Step By Step: JT's Lucky Day (MMF,mF,mF-mast,inter,oral,inc,exhib)
by Wilcox

It was early morning in the combined Lambert/Foster household. Frank Lambert
and Carol Foster had met while on vacation and had impulsively gotten
married. They faced the monumental task of blending their very different
families into one. It was working out but they were all still getting used
to the adjustment and with each other.

Especially Frank's teenaged son JT. It was one thing to have two hot sisters
but now he also had a beautiful step-sister and a sexy blonde step-mom that
made his every-ready dick twitch whenever he saw her big full tits and firm
buns. He spent many a night jerking off in his bed thinking about her fucking
his dad just down the hall and wishing it was him in her bed putting the
boots to her.

JT was walking by his parent's bedroom on the way down to breakfast when he
heard his stepsister Al talking with his step-mom Carol. He stopped and
listened at the door when he heard Al's voice exclaim, "I can't believe that
you bought that tiny little thong bikini mother. You'd never let me or the
other girls buy something like that. My God mother, you'd be practically
naked when you put it on."

"Relax honey, I'm not going to wear it in public," Carol told her daughter.
"In fact no one will ever see me in it. I'm only going to wear it to sunbathe
in the back yard when I'm all alone here in the afternoon. The fence and
shrubs make it totally secluded in back and with this bathing suit I won't
get those terrible tan lines."

"Oh mother," JT heard Al say. The discussion continued as he moved down
the hall so as not to be caught eavesdropping. His mind was spinning with
thoughts of how he could see his beautiful step-mom in her naughty little

Then it hit him. His room over-looked the back yard. All he had to do was
skip class and come home early. He could sneak in without her knowing and
watch her from his window. He could even set up his dad's video camera and
tape her to watch later whenever he wanted. It was perfect he thought. In
fact he would do it that very day he decided. It was going to be a hot one,
in the 90's, so she was sure to be back there.

JT made his escape from school at the lunch break and excitedly made his way
home. He had an erection already as his mind filled with images of his sexy
step-mom in the back yard walking around practically naked. He got home and
quietly slipped in the front door and made his way upstairs. He got the
video camera and tripod from his dad's closet and brought it to his room.
He expectantly walked over to the window and was greeted by the sight of his
sexy blonde haired step-mom Carol sun-bathing in the back yard.

She was wearing the tiny thong bikini he'd heard her and Al talking about and
it was every thing he expected and more. It consisted of three tiny triangles
of material and a few strings. She was lying back on a blanket and he had a
great view of her as he positioned the camera and set it to record. Then he
slowly pulled his fat cock out and began to stroke it.

'She may be 38,' he thought, 'but what a body, full-figured with curves in
all the right places. Big full tits, flat tummy, flaring hips with long sexy
legs and a great ass.' Carol had pulled her thong bikini as far as physically
possible into her ass crack, revealing her firm tanned ass cheeks, and he had
a good look at the outer edge of her shaved pussy lips.

He couldn't believe his eyes as he watched her bring a hand up and squeeze
her full melon breasts. Her other hand slid down and began to finger her
slit as JT excitedly watched. 'Wow,' he thought, 'this is incredible, she's
masturbating.' His hand began moving faster on his rock hard dick when
suddenly he heard a vehicle pull up in the driveway. He could see that Carol
was so into it that she hadn't heard the sound and she continued to pleasure
herself oblivious to the fact that someone had arrived at the house.

A minute or so later JT saw two big black men come around the side of the
house. They both stopped dead in their tracks as soon as they saw Carol
pleasuring herself on the blanket. Their mouths hung open as they stared
at her near naked lucious form. He recognized them as two of his dad's
construction workers, Derek and Leon. They were huge physical specimens,
both around 6'3, heavily muscled with shaved heads.

They watched Carol playing with herself for a while as they talked to each
other, both squeezing their dicks at the show she was putting on. Then they
nodded their heads in some sort of agreement and slowly strolled over to
her. JT panted in anticipation, his 8-inch cock was rock hard as he stroked
it slowly. He couldn't believe it. His sexy blonde step-mom was going to be
taken by two huge black construction workers and he had a ringside seat. He
moved to the video camera and began to make sure that he'd capture all of
the action below for his private viewing later.

Both men quickly took their clothes off, revealing two huge black cocks,
both around ten inches long. One a little thicker, the other a little longer.
They moved up to her and Derek positioned himself between her long sexy
widespread legs. He watched her undulating hips and stared at her glistening
pussy as she fingered it in horny disregard. She was rotating her butt in
small circles, dipping her fingers into her juicy slit and rubbing her erect
clit as she brought herself to orgasm.

She had her eyes closed and didn't know she had company until Derek lifted
and placed her legs over his muscular shoulders, then dove in and began to
eat her out. "Oh my God," she screamed as she opened her eyes and saw the
two naked black men. She began to moan as Derek drove his tongue through
her juicy slit, feasting on her sweet pussy juice and digging deep into her
tiny anus. She tried to kick him off of her but she was no match for him
and her wiggling action only seemed to excite him more and more.

JT saw her eyes flash in recognition as she realized that they both worked
for her husband Frank. "OHHH ... I know you," she moaned. "What are you doing
to me ... OHHHHH ... please leave me alone ... please." Her cries were cut
off as Leon leaned in and covered her mouth with his own. He kissed her
deeply, his big hands mauling her breasts as his buddy ate out the boss's

After several minutes Derek brought her to an other orgasm, then rose from
between her wide spread legs. "Give me some room to fuck her," he said to
Leon. Leon broke off his tonguing of Carol's mouth and moved down to suck
on her ripe tits before leaning back. "Do her good," he said. "Then she's
all mine. I'm gonna cut me a piece of her sweet white ass and show her what
she's been missing."

Derek moved up between her wide spread legs and said, "Your nice and juicy
Mrs. Lambert, all primed and ready for a good hard hosing. You know you want
it baby. You want a real man's cock. A long thick black one, not that tiny
white excuse of a dick your husband's been giving you."

Derek rubbed his thick black shaft head along Carol's slick slit, spread
it open and brought it up to rub against her sensitive clit. After a few
strokes he lifted and spread her long sexy legs wide open so that her
little blonde-fringed gash was spread out, totally exposed and vulnerable.

Carol stared wide-eyed at Derek's massive black horsecock as it parted open
her glistening cunt and moaned as it brought a tingling pulse of shameful
desire to her lips. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... please .... Don't ... go ... leave
me alone and I won't tell Frank about this."

Derek just smiled as he moved forward and placed his huge dick against her,
sliding his gigantic horsecock up and down the full length of her wet,
swollen slit. Then he pushed forward into her, splitting her slick love slit
till it stretched to envelop the pulsing black cockhead.

"Ohhhhhhhhh ... my, God, it's so bigggggg, ittt hurtttttssss ... oooohhhhh!"
Carol gasped as her cunt muscles stretched taunt and clamped tightly around
the thick black bulb.

"Oh, Mrs. Lambert! You're so wet," he said as he looked down at her. "You get
off on all this macho stuff, huh? You want to be used be a real man ... you
want to be taken. It sure feels good stretching your tight little twat. You
sure know how to make a man feel at home."

Pushing forward slowly, Derek buried his long thick black horsecock inch
by inch into the tight slick folds of his boss's beautiful wildly squirming
blonde wife. In only a few moments Carol's body began to betray her.
Unconsciously her arms clutched around his broad shoulders and her legs
crossed over his humping black ass.

JT watched in amazement as his step-mom hooked her legs around the big black
stud, squeezing at him, trying desperately to pull him deeper into her.
Losing all will power, Carol pleaded "Oh, please ... please ... ohhhhhhhh ...
ohhhhhhhh ... it feels so good! Fuck me ... fuck me ... yessssss.."

"Ohhhhhhhh ... owwwwwwww ... oh, nooooooo ... wait ... I ... I can't ...
stopppp ... stop ... you're too biggggg!" Carol moaned, her hands now trying
to push him away from her as Derek's massive black horsecock penetrated deep
into her tight cuntal sheath. She was being stretched beyond belief, never
having encountered such a monstrosity.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... ohhhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she sobbed when
Derek pushed forward to spear more of his black shaft into her. With a hard
lunge, Derek's cock lanced deeper into the groaning wife and mother, well
past her husband's accustomed depth, more deeply than she'd ever felt before.

The long deep thrusts and withdrawals sent Carol over the edge, her thigh
muscles now contracting around the mighty shaft within her whenever it
plunged deep into her womb. "Ohhh ... ohhhh ... ohhhh ... ohhh ...
ohhhh ... !" she chanted in timing with each thrust. She was pumping and
rolling her hips hard up into Derek's. Her breathing was in loud gasps and
moans. She was clinging to him with all of her strength.

With long deep strokes, Derek deliberately slowed his pumping action to let
the beautiful Mrs. Lambert feel every long thick inch of his long black
horsecock as he buried all ten inches to the hilt repeatedly. He'd wanted to
bend her over and do her the first time he'd seen her and now that he was in
her ... he was determined to do it right and fuck her brains out.

His partner Leon has been watching Derek put the boots to their boss's hot
wife as he stroked his big cock to it's full long thick length. He moved up
by her head and turned it towards him, rubbing his own ten thick inches of
rock hard black horsecock over her face and lips.

Carol looked up at him with her soft blue eyes and he held her gaze,
smirking. He then guided her mouth to his massive black cock, holding her
head firmly in place as he knelt beside her. She rarely had blown Frank,
because she didn't really enjoy it and disliked the taste of his sperm, but
found herself wantonly licking her husband's black employee's big cock as
he presented it to her.

JT watched as his step-mom opened her mouth and started to lick at it as
though it were a big lollypop and it was soon slipping past her full puffy
lips, into her mouth. Leon pushed it in deeper and deeper until he was
ramming it all the way to the hilt down her throat as he increased his pace
and face fucked her.

She was now taking on both men in her back yard in a horny rage. Sucking and
fucking the two black men as though she was on her honeymoon all over again.
Wave after wave of pleasure was flowing through her like electricity, as the
man beside her picked up speed and began to face fuck her with long deep
strokes of his massive ramrod, his thick pubic hair filling her nostrils on
every deep throating pump between her full puffy lips.

JT's excitement grew as he watched Leon fuck in and out of his sexy
step-mom's soft pink lips, deep into the hot confines of her lovely mouth
and throat. Meanwhile Derek never missed a stroke and rammed his big dick
hard and deep as Carol deep throated on his buddy's black horsecock.

After several minutes Leon was about to lose his load and ordered "Look up at
me, Mrs. Lambert! I want to see your beautiful blue eyes when I shoot my cum
down your throat!"

Carol was forced to comply, feeling the jerk on her hair. JT saw Carol's eyes
widened when she felt the cock swell and begin to twitch. She began to shake
as Leon groaned and unleashed stream after stream of thick slimy cum down
Carol's gulping throat.

Swallow or choke to death were the only options for JT's beautiful step-mom,
as the thick slimy jism began to slide down her quivering throat. She
swallowed Leon's heavy lode and gobbled down every drop except for the small
amount of cum that overflowed her choking mouth and trickled down her chin.

"Ohhhh, Mrs. Lambert, I'm gonna cum in you now, I'm gonna cum!" Derek
groaned. There was no way in hell that he'd even consider pulling out at
this point. Desperate to achieve her climax, Carol begged "Oh, please ...
please ... fuck me, fuck me ... I ... I ... don't care ... shoot it in
me ... shoot your cum in me, just fuck me, please fuck me!"

Grasping her flaring white hips, Derek reared back slowly till just the tip
of his cock remained captured in her snug hole, then slammed forward will
all his might, burying his ten inch horsecock balls deep into her womb.
"Argggggggg ... ohhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhhhhh ... its so ... so
bigggggg ... so deeeeppppp!" Carol groaned as the fucking sped up to
jackhammer speed.

"Ohhhh ... ohhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhh, my
GGGGooodddddddddddd ... yeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!" Carol moaned loudly, her
back arching as a powerful orgasm shook her. This was all Derek could handle.
"Oh, baby ... you sweet little pussy!" he groaned, body convulsing as his
cock began to belch out its hot potent cream, deep into her fertile womb and
filling his boss's wife's hot snatch with thick potent semen.

Carol groaned as the thick cocked was pulled out of her with a loud 'pop'.
She struggled to get up, her thighs hurt so bad from being widely split
apart, her cunt felt as if it was torn inside from the thick monstrosity.
Then before she could make it to her feet she was again being manhandled
and found herself now in the middle of the blanket on all fours.

"My turn for the uppity Mrs. Lambert! Gonna teach you a fucking lesson!"
Leon growled. Shuffling up on the blanket, Leon got into position behind her
upraised little ass. He was gonna really give it to her, JT thought as he
looked down at the lurid scene, capturing it all on videotape.

"Go ahead and scream all you want Mrs. Lambert!" Leon advised, grasping her
by her flaring hips and grinding his hardening prong in between her soft
white cheeks. "Wake up the whole neighborhood so everybody can come see you
taking on two black men. What would your husband Frank think, huh bitch? You
laying out here butt naked, coming on to us, begging us to fuck you. Think
he's gonna want you after you fucked us?"

It finally registered in Carol's lust crazed mind that this big black stud
intended on sodomizing her. He was actually intending to fuck her in the
ass. As she felt the hard cockhead nuzzling between her asscheeks up against
her tightly puckered little anus, she feared the pain would kill her, but
she also knew she couldn't do anything to stop it.

He was right. She'd be totally humiliated if anyone knew what she was doing.
Frank would leave her. It may have started out as something she hadn't
wanted ... but it was so good. She'd never felt so alive, so overcome with
lust and she'd been much more than willing as she milked the cum out of their
long thick black dicks.

As the cockhead began to cave her anus inward and push into her resisting
little asshole, the pain was already so unbearable. Reaching out to a nearby
towel, she dragged it to her and bit down into it. She bit down just in time
as Leon gained a foothold and slammed brutally into her once cherry ass. She
moaned into the towel as Leon powerfully hammered his thick cock up her glove
tight little asshole in a series of long thrusts.

"OH! Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh! Uh! OHHHHH!" she cried.

"Ahhhhhuhhhyeh ohfuckyes!" Leon gasped, gritting his teeth, his fingers
digging into the softness of her creamy buttocks, his head flung back as he
flexed his buttocks and ground his hips forward.

His cock squeezed deeper and deeper into her tight little asshole. Carol's
fingers tightened into a fist and her face creased in pain. Then, incredibly
to her, the pain changed in nature and his cock felt incredibly good in her
anus, hot and hard, searing inexorably inward. Deeper and deeper it went,
and Leon groaned, burying the enormity of his long thick black penis in her
tiny anus, his hips pressing tightly to her buttocks.

She whimpered, writhing her buttocks erotically in his crotch. Leon gasped,
running his hands down her body to squeeze her big breasts as he sodomized
Carol. Her body rocked and jerked under his thrusts as he pounded her hard
and deep. After a few more minutes he slid his hands back onto her flaring
hips, locking her in place as her heavy breasts jogged and bounced wildly.

He moaned thickly, his hands on her hips, pulling her glove tight anus
up and down the length of his thick black horsecock.
"Ohfuckohfuckohfuckohhhhuhhhhyeh Oh yeah c'mon take it take it Mrs. Lambert,
take it!" he gasped, his chest heaving.

JT could hardly believe his ears as Carol moaned out, "Yes uhhh yes uhhh
ohmauhhhh yes uhhh ohyes oh yes do it, baby ... fuck me! Fuck my ass,
stud ... fuck my ass ... give it to me lover ... fuck my ass ... c'mon,
fuck it hard, you big black stud! Fuck me!"

His mouth hanging open, panting and gasping like a wild animal, Leon rammed
it heavily into her tight little asshole. Carol cried out thinly, lurching
and jerking as he ram fucked her up the ass furiously, hammering his hips
at her buttocks, reaming his cock balls deep into her little shitter.

JT's cock dripped pre cum and his hand became slick with sperm, it slipped
up and down his shaft, as he watched his step-mom have her ass fucked by a
big black horsecock. "Just look at her go," he thought. "She loves it."

Leon drilled her anus, skewering it heavily, going in deep and sodomizing
her thoroughly as his big cock spewed out a heavy load of his potent jism.
Carol exploded in another all consuming orgasm as her butt was flooded with
a heavy load of cum. Carol's orgasm lasted about 20 seconds, and when she
finished gasping for air, she lay still, exhausted and sore.

Leon pulled out of her well used asshole with a loud plop and rolled over
onto his back as Carol fell forward onto the blanket.

When the guys had recovered, Leon pulled her naked body up over him and told
her to put it in. Carol was lost in her lust. Nothing else existed at the
moment and she automatically grabbed it in one hand and started to fit it
into her hot wet pussy. They both groaned as she slowly slid down the long
thick black horsecock and took in all the way to the hilt. Settling herself
on it she began to ride him. Derek watched fascinated as his buddy's big
black cock disappeared between Carol's legs.

JT knew what Derek wanted as moved into position behind Carol. His massive
cock was in his hand as he aimed his wide cockhead at her tiny puckered anus.
His cockhead caved it inward and slipped in. She groaned and relaxed her
straining sphincter. He was able to slip in a few more inches. Groaning she
relaxed even more and Derek drove forward up her glove tight asshole until
he was buried to the hilt.

"God you're so tight Mrs. Lambert!" he said gripping her flaring hips. "And
wet!" Leon said filling his strong hands with her big jiggling tits. They
worked up a rhythm, each man feeling the other's thick cock through the thin
membrane separating them.

>From his vantage point at his bedroom window JT couldn't believe his eyes.
His sexy step-mom was turned into an Oreo cookie. The cream filling between
the two powerfully humping black men and about to be cream filled herself.

They double-teamed her for what seemed forever. Sweat glistened on their
bodies as the each raced towards a climax. "Tell me when you're ready to cum,
man," Derek finally told his friend.

"I'm almost there buddy. This is unfuckingbelievable! Frank's hot assed wife
is really something special." Leon groaned out increasing his thrusting.
Carol moaned, her pussy and asshole stretched beyond believe by her husband's
employees. She was full of black cock and would again be shot full of their

"Oh god I'm gonna cum!" she moaned out loud.

"So are we!" the men said in unison. With a gasp they shot their loads into
her. Her pussy spasmed around Leon's pulsating cock and with her ass
squeezing Derek's cock she milked them both dry before they pulled out of
her. They lay their for several minutes, then the two men both stood, and
using Carol's towel, cleaned them selves up.

They dressed, and walked off toward the front of the house, then one looked
back and told Carol that if she told a soul about this she'd be sorry. "This
could happen to your sweet-assed daughter's Mrs. Lambert, so keep your mouth
shut, understand? We know lots of homeboys who'd love to take care of them
for us if you cause any trouble." She nodded her head as she lay exhausted
on the blanket and he turned and disappeared around the corner.

JT's cock was so hard it hurt. He took out the tape he'd made and returned
the camera to his parents closet before he hurried down to the back yard. He
got there just as Carol slowly got up, her ass and pussy dripping cum and
sore like never before.

JT's cock stood straight up, his 8 inches harder than ever before. She was
oblivious to the fact that she was naked in front of her teenaged stepson as
he told her that he'd come home early and had seen her fucking the two black
guys who worked for his dad.

"Well mommy ... if you want me to keep this quiet its going to cost you," he
told her. "I expect you to put out for me whenever I want from now on or I'll
tell dad what I saw. You fucking his two black workers like a two dollar

She got a dear in the headlights look in her eyes, then looked down at JT's
exposed manhood. Carol was surprised to see that it was much larger than his
fathers'. She gave out a sigh and dropped to her knees, resigned to her fate.
She knew that she was trapped and she was willing to do whatever it took to
keep him quiet. She cupped his balls in one hand as she worked the head and
shaft of his cock with her tongue. Then she took it into her mouth and went
down on her teenaged stepson.

JT grunted and took his step-mom's head in his hands and fucked her mouth and
throat the way he'd seen Leon do it. After several minutes his balls twitched
and he came straight down her throat. Carol swallowed it all and struggled
not to choke on his huge load. She was surprised as she found that she liked
the taste of JT's jism. Maybe it's an acquired taste she thought as she
licked her lips to get the last delicious drops of his teenaged semen.

JT helped his step-mom up and he smiled as he helped her walk to the house,
one arm around her with her boob cupped in his hand. She really needed a
shower. The day hadn't exactly gone to plan, he thought, but it certainly
had been interesting and he had plenty of time to fuck her before the rest
of the family came home. If she had any second thoughts he could always
control her with the treat of showing his dad the videotape he'd made of
her fucking two black guys. 'Man was this a lucky day or what,' he thought
he he fondled his step-mom's fleshy tit on the way into the house.


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