Step By Step: In Jail (M/F,inter,bmail,ncon)
by Wilcox

It was Christmas Eve and Frank and Carol Lambert were sitting in the living
room of their big house. They had just finished putting out all of the
brightly wrapped presents for their combined family and they sat back
admiring their beautifully decorated Christmas tree. They cuddled, tired
from a long day of preparation for the biggest family holiday of the year.

At the stroke of midnight their son JT came flying down the stairs, two steps
at a time, yelling, "It's Christmas. Time to open the presents."

Frank cut him off and reminded the excited teenager that the family opened
presents together ... at 6AM ... in the morning. "Get back the bed," Frank
told him.

After JT dejectedly returned up the stairs, Carol, who had been searching
through the pile of presents asked her husband, "Frank where's the train set
you picked up for Brendan. I thought that we could set it up going around the

A strange look crossed Frank's face and he sheepishly replied, "Train set. I
thought that you were going to pick it up honey."

"Why would I do that when you've been in the toy store for the last two weeks
on a remodeling job?" she told him pointedly.

"OK, OK ... I forgot," he admitted. Just then as he slapped his hands against
his sides he felt a hard object in his front pocket. He reached in and pulled
out a set of keys. A big smile flashed across his face as he happily told his
angered wife, "Wait a minute, I've got the keys to the store. I can go down
tonight and pick it up."

"You can't do that," she told him. "That would be breaking and entering."

"Not if I have the key and put the money for the train into the register," he
smiled back at her.

Frank ran over to the coat rack and grabbed his coat. As he was putting it on
he turned to Carol and said, "You can put the stocking stuffers together
while I'm out."

She looked at him blankly for a minute and then came over and put on her own
coat saying, "It looks like we both forgot something. I'm going with you."

They drove through the deserted streets and pulled up to the front of the
toy store. Frank and Carol got out and walked up to the door. As Frank was
inserting the key into the lock she said, "Are you sure about this Frank. It
doesn't feel right."

"Stop worrying. We're going to pay for everything aren't we? If anything it's
'entering with the intention of purchase' and I don't think that that's a
crime. Do you?" he asked her.

Frank opened the door and went in. Carol looked around the empty streets and
then followed her husband into the darkened toy store. Frank found the light
switch and turned on the lights as Carol moaned, "Frank, put out the lights
or someone will see us in here and think we're robbing the place."

"Nonsense, nobody's out tonight except for us." Frank replied. "Look for the
stocking stuffers and I'll look for the train set."

In a matter of several minutes Frank found the train set and Carol had
selected a huge pile of stocking stuffers for the kid's Christmas stockings.
Frank entered the items into the cash register and rang up the total. Just
as he was putting the cash into the till a policeman driving by outside
spotted the lights. He pulled over, looked through the window and saw them
at the opened cash register. The policemen rushed in with his weapon drawn
and confronted them.

"Hands up," he yelled just as Frank's hand hovered over the cash drawer with
a fistful of bills in his grasp. To Frank, he was putting it in. To the
policeman, Frank was taking it out. "You're under arrest," he told them.

"What for," Carol asked him.

"Well blondie," he told them as he put them both into handcuffs. "It looks
like I've caught you red handed. You're under arrest for robbing the store."

They tried to explain what had happened, but the officer told them was that
they could save it for the judge. He handcuffed them and put them into the
back of his cruiser as Carol tore into Frank for getting them into this
situation. The policeman took them downtown and they were booked and taken
back to a deserted cellblock with several empty cells in a row and a desk
for an officer to work at. They were led to a cell in front of the desk by
a huge black officer and were locked in.

The officer on night duty had a thing for sexy white woman, especially hot
looking blondes like Mrs. Carol Lambert. He took one look at Carol and knew
that he just had to fuck her brains out. He'd done it many times before.
These frightened white couples were easy prey for him.

He let them stew for a couple of hours as he listened to the angry wife
berate her husband to no end for getting them into this mess. "OH God Frank,"
she yelled him. "It's Christmas Eve and you've got us stuck in jail with that
crazy scheme of yours. OHHH, the kids will wake up and we won't be there.
Whatever will they think? We're going to miss Christmas, you idiot. I don't
know why I let you talk me into this in the first place."

The cop peeked around the corner and saw the dejected husband sitting on the
cell bunk with his head in his hands. "MMM, now's the time," he though as he
gave his big dick a squeeze.

He walked into the deserted cellblock and came up to the bars of the
Lambert's cell. "Well I've got some good and some bad news for you people.
The bad news is that the judge won't be in until Monday."

"That's three days from now," Carol moaned loudly. "You mean that we have to
sit in this cell for three days? It's Christmas for God's sake. Frank, I'm
going to kill you."

"Well now," the huge black cop continued. "There is a way out of this. I read
the report where you claimed that this was all a big misunderstanding. That
you had the keys to the store and were putting money for the items you had in
your possession into the cash register. Not stealing money and items as it
looked to the arresting officer."

"OH thank God you believe us," Carol gushed. "You don't know how grateful I
am. Oh there must be some way we can thank you for this."

"Well honey, there is a way," the huge black cop leered at the pretty blonde
wife and mother. "I'll let you bail yourself and your husband's sorry ass out
of here. That's the good news. Only, it won't be with money. You're going to
have to fuck me to get out of here. You'll be cumming all over my big black
cock and I'm gonna let your limp dick husband watch me fuck your brains out,
how's that sound? I heard what you've been telling him. It'll serve the
bastard right to see you enjoying a big black dick twice the size of his."

Frank said, "Honey, don't do it. There's got to be another way."

Carol looked at her husband and then at the huge black cop. She looked him
over from head to toe. He stood a good 6' 6" and was as solid as a block of
granite with broad shoulders and a very muscular build. "No, Frank. I do have
too. You made sure of that. I want to be home with the kids for Christmas and
this is the only way that I can make that happen. It's all your fault...
dear, so sit back and watch what happens when you talk me into one of your
crazy schemes."

She looked her husband in the eyes as the big cop unlocked the cell and let
her out. He locked it again behind her, and then the huge black cop grabbed
her and held her close as he kissed her forcefully. When he finally let her
go the huge cop told her, "You're going to have to take care of me real good
sweetcakes, if you want to get yourself and your husband out of jail tonight.
If you back out or don't make it real good, I'll put you and your limp dick
husband in with a group of real hard cases in the next cell block. Those boys
would love to screw your brains out and fuck his tight white ass."

Carol knew that he meant it and after a long look at her husband she nodded
her head in acceptance. The cop unbuttoned his shirt and told her to tongue
his chest and nipples. She moved up close and as her tongue slid over his
ripped chest he told her to reach down and take his big dick out. Carol
looked over at her husband as she reached down and unzipped the big black
stud's pants. She reached in and felt the biggest cock she could have ever
imagined throbbing in her fingers.

She pulled it out, amazed the length and thickness of the coal black penis
that emerged. It was over a foot long and thicker than her wrist. There was
a wide vein running the length of its underside and thick protruding veins
crisscrossed its astounding length. She looked at it wide-eyed as she slowly
began to jerk off the cop's 12-inch black billy club.

Frank's wife and the big cop were standing near the bars, their sides towards
him, and he could see her small white hand stroking the massive black rod of
male muscle. He couldn't believe his eyes as he saw the big cop push her head
down and he watched in stunned silence as Carol's tongue flicked out and she
began to lick and tease the cop's long thick black horsecock.

His beautiful blonde wife Carol was very good at sucking cock. She had full,
pouty lips that were made for giving head and every guy she'd ever dated had
wanted her to go down on him. Frank had been no exception and that was one of
the biggest reasons why he'd married her. He knew she gave one hell of a blow
job ... but there was no way Carol would get that monster dick into her mouth
and down her throat, as thick as it was.

Carol kissed the mushroom head a few times. Stopped and stared at the cop's
big black horsecock for a few seconds and then went to town on it. At first
she only took a few inches, but swayed to her left and right as she worked
her pouty lips down around the thick shaft. The cop began to pump his dick
in, driving it deeper with each push. Carol was taking it all in with some
difficulty but she was a very experienced cocksucker and knew the trick of
doing it without gagging. After a few minutes she was taking the foot-long
black horsecock down her throat.

Frank was confused as he felt his dick began to harden at the lurid display
on the other side of the bars. He couldn't believe that he was getting
aroused at the sight of his wife's throat expanding as she sucked the cock
of another man, a big black man to boot, with a dick that was twice the size
of his. He was actually getting off seeing the big black cop pulling his
wife's head closer. His thick black fingers curled in Carol's silky blonde
hair, giving her no choice in the matter as he drove his long thick cock
down her throat.

He looked at Carol bent over in her tight jeans, swaying her perfect little
ass and began to stroke his dick through his pants. It was turning him on
big time as he watched her shaking her firm meaty buns and he felt a tingle
when the big cop slapped her sexy ass as she sucked his big black cock.

The cop was close to cumming when he pulled her off his glistening dick, spun
her around and rubbed his big cock against her ass as he kissed her neck and
began to fondle her full ripe tits.

"Baby I love your melon tits," he told her. "I think they're one of the best
sets I've ever seen. They're so full and big. I love how they jiggle around
under your blouse. Get that top off sweetcheeks."

The cop pulled the button off her jeans, grasped them and pulled them down
over her flaring hips and sexy ass. As soon as they were past her pussy the
black cops's hand reached between her legs and Frank watched as he began
teasing his wife's pussy with his big fingers. The cop then slid his other
hand up over her firm lush body and cupped a big tit. "Oh yeah," he moaned
into Carol's ear as he caressed her tits for a few minutes before ripping
her bra off.

He then lifted her and placed her ass on the edge of his desk. He sat in his
chair and pulled her long sexy legs wide apart. He pushed her down so that
she was laying her on her back and then began to eat her sweet blonde-fringed
pussy. Carol began to moan inspite of herself and after several minutes of
the cop's expert tonguing she shook all over as a powerful climax swept
through her.

The cop didn't even give her time to rest as he walked around the desk and
pushed his throbbing black rod into her mouth. As Carol started to suck his
dick once again, the cop looked into Frank's cell and smiled at him as he
showed Frank how much his sweet assed little wife loved his big black cock.

After several minutes he came in her mouth and Frank could see his faithful
wife Carol gulping the black cop's thick cum as she swallowed it all down,
missing only a small amount as it oozed out of her mouth and dribbled over
her pouty lips onto her beautiful face.

The big cop then pulled out of her mouth and moved her to the center of the
desk. He climbed up over her, straddling her chest and pushed her melon
breasts together around his dick. The big black cop began to slowly tittyfuck
her, getting himself hard again. The harder he got, the longer it stretched
until his big cock was sliding in and out of Carol's mouth once again.

After several more minutes the cop rose up and moved down her body. He
grabbed her ankles in his strong grip, lifting then high and hooking her long
sexy legs over his powerful shoulders. Carol's long sexy legs were pointing
straight up to the ceiling as the long thick black horsecock slid through her
juicy slit and found the moist opening to her warm squishy cunt.

Carol was now panting in panic and fear as the large black cockhead delved
into her golden fleece and parted her moist slit, rubbing up and down with
pressure being placed to split her wide open. "Please, please don't ...
havn't you done enough to me ... please don't fuck me!" came her desperate

Suddenly the cop reared back and slammed forward with all his might.
"Aieeeeeeeeeeee ... it hurts, ... stop, nooooo ... please ...
aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" screamed Carol. This was sheer music to the cop's
ears, hearing the screams of a beautiful white woman and that of a
beautiful blonde wife and mother while her husband watched to boot.

"Ahh....Ahh....Ahh....Ahhh....Agggggg...." continued Carol's desperate groans
as the thick black horsecock began to tunnel its way deep into her moist
slick cavern. It was a snug fit and it took two more powerful thrusts by him
to bury his long thick cock's bloated head into the gasping white woman's
tautly stretched womb.

He let his black horsecock enjoy its full length buried in the warm
comforting resting-place, then withdrew until only the tight tender walls
enveloped the cockhead. Suddenly he darted forward with all his might
burying himself fully again. Again and again and again the huge black cop
repeated his action.

On the tenth plunge Carol's long white legs stiffened, toes pointing to
the ceiling as a mind shattering orgasm overtook her trembling body. "Oh,
God ... nooooo ... I'm cominggggggggggggg..." she screamed, as her body
convulsed as in a seizure. "Ohhh ...ohhhh ...ohhhh ...ohhh ...ohhhh ...!"

Carol now chanted in time with each rapid thrust into her glove tight snatch.
Then the strokes slowed as the cop wanted the beautiful housewife to feel
every fucking inch of his long thick black cock and for her husband to see it
as well.

He was caught by surprise as the blonde beauty began arching up to keep his
cock deep within her snatch. He smiled as he felt her white body tense then
shudder in convulsions, hearing the lovely beauty cry out "Oh, God ....oh,
God ....I'm cumminnggggg agaaaiiinnnnnnnn!" Holding her trembling asscheeks
up to him, his twelve-inch cock buried to the hilt, the cop took great
pleasure in seeing this beautiful white wife react with such a powerful

The long deep thrusts and withdrawals had an overpowering effect on Carol's
ravaged body, her vaginal muscles began to contract upon the mighty shaft
within her whenever it plunged deep into her womb, milking the overthick
black shaft with a mind of it's own.

"Oh God, Fuck me ... fuck me harder, fuuuuuuuuuuuuck me you big black
stud!!!!!" Carol began to lift her sexy ass off the desk to meet the thrust
of the of the cop's big dick.

"You know what, this isn't good enough. Stand up bitch," he said as he pulled
out and led her to the cell next to her husband's. He opened the door and
threw her down on the bed pressed up against the bars. Frank was sitting on
the adjoining bed in the next cell, only inches away from them as the black
cop rolled Carol up onto her hands and knees and began to fuck her doggie
style so that her husband could get a real good look and see just what a real
man could do with his hotassed little wife.

"You love my big black cock, don't you bitch," he asked her as he buried all
twelve inches to the hilt.

"Uhh Huh," she moaned softly.

"You've orgasmed what ... four times?" he gloatingly asked for Frank to hear.

"Six," she softly moaned again.

"You want to cum some more?" he asked.

"Uhh huh," she softly moaned again.

"Then beg me to fuck you up the ass bitch," he commanded as he looked Frank
in the eye.

Carol knew she had no choice but she couldn't bring herself to say it.

As Carol fought to withstand the fierce pounding from behind, the cop grasped
her by her trim hips and spun her face first towards her husband. He pushed
her hard against the bars and her outstretched hands wrapped around them,
otherwise her head would have crashed into them.

"Oh, please ... please, don't!" she pleaded. Then she felt the thick cock
pull out of her juicy cunt with a popping sound. It slid down her crack and
nuzzled in between her meaty buns behind her and probed at her tiny puckered
anus "Oh, no, nooooo ... please no, I've never let anyone do that to me,
please no!"

The cop couldn't believe his good fortune, a sweet white virgin ass for his
to take and right in front of her white boy husband to boot. It didn't get
much better than this. Grasping Carol's flaring white hips, he lunged forward
with all of his might. Her asshole caved inward and her anal defenses were
overcome by his massive battering ram.

"Aeeiiiiiiieeeeeeeee ... nooooooooooo ... argggggggggghhhhhhhhhh ...
ohhhhhhhhhhh!" came Carol's high-pitched scream as her once virgin ass
was torn apart. Four thick inches were forced into her with the initial
plunge, then the cop reared back and slammed his hips forward again.
"Arrrgggggghhhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhhhhh!" Carol screamed as the foot long
black cock tore through her overmatched sphincter and buried itself deep
into her bowels.

Deeper and deeper it went, and the big cop groaned, burying the enormity
of his long thick black penis in her tiny anus, his hips pressing tightly
to her buttocks. Carol thought she was about to die from the pain. She
groaned in shame and agony as the long black cock began to fuck her up
the ass without mercy under her husband's watching eyes. Never had she
imagined anything could be so painful as this big black cop sodomizing her
could. She moaned as the black hands on her hips moved under her and began
to finger her now moist slit.

The cop really had Carol going now. He flicked her throbbing clit and began
to finger fuck her moist hole. All the while he continued to fuck her tight
little asshole with long deep strokes. "Oh ... ohhh ... ohhh ... ohhhhh ...
ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" Carol moaned from the unwanted stimulation. She whimpered,
writhing her buttocks erotically in his crotch.

The cop gasped, running his hands down her body to squeeze her breasts as
he sodomized Carol slowly, deeply and thoroughly. His cock ground in and out
of her anus, glistening and gleaming with their juices for Frank to see.
"Man, your wife's got a nice tight little asshole here boy," he told Frank
with a big smile.

She moaned and shuddered, rocking to and fro under him like a bitch in deep
rut. Her body rocked and jerked under his thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging
and bouncing as he moaned thickly, his hands moving back onto Carol's flaring
hips, pulling her anus up and down the length of his thick cock.

The cop couldn't believe his good fortune in nailing this beautiful blonde
housewife's cherry white ass. Her dumb husband didn't know what he was
missing and he made a point to let Frank know how good it was for him as he
sodomized his sweet assed wife right in front of him. "Your beautiful little
wife will always remember who got to her sweet little ass first," he gloated
to Frank. "Oh, baby, gonna cum in your sweet white ass!" the cop groaned.
Then, the torrent of hot cum flooded her bowels. Carol groaned and her body
convulsed from the stimulation of her clit and the hot flooding in her ass.
Carol moaned, never having experienced an orgasm as powerful as this one
forced upon her by a big black stranger in a jail cell.

Frank sat there with his wife looking at him from only a few feet away, her
big tits bouncing, her ass filled with long thick black horsecock, her facial
expression showing that this was the best fuck she'd ever had and most likely
the best time of her life. Frank couldn't help from getting an erection as he
looked at his wife as a black dick that was at least twice the size of his
fucked her.

The cop then pulled out of her ass and a moment later, Carol lay on the bed
pleading her black tormentor for mercy. Begging him not to fuck her again.
Carol was afraid that she would be torn in two by the size of his cock, her
husband Frank's penis was a mere toy compared to the cop's hefty black one.

"Oh please, no please! Please don't fuck me again, you're far too big for
me!" she pleaded as his hands alternated between her tight ass and full
bouncing tits. He loved to fuck and Carol was the best piece of ass he'd had
in a long time, he just had to fuck her again.

Hovering over the white wife, the cop placed his oozing cockhead at the
entrance to her moist slit. Burrowing his big cock forward, he got her slick
cuntlips spread wide to allow part of his cockhead to slip forward. Carol was
still dazed from the overpowering orgasm that had consumed her as he fit into
her again. The cop realized this and watched her face react in agony when he
grasped her hips and slammed his nightstick home. "Owwwwwww ... ohhhh,
stop ... ohhhhh ... oh, please ... ohhhhhh, you're tearing me!" Carol
screeched, her eyes now wide open in absolute terror.

Carol used her hands to push at the cop's broad shoulders and her feet pushed
at his thighs. But she was no match for this brutal black cop. As his long
strokes allowed the demanding cock to inch its way into her womb, the rubbing
of her sensitive clit now had her hands clutching at the broad shoulders and
her trim white legs moving over the pumping black ass. "Oh, God, ohhhhhhh ...
I'm cummmmming ... !" Carol groaned loudly, hunching up as her body shook in

The cop slowed up his strokes as Carol came back down to earth. He bent down
and softly kissed her on her open mouth, slipping his tongue just inside,
while at the same time continuing to slip into her incredible tight box.
Carol instinctively pursed her lips slightly as his lips touched hers,
enveloping his tongue and giving him a hot deep kiss as he worked his big
black dick in her sweet honey pot. Then the cop began to taunt her "What do
you think your hubby's's thinking now, baby? Cumming on a big black cock
like a nasty whore!"

The taunting and the increasing speed of the fuck brought Carol out of her
stupor. "Please, please no ... don't cum in me again!" she pleaded. The
humping was wild and the bed creaked as never before. The cop was riding
this hot little housewife to the finish line. "Oh, baby, you sweet little
bitch! Ahhhhh ... here it cummmmmsss ... ohhhhhh!" the cop groaned as his
cock unleashed a heavy lode of his hot thick jism. His body convulsed as
the innocent wife clung to him tightly, her trim ankles locking behind his
back to squeeze his quivering ass closer.

"I'm cumming in your beautiful wife's tight white cunt you worthless
bastard," the cop howled at Frank as he flooded Carol's glove tight pussy
with his potent semen. He kept himself buried until he began to soften,
then lifted off of Carol's well-used body. He stood and looked down at his
handiwork, then winked at Frank as he rolled her onto her side so that her
husband could see Carol's gaping holes oozing out his thick cum.

"OK, sweetcheeks get up, you can take your husband and go," he told her with
a big smile and a slap on the ass. "Consider the incident at the store paid
in full. I'll tear up the reports and it'll be like it never happened." Carol
pulled herself together and looked at her husband in the adjoining cell and
said, "Come on Frank, were out of here, but I'm not done with you yet. You
owe me big time and your going to pay ... and pay."

Half an hour later, the Lambert's arrived back home. Carol went into the
kitchen and made some coffee and hot chocolate for themselves and the kids,
acting as though nothing had happen. She heard the rush of feet as the kids
ran down to open their presents and she came into the living room with a
big, "Good morning guys. Merry Christmas."

Her daughter, Dana noticed her mom walking gingerly to the couch and asked
what happened to her. Carol replied that she had tripped coming down the
stairs earlier and strained a leg muscle. Actually, her leg muscles had been
strained by a huge black policeman pounding his 12" horsecock into her tight
pussy and asshole in a jail cell and stretching them as never before while
Frank watched, but she couldn't tell her innocent young daughter that.


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