Warning: This story is for adults only. It contains graphic sexual material.
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MC T.V.: Step By Step Part 3 - Al Lambert (M/f,mc)
by Yenoc

On Saturday morning, Al Lambert returned home. She'd spent the previous night
at a friend's house after a double date. She was Trent's favorite of all the
show's females. Al was short but built. The girl had shoulder length brown
hair and she was a pretty 15 yeat old teenage girl. She had nice curves and
was fit. She was a tomboy and she liked to play sports.

When she hit puberty, her young nymphette body started to change. Her hips
widened and she suddenly had a figure. She also devleoped a fine set of
breasts. At first, she'd been embarrassed by her body and tried to hide it
under oversize clothes.

But as time passed, Al accepted how she looked. She was independent and had
a smart mouth, she was always ready to make a wise crack. She could cut a
person down in a second. She was ornery and tough.

Al had grown breasts as she got older and she didn't know how to act having
boobs. She knew that guys liked them though and paid her more attention. Al
had to admit that she had a nice body and a good set of cans. The Lambert
girl had magnificent tits. They were round and sat high on her chest. Her
mounds were firm but soft.

Al knew about masturbation and she often pleasured herself in the tub. She
had kissed boys and occasionally got felt up on dates. But she was naive and
sexually inexperienced. She was a virgin and Trent was glad of that.

No one was around the house so Al figured she had the place to herself. She
had on a tight red t-shirt and blue denim coveralls. Her shirt hugged her
breasts snuggly. She also wore yellow panties and a black strapless bra. She
liked wearing the bra because it made her feel sexy.

Trent was in the living room with her but Al didn't know her was there. He
had mentally ordered her to ignore his presence. She could not hear or see
him. He carefully delved into the layers of her mind and implanted his own
thoughts into her head.

He could've easily wiped out her personality and made her a blank slate but
he wanted some of her unique traits to remain in tact. Al would not be taken
easily but that was fine with him, he liked a good challenge.

Al sat down on the couch and turned on the television with the remote. Trent
focused on her body and stimulated the pleasure centers of her brain. He
fixed on her clitoris and ample breasts. Al fidgeted on the sofa. She
couldn't get comfortable. Her clit started to tingle and her pussy was
getting moist. Her boobs felt swollen and tender, her nipples were also erect
and itching. Her breathing grew labored and she was warm. Al knew she was
becoming aroused for some odd reason.

She rubbed her thighs together to try and squelch the burning sensation in
her vagina. She nervously licked her puffy lips. Her hands reached into the
coveralls and she massaged her supple breasts. She rubbed her globes in slow
circles and it turned her on. Al shut her eyes and moaned. The girl was
feeling horny and she needed relief.

Al caressed her tits through her confing shirt. Her nipples were quite
pronounced and stood up proudly. Her left hand slid down her belly and under
her panties. She located her throbbing clit and rapidly jiggled the tiny
button. She groaned and her pelvis waved up and down in bucking motions.

She petted her engorged clit and then her fingers sank into her wet furrow.
She ran her digits along her enflamed slit and pressed them inside her
burning mound. Trent watched as Al fingered her cunt as she sought

"AAAA. UUNGH! GAAHHHH!" the girl whined as masturbated with her hand. Al
winced, her hips humped upward as she undulated her lower region on the
couch. Her fingers stabbed steadily into her clenching channel. Her body
arched up and her fingers were a blur as they dove into her vaginal cleft.
Al tossed her head back and forth wildly as she came on her hand. Her body
tensed and then she exploded into an orgasmic storm.

"OOOH! YESSSS! AAAA! CUMMING!" she bellowed as she came again. She pumped her
cunt on her hand and slumped to the couck spent as her climax passed. She
felt tired and drained of all energy. Al licked her pussy juice off her hand
and smacked her lips together. She liked the taste of her love fluids.

* * *

Trent dropped his cloak of invisability and said, "Nice show." Al's eyes
opened in shock as she stared at him. This guy had appeared out of thin air
and he'd watched her masturbate. "Who...Who the hell are you?" she stammered.
"The name's Trent and I've waiting for you Al. You gave me quite a show.
You're one hot little bitch." he replied.

"Who the fuck are? How did you get here?" she demanded to know. "Quiet down
little girl," he warned her. "You pervert!" she yelled. "You break into my
house and watch me and now you try to boss me around. I'm calling the cops."
She got up to get the phone when Trent sent her a mental command and she
froze in place.

He came up behind Al and pressed his groin into her ass. Al had no idea of
what was happening. Her body was frozen and she could feel his cock against
her backside. Trent cupped her teenage breasts and gently squeezed her
bountiful melons. Al sighed and leaned back against him. He kneaded her
jugs and handled the soft globes. He flicked his fingers over her hard
nipples and she gasped in delight.

Al's mind screamed for her to fight him but her body betrayed her. Her eyes
fluttered and her young body squirmed into his. Her head lolled to the side
as she responded to his expert touch. "Let me go you bastard," she croaked.
"You've got spunk kiddo, I'll give you that. But you belong to me now and
I'll do anything I want with you." he said.

"Go to hell!" she yelled at him. "Turn me loose or I'll cut your dick off!"
"My but you have a lot of energy. You need to work it off." he stated. "I
know. You can dance for me." "What!?" Al said with amazement. "I want you
to dance for me," he repeated, "do a striptease."

"There's no way I'm gonna dance for you." she spat at him. "Dance!" Trent
commanded. His order burned deep into her brain. Al's mind cried out for
freedom but her body was his. Trent turned on a radio and loud rock music
blared from it. To her horor, Al started dancing to the music. Her hips a
swayed side to side as she fell into rythym with the tune. Trent gave her
the knowledge of how to strip and she put it to use as she bumped and grinded
for him.

Al twirled around and shook her ass at him as she danced. Her hips gyrated
in circles as she slowly traced her hands up and down her sides. Al looked
at Trent and gave him a sexy smile. She slipped the straps of the coveralls
from her shoulders and let the garment fall to the floor as she stepped out
of it.

She locked her hands behind her head and rocked her hips to and fro. Having
her arms behind her head caused her tits to push up and thrust outward. Al
undulated her pelvis for him. She criss-crossed her arms and senuously
peeled off her shirt. Her taut flat stomach came into view and her bra clad
breasts soon followed. She pulled the shirt over her head and tossed it to

Al then laid down on the floor. She rested on her chest and arms. Her knees
were bent and on the floor. She lifted her ass in the air and pumped her
hips up and down as fast as she could. Al humped her pelvis erotically for
him. She groaned as her tits rubbed against the carpet. She was hot and
felt like a bitch in heat.

Al sat back on her legs as her body took on an S-shape. She leaned back on
her arms to support her weight. Now her body was slanted as she rested on
her arms. Her tits stood straight up and her chin was on her chest. She
shook her chest side to side and her tits flopped about. Al then started
rolling her hips suggestively in an up and down fashion. Thus caused her
stomach and groin to flow with wavelike movements.

Then she sat up and cupped each breast with her hands. She pushed them
together and holding them firmly, Al shook her knockers in Trent's face. She
leered at him as she danced once more. Her body worked in time with the
music. She grew more excited as she stripped. Her pussy was dripping and
the crotch of her panties was soaked.

Al reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. Trent wanted to see her
tits badly. The bra sprang apart and Al held it on by crossing her right arm
over her chest. Most of her breasts were now bare. She presented her back
to him and let the bra go. She threw it over her head and Trent caught it in
one hand. Al trembled with desire as she felt like an exotic dancer.

She covered her tits with her hands and squatted down slightly. Al swung her
ass for him and then shook it from side to side. She shook her plump ass in
his face for several minutes. Then she spun around and faced him again.

Al slowly licked her lips and flicked her tongue at him. She had a naughty
grin on her face as she threw her arms up happily cried out, "Wheee!" Trent
finally got to see Al Lambert's wonder breasts. She quivered as he ogled her
tits. A man was eying her naked boobs for the first time. Trent was in awe.

Al had perfect breasts, she had to be at least a C-cup. Her tits were well
sculpted, she was a work of art. Trent leaned forward and cupped her
endowments. Al moaned as she felt his strong hands on her chest, his touch
was electric. He molded and squeezed the delicate orbs. Her pink nipples
were as hard as diamonds.

Trent twirled her nipples with his fingers and pinched the rubbery nubs. Al
stood there quietly and gratefully accepted his pawing. A shiver ran down
her back as he pulled her nipples. Her tits were here for him to enjoy. He
drew her breast to his mouth and sucked the straining nipple. Al shuddered
as he feasted on her tits.

He licked and sucked both nipples until her boobs were covered with his
saliva. His tongue flicked around them as he fondled her ample treasures.
Trent was doing strange things to her. He controlled her body and invaded
her mind. She knew he was changing her to fit his needs and she had no
problem with that. Al had become a sexual plaything for Trent and she took
on her new role with enthusiasm. She was young and ripe, just the way Trent
liked his girls.

He buried his face between her tits as he molested her. He was able to smell
her aroused pussy and he rubbed her tits over his face. Al stepped back and
lifted her breasts upward. She lowered her head and engulfed her tits with
her mouth. She sucked her own nipples and licked her breasts greedily. She
wished she'd thought of sucking her own tits before this.

Trent had Al return to his side and she obeyed. Her rebellious nature was
gone as her hot libido surfaced. Trent reached for her panties and ripped
them from her ass. Al was now entirely naked for him now. He stared at her
bare virgin mound. She had a bush of curly light brown pubic hair. He spread
her legs and felt her slender vaginal lips. Al shivered as jolts of lust
shot through her charged body.

Al felt a little ashamed but she got over it. He pushed two fingers into
her cunt and confirmed she was a virgin, her hymen was in place. Trent slid
his fingers in and out of her exposed slit. Al panted as she rocked her hips
on his probing hand. She knew she was acting like a slut but she wasn't
bothered by her actions anymore. She did what now came naturally to her. He
stroked her clit and Al suddenly came.

The orgasm hit unannounced. She was wracked by the climax as it caught her
off quard. Al screeched in extasy as her thighs surged to get more of his
exploring hand. She grabbed her tits and smashed them together. Her hips
bucked wildly.

"Oh god, don't do this! Can't help it! I'm Cumming. Feels soo good!" Al
howled as her head tossed about. She was consumed by the orgasm and cared
about nothing else. When the climax subsided, Al exhaled in relief. She had
cum on his hand and she despised herself for being so weak.

Trent had to fuck her, he refused to wait any longer. He sat in the armchair
took out his cock. Al's eyes widened in shock as she saw his monster penis
spring free. The thing wagged in her face as she went to him. This was the
first real cock she'd ever seen. He was huge! Al whimpered, she knew he
meant to fuck her with that beast.

* * *

Al climbed on Trent's lap and faced him. Her knees sank into the cushion and
she threw her legs over his. She looked into his eyes and lost her identity.
Al felt his prick slide along her slit and she shivered. "This is it, isn't
it?" she asked innocently. "You're going to fuck me now." " Yes, I am." he
replied. Al simply nodded her understanding.

She leaned in and kissed Trent. He licked her tits as she moaned wantonly.
Al started sliding her crotch over his cock. She reached down between them
and held his penis in her hand. Her fist closed around his dick and she
pumped the shaft.

Al guided his cock to her slick crevice. She was on fire and going nuts. Al
couldn't hold out any longer. Trent was going to fuck her and she was helping
him to deflower her. She needed his cock more than she needed air.

Her balloon tits flopped about freely as she gyrated her lower torso in his
lap. Trent parted her pussy lips with his cockhead and the organ entered her
virgin cunt. Al winced as she was penetrated. Her vagina was tight. He
only had the head in and she was already in pain. Al tried to relax her
vaginal muscles, she knew it would hurt less if she relaxed. She was a
willing participant in this rape and she had to give in to her dark urges.

Trent had two inches of cock inside the girl when he felt the barrier of her
hymen halt his progress. Her body tensed as she awaited the inevitable. Her
cunt was stretched around his penis and he was only half way in her twat.

"Al, I know you want fucked but you have to do the work." he explained. "No!
I can't. I want your cock but I can't do this!" she whined. "Do it!" Trent
rasped. Al nodded her head. She rose up on him until the head of his cock
was only left inside. She braced herself and then shoved down hard. Al
slammed her cunt on his cock and impaled herself on his staff.

Al screamed in pain as his prick tore through her hymen and her took her
virginity. She was no longer a virgin as she cunt was viciously ripped
open. Her pussy expanded and he rammed his whole cock into her pit. She
was in great pain, he was tearing her vagina apart. Trent let Al sit
motionless in his lap so she could adjust to his rod.

Al was amazed at how it felt to be stuffed with a cock. She was very full
and complete. Trent began thrusting his cock in and out of her newly opened
cunt. Al sobbed from the pain but she endured. She closed her eyes as his
cock drilled her teenage pussy. She bounced up and down as she recieved her
first round of intercourse. Al was in disbelief, she was actually getting

Her pain faded and Al felt tremendous relief as she learned how to move her
body with his. She put her hands on his shoulders and twisted around in his
lap. She was still a little sore but Al didn't want her cunt to be empty.
She rejoiced and bounced up and down as Trent screwed her roughly.

Al bit her lip as all of Trent's cock slipped into her cunt. The former
tomboy was no longer a virgin and she was getting fucked by this strange and
compelling man. Her body moved naturally as she gyrated in his lap. Trent
reached up and grabbed her big melons, squeezing them together and piching
the sensitive nipples. Al groaned as she gleefully bounced up and down on
his cock.

Trent grabbed her hips guided her to fuck him in circles. Al could feel
his huge manhood slip more easily into her greased slit. She wriggled and
twisted her hips, the movements sent waves of pleasure through her twat.
He held the girl firmly as he thrust into her lubed cunt. His thighs moved
in a pistoning fashion, sending his meat into Al again and again.

Al's head lolled as she was swept away with passion. She sighed and moaned
as she willingly rode his cock. Trent slammed into Al's body and made the
nubile teenage girl climax. "Oh yes! I'm cumming! Pound me with your cock!
AAAAAAA! UUUNNGHHH!!!! AAARRGGG! YESSSS!!!" she yelled as her head flew back
and her plump body heaved up wickedly. She almost fell off his cock as she
thrashed about but Trent held her in place. Al squirmed and pumped her
pelvis back and forth on his rod.

* * *

Al's mind was in turmoil as she was pulled in two different directions at
once. Her old self fought to remain in existance and tried to get her to
resist. At the same time, Trent's mind control had engrained itself into
her soul and she'd reborn a sexual entity that wanted to serve and pleasure
Trent. Her old self was losing the battle and all traces of her past life
were being erased.

Al spasmed on his cock as she came like a whore, she never wanted the
fucking to end. She grabbed her meaty milk sacs and mawled them roughly.
The pain was sweet to her as she wrenched her tits. She tugged and pulled
her erect nipples with sadistic pleasure. Orgasmic tremors pulsed through
her tormented body Al burst as she came hard. "AAAAGGHHHH!!! UUNGGHHH!!!!
That's it, I'm cummminnggg!!!!" she howled primally.

Her body arched in a bow, her muscles were taut as she exploded in orgasm.
Her trim stomach rippled in waves as she undulated her hips on his cock. She
was sheened with sweat and she couldn't think clearly. She shuddered and
trembled as she was totally consumed with fucking Trent. Al crested
triumphantly and was finally still. She slumped into his embrace and rested
her head on his strong shoulder.

* * *

Al soon got her second breath and started humping his cock again. The girl
was insatiable and wanted to keep going. "Fuck me! I want your cock! Please
fuck me master!" she urged him. Al gave in to his mental control and
accepted Trent as her lord and master. She wanted to be owned and used by

Trent surged into Al's cunt again and again as the girl lewdly rode his
member. Trent had realized his dream and enslaved Al Lambert, he was in
heaven. She was his obedient sex toy. He was close to his own climax. Al
rolled her hips in his lap this made him more excited. She moved in rhythm
with his thrusts as she wriggled wildly in his jerking lap.

Al's body snapped back and forth in wild abandon as she revelled in
depravity. Her body shook and jostled as she reached another orgasm. Trent
pounded Al brutally as he neared his climax. He plowed into the bottom of
her cunt with each stroke. He rammed madly into her grasping pussy. He
groaned and finally came as he poured his seed into her Al's cunt, filling
her with his steaming semen.

screeched as she took his seed into her clutching pussy. She came like a
raging river.

Trent suddenly got out of the chair and laid Al on the floor. There was a
loud plop as he pulled out of her cunt. He sat over her chest and placed his
cock between her big heaving tits. Al pushed her boobs togehter around his
cock and slid the fat globes along his shaft as she proceeded to tit fuck
him. Trent blew cum all over Al's face and tits.

Al rutted like an animal and begged for his cum. Her face was plastered with
semen and she rolled around on the floor like a whore as she ate his cum and
swallowed the cream into her belly.

* * *

Afterward, Trent had Al clean up and made her suck his cock. He had her
dress in a pair of tight denim shorts that rode tightly into her naked cunt.
She also wore a skimpy bikini top that did nothing to hide her tits and
barely had enough material to conceal her erect nipples.

Trent was going to take Al with him when he left. She was too good a find to
leave her behind. Al was now his loyal sex toy she became one of his favorite
pets. Before he departed, Trent had on more goal to accomplish. He intended
to ensalve the mother and fuck Carol Lambert before he left.


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