Subject: STORY : Step by Step - Karen & Frank - MF - By ?

Story Title : STEP BY STEP

This story is based on the tv show Step by Step, and is fictionous.
I repeat this is not based on true facts



"Hello is anyone home?" Karen said as she walked threw the door. "I
guess no one's
here." Karen droped her bags and went into the kitchen. Little did she
Frank had just gotten out of the shower and was getting ready to

You see it was summer vacation and Carol and the rest of the kids went
Hawaii for 2 weeks and were going to Europe for 3 weeks. Karen went to
California to began a modeling carere and came home a week earlier.
had to stay behind and finish a house his company was working on.

Upstairs Frank was sitting on his bed with a dirty magazine in one hand
three panties in the other(Karen, Al, and Dana's). Ever since the girls
got older Frank has been watching their bodies grow and has been
to the thought. "Fuck, I cant wait till I meet with Carol in Europe so
she can
masturbate me," Frank said and he stroked his cock. Meanwhile in the
Karen had just finished something to eat when she realized something,
hadn't masturbated or gotten fucked in 3 weeks. So she started to
stroke her
breast threw her shirt. "HA, that feels good." She went upstairs and
for her room when she noticed a groaning sound coming from her parents

The door was slightly open so she peeked threw. To her surprise Frank
stroking his cock with her panties. "I can't believe this," she
wispered. Karen
had always found Frank attractive and spied on her parents fucking
She kept on staring when Frank noticed her. But he didn't stop, he just
going. "Oh yea," he cried. Karen found herself rubbing her crotch. Then
Frank let
his load out into her panties. Karen couldn't take it any more and
walked in
the room "Karen!! I thought you were in California." Frank said. "I
came home early.
Look Frank I got to..." She couldn't say any more. Frank was slowly
her breast. Karen really needed this and since she liked him, she went
with the flow.

"You know Karen, I always wanted to do this to you, I even saw you
peeking while
I was fucking your mother." he said. Karen couldn't say a word. "That
feels good". Then
Frank unbottoned her shirt and unhooked her C-cup bra. " Lick my tits
Frank," Karen
said. "Don't worry, you're about to get the fuck of your life." Frank
then rubbed her
tits, and licked them. " Oh yea, Frank." she purred. Sliding down her
body, Frank
kissed and licked her. All of Karen's other boyfriends went hard and
fast, but not Frank.
As he reached her jean shorts, Frank yelled " Let's see how your pussy
is baby." Karen
moaned again.

Frank got her shorts off and kissed her inner thigh and saw her pussy
moist. Frank slid her panties off and saw the patch of hair on the top
and the
pink slit. He spread her legs and began to finger and eat her. " Oh
eat me!!!!!!!Dont stop" He fingered her clit and licked her pussy. She
moaned away and Frank never had a partner like Karen. He spread her
and ate her out. Her juices were so sweet. He then went to her tits and
squeezed them. " Uh Uh oh Yea!" Karen then bucked up her hips and
out. She then had an orgasm and her cum flew into Frank's mouth. "That
great." Karen said between breaths. "Get ready for more baby." Frank
told the girl.


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