This is a fantasy based on the characters of the tv show 'Roswell.' It is
being distributed on the internet on a non-profit basis without any rights
to the characters of 'Roswell.'

Roswell: Wildcard (m/f)
by the Anonymous Sorceror ([email protected])

1: Kyle

Kyle Valenti groaned as he stormed into his house. Football practice had gone
lousy, and he had a big assignment to do for English Lit. Dropping down onto
the living room couch and brushing all the blankets aside, he pulled 'The
Importance of Being Ernest' out of his bookbag, considered a moment, and
exchanged it with the abridgment of Samyutta Nikaya on the coffee table. He
wasn't going to be creating any passing grades before he got his spirit back
into alignment.

He was midway through Aputtaka Sutta when Kyle heard footsteps entering the
house. He looked up, wondering if it would be his father the sherriff. It
wasn't. Instead, it was Tess Harding, the alien girl his Dad had agreed to
let move into the house. (Without asking his son Kyle about it.) Right now
Tess had taken over Kyle's room, which was why he was sleeping out here on
the couch every night. Sure, alien or not, Tess was a hottie - pale blonde
hair, great set of tits, lush bootie, amazing legs. She had asked Kyle out
last year, before he knew she was one of the pod people, and he had said yes
in an instant. But she was just so weird - too strange to live with day in
and day out without going crazy.

"Whatcha reading?" Tess asked, walking into the living room. "More of that
Buddhism stuff?"

"Yeah," Kyle said noncommitally. "Lesson for today: how to give generously
and without hesitation."

"So, who are you thinking of giving it to?" Tess teased.

"Ha ha." Kyle put the teachings of the enlightened one down and picked up
the Oscar Wilde. He had lost track of time and needed to start making notes
for his report.

"Is that your Dad's package on the dining room table?" Tess asked casually.
Kyle looked up from the book to her. Tess had brought one of the dining
chairs into the living room, and had stretched her long legs out and propped
them up on the corner of the coffee table. She was wearing black leather
heels and a pleated red skirt, which was riding up her thighs. 'God damn,
she's hot,' Kyle thought.

"Uh, yeah..." he said in a vague reply to Tess' question, and then the words
she had said sunk in. What package? Craning his neck, Kyle noticed a brown,
letter-size paper bag sitting in the dining room.

The magazines! Malamud had borrowed some of his magazines and said he'd drop
them off today at lunch. But why did the idiot leave the bag in plain sight?
If Kyle's dad, mister law and order found out about Kyle's modest porno
collection, he'd probably ship his only son off to boot camp. Either that or
Tess might open the bag, letting Kyle die of embarassment.

He had to get the bag somewhere safe. His room? No, that was Tess's room
now, and the last thing he wanted was to be caught sneaking smut in. Maybe
that crack in the bottom of the bathroom cupboard would do for a few days...

Quickly Kyle got up, took a few steps, and collided into something. That
something being Tess' incredible body. She had stood up at about the same
time Kyle had, and apparently neither of them had noticed that she was
standing right in his path. For a second, Kyle was too surprised to do
anything than stand stock still right there, squeezed up tight against the
visitor. Tess was shorter than Kyle was, and some of her hair was brushing
against his chest, just a little further up from where her full boobs were
also making there presence known. Her hips and thighs touched his legs, and
they felt smooth and sexy. Kyle's cock gave a vehement twitch, and he was
strongly aware of how close it was to her trim stomach.

Embarassed, Kyle backed away. "Sorry."

"No, my fault, I should have watched where you were going," Tess said.
"That's always fun *and* safe."

Kyle blushed a little. Tess looked so hot all of a sudden - her eyes wide
and beautifully blue, her pale and pretty face touched with a pinker tinge
than usual. Her kissable lips were open a small ways and Kyle could hear her
breathing softly. 'Is she as horny as I am?' A quick glance downwards for
the nipple test was inconclusive, (though fun,) but Kyle decided to make his
move. 'God, I haven't even gotten to second base since the heat wave last

But first things first. Moving around Tess, Kyle grabbed the bag and, since
time was of the essence, tossed it up on top of the kitchen cupboards. That
was far enough above even his dad's eye level that it wouldn't be discovered
immediately, though retrieving the magazines would be a pain. Kyle was tall,
but he'd have to climb up on a chair to reach that. "Say, would you like
something to drink?" he called to Tess.

"Sure, whatever's handy, Kyle," she answered. 'Boy, she sounds hot to trot,
I might not even need to go with the liquor routine.' But better safe than
sorry. Kyle brought out a jug of lemonade from the refrigerator, poured two
tall glasses, and added a dose of white rum to each, locking his dad's
liquor cabinet up again afterwards, (with a copy of the key Dad thought was

"Ooh, lemonade, good call," Tess said, coming into the kitchen, her hips
swaying beautifully. "I didn't realize how thirsty I was." She picked up one
of the glasses and picked it up, obviously getting ready for a good long

Suddenly something flashed through Kyle's mind. "No!" He grabbed her wrist,
making sure she couldn't drink yet. "Not so much. I forgot how much this
stuff affects you pod people."

"What stuff?" Tess seemed confused, her face scrunching up cutely.

"Alcohol," Kyle confessed, taking the glass from her and demonstrating a
small swig. "I gave Max some whiskey on Valentine's day - he had one sip and
got totally blasted. Is that an alien thing? I didn't know he was... you
know, back then. But it makes sense. Different species, different

"Lightweight," Tess scoffed, going for the other glass.

"Humor me," Kyle insisted. "I wouldn't want you getting alcohol poisoning
and dying." Especially if it happened before Kyle could get laid.

"Okay, okay." Tess took a modest sip, and jumped in surprise. "Wow, you're
right, this stuff is great." She took another drink. "By the way, are you so

Kyle took another drink, and tried to understand what this smokin' alien
hottie was asking about. "So sure of what??"

"That we're different species. I mean yeah, different planets yeah. But
we've been hybridized with humans. And you remember what the definition of
species is, right?"

She was laying it out pretty clearly. "Ability to interbreed," Kyle
finished. "Care to experiment with that a little?"

"Any time, Buddha boy." Tess hiccuped, took another drink from her glass,
set it back down (still two thirds full,) and took Tess' hand. "Care to
reclaim your old room??"

"I'll race you," Kyle drawled, and then let Tess take the lead so he could
watch her ass shake all the way down the hall, up the stairs, and into the
small bedroom.

"I win," Tess, giggled, turning to him and kicking the door closed with her
leather shoe. "And, boy am I *ever* going to claim my prize." She put her
hands to Kyle's collar and ripped the shirt open.

Kyle considered returning the favor, but decided to take the time and effort
to pull Tess' low cut crop top up and off her arms, which she obligingly
stretched up above her head. Her amazing knockers, now restrained by only a
black victoria's secret bra, took Kyle's breath away, and he kissed Tess
passionately while unsnapping his jeans.

"My turn," Tess declared, slipping Kyle's boxers down to his knees before
pushing him down onto the bed. "You don't move or do anything until I tell
you to, okay? Tess's rules."

"You like to be in charge, huh?" Kyle grinned in pure delight. Nothing wrong
with a woman who knew what she wanted - not when she looked as sexy as Tess
Harding did.

"Oh yeah." Tess was taking Kyle's shoes and socks off, and then she pulled
his undershorts the rest of the way free. Kyle was naked now, while Tess was
only shirtless, but he wasn't complaining. Tess smiled and started licking
Kyle's thighs. His boner was as hard as rock, sticking up like a... well,
why run from the cliche? Like a rocket ship about to take off any second.

"Stop playing with me," Kyle groaned. "Just do it."

"What did you say?" Tess said, stopping what she was doing and glaring at

"Stop playing with your humble servant, mistress," Kyle rephrased.

Tess looked only somewhat mollified. "Mistress Tess does what she wishes
with her toys," she told him firmly, Nevertheless, Mistress Tess pursed her
incredible lips and kissed the head of Kyle's cock. He couldn't keep back a
groan that was half of a scream.

But though Tess worked his rod over with her lips and tongue for several
minutes, she wouldn't let Kyle come. Every time the rocket was on final
countdown to launch, his bewitching blonde lover would put pressure on a
certain part of the underside of his cock with her tongue or bottom lip, and
that would cancel the eruption. The smoky looks she shot him every so often
and the feel of her silky hair against Kyle's hips and thighs didn't help
much, either. He was a horny, shaking, desperate mess in no time, it seemed.

"What do you have to say for yourself now, toy?" Tess said, standing up.

"Please, mistress, have mercy on your most humble slave. Finish what you've
so amazingly started," he pleaded.

Tess considered that for a second. "Maybe. I'll tell you what, if you make
me cum, I'll let *you* come. This is your chance to give orders to the

Kyle thought about this, shivering as he sat up. "I can't..." he gestured to
his cock, still stiffly erect.

"No," she confirmed. "Not until you deliver me *without* it first."

Kyle smiled. Tess' games had an edge of cruelty to them, but but he was
having more fun than he ever had before. "Okay. Take off your skirt." Tess
did so quickly, standing in front of him in just bra, panties, and heels.
Her legs looked even more incredible now that he could see all of them. "And
the bra."

She stripped it off with a teasing flair, leaving Kyle breathless at the
best set of tits he had ever been lucky enough to set eyes on. (And he'd
seen some jugs in his high school time.) Suddenly reminded of his mission,
Kyle jumped up and started licking Tess' breasts, trying to warm her up.
From the way her breathing suddenly became ragged, Kyle could tell he was
having some success. His hands wandered over the girl's lace-covered buns
while kissing her left aurleola. Inspired, Kyle gently bit down on an
amazingly perky, pink nipple, careful not to hurt her, just... stimulate.
"Are you ready for it now?" he asked Tess.

"Oh, baby, yes," Tess groaned. He pushed her down onto the bed and groped up
to the top of his dresser. Yes, there were the scissors. With two quick
snips, Tess' black lace panties fell away. Kyle was speechless.

For all his bravado, Kyle was a virgin. He'd fooled around with several
girls... well, four or five girls... second base, a little fingering in the
dark. But he'd never actually clearly seen a cunt before, in real life. Even
in the porno magazines, he'd kinda shied away from that part of the girl's
anatomy. Boobs, thighs, buns... they all seemed more interesting.

But Tess' pussy was gorgeous. 'Would I think so if it wasn't the one pathway
to Tess getting me off?' He didn't care. Kyle dived between Tess' legs,
licking at her crack, sucking on her clitty, trying everything he had read
in those stories on the Internet and hoping he was doing it right.

He didn't have to stay in doubt very long. Tess screamed as her pussy
coursed through with cum, and Kyle sucked at it gladly. Her juice tasted so
good... he didn't even realize that he was starting to warm the girl up

Tess didn't mind pointing it out, though. "Now it's both of our turn," she
said, bringing Kyle's head up to hers and kissing him. She reached a hand
down to make sure that Kyle's cock was still ready, pumped it a few times,
then guided him to her well-lubricated hole.

It was like nothing that Kyle had ever dreamed of before. Tess' pussy was
all around his dick, soft and warm and stimulating, and the pleasure was so
great that it was drowning him. Kyle could feel the tell-tale urgency of his
load about to shoot off, and he knew it was too soon. "I'm... I'm sorry, I'm

"Ssh, it's okay," Tess assured him, pinching his nipple and licking at his
neck. "Just let it come."

Kyle did... and collapsed as the orgasm hit his brain. It was the best cum
he had ever had by a long shot, better than all the others put together...

And something was wrong??

Kyle opened his eyes again... and discovered with a start that he didn't
recognize the girl that his soft cock was still inside of. Instead of Tess'
familiar blonde hair and teasing face, Kyle was looking at a pretty, but
unfamiliar redhead. "What..."

"I'm sorry," the girl told him. "I'll explain later. For now, sweetie, don't
tell anyone else about this, okay?" She quickly scrambled into the clothes
she (Tess?) had stripped off, completely ignoring the now useless panties.
She had still been waring the black leather heels... all through the fuck?

"Who... who are you?" Kyle managed to stutter out.

"That's a long story, and none of your concern. For now, think of my as
Wildcard, okay?" She opened the door and jumped out.

Kyle rushed up in surprise, and looked out the window. The girl...
(Wildcard?) had landed safely and was running through the backyard towards
the alley. Kyle groaned and collapsed back down on the bed, pulling a quilt
halfway over his nakedness.

And that's when Tess walked in. "Eww!!!" She yelled in sudden fright. "Kyle,
we've talked about this, if you're giving me your room, I don't want you in
here when I'm not around. I don't even wanna *know* what you were doing
naked..." She closed the door. Kyle noted absently that *this* Tess was
wearing totally different clothes, a green sweater and stretch pants, which
were the same clothes Tess had been wearing this morning at breakfast.

So who had just screwed his brains out??

2: Liz

Kyle parked the Plymouth carefully across the street from his house. He had
gone out to a party with some guys from the football team, and had seven
phone numbers in his pocket. "Must be having a good hair day." In fact, as
Kyle looked into the rearview mirror, he noticed that his face seemed
slightly different. "Oh well."

He got up, closed the door, and headed cautiously towards the house. "Hey
sweetie, nice wheels. Give me a ride?"

"Sure," Kyle heard himself saying instantly. What the heck? He turned around
and saw the redhead from the day before standing behind him. "You... you,

"Don't attract any attention," she warned him. "Speak quietly and try not to
act like there's anything out of the ordinary, and I'll answer your
questions. Some of them anyway." Kyle opened the door and held it open
for... it was Wildcard, right? Try as he might to close the door and walk
away, Kyle couldn't seem to make himself.

So he asked the obvious question. "You're... you're another alien, aren't
you? An evil shapeshifter??"

Wildcard grinned gorgeously as she got into the car. "Yes, I have the
ability to shapeshift, at the moment. And yes, I'm not of your race or
native to your planet, so I suppose by your terms that makes me alien. What
is this word 'evil,' though? Throughout all my crash research on your planet
I could never find a satisfactory explanation of it."

Kyle boggled. How do you explain to a possibly evil alien the nature of
evil? At the same time, his body continued on autopilot, getting behind the
wheel and pulling the car back onto the street. "Evil is that which seeks to
maliciously hurt other people... or living entities. Or to obstruct their
spiritual journeys."

Wildcard laughed. "Well, I'm not trying to hurt *you*, baby. I had to change
you a little there, but it's just business. As far as... malicious? I don't
think I bear anyone malice. I have a job to do, and it's not a pretty job,
but that's that."

"A... a job? What kind of job?"

"You don't need to worry about that yet, blue eyes," she assured him. "Just
drive, sweetie. Pull into the alley next to the Crashdown Cafe, pointing
away from the street."

Kyle followed her instructions to the letter. "What have you done to me?"

"Well, let's see." Wildcard considered. "You know that I can shapechange,
right? Well, I can do it to other people too - I spruced you up a little bit
yesterday. Nothing big, I hope you don't mind." Spruced him up? "And I can
change minds too. I've put a few little modifications into that gorgeous
head of yours - all strictly in the name of the mission of course."

"Uhh..." Kyle was trying to formulate a reply, but he had arrived near the
cafe and parking the car precisely as the girl had asked him to suddenly
commanded his full attention. What was going on?? "What do you mean,

Wildcard didn't answer him directly. "I'm really sorry to say this, but I'm
gonna have to do you again."

"Do... do me?" Kyle spluttered. "What... why? Huh???"

"The changing," she explained patiently. "It gets complicated to explain,
but I can only do it when the human body's defenses are down. During the act
of... when the body's reproductive systems are peaking..."

"You mean an orgasm??" Kyle blurted out, and Wildcard nodded, blushing
slightly. (It made her seem so human.) "Well, I... I won't let you. If you
make me... orgasm again, you could make me into anything you want, right??"

"Oh, I almost forgot." She handed him a small tube. "Activate this when you
get inside. Just stand it on its end and press this switch." She pointed it

Kyle recognized the device - as Tess, Wildcard had put it in the living room
when she first showed up. "No!!" he called out. "Get out of my car, you
alien bitch!!"

Wildcard grinned. "No, I don't think so."

Kyle made a quick decision. "You can't make me... let you make me... I'm
going." He turned the keys and took them out of the ignition, opening the
driver's door of the car.

"Sweetie, close the door, and keep your voice down." Kyle did as she said,
and the pretty girl smirked. "As you can see, I'm in conrol here - as long
as I can use your trigger word. You can still talk, you know, as long as
you're not too loud."

Kyle groaned. "What does that thingumee do? Release some kind of alien vapor
into the air that lets you..."

"Actually, it's a human vapor... or a combination of two human products.
Nobody else on earth knows what they'll do, in combination, but I know."

"You used this this thing on me, and now you want me to set it up to use it
on... who?"

"I didn't really need it for you," Wildcard bragged. "Let's face it, you
were eating out of the palm of my hand from moment one. Your little friend
will be a different story, won't she?"


"Who do you want it as? Oh, let me guess." There was a sudden flash of
light, and Wildcard had changed to look like Liz Parker. "Open your fly."

Kyle didn't wait for Wildcard to 'sweetie' him. If he made her, she'd use
the trigger word anyways, he knew. He unzipped his zipper and let
Wildcard/Liz start teasing his cock to hardness with her talented tongue.

"Now, this isn't so bad, is it?" Kyle couldn't speak beyond a ragged groan.
Wildcard clamped her (Liz's?) mouth around his dick and sucked hard.
Sneaking a slender arm out, she tickled his balls with slim feminine
fingers. That was it - Kyle spurted hard, and realized dimly that he was
being CHANGED again...

* * * * *

Liz Parker was getting ready for bed after a boring night of studying intro
calculus. After changing into her pajamas, Liz brushed out her hair and
thought about Max Evans. She loved Max, and she thought that Max probably
loved her. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough for them to be happy ever
after. Max was 'meant to be' with Tess, not Liz, and there didn't seem to be
any way to change that.

Tap tap tap. Liz hurried quickly over to her window that opened onto a
balcony above her parent's cafe. A lot of the time, her friends would come
up the ladder to the balcony and her window, instead of passing through the
restaurant and her parent's apartment. Liz opened the window and looked to
see who it was.

Her breath got sucked away. It was Max, looking incredibly handsome in a
simple white shirt and dark jeans. "Can I come in, Liz?"

"Umm... sure." Liz backed away from the window to let him come in. "What is

"You look gorgeous tonight." When Max said that, Liz couldn't help but take
a look at herself in her mirror. Nothing special, dark hair, short and
thin... at least she looked feminine and a little curvy in the tank top and
shorts she wore to bed. But Max always thought she looked beautiful. It was
one of the things she loved about him.

"I couldn't stay away from you any more, Liz," Max said, putting a small
object on Liz's desk as if trying to keep his fingers from fiddling with it.
"Fuck Tess and screw destiny, I just want to be with you. Can you tell me
that you don't love me any more?"

"We've been over this and ov... over this," Liz told him. All of a sudden
she felt dizzy. "Tess... Tess Harding is your future. I'm not doing you any
favors by letting you run away from fate."

"I'm not asking you to do me a favor!!" Max shot back. "I'm asking you to
accept me - as Max Evans, the guy who loves you more than life itself. It's
a very simple question, really. Are you willing to take a chance on us or

"And what about you, Max?" Liz flared. "Are you ready to accept who you
really are? Because you're not just Max Evans, a nondescript lawyer's son
from a nice neighborhood in Roswell. You're the king of an alien planet,
whether you want to deal with it or n--"

Max kissed her.

In that second, all of the uncertainty that Liz had been feeling
crystallized, and she didn't give a flying whoop about destiny anymore. "Oh,
Max," she breathed around his lips. "I'll take any chance you want me to."

Max drew back, nervously. "Are you... are you sure about that, Liz?"

"Completely sure." There was a long silence. "Um, why??"

"I want to love you, Liz." Another pregnant pause. "As in, you know...

"O-oh." Liz's knees buckled, and she sat down on the bed.

"It's too soon, I shouldn't have mentioned it." Max turned away from her,
looking embarassedly out the window.

"No, no, it's not." Liz got up and put her hand on Max's shoulder, coaxing
him into turning around so that he was standing, (but still not looking,) at
her. "It's just... a lot to deal with all at once, you know??"

"So... do you want to? To do it??"

Liz took a deep breath. She couldn't believe she was saying this, but...
"Yes. Yes, I want to make love to you, Max Evans."

Max kissed her again, and put his arms around her. They stayed like that for
a tender few seconds before Max caught his fingers in the hem of Liz's tank
top and pulled it up and over her torso.

Liz blushed. She wasn't wearing a bra, and this was the first time anyone
male had seen her chest since she was... like, nine. Even when she had been
fooling around with Kyle, the summer before she met Max, that had been a
hands-under-shirt, into-bra deal. When it happened at all, which hadn't been

She had pretty nice boobs though, she supposed. The sudden cool rush of air
to her skin stimulated her nipples, which poked out and started to grow. Or
maybe it was how sexy Max was tonight, and the way he was looking at her.
The woozy feeling that Liz was experiencing grew more intense.

"Come on," she said, kissing Max again, and then taking *his* shirt off.
Max's fingers teased at the most ticklish part of her shoulder, and suddenly
they were in a brief pillow fight that ended up with Max half on top of her,
on the bed.

"Okay," Liz said, trying to stop gasping for air. "Are we... doing this

"Uh, yeah, I... think so?" Max seemed as nervous as Liz was.

"Bottoms." Liz blushed. "Seperate, lose the bottoms, and then... we start?"
Max nodded, ever so slightly, and got off the bed. He unbuckled his belt,
unzipped the jeans, and dropped them down into a pile at his feet. Soon the
sneakers were kicked off his feet, and the jeans were dropped in a
half-folded pile beside those shoes.

"Okay. Um, my turn?" Liz tore her guilty eyes away from the bulge that was
tenting up like a mayflower pole in Max's briefs, and slid off her shorts
and underwear in one smooth motion. Embarassed even in front of the guy she
loved, Liz slipped her bottom under the bedsheets.

Max smiled reassuringly at her, and slipped her briefs off. Liz stared
bug-eyes at his stiff, attentive cock. "Umm... well, come on, l-loverboy,"
she managed to stutter out. "Lotta... (erf,) room here in this bed." She
wanted to think she had been mostly successful at stifling that nervous

Max came over and lay down next to Liz on the bed. She kissed him, and Max
rubbed his hands carressingly over Liz's bare skin, and before she knew what
was happening he was... his cock was pushing gently against her virgin
opening, and then penetrating it. There was a sharp pain, but Liz sucked it
in, knowing that this was the cost of giving herself totally to the man she

Suddenly, Liz dimly realized that there was another player in this scene,
because someone was kissing her neck and fondling her breasts from an angle
that wasn't Max's. "What..." She turned to look into the face of her best
friend. "Mar... what are you doing here??"

"Whatever Max says to, sweetie." Maria stroked Liz's stomach and nuzzled at
her ear, (even though Max didn't give her any instructions to,) and Liz...
Liz let it go. There was just too much happening to worry about it.

Soon the physical sensations, (a good proportion of which were
Maria-instigated,) reached a critical point and Liz cried out as a wracking
wave of pleasure spread through her body. And then... and then something
spread into her brain.

She could dimly feel something spilling deep inside her. And then... she
looked around and realized things were wrong.

Max wasn't Max... the guy she was with... was *Kyle*! Maria wasn't Maria
either, she was some redheaded girl that Liz couldn't recognize.

"What... what is going ON here?" she managed to gasp out. Some things were
becoming very clear though. That she had given up her precious first time...
for Kyle... and they hadn't even used protection. What if she got pregnant??

Liz couldn't keep the tears from gushing out. Really, she didn't want to.

3: Alex

"Let's go for a walk, Liz," the redheaded girl suggested.

"Fuck off!" Liz bawled, tears flowing from her eyes. "Get lost, whoever you

The redhead frowned. "I guess we'll have to do it this way. Elizabeth, stop
crying and come with me." Suddenly Liz's tears stopped - she couldn't even
dry-sob if she tried to. New girl led the way out the window and down the
stairs. Liz trailed along helplessly, and Kyle took up the rear, closing
Liz's window carefully once he was outside.

"So..." Liz finally muttered, testing that she could still talk. "What's...
what's this all about?"

"Don't worry, Liz," Kyle assured her. "This is wildcard, she's a
shapechanger, but she isn't going to hurt us. At least..." He looked over at
Wildcard, a flash of panic in his eyes. "You aren't going to hurt Liz, are

"No, of course not," Redhead agreed. "I've got a job to do here, Liz, and
you're a part of it, but I don't think I'm 'evil' and I don't want to mess
up your life. Do you mind if I ask why you were... Um, when your breathing
became irregular and your eyes started to..."

"When she was crying?" Kyle supplied helpfully. Liz shot him a confused

"Yeah, when you were crying back in your room," Wildcard agreed. "Was
something upsetting you, Liz?"

"Well, *yeah*!" Liz blurted out. "I mean, I just had sex with Kyle, thining
he was Max, and it was my first time, and I have this pact with Maria that
we're supposed to save ourselves until the time is right, and I SO totally
flubbed that up, we didn't even have protection, and what if I get

"Okay, pipe down a second," Wildcard suggested. "Okay, I'm sorry, Liz, I
screwed up. This 'protection' thing... it's to keep the sexual interaction
recreational, to minimize the chances of there actually being babies?"

"And diseases," Liz pointed out.

"Hey, hey, I'm clean as the driven snow," Kyle pointed out. "Unless...
unless I picked something up from Wildcard yesterday, umm..."

"Different species wouldn't be subject to the same infections," Liz told
him. "I hope."

"Cut it out, you two," Wildcard broke in. "Okay... on the baby front, is
there anything that can be done at this point?"

"The morning after pill," Kyle opined. "But Liz would be recognized if she
tried to get one... everybody knows her here in Roswell."

"Okay, I'll take care of that," Wildcard assured them. "And as far as it
being your first time and saving yourself... I can't change that, Liz.
Hopefully, before I leave, I'll be able to give you a little peace of mind
about all that."

Liz thought about that. "How? What... what have you done to me, anyways? Why
am I so totally at ease with you, considering that you sent Kyle in to
seduce me and..."

"She's changed us both, Liz," Kyle pointed out. "She can change bodies, and
minds, during the moment of... climax." He swept over Liz with an analytical
glance, then faced Wildcard. "Did you give her a boob job?"

"I thought a better figure might help us out," Wildcard said. "It wouldn't
be suspicious to anyone who doesn't know what to look for, would it?"

Liz was looking down at her own chest. Whoa. "Yes it would!"

"No, it wouldn't," Kyle corrected. "You're at the Britney Spears point, Liz
- not quite clear it there's been an enhancement or not. It'll be fine."

"How are you so okay with this, Kyle??" Liz raged.

"That's the way the mind changing works, Liz," he told her flatly. "Hang on,
it's a bumpy ride."

"Which reminds me," Wildcard pointed out, "Your first mission, Elizabeth,
will be tomorrow. We need to move quickly."

"Mission??" Liz turned to face the alien. "What are you up to, Wildcard?"

"She won't tell us," Kyle said.

"You're going after the Royal Four, aren't you??" Liz guessed.

"Sorry to say."

"Who are the royal four??" Kyle asked out loud. Both Liz and Wildcard turned
to look at him.

"Um, let's see, there's Tess, the girl you thought you were with when I was
boning you," Wildcard recited, "Max, the boy who saved your life... and
Roswell's two other resident aliens... Michael and Isabel, am I right?"

"I knew they were all aliens," Kyle reminded her. "I just wasn't familiar
with the term 'Royal Four.' Nobody tells me anything around here."

"Consider yourself told now, Kyle William Valenti..."

* * * * *

Alex strummed his bass guitar as he sat in the West Roswell High music room.
It was a good space with nice acoustics, and he liked to come up and play
here early in the morning sometimes. It relaxed him when real life was
getting stressful. Like now. But he couldn't think of what to play.

"Nice... riff. Can I call that a riff?" Alex looked up with surprise... ever
so often he was interrupted here, but it always caught him by surprise. It
wasn't often a mysteriously beautiful brunette...

Mysteriously -- that was Liz!! She looked a little different, but Alex
couldn't put his finger on it. "That would be being generous," he replied
lazily, smiling to see his old friend. "So thank you."

"You're welcome," Liz said, walking into the music room, closing the door
carefully behind her and coming close to Alex. She was wearing a tight, very
dark green sweater, jeans, and boots, and her hair had a touch of curl to it
this morning. "So, what's up?"

"Not much." Alex sounded one final chord on the bass and put it aside.

"Same old, same old," Liz commiserated. "Nothing seems to change in
Roswell... unless everything changes. You know what I mean?"

"Uh... yeah, I think I do." Alex reached out to grab Liz's hand in his
fingers. "Listen, I think you and Max are going to work things out in the
end. Don't worry about that."

Liz smiled weakly. Alex noticed that she had set something that looked like
an air freshener next to her seat. After a few seconds she took her hand
back. "Actually, I haven't been worrying about Max much lately," she said,

"What... what does that mean?" Alex asked, mystified.

Now it was Liz who made body contact and eye contact, putting her hand on
his knee. "Alex... do you think it's possible for old friends to become more
than friends??"

Alex gulped in embarassment. Was Liz coming on to him?

"Are you... are you talking about Maria?" he joked weakly.

"I think you *know* who I'm talking about, Alex Charled Whitman," Liz said,
looking sultrily into his eyes.

Alex's mind boggled. He'd never have thought about him-and-Liz before. But
she was one of his favorite people in the world, and right now she was
turning him on like there was no yesterday. Alex had always had the idea
that there were only two necessary components to a relationship - a base of
friendship and a chemistry of physical attraction. Everything else was a
figment of the imagination.

"Y-yes..." he managed to stutter out finally. "I v... very much believe that
at this moment in ti--"

That was as far as Alex got before Liz tackled tackled him with a hot kiss.
Her hands were running over his body, and Alex responded in kind, stroking
the firmness of Liz's torso through the smoothness of her sweater. Had her
breasts always been this... generous? Possible, the way Liz tended to dress,
but Alex somehow doubted it. Mostly, he didn't care right now.

Liz was sucking and tongueing at his neck, while Alex's hands worked his way
down her sleek back to a very soft and sexy behind, when Alex groaned in
frustration. His cock was already sore and impatient. "Liz, I've gotta...

"What?" Giggling as she withdrew, Liz took something out of her purse,
holding it behind her. "Close your eyes."

Not wanting to upset her, Alex did so. There was a click. "What?"

He opened his eyes to see Liz unbuttoning her jeans, and something was wrong
about his arms. He couldn't... the bitch! She had hancuffed him to the
chair, one manacle around each of his wrists and the chain running around
one of the back legs of his chair. He couldn't get out of the chair without
suddenly developing double-jointedness. "Why did you do that, Liz?"

"Because you're too impatient, Alex," Liz taunted him, letting her supple
fingers brush ever-so-lightly across the crotch of his chinos. "You're gonna
have to learn how to wait." She had her pants off now and carefully put out
of the way, and unzipped her sweater a little.

"I've... I've never been very good at waiting for something I want," Alex
admitted in a dark tone, glaring at Liz.

She giggled and didn't answer him directly. "Do you like whipped cream,
Alex?" From the same bag, Liz pulled out a small tub of the imitation
non-dairy stuff they had in the supermarket. "Hmm??" She dipped a long
finger into the creamy white stuff, bringing it back absolutely covored, and
slid the member into her mouth. By the time Liz's lips were wrapped around
the base of her finger, there was a considerable amount of white residue
left on them, and she drew the finger out again with a wet *slurp* and
slowly, ever so slowly, licked her lips with a cute pink tongue. Alex
groaned in torture.

Liz laughed again and smiled at him. "You liked that, huh? Well, how about
this??" She sat down on a chair facing Alex, spead her bare legs, and dipped
her hand into the cool whip again. "Heheh," she chuckled, pasting the cream
over her inner thigh, jumping a little bit at the coldness of it, and
spreading it out to the edge of her pink cotton panties.

"Now, who could possibly lick this off for me?" Liz asked in a breathy
voice, staring into Alex's eyes.

"I will!!" he blurted out unnecessarily. "Just undo the cuffs... or,
well...." his mind gave up visualizing different positions. "I don't care
how, as long as it's physically possible, I'll do it."

Liz shook her head at him. "Naughty, naughty. That's not very patient, is

"What, you started playing without me?" Alex craned his neck around in the
chair as well as he could to verify the visitor. Isabel Evans, as he had
guessed from the voice.

Isabel had always been the most beautiful young woman that Alex had ever
seen. He had never seen her like she was now, though. She was wearing a tiny
spandex halter-top - there was considerably less to it than most bikini
bathing-suit tops. A short and tight miniskirt hung low on her curvy hips
and showed even more leg through a long slit up the left side. Isabel's
gorgeous long legs led down, down... down to a pair of black high heels.
Isabel's blonde hair was tied back into a severe ponytail which only
accented the sexiness of the rest of her ensemble.

"I've died and gone to heaven," Alex mumbled to himself.

"I... I decided there was no time to waste," Liz said out loud as Isabel
closed and locked the door she had come in through. "I've got him all

"I can see that," Isabel said, coming forward. "But let's give him a bit
more of a show first. I think there's something there for me to take care

"Of course." Liz spread her knees a little bit more widely, and Isabel
kneeled down, giving Alex a great view of her ass in that tight mini without
obscuring the action. She reached out with her tongue and started to lick
the cream (which had started to melt,) off of Liz's thigh. Soon it was all
gone, and all three of them were breathing heavily - Liz, Alex, and Isabel.

"Come on." Isabel helped Liz to her feet, and kissed her passionately on the
lips, her hands wandering over Liz's sweater much as Alex's had a little
earlier. Liz wrapped her hands around Isabel and started to massage her
butt. After a second, she started to run a hand up under the hemline of the
leather miniskirt, showing more and more of those incredible legs...

Alex opened his mouth to say something, then decided to stuff it. After all
Liz had said about patience, he wasn't gonna interrupt again.

Things proceeded slowly from there. Isabel teased Liz's sweater off bit by
bit, showing Alex her skimpy blue bra (which left no doubt that his best
friend had incredible tits.) Is had brought a pair of popsicles, and the two
girls each sucked on one for a while. It was when Liz was massaging Isabel's
hooters that he finally lost his willpower. "Umm... I don't mean to
interrupt, but..."

Isabel turned to look at Alex, (and Liz followed without taking her hands
off her boobs.) "Oh, Alex! Why didn't you say something earlier?" she
laughed. Alex let out a loud groan.

At a wave of Isabel's hand, Liz bounced over and unlocked the handcuffs.
Isabel stood up on the bandstand, unsnapped and unwrapped her skirt, and
slid the panties down her legs and carefully over the high heels. "Here,

Alex didn't need to be told twice. He hurried over to Isabel, kissed her
skin in as many places as he could think of, and unzipped his pants to draw
his dick out. "Okay, Isabel. I'm read- I'm as ready as I'll ever be." He
didn't know much about sex, besides what he'd found out on the net and
late-night movies, but the basic mechanics were obvious. He put his thing
between Isabel's legs and aimed for the slit.

"Ooooh," Isabel groaned, as Alex penetrated her. Was she a virgin? He didn't
have any way to know. And what was making Isabel and Liz act like this, all
of a sudden. The friction on his already overswelled cock made questions
like that seem irrelevant.

But he could tell he was going too quickly. Alex felt the familiar sensation
of the moment of no return coming upon him, and when he spurted deep inside
Isabel, she shuddered a little, but he could tell that she hadn't climaxed
too. "I'm sorry," he muttered.

"Don't worry," Isabel said, pulling her sheath off of him. "I'll finish
myself off. Liz, why don't you take over from here?" Isabel started
fingering herself and playing with... all of the stuff she had down there.
Meanwhile Liz was taking Alex's pants off and started licking his legs.
Alex's spent cock began to twitch with a second life. She stripped off her
bra and pushed one nipple after another into Alex's mouth. Soon he was rock
hard again and then Liz started to suck on it.

"Yes, yes. Yes!!" Isabel cried out, her body shuddering. Once she was done,
Isabel came over and kissed Alex's neck. Just at the same time, Liz sucked
hard and Alex came again. Suddenly, everything seemed different.

"You're... you're still Isabel," Liz mentioned.

"Yeah," Isabel mentioned. "Timing didn't work out any other way. Okay guys,
clean up before school starts and meet me in the library second period." She
picked up her skirt and walked out of the room.


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