Setting: One day after school Dana Foster and her step brother JT Lambert
came home from school the house was empty. Dana is in her usual bitchy mood
screaming at JT and saying how she is so much smarter.

Step By Step: Barkey Loses Her Bite (mf,anal,rape)
by RoadDogg ([email protected])

Dana: I got an A on my test so ha.

JT: Wow big deal! I got a D!

Dana: See JT if you would be like me and study and not goof off and watch
that pig of a show Baywatch.

JT: What is wrong with bay watch it's a great show.

Dana: It makes women look like objects and just because there big blonde and
have big breast doesn't mean they're great.

JT: Ok, chill Barkey.

Dana: I'm going to go study so leave me alone.

JT: Fuck off Barkey, damn sometimes you're a bitch.

Dana just leaves and walks up to her room to study, JT stays there in the
kitchen to make a sandwich.

After eating JT was still mad at Dana and decided to get her back. So after
this JT goes and gets a water balloon. After getting the balloon JT goes up
stairs to find Dana.

JT: Oh yeah this is going to get her wet.

As JT get up to the door he starts to hear something.

Dana: Ohhhhhh, yeah!

JT looks to through the key hole to see what she is doing. As he looks in the
hole he sees Dana with her hand down her pants masturbating. JT starts to get
a little turned on and gets hard. JT then decided to get her back by fucking
the shit out of her ass.

So as Dana moves closer to climax she see the door handle starting to turn
she pulls out her hand. JT walks in with Dana jean still unzipped.

Dana: JT what you want?

JT: Nothing just seeing what you're doing.

Dana: Nothing now leaves me alone.

JT: Why should I Dana?

Dana: This is my room! JT what do you want?

JT grabs Dana's arm.

Dana: What are you doing?

JT: Something I should have done a long time ago.

JT pushes Dana on her bed and starts try to kiss her, as Dana tries to fight
him back but can't cause JT is stronger than she is. JT starts to move his
hand down to Dana's B cup tits. JT starts to squeeze her boobs like they're
able to fall off.

Dana: OUCH! JT please. I'm sorry.

JT: You're going to be.

JT moves his hand down to Dana's open jeans and moves his hand under her
cotton white panties to find a nice bush growing.

Dana: JT, please, no don't do it, please!

JT pushed her jeans down to her knee's and then her panties. Next JT reaches
down and pulls out his throbbing 7 inch cock. Dana eyes looked shocked to see
that JT wasn't that bad in size. JT then grabs Dana by the hair and turns her
over on to her stomach over the bed. JT then slaps Dana hard in the ass.

Dana: OUCH! JT please stop.

JT hits her ass harder. SLAP!

Dana: OUCH!

JT then grabs his dick and slammed it into Dana's virgin ass.

Dana: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOUCCH! please stop.

JT starts to pump Dana's ass open.

Dana: Ahhhhhhhhh!

JT keeps fucking Dana's ass harder and faster trying to make it as
uncomfortable as possible. JT starts to move his hand up under his step
sister's bra and squeeze the shit out of her tits again.

Dana: JT Please this really hurts! I'm a bitch I admit it!

JT gets madder and fucks her harder and starts slapping her ass with the
other hand. Dana just couldn't the pain anymore as tears fall down her face.

Dana: Ooooooouch, please stop!

JT: Fuck you, take it like the slut you are!

As JT keeps going faster and he starts to see blood coming out of Dana's now
just destroyed ass.

Dana: JT! Please stop!

JT finally pulled out after 15 minutes of intense ass fucking. And tells Dana
to get on her knees. Dana does as she is told and JT starts to face fuck her.
Finally JT pulls out of her face after 5 minutes and strokes twice and blows
a hot load all over Dana's face. Dana is still in tears.

JT: Look you better not tell anyone or I will fucking kill you and stop with
the bitch shit of yours got it.

Dana: yes sir.



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