Step By Step: Part 1 - Al's Driving Test (Mf,reluc,first)
by Willie Longfellow ([email protected])

"Excuse me." I heard the soft sweet voice behind me.

"Excuse me, I'm Alicia Lambert, I'm here to take my drivers test."

Without turning around I told her. "Please fill out the form attached to the
clipboard that's on the counter and I will be right with you."

After I finished doing what I was doing, I stood up and turned around, and
looked right at the cutest girl I have seen in months.

She was sitting against the wall with her legs crossed, wearing tennis shoes,
a denim mini skirt, white shirt, with a light blue sweater over it buttoned
by only with the top button.

Her sandy blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

She stood up and walked towards me and I sized her up. 5 foot 1 inch tall 95
lbs. and about 32A.

She handed me the clipboard and I looked over the information. "Happy
Birthday Miss Lambert. Lets take your picture first then we'll get started
on the driving park of the test." I stated and pointed at a wall for her to
stand against. "Please stand over there with your toes on the line."

I took her picture, and then escorted her out to the parking lot out back.
Handing her the keys I pointed at a Silver 4 door KIA Rio.

When we got in the car I told her."Everything works on a point system, when
you make a mistake I subtract points according to a scale, the bigger the
mistake the more points you lose. If you lose too many points you will have
to retest."

We drove out of the lot and for about an hour and a half, I tested her on
everything that's on the schedule.

We got back to the lot, and I took a few minutes to tally up her score. I
totaled it 3 times and came up with the same answer every time.

"Well Miss Lambert." I started saying."I'm sorry but you failed by 2 points.

Her eyes started tearing up. "I couldn't have failed, I need my license, my
friends and family were expecting me to past." She sobbed.

"Look, let's step inside and talk about it." I said.

We got out of the car, and went inside the office."Let's see, I can
reschedule you in 3 weeks, for a retest." I stated.

"That sucks, 2 stinking points, can't we do something to forget the 2
points?" She said giving me puppy eyes.

"Well how serious are you?" I asked. "Do you really know what you're asking?"

"Yes I do." She said. "I think I do."

"Ok, here's my offer, go home tell your friends and family you failed and
come back here in 3 weeks." I stated. "Or you could meet me in that Motel in
room 7 at 7 o'clock tonight." Pointing out the front window at a run down
Motel that looked like it came straight out of the movie Psycho.

She looked at me as if I was nuts.

"Look you don't have too, you have 2 choices, tell or Motel. It's your
decision." I stated and then added. "Tell your family and friends the
computer crashed and you have to pick up your license tomorrow, or I'll
see you in three weeks."

She still had doubt in her eyes.

"7 o'clock tonight or 3 weeks the choice is yours, but right now I have
to take care of my next appointment." I said and turned to get some more

Alicia left not saying anything.

I took care of my last appointment of the day and closed the office. Just to
mention it this girl failed also and I rescheduled her for the next day.

About 10 minutes to 7 I heard a knock on my room door, still in my suit and
tie, I opened the door. Standing there was Alicia Lambert; dressed in the
same outfit she wore a couple of hours ago.

"Well hello Miss Lambert, come on in and have a seat, relax and make yourself
comfortable." I said as I closed the door and locked it.

"What do you want from me?" She asked.

"Well first off I want you to remove your top and show me your tits." I

With nervous hands she undid the button of her sweater and slowly removed it.
Then she pulled her shirt over her head making her ponytail bounce, dropping
it to the floor, showing me her lacey pink bra, and then covering herself
with her arms in a cross across her chest.

"Now listen, you have to do whatever I say without question." I stated. "Put
your arms down beside you, stand up and remove your skirt."

Al stood up next to the bed, her knees shaking a little. She unfastened her
belt and skirt, slowly pushing it over her hips and down her legs, letting
them drop to her feet.

Now showing her matching pink lacey bikini panties, she stepped out of the

"Kick your shoes off; they will only get in the way." I said as I sat down in
a chair to watch her and admired her beautiful body.

Kicking her shoes off towards the door, she stood in front of me shivering a
little, showing her tight little body in matching panties and bra, that sexy
ponytail and bobby socks.

"Now slowly run your hand up that flat stomach to your breast and caress your
tit softly." I said while unzipping my fly."And lick your lips slow."

She did as I asked first with one hand then the other. Caressing her tits
with both hands, I watched while I pulled my cock out of my pants and stroked

She was now watching me, her eyes were glued to my 7 inch cock and she
stopped shivering.

I asked. "Have you ever had your pussy eaten out?"

She shook her head no, and looked surprised that I had asked her that

"Sit back on the bed and lay down on your back." I said as I stood up
dropping my pants to the floor.

I finished undressing as I walked over to her, getting down on my knees in
front of her, I parted her legs and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed.

I pulled her panties to the side and stared at her very well trimmed pussy,
she had a patch of fur just above her pussy, and her pussy was shaved smooth.
I could see the wetness forming on her pussy lips. I leaned forward and ran
my tongue up her slit. Hearing her moan, I continued licking her slit up and
down, getting her to moan loader and her juices flowing.

I then ran my tongue across her clit and sucked it into my mouth.

Sucking and licking her clit at the same time, I ran my middle finger up and
down her pussy slit getting it wet with her juices. Al moaned again.

I looked up without removing my mouth from her clit, and seen she was
massaging her breast. I returned to the task at hand and slowly pushed my
finger into her pussy.

Al's legs spread wider, giving me better excess so I could finger fuck her.
After a few more strokes, I stuck a second finger in her, working my fingers
in and out, her breathing got heavier.

Her cum flowed out of her pussy coating my fingers and she cried out. "Oh
God, Oh God, Yes, Yes, Yes."

As she came down from her orgasm, I removed my fingers and slid up her young
beautiful body.

I looked in her eyes and asked."Did you like that?" Kissing me was her only

Breaking our kiss, I put my fingers in her mouth."Here taste how sweet you
are." I said as her tongue licked my fingers clean. I kissed her again as I
pulled my fingers from her mouth.

I stood back up in front of her. Looking down I thought, this is one
beautiful girl.

I offered her my hands to help her sit up. She put her hands in mine and I
pulled her up. She came face to face with my cock.

"You're turn" I said."Suck it and make sure you use your tongue.

Looking up at me she opened her pretty mouth so my cock could go in, and I
felt her tongue on the bottom of my shaft as she took more and more of my
cock into her mouth, her hot breath felt really good as she swallowed me.

Closing her mouth over my cock, she started moving back and forth bobbing up
and down on my cock, licking me as she sucked.

She stopped looking at me and started looking at what she was doing.

"Use your fingers, play with my balls." I said groaning.

She reached up and brushed her finger tips across my balls, still sucking my
cock in and out of her mouth.

I put my hand firmly on the back of her head, wrapping my thumb and index
finger around the base of her ponytail. I started moving her head shoving my
cock deeper and deeper down her throat.

I held her head still with her deep throating my cock and moaned. "Shallow my
cum, oh yea, take it all." Pulling out of her mouth slowly so she could taste
the last couple of spurts of my cum on her tongue.

Standing her up in front of me, I stepped back and asked."Are you ready for
the real fun?"

She answered. "Do I have to?"

"No." I replied. "You can go home and keep your appointment in 3 weeks."

"Ok." She sighed.

I sat back in the chair stroking my cock just enough to keep it hard. "Bra
first, then panties, lose them." I ordered.

Al reached up behind her back and unhooked her bra letting it fall to the
floor. "Yummy." I commented.

She hooked her fingers in the waist band of her panties; she pulled down the
back first baring her round ass.

"Stop!" I quickly said. "Turn around and push them down to your feet real
slow and stay bent over."

Al continued to push her panties down, showing me her beautiful round ass and

Bent over, I walked up behind her and started to rub her ass softly, I said.
"I should give you a birthday spanking, but maybe later." Smacking her on her
ass cheek, very lightly.

Dropping on my knees behind her, I ran my tongue into her pussy slit again
tasting her sweet juices. I then ran my tongue up her ass crack, stopping to
tongue fuck her asshole. Al moaned when I stuck my tongue into her asshole,
and sighed when I pulled it out.

"See I knew you would love this. Now lay down in the middle of the bed on
your back." I said with authority in my voice.

Al crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees moving over to the middle, she
lay down and rolled over onto her back.

I climb onto the bed and parted her legs and laid down on her, cupping her
breast, I softly kissed and licked her nipples of each tit.

Moving one hand down to her pussy I started rubbing her pussy. I grabbed my
cock and put the head in her pussy opening sliding it in slowly.

Getting on my knees and putting my weight on my elbows, I worked my arms
under her back, and one hand to the back of her head, I kissed her working my
cock in and out of tight pussy. Touching her hymen with every down stroke.

Al moaned into my mouth and with my next down stroke, I buried my cock in her
tight pussy, tearing her hymen. She screamed into my mouth, and her legs went

Her pussy clamped down on my cock, and I stopped moving, letting her get use
to her pussy being filled completely up.

She moaned again into my mouth and I felt her legs relax. I broke our kiss
and slowly withdrew my cock, till just the head was in her.

I looked into her eyes and said."Tell me what you want, beg for it."

"Please stick it in me; screw me, please, please." She pleaded as she wrapped
her legs around my ass try to pull me into her.

I slowly pushed my cock all the way in her pussy again, this time I didn't
stop. I began working in and out of that oh so tight pussy.

Al began breathing heavy again, her breath coming out in gasp.

Getting up on my hands now, I worked in and out of her faster and harder.

She yelled out very loud."Son of a bitch, I'm cumming, fuck me I'm cumming."

Her juices pour out of her covering my cock and balls.

"You liked that. Then you're going to love this." I said pulling my cock from
her pussy and sitting up on my knees.

Grabbing her by the waist, I rolled her over onto her belly and pulled her up
to her knees.

I slid my cock back into her pussy from behind.

Even with all her juices she was still very tight.

I grabbed her hips and began pumping back and forth, in and out of her pussy.

I started spanking her ass, not hard but enough that she knew what was

Counting each slap to her ass." One, two, three." All the way to 16. Then I
reached down under her and pinched a nipple and said."A pinch to grow an

Her pussy muscles clamped down on my cock and she buried her face into the
pillow, gripping the sheets I heard her scream into the pillow.

She was cumming again and so was I.

"Oh God, your pussy is so tight I'm glad you failed, feel my cum. Oh God I'm
going to fill your pussy." I groaned as I unloaded deep into her pussy, deep
into her womb.

She turned her head laying it on the pillow."Oh God that was great." She said
gasping for air.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy."I have another gift for you." I said as I
guided my cock to her asshole and pushed the tip in.

"NO!" She turned and yelled.

"Yes." I said with a deep voice, as I pulled on her hips making my cock
slowly go into her ass. I began massaging her ass cheeks, and with a thumb I
rubbed her ass crack just above my cock.

"Relax; I'm not going to hurt you." I said in a very tender and caring voice.

Slowly more and more of my cock disappeared into her virgin asshole.

Al moaned when I was balls deep in her.

I reached around and rubbed her clit, and then I started working my cock in
and out of her tight asshole.

With her head lying on the pillow, she began moving her ass meeting my

"Oh God, I feel so filled, I'm going to cum again." Al moaned.

"Go ahead cum, cum with me." I groaned ass I emptied my ball juice deep in
her ass.

"Ahhhhh." She screamed as she came with me.

I slowly pulled out of her ass and laid down beside her, I reached over to
the nightstand, and then handed her, her license. "Congratulations." I said
breathing heavily. "You pass."

She took her license from my hand and responded. "Can I still keep my


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