Roswell: The Girls Of Roswell - Maria And Her Mother (Ff)
by HaRkOnIn ([email protected])

It was a Friday night at around 8 PM. Liz and Maria had just gotten off of
work. They walked up the driveway to Maria's house, holding hands, smiling
and talking. The best of friends. But more than friends. After what the
two of them had done that one night at the Crach Down, they had become
lovers. But nobody knew that.

As the two girls approached the front door of Maria's house, they both heard
giggling coming from inside.

Maria: Shhh. I hear something.

Maria bent down and put her ear to the front door and listened for a few
minutes. Sure enough, she heard her mother's voice. Giggling. That funny
giggle that she always did. That giggle that told Maria exactly what her
mother was up to. She had a man in the house. And Maria didn't like that
one bit. Maria was about to storm into the house when Liz stopped her.

Liz: Maria! What are you doing?

Maria: Liz! My mother is in there with a man!

Liz: So?

Maria: I don't like it!

Liz: Maria come on, you have got to stop this. This is the third time you
have gotten in the way of your mother starting a new relationship. Don't
you think it's time you let off a little?

Maria: No way!

Maria opened the door and left Liz standing outside. Liz apparently didn't
want to go inside with her, because she was against what Maria was about to
do in the first place.

Just then, Liz heard shouting coming from inside. Maria had done what she
feared. Embarassed her mother in front of her guest. Liz ran to the front
door and walked in to see what was going on, almost bumping into Jim Valenti,
the Sherrif of Roswell New Mexico. He stopped for a monent in front of her,
smiled at her, and tipped his hat, and walked out quietly, letting Maria and
her mother fight.

Maria's Mom: Oh come on Maria! You know I hate it when you do this. Can't
I have just ONE peaceful date without you coming in and screwing it all up?

Maria: Mom, calm down. I'm sorry. But you know I don't like it when you
invite all these men in the house. And Sherrif Valenti? Come on mom, that's
like "Sleeping With The Enemy"!

Maria's Mom: What do you mean? Sherrif Valenti is a nice man.

Liz: (Butting in) Uhh, Mrs. Delucca?

Maria's Mom: WHAT!

Liz jumped back a litle to dodge a potential swing, but was surprised to see
Maria's mom calming down a little.

Liz: I'm sorry to interrupt, but Maria is right. Sherrif Valenti isn't
really isn't good for you.

Maria's Mom: I'll be the judge of that Ms. Parker. Now would you please
leave so my daughter and I can have a private conversation?

Liz was about to say something in retalliation, but instead decided to turn
her back and walk out the front door and leave.

Maria: Mom.....

Maria's Mom: GO TO YOUR ROOM!

Maria: But.....

Just then, Maria felt a hand slap her hard in the face. She could hardly
believe it. Her own mother hit her. She had never done that before. Maria
looked at her mom for a moment as tears filled her eyes. The look on her
face told her mother "How dare you do that to me, I'm your daugher." When
Maria realized that her mother was about to apologize for hitting her, she
was too upset to hear it. So she turned her back and ran upstairs to her
bedroom and slammed the door and sunk down onto her bed crying.

Later That Night

Things had calmed down somewhat. After a couple hours of crying, Maria
decided to take a shower, and put on her nightgown and get ready for bed.
She had crawled under the covers and was just about to reach over to her
night stand and turn off the lamp when she heard a soft knock on her
bedroom door, followed by her mother's soft voice.

Mom: (Whispering) Maria? Are you awake sweetie?

Maria: (Loudly) Yes mom, I'm awake, come on in.

Maria's bedroom door creeked open and her mother stood there in her bedroom
doorway for a few minutes, waiting to be invited into her daughter's room.
She and her daughter had a policy about entering eachother's room. Wait to
be invited, never storm into eachother's rooms, because that would provoke
further fights.

Maria smiled and sat up and held out her arms. She heard her mother sobbing
as she ran over to her and wrapped her arms around her as quickly as she
could. Her mother loved her very much, and had never hit her daughter
before. It scared her. It was a mistake and she knew it, and she knew it
was going to take her daughter a long time to forgive that. Up until this
day, they had an absolutely wonderful relationship. Except for the times
when Maria would complain about her bringing men home. But all her mother
was doing was trying to move on, get on with her life. Maria definately
didn't need a father figure at this stage of her life. Her and her mother
were actually doing pretty well on their own. But her mother needed a man
in her life. She was so alone.

Maria: (Crying) I love you mom.

Mom: (Crying) I love you to baby. I'm so sorry for hitting you.

Maria: It's okay. I'm alright.

Mom: (Pulling away and looking her in the eyes) No hunny, it's not okay.
Don't you ever let me do that to you again. I love you, you mean the world
to me, and I will never do that again, I promise.

Maria: Okay.

Mom: Good night sweetheart.

Maria: Night mom.

Maria's mother stood up and walked toward her daguther's bedroom door and
was about to walk out when she heard Maria call her softly fro behind.

Maria: Mom?

Mom: (Turning around) What is it hunny?

Maria: Can I sleep with you tonight? I don't want to be alone.

Mom: (Thinking for a minute) Alright. Come on.

Maria was happy. It has been a long time since she last slept with her mom.
She use to crawl into her mom's bed late at night when she was a litle girl
and her dad left them. She use to snuggle up as close to her mother as she
could and fall fast asleep. And tonight she was going to finally have that
opportunity again.

Her mother stood in her door way and watched Maria as she got out of bed.
As Maria approached her, the two of them realized that they were both
wearing the same metallic blue nightgowns they had accidentally gotten
eachother for Christmas 2 years ago.

Maria: (Laughing) Nice outfit.

Mom: Thank you. You too.

The two of them giggled and walked into her mom's bedroom. The TV was on.
Some tampon commercial. Maria's mom switched it off and pulled back the
covers on both sides of her queen sized water bed and they both laid down
next to eachother.

As Maria laid there, arms behind her head, legs all stretched out on her
mother's very comfortable water bed, she slowly turned her head to the right,
and suddenly realized how incrediblly beautiful her mother was. How she
took such great pride in her appearance before she went to bed. It was
amazing. Maria actually wished she could look that good when she went to bed.
Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by her mother's voice.

Mom: What's wrong hun?

Maria: Uhh.. Nothing....

Mom: Come on hunny, you can tell me, I"m your mother.

Maria laid there for a moment, trying to think of what to say. Visions of
Liz's naked body passed quickly through her head and she looked down at her
chest and realized that her nipples were extremely hard, rising noticeably
through her blue metallic nightgown. And right then, in her thoughts, the
image of Liz's naked body pressing softly against hers changed. In her quick
flash, she looked up and instead of seeing Liz's face, she saw her mother's.

The flash was so intense, that her mother, still laying in the bed next to
her, actually heard her moaning softly. Maria's thought's were interrupted
suddenly and she opened her eyes and looked over at her mother. A very
strange look on mom's face. And when she realized what her mother was
staring at, Maria suddenly covered her chest, shielding her nipples from her
mom's view.

It was a very awkward moment for the two of them. But Maria's mom decided
to break the ice.

Mom: Hunny what is it?

Maria: (Turning on her side, facing her mother) Mom?

Mom: What?

Maria: If I did something...... Something... Sexually to you... How
would you feel about it?

Mom: You mean if you... Reached over and put your hand between my legs and
started wildly feeling me up, would I be offended?

Maria was silent. She didn't expect this at all. She was wondering at that
moment if her mother was actually telling her to rub her pussy, or if she was
simply stating a hypothetical situation. But just then, all her questioning
looks to her mother were answered when she heard her say "No, of course I
wouldn't be offended."

Maria: (Surprised) What?

Mom: (Smiling) You heard me.

Just then, Maria's mom reached into the drawer of her night stand and pulled
out 2 huge red jelly cocks, and handed one to Maria. And right then, Maria
knew exactly what to do. But she was too shy. She knew she wanted to push
this big fat jelly cock into her mother's pussy and start widly and
passionately kissing her on the lips and just.... Jumping right into it, but
she was too shy.

Mom: It's okay hunny, if you don't want to do it I understand.

Maria: Oh believe mom, I..... Want to... It's just....

Mom: You're shy?

Maria: (Smiling) Yeah.

Mom: Here, lemme help you.

Maria's mom slowly reached out and took Maria's hand, the big red jelly
cock still in it, and slowly and gently lowered it between her legs, and
positioned the head of the cock in direct line with her vagina. Then she
gave it a little push and suddenly jumped when she felt it being jammed
up inside her.

Maria: Oh I"m sorry, did I hurt you.

Mom: (Smiling) No baby, it's okay. I just didn't expect you to get out of
your shyness so fast. Hhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmm. That's it baby, do it just like
that. Be momma's little love slave.

This obviously turned Maria on alot, because she felt her pushing the cock
in and out of her pussy faster. She almost couldn't move. But when she
finally found the strength, she reached over with her big jelly cock and
positioned it in direct line with her daughter's vagina, and slowly started
to push it in as far as it would go, and was very surprised to see her
daughter's pussy take it all the way inside her. She heard Maria moaning

Maria: Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! Hhh!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmm!!!! Oh GOD that feels so
good mom! Don't stop! OOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!! PLEASE don't stop!

Maria's whole body began to shake as she felt her mother not only pushing
the huge jelly cock in and out of her,b ut each time she pushed it deep
inside her, as deep inside her as it would go, she felt her mother's
fingers reaching inside her to pull it back out, but while pulling it out,
twisting it counter clockwise, like it was a big screw.

Maria's mom let out a loud shout as she felt her daughter doing the same
exact thing to her. It was such an erotic moment. So erotic that the
two of them could no longer stand it. They both threw their legs around
eachother and started widly and passionately going at it on eachother with
the jelly cocks. At the same time, wildly and passionately pressing their
lips together, for long deep lingering kisses, with lots of tongue action
going on.

Until finally..... In one swoop of ultimate passion, they both let out one
last scream and CUMED at the same time, litterally soaking the entire bed
with their juices. And when they were finished, instead of cleaning up the
mess, they both put their arms around eachother and slept with their bodies
pressed tightly together all night. Their jelly cocks still inside their

When they woke up the next morning, they decided that they had so much fun
together, that they were going to make a whole weekend out of it. Wildly
fucking eachother all day, every day until Monday morning when Maria had to
go to school. It was a wild and passionate time. Something any normal
mother and daughter would never share, but definitely should.

The End


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