Step By Step: Mark Finally Gets Some Part 1(mf,drugs)
by RoadDogg ([email protected])

Setting: Mark Foster is a 16 year old guy who never has had sex, can't even
get girls to look at him. His Mother has protected him all of his life never
letting him even see a porno. Matt just couldn't take it anymore he wanted
something, he has seen his 3 Sisters, Karen, Dana, and Al who is his step
sister and think he should try something with one of them. Mark has made plan
to get one of his sisters; he has been working in his room with Chemicals and
has made some kind of love potion that makes them Crazy about someone. So he
decided to make breakfast for his family to start his plan.

Mark: Hey guys, come and eat!

Everyone comes down his mother, step dad, step brothers JT and Brandon and
his 3 sisters.

Mom: Wow, Mark, it smells great!

Dad: Yeah, Mark, you did a great job.

Mark brings over the plates besides the girls plate and he takes out his
potion and while no one is looking drops a few drops in all of the girls'
food. Then he takes them their plates.

Mark: Here you go guy.

Al: Thanks, dork!

Karen: Well, like, thanks.

Dana: Thanks.

Everyone ate and got up and all went to do there own things, but Mark just
goes up stairs and wait to see if it worked. So he went up stairs and heard
someone in the shower so he open the door to see who it was and saw it was
his sister Karen. Mark got hard as soon as he saw her clothes on the floor
with her pink panties and matching bra on the floor. He looks at the shower
and saw the shadow of Karen watching her petite body. Mark knew he had to
watch Karen but he heard someone coming so he ran out of the bathroom. While
walking down the hallway he saw Dana in her room working on her homework.
Mark walked in and talked to Dana.

Mark: Hey, Dana, what you doing?

Dana: My Homework. I'm trying to study. What you want?

Mark: umm, just to chat. I havn't talked to you in a while.

Dana: Ooooooook.

Mark: So, umm.... did you like breakfast?

Dana: Yeah it was fine, why?

Mark: Well, I put a special ingredient.

Dana: Oh, really? That was nice. What was it?

Mark: Just a new spice I made.

Dana: Oh that's cool. Well, it was ok anyways.

Mark: So you feeling any different?

Dana: No, why would I?

Mark (disappointed): Oh, just wondering. Well, I'm going to go study.

Mark leaves Dana's room and was starting to get really depressed he thought
his potion just didn't work. As he walked to his room he felt someone grab
him by the arm and throw him into the closet. He starts to feel someone
kissing him, not knowing who or what it was he just stood still as he did
this he reached up and turned on the closet light. In shock saw his step
sister Al sucking his tongue, and moving her hands all over Mark's body. Al
then started to pull off Mark's sweater vest and shirt. Mark then did the
same to Al exposing her giant C cup tits covered by a black bra. Mark wasted
no time and shoved his face into her cleavage. Al put her hands threw Mark's
hair, she then reached back and took off her bra, showing her tiny pink
nipples. Mark starts to flick his tongue on Al's nipple, which drove her

Al: ohhh yeah, Mark, I love that!

Mark then unzipped his pants and pulled out his tiny 4 inch penis and it took
Al no time before she got to work on it. She licked the tip and started to
stroke it. Mark didn't know what to think never even another woman's tits and
now having his dick touched by another girl. Al then started to bob her head
up and down on Mark's Cock like she would die if she didn't. Al then started
to lick the tip again; Mark just couldn't hold it anymore and cummed all over
Al's face.

Mark: ohhhh I'm cumming!

Al then got up and unbuttons her tight jeans and slide them down showing she
wasn't wearing any panties. After this Mark took his little limp dick and
slid it in Al, not really having effect on Al. Mark starts trying to pump and
eventually gets hard again, and Al screams when she feels him get hard in

Al: OOOOOOOHHHHHH Yeah Baby. Fuck my tight little cunt.

Mark trys to push harder and harder.


Mark reaches up and feels Al's huge tits but he just couldn't hold it anymore
and blows his load inside of Al's pussy.

Mark: ohhhhhhh SHittttttttttttttttttttt!!!

Al: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

After this Mark pulls out and zipped up while Al is left naked in the closet
by Mark. As Mark goes to clean off he hears Karen and Dana asking for him.

To Be Continued...


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