Step By Step: Dana's Rape (MMF,spank,ncon)
by Anonymous

Dana Foster slowed as she reached the door to the house. She'd been on a date and she was late getting home. She didn't want her boyfriend Rich to know she'd been seeing another guy behind his back.

Dana was eighteen years old. Her mother had married Frank Lambert years ago and the two families were still trying to blend together into a single family unit.

Dana was plain but she had a fairly decent body. She had a small chest and no charms. She had pasty bleached blonde hair, which fell down to her wimpy shoulders. Her hips were still mostly straight, but her backside had some curves. She was a staunch feminist.

Her late entry had been noticed by the two men standing in the darkened living room. They had discussed the situation and decided that Dana was too much of a bitch and needed to be taught a lesson in respecting others.

Rich and JT were drunk as they waited for their prey to come home. She had been out late and was cheating on Rich, and they felt she should be punished for this, they were going to rape her and take the cunt down a few pegs.

Dana tried to open the door quietly, but as she slowly pushed it forward, Rich pulled the door open suddenly. Dana fell into the room and onto the floor.

Both boys were turned on by the sight of Dana's ass, even in panties, as she lay stunned on the floor, she slowly got to her feet.

"Where the hell have you been?" yelled Rich.

"I was out with the girls," said Dana. She knew instantly it was the wrong thing to say. She knew neither of them was ready to believe her lame excuse.

"Why are you seeing another guy Barky?" demanded JT Lambert.

"He's nice, he's intelligent, he treats me like a nice girl, unlike Rich. And mind your own business dickwad!" Dana snapped at her stepbrother.

"Has he fucked you yet?" yelled Rich.

Dana stared at both of them. "That isn't any of your business." she shouted back.

"You live in this house, whore, it's our business," said JT. He didn't like Dana using his best friend. "Now answer your boyfriend, did you fuck this guy!?" he growled at Dana. She knew she was in trouble.

Dana's eyes filled with tears as she tried to get sympathy from Rich, but she anyway. "Not that it is any of your business, but no, I haven't," said Dana.

"I'll bet you are lying, slut," said JT.

"Rich! How can you let him talk to me like that?" she asked.

"Because that's what little whores in short skirts are called," said Rich. "When you fell, we saw your panties. How about the guys at school? They feel you up?"

Dana stared at both the guys, she couldn't believe their nerve. "I am going up to bed," she announced angrily. "We will talk about this in the morning Rich, providing you can discuss this rationally and without the moron at your side."

Dana turned to leave, but her hand was grabbed by Rich. He swung her back around. "You'll leave the room when we say," said Rich. "Now, how far have you gone with this other guy?"

"None of your business!" Dana shrieked angrily.

JT slapped Dana and she fell to the floor. God that felt good JT thought to himself.

"How far have you gone?" Rich repeated again.

Dana rubbed her cheek as she stared up at her tormenters. She was scared by the look in their eyes. "I haven't fucked the guy. I'm still a virgin." Dana replied quietly to them.

Rich and JT looked at the oldest Foster daughter, then at each other. They started to laugh loudly. "How about that?" said JT. "The little slut is a virgin."

"How do we know she is telling the truth?" asked Rich.

"The only way I know is to check her," said JT loudly. He turned to Dana, again on her feet. "Take off your panties!"

Dana stared at JT. "Wh-what?" she stammered.

"He said take off your panties, slut," said Rich. "Are you deaf as well as dumb?"

Dana started to cry in earnest. She slid her hands under her skirt, and pulled down her panties. JT held out his hand. "Give them to me," he commanded.

Dana silently handed her panties over to JT. He held them up. They were red. He stared at them as Rich came to his side and examined the underwear closely. "Pull up your skirt," he said in a threatening voice.

Dana's chest heaved as she started to hold her skirt up for them. JT stared at his golden blonde stepsister. He found himself getting hard. He knew Rich was getting the same idea he was.

"Now let's see if you are telling the truth," said JT. He sucked on a finger, then slowly sank it down and into Dana's dry cunt. "Oh, my god!" screamed Dana. She couldn't believe her own stepbrother had a finger in her. Rich grabbed her shoulders as JT started to thrust in and out with his finger. He felt her cherry, and he laughed loudly.

"She's telling the truth," said JT. "You have to feel how tight this bitch is buddy."

Rich reached around his girlfriend, and he slid a finger into her vagina. Dana screamed. Two fingers were in her mound, both of them belonged to her boyfriend and stepbrother.

"Take them out," Dana demanded. "Or I'll tell mom and Frank."

"So tell them," said JT.

"Yeah," said Rich. "They don't scare us. We'll just deny we did anything."

Both boys pulled their fingers out. Rich sucked on his finger. JT stared, then did the same.

"She tastes good," said JT.

Rich nodded. "She's got an attitude, though." he said.

"We'll have to change that." JT responded.

Dana's eyes went from brother to boyfriend. She couldn't believe they were so casually discussing the way she tasted, and punishing her. "How do we punish her?" asked Rich.

JT smiled. "Spanking."

The two boys smiled as they turned to Dana. She started to feel fear for the first time. "What are you doing?" she asked, as both guys came towards her.

"You have to be punished for acting like such a snob," said JT sternly.

"And for being a whore," added Rich.

"But I'm not!" screamed Dana. She was stunned as first Rich, then JT, slapped her. They held her hands, so she couldn't fall to the ground.

"I think she should be spanked for yelling at us," said JT.

"I agree," said Rich.

Dana turned to run towards the door. Rich tackled his girlfriend on the floor. "You ain't getting off that easy," he roared. "Lift your skirt, slut!"

Dana refused to look at her boyfriend, and she kept her hands at her sides.

"Fine," said Rich. He ripped down Dana's skirt. Both boys stared as Dana screamed. Her ivory white ass jiggled as she squirmed under the eyes of both fiends.

"Look at that white ass," said JT. "It's so small. It looks so edible."

"I think we should make it a little bit pinker," said Rich. "I like my ass just pink on the outside."

Rich suddenly grabbed Dana's hands, and held her. JT got over near his sister and then started to spank her.

Dana screamed in pain and shock. "No, JT, no! Please! Oh, please, stop!"

JT started to rain blows down on Dana's squirming ass. She screamed and yelled, her tears running down her face even faster now.

"My turn! My turn!" yelled Rich. He let go of Dana's arms. Before she could react, Rich was behind her, and JT was holding her down. The spanking started again.

"Shake that ass, you little whore!" screamed JT. "I can see you moving your little ass around! You like it! I can tell!"

Dana screamed as Rich spanked her backside hard and fast. She couldn't feel anymore as blow after blow reddened her ass.

Rich finally tired of the spanking, and JT let go. Dana rubbed her ass, but her freedom was short lived. Rich slid a finger in. Dana felt herself go wet. "Hey, JT, she likes it." he said.

JT smiled evilly. "Let's see how much. Hold her."

Rich again held Dana's arms. This time, JT spread her legs. He stared down at her mound. Her blonde pubic hair had split, and he was confronted by the sight of her slight pubic bulge, her hair wet.

"Try this, whore. I've been waiting to do this for a long time Barky" he muttered, as he slid his hard maleness into Dana. She screamed loudly enough to wake the dead. She shrieked as her stepbrother, raped her savagely and was about to take her virginity. Dana felt her hymen stretch, then break, as he forced his way into her ravaged cunt. She felt him sink in all the way, then lay on her.

"Man, is she tight!" moaned JT. "She was a cherry before, but now she's mine." JT start to slowly stroke in and out of Dana. The young blonde shrieked and screamed again and again, in pain and horror as her stepbrother continued his assault.

"Shut her up!" moaned JT. "These screams are beginning to bother me."

Rich looked down, then smiled evilly. He slid his maleness into Dana's mouth. The teen choked as Rich started to move in and out of her face.

One boy deep in her mound, another in her mouth. Dana was in shock as both teen boys continued their assault. JT couldn't believe just how tight Dana was. He knew she was virgin, but she seemed even tighter than the normal virgin. He smiled as he continued to ride in and out of her.

Rich was wishing that Dana would use her tongue, but he didn't care. Just having her mouth on him turned him on. JT shuddered, then moaned as he peaked, his seed shooting into Dana. He didn't care at that moment that she was his sister. She was a bitch and deserved all this. He didn't care how she was, he just wanted to peak, and peak he had, deep in his own slut of a sister.

Rich was peaking as well, his seed sprayed into Dana's mouth. The raped and defiled young teen tried to spit out his sperm, but Rich held himself in her mouth until she swallowed.

Dana's crying resumed as Rich pulled himself out of her mouth. JT smiled at Rich, then high fived him as he pulled his bloody maleness out of Dana Foster former Queen Bitch.

JT turned Dana over, staring at her backside as it wriggled. He spanked her quickly, yelling at her to hold still. Slowly, he parted her cheeks and entered her backside. Dana screamed and yelled, the pain in her ass was incredible as JT slowly entered her, pinning her roughly as he went in. He now lay on top of Dana, forcing the young girl to lie there, his organ buried in her bottom.

JT now started to pump in and out, Dana was so tight that it was hard for him to re-enter. He started to move faster in and out of her, Dana cried with every stroke.

Rich stared in his young girlfriend's face, loving the sight as her eyes bulged and teared up as JT went in and out. Rich loved the sight of Dana's golden blonde hair as it lay near her face. Rich slowly moved forward, pulling up Dana's face.

Dana was horrified when her boyfriend put his maleness in her face. She wasn't sure how to lick a man. But then she saw the sick look on Rich's face, and she cried even harder when he started to wrap himself in her hair.

JT went faster and faster, each stroke making the moaning and crying Dana even more anguished. JT loved raping Dana, but he found he loved her backside even more, no matter how wrong it was, no matter how taboo. He needed a release, and his slut of a sister was learning a lesson. Never take any man for granted.

Dana cried and screamed, in pain and anguish. One bastard was in her tight bottom, the other was masturbating in her hair, giving her the message that men were not to be trusted. She couldn't believe they were doing this to her, with her.

Rich started to stroke his hand up and down, Dana's golden hair wrapped around him and his hand. Rich loved the soft, silky feeling of Dana's hair. He loved his girlfriend, but he needed to have this release. If she didn't like it, that was too bad.

In some ways, Dana thought Rich was even more warped than JT. At least he was fucking her, even if it was her backside. But Rich was masturbating with her hair, and that was sick. Dana wished that things had been different tonight, She would never cheat on Rich or be able to trust the her two perverts. They were nothing but sickos and she knew this would probably be the first of many rapes at their hands. They were using her young body for their own disgusting desires.

Rich tangled in Dana's hair, stroked faster and faster, the soft touch like a glove as he freely masturbated. His hand went faster and faster until he shot off again, his seed shooting in Dana's hair, squirting some on her face as well.

JT heard Dana's agonized moans as he went in and out of her 18 year old backside. He couldn't believe the ride she was giving him, even if it was against her will. He revelled in fucking Dana's stuck up asshole.

Dana couldn't believe this was happening. She was covered with the sweat and sperm of both attackers. The pain in her ass seemed to get even worse as JT went faster and faster. JT felt Dana, caught sight of her agonized face, and he came wildly, his seed shooting into Dana's raped, wriggling, ivory white ass. He kept pumping, making her pump him dry.

Dana lay crying as the two boys, their lust finally satiated, slowly lifted off of her. They talked to each other, ignoring the weeping girl. Dana got to her feet, then ran crying from the living room, clasping her ripped clothes to her. Her rapists watched, smiling at Dana's jiggling, no longer virgin ass. The snobby arrogant Dana Foster had been crushed. And they both knew that Dana would be their fuck toy again in the future.

The End


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