Disclaimer: Sex And The City belongs to Darren Star Productions and Home Box
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Date: 10/22/2006

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, voyurism, female solo sex, male solo sex, drug
use, mind control, female/female sex, male/female sex, graphic violence

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Charlotte/m/f/m/f

Feedback: Yes, I want feedback.

Archive: Yes

Summary: Charlotte's friends talk her into attending a Halloween party with
them, only to have her make eye-contact with a young and handsome guy, who
has something in store for her.

Other Notes: This AU story is based on a fake entitled Kirsten Davis Bad that
is being shown on cic-celebs. net!

Dedications: Happy Halloween to all of my family and friends! -- ATK 2006

Sex And The City: A Wonderous Gift
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

Let me ask all of you Halloween ghoulies this one question: What would happen
to you if your best friends had urged you to go with them to this fantastic
Halloween party with hopes of having such a wonderful time, but as soon as
you arrive at the party, you suddenly bump into this young and handsome stud
with his eyes trained on you?

And if you want to know what I was trying to get at with this question, I
guess that I might as well answer it the only way that I know how and that is
by telling you the story that I'm writing right now, which had began on the
very 31st day of the month of October within the City of New York.

You see, it was after a certain raven-haired beauty named Charlotte York had
returned to her home after an entire day of working her ass off that she was
hoping on taking a long and soothing bubble bath and have sexual fantasies in
which her ex-husband, Trey McDougal had finally returned into her life and
have hot and steamy sex with her.

But just as she was about to do that, the sound of a ringing telephone had
caused poor Charlotte to roll her eyes and think to herself, *Aaaahhhh, shit!
I don't fucking believe this!* just before she had walked over to the phone,
picked up the reciever, took a deep breath and said, "Hello."

And after she had heard the voice of her very good friend, Samantha Jones
coming from the earpiece and inviting her to a fantastic Halloween party, a
reluctant Charlotte had let out a sigh and tried to come up with an excuse
not to go, only to have her realize that she was unable to come up with one
and that had given her no other choice, but to finally agree to accept
Samantha's invitation.

And so, after her three best friends had arrived at her apartment and helped
her get into a sexy witch costume that they had just purchased for her, both
Samantha and Charlotte and their two good friends, Carrie Bradshaw and
Miranda Hobbs had left the apartment and went over to a building on the other
side of the city.

That was where the four best friends had walked up the stars and stepped into
a loft apartment just in time for them to discover that each and every one of
the party guests were dancing around to the party music and really enjoying
themselves just before a smiling Samantha had began to mingle around the room
and setting her sights on the first single guy that she had spotted and
Carrie had stepped inside the party room in order to enjoy herself without
having to run into Mister Big.

Just then, after Miranda had walked over to the bar and asked the bartender
to make her a drink, Charlotte had turned her eyes towards a wall and
discovered that a young and handsome hunk with dark-brown hair and wearing
a cowboy costume was looking at her.

And after she had looked around the room and tried to see what was he
actually looking at, the young and handsome hunk had walked himself over to
a wide-eyed Charlotte, cleared his throat and said, "Hi, my name is Brandon
Hawkenwood and as soon as I had spotted you and your friends walking into
the room, I had became so mesmerized by your bewitching beauty that I was
compelled to walk over to you and introduce myself. May I ask what your name

And then, after she had looked at Brandon's brown eyes and noticed that he
really was a gentle soul, Charlotte had let out a sigh of relief, placed her
hands on her chest and answered, "Well, my name is Charlotte York and I'm so
happy that you were able to say such nice things about me. So, do you want
to meet my three good friends?"

"Actually, Charlotte. I just have a better idea. All you need to do now is
just close your eyes and take a nice deep breath," a smiling Brandon had
answered Charlotte's question just before she had done exactly what he had
asked her to do and the young and handsome cowboy had placed one of his
hands on Charlotte's forehead and the other hand on her back.

And after he had held his hands in place for about a few seconds, the smiling
Brandon had removed his hands, placed his lips close to Charlotte's ear and
softly said to her, "Okay, Charlotte. You may open your eyes now," causing a
curious Charlotte to open her eyes and discover that she was no longer in the
party room with her three friends and the other party guests.

Instead, Charlotte was shocked to discover that two young and beautiful
blonde females and a young and handsome blonde hunk were standing bare-ass
naked in front of her and that one of the two other females had started
pumping two of her fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy and carressing
her own tits with the other hand and the second male had started stroking
his stiff cock.

That was before the second of the two other females had moved herself closer
to a reluctant Charlotte, held a cup of liquid out to her and said, "We
really do understand how shocked you are, Charlotte. But please believe me
when I say that there's no need for you to be afraid. Just have a sip of this
and we'll answer all of your questions."

And then, after she had figured that she had to do exactly what the second
blonde had asked her to do in order to get some straight answers, a reluctant
Charlotte had taken a deep breath and a sip of the liquid in the cup before
she had handed it back to the second blonde.

But after she had done that, something inside the drink had caused Charlotte
to stand right where she was and stare off into space with a blank stare in
her eyes just before the second female had placed her gentle hands on
Charlotte's shoulders and said, "I'm sorry to had done that to you,
Charlotte. But it was nesscessary for us to do so. You see, Charlotte. You
had been chosen to accept such a wonderous gift. And in order for you to
recieve such a gift, we must make passionate love to you right now."

And so, after the second blonde had moved Charlotte over to the bed and
helped her remove her entire Halloween costume, Brandon had stripped off all
of his clothes and started stroking his stone hard dick just before the
second blonde had placed Charlotte on the bed and started licking all over
her nude body -- all the way down to her exposed cunt and carressing her

That was before Brandon had placed his stiff cock inside the second blonde's
asshole and his hands on Charlotte's bare shoulders, the second male had
placed his stone hard dick inside the first blonde's backdoor and his hands
on her stiff mounds just before she had looked at the two blonde lovers and
their helpless sex-slave and said, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it,
Brandon! Touch them! Fuck Cassandra in the ass, while she sucks that bitch's
wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, after the first female blonde and the second male had moved
themselves closer to the trio and she had started sucking on Charlotte's
tits, the helpless Charlotte had suddenly realized that even though she had
been drugged and forced to have hot and steamy sex against her will, she
was able to experience the one thing that she had been no longer able to
experience with her ex-husband, for what she was able to experience was pure
and untamed erotica and she was enjoying every minute of it.

Just then, after Brandon had placed his stiff cock inside Charlotte's pussy
and started licking on the first female blonde's cunt, Charlotte had started
licking on Cassandra's snatch and carressing her tits, the first female
blonde had placed her hand on Cassandra's silky smooth naked thigh and
started sucking on her bare toes and started sucking on the second male's
stone hard dick.

That was before a sexually-energized Cassandra had taken the second male's
stiff cock out of her mouth, placed one of her hands on one of Charlotte's
bare shoulders and yelled at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT!

And then, after the five newfound bi-sexual lovers had started moving
themselves harder and faster and their lovemaking has reached its true level
of power, Brandon, Cassandra, Darvin, Morganna and Charlotte had came and
collapsed due to exhaustion.

That was before both Cassandra and Morganna had used some sort of red paint
to draw a circle with a six-pointed star in it on Charlotte's stomach and the
four friends had stood over a still-helpless Charlotte and started waving
their arms up and down and speaking some sort of anicent chant.

And after that was done, Cassandra had placed herself on top of Charlotte,
took a deep breath and said, "And now, my darling Charlotte. It's time for
you to recieve your wonderous gift," just before both Darvin and Morganna
had held Cassandra's hands down and Brandon had taken a very sharp sword
in his hands, grabbed Cassandra by the hair and thrusted the blade of the
sword straight through her chest.

It was that particular scene that had caused Charlotte to snap out of her
drugged-induced state and screamed bloody murder, only to have her discover
that she had her Halloween costume back on and all of the party guests --
including her three best friends -- were looking at her like they were
wondering what was with her.

And after she had finally gotten herself home, Charlotte had looked at
herself in the bedroom mirror and noticed that something new has been added
to her Halloween costume and it happens to be a pendent that was a miniture
version of the same six-pointed star that has been painted on her stomach
earlier, causing her to ask herself this one question: Was it all real or
actually just a dream?



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