Subject: STORY : Step by Step - Step Rape 2 - M+F,NC - By ?


Karen Foster grunted around the cock filling her throat as another cock
came in her ass, filling her bowels to overflowing with jism. She was
in a sexual daze, sweat and come slicking her slender young body and
matting her long black hair to her head, back, and arms. She
grunted again as the cock popped out of her ass and another shoved
into her well used cunt, dripping semen down her thighs. Her knees felt
bruised by the tile floor of the locker room shower as she kneeled
like a bitch in heat, getting fucked over and over and over again.

Karen remembered how it had started, with a simple dare. At
fifteen, a sophmore, she was the youngest member of the cheerleading
squad; that and her unusual beauty made the other girls envious of her,
so she was always trying her best to fit in. She stood about five six,
and was gorgeous, with beautiful almond eyes, and long eye lashes,
and general model cast to her features, although her skin was a deep,
gorgeous brown from her tan. Her round full breasts were an appealing
C-cup, accented by her tiny waist and full hips. She danced a lot, so
her legs were beautiful and trim, as was the rest of her body, firm
youth and exercise.

A dare, Karen thought as she felt more come slide down her throat,
a dare by the other girls to go into the boys locker room after the
football practice, to dash in and then dash out, a dare she had taken.
She remembered waiting until she had heard the showers going, waiting
until the coach was gone, and then, still in her cheerleading costume,
tiptoeing into the locker room, seemingly empty yet filled with the
echoing babble of young men's voices.

Karen had made it halfway across the room, catching glimpses of
male flesh in the showers as she crept across the floor, when she heard
someone yell, "HEY! GUYS! Look what we got here!" She turned and ran,
only to be tackled by one of the football players wearing only a towel.
She was mortified at being caught, and she began to grow frightened as
she heard a clamor of boys as they surrounded her, their naked feet and
ankles the only thing she could see.

"Let me up! Let me up!" Karen screamed as she struggled on the
hard floor of the locker room.
"Let's give her a shower!" she heard someone yell, and was lifted
bodily from the ground, one person holding each of her limbs, her ass
hanging slightly toward the ground as she struggled and bucked in their
"Let go of me!" she yelled and screamed, wishing she had never
taken this dare.

Suddenly Karen felt cold water splash against her body, suspended
almost four feet horizontally above the ground, soaking her
uniform. She screamed as the water became hot, then cold again, then
hot, and she was surrounded by laughing, joking, screaming voices. Her
mind was spinning but she still struggled, hoping that they would let
go after they had had their fun. Her outfit was plastered to her body,
revealing her heaving, jiggling breasts as she squirmed, captive, in
their hands.

"Nice tits," she heard someone say, and then she felt a hand
grabbing her breast, squeezing and mauling it, causing her to redouble
her efforts to escape.

"Stop it! Stop! Let me gooo!" Karen yelled, futily, as she felt
more hands reach in and touch her, grab her, maul her legs, stomach,
breasts, even her crotch. Suddenly the water was off and she was on the
ground on her back, hands holding her legs and arms while other hands
felt their way across her body, pulling off her skimpy cheerleading

"Tits...legs...cocksucker...fuck her...wants it...cunt..." she
heard from different voices as hands fought over her body, gripping her
ass, her legs, slapping her stomach, her breasts, her face. She
NOOOOOOOOO! as she felt hands around her vagina, fingers insistantly
poking at her opening until they painfully entered her while others
pinched and pressed at her clitorus and still others entered her anus.

Karen Foster lay there, struggling and gasping and screaming as the
became less and less prodding and poking and more and more insistent
erotic. The screams turned to moans now as her body responded to the
seemingly infinite hands fondling her body, making her nipples and
fill with blood and ache with desire, her toes curling with the

Hot lips met hers and she felt a tongue enter her mouth; she
kissed back and felt pleasure suffuse her body. Her legs were pulled
apart and she felt lips at her breasts, kissing and sucking and biting,
and a cock pressing against her damp, slick cunt. She grunted in pain
and pleasure as it was rammed into her, her body and mind awhirl with
sensations engulfing it. She was no longer a virgin and was getting

Karen felt herself filled with come and then emptiness, only to be
filled almost immediately with another cock. Hands guided her hands,
with their slender, delicate fingers, to more cocks, and she began to
masturbate them, lost in a sexual haze. Someone jerked her head
awkwardly back and a cock was thrust into her gasping mouth and rammed
forcefully down her throught. Karen gasped and choked, her body
but it only added to the pleasure taking over her body.

More come filled her cunt and she felt her legs lifted to right
angles with her body and then spread wide, exposing her asshole.
person sat lightly on her heaving stomach and scooted up, gripping her
breasts in his hands and closing them around his cock, mauling them
a tit-cunt which he fucked with abandon.

Karen felt herself come, and explosive, overwhelming orgasm, when
one person thrust his cock into her ass and another spilled his seed
her throat. It wasn't the end, though, as the hands and the cocks and
the mouths continued to assualt her, and she found herself coming again
and again.

One time she was laying on her back on top of someone, his cock
filling her ass, her cunt stuffed full with another man's cock, while a
third man punched his cock down her throat and hands and mouths
her body and breasts, sending wave after wave of sexual energy coursing
through her body.

Another found her lying on her stomach on top of someone, cunt
and ass filled with cock, hands busy masturbating more cock, and mouth
and throat busy with still another cock.

Karen didn't know how many times she had been fucked, or in what
positions, but she didn't care. Since her first orgasm it had almost
been one continuous come for her, and she loved the feeling of come and
sweat coating her body, loved the way it sucked greedily at all the
which came near it.

Karen found out later that they kept her there for over three hours
while all thirty two of them fucked her repeatedly every which way they
could think of. Near the end, they decided to use her as a toilet,
urinating and shitting on her while she moaned in the ecstacy of her
abuse. They even pissed down her throat and up her ass, and made her
lick them clean after they defacated on her, and Karen loved every
of it, her twitchings and squirmings only stopping after being left
laying in a pool of urine and excriment for almost a half hour,
having left.

Slowly, agonizingly, she stood up, turned on the shower, and
cleaned herself up. Karen then put on her clothes and staggered out of
locker room. She had won the dare, she though, her mind numbed by her


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