked.
"Not yet," George slid her skirt and hose off her legs leaving her
naked on his bed. He started to unbuckle his belt. "I just want to
have a bit of fun too, Dana Foster."
"That's seems fair, but I want you to eat me out some more first."
Dana demanded.
"I'll pleasure you with my mouth if you'll pleasure me with yours."
George responded.
"I'm not quite as good as you, but I'll give it a try." Dana smiled
up at George.
"That's all I ask." George positioned himself over her preparing to
go into a sixty nine with her. He stayed on his hands and knees as
he bent down to suck on Dana's clit. He was glad when he felt Dana's
mouth start to engulf his prick.
Dana was enjoying the sensations of George eating out her pussy. She
was so hot she decided to give him some pleasure too. His prick was
hanging right in front of her face, seven inches of hard flesh. She
used her hands, rubbing up and down, then she took the head of his
prick into her mouth. Dana started to take more of his hard prick
into her mouth, after only a few strokes she was taking him all the
way to the base of his prick. As she pleasured him he redoubled his
efforts at her pussy. She slipped off his prick as another orgasm
ripped through her body, as she calmed down she deep throated him
again. She took him all the way into her throat, she felt him start
to push down on her as he started to shoot his load into her throat.
Dana tried to pull away but had nowhere to go, she felt the salty
fluid fill her throat she swallowed all of his seed and kind of
enjoyed the taste.
George groaned as he shot his load deep into Dana's throat, he was
surprised that as he finished squirting Dana started sucking on his
softening prick making it hard again. He got up off of Dana. "That
was great. You ready for some real fucking Dana?"
Dana was half exhausted from her multiple orgasms but was horny as
hell and wanted to screw this man. "Oh yes fuck me, do me hard." She
moaned hoping to keep him rock hard. "OH yeah stick you're cock into
my pussy."
George positioned himself at the entrance to her pussy. He pushed
the head into Dana's sopping wet pussy. "You really want it, don't
you Dana?" He could feel her trying to push onto his prick but he
kept just the head inside of her. "Tell me what you want Dana, I
like it when a woman knows what she wants."
"Fuck me, push you're hard cock all the way into my wet cunt." Dana
moaned in pleasure as George pushed his whole length into her pussy.
"Yes fuck me hard!" George pulled out of her leaving only the head
of his prick inside of her. "Harder faster," she called out as she
felt him pound away at her. She felt herself cum all over his prick
and was amazed that he stayed very hard and continued to pound her.
"Yes more!"

"Lets try something else Dana. You ever done it doggie style?" He
"Yeah take me like a dog." Dana flipped over onto her hands and
knees. "Take me like the bitch that I am." She felt him spear his
cock into her cunt again. "Yes do me like a dog, I'm a bitch in heat
George was stuffing his prick into Dana's pussy and could see the
dark hole of her ass staring out at him. He reached down with his
hand covering his hand with her pussy juices. He then started to rub
the juice around Dana's tight puckered asshole. "You ever been taken
up the ass Dana. Want to try it?" He slipped a finger up her ass.
"No never," she felt his finger penetrate her anus. "Yes that feels
good put it in my ass yes." She felt him push his whole finger into
her ass as he continued to ram her pussy with his large prick. He
pulled his finger out of her ass and his prick out of her cunt, she
felt him push his prick against her anus. "My God, I can't believe
you're gonna fuck my ass." She felt the cockhead slip inside of her
"You are so tight." His prick felt the tight wall of her ass, he
pushed more inside of her.
"You're cock is so big, its ripping me apart, more!" She felt some
pain but it quickly turned to pleasure as he reached down and stuck
a finger in her pussy playing with her clit. She felt his cock
penetrate halfway into her asshole. "Give it to me, fuck my ass!"
George pushed the rest of his prick into her ass. "You are one hot
little bitch aren't you?"
"Yes I'm a bitch, fuck me. I'm a bitch in heat." Dana drove her ass
back at George taking all of him up her ass. "Fuck my ass, I'm
you're whore." She yelled out enjoying being a slut she squeezed her
ass muscles around his hard prick. "Shoot up my ass yes!" She felt
him start to shoot his load deep into her ass. He pumped her ass a
few more times before his prick slid out of her ass with a soft pop.
George fell to one side exhausted she reached down and gave his
prick a soft stroking and realized it was down for the count. "Well
thanks for a good time." Dana stood and started to collect her
clothes she bent over and gave him a wet kiss before starting to
As Dana looked at her watch she was surprised at how much time had
passed. She dressed quickly and headed downstairs. The party seemed
to be breaking up she thought about looking for her sisters but her
ass was sore and leaking cum she wanted to get home. She took the
car and headed out planning to take a nice hot bath. She assumed her
sisters would get rides or walk home as it wasn't that far.
Dana, Karen and Al each got calls from the frat house telling them
that they left certain items behind at the party. They each arrived
separately and were surprised to see the others were there. After
saying hello to each other they were ushered into a room.
Dana was shocked, there were about a dozen men in the room watching
a couple of TV's from the sound she could guess they were watching
porn. She wanted to get out of this room when she heard her own
voice scream out from the TV begging to be fucked in the ass. She
was shocked and ran to where she could see the screen it was her
they had taped her sexual encounter. "What are you doing? Give me
that tape."
Karen and Al enjoyed Dana's embarrassment for a moment then each
gasped in shock as they realized they were on the other TV's. Al saw
herself screwing one man then he got up and left and another took
his place. Al looked at the other TV's and saw Dana getting butt
fucked while Karen serviced two men on a pool table. "Give me that
tape!" Al made a grab for the machine but two big football player
types blocked her way.
"Now ladies settle down, you'll get those tapes but you're gonna
have to earn them." One of the frat boys took charge.
"What do you mean earn them?" Karen asked she was the most calm of
the sisters at the moment.
"Well there are about a dozen of us here now. You pleasure us like
you did those guys the other night and we'll give you the tapes."
"NO WAY!" Dana shot back.
"Well then we might just put these up on our web site. How would
that law career go if this was public Dana? I love the way you beg
to be ass fucked its great. How about you Al you're acting career
would be wide open in the porn field. I'm not unkind I can give you
24 hours to make up you're minds but if you come back tomorrow I
guarantee there will be a lot more guys here wanting to sample
you're charms. What do you say ladies?"
"This is blackmail!" Dana was angry.
"Correct, the question is do you want all of this to become public
knowledge or do we want to keep this just between us."
"Will you use condoms?" Karen asked.
"NO," a group shouted. "I guess that's a no, but don't worry too
much we aren't going to pass a disease among ourselves so you're
safe on that score. What do you say ladies?"
"Let us talk about it for a moment," Karen responded. "Can we be
alone for a minute?" They ushered the girls into a small room once
the door closed Karen turned on the others "What are we gonna do?"
"I say we call their bluff, " Al responded. "If they use that tape
we can sue them."
Dana thought a moment. "Then the tape would be public our lives
would be ruined. How could we live with ourselves if everyone saw
those tapes? My God I think we're going to have to give into their
"WHAT!!" Al was shocked. "I'm not fucking a dozen guys I don't even
"Hell from that tape, I saw you do four men one after another. This
isn't that many more," Karen responded. "With you're figure you're
tape is gonna be the most popular Al. I'll earn my tape. What about
you two?"
Dana thought a moment. "I don't see as we have much choice, I'll
earn my tape."

Al considered, she had hoped Dana her older smarter sister would
come up with some idea to get them out of this but when Dana said
she'd go along all defiance drained out of Al Lambert. "Alright I
can't think of a way out of this, so I guess I'll earn my tape too."
Karen opened the door and went back into the larger room. "Alright
we've agreed to do as you want. How long do we have to pleasure
The man thought a moment, "say the next three hours."
"What do you want us to do?"
"Everything and anything we want. and that s non negotiable."
"Okay, we agree. Now what do you want?"
"Well I think you ladies should get out of those clothes." He saw
the women make moves at their clothes. "One at a time on top of the
table. We want to enjoy this as much as possible. How about you
first Karen?"
Karen swallowed hard she had never thought of stripping before a
group of men but loved being the center of attention and the idea
did appeal to her somewhat. She was pleased they wanted to see her
the most. "Alright," she walked over to the table and two of the men
helped her up onto the table. She stood as the boys turned the couch
around so they could watch her strip. She saw Al and Dana forced to
sit on the couch between a few of the boys as they rubbed their
Karen reached behind her as someone started playing some sexy music.
They started to shout for her to dance so she started to move in
rhythm to the music slowly removing her clothes. She figured they
only had to be here for three hours time spent stripping meant less
time fucking. She tried to dance taking off as little as possible
but the men kept shouting for her to take off different pieces of
clothing before she knew it she only had her underwear on. Someone
called for her bra so she reached behind her and unsnapped it she
teased them for a bit until they seemed about ready to rush her so
she let the bra fall to the floor. Her panties came next she quickly
removed them. As Karen was helped off the table she glanced at her
watch and saw twenty minutes had passed, now she hoped her sisters
could do as well. She was pushed down on the couch as Al was pushed
up onto the table.
Dana leaned in so she could talk to Karen. "How could you dance like
that in front of these bastards? Hell I think you enjoyed it." She
whispered to her sister.
"Think Dana. Would you rather spend time stripping or fucking? The
longer we keep them busy the quicker we get out of this."
Dana looked at her sister with new respect. She hadn't considered
that idea now she would have to try and make her stripping as
enjoyable for the men as possible. Just as this thought occurred to
her two men grabbed her arms and pulled her up.
"You're turn bitch." Two football players pushed her towards the
table enjoying Dana Fosters predicament, in class she had always
made fun of dumb jocks, to humiliate her and fuck her was gonna be
Karen saw Al Lambert being pushed off the stage, she looked at her
watch Al had barely lasted five minutes. Al sat on the couch next to
her. "You okay?"
"So far," Al responded.
As Dana started to strip three men squeezed onto the couch one on
either side of Karen and Al and one in the middle. The men unbuckled
their belts and took the girls hands and forced them into their
underwear and around their hard cocks. "Stroke'em girls," one of the
guys ordered.
Karen felt the man on her left and started running her hand along
his shaft. Without looking she could tell it was a good sized hard
on, with her right hand she felt Al's hand rubbing the mans somewhat
small cock. She let Al have the shaft as she cupped the mans balls
gently rubbing them. She felt the man on her left start to pull at
her tits she turned back and he shoved his mouth over hers forcing
his tongue into her mouth.
Al was practically crying as she stroked the two cocks in her hand
she couldn't believe this was happening to her. She stroked them as
much as she was able but the two men started to work on her heavy
tits pinching her nipples until they became as hard as pencil
erasers. One of the men reached between her legs and started running
his hand over her pussy.
Karen heard the music stop as a hand started running over her pussy
and thighs. Dana was pushed over to the couch with the other two
girls. The three men on the couch stood up Al sat between her older
stepsisters, all three could see the hunger in the mens eyes.
"Alright ladies I think its time for the fucking." One of the men
started to move closer to the couch.
Karen thought quickly, there was over two hours left on their
agreement she needed to
use up some time. She looked over at her sisters and saw the fear in
their faces and knew it was mirrored in her own. "We could do that,
but I have another idea." She reached over and stroked Al's leg.
"What kind of idea?" One of the men asked.
"How would you boys like to watch as three women get it on?" Karen
saw the excitement in their faces.
"Karen what are you doing?" Al was shocked at her sisters actions.
"Using up time, little sister. Would you prefer me and Dana for the
next few minutes or as many of these guys as want you?" Karen
whispered back "We may even be able to use up the whole two hours
we've got left." Karen saw Al mull the thought over in her mind as
Dana did the same. After a moment they both nodded to her as if to
say 'go ahead.' "Well boys what do you say?"
"I thought you girls were sisters?"
"Me and Dana are but Al here is just our stepsister so its okay I
guess, and I've always wanted too. So what do you say?"
The guys talked among themselves for a moment then turned back to
the girls. "Go ahead we'll watch, as long as you keep us interested.
After that we start screwing, use the table."
Karen and Dana flanked little Al as they walked to the table. They
helped her sit up on the table. "Lay back," Karen ordered and Al lay
back along the table. Karen took up a place between Al's legs. She
leaned way over and started to suck on Al's tender nipples she
sucked one then the other. Dana got the idea and climbed onto the
table and started sucking on Al's tits. Karen started to kiss her
way down Al's hard little body amazed at how turned on she was by
this. She knelt down so that her face was level with Al's pussy.
Al could feel Karen's hot breath on her clit. Dana continued to
expertly pleasure her big tits sucking each nipple into her mouth in
turn using her teeth to bite them just a touch. She felt Karen's
hand at the entrance to her pussy. She groaned as Karen slid a
finger into her pussy.
Karen was driving her finger in and out of Al's pussy and could feel
it getting wetter and wetter. She leaned in and ran her tongue
around the outside of her pussy tasting her stepsisters juices.
Karen used her fingers to open up Al's pussy and slide her tongue
into her sweet tasting hole. Karen found Al's clit easily and was
rewarded by a groan as Al started to thrash about.
Dana couldn't believe it as she felt Al cumming under her. She let
her hands slide over Al's very well developed body. The men started
to call for her to sit on Al's face, she could see they were losing
some interest so she maneuvered herself. over Al's face. As soon as
she was in position she felt Al's hands playing at her pussy. She
felt first one then two fingers penetrate her pussy, she lowered
herself onto Al's face and felt her stepsisters tongue penetrate her
pussy. It felt incredible Al wrapped her tongue around her clit as
she drove her fingers into her pussy, it wasn't long before she felt
her juices flowing. "Yes, right there kid, do it Al." she moaned as
she felt herself cumming all over Al's face. She fell off Al's face.
"I'm ready for some fucking." One of the men called and the others
moved towards the table.
Dana thought quickly. "Wait, I want a chance to taste some pussy."
She could see the guys weren't very interested she had to think
fast. "Karen get on top of Al. I want to eat out both of you at the
same time."
Karen saw the guys start to back off when Dana said this. So she
climbed up onto the table letting her body rub up against Al's. She
lay right on top of Al, her tits against Al's their pussies together
at the edge of the table. She felt Dana's head at her pussy and
guessed she was eating out Al. She bent her head down and gave Al a
deep kiss.
Dana was doing her best to pleasure Al but it wasn't keeping the
guys very interested, so she started to flick her tongue along both
her sisters pussies. Occasionally sticking her tongue in one of
their pussies. She used her fingers to probe Karen and Al's cunts
getting them very wet she the slid a finger into Karen's tight
asshole. "Its so tight Karen, you're ass is still cherry, it feels
incredible." Dana blurted out as she started to drive her finger in
and out of Karen's asshole. Someone called for her to lick Karen's
asshole and she pulled her finger out of her ass and replaced it
with her tongue. She could feel Karen squirm under the assault but
continued to use her mouth on Karen's ass. After a few minutes of
this they called for Karen and Al to roll over, which they did, Dana
found her tongue now buried in Al's asshole. She couldn't believe it
was even tighter then Karen's.
"Enough!" One of the men called pulling Dana away from her sisters,
then pulling Al off of Karen. "We've only got 90 minutes left and we
ain't wasting any more time. Now pick who you want!"
Dana was shocked when four large men grabbed her and pulled her off
into the corner. She figured most of the guys would go for her
prettier sisters , but as she looked over the four men she
recognized them as football players. She had made fun of these men
now they were going to have her, she looked the four men over. Two
were black she had never been with a black man before. She looked at
their crotches and was shocked the two had large ebony shafts larger
then any other prick she had ever seen, They might have been a foot
long. The two white men were also quite large their pricks weren't
quite the size of the other two but large nonetheless. She was
forced to her knees before these men and they stuck their cocks
right in her face stroking them. She took one into her mouth then
went to the next and the next right around the circle.
Karen was laying on the table when Dana and Al were pulled away from
her. A man quickly positioned himself at the entrance to her cunt
with one shove he forced his cock inside of her. She moaned as hands
fondled her breasts. Another man climbed onto the table and rubbed
his cock over her face, her head fell to one side and the man pushed
his cock against her lips. Karen opened her lips and the prick
slipped in.
Al was walked over to the couch. She was thrown over the back of the
couch with her tits hanging over the back and her ass in the air.
She felt a man penetrate her pussy with one forceful thrust. it hurt
for a moment but as he got into a rhythm it got better. A second man
pulled her head up by her hair putting his cock at eye level with
his prick 'suck it bitch' he ordered. Seeing little choice Al opened
her mouth and she started to take the head into her mouth but he
started to force his large prick deep into her mouth. She felt it
slipping into her throat. She started to bite down on it but the man
pulled her hair hard so she tried to relax her throat muscles as it
slide into her throat.
Dana had swallowed four loads of cum as the men continued to stick
their pricks into her mouth. They called her names, cunt, bitch,
whore, as they feed her their cocks. One of the black men left the
circle and lay on the floor. "Over here bitch," he ordered her as
she started to stand up the mens hands pushed her back down. "On
your knees cunt," they ordered. Dana crawled over to where the man
lay and started to lick at his cock but he grabbed her hair and
pulled her up. "Ride it bitch," he ordered her. Dana threw a leg
over his body she found his hard black cock at the entrance to her
cunt, she wondered if a black man would feel any different. He
pushed her down onto his cock she groaned as she felt it spreading
and filling her pussy. "You like it bitch," one of the men grabbed
her hair and shoved his cock at her lips. "Get it nice and juicy its
going in you're ass." Dana slobbered over the thick black rod.
trying to make him cum before he put his huge prick in her ass but
to no avail the man pulled out harder then ever.
Dana felt the man behind her he grabbed her tits from behind. "Beg
for it bitch. I want to hear you beg for it up the ass." Dana
refused to beg that was just too much. "Beg and I might be gentle
with you're ass, otherwise I'm gonna rip you up." He squeezed Dana's
breasts hard making her cry out in pain.
Dana knew fear now. "Please fuck my ass, don't hurt me be gentle,
but fuck my ass," Dana begged. She felt the man position his cock at
the entrance to her ass the other cock was stretching her pussy so
much she didn't believe the other man would fit inside of her. She
felt the head of his prick slip past her anus. "God its too big, its
ripping me apart," she moaned.
"That's a good cunt." The man pushed more of his cock into her tight
ass. She
could feel the two cocks separated only by a thin layer of skin
inside of her body. "It hurts," Dana groaned as they pumped inside
of her. The other two men stood to either side of her she took one
of their pricks into her mouth she sucked on it and it took her mind
off some of the pain in her rectum. She felt the man in her ass
shoot his cum in her ass he pulled out and another man took his
place. As they thrust into her body she felt herself getting more
and more aroused as they called her names. She felt herself build to
an incredible orgasm, as one they jammed their pricks into her
mouth,cunt and ass they filled her with their cum as she felt her
own orgasm rip through her.
Al was trying to breath as the man continued to fuck her face. She
barely felt it as the man in her pussy filled her with his cum. As
he withdrew another man took his place she felt her pussy stretch at
this new intrusion. She continued to suck on the mans cock the other
one started to work a finger into her ass. the other two were
yanking on her heavy tits pulling painfully at her nipples. They
called her a cow and pretending to milk her breasts.
The man in her mouth withdrew spraying his cum on her face and in
her blonde hair. She gasped for breath then she felt the man in her
pussy withdraw his prick and in one swift motion he jammed it into
her ass. Al felt like she was being ripped apart as he jammed his
prick into her virgin asshole, she tried to scream but couldn't
catch her breath. She felt him fill her ass with his cum, she hoped
her pain was over but the other two took position at either end of
her body. One slipped his cock into her mouth as the other rammed it
into her pussy. They both plowed her for a bit before she felt the
man in her pussy withdraw and drive his cock into her ass. He
grabbed her tits and pulled her around his cock still deep in her
ass. He pulled her down onto the couch. she grunted as his cock hit
bottom on her ass. The other man came around the couch, as she sat
on one mans cock the other pushed between her legs and drove his
cock into her cunt.
Al groaned in pleasure as she felt the two cocks inside of her body,
they started driving into her. She had never felt anything so hot,
as she was the fuck toy of these men. She finally got her breath
back but inside of screaming out Al surprised herself by calling
out, "more fuck me harder, do me YES!" She felt herself cumming as
the men pounded at her body. The man in her pussy pulled out and
shot his load over her tits. She felt the other man fill her ass
with cum.
Karen felt the man pounding her pussy, two men took up position on
either side of her, she alternated sucking them off. The three men
left her for a moment, as she was spun around the man that had been
at her pussy now had his cock at her mouth. He grabbed her shoulders
pulling her so that her head was upside down off the table. Her head
hung down at an angle her long black hair dangling almost to the
floor. The man pushed his cock passed her lips. His cock slid deep
into her mouth penetrating her throat his sweaty balls laying on her
nose. She could barely breath as she took it deep into her mouth she
relaxed her throat muscles as much as possible glad of all her
cocksucking experience. Another man started shoving his hard dick
into her pussy pounding away but she barely noticed. The men all
took turns at her mouth as they pinched her nipples. Just when she
thought she couldn't take anymore she heard an alarm clock go off.
The man in her mouth pulled out shooting gobs of cum onto her face.
"Okay times up." One of the men called out. Most of the men were
already spent but the girls were still all taking at least one cock
when time was called. The men redoubled their efforts into whatever
hole they were using until they came one last time.
Karen stood up rubbing her neck it had been in a very painful
position for too long. "Are we done now?"
"You've certainly earned you're tapes." The man took VHS tapes out
of the VCR's and handed one to each of the girls. "Would you like to
shower up before you put you're clothes back on?"
Al could feel the cum covering her back and leaking out of her ass
and pussy. She could see that Dana was in a similar state, while
Karen's black hair was streaked white with cum. "I think we better."
They collected their clothes and walked through the frat house
holding their clothes in front of them. They were finally led into a
room where they were given towels.
Karen jumped in the shower as Al and Dana guarded the door. She
washed the cum out of her hair and then tried to pull as much sperm
out of her pussy as possible. As Karen stepped out Al stepped in.
Karen watched as she soaped up then Karen dried her hair and watched
the door as Dana took her shower. As soon as he finished the girls
dressed and headed out of the dorm trying to cover their faces as
the guys made sexist comments.

the end


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