Warning: This story contains sexual and adult situations. If this doesn't
appeal to you then read no further. Nuff said.

MC T.V.: Step By Step Part 2 - Dana's Dilema (M/f,mc)
by Yenoc

Dana Foster barged through the front door and slammed it shut behind her. She
was pissed. Dana had gotten dressed up for a date and the creep had taken her
to the restaurant to break up with her. She had been dumped by a guy yet
again. She hated men.

Dana could not find and keep a steady boyfriend. She'd date a guy and then
start spouting off her feminist equal rights bullshit. The boy would quickly
realize that she wasn't going to put out and they'd dump her scrawny ass. It
was Friday night and Dana would once more be sitting at home.

She saw Trent sitting on the couch and was startled by his presence. "Who
are you?" she asked him. "I'm a friend of your mother Carol," he replied.
"Where is my mother?" Dana inquired. "She had to take your sister Karen to
the mall for some kind of emergency." he answered. "Yea, right." Dana
snorted. "She probably found out there was a sale going on without her."
"That would be my guess," he said. "Anyway, Carol told me to wait here and
she'd be right back." "Fine," Dana said, "Just stay out of my way." "Sure
thing." he told her.

Dana stomped into the kitchen to get a soda. She did not know that Karen was
upstairs asleep and Carol had not come home yet. Karen was still in the
trance Trent had put her in earlier and she wouldn't awaken until he summoned
her. Dana had on a blue dress that fit her loosely. She didn't wear clothes
that showed off her body, that would be degrading.

She was skinny and not very curvy. She looked okay but she was average at
best. She was a brainy geek like her brother Mark. Dana was also snotty,
arrogant, and a bitch. She needed to be taken down a few pegs and put in her
place. She was a female but a rather bland one at that. Dana was 17 and a
senior in high school.

Trent probed her mind while she drank her soda. Dana shook her bleach blonde
head as she felt an odd sensation in her mind. She got dizzy for a second but
it soon passed. Trent got into her head and induced a hypnotic state into the
Foster girl. Dana resisted and struggled to remain awake. She was strong
willed but he could subdue her easily. His eyes glowed an eerie red as he
shut down her thought processes.

Dana's eyes closed slowly and she phased out. Her eyes reopened and she stood
there in a daze. She was confused and couldn't think clearly. She had very
little mental activity going on. Trent whisped through her mind and made
alterations to her brain. He implanted the commands for her to obey him and
his orders engrained themselves into her psyche.

Dana awoke and finished her soda. She went back into the living room and
asked Trent why men were such scumbags. He told her that she needed to
lighten up and learn how to please men. This made her very angry.

"What?!" she yelled at him. "You male chauvinist pig! Get out of my house
right now!" "I've got a better idea. You come over here and suck my cock
little girl." he said. "Get out or I'm calling the police!" she roared. "Shut
up cunt and suck my cock." he stated with authority.

To her utter amazement, Dana walked over to him and kneeled before him. She
tried to scream but her voice was gone. She had no control over her body. She
watched in horror as her hands took out his penis and started stroking the
organ up and down.

Dana had never seen such a big dick before. He was huge. She had given a
couple of hand jobs in the past but they had disgusted her. Her mind reeled
as her head lowered into his lap and she went down on his cock. She screamed
in her head as his prick passed her lips and entered her open mouth. She had
a penis in her mouth! How could this happen to her?

She could smell his dick and she found that his scent made her swoon. Dana's
head bobbed up and down on his cock as she stared up at him with contempt in
her eyes. She knew pure revulsion as the taste of his cock made her want to
retch. Then her tongue snaked out and licked the length of his staff. She
licked the spongy head and along the pulsating shaft. Then she licked the
sweat from his hairy balls.

She sucked and licked his cock tenderly and with respect. Her body was
aroused from giving him oral sex. Her cunt was dripping with juice and her
clit zapping lust through her body. Her nipples were hard like bullets. Dana
screamed silently in her head as she was forced to suck his cock.

Trent grabbed the back of her head and then came in her mouth. Dana froze in
helpless terror as his cock discharged into her mouth. His manhood twitched
and he sprayed his semen down her throat. Worst of all, she found that she
liked the taste of his salty sperm. She hungrily swallowed his rich cream and
her stomach heaved. But she gulped down his seed nonetheless.

He withdrew his cock from her mouth and shot cum all over her face. She wore
a mask of jism and it ran down her face. Tears streamed from her eyes as she
was degraded by him. She licked him clean and as a final insult, Trent pissed
down her throat and she drank it.

Dana was losing her sanity as he humiliated and used her. Nothing would save
her. She felt herself changing and she wanted to be dominated by this man.
She was scared to death. She was growing to yearn for more debasement. Trent
had her go to the kitchen and clean up.

She returned and unbottoned her dress. The garment slipped off her and
dropped to the floor. She had on a bra and half slip. Dana has small breasts
and pale skin. She looked like death warmed over. She lowered her head as she
stood before him in shame.

She was doing his bidding and it bothered her less and less. She was acting
like a tramp and it was easy to do. Could this be what she secretly craved?
To be a whore and pleasure men? It seemed to be that way she had to admit.
Dana stripped off her undergarments and was now naked.

She had light blonde pussy hair that she kept trimmed. Her erect nipples
were red and stood up like missiles. Her clit was buzzing and her cunt was
drenched from her love juice. Trent had total control over her and he enjoyed
having her grovel.

Dana got on top of Trent and climbed into his lap. She turned her back to him
and and straddled his thighs. She sat in his lap and her legs hanged over
his. Her feet dangled in the air. His cock sprung up between her open legs.
The organ rubbed along her virgin cunt and tickled her clit.

She wrapped her fists around his cock and pumped it up and down. Dana started
moaning as her hips began rotating in circled and her frail body undulated in
his lap. Trent reached up and cupped her meager tits. He pinched and twisted
the hard nipples and the girl's head lolled back against him. Dana gasped in

She lifted herself up and aimed his cock at her wet slit. He sat still and
let her do the work. Dana pried apart her cunt lips with his pole and she
slowly lowered her body on to his stiff prick. She grimaced as her vagina was
opened. He was big and her channel was widened to accomodate his member.

Although she was in pain, Dana steadily impaled herself on his cock. She felt
him touch her maidenhead and she ceased moving. She was about to lose her
virginity to this strange man. She was being raped and she was assissting her
rapist. God help her, she wanted him to fuck her.

She sat up and then rammed her slobbering cunt down on his cock. Trent
shattered her cherry and Dana cried out in anguished pain. She put her hands
on his knees and sunk down the entire cock. She had ten inches of thick meat
buried in her pussy and it felt right to her. She wasn't a virgin anymore and
she was glad of it.

The pain vanished and Dana bounced up and down on his cock. Her hands shot
up and fondled her tits. She fucked him like a maniac, meeting each of his
powerful thrusts as he slammed his cock in and out of her cunt. Her head fell
back and her back arched as she experienced the first of many mind blowing

Trent fucked her without mercy and Dana loved every second of it. They fucked
for quite awhile. She had countless orgasms and screamed her head off as she
begged him to fuck her. Trent deposited untold amounts of cum into her cunt
and she begged for his sperm. Dana had one last explosive climax and passed
out as she rode him.

After he finished, Trent made the final changes to her personality. Dana
would now be submissive to men and do her best to please them. She would now
crave cock and would seek it out anywhere she could find it. She became his
slave and wanted to be dominated and used by men. She was obedient and
desired all men. She soon gained the reputation of being a slut and Dana did
her best to live up to those expectations.

Trent had achieved two of his goals and was pleased. He only had two females
left to enslave. The mother Carol and his favorite in the show - Al Lambert.
He could hardly wait to get into her pants.

To Be Continued...


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