Step By Step: Stepping Out Part 3

An erotic adventure by Martin4Life ([email protected])


The following is a sexually explicit FICTIONAL story centering on characters
from the hit television series "Step By Step"

If you are under 18 do not read any further.

Keep in mind that my native language is not English when you read this
I would appreciate any constructive feed back or suggestions.

Feel free to re-post this story as long as the context is unaltered.

Copyright 1998


"Dam I'm still horny" Karen thought as she sneaked up the stairs. Karen went
into her room, well not just her room Al and Dana's room too. She saw that
Dana was fast asleep with a smile on her face. "Shoot, I wanted to talk to
someone" Karen thought and then she heard Al whisper "So hot date, huh?"

Karen turned and saw her younger stepsister sitting in he bed, "well beggars
can't be choosers," she thought as she sat down on Al's bed. "No not really
Brad got drunk and passed out on the back seat" Karen said.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, was that before or after?"

Karen was not surprised by the frank question as the girls often talked
about sex. "Before, that jerk. The one really good thing a man can do and he
couldn't do it."

Al said nothing; she just sat and waited for Karen to continue.

"I was so horny tonight, but he was dead drunk and no use to me. I guess I
have to resort to doing it myself tonight." Karen said without thinking
about what she had just said.

"I know what you mean, D.I.Y. can sometimes be the only way out. How often
do you do it?" Al asked seriously.

"Ehh" Karen said while contemplating the answer, she decided to be honest
"At least once a day, more if I don't have a date."

"Show me!" Al said.

Karen was stunned by Al's words; she sat and thought about it for a minute.
Then she decided that she would show Al, she had always fantasized about her
younger stepsister, and especially after Al reached puberty and developed a
pair of huge tits.

Karen un-zipped her pants and took them off. Al admired her sisters
beautiful, well shaped ass, which was only covered by a pair of white cotton
panties. Karen sat down on Al's bed and leaned back, then she slowly pulled
her panties to the side to reveal her black haired pussy. Karen felt that
she was already wet as she ran a finger over her clit, she caressed her clit
and then she pushed a finger inside her cunt. Al watched in silence as Karen
pushed first one, then two and finally three slender fingers up her pussy.
Al felt her own cunt tingling with excitement as her stepsister finger
fucked herself in her bed.

While Karen used one hand to finger herself the other hand moved up to her
tits and she started to caress her nipples on the outside of her silk shirt.
Then she unbuttoned three buttons and slipped her hand inside the shirt to
her tits. Al had never seen Karen's breasts and was about to burst with lust
when Karen started to play with her tits under the shirt.

"Let me see you tits Karen, please" Al said and Karen nodded, Al's hands
soon found Karen's buttons and then she puled the shirt apart to reveal a
pair of firm, braless tit. As Al stared at her tits Karen worked herself
towards an orgasm as she now had four fingers up her cunt and the thumb
working over her clit. She had never felt this way from a finger fucking,
having Al watch her heightened the experience immensely. Karen's hips
started to buck as she felt an orgasm come on and she had to use all her
strength not to cry out in ecstasy.

Al sat and watched her older stepsister come and then catch her breath, when
Karen finally caught her breath Al whispered "Wow, that was so hot, I'm all
wet from just looking at you," then she took Karen's hand and started to
lick the pussy juices off her fingers "MMMMM good" she said.

"You know it tastes better straight from the source," Karen said, then she
looked at Dana who was still asleep. "We better find somewhere more private,
we don't want to disturb anybody"

Al and Karen went out into the hallway, when they passed Carol and Frank's
room they heard moans. "Frank is not home" Al whispered "She is on D.I.Y.
duty tonight as well"

Karen and Al went into the basement where the washing machine was. "We can
be alone here" Karen whispered and kissed Al. Their tongues started to play
with each other as Karen's hands cupped Al's huge 38DD tits, Al soon
returned the favor as her hands found Karen's firm tits. Karen pulled Al's
pajama top up over her head to expose Al's tits; she did not wear a bra to
bed and the tits swayed freely. Al pulled Karen's open shirt off her as well
and they pressed their naked upper bodies against each other as they kissed

"You promised me a taste from the source" Al whispered to Karen. Karen
pulled off her already soaked panties, sat down on the floor and spread her
legs. Al removed her soaked panties as well before she moved in between
Karen's legs and got her first taste of Karen's pussy. Al's tongue was not
experienced but she was a quick study, and after a few instructions from
Karen, Al ate Karen's pussy with great excitement.

"Sit on my face Al" Karen said and Al quickly positioned her firm ass over
Karen's face. Karen licked Al's pussy and she felt the waves of pleasure her
tongue set through Al's body. The combination of Karen's experienced tongue
and Al's horniness quickly brought on an Orgasm as Al's body arched in
ecstasy and Al yelled out in pleasure.

Al slumped down on top of Karen, as they lay on the floor and fondled each
other they heard a noise. "Shit, somebody heard us?" Karen whispered "Quick
hide" she said and pulled Al behind the water heater.

They ducked behind the water heater just as the lights went on in the room.
They peaked and saw Carol, Karen's mother and Al's stepmother, came down the
stairs in a skimpy lace nightgown. Carol did not look around; she might not
have heard them Al thought.

Carol turned the drier onto the spin cycle, then went over to the shelves
and got a bottle of shampoo. Carol went over to the drier; Al and Karen were
shocked to see Carol pulling off her nightgown to reveal her wonderful tits.
Carol then proceeded to remove her lace bra and panties, Al felt herself
getting wet at the sight of her very attractive stepmother. Karen could not
believe her eyes, but she found herself admiring her mother's shapely ass
and still firm tits, "I hope I look this good when I'm her age"

Carol sat on the drier, which was vibrating heavily from the spin cycle, and
started to caress her tits. Carol lifter her right tits and started to lick
her nipple, she knew that not many women could do that and she was proud of
it. Carol felt the vibrations in her pussy as she was turned on; she slid
her hands over her lean body until she reached her pussy. She played with
her clit and then slipped three fingers inside her cunt.

Al could not help herself as she started to finger herself to the sight of
Carol masturbating on the drier. Karen just looked on in shock both at Al
and her mother; she was turned on by the display but was afraid to do
anything about it.

Carol licked the top of the shampoo bottle while she still had a hand in her
cunt. Then she moved the bottle down to her cunt and started to slide the
large bottle inside her cunt. As Carol slid more and more of the 10 inch
bottle inside her she started to moan loudly, "Oh yes, oh yes fuck me Frank"

Karen could not stand it anymore and she had to finger fuck herself, the
sight of her mother masturbating with a shampoo bottle was too much for her.
Al had found a candle and was masturbating with it. Karen looked for
something to put in her cunt; she found a discarded brush and quickly
grabbed it. Karen sank the brush in her cunt as deep as it would go and then
fucked herself viciously.

Carol slid the bottle eight inches into her cunt and then moved it back and
forward with a high pace, the combination of the vibrations from the drier
and the size of the bottle made her come in a flash. Carol's body convulsed
on top of the drier and then she slumped back, still with the bottle in her
wet cunt.

Al and Karen were too absorbed in fucking themselves to notice that Carol
turned off the drier.

Carol could hear the moans of the two girls and went behind the water heater
to see what was going on. "Al, Karen what are you doing" Carol asked in
shock, the sight of her youngest daughter with a brush up her pussy and her
stepdaughter with a candle pistoning in and out of her teenage cunt was

Karen looked at her mother with shame but Al said, "We were not doing
anything you didn't do"

Carol's face blushed "You saw me?"

"Yes mother" Karen said in a low voice "You looked so hot we just had to…"

Carol was actually flattered and turned on by the sight of the two naked
teenagers. "It's alright, it's just that Frank is away and I was…"

"We know Carol" Al said, "we were down here to get some privacy. We were
tiered of doing it ourselves to we…"

"Oh, OOOOOH I see, well I guess it was just a matter of time, it's alright
you are not really related so what can it hurt." Carol said and sat down
between them. "You know, I think you look absolutely hot," Carol said and
then she cupped Al's right tit. Al was stunned that Carol had done that but
did not mind, she put her hand on Carol's firm tits and squeezed them. Karen
looked on and then decided that Al and Carol should not have all the fu,
Karen kissed Carol and put her hands of Carol's peach shaped ass.

"We know what you need Mom, just lie back and let us work you over" Karen
said as she kneaded Carol's ass. She complied with Karen's request and lay
down on the floor. Al spread Carol's legs and started to kiss her thighs
working towards Carol's blonde pussy. Karen started to work on her mother
tits, she sucked on her right nipple and felt it harden in her mouth.

"Ooooooooohhhhhh god" Carol moaned as Al started to lick her pussy, Al
pushed her tongue inside Carol's wet slit and started to work it over.
Meanwhile Karen had squeezed Carol's tits together and was kissing the
nipples with great force. "Let me taste you" Carol said to her daughter and
Karen straddled her face. Karen felt her mothers experienced tongue on her
clit and the excitement drove her wild, she bucked her hips on Carol's face
and pinched her own nipples.

Al put four fingers inside Carol's cunt and started to slide them in and
out, she kept on licking Carol's clit while she finger fucked her

"Oh yes, I'm gonna CCCCCCCUUUUUUUUMMMMMMM" Carol screamed out loud as she
arched her body in a cataclysmic orgasm which had her seeing stars.

"Wow" was all Carol could say as she watched the two girls.

While Carol regained her breath, Al had taken the shampoo bottle and was
starting to slide it inside Karen's cunt. Karen was very tight and Al had to
press down on the bottle to force it inside. Karen started to moan in
pleasure as the 10-inch bottle worked its way insider her cunt.

Carol moved over to her prone daughter and started to kiss Karen's tits. Al
licked Karen's clit while she pushed the bottle all the way in, the smooth
plastic was covered with both Carol's and Karen's cunt juice now. Carol
crawled behind Al and started to kiss her shapely ass, she spread Al's legs
and lay down between them. "Sit on my face" Carol said and Al placed her
pussy on Carol's mouth. Al still fucked Karen with the shampoo bottle while
Carol was licking her.

"Oh Al, faster, faster, fuck me oh yes, oh yes" Karen moaned as Al increased
the speed of the shampoo bottle, Karen's hips were bucking furiously as she
felt another orgasm nearing. Al could also feel the waves of pleasure
running through Karen's body, when she pushed the bottle all the way into
Karen's cunt she felt Karen's orgasm coming on.

Karen shook in ecstasy as a wave of orgasms ran through her body. Al kept on
pumping the bottle until she felt Karen's body relaxing, then she pulled it
out with a loud pop.

Al moved off Carol's face, placed the bottle on the floor and sank down on
it. As she started to move up and down on the 10-inch bottle Carol cupped
Al's tits and started to lick and suck on the nipples. With each downward
thrust Al felt more and more of the bottle in her cunt. Carol circled Al's
body and cupped Al's tits from behind as she held her teenage stepdaughter
closely to feel the heat from her body. Carol's hands then traveled
downwards until they found Al's cunt, Carol massaged Al's clit while Al
bounced up and down on the shampoo bottle.

Carol started to kiss Al down the back, and when Carol reached Al's ass she
started to lick her ass hole. Al was surprised by Carol's actions, as she
had never had a rim job before. The combination of Carol's tongue in her ass
and the bottle she was riding on made Al come with a loud "OOOOOOHHHH

Al's body finally stopped shaking and the three gorgeous women lay besides
each other exhausted. "Wow, I know where I'm going next time Frank is out of
town" Carol said as she cupped Karen's tits.

"Why wait till he's out of town, the risk of being discovered only make it
greater," Al said.

"Yeah and maybe he can join us," Karen said as she put her hands on Al's

All three girls contemplated that scenario for a long time until they
finally decided to go to bed.

The End


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