Warning: this story contains graphic sexual material and is for adults only.
If this is not to your liking then read no further. Nuff said.

MC T.V.: Step-by-Step Part 1 (M/f,mc)
by Yenoc


Trent saw the young girl at the mall and followed her. She was 16 years old
and had long black hair. Her name was Karen Foster and Trent was in the world
of Step-by-Step.

Karen walked through the mall looking at clothing and make-up. She had on a
form fitting green shirt and tight jeans that hugged her ass. She wasn't all
that bright and very self absorberd. Karen was a pretty girl and could've
easily been a model. She had high cheek bones and flawless skin. She was
enthralled with fashion and she was vain. She was beautiful and she liked to
flaunt her looks. In other words, she was a cock tease.

The girl had nice body and fully developed breasts. As Trent tailed her, he
sent a mental command into her feeble mind and she became partially aroused
without knowing it. Her nipples were erect and very visible through her tight
shirt. The hard nubs were quite obvious and passing men gawked at her chest.
Karen, of course, had no idea she was being ogled. Trent made adjustments to
her mind and her pussy became wet. She suddenly found herself feeling horny.
She shook her head as her mind grew foggy.

Then she spotted a boutique that was having a clothing sale and she rushed
in to shop. Trent followed her into the store. The changes to her mind were
complete and she had not been aware of his presence in her head. He looked
around the store and mentally ordered the customers to leave. He had the
employers go into their break room and sleep. He and Karen were then the
only people in the shop. Nobody would enter the shop thanks to the mental
supression field he'd put up around the store.

Karen was too busy admiring herself in the mirror to notice what was going on
around her. She was trying on clothes and she had on a blue dress that clung
to her teenage body like a second skin. She looked at her reflection and then
went into the changing room.

Trent went through the curtains and found her. Karen was wearing only her
white bra and panties. She was at ease and felt no modesty about being clad
in her underwear. She had a fine body and she knew she was hot. Trent stepped
up to her and introduced himself to her. He told Karen he was the manager of
the boutique.

Karen smiled at him and told him her name. She was not surprised by his being
in the dressing room. She thought it was quite natural for him to be there
with her. She had no problem being undressed around him, which is how he had
instructed her to be. She knew that he was staring at her body and she liked
being watched. Karen even found herself attracted to Trent.

They talked for a short time and he told Karen that he liked to give
customers like her special attention. He also told her she could buy anything
in the store for 80% off the price. Karen's eyes lit up and she flashed him a
sexy smile. "Cool, thanks." she said demurely. "You're a very pretty girl."
he commented. Karen blushed, "Thank you. You're not so bad yourself," she

"Karen, I love your body and I want to fuck you here and now. I could do
things to you that would drive you wild." he told her. "Really?" she asked
curiously. She was really turned on and hot. Her cunt was flowing like a
river from his words. "That would be fun," she said, "but I don't know. I've
never done it before." Karen was actually considering fucking him. She wanted
him badly.

"I will give you anything in this store if we have sex right now." he stated
boldly. "I don't know..." her voice trailed off. "There's no limit on what
you can take," he added. Karen jumped up and down at his offer, clapping her
hands happily. Her tits bounced up and down as she jumped. "Oh goody. I'll do
it." she readily agreed. She would get all the clothes she wanted and she was
going to have sex with a complete stranger. It sounded like a good deal to

This is so cool, she thought. "Suck my cock." Trent ordered the girl. Karen
fell to her knees and looked up at him nervoulsy. Trent stood before her
with his crotch in her face. She reached in to his trousers and drew out his
penis. Karen gasped in shock at the sight of the large organ. This was the
first real penis she'd ever seen and it entranced her dullard mind. His cock
was ten inches long and a couple of inches wide. The head was purplish and

Karen wrapped her hand around his prick and stroked her fist up and down his
shaft. She leaned in and her tongue brushed against the sensitive head. She
licked the underside and gently took the cockhead into her sweet mouth. Trent
groaned as he felt her lips fasten around his manhood.

Her tongue swirled around the head in circles and she licked along the stem.
Her head bobbed up and down on his pole quite willingly. She quickly learned
how to suck the organ and she found that she liked performing oral sex on
him. She was good at cock sucking, big surprise. Trent held on to her raven
hair and steadily guided her up and down on his cock.

Karen slurped and sucked his meat for all she was worth. She was fond of his
penis and she liked how the rod felt as it slid in and out of her mouth. The
big cock had stretched her mouth wide but she didn't care. She cupped his
testicles and lovingly massaged his balls. Karen knew that she would be
sucking more cocks in the future.

Trent groaned and his cock erupted in her mouth. Karen felt his hot jizz
spray into her mouth and she automatically swallowed his sperm. His seed
was thick and creamy. It was salty and she liked how his sprem tasted. She
eagerly gulped down his spend. He dumped load after load down her throat
and her belly was soon filled with his seed. Some of the sperm dribbled down
Karen's chin. When he finished cumming, she licked his cock clean.

As he pulled out of her mouth, Karen scooped the jism from her chin and
licked the stuff from her fingers. She quivered as a small climax swept
through her body. She wished she had started eating cum a long time ago.

Karen stood up and walked over to the other side of the dressing room. She
turned her back to Trent and bent at the waist. She sensuously wiggled her
ass for him. She hooked her fingers into the waist of her panties and slowly
pulled them down her long legs. She presented him her bare ass.

She took the panties and dropped them to the floor. She turned back to face
him. Karen was naked from the waist down. She had a thick bush of curly black
pubic hair. Karen was nervous. This was the first time she had ever been
naked in front of a man.

She unclasped her bra and discarded the garment. She had incredible breasts.
Her tits were creamy white and firm. Her young mounds were firm but also soft
and mallable. The twin globes were capped with two red nipples that stood up
like erasers. Trent saw the need in her eyes as she slinked over to him. She
was thrilled to be nude for him.

Karen ran her fingers through her hair and looked deeply into his cold eyes.
She stood on the tips of her toes and kissed him passionately. Her tongue
danced in his mouth. Trent grunted and pushed against the wall. His cock
was hard and throbbing. He pressed her into he wall as they both breathed
heavily. He hooked his strong arm under her left leg and lifted her gam into
the air. Her lower leg dangled over his muscular arm.

Karen's vagina was open to him as her swollen cunt lips parted, revealing her
pink insides. He probed her virgin slit with his fingers. She was drenched
with cunt juice. He rubbed her erect clit and she moaned as her body trembled
with lust. His fingers touched her maidenhead, confirming she was indeed a

Trent squeezed and fondled her tender breasts. He tweaked and pinched her
crimson nipples. Karen moaned loudly as he kneaded her tits. Then he placed
his cockhead at the entrance of her cunt and parted her fleshy lips. Karen
grimaced as he penetrated her virgin pussy. Her vagina was obscenely
stretched by his member.

Karen was astounded at all of it. She was being fucked! Who would've thought
sex would be this good. She had a penis in her vagina, it was truly amazing.
Why hadn't she done this sooner? Trent pushed deeper into her cunt and felt
her hymen. Karen knew what was coming. She closed her eyes and braced
herself. "Do it, please." she said through clenched teeth.

Trent looked at the girl and plunged into her depths. His cock rammed through
her hymen and he claimed her cherry. He felt her blood on his cock. Karen
squealed in pain as she lost her virginty. Her cunt walls clamped onto his
cock and squeezed it with great pressure.

Karen Foster was no longer a virgin. The 16 year old girl finally had a cock
inside her cunt. She had never felt so full in her life. The pain faded and
was replaced with pleasure as Trent thrust in and out of her newly opened
hole. She loved being impaled on his prick.

She slid up and down the wall as he pounded her cunt over and over. Her
mellons wobbled and flopped about as she got fucked. Karen threw her arms
around his neck and revelled in her carnal desires. She was now his private
little slut. She got accustomed to his cock moving inside her heated body.
Karen started moving her hips upward to meet his. Her lower body was a flurry
of motion as she pumped her thighs back and forth to match his powerful

"Ung, ung, unnh!!" she groaned as her teen body responded to its first fuck.
She kissed Trent as he slammed her cunt repeatedly. Karen's limited thought
process evaporated as she got fucked. Trent's programming was imbedding
itself into her mind and she was becoming his nubile sex slave.

Trent was pleased. Karen was superficial, she was all body and no brains.
She was a natural slut and he had awakened the whore she was destined to
become. Her ass bounced against the wall as her pelvis gyrated on his cock.
She wildly bucked her hips to catch his invading manhood.

Her cunt was tight and he had stretched her wide. Her tits rubbed against
his chest as their bodies moved together. They were in perfect sync with
each other. Karen was in ecstacy as she got drilled by his monster cock. Her
hips swayed side to side as rocked with him. She never wanted to leave his
side. She adored him with all her heart and soul.

The braindead teen clung to him for dear life as she was wracked by an orgasm
that sent her over the edge. Her back arched and her chest shot upward as her
nipples pointed toward the sky. Her head snapped back and her eyes rolled up
into her head. Her dark mane brushed her ass.

Karen shuddered and thrashed madly as she was engulfed in the throes of
multiple orgasms that were slamming her nervous system. "OOOOO! AAA! YES!
Fuck me! Please! Never knew it was so good!" she screamed at the top of her
lungs. She convulsed on his pulsating cock.

Trent was going to cum. He enjoyed defiling the young girl and turning her
into a mindless slut he would use evey way possible. He plowed her cunt
violently. Karen's head flopped about as she worked her cunt on his cock.
She fucked him with every fiber of her being.

Trent's body tensed and he started cumming in her cunt. Karen felt him blow
his wad into her pussy and she screeched as more climaxes claimed her. Her
pelvis was a blur as she bucked up and down furiously. "That's it!" she
shouted. "FUCK ME! Give me your cum! I need it!! AAAAAAGGHH! CUM IN ME!! OH

Trent flooded her cunt with his sperm and she wanted every drop he had. "Take
it you whore!" he exclaimed. "YES! I AM a whore!! FUCK ME AND GIVE ME YOUR
CUM!!!!!!" she yelled out. He pounded her relentlessly as he shot cum into
her sloppy cunt.

He sighed in relief as he finished cumming in the girl. Karen was a babbling
idiot by this time. She came again and again. He pulled out of her cunt and
she slumped to the floor spent. She looked up at him and smiled. She was
sated for now. Her eyes were glassy and her face became blank as he took
total control of her body and mind.

* * *

Trent wasn't finished with Karen yet. She had one more hole he intended to
fuck. Karen rose from the floor and got on her hands and knees. Trent kneeled
behind the enslaved teenage girl and spread her butt cheeks apart.

He slowly rubbed her cunt with his hand and the girl writhed under his touch.
He placed his penis at the wrinkled opening of her rectum. Karen's feeble
mind functioned and she had a moment of clarity, where she realized that
Trent intended to fuck her asshole.

Karen was still hot and aroused. The feel of his cock against her body caused
her to urge him ahead. "Stick it up my ass! Yes! Do it! I'm so hot! Fuck my
asshole!" she said without truly knowing what she was saying.

Trent was happy to accomodate her request. He spread her buttocks wider and
pressed his manhood into her quivering anal opening. Karen smiled bravely as
the cock head enterd her anus. Trent tensed and pushed forward. Her sphincter
prooved to be a formidable obstruction. He braced himself with a brutal
shove, buried his prick into Karen's virgin asshole to the hilt.

Karen screamed in tortured agony as she was violated. "NNNGGGHHHH! NNNNOOO!
Stop! Take it out! I can't take it! Take your cock out of my ass!" Karen
struggled wildly as the pain overwhelmed her. Trent held her tight as he
ravaged her anus. He started thrusting into her rectum, ignoring her
anguished sobs. He knew his mental commands would soon kick in and make her
like being fucked in the ass.

His hands clamped around Karen's jiggling tits as he bent over her while he
raped her ass. "It hurts too much! I can't stand it! You're tearing me apart!
Take it out, Please!!" Karen wailed. Tears ran down her face as she was
sodomized. She tried to loosen her rectal muscles so his cock could move in
and out of her battered anal passage more easily.

Trent plunged into Karen with long powerful strokes. She tried moving slowly
and was able to push her ass back against him. Karen groaned as her body
pressed backward to meet his. Her asshole churned as she began to fuck his

Karen's buttocks shook as she bucked up and down madly. Her head flailed
about as the pain vanished. She was now enjoying being fucked in the asshole.
Her pussy was drenched and leaking cunt juice. Trent reached his climax and
started shooting sperm deep into Karen's bowels. "FUCK ME!!! Fuck my whore
asshole!!!!! I'm CCCUUUMMMMMING!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Oh yess! Do it!!! Cum in my
asshole!!!!! PLeaseee!!" she yelled as his seed spurted into her clenching
rectum. Her body stiffened and twitched as she came like never before.

Karen groaned amd slumped forward to the floor. Trent pulled his cock out of
her abused tender asshole and sat back to regain his breath. Karen crawled to
him and gently licked his cock clean with her tongue.

Trent made her clean his cock and balls with her mouth and she silently
obeyed her new owner and master. They both dressed and departed the boutique.
Karen followed him without a sound. She was in a trance and her focus was
only on him. Her mind was shut down and her personality was altered. She had
no will and would obey him without question.

She was now his mindless sex toy and slut. She existed only to serve him and
do his bidding. They left the mall and went to her house. Trent had plans for
her mother and sisters. Mommie dearest and the sisters were also on his list.

To Be Continued...


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