Roswell: The Girls Of Roswell - Liz And Tess (mff)
by HaRkOnIn ([email protected])

Max: Liz, you have to help me figure out a way to fall out of love with

Liz: No, I can't do it. You'll have to find somebody else.

Max: Liz, you are the only one that can help me. The future of Earth
depends on it. You have to!

Liz suddenly jerked up in her bed. The terrible nightmare of a few weeks
ago had haunted her once again. She had been having the same nightmare for
the past 3 months. Ever since Future Max came back to the past to ask her
to do something she never wanted to do in the first place, but Earth's
future depended on it according to what he said.

Liz had apparently succeeded in getting Max to fall out of love with her,
by asking Kyle to help her stage an act, where Max would catch them in bed
naked together. But they didn't really sleep together. They just laid
there and talked, and during their conversation, Liz looked over toward the
front door and saw Max peering in the window. Their plan had succeeded,
and Liz was allowed a few moments with Future Max to experience their
wedding dance (Which never happened now) until he dissappeared into

In the process of attempting to get Max to fall out of love with her, she
inadvertantly triggered something between herself and Tess that she never
thought possible. Future Max told her to tell Tess to wear this black top,
which fit so tightly around her body that her firm breasts were almost
falling out the sides. Future Max told Liz that this was his favorite top,
that he had seen Tess in it the first time they saw her in school. Liz was
upset by this of course. Max never told her that he had any favorite
clothes that she wore. But she didn't care about that right now. All that
mattered to her was the thoughts about Tess that were running through her

When Max had told her to tell Tess to wear that top, and come over to the
Crash Down and meet up with Present Max, as Liz and Future Max stood outside
the front door of the Crash Down watching them, Liz began to get turned on
by the way Tess looked in the outfit she was wearing.

Suddenly, as quickly as it began, the flash Liz was having came to a halt.
She looked up and saw a teacher standing in front of her desk with her hands
on her hips.

Teacher: Liz? It's 3:30. Aren't you going home? Or would you like to
spend the rest of your after school hours with me?

Liz: (Smiling) Oh I'm sorry Mrs. Crabtree.

Liz picked up her books. She was so disappointed that the teacher had
interrupted her flash that she litterally didn't know what to do with
herself at this point. She had a choice. Either go into the girls
bathroom and take care of herself with her fingers, or do something she
had never thought possible. Go over to Kyle's house, where she knew
Tess was living, and see if she wouldn't mind engaging in wild passionate
sexual activity with her.

Of course Liz didn't choose the girls bathroom. For some odd reason, she
figured she was going to have better luck with Tess.... She hopped in her
car and drove to Kyle's house. Juices flowing, litterally squirting in her
shorts the whole way there, just thinking about it.

Kyle's House

Kyle had just gotten home from school. He pulled into the driveway of his
house, and picked up his school bag and walked into the house and went
straight for his bedroom. But when he got to his bedroom, he stopped
suddenly. A site he never expected to see. Tess was laying half naked on
his bed, reading a magazine. Her bare feet swinging in the air behind her.
She was wearing one of Kyle's Jerseys. And a closer look revealed that
that's all she was wearing. No underwear underneath. Her hair was wet,
which indicated that she had just gotten out of the shower, and apparently
decided to help herself to Kyle's wardrobe.

Kyle: Hey! That's my Jersey!

Tess looked up at him.

Tess: Sorry.

Tess sat up and was about to take it off right in front of him, but he had
the sudden urge to stop her, even though seeing her naked wouldn't have been
a bad thing.

Kyle: Hey! It's.... It's okay... Wear it.

Tess: (Smiling) Thanks. Nice religion you're studying here. I wonder how
Buda would feel being sandwiched between Hustler and Playboy.

Kyle: How'd you know about that?

Tess: Oh, I looked under your bed.

Kyle: (Getting mad) That's my private stuff.

Tess: Sorry.

Kyle: (Calming down) It's alright. Look... When Max healed me, and I
found out about the whole.... Alien thing. It... It screwed me up. So I
had to find some sort of balance in my life. You understand?

Tess: (Getting mad) No Kyle, I don't udnerstand. You see I'm an alien,
all alone in this world. The man who raised me has just been killed. And
all I've been trying to do in this world is get Max to follow his destiny
and finally realize that he once loved me in another life, and all I ended
up doing was making everybody hate me in the process. So you'll have to
excuse me if I don't jump for joy about your new found balance.

Tess walked out of his bedroom and slammed the door behind her. She decided
that if he didn't want her around, she would pack her things and leave.
Maybe find a shelter, or a cardboard box under a bridge somewhere. Not
something she really wanted to do, but she certainly didn't feel wanted in
this house. Just then, the door bell rang. Tess got up from the couch and
opened the front door.

For a moment, she didn't know what to do or say. Liz was standing right
there in front of her, jaw almost touching the floor, eyes as wide as silver
dollars, staring Tess up and down.

Tess: (Sarcastically) See anything you like?

Liz: You have no idea......

Liz covered her mouth. She didn't believe she had just blurted that out.
She looked up at Tess, who was giving her a very piculiar stare.

Liz: Oh... Umm.... I"m sorry..... Tess? Could I talk to you for a

Tess: (Defensive) What now? Have you come to hide more cameras in my house
so you and everybody else can spy on me?

Liz: Tess, I thought we discussed that. We weren't spying on you. Well
maybe we were a little, but you have to understand.... All those weird
things that were happening to Max and Izabel. We had to know what we were
up against.

Tess: (Letting her guard down) I'm sorry Liz. I didn't mean to be rude to
you. It's just... I'm sick of hanging around where I'm not wanted.

Liz: Oh.. Did Mr. Valenti change his mind about letting you stay here?

Tess: No. It's Kyle. I mean I figured since Max doesn't want me, I would
try things out with Kyle. I mean he's really good looking, you know that
of course. The night of the Prom, when he asked me to go with him, even
though he told me that nothing romantic could ever come between us because
he thought of me as family, I figured we could get past that. So today,
when I got home from school, I jumped in the shower, and went into his
bedroom and put on one of his football Jerseys, and laid on his bed and
pretended to read a magazine, waiting for him to come home. And when the
jerk walks in the door, he starts acting like a total ass. So I figured the
hell with it, nobody wants me, I might as well leave.

Tess pointed to an overnight bag on the coffee table in front of them. Liz
stared at it for a moment. It looked like Tess had packed it as full as it
would go. She stuttered for a moment and cleared her throat.

Liz: Tess... Don't go.

Tess: (Crying) Why not? Nobody wants me in this town.

Liz: That's not true. I think you're a wonderful person.

Tess: No you don't. Ever since I met you and everybody else, I've been
getting this feeling that the only reason you guys wanted to be friends with
me was to find out if I wanted to sleep with your boyfriends. I'm not like

Liz couldn't believe it. Tess was pouring her heart out to her, and all
she could do was sit there and thinka bout how nasty she and everybody else
had been to her. Liz had to do something to ease her pain. She held out
her arms, pretty much thinking that Tess would not even bother, and just
stay away from her. But to her surprise, Tess went right to her and burried
her face on her left shoulder and began crying harder.

At this point, Liz's original purpose for coming to Kyle's house seemed so
pointless. There she was in school having flashes about the new girl in
town, then decides to try to make them reality, but instead she ends up
walking into a situation where she realizes that she and her friends had
been so mean to her. This kind of hurt Liz. So she too began crying. This
made Tess stop. She pulled away from Liz and looked at her.

Tess: (Wiping her face) Now why are you crying?

Liz: Oh Tess, I'm so sorry we hurt you.

Liz threw her arms around Tess and hugged her. Tess was surprised, but she
put her arms around Liz and hugged her back. The two girls just sat there
on the couch hugging eachother for a while. When suddenly.... Tess got a
flash. Being this close to Liz made a psychic connection between the two
of them somehow. But it wasn't your normal every day flash. Tess would
have just written it off like any other Flash that she got from Liz, because
most of the time, they were about Max. But when Tess saw herself in Liz's
imagination, it made her wonder why. Why would Liz be thinking about her?

The strange thing was, Tess saw herself in Liz's fantasy exactly as she was.
Half naked, wearing Kyle's Jersey. Then she realized what was going on. Liz
was having a sexual fantasy about her, and it all started when she opened the
door and saw Liz staring at her. In Liz's fantasy, Tess just stood there
and watched herself. The door bell rang, and she watched herself get up from
the couch and answer it. When she opened the door, instead of what really
happened happening, she saw Liz walk in without even being invited, gently
grab her face, and immediately pressed her lips to hers and began wildly and
passionately kissing her, pushing her slowly towards the couch. When they
reached the couch, Tess sat down, swung her legs around and Liz pushed her
onto her back, got on top of her and began kissing her some more.

As Liz was kissing her, across the room, Kyle was looking through the crack
of his slightly opened bedroom door, staring at them. Tess was surprised to
see Kyle walk around of his bedroom completely naked, approach the 2 girls,
and as Liz lifted up the Jersey and burried her face between Tess's legs and
began wildly licking her pussy, Kyle got down on his knees behind Liz and
rammed his cock deep inside her immediately breaking through her hymen (Yes,
Liz was a virgin before this) and bega wildly humping her.

Just then, the flash ended and Tess jumped. She looked over at Liz, and
noticed that she was staring at her breasts. Tess looked down and noticed
that her nipples were rock hard. Liz's flash had sent her into deep and
utter excitement. Tess looked up again and noticed that Liz was now looking
between her legs. A tiny wet spot on the couch that Tess had apparently
made while experiencing Liz's little fantasy.

This was invigorating for Tess. She had never experienced a sexual encounter
with another female, but experiencing Liz's fantasy suddenly made her want
Liz, very badly, to do to her what she did in her fantasy. But this time,
instead of making Liz lift up the Jersey and go at it between her legs, Tess
suddenly sat up straight, scooted to the edge of the her seat on the couch,
crossed her arms in front of her, grabbed ht hem of the jersey, and lifted it
all the way up, over her head, removed it, and threw it on the floor behind
the couch. Liz's eyes widened even more than they did when she opened the
front door and saw her standing there staring at her.

Liz: (Surprised) Tess, what are you doing?

Tess swung her legs around, put them in Liz's lap, and laid down on the couch
and rested her arms up over hear head, on the arm of the couch and stared
deep into Liz's eyes.

Tess: I saw your fantasy Liz. I know what you want, so just do it.

Liz's jaw litterally dropped in Tess's lap, but she wasted no time. She
lifted Tess's legs from her hap, stood up and stripped off her clothes as
fast as she could, climbed on top of Tess, and burried her face between
Tess's legs and began wildly and passionately licking Tess's Pussy, just
as she had done in her fantasy. But something was missing. As Liz was
wildly sucking on her clit, Tess looked towards Kyle's room and noticed
the door cracked open, just as it was in Liz's fantasy. Between the soft
moans, Tess had managed to yell out.

Tess: Mmmmmmmm..... You too Kyle! Hhhhhhhhh.... I know you're watching!
Get out here.

This made Liz stop and look up at Tess. Tess smiled at her. But Liz wasn't
smiling. All her life, she wanted to wait until she was married before she
engaged in sexual activity with a man. Sure, a woman was a different story.
It didn't require giving up her virginity. But a man on the other hand,
especially Kyle, she wasn't sure about. She wanted to give her virginity to
Max, and she didn't want to do it until they were married. She knew that
would never happen, because Max saw her sleeping with Kyle. Even though it
didn't really happen, in Max's mind it did, so it kept him away from her.

Just then she saw Kyle come out of his bedroom, completely naked, his cock
pointing straight out, hard as a rock. When Liz saw this, she immediately
changed her mind about her virginity. Staring Kyle right in the eyes, she
nodded her head towards her rear end which was sticking straight up in the
air. Then she went back to licking Tess's pussy.

Kyle wasted no time. He immediately jumped behind Liz, got down on his
knees, placed his hands on her hips, positioned his rock hard cock so that
it was in direct line with her pussy, grabbed Liz's hips as hard as he
could, and THRUSTED his manhood as deep inside of her as he could, breaking
through her hymen. Liz let out a blood curdling scream, but her screams
sudeenly turned into moans of complete pleasure when she felt Tess's hands
massaging her hair and playing with it. Liz always loved having her hair
played with. It was relaxing, and this was just what she needed at this
moment, to take her mind off of her vagina, which was now in agony.

As Kyle began thrusting his cock in and out of Liz, Tess spread her legs as
wide as they would go, lifted up her feet, and placed them on Liz's back and
began screaming as loud as she could in total ecstacy.

Kyle, whow as watching Liz sucking Tess's pussy, was so turned on by this,
that he immediately climaxed and shot his load deep into Liz's pussy. When
it was all over, all three of them went to Kyle's bedroom and fell into an
extremely exhausted sleep, Kyle in the middle, Liz on his left, Tess on his
right, both girls were on their sides, their legs wrapped around his body,
Tess's hand resting on his balls, Liz's hand resting around his cock.

The End


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