Warning: This story contains sexual material and is for adults only. If you
don't like this stuff then don't read it. Well, here's part 4 of my
step-by-step story. I've gotten a lot of requests for this part so I figured
it was time to write the story. Enjoy!

MC T.V.: Step By Step - Part 4 (M/F,mc)
by Yenoc

Trent watched as Carol Lambert came through the door trying to lug her bags
of groceries into the kitchen. She had just returned from the market and she
was very frustrated. The woman was horny and her husband Frank was away
with the boys for the weekend. She knew it was going to be a long weekend
with the only relief coming from her own fingers. She did not know that Trent
was in the kitchen watching her, he had mentally ordered her to ignore his
presence. Carol's three teenage daughters were up in their bedroom asleep.
They were all naked and unconscious on their beds. He had fucked the girls
and put them into shut down mode where they would be mindless vegetables
until he awakened them.

Trent had a major erection and Carol Lambert was going to relieve it for him.
The woman was 43 years old but she was in great shape. Carol had blonde hair
and blue eyes. She had on a green cotton dress that buttoned down the front.
Her body was still firm and her tits only slightly sagged. She looked better
than most women her age, she was beautiful with a fine set of tits.

Carol did her best to keep in shape. She had a plump ass and wide curvacious
hips. Her stomach was flat and she had little body fat thanks to eating the
proper foods. Her tits were large and soft, she probably had the biggest tits
in the house, with maybe the exception of Al of course. Carol knew she was
a looker and she liked when men paid attention to her. She sensed that
something was different about the house but she couldn't put her finger on
what it was. Only she and the girls were home and they spent most of their
time going out.

Trent let her put away the groceries and silently probed her mind. He knew
she was horny and needed fucked. He picked through the layers of her brain
and made adjustments where needed. His commands were implanted into her mind
and Carol fell under his influence. She would soon be his devoted slave.
Carol finished in the kitchen and headed for the living room. Just as she was
about to go through the door, Trent ensnared her mind and body. The mother
stopped in her tracks as she felt the effects of his mind control sweep over
her. Carol went into a trance and stared blankly ahead of her. Trent had
successfully taken control of her mind and shut down her personality and

Carol knew something was wrong immediately. She could not move and had no
control of her motor functions. The mother was scared and worried beyond
description. She tried to yell but found she had no voice. She was
essentially a prisoner in her own body. Trent made her face him. Carol
turned and saw Trent. She stepped toward him against her will.

She tried to resist but it was futile. She slid off her dress and stood
before him like a robot,clad only in her bra and panties. He took her by
the hand and lead her into the living room where he had taken her daughters.
Carol followed without a word of protest. He put a mental shield so no one
would disturb them.

He picked his way through her mind and made alterations to her brain so she
would do his bidding. Trent awoke her sexuality and gave her an insatiable
craving for sperm. He watched her face twitch as his instructions took root.
He implanted the desire for cock sucking into her head and made her become
aroused so she'd want to have sex. Trent saw her middle aged body shudder
as she grew excited and horny. He sat down on the sofa and took his large
penis out of his pants. Carol went to Trent and kneeled between his legs.

Carol stared at his large member and licked her lips with anticipation. She
was shocked, she actually wanted to put is cock into her mouth. Carol put her
hand around the throbbing organ and pumped her fist up and down the shaft.
She lowered her head took the head into her mouth. Trent shoved his meat into
her mouth and heard her gag as she choked on the dick. Her tongue slowly
swirled around the spongy head and she licked the sensitive underside.

Trent's balls were already churning with semen as he watched the woman bob
her head up and down on his manhood. Carol got used to sucking him and had
soon developed a smooth technique, she had never sucked such a big penis
before. Carol licked up and down the rod and cupped his balls in her hand
and massaged them tenderly. Carol looked up at him with want in her eyes.
She buried her head in his lap as she continued to suck him.

Carol suddenly pulled away from him and slipped off her bra and panties. Her
abundant plump breasts swung free from their constraint. She had lovely
breasts. Carol cupped her tits and pinchd her nipples until they were erect.
Trent leaned down and sucked on her tits, flicking his tongue around the hard
nipples and drawing them into his mouth. Carol groaned as he sucked her tits
and sent pleasure shooting through her aroused body. Trent caressed and
fondled her cleavage until Carol was mewling like a female cat in heat. She
was being driven mad by his sucking mouth.

Trent sat back and Carol took hold of his cock once more. She moved closer to
him and placed his cock in the valley between her breasts. She wrapped her
twin orbs around the pulsating organ and sealed it tightly inside her flesh.
Carol then proceeded to move her body up and down so his prick was sliding up
and down between her tits. Trent groaned as Carol tit fucked his cock.

The friction was building and he was ready to ejaculate. Carol moaned as she
tit fucked him. Her head lowered and she expertly licked the head every time
it emerged from her breasts. Her hard nipples rubbed along the firm shaft.

Carol loved having his dick sliding between her tits, it was a dream come
true. She had always liked being tit fucked and she was growing more aroused
by the second. Trent had had enough. He groaned and his cock suddenly shot
it's load. His hot creamy spunk blew all over Carol's face and tits. She
trembled as she was annointed with his seed. Her mouth opened and she
greedily swallowed the sperm. Carol licked the stuff from her lips and
massaged the cream into her tits. Her craving for his sperm was unbearable.
She softly rubbed his balls for she knew that his testicles produced the rich
protien drink she needed.

Trent released her trapped mind and Carol realized what she was doing. She
cried in alarm but her cries were muffled as she found herself cleaning off
his cock in her mouth. All she knew was that a strange man was shoving his
cock into her mouth and she was sucking it for some reason. Carol was
horrified. Cum dribbled down her chin and dripped on to her bloated tits.
What was happening to her? Carol couldn't move or talk.

Trent released her and Carol dropped to the floor sobbing. She curled into a
ball and heaved as she sobbed in torment. Tears ran down her face and made
tracks in the semen on her face. Trent noticed that while she sobbed, Carol
was scooping the cum from her face and licking off her fingers. Trent told
her to clean up and she went to the kitchen to wash herself. She returned
minutes later with her head lowered in shame and stood before him. She saw
that he had stripped off his clothes.

Carol recieved his mental commands and laid down on the carpeted floor on her
back. Her tits jiggled as she got into postion. Carol laid out straight and
spread her legs wide so he could view her pink vaginal interior. Trent stared
at her glistening slit and lowered himself to the floor. He got on top of
Carol and climbed between her legs. He took his cock and put to the entrance
of her pussy. He spread her cunt lips and slid his cock into her awaiting

Carol felt the huge prick slide into her greased canal. She was tigh but
his cock slipped in with little effort. Carol wriggled about as she was
penetrated by his pole. She tried to break free of his control but was unable
to resist him. She could not escape her fate, Trent's mental powers had
siezed her totally and she couldn't flee his influence.

She cried out as his manhood stretched her cunt. "No! That hurts! Take it
out, please! Stop!" But her pleas fell upon deaf ears. Trent rammed his cock
into her cunt and Carol screamed in agony as she was torn asunder. Trent held
her in place as he thrust in and out of her squirming body. Carol's head
rolled side to side as she was ravaged. She felt every lunge as he ripped
into her cunt again and again. He slammed into her body and she shook from
the force of his drilling. Her fat tits wobbled as her erect nipples scraped
along his solid chest.

Carol was slowly overcome by her lust and she was quickly giving in to her
mounting desire. She tried to fight the intense feelings but his power over
her was too strong. She knew that the more pleasure she felt the more her
individuality slipped away. Carol squirmed on the floor as she raised her
pussy to meet his cock. She moaned as the man rode her like never before. "Oh
yes! Fuck me!" she blurted out without realizing what she was saying.

Her hips moved under Trent's onslaught. Carol grabbed his head and smashed
her mouth to his so she could kiss him passionately. Her mind was in turmoil
as she fought an inner battle to decide her future. Carol wanted to give
herself to Trent completely and she longed to serve him. Her rational side
was being erased as the new Carol Lambert emerged.

Trent reached between them and groped her tits. "Yes! Fuck me! I'm cumming!"
Carol shouted as the tremors of an orgasm coiled through her loins and
consumed her. With a gutteral cry, she arched her body and convulsed from the
climax that swept over her. Her legs clamped around Trent's waist as she
sought to draw his cock deeper into her burning cunt. Her pelvis undulated up
and down on his rod.

Carol grinded her pussy in circles on his driving pole. She thrust her hips
upward, urging him to fuck her harder. She rolled under his strokes as her
hips bounced on the floor. Carol looked at Trent with sparkling eyes. She
wanted him badly.

She knew that she was his property and she was thrilled to be his possession.
"This is fantastic! I love it! Fuck me, Master!" she crowed as she submitted
to him fully. Her hips followed Trent's rhythm and gyrated about unchecked.

Trent plowed into Carol's cunt over and over. "Yes! Do it! Fuck me hard! Give
it to me!" she urged him. She screamed and her body snapped back and forth
with abandon. Carol was on the verge of an explosive orgasm. She couldn't
understand why she'd been afraid or hesitant to accept his control over her.
Carol's body trembled and churned under his assault. With a loud cry, she
dragged him deeper into her vagina.

Trent slammed wildly into Carol's twat and his manhood erupted in fury,
spewing hot cum into her hungry womb. He cried out as his seed poured into
Carol's pussy. "OOHHHHH! Hot! I'm burning up! Cum in mee! I need it! Fill me
up! AAAARRGHHHHHH! YAAAAAA! UUNNGHHH! Yesss!" she bellowed as she went over
the brink and climaxed furiously. She spasmed under him as her cunt absorbed
his sperm.

Carol's body convulsed and trembled violently as she was lost in a sea of
orgasms. Trent pulled out of her gaping hole and watched Carol as she flopped
about on the floor aimlessly. He was hard again in mere seconds and summoned
Carol to him.

* * *

Carol obeyed his order and went to Trent. She was petrified of what would
occur next. Trent sat on the sofa and Carol plopped down his lap with her
back to him. He slid his hand between her legs and fingered her wet cunt.

Carol groaned as his fingers worked into her pit. He located her clit and
he rubbed the small button. Carol panted loudly as she squirmed in his lap
restlessly. He quickly induced her to have another orgasm. She twitched and
ground her lower body in his lap as his dick got harder.

Carol moaned as she came on his hand. Her eyes glazed over as she climaxed
anew. She peaked and fell back against his chest tired. Trent placed his cock
near her bare ass. He lifted Carol up and his cock slipped between her ass
cheeks. He placed the tip against her quivering anus. He pulled Carol on to
his cock and entered her asshole. Carol screamed as her rectum was pierced
for the first time. Her ass was on fire and she felt like she was being torn

Trent was determined to stuff his entire cock into her rectal cavity. Carol
was in excruciating pain as she was sodomized. She tried to clench her anal
muscle to halt his entry but he wouldn't be denied. "PLEASE take it out of
my ass! I can't stand it! Master, please! You're too big! It hurts!" she
shrieked in torment. Her asshole was insanely tight and was grabbing his
plunging member. The elastic of her anal ring was stretched to the limit.
Trent worked his cock in and out of her raped anus.

He grabbed Carol by the waist and pushed her down into his lap. She screamed
as his entire cock stabbed into her asshole. Carol howled in pain as his dick
pistoned deep into her bowels. The tears started again.

Carol bounced up and down on his cock as her asshole was reamed obscenely.
Carol sobbed and yelled as he pounded her fragile ass. Then the pain quickly
dispersed and Carol grew accustomed to the anal invasion. She became aroused
and was amazed at having a cock in her backside.

Carol bounced in his lap as he raped her asshole without mercy. She moaned
as the sensations stimulated her body. She grinded her hips in circular
motions on his penis and cooed with pleasure. Trent had awakened her sexual
nature and Carol now sought physical gratification as any enflamed female
would. Trent rammed her asshole over and over, driving Carol mad. Her hands
came up and grabbed her breasts, she rubbed her globes and tweaked her

Carol heaved up and arched her back as her eyes widened. She threw back her
head and bucked wildly on his cock. Waves of raw lust raged through her body
as she shouted in delight. "AAAAA! OOOOO! Fuck my asshole! YAAAA! AAAAG!
GHHHH!" she yelled in bliss as she was ass fucked. The new orgasm tore over
her stronger than the last. Having Carol cum on his cock made Trent want
release as well. He lurched up and sent his cock deeper into her anus. Carol
bucked up and down, impaling herself on his meat.

Trent grunted and came also. He sent thick ropes of jism into Carol Lambert's
spasming asshole. The cum felt like lava as it saturated her bowels. Sweat
ran down her face as she came again. Carol thrashed around uncontrolably in
his lap as she reamed her ass on his dick. "Gimme! Cum in my ass! I love it!
PLEASE!!" Carol squealed.

Carol finished cumming and collapsed on top of Trent spent. Her head lolled
to the side as she blacked out momentarily. Her endurance was spent, the rape
and brutal ass fucking had drained her. Trentfucked her ass again and sent a
second load of sperm into her clenching anus. Trent ordered her to stand and
she complied. His cock slipped from her asshole and Carol eagerly cleaned the
organ with her mouth.

Carol was a changed person and she had Trent to thank for it. She was now
his slave and she'd do anything he told her to do. Carol would need cum on a
regular basis and she do anything to get the stuff she craved. She was a true
whore now and she loved being sodomized. Trent sent Carol to the kitchen to
get him a beer. Sperm was dripping down her legs as she went to the kitchen.
Trent chuckled as he watched her leave, Carol was walking oddly from having
had her asshole reamed out. He now had all the females on the the show
enslaved and he was pleased. He could now start coupling the girls with one
another. Life was good.



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