Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains graphic descriptions
of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does
not work this way. If you feel like trying this at home, seek help.

You wouldn't believe the number of requests I got for this. I had no idea the
show was this popular. Well, here goes, something that will hopefully satisfy

Step By Step: Hypno TV (Mf, mc)
by MAW

The campus student center was packed by the time Dana, Karen and Al arrived.
They were all sisters, Al actually being a stepsister. Dana was the oldest,
with blond hair that bordered on totally white, a smooth figure, intelligent
features and piercing eyes. She wore a conservative outfit, with a pair of
slacks and a red vest over a black shirt. Karen was the kind of girl lusted
after by every man who saw her. She had long black hair, pouty lips, gorgeous
features, huge breasts and a killer body clad in a red dress designed to turn
heads. Al had changed from the tomboy of her youth to a beautiful young lady.
Her darkish-blond hair was in a ponytail, she had an athletic build and her
face was attractive when not showing attitude. Her white dress fell in
between the conservative Dana and the voluptuous Karen.

"How did I let you two talk me into this?" Dana asked.

"Well, I got the tickets free, your boyfriends are out on a boy's night, I
figured we'd enjoy a show," Al said. "Come on,it'll be fun."

"Well, I wish you'd told us where we were going when we left the house,"
Karen said. "This outfit is not the sort of thing I want to wear while
barking like a dog."

"I swear, if this is all part of a plan by J.T. to humiliate us, I'm going
to pay him back so bad," Dana said as the three sat down.

The lights dimmed and a spotlight came on stage as a man stepped out. He
appeared to be in his late thirties, with black hair and a sharp goatee,
piercing blue eyes and was wearing a dark suit. "Good evening," he said
in a deep voice. "I am John Gotos, your entertainment for the evening. Now,
I know there are a lot of misconceptions out there of hypnosis. Let me begin
by saying that I cannot make a person do anything they would not normally
do while awake. Hypnosis does exist and it can be used greatly as a
therapeutical tool. My purpose tonight is not to make fools of anyone but
to show some of the uses hypnosis can fulfill. To that end, I ask for some
volunteers for the audience." Scanning the crowd, John's eyes fell on the
table where Dana, Karen and Al sat. "Those three there will do nicely. If
you three girls can come on up."

Although reluctant, Dana and Karen followed Al onto the stage. That sat onto
three comfortable cushioned chairs that John had brought up. John quickly got
their names and where they were from. "Now girls, have any of you been
hypnotized before?" When they all answered no, John set up a small stand just
before the chairs. He turned it briefly so the audience could see it was a
simple white and black spiral. Activating it, John began his induction. "Now,
girls, all I want you to do is just relax. Just relax and listen to my voice,
that's the most important part of this. Just trust me and relax and let me
guide you. Now, look right at the center of the spiral. Just find a point
right at the center and look at it. Just keep staring at the center of the
spiral and listen to my voice. Just watch the center of the spinning wheel
and listen. You just watch the spiral spin around and around and watch the
patterns coming in to the center, where you're looking. Just keep watching
the center and relax.

"Keep your breathing even and deep. Just keep watching the spiral and listen
to my voice. As you watch and you listen, you are becoming aware of a feeling
of lethargy in you. You are beginning to feel tired. Just keep watching the
center of the spiral and your arms are beginning to feel very heavy. You
can't move them. You cannot move your legs either. Your entire body is
becoming heavy and you feel very tired. As you watch the spiral and listen to
my voice, you feel very tired. Your eyes are now feeling heavy. So heavy.
Your breathing is relaxed, your body is limp and your eyes are feeling so
heavy, all you want to do is close them. Just feel them getting heavier and
heavier until they shut. Just let them shut. Now, they are shut and you are
in a nice, restful sleep. Just sleep and listen to my voice."

Dana's head was slumped on her chest, Karen's rolled to one side and Al's
fell backward. John turned the spiral off but kept talking, leading the three
girls through a series of relaxing exercises meant to deepen their trances.
As a test, he told each girl that their left arm was as stiff as an iron bar.
He pushed on the extended arms, without making any headway. "As you can see,
the Foster girls are now in a deep hypnotic state. As such, they are
susceptible to suggestion and can even be convinced that they are
experiencing things that are not even there."

For the next hour, John showed the audience what he meant. He made the girls
believe they were at the mall, in a fashion show and a roller coaster. He
showed them having resistance to pain, experience hot and cold environments
and more. As another test, he woke them up, only to send them back under with
the phrase "Picasso bloomer." Saying the words instantly had them back under.
John encouraged the audience to give the three a large round of applause when
the show ended. "If you three will wait up, I'll remove the suggestions I
gave you," John said. "No need for you all to suffer some embarrassment."

John led them to his dressing room. It was more opulent than they expected,
with a small couch, a nice sofa chair and a futon on the floor. "Expecting
company?" Dana remarked.

"It just came," John smiled. "Picasso bloomer." The girls' eyes shut as they
swayed in place, once again under. Smiling, John had them sit on the couch.
He began to remove his clothing, pulling off his jacket, pants, tie and
shirt. He finally sat down, completely nude, onto the futon. "Girls, you
trust me in this state. You know I'm only here to help you. You want to do
everything I say. Now for starters, I'd like to know about any sexual history
you have." The answers gave him great insight into the girls' lives. Dana was
rather conservative, her boyfriend Rich being the only one she'd slept with.
She enjoyed it but also confessed a need for more spice. Karen's mother would
be shocked to hear that she had slept with at least a half-dozen guys. She
loved sex a lot more than her sisters' and took it any way with a special
fondness for anals. Al was still a virgin, although she had done a little
"experimentation" with facials. John was slightly disappointed at not being
able to pork her but he thought he could still have some fun.

"Girls, listen to me very carefully. You are asleep now and are dreaming. It
is a wonderful dream. A very erotic, very sexual dream. You've had them
before, no reason to be modest. Just indulge in it. Let your feelings come
loose, let yourself be overcome by these erotic thoughts. As you listen to
what I say, you will obey and will feel great pleasure by obeying. Do
you understand?"

"..Yes.." Three voices answered him.

"Undress, girls. Undress and let me see you."

They slowly obeyed, stripping off shirts, shoes, dresses, pants and underwear
until they all stood nude in front of John. Admiring the three lovely nubile
forms in front of him, John stood up, taking Dana by the hand. While he
lightly stroked her hair, he spoke to the others. "Al, Karen, while I attend
to Dana, the two of you sit on the couch and think of your most erotic
moments or thoughts. And as you think of these, you will become more and more
excited. So very excited. An excitement that will thrill you until I come for
you." John did have some moral code that made the idea of incest abhorrent
to him. While the thought of the three girls pawing at each other was
intriguing, it simply wasn't right.

John led Dana to the futon and lay her down, embracing and kissing her. Her
face looked even more beautiful in sleep and he lovingly lapped his tongue
around it. Dana answered him slowly, letting her tongue drag along his mouth.
John moved down her body, letting his mouth stay at one of her tightened
nipples. He kissed it lovingly, then pulled Dana up as he lay on the futon.
On his back, he positioned Dana onto his erect cock, so she was actually
sitting on his member. He began to slowly thrust himself in and out of her.
Despite her entranced state, Dana quickly got herself into a rhythm that
matched his. He let his hands drift up her body, squeezing her pert breasts
together. Dana began to moan as she felt herself build towards climax. Her
hypnotized mind could only comprehend the pleasure she was receiving and
didn't want it to stop. She arched back as she continued to gyrate atop John,
even as he continued to squeeze her breasts. John came, shooting himself into
her, eliciting a huge gasp as she orgasmed, more pleasure than she could

Pushing the limp Dana off, John turned to the couch where her hypnotized
sisters sat. Both were rubbing viciously at their own clits, with juices
coming out. John took Karen by the hand and pulled her into a kiss. She
responded fiercely, almost biting his lip in half. They sat together as they
kissed. He broke off to bury his head in between her large mounds, kissing
the curves of her breasts. He moved behind her, pushing her to all fours. He
entered her from behind, setting up a smooth tempo. Karen groaned as he
jammed his cock in and out of her ass, her preference for anal apparent. He
pinched at her buttocks as he continued to insert himself in and out of her.
He finally unloaded into her, an act that produced a huge cry.

Removing his cum-covered cock, John turned to his final subject. He knew he
couldn't pop Al's cherry, but there was something he could do. He pushed his
cock into the former tomboy's face. Al quickly took the hint, gripping the
rod with both hands and placing it in her mouth. She let her tongue wrap
around the penis as her fingers pinched the balls. Groaning, John let Al do
the work, kissing and licking the cock as he slowly pushed it in and out of
her mouth. He couldn't believe the amount of sexual energy Al had stored.
Whoever did take her virginity was in for a wild time. He shot his wad down
her throat and let her swallow it as she continued to lick him. He waited
until he was sure she had licked away all his cum before pulling his cock
out of her mouth.

John stood up and quickly redressed, having the girls do the same. He wiped
away any obvious clues to what had happened and began removing all memories
of the incident as well as the various small suggestions he had put in
through the night. He would have loved taking some more time with the girls,
but he knew that if they didn't get home soon, suspicion would be aroused.
He left in the trigger phrase before waking them up.

As the three left, John watched them go. He was impressed. The sisters were
the best subjects he'd had in a long time. Who knew? If his tour ever took
him back around here again, he'd have to look them up. In the meantime, he
had a lot more stops to make and a lot more people to meet.


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