Step By Step: Al Lambert Eats Pussy
by HRS

It was morning and Al just woke up. Another school day Al thought to herself,
maybe something happened and school got canceled.

No luck! She could tell there was school today by looking at her sister
Karen (by now she considered Karen as her sister) who was already up and
trying different outfits for School. Some how she was feeling very alive
this morning, maybe because she got a good night sleep or maybe it was
because of that nice dreams she was having lately of her being fucked by
men with really large cocks! That was almost all she had dreamed of for
the past month, evry other night came a different man with a fictional
monster cock and they fucked her up her vagina and ass. She woke up so
horny these days (like today) and she just felt so cheery and alive. Of
course Al had no desire to have sex with man right now , actually she was
a very nice old fashioned girl that hasn't even masturbated yet!

She sat in her bed half covered with her blanket, looking at Karen matching
different outfits, and Karen was in her bra and panties. Al never gave it
much thought but Karen has nice body, really nice, really really nice!

Said Karen to Al, "Your finally up."

Asked Al. "Yaa...Is someone in the shower?"

Said Karen. "I don't know, go check."

Al was about to get up but her eyes kept focus on Karen who was standing
with her back to Al standing in front of a mirror. Karen was in very
sexy lingerie and Al could see her beautiful round tits from the mirror
reflection. Al loved Karen's tits, they were in a perfect shape (she
thought her own chest was kind of busy for her age).

Karen was brushing her hair when her brush fell to the floor, Karen bended
to pick up the brush and the sight Al saw could make any man drool. Karen's
round ass was pointing up and her sexy little panty was stuck neatly between
her buttcheeks.

Karen straighten herself and continued with her hair brushing, suddenly she
caught Al staring at her throw the mirror and when Al caught Karen staring
at her throw the mirror she immediately got up and headed to the bathroom.

Walking down the corridor she heard the water running in the shower, but as
she got closer to the bathroom the water as stopped (someone as just gotten
out of the shower).

She saw that the door wasn't locked, so she opened the door lightly (about
an inch).

She saw Carol was in there, naked, wiping herself with a towel. Al wanted
to close the door but she couldn't take her eyes out of Carol. The blond
middle-aged women has a knockout body, huge beautiful tits and a great ass.

While Al was looking at her like a peeping tom she thought to herself: Hi
I'm appreciating the women body, its normal to my age... more or less...

Al heard some one walking up the stairs, she started to walk away from the

Said her father Frank. "Good morning, honey"

Al just kept on walking.

* * *

Al came home from school and the day began to pass with Al trying to put the
morning behind her, and by night time all Al could think of was the big math
exam next week.

{Oh yes!! OOOO!!! Fuck me!! my pussy!! (Carol) lick that ASShole!!!
(Carol/cunt/rectum) HOO PuSSy is shooting!!!!!! Karen/pussy..fuck...
Karen fuck my pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!}

Al woke up.... it was dark in the room ... it was night.

The digital clock said: 4:15 A.M. What a dream Al thought to herself. It was
all blurry but the main thing is that it wasn't big man fucking her this time
it was ... it was...Carol and Karen!! They were having hot lesbian sex!!

Step daughter with her step mom and step sister, mom and daughter! And all
kind of freaky things like ass licking, drinking vagina juice and nipple
twisting and...

No! Al began to shake her head, it was just a stupid dream.

She ran to the bathroom and washed her face. Then she looked at reflection
in the mirror, she paused for a minute, then she left up her blouse.

She looked at her huge breasts covered with hr bra, she exposed one of her
nipples ...

And then slowly she moved her hand to her tit. She put her thumb and index
finger on her nipple and gave a light twist .. ffff.. She lightly moaned.

That little twist just got her a little shaking.

She immediately went back to her bed tried to get some sleep.

* * *

It was a morning of a new day and Al did not forgot a thing from the passing
night, actually that was all she could think of. Her dream was a blur but the
main idea was not.

When lunch came and the all family sat in the kitchen table, Al caught
herself not once checking Karen's ass or Carol's tits. She could not let go
out of her mind.

While the all family were having their daily lunch hour arguments around the
table only Al, surprisingly, sat quite, glancing at Carol and Karen from time
to time.

It was afternoon and Al has wondered around the boys room, she knew the guys
were out so the room was empty. She entered the room closing the door behind

Then she sat in front of Mark's computer and thought maybe there will be
something here that could help her in her big math exam, but there was a
copy of the test right there on the desktop she knew exactly what she was
looking for -PORN!

And porn she had found! Marks computer was full with movies and pictures and
stories all about sex! And mainly- lesbian sex!

Al started to open the movie files : hot blonds licking each others pussys,
girls screaming and moaning from getting their cunt sucked by a female

Nipple licking, breast sucking and fisting.

Al gave extra attention to the fisting movies, she was amazed by them: there
was a movie of a women sticking her entire hand in a another women's pussy!
And some movies the ladies just kept on shoving their entire arms up a small
pussy!!!! Al felt heat and blush and a tremendous feeling of Hornyness!!!!

She started reading the stories which were there and they made her more
wet then any movie she played. There was a story about Pamela Anderson and
Jennifer Love Hewitt having hot lesbian sex. She could imagine it all in her
head how Pamela ate Jennifer's cunt and how they licked each others tits. Al
was squirming in her chair.

There was a story named: drinks on the house, which was about a bride on her
wedding day. Al could not believe this story it was the sickest one of all
yet she couldn't stop reading it. A bride had a last fling just hours before
her wedding...

...with her MOM and 12 and 15 years old SISTERS and her AUNT and her other
AUNT and their Daughters!!!!! All in one big lesbian love fest. Mom licking
daughters pussy, sister munching sister, pretty much a huge lesbian incest
party. But the story got weirder and weirder at one point the aunt which had
her daughters face stuck between her legs started to cum and her daughter
started to drink her cum! And she wasn't the only they were all shooting cum
of their pussy and having a love one to eat it!

Al knew that women ejaculate cum like man but she never thought of doing so,
she heard its really hard. She went back to her story that kept amazing her
as at another point the mom(which somehow Al pictured as Carol) sat on her
12 year old daughters face and PEED ON HER!!!! And without noticing the
entire story took a new pee angle, they were all urinating in each others

PEE DRINKING! Al thought to herself, can a women be so horny she would drink
her own pee. By the time she ended the story she had no felling in her legs
and a wet spot on her pants. On the movies window she so a movie labeled
peelesb01. Al double -clicked it and her eyes grow: a women was peeing in
others mouth and the other women gladly accepted it!!!

It was getting late so Al closed the computer and headed down to eat, boy
was she horny, but what could she do stuck a finger in vagina and massage
her clit like a slut!

(or like any other 12 year old).

The night came and her dreams with it, she was once again being tongue fucked
by Carol and Karen or delivering a licking herself. And again she woke up in
the middle of the night 3:35 with a huge feeling of hornyness! She felt her
pussy was full of cum and just wanted to explode ,then she realized she rally
needed to use the bathroom to pee. She ran to the bathroom and sat on the
toilet and released her pee, she founded that instead of ejaculating cum she
could eaze herself by ejaculating pee.

And has she gave that long golden shower she thought ...mmm...I wonder what
it tastes like .. she cupped her hand and rose a little from the toilet and
let the be shot to her now bowl shaped hand. There was a little pool of urine
in her hand waiting to be drank. Al moved it close to her nose and smelled
the hot pee (it smelled like pee).

She moved it close to her lip and....who am I kidding she thought I'm not
going to drink this and she got up and spilled it down the drain.

Then images of her dream came up in her head, images of the movies she seen
and the stories she read...O FUCK!! She said, she stuck out her tongue and
licked her entire hand which was still wet with pee!! It was bitter and
disgusting and she fucking loved it! She dropped to the floor opened her
legs wide apart started to finger herself harshly ...YESS!!..YES O FF..UCK!!
she massaged her clit like there's no tomorrow, she spat on her hand smeared
it on her pussy to make it extra tender, she was going nuts ..she was shaking
all over, her legs trembled like a machine. She was so fucking horny she
reached for a hand lotion in a tube opened it and pored the lotion on her
ass, closed the tube and started to INSERT THE TUBE UP HER ASS, UP HER

It was PAINFUL and at half of it in she stopped keeping it stuck in her.
Still rubbing her vagina and she felt the greatest feeling of her life - THE
FEELING OF CLIMAX! Then she came!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! The entire room was
being blasted in her female cum!! And without thinking Al let some cum fill
her cupped hand and she tasted it and drank it. That tasted good, that was

Al kept drinking all that came out till all that was left was her sweaty
naked body, she slowly took out the tube from her ass and got dressed.

"That's it," Al thought to herself, "Fuck the law fuck everything! I'm gonna
eat Carol and Karen. I will fuck the shit out of them!"

* * *

For the passing nights Al masturbated herself to sleep, she laid under her
blanket, stuck a couple of fingers in her snatch and started to work them
fast and furiously.

Every night cum was shooting all over her bed and sometimes she just drank
the cum she could catch. In her head she imagined Carol and Karen fucking her
and treating her like a dog. And every night she thought of a plan to fuck
the two in the next day but she never the opportunity nor the guts to do so.

* * *

One afternoon Al was all alone in the house with Carol because all the other
guys had just went to the mall. Surprisingly she saw her father coming down
the bedroom stairs. "Hi, dad. What are you doing here?" asked Al.

"I just came to take some stuff for work, didn't you guys went to the mall?"

"Noo...I decided to stay home. Is carol home?" Inquired Al.

"She is taking a nap. Well, bye." And left the house.

Al's mind started to plot different sinister ideas. She made her way up the
stairs to the bedroom. Her heart was beating. She knew its was now or nev...
Well, maybe there will be an opportunity another time, but she had to do it-
a life of pussy licking and extreme lesbian sex was on the line.

She quietly opened the door. Once she entered the bedroom she saw Carol
sleeping heavily, covered with her blanket. Al tiptoed along the room till
she was bedside near Carol. Its seemed Carol was sleeping kind of hard. 'How
hard?' Wondered Al.

Hard enough to toss down the blanket, undress her and stick a tongue in what
must be one great juicy pussy. Her pussy lips are so thick and luscious
remembered Al from her shower peeping. All those thoughts made her crazy.
Her clit was flipping inside wanting the touch of a tongue. Al knew what she
had to do, the only reasonable thing- she had to rape Carol till Carol
herself would find the joy of women love.

So go for it tiger, come on don't be afraid.

But Al was afraid.

'I have to think of a strategy,' Al thought to herself, 'Maybe I will get
undress and surprise her by sitting on her face! Noo.. she will probably
freak, shove me away and I will be seeing the shrink for the rest of my
life. Although there is a 40% shot she will be intoxicated from the taste
of my juice, but I cant risk it. Maybe I will go with the tongue fucking
method, just tongue fuck her and by the time she would want to get up - her
legs will be so weak she couldn't move!'

Al was standing there for some time and nothing happened, she felt that today
will not be her day.

She looked at Carol - sleeping so heavily with her mouth wide open. 'God I
would like to stick my tit right in there,' Al thought.

Al leaned close to Carols face, then she released a long string of her spit
down from her mouth to Carol's open mouth. The long string of saliva landed
on Carol's lips and then completely entered her mouth.

"Enjoy," said Al with a smirk on her face and left the room disappointed.

* * *

A couple of days had passed and Karen has just gotten sick with the flu or

Al knew Karen is out of the game for some time, she felt disappointed yet a
little happy because she had an excuse to seduce her.

Karen laid on her bed for most of the day. The room was full of tissues and
Karen arranged the phone to be near so she could keep in touch with the

Al walked into the room, she was dressed to go out to the mall. As she was
getting out she saw Karen's unopened medicine bottle on the dresser. She got
a deranged idea in her mind , and FUCK she was going to do it! Al sneakily
took the bottle from the dresser and put it in her pocket.

Al Said, "Hi Karen, don't you need to take your medicine?"

Karen said quietly, "Oh yaa...could you get me it?"

"I think I saw it downstairs, I will run to get it for you," Said Al and left
the room.

Then Al ran to the bathroom and locked the door. She opened the medicine cap
and then poured all of the medicine down the drain. She unbuttoned her jeans
and slid them with her panties down to her ankles (she was wearing shoes).
She sat on the toilet and with a big smile on her face she began to
masturbate rather harshly. Her fingers came in and out of her box like

Then she began to fill it inside, her huge grin became an ear to ear smile
she was going to cum. Then she took the medicine bottle positioned it between
her legs and let all of cum to fill the bottle. It was a good climax so the
bottle filled rather nicely (but not completely). Then Al once again
positioned the bottle opposite of her snatch and this time she released a
stream of golden pee right in to the bottle.

Al smelled it and it was sensational. She gave a last touch by mixing it all
with her spit, then took the bottle gave it a good shake and got dressed.

As Al watched herself putting on her pants in the mirror she glanced at her
bare cunt and thought, 'MAN I LOVE PUSSY!'

Al returned to her room.

"Here you go Karen, want me to give it to you?" Said Al.

Fragmented voice of her step sister said, "Sure."

Al poured the medicine (her pussy juice+urine+saliva) on the spoon, and in
one fast motion she put the spoon in Kearn's mouth. Karen didn't swallow yet
she left it in her mouth to examine it.

Said Al with a smile, "Come on, swallow."

Karen got brave and swallowed the syrup down her throat.

Al just wanted to scream at Karen: THIS MEDICINE WON'T CURE YOU! ALL THAT YOU

Buuuuutt she decided not to.

"How was it?" Inquired Al.

"Not half bad- little sweet little bitter."

Al smiled, that's it she's a sick lez, 'SHE IS MINE!'

While Karen was getting her daily dose of ejaculated syrup, Al thought, "Its
time to move to Carol.' She was actually sitting down thinking of a strategy.

One day she was planning to go out with some friends in the afternoon, the
same time Carol goes up to her room to get her nap. Al thought, 'If I am
already changing my clothes why not get undressed in front of Carol.'

So Al stripped of her clothes and made sure she had her tiniest little
panties worn on, and so she entered Carol's room and just waited for her to
come up.

Al wasn't brave enough to go braless, so she was in her bra and her ass
revealing panties. That's it. She heard Carols foot steps, its time to get
in position.

Al did not bend her legs even an inch, but she flattened her back and so her
ass was pointing in the air with all is glory. Carol opened the door and the
sight was mouth watering. She was surprised and embarrassed yet she didn't
stop looking at that perfect juicy ass.

Al played like she was just picking of some clothes from the floor.

"Oh..Carol, I'm sorry. Its just Karen was all sick in our room and I needed
a..." explained Al. " to get dressed."

Said Carol. "Sure, no problem honey."

Al wasn't quite sure what she achieved in this but she achieved something and
was glad she had the guts to do so. But that's it! Al could not stand it no
longer. If she would live here another day with those perfect tits and asses
and cunts without fucking the she will kill herself.

Every dinner time her clit did flip-flops in side watching Carol or Karen.
So she knew the only good strategy is the direct one. Al didn't even care if
something would go wrong and she would end up talking to a shrink the rest
of her life, she will still have a big smile on her face remembering the
taste of Carol's pussy.

* * *

Today is the day!

Al was very excited, she was feeling so happy and alive throughout the entire
day and her heart was beating like crazy since she woke up. The plan was set:
her father will be coming home late today, Carol will take her nightly shower
in the bathroom in her bedroom (ergo they will be somewhat far from the rest
of the people in the house), she will wait for Carol to close the water to
soap and shampoo herself and then she will enter naked to the bathroom (which
his key is been mysteriously misplaced), open the shower curtain and explain
she thought the shower was empty and from there (if she will get there) its
up to her.

Night time came. The family was down watching TV when Carol announced she was
going to sleep, Al did the same thing a minute after.

Al stood in the corridor and waited to Carol to get in the shower. Once she
heard water running she immediately entered the bedroom and locked it behind
her. Her heart was pounding, she took a big breath...and quickly she stripped
of her clothes leaving herself in her birthday suite. Suddenly the water
stopped. Al knew it was the time.

She did some deep breathing to cool herself. She opened the bathroom door. It
was hot and steamy in there, and through the shower curtain she could see the
blurry image of naked Carol. She slowly made her way close to the curtain,
she gave a huge deep breath...and in one quick motion she grabbed the shower
curtain and slid it from one side to the other. There she stood naked in
front of the NUDE Carol, in only a brief moment the seem like forever.

Carol FREAKED and immediately closed the drape. "AAAL!! W..."

"Sorry Carol, I was sure the bathroom here was empty...and ..a..I..I thought
you were taking a bath in the other bathroom."

"Well no harm done the other bathroom, ok. Goodnight."

'WHAT NOW?' Al thought to herself. She saw everything: Carols tits, soaped
body, those pinkish erect nipples, her PUSSY and nothing! Nothing!!

'No!' Al said, 'NO! this is the time.'

She went to the door opened it and closed it to make Carol think she left the
bathroom. Then she observed Carol was standing in one side of the bathtub.
She grabbed the curtain in the opposite side, opened it slightly and inserted
her leg in. Then she entered in herself. She was standing naked in the
bathtub and in front of her was Carol's round ass. And before Carol could
turn Al took 2 fingers and inserted them inside Carol's pussy.


Carol was in shock.

"I'm goanna fuck your little cunty," said the crazed Al and took those
fingers in and out like a fucking machine!


Carol started to feel weak at the knees. She tried to fight it but those
fingers went in and out of her in such fast motion that every time the
fingers went in it was like lightning throw all her body.

With her free hand Al caught an erect nipple and started to twist it.


Carol knees started to bent until Carol fell on her knees.

Al needed to move fast; she grabbed Carol's shoulders and flattened her down
on the tub (so Carol's head was between Al's feet). Then Al sat on Carol's
face, chocking her with her pussy which was on her mouth! Al sent her arms
towards carol's pussy and she continued to finger fuck her.

And then the unthinkable had happened, her 40+ years old step mom began to
shoot her cum all over the bathtub. Al smiled when she saw it. It was a long
beautiful ejaculation. Cum shot out of her pussy everywhere.

But Al didn't stop she continue to finger fuck her some more, that is until
it has happened- Al felt the tongue of Carol sliding through the length of
her pussy! Al was so surprised that she freaked and by mistake she released
her pee right in to Carol's mouth and throat.

Al jumped off her, she stepped out of the tub. Carol jumped up and began to
cough, the urine came to her as a big surprise. Al watched her with a worried
look on her face.

Then Carol stopped. She looked at Al with a murders look.

Al was so panicked she got on her knees and began to beg.

"Please don't tell anyone, PLEASE!"

Carol stepped out of the tub, looked down at Al.

She took Al, flattened her on the cold floor and sat on her face!!!


Carol got pay back by releasing her on pee down the throat of Al, but she
didn't get up. She painfully rode on Al's face using her hand to grab the
back of her head to make her choke on her pussy and take all the urine.

After her long bathroom break ended, Carol got up from Al. They both stood
up. Both nude looking at each other. Suddenly it was like Carol just realized
what she has done.

Carol panicked. "OH MY GOD! What have I just done?? OH MY GOD, oh my god!"

Said Carol. "Look Al just get out and will forget what happened."

Al was quiet. She obeyed Carol and left the room.

After a minute or so Carol went out of the shower, still naked, soapy and
shocked. She couldn't believe it - on her bed was Al, laying naked on her
back with her legs wide apart exposing her juicy cunt to Carol. Carol moved
closely, stood there for a minute...and slammed her face on Al's pussy!

"OH YAAHEAAAA!!!" Celebrated the lesbian Al.

Carol's tongue worked Al's pussy like a fucking professional lez. The tongue
explored the pussy all over, licking throw the length of the pussy lips, the
sticking the tongue in deeper licking the inner side of the pussy. Carol was
driven insane by the scent of that pussy. She wanted to eat more and taste

"OOO..YAA.....OOO..YAAA!! HOOO, LICK THE CLIT...THE CLIT!!!" Al screamed at
Carol who was driving her insane with that professional muff diving.

Caro sent her tongue to the upper side of the pussy meeting the swollen clit
of Al Lambert. That tongue made swirls around the juicy clitoris, flipping
and flicking it from side to side.


Al shuttered in climax has she ejaculated her syrup down Carol's throat. A
long LONG ejaculation accrued as Al just kept on shooting juice from her
cunt, NON-STOP! And Carol she drank it like a good dog.


Because even if some people wouldn't like the taste of that female cum
(sweet? bitter? disgusting?) to her it was like an aphrodisiac.

Because it was her stepdaughter she was fucking and that made her wet.

Because she was an illegal teenager, and her pussy was IN HER MOUTH.

And because Al was fucking HOT!!!

After the fountain closed, Carol got on bed. She and Al exchanged a hot
French kiss. Al could taste her cum.

Said Carol with her teethes clenched together. "God look at those tits."

Al did have huge breasts for age, not as big as Carol's but just as juicy.
Carol began to vacuum Al's tit to her mouth. She moved from one balloon to
the other. Putting the erect nipples in her mouth, making her tongue twirl
around the puffy nipple.

Said Carol. "When did you grow those huge jugs?"

Answered Al. "You talk? You got a fucking air-balloons over here!"

"Don't you think this mouth should be in better use then cursing?" suggested
Carol, and so she took Al's face and directed it to her own colossal tities.

Al hungrily started to eat Carols tits, moving from tit to tit, kissing and
sucking on those huge erasers shaped nipples. Then Al spat on both breasts,
and she began to twist Carol's nipples with both hand making them so red and
erect the could pull an eye out.

"You know there is nothing wrong with a little dirty talk, maybe you should
yry it." Al said with a grin.

Said Carol not so convincingly. "Eat - my..pussy."

"No, NO! Talk better!! Like a bitch, TALK LIKE A SLUT!! TALK LIKE A "FUCKING


'Fisting?' Al thought to herself, 'She wanted to be fisted? I love this

Al started to insert her hand in to Carol's pussy. She easily inserted 4
fingers in that kind of huge vagina (through the years her pussy was very
much stretched because of her everyday sex, and all kind of dildos has
entered this room). Then Al shoved in the thumb, and entire hand was in her
pussy! Al paused, she liked the warmth inside.

"Did I tell you to stop?"

That pushed Al to the edge, Carol wanted-more I give her more!

And in one fast motion she began to thrust her hand up Carol's tight vagina.


Al shoved her hand more and more, that Carol is a freak!


Al shoved almost her entire arm into Carol.

"Keep it in. I have never felt so filled in my entire life!"

IN AND OUT, IN AND was like worlds thickest and longest dick!


Carol was being arm fucked to death!

Finally Al slowly began to take her hand out Carol's huge cunt. Al looked at
her hand as it was unbelievably shiny from all of Carol's juices, she stuck
out her tongue and began to lick her arm clean.

"You got to teach me how you made your pussy so fucking large," Said Al.

"You can take in a hand with no problem. Tell you what - you get on your
hands and knees and I will shove it from the back," said Carol.

Enthusiastically Al positioned herself on her hand and knees. Carol started
to stare at beautiful ass of hers and began to drool.

"God you have great fucking ass!" said Carol who was magically drawn to the
perfectly shaped, tanned and soft ass of Al.

Without even noticing her nose has met the flesh of Als butt cheek. Then
Carol began lick Als asshole, it caught Al by surprise as began to quiver all
over. A tongue in her asshole was a new experience that sent new sensations
throw her body. Carol stuck her entire tongue in Als ass and now she began to
twirl it inside.

"YAAAA......YAAAAA!! FUCK THAT ASS!!! FUCK IT GOOOD!!" Al screamed as she was
tightening her grip on the bed sheets. From all the ecstasy Al felt she was
goanna cum, but just like her - if she had to cum she even more needed to
pee! And with no problem Al shot a huge stream of pee on Carol's chest. Carol
who felt the warmth immediately took out her tongue and opened her mouth on
the ejaculating pussy. She was officially Als toilet.

"..Fuck my ass ...pleas!" Al began to beg.

'So she wants to be fisted and ass fucked,' thought Carol, 'well...'

Carol took body cream lotion she had, she lotioned her hand and then poured
all the rest of the lotion on Al's ass. Al was surprised and puzzled as
something cold touched her ass. Then the fucking twisted Carol began to
insert her hand inside Al's ASS!


Al began to lose air and suffocate as a human hand began to travel in her
ass all the way up to her gut. Carol was merciless, she shoved her hand in
without being slow, without being careful, just one huge shove after another
till she almost got it in to the elbow!



Al felt like she goanna vomit any minute. But Carol didn't stopped there. She
then took her free hand and began to fist Al's PUSSY!

That pussy was so wet her hand slide in with no problems. Carol's arm made
its way all the way up Al's cervix. And then began- THE FUCKING!!! Carol
moved her arms in and out, in and out of that fine pussy and ass!!!

Al talked no more. Her head was fallen on the mattress, she lost grip of her
hands a long time ago, and now she was basically a girl with her ass high in
the air. Her eyes were white and her eyeballs flow all the way up. She was
foaming from her mouth and was mumbling all kind of stuff. Carol was
pussy/ass fucking her to oblivion!

At the end Carol released her hands to the open air and she lay beside Al.
Al was breathing heavily and every time she took a breath her huge knockers
went up and down, up and down.

"Thank you Carol, it was great. I never thought getting your pussy and ass
fisted," said Al, "Could be so much fun."

"I never knew you wanted to fuck me," said Carol.

"OH YEH! For a long time."

"I am glad you did, now we can have fuck for the rest of our lives," Carol

"Actually I wanted to put Karen in the business," suggested Al.

Carol straighten herself.

Carol paused for a minute and said. "KAREN, MY Daughter KAREN!"

Carol said with joy, "I'D LOVE TO FUCK THAT PUSSY!"

"But how?" wondered Al.

"The only good approach - the direct approach. We just rape her into pussy
ecstasy and by what I learned today - once you entered pussyland there's no

Al got all wet listening to Carol. She was so glad Carol was such a pussy
hungry lesbian and it was all thanks to her who released that lesbian monster

In the following days Karen had gotten better, its seemed that Al's juices
were better than any other medicine. Al and Carol tried to sex each other as
much as they could, although it was pretty hard.

Once at dinner time for example: all Al and Carol could do was stare at each
other, they were so fucking horny! So Carol had an idea. She took a fried
greasy chicken wing from her plate and stuck it in her pussy when no one was
looking (no one but Al). Then she passed it to Al who gorged down that pussy
juice covered chicken in time. Then Al herself began to spice her food with
her juices and gave them to Carol and when dinner was over they found a quiet
spot and orally cleaned each others pussies from the oil and grease.

Or some times Carol excused herself to use the bathroom and the toilet she
was sitting on was Al's face. But now came the time to join Karen in their
sex games.

Al and Carol began to think when was the best time to strike. Then a plan
grew - on Wednesdays Karen goes to school later then everyone. Al and Carol
decided it would be no harm in ditching one school day for the sake of pussy
love (especially Al). They figured Karen will be all alone in the house.
Well, she knew her mother was home but she figured Al went to school earlier.

So on Wednesday Karen was already up alone in her room beginning to get ready
for school. Earlier Carol told the rest of the guys Al won't be going to
school with them because she was feeling under the weather. So it was all set
thought Carol, she knew the only next thing was to stuck her head between her
daughter's legs.

While Karen was at her room getting undressed Al and Carol were peeking
through the keyhole.

"O.K. She's in her bra and panties, I'm going in," whispered Al and kissed

Al walked in the room and as she did Karen jumped.

"AL you freaked me. Why aren't you at school?" said Karen.

"Hoo...I'll be going later.." fabricated Al.

"Cool we'll take the bus together," said Karen as she continue to brush her

Karen had no problem being in her panties in front of Al, they were living 3
girls in a room so they felt free around each other.

Then Al walked towards Karen. Karen saw Al's reflection through the mirror
and saw that Al had a weird expression on her face. She turned to look at Al
and as she did it - Al shoved her hand into Karen's underwear and stuck 2
fingers in her pussy.

Karen lost air as she was caught by surprise. "AL WHAAA.......!"

Then from behind her mother walked into the room, Carol went nuts from the
sight in front of her. She walked towards Karen and she shoved her hand from
the back side of her daughter's underwear and inserted her 2 fingers in
Karen's pussy.

The fingers of both women were up against each other as they were quickly
moving up and down the pussy. Karen was moaning like crazy and she lost the
power to fight.

Al started to lick Karen's face and rub her tit with her free hand, Carol on
the other hand used her free hand to lower her own pants down, once her pants
were at her ankles she lowered her underwear and began to masturbate her
pussy rather harshly still fucking her daughter with the other hand.

Carol began to moan from her own fingering, "OH YEAH! YES! KAREN YOUR PUSSY

And it was only then when Karen found out that it was her mother who was
behind her. She tried to speak but every word she uttered changed to a loud

Meanwhile Carol was masturbating herself to a frenzy, she got so hot from
fucking her on daughter it influenced her on her masturbating. She began to
feel her orgasm grow in and her legs weakening. Carol fell to the floor.

Carol moaned loudly."OH YHEEE!! I'M COMING!! AAAAA...YA! YA! YA!"

Al saw Carol was at the verge of a shooting climax she took her hand out of
Karen and forcibly lowered her to the ground, and shoved her head between
Carol's thighs. Karen tried to resist but Al was stronger as she was forced
to suck her on her mother's pussy. Then Carol after continuiously rubbing of
her clit gave a loud scream and shot her cum right into her daughter's mouth.
Once Karen felt liquid on her lips she freaked and immediately tried to break
from Al's hold on her. But Al was stronger and she kept her strong grip on
Karen and as a result Karen took all of her mother's inner juices to her
throat and belly.

Al knew Carol was done by looking at her breathing and smiling. She let go of
Karen and as Karen was freed she crawled aside and began to cough and choke
because she was forced to drink god knows what fluids out of another women's

Meanwhile Al striped of her clothes. "NOW I WANT MY PUSSY LICKED!!" shouted
the horny Al.

Now it was Carol who fiercely grabbed Karen's head and slammed her head on
Al's open cunt! Karen couldn't believe her own mother was treating her that
way, as hard she tried to push her head away their were both hands of her
mother on the back of her head chocking her on the cunt.


"Give her time," said Al. "Just let her sniff that great scent out of my
wet pussy, let her realize how great is. The taste of your cum when you
ejaculated it to her mouth. She's probably feeling the wetness of my pussy
on her lips and just wants to sweep her tongue across my pussy lips folds.
Come on Karen! Lick my pussy Karen! You want my pussy, my cunt, my vagina,
my hot tight little snatch!"

Karen could not take it anymore; all that Al said made her pussy tingle. She
was feeling lightheaded from the aroma that came from the pussy. She did
liked the taste of cum. She thought Al was fucking hot with her little brown
pubic hair and she wanted to stick her tongue in her pussy, her cunt, her hot
tight little snatch!

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Screamed Al in ecstasy as Karen
began to lap her pussy good.

Carol let go of her head and filled with joy as Karen just kept on licking
the pussy like a little girl licking ice cream.

HAAAAAAA!!!...ALL OVER YOUR MOUTH!!!" screamed Al, and her words made Karen
hotter and hotter which mad her licking even better. Karen remembered whilst
she lapped Al how she always looked at Al's hot bod, jealous of her enormous
tities, her beautiful soft tanned skin, her probably big juicy bloated clit!
Her CLIT!! Karen thought and she ran her tongue north of the pussy and began
to tongue fuck her swollen clit.


Al gave a loud animal roar as her legs shivered like crazy and she blasted
Karen's face with her hot, juicy female cum!

"Drink it babe, you deserve it," said Carol and Karen swallowed every drop
of cum that blasted from her step sister's pussy.

Karen rested on her back as she stared at the ceiling breathing heavily
having pussy juice drip down from her lip and one curl of Al's pubic hair on
her other side of the lip. Carol noticed that Karen began to rub her clit
over her panties.

"Oh no you don't, that's my job!" Carol said.

She looked into her daughter's eyes and then she inserted her thumbs on
Karen's panty and slid down her moist underwear.

"WOW WOW! POW-WOW! Hairy pussy in the house!!"

Karen had her pussy trimmed to a triangle but it was a big thick hair

"GOD! LOOK AT THAT BUSH!!!" Commented Al.

Carol looked at Karen's bush hungrily, in fact Al herself wanted to bury her
face in that hot thick bush. Something about their lesbian instincts just
made them horny about giving face to a full luscious pubic hair cunt. Al
began to brush her hand with Karen's bush, but Carol she was here for eating.

Carol spat on Karen's pussy, then she lowered her face and gave that wet cunt
one hot lick that sent shockwaves throw Karen's body.


And when Carol hears stuff like this she has no time for teasing she will go
straight to pussy munching, particularly when it was her own daughter which
she wanted to put out of misery. Carol licked that hairy and juicy slit of
Karen like a women possessed, her tongue moved like lightning. Karen was at
the verge of climax, it only took the slightest lick of Carols tongue across
her swollen clit to make her blast her huge load.

heavens as she climaxed for the very first time in her life.

Her pussy juice squirted to Carol's opened mouth, but even the mature lesbian
slut could have not accept all of it. There was too much cum! It flew to the
ceiling and Al opened her mouth like a whore hoping to get a drop of vagina

In the days that followed, Al and Carol taught Karen the secretes of hot
lesbian sex. She learned to love being fisted in both ass and cunt and
she grow to love piss and women cum. Al looked back on all that she had
accomplished the passing month. She was glad she had the guts to make the
first move and with it garnering herself a life time of lezy sex with 2
hot women. She thought if she ever write a book about making lesbian love
around the house, the first rule will probably be: Take it step by step.

The End


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